Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ringworm Complex and the Federal Reserve.

Lies have always been the soft currency of the world. When people sell houses and cars they lie. When they sell other products they lie. When they sell religious beliefs they lie. When they sell the news they lie; they even manufacture the news out of lies before they sell the adapted lies. When they sell lifestyles they lie. When they sell political systems they lie and the candidates that front those systems lie as well. It starts with them selling themselves and that… was an extension of the primary lie that they told themselves. The lies of the world are like strands of false pearls that shine with false promise, in the currency of belief that buys the lie and gives value to the main industry of existence; pretending to be something else. All of this, being composed of garbage, generates garbage, which winds up down wind and around the bend.

The truth is the original homeless person. Looking for the truth makes you Diogenes as a mental patient. They can’t find anything he’s supposed to have written. Perhaps that is because if they had he would have been Diogenes as prison inmate.

We’ve seen some pretty hideous behavior sweep across the planet at various intervals like a brush fire fever. We’ve noted that it’s usually made possible due to the accelerated ringworm condition of general ignorance. You notice ringworm once the patch gets large enough and you don’t have to worry right away because it takes about ten years to cover your whole body. Ignorance is like that in many ways. Just keep scratching and ask yourself why one of that ancient character’s names is ‘Old Scratch’.

Yes, we’ve had Genghis Khan and Napoleon, who bled his country white in pointless wars of conquest. The beautiful lies of patriotism kindled the youthful and passionate ignorance and an epidemic of scratching in The Ringworm Complex. We’ve had Stalin and Mao and George W. Bush and nobody can conquer the Hindu Kush.

We’ve had Mongols and Turks and Holy Wars. We’ve had inquisitions with white hot tongs and auto-da-fe’s. The ignorance has traveled intact from the mysterious origins of culture and civilization into the present day. History serves a particular purpose, I suppose. It’s there to remind us of where we’ve been and maybe it’s supposed to educate us in the direction we should go but… that hasn’t worked at all.

Ask yourself which hurts more; the cut finger from ten years ago or the cut finger from ten minutes ago? Is what once happened more important that what is happening? The pederast dynasty of The Vatican has had a good long run. They folded, spun and mutilated existence over the stretch of many centuries. I don’t know of any wars that the Vatican is engaged in at the moment besides the War of Information. Just about all the players are involved in that.

People tell me that The Vatican is behind everything. You get some strange information coming down the pike every now and then.

I keep hearing that behind the Zionists there is some really secret cabal that is using them, without their knowledge, to do dreadful things. I can see who the individuals are that were engaged in the 9/11 orchestration and following hocus pocus. I can see who owns the information entities that sold the Bin Laden angle. Is there a secret shareholder that we don’t know about? I can see who was responsible for the lies that led to the Iraq invasion and I can see which interest group is crying out for an attack on Iran. Is there some secret interest group behind them? I can see who ordered the genocide in Gaza and I can see who carried out the genocide in Gaza. Is there some alien or terrestrial entity that is using them without their knowledge?

I can see who the players are in the international banking world. I can read the names of the individuals that exercise the power of these banks. I can see the connections between these individuals and the individuals in the media which provides the explanations for why things happen and what they mean. I realize that when you own the means of printing money then you can decide who you will lend it to and that means it is possible to buy and control nearly everything simply by being the ones who are loaned the money to do so. I can read the names of those who occupy important positions in government and I can see where their loyalty lies by what they support and oppose.

I can see the presence of powerful interest groups and I can see their agenda in the laws that are enacted, which protect the interests of those who are engaged in non-stop criminal enterprise against humanity. Is someone else doing this from a control booth in Mongolia?

When Son of Sam went to trial they didn’t try the dog as well. However, Charlie Manson did get tried although he wasn’t directly engaged in the murders. In neither case was The Process Church of the Final Judgment brought into the courtroom. I didn’t see Robert DeGrimston there or Scientology either. Robert DeGrimston is supposed to be a business consultant in New York now. That makes a certain kind of sense. Was somebody else behind all of the people who did all of the things we hear about or are these things being done by the people that are connected to them in front of your eyes?

History is one thing and the moment is another. Do we march forward into the endless future as an army of blind men gumming each other to death or do we put halt to the evil of the moment? As long as the faucet of money is in the hands of certain people they can control what happens. This is the reason why the Federal Reserve has come and gone and come again and why heads of state who tried to mess with it got assassinated. It’s all about controlling the money. It’s not because someone achieved at something because they were smarter and more industrious. They achieved because they had all the money they required and the competition did not. This is the lie of exceptionalism.

In this world of differences, all of the differences seek to prosper and their prosperity most often comes at the expense of someone else. I can see with my own two eyes, which interest group is behind the majority of today’s criminal activities against the human race. It’s not Genghis Khan and it’s not Berkowitz’s dog. The means of continuance is the control of the issuance of currency and the specificity of lending. The engine which turns the wheels of destructive industry is the power that controls the money which is granted for that purpose.

No nation should have its fortunes held hostage by foreign banks. If a nation’s fortunes are held hostage by foreign banks then the policies of that nation will be subordinate to foreign interests. If any group or individual can control a nation’s money supply they can control the government. They can determine who is elected and who is not. They can make the laws and evade the laws at the same time. God may rule in Heaven but money rules on Earth. There’s a greater mystery at play here but it is not the focus of this polemic.

The solution is simple. The power of making money and exercising control over the recipients of that money must be returned to the people of the nation in which that money circulates. The problem you face is that the counterfeiters control the people who carry the guns which protects the money, which serves foreign interests. The other problem is that world media, which has been purchased with counterfeit money printed exactly for that reason, is in the hands of those who print the money.

Whatever may have happened in history is composting under the leaves of the falling years. Your not having learned from it is one problem. Your not acting collectively in the moment is the other. You are here, if you are here. You are there, if you are there. Which is it?

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Anonymous said...

Over a hundred years of forced propaganda -- uh, I mean schooling -- has taken its toll: A populace unable to think for themselves let alone act in the name of liberty. We have forgotten what liberty feels like.


Anonymous said...

The river of history is about to head into white water (class V).

That is all I can say.


Anonymous said...

What we call 'history' is full of lies. History is written by the victors. I have always experienced a disconnect between what my lying eyes see and what they read in books and newspapers. I've had to recognize the lies to account for this disconnect. Ignorance is perhaps the inability to recognize lies, but more often it is the unwillingness to see those lies. But you are right. The root of it all is the love of money. The bottom line question for me is "What will you NOT do for money?" Even if you can't see the lies? The answer to that defines moral character.

Anonymous said...

"History is such a good story it's too bad it isn't true." Tolstoy

Anonymous said...

"the ultimate act of anti-semitism is to stay out of debt."

Hank said...

I have reached a point where I believe everything we have ever been told is a lie. From where we, as humans, came from to how we got to where we are. History is a lie industry, used by the money men to help steer future events. They get to go back into their catalog of lies to substantiate the lies they are telling now and the ones they will be telling tomorrow.

Over the course of time they have co opted the mechanisms that deliver the lies. History books, news papers, radio, the MSM and they are making inroads into the internet. Wikipedia is one of my fovorites, where if you don't like what they are telling you, you just go in and change it. The ultimate in revisionist history, or revisionist anything.

Then there are the lie via impression. This is where wikipedia and the federal reserve have something in common, that is, a name that implies something that isn't so. That pedia thing gives one the impression that it is an encyclopedia of some kind, containing valid information. The federal reserve gives the impression that it is part of the government. Neither of course is true, but you get my drift.

It's all about power and control, or slavery if you will. There has always been slavery. A degrading but facinating phenomenon, that has been sophisticated to the point where most no longer realize that they are enslaved. Land of the free and all that crap.

The federal reserve is one of the biggest enslavers in the world. Whether they are doing it for who they appear to be doing it for, I don't know, but they, with the help of their bought and paid for govenment, have created a fiat money system that they use to control everyone and everything in America. They constitute the biggest lie in America today, and how the masses don't see it is beyond me. They are the bank robbers in gaurd uniforms. They have orchestrated and controlled the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, by making our government borrow so far into the future, people that aren't even born yet are in debt.

Then there are the rotten apple pickers in the IRS, who's job it is to make sure that the fed gets their cut, and if any of the apples goes rotten and doesn't want to pay up, they pick them out real quick, and lock them up as not to spoil the rest. Wouldn't want the apples getting the idea they don't have to pay up. Of course that begs the question, what happens if all the apples go bad at the same time? Hmmmm?

Just fantasizing. Everyone knows, apples are dumb.

But who are the real slave owners? It sure looks like the Irish to me.(grin) No, it's the jews. They are the ones with their fingerprints, in the form of names, all over the evidence. The banks, the government, the media, the ingredients in your favorite beverage for all I know. But to what end?

I can't get rid of the feeling that there is something here, or someone, or someones that we are missing. Something just doesn't make sense, unless there is a player in the game that for some reason we are discounting. IS there an extraterrestrial component? Is Nibiru just a myth?

I don't know, but it is good food for thought, and in the end, my brain does like to eat. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

From outward indications it looks like the zio-cons control the planet.

The only thing that gives me pause that they are the ultimate masters is their hubris. Time and again that hubris has smacked down the zio-cons in whatever incarnation they found themselves.

It seems to me that the real Misters Big are quietly in the shadows by choice. Like the old time Mafia dons, they rule quietly, without splash. They are in control and they know it. For the true Masters that is sufficient.

I suspect that the zio-cons are gonna let their hubris sucker punch them yet again.

We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

God Les you bring back memories.

While minding my own business one day, tired and trying to get home.

The police came up behind me full tilt, and they with their sirens. In all honesty, I was not paying attention, and should have pulled in when I actually pulled out.

Well Mr Policeman had to run around the truck to tell me what a shit driver I was. So he was not too politely telling me to move as there was after being a robbery just ahead of me. Well if he had been a bit more polite I would have put the stopper in while starting the truck. Air-lock is a bitch.

On reflection as I drove home I was of the opinion. The gangsters who stole the money were not a lot different from the bankers they stole it from. The only difference is the bankers could set up shop in the high street, with the police to guard it. While the gangsters will skulk in the alleyways watching their chance.

It was a nice days work for someone, over 200 thou.

Anonymous said...

!amabO ,skcehc esoht gningis potS...Pardon my "dyslexia" ; ) Maybe his staff can "read" this. Makes a good T-shirt logo too.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Les, Some of us have been of this mind for some time.

Travis said...

I ask people all the time: “Why do you work”? I always get the same reply: “To get ahead”.

Ahead of what? Ahead of whom? In this country, the statistic that alarms me is that the average American spends 3% MORE than they make! Even a chimp can do that math, somewhere, sometime, it HAS to end.

At what point do people start to realize that every penny of the money they earn ends up back in the hands of BANKERS. At what point do people realize that they are nothing more than SLAVES? Keep believing you are “free”, keep believing in your faux democracy, keep believing we are the most prosperous nation on earth despite our $12 TRILLION national debt.

At what point do these highly ignorant slaves figure out that -$12 Trillion in debt is NOT prosperous!! Some days I stare in the mirror and say “There is no way these people are this stupid”. (I really do this)

I mean, they have college degrees! They are supposed to be smart! Shit, I have one of those “Good Enough Diploma’s (GED) because I figured out in the 10th grade that I wasn’t learning anything new and the kids around me were learning WAY too slow. I am not that bright of a guy, but I can see shit coming a mile away. I tend to learn from my mistakes and I do study history so it’s not hard to see this train coming down the tracks, lights blaring and horn blowing. The question is, do I continue to try and tell people the train is coming or just get off the tracks to save myself and my family?

I rarely go out in public anymore because to hear ignorant people have a conversation these days is like having to listen to a garden tiller run across a parking lot. I recently had to listen to people discuss the capture of Bin Laden in the movie theatre. I finally turn around and said “Hey, can I save you a lot of time? Bin Laden is fucking D-E-A-D! He died back in Dec ’01”.

Back when I was a kid, my grandfather was a huge influence in my life. He was a WWII veteran, and being from Louisiana his first language was French. He was drafted, and spent 4 years fighting in Italy,Africa and Europe under General Patton. He told me something I will never forget that bears repeating today: “One bullet in a precise place at the right moment can change the history of the world”.

Just one bullet......

Visible said...

Just to let you know folks, the zio-censors who work within Blogger at the behest of the brass at Google are blocking your comments. So send them to me as some of you already do.

It's just more proof of what they are and what we are.

Freddamedgjedda said...

Shit you had me there for a second...

I am not a historian or a scholar of religion, so I am asking, not telling or suggesting. I have listened to the scholar\hip hopper KRS-One, he claims a few things. Search jew-tube or boogle to listen to his lessons.

Was not Moses the grandson of the Pharaohe? Was Abraham "white"? Was Jesus "white"? Is the lost tribes of Israel the Africans? Or some of them?

I am "white". Or am I? My hair is dark and my eyes green... Skin pale, I have been told by a medium that I was a Celtic warrior in some former life. Hmmm

Much LOVE to you all!!!

And another thing. "They" have the last week(vacation time) installed MANY cameras along the highways leading in and out of Oslo. I do a 2 mile trip to the capitol several times a week. I have been gone for 6 days and when I come back "they" have installed about 50! yes fifty! new cameras on my normal route...The last mile of it. They film from the sides and the back to... Did someone say facial recognition software? Nothing in the madia(no typo). Not even one single sign saying you are being videotaped.. It is illegal to have cameras without "easy to notice" signs telling people. Something is coming, soon and hard.

Visible said...


I put you in both posts so you'd get heard.

Nate Wishman said...

Anonymous said...

"Hey..It's just a ride..."

"Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride. SHUT HIM UP!! Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account and family. This just Has to be real."

It's just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the Demons run amok. But it doesn't matter because: it's just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings, and money. A choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourselves off.
The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here's what you can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defence each year, and instead spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, for ever, in peace.
'Bill Hicks'
Peace, Rebel4ever (--_--)

Masher1 said...

Cash is NEVER going to rule anything on this planet. Nothing is ever without a need from god. Money is not and never will run the world. Only evil men THINK it can. See their heaps and heaps of it... Will it help them IF God wants to lay his thumb upon them?? No. Everyone is just going to have to learn God is king. God RUNS this whole mess just to help you learn and not be lost in fire. But most just march onward into the fires of delusion and evil ways.

You have to learn to escape this prison. Not one can leave without this education. And yes Money is just perfect to sort all you students out.

There is not any place to apply for an "Emergency Protection Order" against God and his wrath. Sorry about that.

Many try to clain there is no God or i don't beleve in God and EVERY single one will BEG for God's help if the thumb presses hard enough upon them.

Some learn and become free. Most fight for money and power.

Well the road of the Power hungry greedster's and their entorage of fools is going to have a twist or two for all you un-Godly fools.

Fix is required. As in moseses day the hills are rife with wickedness and evil... not too educational is it?

Have a great day all you God haters. I see you about to fall.

European American said...

Ahhh, Life in Kali many thousands of years is that?

European American

Unknown said...

"There’s a greater mystery at play here but it is not the focus of this polemic."

How do you think that scum has been able to perpetuate itself for centuries if not thousands of years. Read the Old Testament. Can any rational person believe deity directed the Irish to commit every autocracy in the book? That should be a clue to the clueless. Who was this god, why none other than the prince of darkness himself. And it is not just the Irish who have cast their lot with Lucifer. Take someone like gw bush. This decider launches a war which kills or maims over a million people. It is incomprehensible how a human being could rationalize this. Hmmmmm, there is another clue, we aren't dealing with human. Sure someone is pulling the ignorant asshole's strings but he is still the president. He has power if he will only use it. Most of our government officials are in the same boat with the Irish. So in essence we don't have a government. We have a crime syndicate. It's the "greater mystery" that we need to concentrate on. We are not just talking 3D here, we also have a spiritual battle on our hands. As I've said many times you can't fight demons with material tools. They enslave you with debt and feed off your fear. If you want to diminish their power get out of debt and change your spending habits. Only buy necessities from farmer's markets or individuals if possible. Utilize craigslist, ebay, yard sales, etc. for the little junk you think you can't do without. Use cash whenever possible. Don't let the vampires suck your blood. Never buy a new car. You like paying twenty grand plus for something that might only fetch five grand in three years or so. How many people are out on the street now that wish they had followed this advice. Let Obongo's ilk have the new ones.

I can't wait to get my flu shot this fall. I want to be protected. That nasty old H1N1 which was created in a lab has killed several people. The regular flu kills thousands every year. Ever wonder why the flu generally strikes in the fall? You know the time of year when people are indoors and aren't exposed to the sun which gives you thousands of IUs of vitamin D. Could vitamin D protect you from flu? No, the FDA says sunlight is harmful, it causes skin cancer. We should use sun blocker when outdoors. I wonder what our ancestors who didn't have sun blocker would do to protect themselves. I'll bet they were covered with skin cancer. Yeah, and their teeth probably fell out because they didn't have fluorinated drinking water. How creepy.


Anonymous said...

Fuck it Fud I like your style and am a big fan already.

I have been living this way for years. I have been driving a 67 car up to a few year ago, the one I drive now is an 89.

I always have a spare car or engine, and they tell me I am mad as a hatter.

When my grand-kids come here I hide the sun shite, and use my own common sense. Hell, 50 year ago we were lucky to have castor oil to rub on ourselves.

That is when we were not forced to drink this same oil for what they called maggots in the good old days.

My neighbours are going about in Mercs and Beamers, they never could afford such crap, it's only because the same cars are not wanted by the broken down snobs as they can't afford them any more.

Yes they are gangsters who run our societies to-day, and as I said in a previous post on this blog, if I could hinder the police, and the other gangsters got away, so what, no-one was hurt and to hell with both sets of gangsters.

We have enough problems in life to-day. We try to teach values to a new generation, we don't need interfering government trying to tell us we are wrong. To hell with the new PC and alternative life-styles, I have made it this far trying to avoid government, so I have little fear of the future. I just need to keep under the radar for a few more years, and I hope I have thought my own children to do the same with theirs.

Anyway, Regards, and keep well, Mac

Anonymous said...

Ps, forgot to add, in the "old " days. They used soot,

yes soot from the chimney to whiten teeth.


paolocaruso said...

Gill Marcus, has been appointed as the governor of the Central Bank of South Africa. The scam is reinforced and the ringworm expands.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10-4, Yous should see how the others McMadeoff with the "loot"

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys and Gals, Uncle Mikes Site, WRH is down. Last article on there was interesting and hopefully he will be back up soon. Anyone know of a mirror?

reenie said...

Les, the site "What Really Happened" is gone.
anyone know what happened??

Anonymous said...

Right Mac, I was lucky enough to grow up next door to my grandparents. They came from Lithuania in 1911. Many home remedies.

When my grandfather (Pappy) was 90 years old he was much bigger and stronger than I was at 25.
And like Les I was a pretty good left handed pitcher, swimmer, etc.
Anyways, he used creosote also.

To this day my "kit" contains castor oil, iodine, peroxide and whiskey. (just in case)

Anonymous said...

Unable to load WRH. Anybody know what is up?

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Armageddon who?
Armageddon tired of knocking

Anonymous said...

Ones the Palestinians are locked out, blown up, killed off, et al, the Zionist entity will turn its sights to the land of Jordan when they will once again 'defend themselves' and encroach, steal, plunder, kill and give us a repeat performance to the silent aplause of the US congress. Be sure to watch for a "lost soldier" as a prelude.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Unable to load WRH. Anybody know what is up?
8:57 PM

Same here. Glad it's not only me. Joogle lists it, but 'ya can't there from here'.

Anonymous said... down too!


Visible said...

wrh is coming up fine for me. I posted what Michael had to say earlier a few comments back. Truthseeker is down. Rixon's been getting hacked off and on. We're all getting hit these days. People working for blogger are doing it to me.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Obama Nominates Goldman Sachs Executive for State Department’s Undersecretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs"

TruthSeeker said...

I´ve reached a conclusion throughout the years that pretty much what I was told and tought about is a lie. And it really is. We live in a fantasy world where we just go ahead not very sure what we will find in the end. I just know what i wont find there.

I´ve learned that I am a slave of the system, even though I´m really aware about that. I´m a awaken sheep and it´s hard to be awaken in a way. We depend on them even in here, if they want we can post comments, if they dont want we cant... we are slaves of the good will of the maintainers of Google and obviously they are not on our side.

Someone told that we have lost the taste of liberty and indeed we have. We have lost the taste of truth but actually we have never been given the opportunity to taste it completely. We just know that the taste of lie doesnt please us and we keep trying different tastes till one day we will find the true taste of truth.. if we find it someday.

I dont believe in anything I see, hear or read and most of the times I´ve been right about it because almost everything it´s not worth trusting.

The truth is that we dont know where it will lead us... the truth is that the end is near and I just know that because it is crystal clear. Only blind minded people cannot see it. Everywhere I look I see enemies and no, I am not drunk nor under any chemical effect but I see them and what they are doing. Sometimes I see some like me but we are so few... well, we can do few things but we are chained.

I´ve reached the conclusion that there is no peace without war. We were taught to give the other face and look the result now. Our face is beaten and they are doing what they want. We were taught that fighting is worthless, but hey, the ones who taught that have fighted for their interests and I dont need to mention that their interest is our annihilation as human beings, thinkers, doers, producers.. they just want workers. If you cant work for them then you are useless and the system kick you out.

It´s hard to say but It will not be a surprise if I find some lies mixed with the truths you say. Dont you think that we have their people among us and agreeing with us? Yes, we have.. they are around here.. maybe I am one of them and you dont know.. The easiest way to mislead a bunch of sheeple is being among them, being like them, acting like they do.. generally they become very influent. When they reach this level, either they start spreading small lies among truths, acting weirdly/telling fantasies so we will consider him and his followers a joke and not give the right attention to them and consider everything they do as a joke and or they hide the lies.. ( By the way, I am not inferring anything about you Visible, I have lots of respect for you and what I meant with this is to explain how i think about things and not to point out that you are untruthful)

The most mortal virus and bacteria are those which kill the good cells exactly how the enemy has done to us: they infiltrate inside the good and healthy groups and kill them from within.

I could give many examples here of prominent people who pretends to speak up the truth and have thousands, millions of followers but I prefer not to because it is also crystal clear who they are and what they say.

TruthSeeker said...

Hank, about Nibiru it´s very interesting and yes as you said a food for thought.. but I still believe it is an excuse that the enemy found powerful to use in order to keep them behind the scenes while they are the ones who plan to anihilate us by their own hands. Not through a new planet. But yes, it´s very interesting. Von Daniken in his books and Zacharia Stitchin have said a lot about it.

It´s interesting how things share smiliarities although they are different. If we take off the veil of cultural/social/political background, different contexts, different interpretations and etc.. we will reach to the center of all things and there is the key to understand everything else. It´s like a birthday gift. You buy a pen and wrap it up.. and it keep been wraped for many people, specially those who doesnt want us to find what there is inside the gift wrap. Mileniuns have gone and still people are wrapping it up... do you think that it will resemble by any chance was it was at the begining? No it wont but if you look very well and keep digging maybe you can peel some layers of wrapping..

Who knows.

Sorry for babling so much. I´m not drunk anyway.

Thank you for the opportunity Les. Hank, it´s so nice to read your comments as well as everybody else. The quality of the participants here is admirable.

Peace and Serenity

Anonymous said...

Just a 'heads up'. Remember who owns the internet and who can flip it off at any time. I do expect there to be controls coming, attacks to increase, and even a form of internet warfare as we have seen the opening volleys recently. it will get worse.

As for this looseknit orgainazation that has somewhat formed here, we should be settinng up back-ups. Sound a bit over the top but, I would suggest that an organization of threes' are formed. With each person connected to at least one other threesome via the internet and some other means. if they take it down information still needs to flow.

One thing that might happen is that a website is taken over and you don't even know it. I know that they are set up to do this. Criminals do it already. so do the Irish.

Also know that every word on the internet is noticed.

Expect lots of things to happen at the same time soon.


nobody said...

Hey Les, this one was where my head is at completely. If you know what I mean.

Otherwise you weren't putting that daft 'The Vatican teaches Hamas how to kill Jews' story forward as being remotely possible were you? It's just the usual human-lampshade bullshit. And besides an Israeli guy swore it was true. Okay, nuff said! It's obviously a lie, ha ha.

As for blogger hassles, if only you could contrive some means of pissing off your fans so that your numbers fall to a couple of hundred a day, then they'd leave you alone for sure. Works for me!

Anonymous said...

Check out this podcast..

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

As to "who" is behind the NWO -- it's not just one group, one race, one nation. MKULTRA and the Nazi ratline were created by the Vatican, the OSS, the Masons, the US Air Force, Nazi war criminals, the Office of Naval Intelligence, organized crime, Satanists ... with very few Jews among them. That these monsters later seem to have allied themselves with Zionists, is probably the result of all kinds of deals including blackmail, religious insanity, you name it.

All have one thing in common: they love Armageddon.

Anonymous said...

Its not going to happen les.
Fiddling while rome burns.
E.G., where are the hurricanes? Not ONE.
We are now into third month. Nada.
I wont put it into Jesus's mouth, but
a Higher Power is protecting us.
You will have no economic disaster, riot,
earth disater, nothing. Watch. Nothing this year.
2010 may be another thing entirely.
Calm down. G-d will provide. You think I dont
pray to the Grand Cosmos for surcease daily?
White witch

Anonymous said...

hey this website is really strange, i dont really get it,im not stupid even though that may be how you see me as.umm if you can post something on your website to talk to you i would enjoy that.for i do not have an email.

Anonymous said...

lies are told beneath the rocks . and rights will never tell.



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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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