Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Irish and The New World Order

Yeah, it’s the Irish. They did it. It’s the Gang of Two, O’Brien and Monahan; members of POG (Paddy Occupied Government) who ripped off the Harvard Hillel. It is POG that is behind most of the world’s problems. It’s long been known but seldom mentioned how the Irish faked the Potato Famine and all the other things they blamed on the long-suffering British over the course of some 800 years. They’re really milking that victim thing. It’s their trademark and their signature.

No one talks about the Highland Clearances in Scotland but the Irish did that one also. Today, the Irish are engaged in a systematic genocide of The Glorious Orange Order and the noble souls who are dedicated to the spread of its high and honorable ideals around the world. Most recently the brave members of The Orange Order of Malaysia and Indonesia are experiencing horrific acts of terror from Muslim extremists who have taken exception to the Biblical right of The Orange to regain their divine right of control to these ancient homelands of The Orange. Lately it has become clear that The Irish are behind these acts of terror. No heart can remain unstirred by the power and passion of the traditional ballad which begins to play as the website opens.

Last week it was front page news that Frank Collins is a direct descendant of Michael Collins who mass-murdered so many innocent British citizens in their Irish homeland around the time of The First World War (which was caused by an international alliance of Irish Bankers). The blood libel lie that Frank Collins is actually Jewish has been exposed as a vicious rumor perpetrated by The Paddy Media which presently owns 96% of the MSM.

Vic Alhadeff of The New South Wales movement for Jewish Truth has recently proven that for centuries, a secret tribe of Irish insurgents has been operating within the Jewish peoples and fomenting all manner of terrible acts which are then blamed on both the Zionist movement and member of The Tribe worldwide.

One has only to study the names of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks to see who the real perpetrators are. No, it was not Bin Laden and a rag tag ensemble of Stone Age Arabs. It was the Irish. Look at the names that come up in the PNAC (Paddy’s for a New American Century) membership list; William McKristol, Paul McWolfowitz, Richard McPearle, Douglas McFeith and Dick McCheney. One of the main architects of 9/11 and former Pentagon Comptroller who was responsible for the remote control mechanisms in the airplanes, Dov McZackheim can trace his roots all the way back to the High King Magog of Ireland. Philip McZelikow was appointed to control the whitewashing of the 9/11 commission.

Michael Ledeen who has been neck deep in both the 9/11 attacks as well as the lies that led to the Iraq invasion is as Irish as they come. ‘Michael’? ‘Ledeen’? Get a clue.

Every where you look you see the black hand of the Irish pulling the strings behind the curtains that conceal the controllers of world affairs.

What are we to make of The Five Dancing Irishmen who were filming the 9/11 attacks from New Jersey? It was later proven that they were members of McMossad, the dreaded Irish spy and assassination organization.

It was The Irish again who blew up the British ‘hero of India’, Lord Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten was noted not only for his military acumen but for his compassion toward the enemy both on and off the field of battle. As he sought to recover the ancient British homeland of India for The Empire as well as her resources, both English soldier and the common man of India spoke of the transformative power worked upon their souls by this inspired philosopher king. What was left of this remarkable hero after The Irish got done with him? We were left with a single shoe. Gaze upon the kind and loving visage of this hero of the people and weep as you read the glowing commentaries that follow. The people know who was behind this and at what cost... what cost! A single shoe... not even a foot attached, just... one lonely shoe. Alas.

It has been The Irish who are responsible, through their control of world media, for convincing the uninformed world public to believe the fantasy that the British MI6 was behind the majority of the IRA bomb attacks.

I know you find this hard to believe. I know you find it hard to believe that The Irish control the international media as well as the world of entertainment in television, music companies and movie studios. So do this for me. Go to any search engine. Go to every search engine and check out the actual names of the individuals in charge of these industries and tell me if you don’t see one Irish name after another. Look at the members of Obama’s cabinet and the names of his chief advisors; every one of them is Irish.

It’s the Lost Tribe of Irish Hassid’s who are responsible for the genocide in Gaza while the ordinary Israeli citizen looks on in horror. You’ve seen the recent youtube video of Irish thugs pretending to be Israelis where they cursed the American president while cavorting like drunken hooligans. Irish thugs routinely burn Palestinian orchards and farms, bulldoze their houses and kill unarmed women and children as IDF soldiers and concerned Israelis attempt to stop them but it is all in vain. They are too powerful and the world just does not care.

It was Irish slavers who brought black people in chains to The New World and who filled black neighborhoods in the 20th Century with pawnshops and liquor stores and who made up the majority of the slumlords and still do today.

A reader of this blog was kind enough to send in this video which shows how far the Irish Plot has gone toward enslaving humanity and gives new meaning to the term, Black Irish.

The Irish funded Adolph Hitler and caused The Holocaust and are today the single driving force behind denying that it ever happened. It is the Irish who publicized the actual numbers of the dead provided by The Red Cross as if to refute the claims made by Jewish historians as early as 1919 of six million dead and dying. Nothing is greater proof of an event than to be able to predict it in advance of its occurrence ...but that means nothing to The Irish.

Do none of you care? Look at the members of the Federal Reserve board and the heads of the banks that comprise its membership. You see nothing but a litany of Irish names. See for yourself. The most sinister dynasty in the world, The McRothschild’s can be traced directly to their Irish lineage here. The history of their despicable red shield is there to be seen by any and all.

Today, due to the draconian push of political correctness, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by The Irish has become something we can no longer talk about. The driving of the Irish moneychangers from the temple has been scrubbed from the history books along with their unbroken worship of the Golden Calf through all the tortured centuries of humankind oppressed by the Irish elite.

It is past time for the people of the world to rise up and thrown off the chains of our Paddy masters. It’s time to stop catering to their bloated victim industry as they simultaneously bathe themselves in the sweat and blood of the people. As the old proverb goes, “The Irishman cries out in pain as he strikes you”. When are you going to wake up? This ancient enemy of humanity is tightening his grip upon every area of our lives. Not a day passes that you don’t hear about another Irishman involved in a financial scam amounting to millions and often billions of dollars. They feast on the fat of the land while the rest of us go hungry.

I know that this is all part of a master plan and I do believe that their long rein of terror shall soon come to an end but we must all of us be a part of the change we want to believe in. God has no other hands than ours. The Irish must be held to account.

With apologies to the Steve Miller Band...
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William Wilson said...

Hi Les
This is funny.
For years I've been doing the same thing-except-substituting Swedes for Irish.
As is- "Those Swedes control the Hollywood fimn industry"
or "You know, that film by the Swedish director"

Gustavus Adolphus rules

Anonymous said...

I sincerely apologise, hand on heart, for the deplorable actions (past & present) of my finian genealogical forebearers...thank you Les for bringing this very serious, but devastating news to my attention... ;-)
Peace (--_--) Paddy4ever.

Visible said...

For Mac and every other poster who is having problems posting...FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME; I post every comment I get unless it's a pointless and gratuitous ad hominem laced entry- and they are very few. If your comments doesn't go up then EMAIL IT TO ME!!!!!!!!

I don't censor comments except for the obvious or claptrap by people like Petkov who always says the same thing and whose reasons for doing so lie in the fact that no one reads him.

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your drinks folks, make certain your mouth is not full when you see this!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Somehow..I get the feeling that these 'people' wouldn't agree with that...

Hank said...

I've long suspected the Irish, with their blarney stone. Their wakes. That's right, they love death so much, they even celebrate losing one of their own. They're the reason I don't eat potatoes or ride the train. They're drinkers you know.

Anonymous said...

Anti-celtism!!!! Do you know how many of us Irish were brutally murdered by some body,some where? No? Well....we're not sure either, but it was a LOT, and by objecting to our behavior you are aligning yourself with the inhuman monsters who victimized us so terribly. Shame on you. There should be a law....


Visible said...

I take it McChiah (pet?) that subtlety is not your strong suit. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Love it. Recommended reading. Need some levity/truth always. I am Irish! Started (finally) the book. Debra from Philly

Anonymous said...


Wow, Im laughing and I hope you are too. The Irish dont vaule death or killing as such. Sorry you feel this way. Most of the modern versions of the Irish where written by the British Royal Insiute and are false and created to hide a bigger truth.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

You take it correctly sir. :) Full ahead and damn the torpedos is my natural operating position.


Visible said...

So Chiah;

My smart ass comment to you aside (after all this is Smoking Mirrors), the reason I picked the Irish is because I admire no race on Earth more than them and they have had the worst luck of any nation. The Tribe hasn't endured anything like it.

For years I was, "up the IRA" which I suppose is pretty radical.

I danced around my house when I heard about Mountbatten.

I'm about as Pro-Ireland as I am anti-Crown.

In any case, I picked the country least likely in the world to be responsible for these crimes. The Irish have had very little to do with the international crimes of the last Age and that puts them in a very small group of nations.

Anonymous said...

You'll be sorry when the McMessiah comes. Kick your ass while playing the 'Chosen Reel' on the button accordian. Then the Cuchulain Option (shudder)...McGoogle it.
-mc bholanath

Anonymous said...

No one (as a race) has suffered more than the Irish? What about the american Indians and the indigenous peoples of Africa and South America? Ever since the time of the first Portuguese deep water sailors there has been a genocide going on in the 3rd world. With or without Jews people would be just as miserable. Jews have no monopoly on treachery. All people (except for maybe a very few) have evil in their hearts. Jews are just as good as anyone else. Of course that doesn't say a whole lot of good about them.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I got that. I also drew a parallel between the Irish and the Palestinians. Both are/were oppressed on their own soil by aggressors who against all justice and reason, have carte blanche from the rest of the world to occupy the land and label those who resist as terrorists. The Irish managed to prevail.The Palestinians are not making much headway. I guess that's due to the stage of the unvieling,and other influences which I admit I don't fully grok,except on an intuitive level, as in " I have seen this before."
Anyway, I enjoyed your satire, and it called up the clown in me, which is, for better or for worse, always prepared to crack wise. :)


Visible said...

anonymous 6:07

that's a mistake in terms. What I meant was 'nation' and I wrote 'race' by accident. The Irish are not a particular race anymore than the French are.

So, given that I am making this correction I stand by what I said given the time frame over which things have occurred.

Hank said...

Le Mat, No, I'm laughing as well. I was just delving into the absurd, tounge planted firmly in cheek.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-
this story is from a mainstream venue.
The story relates how CIA hit teams are based on Israel's. As an American, it's stuff like this that I find upsetting. Israel's influence is pernicious, unwanted and deleterious to the US.

And the powers-that-be simply think they can broadcast this story, ho hum, business as usual, without even considering it's effect on some Americans, who might be concerned that this is a pretty egregious example of America just being Israel's prison bitch.
They're pretty arrogant.

I hope their hubris trips them up, soon, bigtime

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

The thing is, I think you're right about many things. I am one of those who actually believes in the "reptilians" based on a few experiences. My first encounter with one of them was in the Dublin Airport in 1979. A singer I knew at the time who was touring the UK suddenly turned into one of them, right in front of me. Thought he was joking, putting on an act. His head twisted around on his neck, and he began moving his fingers like tentacles, while his tongue darted in and out of his mouth. What is this? I asked. Lasted maybe 20 seconds. A bit like a seizure. He resumed his normal appearance, turned and walked away, as if unaware of what had just happened.

Or maybe it was some sort of performance.

But I tend to think it was shape-shifting brought on in this case by exhaustion, and maybe the energies in that airport bookstore which was loaded with Celtic crosses and runes. The creature that lived inside him looked like it was hungry for human blood... such was my impression. It also looked momentarily weak, like something suddenly exposed and struggling in a foreign atmosphere. I thought, Why is he wriggling like that?

So you never know, really, do you>

Unknown said...

Guiness is God for Me!!!

Anonymous said...

Well truth to declare arent you the quare hoor, an you taking the mick outa meself an me clans, an meself the ony rale Mac on this dam site.

Were I not so upset I would be quare angry. Has yourlelf no respect for the gud we done in the world. Was it not ourlelves who built all of yer big buildings, how soon ye forget of how we cleared the land an made it safe for yis all to live in. You seem to forget we were the first an best in yer army. (Don't mention them Patricians down Mexico way, hush an say nothing)

Bejasus me bould Les, tis meself ya have very upset with yer ould ramblings. The only reason I can think of for yerself to be putting out such dire drivel is because of , what must be is yer damn English blood. For truly ye must be a direct descendant of them WASPs which I heard of in days past.

Aye, an bejasus agin if ye were to look at the hollywood names of movie buffs in the 30s, you would be hard to find a Jew in the midst of it all, an sure did we not know when to hold our ground where it mattered.

Now it's one final thing I would be sayin to ye afore I takes me lave of yerself. The auld saying goes, may you be in heaven an hour before the divil knows yer dead.

Well in yer own case, may you be in other place a whole hour before Jasus knows yer gone.

So bad ses to you and yours ye total gubbaan, an no more of yer auld guff.

No kind regards with this one.

I remain yours, a proud Mac.

simon said...

"...The Irish have had very little to do with the international crimes of the last Age and that puts them in a very small group of nations..."

oh yeah?

you never seen Riverdance?

Visible said...

heh heh... good one. No, all I ever saw was the commercial. That was enough. It's sort of like Chippendale's on pogo sticks

paolocaruso said...

And how quickly people forget how George Bush the junior, appointed none other than Henry “the kiss” O’Kissinger to head the 9-11 Commission. As if this wouldn’t be the celtic fox guarding the chicken coup.

Anonymous said...

begorrah thems onto us quick lads head for the hills WHAT OF COURSE BRING THE DRINK YA FECKING EEJIT

might find this of interest i just love the way the auld boy is in awe of the monarchy

if you act like a peasant then you are a peasant so shut the f**k up peasant

James aka jackruby64 said...

My maternal grandfather would give my grandmother (of primarily Irish and Scottish descent) a hard time with harangues such as:
Q:Why was the wheelbarrow such a great invention?
A:It taught the Irish to walk on 2 legs!
Peace to all of all descents,

Visible said...

Ah beggorah, Pablo;

When I saw that I laughed out loud. It didn't take long for the enormous outcry to put paid to that bit of mischief so... they got a weasel instead; McZelikow

Anonymous said...

Being 1/8 Irish meself, I take offense---

---on the the other hand maybe the world's becommin a Gaelic Disco instead.

And as for those five dancing Irishmen, culde these be the byes?

They'll tell it was the holy father in heaven made them do it, but that's rubbish. Twas the other place...


Anonymous said...

In a more sober vein, there is some possibility the legendary Tuatha De Danann were Phoenicians, possibly from Crete or Asia Minor, who traded and settled on the coast of Ireland around 1300 BC. They were Semites.


Anonymous said...

Aye those nefarious Irish eyes be cause of me dyslexia-- try this instead--


Anonymous said...

Sooooo....does this mean Alex Jones is forgiven for saying that Arabs own Hollywood...?
Chuckle Chuckle!..(--_--)

Shamrok_Irish said...

Good work Les. But, lets not forget that the actions of the un-righteous few, don't represent the masses! Irish-Canadian, and damn proud! Shout out to my beautiful Irish people- one love

Anonymous said...

You're story is out there!!! I wonder why you saw that and one else did? I think I have been though something like that too! I felt sick and all mixed up in the persence of one! I now can feel that same sick feeling around certain people? Anyway weird, you're not alone!
Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Les.

I was born and raised in Belfast and was a dedicated member of the tribe through our recent efforts to remove the forces of the crown.

I hope that humour is more successful in waking the people than reason has been.

Reason does not awaken the passion of free men. Defense of familty and loved ones is the spark that lights men hearts.

I came across this today:

The lesson is simple - comply or die. It matters little if the method is taser, batton or choke hold. You will do as you are told.

As we used to say "Join the cops and come home to a real fire"

Maybe this seems a bit extreme for gentil(e) readers but I guess each of us must ask the same question. What will we tolerate and what will cause us to light the blue touch paper.

Sorry Les I guess my soul will not evolve much in this cycle of reincarnation. Maybe I'll be back as one of the storm troppers next time.


Geir Johnsen said...

Hi Les.

It's impossible to post (my first comment) in your blog, so I'll try to email it instead:

Les, I am a very big fan of your writings, and I also like many of the comments here.
It's the honesty that speaks to my heart, and I will continue to read as long as I feel this place is honest.

However I miss one thing on this place, especially when there is something about Israel. What about the Vatican and their military Jesuits? They seem to be above and behind both the freemasonry and the pseudo-Zionist that together with the Nazi's was behind the creation of Israel. There is a lot of documentation on this.

If this is true, isn't this of most importance to reveal? They might also be the "hidden hand" behind the NWO. What do you know Les, or anyone else of the readers?

I don't deny the zionazi role in this, as often described here, and that they really are to blame but I have always felt that something is missing with the Zionist explanation. It's got to be something more.

And in addition you have these lunatics:

Just read the first review and then you've got the picture. In my view, if this is true, these people are even more crazy and evil than.....well make your pick. I have no words that fits.

Take care.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Absolute corking classic Les.

Very funny.

Visible said...

The way I see it as per The Vatican and every no goodnick on the face of the planet is that they serve the Left-hand of God in some fashion or manner and they do it at various levels. Some are more ordinary, common outlaws (not speaking of Robin Hoods here)...surface fish and some are the massive cruiser sharks and vampire squids that feast in the deeps.

There is an argument that you need both saint and sinner for the contrast (on Earth) and it is the duty of the individual to opt for recurrent lives here in order to satisfy particular inclinations; which they pay for by being the other end of it at another point. Some (myself included) do not like it here and are working for entry to other realms. I've been told I came here for a reason and that what I am seeking is already mine but I hear all kinds of things and wouldn't want to behave as if I took that for granted.

the temporal institutions whether they be the obvious structures or of a more invisible (so-called Illuminati stripe) are shadow impersonations of more archetypal structures on a higher plane. It's similar to how the dark lord make goblins as a perversion of the elves... I'm cross exampling but I think the picture comes across.

Personally I'm not concerned about Zionists or Vaticanist or any of the rest of them. This is their level here which makes them spiritual bottomofeeders. their degree of control over anyone is relative to the fear they can engender though... one needs a certain imprimatur for certain areas of engagement.

Suffice it to be said that there is a power that absolutely rules at all levels and anyone in a relationship with that power can expect to be able to present it or represent it or fall under the protection of it so long as that agent reflects the intent of that power. No one in possession of any variant of this should ever consider playing fast and loose with it or assuming anything to themselves because the penalties can be severe. Of course, one generally gets many warnings that increase in volume.

The truth is that this is just a shadowland out here and the more faith and belief one puts into it the more one is subject to it. the bad guys come in all shapes and sizes but they are, like the predators in the animal kingdom mainly looking for easy prey or opportunity. they naturally shy away from what seems more threatening or especially what they don't understand.

It's simpler than this and a lot more complex so I'll just stop going on about it now.

Sullivan said...

Ironically, Monahan is derived from the name of a county and town, Monaghan. Isn't there a group of people well known for adopting surnames that are placenames to disguise their real origin? ;)

By the way, I agree with the Anonymous commenter who states that although the Irish have suffered over the centuries, the suffering of the Australian Aboriginal and American Indian populations is unparalleled. In the case of the North American Indians, what took place truly was a genocide.

Visible said...

True... but once again, as I clarified, I was speaking of a nation, not a race. We could split hairs on this till doomsday's break but it would be apples and oranges and in the meantime we all reincarnate as everything on our way to realization so we all have first hand experience of these things whether we remember it or not.

this isn't about the relative suffering of all the groups who have been tormented over the course of history. I would wager that there have been many civilizations whose names have vanished from the scrolls of all recorded history who have also suffered immense wrongs. I'm told that much of that is being redressed in present time.

I'd rather not get into a suffering competition. As a nation Ireland has suffered constantly for going on one thousand years. I am hard pressed to find any nation comparable to that. This was my point. I should have removed my comment because the word 'race' continues to have a visual buzz tone despite my later clarification.

m_astera said...

My father was full Irish, but my mother had not a drop of Irish blood. So does that make me Irish, or is it only inherited from the female side?


Anonymous said...

Actually, its the leprechauns. Shhhhh, dont tell anybody but just follow the rainbow and you might find Bernie McMadeoffs' pot of gold! I hear tell that they made a pair of shoes for Barney McFrank too!

gurnygob said...

Thats fucking it, your going to get you knee caps done. wtf are you on, you pro brit bastard, I told you to lay off them drugs. I am coming over there tomorrow and Im going to fucking show you what the irish are. Is there something wrong with your head, the fucking irish, ill give you irish you fucking, i don'y know what you are, but your fucking dead when i get you.

I tell you what, you had me going for a minute, you bastard. You nearly had me, hook line and sinker. I thougth you had lost the plot there.
Shit, I never thougth I would get so pissed with you. I thougth the NWO had got to you and were water-boarding you. Anyway, if the irish were behind it all, it might not be so the way, your still getting your knee caps done. bastard, don't do that again.
Shit i need an anti depressant....
its official, Les is swimming with the fishes, i have put your name in the book and stroked it off. The big man says im okay but your fucked. (Grin) I might be a christian, but????????????????????????????????????
????????????????????????????? don't do that again.

gurnygob-ed said...

LunaMoth1 said...

The thing is, I think you're right about many things. I am one of those who actually believes in the "reptilians" based on a few experiences. My first encounter with one of them was in the Dublin Airport in 1979. A singer I knew at the time who was touring the UK suddenly turned into one of them, right in front of me. Thought he was joking, putting on an act. His head twisted around on his neck, and he began moving his fingers like tentacles, while his tongue darted in and out of his mouth. What is this? I asked. Lasted maybe 20 seconds. A bit like a seizure. He resumed his normal appearance, turned and walked away, as if unaware of what had just happened.

Or maybe it was some sort of performance.

But I tend to think it was shape-shifting brought on in this case by exhaustion, and maybe the energies in that airport bookstore which was loaded with Celtic crosses and runes. The creature that lived inside him looked like it was hungry for human blood... such was my impression. It also looked momentarily weak, like something suddenly exposed and struggling in a foreign atmosphere. I thought, Why is he wriggling like that?

So you never know, really, do you>

your getting fucking knee caped to.

gurnygob said...

Hank said...

I've long suspected the Irish, with their blarney stone. Their wakes. That's right, they love death so much, they even celebrate losing one of their own. They're the reason I don't eat potatoes or ride the train. They're drinkers you know.

what size of knee caps do you take. I can pre order them for you

gurnygob said...

Anonymous said...

I sincerely apologise, hand on heart, for the deplorable actions (past & present) of my finian genealogical forebearers...thank you Les for bringing this very serious, but devastating news to my attention... ;-)
Peace (--_--) Paddy4ever.

I don't know what to do with you, but it wont be nice.

Anonymous said...

It's just as I thought. Before I read this I had done substantial research, and came up with a theory that I couldn't proove. After reading this blog my theory has become an undisputed truth. The truth is that the Irish are working with a group of countries of what rumour has said is called, "The Coalition of the countries that start with 'I'".

It goes back to the Indus Valley to the Roman Empire, modern day Italy. The conspirators branch off to Ireland, and Iceland; and during the 'I'nquisition, they control the politicians of Indian, Iran, Iraq, and Indonesia. Finally after WW2 they create Israel. Now they can watch their Axis of Evil I's bomb eachother until a nuclear holocaust occurs and whipes us all out.

The plans been under our noses all this time. But thats not even the tip of the iceberg. The real horrific truth is when you find out the true hand behind all these countries, which is none other then the Indigineous Inuit.....Now I think i'm too tired from chronic sleep-deprivation to go on writing this, so I am going to sleep before I drift even further into my state of psycosis. Thank you for putting up with my insomnia induced insane cenile delerium, and remember the leperchaun on the Lucky Charms box is watching you, and any free toy found in any box of Lucky Charms is attatched with an RFID chip. Lucky is Big Brother!

Don't say you haven't been warned!

pot said...

Good one. Thanks for the laugh. Oliver Cromwell may have woke up from his slumber laughing.

But you are closer to the truth than you know. First off, you know there are 2 kinds of Irish, the Scotch Irish (Scottish and/or Protestant) and Irish Catholics, and there is an element that actually believes the Vatican is behind all the worlds ills today, because it once was.

Some believe, including myself, that the remnants of the Templars lived on as the Order of Garter which is closely connected with that of the Rose, the most important symbol of the Illuminati bloodline. This evolved to produce the Order of the Rosicrucians (also known as Order of the Rosy Cross), which was a Kabbalistic underground committed to abolishing the Vatican and erecting a New World Order.

To preserve their order in case of catastrophe they created a network of secret societies known as Christian Unions. They formed the Invisible College and later the Royal Society. Virtually all of the Royal Societies founding members were Freemasons influenced by Kaballistic ideas. . Some suspect them of being behind the English Civil War which led to Oliver Cromwell and the subsequent genocide of Irish Catholics, and the Bank of England (this form of central banking is the standard of today) and ultimately Scottish Rite Freemasonry which then became infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati and their latest vision for a New World Order, which led to the American and French Revolutions to free the ruling elite from religion and monarchy.

It is interesting that the Khazars who were descendants of the Scythians (some believe the word Ashkenazi came into being for this reason) were red headed and were called the Red Jews. Scotland and Ireland have the largest percentage of red heads in the world. Historically, Scots were believed to have come from Scythia (located at Don River basin which later became Khazaria which converted to Judaism).

The Lost Tribes were also transported to Armenia where Britons and Anglo-Saxons were believed to have originated from.

British Israelism of the 19th century was the beginning of political zionism as a significant number of the ruling elite believed they were descendants of one of the Lost Tribes. Most Jews until WW II were anti-zionists, but the ruling elite in Britain understood that they needed a base in the Midle east since unlike America and Russia, they had no oil reserves (and Germany was building a railroad to Baghdad to get oil without needing to ship it by sea which was controlled by the British and was why the British needed WW I to eliminate this threat).

Fact is that many of us are likely descendants of the Lost Tribes and are in a sense Israelites of the Bible if not Jewish by race or religion (as defined today). In any event, the conspiracy is among the ruling elite, whatever thee call themselves and nothing to do with normal people who may call themselves jews, christinas, irish, etc

Anonymous said...

While reading your skit and the compilation of names, and you know by now surely of the thing I might have for names. I concerns one Will Shakespeare. He was not someone I readily understood as he had to be read slowly in my case. So I would watch old black and white features whenever I could. I was always amazed at his turn of phrase, and how he used, or made words to his own liking. If we consider the amount of writing he did and compare it to, Dickens, Milton, or Goldsmith, at a guess I would say none of the latter names put together could compare with Shakespeare.

If we consider the time of Shakespeare to be a time of turmoil for Catholicism in Europe at this time when Protestantism is just being born. About this time also Christopher Marlowe, who may well have been, "English Agent" who was one of many who tried to stop the influx of Protestants from the Low Countries. We also have King James 1st at this time, he was also known as King of Aragon so would have held sway with both Crown Corporations, the one of, Aragon, and the new English one being formed in the time of James 1st. It was in the time of James a charter was given to England, to own parts of America, and most of the new words used in this charter were words Shakespeare invented. The Charters which were enacted at this time are still International law.

Consider if you will, if you were to sit and try to write a film, or play at this moment. Pens are not invented, we have a limited vocabulary, we need this as a financial venture. Why would one write obscure new words to a generally ignorant mass for profit ?

There is a lot more I really would try to write on this, perhaps I will.

My basic point is.. Was good old Will the first shill to use the English language.

Regards, Mac.

john c, UK said...

Mac, what do you think of the theory that Francis Bacon was actually the author ?

Anonymous said...


I got fed up trying to post, so I sent it to the Shangri La forum.

God if this computer were an engine I would hit with a hammer.

Regards, Mac.

James Yost said...


I tried posting this in the comments window and nothing seemed to happen, so I'm doing as you said and emailing it to you.

Regarding this discussion about the usupers I thought this might be interesting; in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible Jesus said this to one of the prophets:

When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman; if he sees the sword come upon the land and he blow the trumpet and warn the people, then whosoever hears the sound of the trumpet and takes not warning, if the sword come and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him.

But if the watchman see the sword come and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman's hand. (Ezekiel 33:2-6).

He said this to another prophet:

I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. (Isaiah 45: 7).

And he had this to say to another prophet:

The Lord has made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil. (Proverbs 16:4).

Considering these verses, if you think there's any substance to them, it seems obvious that the evil in the world is allowed, even appointed by God, in order to get people's attention and to turn their focus off the status quo and toward him, which in times of unending prosperity never happens, never, ever, ever. But even when he brings the sword he simultaneously raises up watchmen to warn people so they can escape it.

It seems contradictory to the point of being sadistic, but if you take a further look it probably has to do with a method of refining the good and exposing the evil by floating it to the top as happens in the refining of precious metals. It takes a lot of heat (adversity) to flush out the evil and expose it for what it is, which would otherwise remain hidden behind the facades without number, especially those facades that are dressed up in do-gooder religious garb.

Anonymous said...

john c:

Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. If you follow channeling he is also Saint Germain. Maybe you have never heard of St. Germain. No problem in the future you will!

Haven't seen any chemtrails for over a week. Very unusual. I do see some wierd clouds. Planes go buy but they only emit contrails. Maybe the economy is taking a toll on the bastards. Only hope so.

Also, whenever I post a comment I have to post it twice. The first time I get a red message saying it didn't go through. The comments stay in the box and when I post it the second time it goes through. Been this way for months. Never can copy, paste, or spell check on the site. Zog loves Les.


Zoner said...

Former Governor Jesse Ventura exposed the Irish on David Letterman 10 years ago, and was attacked immediately by special interest groups that leapt to defend the (once again) victimized and slandered people in question. He used carefully crafted metaphor when he talked about the "drunk" Irish that arranged the streets in the city of St. Paul, MN.

The "streets" he alluded to perfectly describe the avenues we travel to arrive at our destinations in life, and by pointing out that they were laid out with no care given to being easily navigated(by all appearances were intended to confuse and mislead us on our paths) he shows how the Irish, once gaining control of the means to "steer" us into confusion, and ultimately having the power to dictate which path we must take to arrive anywhere, have conspired to manipulate us for reasons that remain unclear, but are certainly not in our best interest. Allowing the Irish to gain control over the means by which we navigate our world was a grave error, and it will take a great deal of effort to undo this wrong.

Using "drunk" as a descriptor for the sense of illusory "power" that they think they have over the rest of us, and the rush they must feel when seeing the results of their actions, the picture of the true nature of these creatures become clear.

Jesse, thanks for the heads-up. We could use many more like you as we face this mounting challenge from the Irish and their deceptive, misleading Ideology.


Anonymous said...

Interesting news,all:
Viva Palestina caravan of 50 vehicles (incl. ambulances) and 200 people incl. McKinney and Galloway (I assume) MADE IT INTO GAZA!!! (after 10-day bureaucratic delay)
This is a first. Hoping it's a sign of things to come.


Anonymous said...

Please, someone, tell me I"m wrong. We are in deep fucking shit now...senate passed the Hate Bill...but, then again, we've always been if deep fucking shit...this country is nuts!

Man the lifeboats!

European American

Anonymous said...

Les, this was the first post I did not enjoy reading. To blame any single country or race, let alone Ireland which has also been abused by colonial powers, for the actions of several people is not like you.

You could have mentioned similar or worse actions from many other countries, my question is, why did you choose Ireland? The world is a network with no boundaries.

Anonymous said...

woops i get it now, silly me!

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish posting up-

Roiling in the Kali-fornicatorium.

Ray Zerwitt said...

Let me be the first to honor this new hate bill with my sincere words.

FUCK YOU. I HATE YOU! Let's see you come and arrest me. I will bring the punks you sent to do it right back at you. You are the total antithesis of America and nobody is more worthy of hate and hanging by your necks from a rope than you are. Come after me, fuckheads. This isn't hate speech disguised in diplomatic words. I HATE you and I want you all dead. Can I offer hate speech plainer than that? FUCK YOU, come and see me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I always thought there was an ancient war being fought behind the scenes between those wacky "Irish" and the Roman Catholic church. Both dominate and control the world, but they both want to be the sole power. This is why the Catholic church backed Hitler in WWII.

I also have bad news and worse news. The bad news is I got my "You owe the IRS $30,000 and we need the money in 2 weeks" letter 3 days ago.

The worse news is that I don't have $30K and if I did, the IRS would be the LAST mo'fo's to get it. I am really ready to blow this popsicle stand for another life in a different country. I want 15 acres to farm, a small house and a river or beach.

We are definitely in deep shit, but look to 1920's and 1930's Germany before Hitler took power to see where we are headed. We are a nation that no longer produces anything, devoid of natural resources, and a gigantic aging population of baby-boomers. That spells disaster on so many levels, I am getting out while I still can.

Now I shall head over to the Shangri-La forum to see whats new.

The artist formerly known as Travis

nobody said...

Hullo Les, late again,

Um, that was very silly. And sure enough, now that you've exposed the Irish as the rulers of the world, all your Irish fans now predictably climb over each other to sing cock-a-doodle-doo. Unoriginal bastards! To hell with you all, it was me!

None of you can match my direct ancestor's claim to fame (and Les, I have to take you to task for neglecting to mention it). It was my great great grandfather that wrote - wait for it - The Protocols of the Elders of Ballymena! That's right - the master plan by which we Irish took over the world! I will admit that the bit about leading the non-Micks astray with alcohol should have been worded slightly differently so that we didn't always end up leading by example. But never mind, we've since moved onto the hard stuff and now flood the world with craic!

Ha! Bloody marvellous, I been waiting twenty years to tell that joke.

Otherwise my ancestors also invented: handles for shillelaghs; saucers for teacups; the Mashed Potato, the Watusi, and The Gentlemen's Excuse Me; soup spoons; Chinese opera; and those brackets with a wiggle in them {sorry, can't remember what they're called but they're damned useful as you can see}. Nearly forgot! We also invented the phrase 'I swear to God it's all true'.


And Luna Moth - No need to tell me who it was that got all lizard-like in Shannon Airport. Just tell me that it wasn't Van Morrison. Please, not Van Morrison!

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

No, 'twas not Van Morrison who slid into lizard-dom in that airport bookstore. 'Twas another one who's on a world tour right now.

Freddamedgjedda said...

Shit you had me there for a second...

I am not a historian or a scholar of religion, so I am asking, not telling or suggesting. I have listened to the scholar\hip hopper KRS-One, he claims a few things. Search jew-tube or boogle to listen to his lessons.

Was not Moses the grandson of the Pharaohe? Was Abraham "white"? Was Jesus "white"? Is the lost tribes of Israel the Africans? Or some of them?

I am "white". Or am I? My hair is dark and my eyes green... Skin pale, I have been told by a medium that I was a Celtic warrior in some former life. Hmmm

Much LOVE to you all!!!

And another thing. "They" have the last week(vacation time) installed MANY cameras along the highways leading in and out of Oslo. I do a 2 mile trip to the capitol several times a week. I have been gone for 6 days and when I come back "they" have installed about 50! yes fifty! new cameras on my normal route...The last mile of it. They film from the sides and the back to... Did someone say facial recognition software? Nothing in the madia(no typo). Not even one single sign saying you are being videotaped.. It is illegal to have cameras without "easy to notice" signs telling people. Something is coming, soon and hard.

Forthurst said...

I wrote a response in notepad and then found I couldn't paste it to your blog.
Prince Louis of Battenburg held a photograph at his bedside throughout his adult life of his cousin and first love, the Grand Duchess Maria Nicholaevana; she as we know died on July 17th 1918. He later married a women, whose 'Irish' father had suceeded in gatecrashing the English aristocracy, and whose 'Irish' friends were well ensconced in the British Labour Party, in power at the time of Indian Independence, although his qualifications for undertaking the role of Viceroy were slight. He himself was a friend of Ireland and the Irish but then fanatics as we know will blow up anybody to achieve their objectives, so the 'Irish' and the Irish have more in common than you might have thought.

With regard to your love and admiration of the Celts, it may dismay you to know that like their's and your hated Anglo-Saxon enemy, they are a mythical race:

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Hey it was Leonard Cohen, one of your heroes, Les?

A great supporter of Ronald Reagan, at least back when I saw him fairly frequently.

I have written about this recently on my blog at

Really, it has been bothering me for years, but really hit me only recently when I read Fenton Bresler and others say Ronald Reagan directly ordered John Lennon's assassination.

And LC is riding a wave of fan-adoration as he tours the world. I believe (know) he was an insider to the Illuminati's plans by 1980 if not earlier, because of remarks he made to me. Including mentioning on several occasions his friendship with actress Joan Collins, an Illuminati Grande Dame, according to Fritz Springmeier who investigates these things.

I could go on, and on. He is a mind-controlled entertainer, a dedicated Zionist, and shares Obama's Columbia-Brezinsky background. He loves Henry Kissinger, the House of Windsor, and has the ability to hypnotize an audience. He was at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 -- just a coincidence! and got arrested as a CIA agent (by mistake! He was really a Castro sympathizer! So he tells people.) His connections to MKULTRA harken back to his early days at McGill when he volunteered for Donald Hebb's sensory isolation experiments.

Are you hearing this? At 74, he's touring the globe and I would expect he's out there telling his audiences to have faith, keep quiet, because "everything's going to be all right." His favourite mantra, back when I knew him.



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