Friday, July 10, 2009

The Government may be Big but it's not Your Brother.

Your government is not just inefficient, venal and a crack whore for the corporations. Your government is dangerous and out to get you. Here’s a little taste. This is in 4 parts so look at the menu to your right for the rest. You’ll also want to give this a look. I wish Alex Jones would give his guests more time to speak. This seems to be a trend with a lot of hosts and it’s something for them to remind themselves of. I don’t think well of a lot of alternative news gathering sites for a variety of reasons. The best hosts work to extract the maximum from their guests and reserve their editorializing for times set aside for that purpose. Point taken, I hope (grin).

Don’t let the government give you any shots. Let me repeat that, don’t let the government give you any shots. It looks like they want to kill you; “let me count the ways.”

I don’t know what the story is about Obama. It’s obvious that he’s a lightweight and a front man for The Syndicate. I don’t know if there’s something human and courageous lurking below the glad-handing exterior. So far, the evidence is not good. He’s either completely in the enemy camp or he’s as clueless as a Beverly Hills teenage girl (insert ‘boy’ if that makes you feel better).

Right now it looks like the government has got Boomslangs coming out of their ears and once they hit the ground they go into a mating frenzy with the Black Mambas. It’s looking like voodoo on steroids. Meanwhile they have only limited and temporary control over the financial horror show that they are propping up with two by fours and bullshit. From what I can see, the purpose of this is to loot the last bloody nickel from the thing before they bring it down on the heads of the public.

I haven’t listened to all of that radio show but I listened to enough to hear some viable truth. I’m not sure about the Michael Jackson connection. That sounds fantastic and I often hear fantastic things in the alternative media. I question things no matter where they come from. I’m not looking to prove any point. I am looking to see the point and to separate the fantasy from the fact. The information on the Alex Jones web cast is truly scary. It won’t change anything as far as I’m concerned but it does seem to open the door for lockdown meditation retreats in our future. I’ll take that as it comes. It’s not going to change anything and I hope the same applies to all of the warriors out there in the landscapes and woodwork of these troubled times.

I’m thinking that no one should pay any more taxes. There needs to be a groundswell of people who are living in the most threatened locations and those would be America, The U.K., Canada and Australia. Other places are under degrees of threat but the threat is greatest in the just mentioned areas. These areas are also heavily under Zionist control. That makes the situation no big surprise.

Listen up people. They are squeezing you like lemons but they are not making lemonade. You have to go to your most effective weapons. You can’t just run into the street crying “Viva Zapata” and firing your guns into the air. We aren’t at the Red Dawn stage yet but we are getting there (note the year it came out). You have to shut this monster down. That means you have to take away its income. A nationwide tax revolt is the way to go and everyone working in any area that serves the government interest needs to drag their feet and muck up the works as they go. No one should put any money in the stock market. No one should buy anything that is not essential. You have to injure the corporations in whatever way you can. Do not eat in any chain restaurants. Do not shop at any chain stores. Do not buy Intel products or give Starbucks a dime. Educate yourself about everything you buy so that nothing goes to the genocidal maniacs in Israel.

Everyone working in any sensitive area that is involved in the various schemes of killing people needs to start going public with information; anonymously if necessary. Otherwise we need so many whistle blowers it will sound like the world has turned into a gay Disco which, unfortunately, it looks like it already has. I’m hoping I’m hitting enough of the points being made on the Alex Jones web cast. I wouldn’t want to think that I was missing too many.

If you want something to stop operating you have to cut off the water. You have to cut off the petrol. You have to forget to check the oil. Worst case scenario, you sugar the gas tank with Karo syrup. This monstrous lumbering murder machine known as the government has become a self-service operation. It services itself. The people representing you are representing themselves or the vampires who own them. There are a few real people there; Jim DeMint, Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney... maybe some others... few, all too few.

The American people need to form an organization similar to the Oathkeepers. They need a promise organization. “I promise not to give the government one red dime until it either destroys itself in some kind of sexual, auto asphyxiation scenario or it starves to death.” You have to kill the monster and failing that you have to bring it to heel.

The banker’s and their cronies need to be arrested and put on public display in a traveling zoo so that they can be pelted with road apples and sundry. They need to be stripped of their assets and then stripped naked and left quivering in the Jello of their obese, obscene appetites. They need some public Cold Turkey on camera, broadcast around the world. They need to be dishonored (not that they have any) and humiliated.

I expect that many of you know what needs to be done. I know that all across the lands I have mentioned people are very angry. It’s times for some blows against the Empire. The force is strong in you. Darth Vader needs to be put into a continuous loop of that scene from Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis found Ving Rhames in the pawn shop.

There are a lot of savvy people in the military. You see what’s happening and I know you don’t like taking your orders from Israel. It’s past time for you to be talking to each other.

Here’s some good news. As I have indicated at different times here and at the other blogs, the seriously evil Boomslangs are losing their minds. This is going to speed up exponentially. They are losing it. Their reach has exceeded their grasp and they are vulnerable within in ways they cannot explain to themselves. Things are happening in their heads that they don’t understand. I know why this is and so do a number of you. Watch and see just how outrageous this gets. This is a controlled object lesson taking place right now but it requires your participation and presence. It is very important to see these people for what they are and to project that outward and inward in your thoughts so that we can take advantage of our numbers to push the envelope and manifest something similar to that attempt to levitate The Pentagon. It’s the same principle. We can join hands in a virtual way and have effect in the physical realm. Don’t think they don’t know about this. They are doing it to you right now. Our collected numbers can blow them out of the park. The power of just one focused individual is a great deal more than you might assume. That power increases dramatically as numbers are added.

If you only start thinking about these things, that would be a big help. Don’t let yourself down. If you never stood for anything before you had better stand for something now or you will die on your knees. These people aren’t fooling around and we shouldn’t be either.

For those of you wise enough to know that this is just a dream and to understand the implications of non-action versa action and all the possible metaphysical and philosophical constructs that your studies have allowed you, let me say... sure... yeah sure ...but I wouldn’t want to have to live with myself afterwards.

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Hank said...

I'm not much of a bible believer, but there are some very good philosophys contained within some of those wonderful fairy tales. There's that, do unto others thing, and the ever popular, but seldom practiced, turn the other cheek. Love thy enemy, render unto cesar what is cesars' and unto god what is gods. But the hidden gem is the one about belief. If you have belief, even in the amount of a mustard seed, you can cause a tree to uproot itself and grow in the ocean, or something like that. The point is, is that belief is probably the most powerful thing on this planet

Everything that is, or happens is the result of a belief. The collective human belief is that there will always be poverty and hunger, so we as humans, do or don't do all the things that make sure that those things exist.

Many people, including some here, have no idea exactly what their beliefs are. So many of our beliefs were created at such an early age, that we see them as indelible parts of our being. The fact is, being creatures of choice, we can change our beliefs as easily as we change our socks, once we understand the nature of belief, and see a benefit in changing.

We need to understand that belief is a fundamental power. Many of the 'bad' guys know this, which is why they work so assiduously to formulate our beliefs for us. They create beliefs that are designed to keep human kind fractured and separate from each other. Different religions, different governments, different looking, different color, different sexual preference and on and on. They use these things to pit us, one against the other, to keep us from turning on them. There is no length they will not go to, to ingrain these false beliefs in the masses. They brand them into our conciousness with blood.

They make us believe in and fear phoney boogie men, while it is they that are letting the blood, and it started so long ago that we have lost track of ourselves.

The time has come for a personal inventory. A non judgemental assesment of what's inside, and where it came from. It may help to start with what do I believe about myself. For the longest time I believed that there was something wrong with me. I was presented with an opportunity to examine where I came up with that belief. There was this girl I liked when I was 6, and being 6 I just told her so. She did not share my feeling, and she laughed at me. See, the thing about being 6, is that you have not yet learned how to not be accountable, so seeing your self as the center of the universe, the natural but erronious conclusion is, there must be something wrong with me. Unfortunately I carried this faulty belief about myself for a generation, until I learned about two fifties, and a hundred dollar bill. Neither is worth more, but the thing is some people like two fifties and some like hundred dollar bills. Being able to look back and see where the belief came from, I realized, with my new information, that she liked hundred dollar bills, and I was two fifties.

All this to say that we need to believe that we make a difference. That our not going out to eat in a chain restaurant, or shop at Walmart, or buy shit we don't need does make a difference. We need to find those essential beliefs in ourselves that have been covered with the bullshit of trying to be like someone that that girl liked, instead of being ourselves. We are a perfect us and a second best someone else, every time.

I truly believe that when we truly believe something, it automatically connects with those beliefs in others. It creates a unity that cannot be broken by the lies we hear every day and have heard every day of our lives.

We make a difference, but only if we believe we do. Peace my friends.

Visible said...

Very well said Hank.

This post went longer without a response by some distance than anything I've ever posted except when I first began.

The quote is, in visiblese; If you had the faith of mustard seed you could tell a mountain to go jump in the lake. It's actually "cast itself into the ocean" but so what?

Onward and upward.

Anonymous said...

Hank, I know you're not a believer, but you should read either Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John and then read Revelations. Forget the Old Testament, that is why this man named Jesus says he came into this world. Jesus preached he will come back after the gospel is preached to the whole world. If you use your logic like Les and understand what is going on in the world, then you will realize that Revelations is true and happening right now. Let your logic take you to the next step; If Revelations was written around 2000 years ago, and appears to be occurring, then this guy Jesus just might be exactly what he claims. Learn about eastern meditation. This is what Jesus was refering to when he stated, "The truth will set you free." Read Matthew versus 6:22. Here Jesus is talking about your third eye (pineal gland). Check out binuaral beats and astral projection. My name is Matthew just like the bible.

Visible said...

Okay, I figured it out. The notifier that tells people a new post is up didn't go into operation for several hours. Yet another peculiar phenomenon.

Frank said...

Hank, let me be frank.

Believe it or not, desire is the prime motivator.

Sorry to come across as an asshole... butt these are revealing times:)

Anonymous said...

Hank said: [".......there's that, do unto others thing,....."

Hank, that's CONFUCIUS, not bible. Just sayin'.

Les, THANK you for finally pointing out the "how". I've been mulling this over for several years and I've come to that conclusion that the opposiont is unorganized and has no leadership, let alone a method. I still maintain that, but you've pointed out a very powerful tool which, if used correctly and in an organized manner will certainly bring the beast to its knees. Now, all we lack is leadership. you pointed to several people, Cynthia McKinney, being one of them. Thanks for that.. She's the real thing. I only hope this leadership continues to grow and those who know or are privy to the inside information begin to come forward to expose the fraud behind the curtain.

Thanks for just being here Les. It's always a pleasure to partake of your literary delicasies. keep up the 'good' work.


Ray Zerwitt said...

I really wish you biblical dunces wouldn't comment on a book you admit you never even read, let alone studied closely. Who would but a prejudiced idiot? Really.

Don't share holy things with dogs and don't cast your pearls before swine or they will grind them under their feet and turn and tear you up (with moronic sound bites. It's holistic)

I know most of the fans here have a sensitive stomach, but they better have loaded guns and they better be ready to kill. I know it's a crime in Ah-me-Rica (YHVH's ordained Kingdom, "The land that is called by my name") to defend yourself. The 1st and second amendment are holistic too. Both or neither. an 'and' gate.

Ray Zerwitt said...

"Turn the other cheek" is an aramaic idiom that means 'don't start fights'

Rodentcatchingfeline said...

"Stand up for what you believe in - whatever it costs - or prepare to die on your knees."
George Orwell could not have said it better.

The Syndicate may think this is the beginning of a red dawn, but I think it is the end of a green boomslanger/black mamba dusk.

Anaughty Mouser

Anonymous said...


i'll agree that alex jones and his network is a treasure trove for truth seekers but how do you reconcile his statements such as the saudi's 'owning' hollywood and the ovbious insinuation there? this is a pebble in my shoe.

thank you

Visible said...


I hadn't heard that. That's ridiculous.

I have a couple of problems with the things Alex presents due to leaving out critical features. My assumption is that he wants to avoid the obvious shit-storm. Personally I would risk the shit-storm but not everyone has the same intensity and I'm not relying on what I do for my upkeep.

Maybe I shouldn't have represented him as I did but I often learn things when I do this. I seldom know why I do things sometimes. It's later that I find out.

For the moment it does seem to me that there is more to appreciate than not. I'll be finding out though because the people who read and comment here are often more well informed than I and also very likely to speak their minds.

Anonymous said...

10th time i've tried to comment...AAArrgggghh!!!
Rebel4ever (--_--)

Starmandala said...

Information Overload! Information Overload! But it sure feels good to be back in touch with the cutting edge :-) You're a STRONG FORCE, Les. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

"When you believe in thing you don't understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain't the way."

Visible said...


When you can't get through, as so many of you are indicating then SEND ME YOUR COMMENTS! and I will put them up.

I keep saying this but, I understand that a lot of people haven't registered that there's more than one way to skin a boomslang Zio-org like Blogger owned by Google.

Visible said...

That would be at

Kelli said...

Love your blog! Love Alex Jones as well but I agree with you, he does interrupt too much and you were a great sport to laugh it off. I think Paul Craig Roberts gets pissed at him for doing that.
I was very skeptical of Alex at first and don't get the religious aspect of him. The controllers have certainly hijacked religion which he is totally aware of. Mike Rivero appears to be an atheist but that doesn't stop Alex from having him on his show so to me, that is a good sign. I think both men are genuine.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Saudis' owning Hollywood....Research the following KEYWORDS, House of Saud. Hope that helps anon.

Visible said...

Doesn't seem to be anything headline wise.

Anonymous said...

This isnt supposed to be snark and you dont
need to post. BTW I couldnt get thru either.
Yes, Les, it's true, Alex Jones said that about saudis and hollywood and he also said since the saudis financed al queda they were partly responsible for 911! I know you dont like rense but all this and more about a.j. was on there.
He also screamed obscenities at a caller on his show who dared to insinuate the israelis had a role in 911.

Litmus-test=911 said...

You know you're right. For instance, did you notice in the last episode of Mr. Invisible's Neighborhood that Les - as the show's host - was carefull never to interupt anyone (grin)!

Hank said...

First, I don't know what you were reading Frank, but I didn't say anything about motivation.

Second, Amerikagulag, you are indeed correct. I have read a great many philosophies, from many sources and believe it or not, sometimes I get them confused. I stand corrected.

Third, Ray Zirwitt, I have read the bible, twice, but it was a long time ago, and in the time since I have given it all the consideration it deserves. It is a collection mostly of stories that predate the compilation of the bible, however turn the other cheek, regardless of it's origin, was supposedly spoken by jesus in his sermon on the mount.

Thanks guys. Peace.

Visible said...

My friend;

I do not consider the truth snarky. Now look at what has happened. Due to my saying what I said you have now said what you said and people are seeing it and wondering.

One of the reasons I have stayed away from Alex Jones is because of the Israeli/911 denial. The Israelis damn well did 9/11 and were neck deep in 7/7 and Madrid as well; possibly just about everything like this going on has their footprints somewhere around it.

I don't have a big media enterprise and the chances for that are slim BECAUSE I'm not going to play footsy with the truth because the truth will kick my ass and I will be deservedly dishonored. All I have is what little reputation I have and that is a cardinal necessity in getting people to listen and perhaps gain a greater insight into what we are up against. When someone who tries to tell the truth the best that they know how goes Hollywood, then the truth will leave them as a conduit and find one more worthy. I can't afford to lose the truth or I lose myself along with it.

In any case, we're talking about it here now and we wouldn't have, had I not put up what, for me, is unusual.

In many ways I think Alex does a good job informing people but when you leave out major portions of the story then people aren't really informed... are they?

Anonymous said...

The truth is often peppered with lies.... and lies are told with a pinch of truth...I still listen to A.Jones as he does cover a lot of interesting his frequent bouts of exasperated vocal theatrics crack me up...
Peace all

Anonymous said...

you can't hand someone a vile of poison and say, 'here, drink this.'
a sumptuous feast of great proportion within the poison must hide.

Anonymous said...

If AJ is avoiding such a blatant truth then he has been co-opted. He has probably been told what he can can not say. He then is serving and beholden to a master.

We really don't need to go there anymore. The supports that hold this great house of cards together are crumbling. Find peace within and get out of the way went it starts to go. I would avoid and distance myself from any big city. those are the physical aspects of the supports I referred too.

Spiritual peace, community and of course, a little food.



Randy B. said...

The Ziotwits at Blogger are acting up again. Here's my comment:

Hank (1st comment):
Well said!

Ray Zerwitt:
:I know most of the fans here have a sensitive stomach, but they better have loaded guns and they better be ready to kill. I know it's a crime in Ah-me-Rica (YHVH's ordained Kingdom, "The land that is called by my name") to defend yourself. The 1st and second amendment are holistic too."

- My stomach isn't nearly as sensitive as my soul. Killing is usually wrong, even when it's considered righteous and just. It DOES have its place in the world, but that's a slippery slope and a very tricky endeavor. It's not the killing that's wrong per se, it's hate that's wrong. Lovingkindness is the way to holiness/enlightenment/God/spiritual fulfillment/whatever else you care to call it, (I an' I be sure). Killing without hate isn't an easy thing. Spiritual warriors had best be warned when it comes to physical violence to take heed and take care. Personally I know that Les's suggestion of focused attention will be far more effective than any blade or bullet could ever be. Also, I know there is nothing that any blade or bullet can take from me.

Anonymous said...

It bears repeating,"DON'T LET THE GOVERNMENT GIVE YOU ANY SHOTS!!!" Great advice Les, nobody should buy anything they don't absolutely need. If you don't like what is going on then DON'T PLAY THE GAME. I've been preaching this for years.

I don't see any way short of a military coup to kill the monster and there sure as hell is no way to bring it to heel. We are dealing with an organization that has perpetuated intsef for generatins and is corrupt to the core. It can't be changed. Study history, this shit has been going on forever. With the advent of high teck it is just all the more pervasive.

One things for sure they have flat speeded things up. It is like they are behind schedule, trying to make up for lost time. This is definitely no time to drop your guard. We must be careful, try to make it through the valley, because there is a whole new world waiting for us on the other side.


m_astera said...

I don't think we need leaders any more than we need to put on uniforms and line up in rows to fight a battle. That is the old way, that is THEIR way, and that is what they want us to do.

There are two things that feed and empower them: Money and negative emotions. Why is all the news bad? Because their "system" feeds off of suffering, despair, anger, heartbreak, and feelings of helplessness. So quit reacting the way they want you to. Don't get angry or fall into despair. Just observe it, look at these events for what they are and realize they are put into the news to suck your energy away as well as make you feel helpless. Don't give it to them.

And quit giving them your money.

Here's a fun exercise that might make you feel better: Think of one little thing you can do, anonymously or without getting caught, that will cause them trouble. Then do it.

And while you are at it, think of one little thing you can do to make the world a better place, and do that too.

Anonymous said...

"when you leave out major portions of the story people aren't really informed....are they."

The majority of people are so dumbed down they have to start with the wine coolers, and many of them can't even handle that. They just aren't ready for the hard stuff.

I must quote J. Edgar Hoover again, "people are at a distinct disadvantage when they come face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous they can't believe it exists." AJ is doing his part. He softens them up, gets some of them receptive for the hard stuff on sites like yours.


Visible said...


I tend to agree with that. If he were telling the cold hard truth he wouldn't be able to do what he does with his infrastructure. I think he knows but he just can't say.

I wouldn't go that way myself because it means getting lost down the road but for whatever good he does he will be found again.

Anonymous said...

The battle is won when you control your opposition. Then you let a battle be fought while you already control the outcome.

There really is only one fact that people need to get into their heads, just one, "Israel did 9/11". When that fact is in place all else falls into place. If you avoid that one then you are just creating a lot of noise and maybe even helping their cause.


Anonymous said...

AJ has made completely ignorant and idiotic statements regarding Latin American indigenous cultures (eg. the Mayans, shamanism) as well as North American native cultures. People who talk that shit are usually Xtians. I've intuitively felt he is either a super-Xtian or a Zionist or both. I don't let those types into my world, nor patronize them. There may have been something worthwhile @ his place, but that was way back when....


Nate Wishman said...

Epic post. Compelling, timely and much needed.

Anonymous said...

Whilst we're on the subject of alternative news sources...what are your thoughts on Alan Watt over at 'Cutting through the Matrix'
He covers a vast amount different themes but rarely if ever points the finger at any one particular 'country'...
Respect to bholanath...picked up 'Oryx & Crake'M-Atwood today...never heard of it until you mentioned it in your post..(--_--)

Juast A. Human said...

[My 2nd try - IE is terminating the session]

We still fall, willingly and happily, for the oldest trick in the hat of the tyrants – “Dived and Conquer”.

We have been duly divided, conquered and enslaved. Divided we stand to slaughter, maim and destroy our own. And, we are very proud of it, too.

We have been classified into various classes to facilitate our own plunder and destruction. And, we are willing to die defending our own division. Amazing!

Divided and compartmentalized, most of us have turned into “Non Humans” slaves of the tyranny – The enemy of Human.

We are Americans, Chinese, Russians, Indians, English, French, Germans, Latinos and what not.

We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus (sic.) and what not.

We are White, Black, Brown and Yellow.

We are Asians, Americans, Africans, Latinos, Europeans, Caucasians (sic.) and what not.

Further classifications into; Japs, Yellow Rates, Vietcong, Commies, Niggers, Sand Niggers, Insurgents, Terrorists, Islamists, Maoists OR simply the poor and homeless – justifies the genocide, occupying, mass-rapes and dropping nuclear, chemical and DU bombs.

Human is supposed to be an intelligent, thinking, reasonable, logical and compassionate being. But, when it comes to the “religion”, we become blind followers and stubborn believers.

Sure, with purely scientific point of view there must be “A Creator” of this Universe and us. But, This Creator has NO relationship to the “God” of “the books” that the divided ones love to thump.

Think; is it ‘your” book that has been handed over to you? Did you write it? Did you authenticate it? How it has become “your” book? How come you are so hell-bent in demanding adherence to it?

And, BTW, among hundreds of contradicting versions of “the books” which one is “your” book?

Has not the time come to wake up from this induced state of sleep and realize that “religion” is the single most powerful weapon in the arsenal of tyranny to destroy humanity?

Why don’t you think?

There are more than 100 billion stars in our Milkyway Galaxy. Average distance between the stars is 36 trillion kilometers. 25% of the stars are mature and carry an average of 10 planets. Hence, there are 250,000,000,000 planets in the Milkyway.

10% of these planets are expected to support life. 1% of these planets must support advanced life. 10% of this 1% must have an intelligent life form. And, it is THE most conservative estimate of the life on the Milkyway planetary system.

That gives us a minimum of 25,000,000 planets with Intelligent Life in our Milkyway galaxy.

There are 100 Billion Galaxies in our Universe.

There must very well be as many as 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 (this number is not even pronounceable) planets supporting the Intelligent Life in the Universe that we know..

And, There are more than one Universes in the system of this “Multi-Verses”.

Don’t you believe this God must be very busy making a “Son” for each of the planets!

Or, do you still believe that the Earth is the center of the Universe and, hence, “The Son” was reserved only for The Earth.

Do you still believe in hundreds of deceiving, hateful and lustful “Gods” who are obsessed with perpetual bloodshed and sex?

Do you still believe in your “God” who have chosen you above all and has created all the humanity to serve you as chattels?

Do you still believe that your “God” command you to prostrate five times a day and cause stampedes while making rounds around a structure and throwing pebbles on imaginary “evil”?

Is not it the time to use our human intelligence and discover the truth? Is not it the time to assume our responsibilities and do our bidding ourselves rather than keep on waiting for “The savior” to clean our s**t?

Please review the articles:

Just A. Human

Visible said...

Just a Human;

they both came through. Sometimes you have to wait for me to verify.

But I understand. this site is messed with constantly. As long as people can read it that is what counts for me.

For the rest of you;

As I have already said, sometimes I put things into my posts to see what the reaction will be. Regular readers here will note that I seldom if ever mention various people and there's a reason for that. To see who I trust you have only to look at my links. There are very few, no advertising and seldom to I praise anyone. When I do... you're supposed to wonder sometimes.

I'd long ago have assimilated into a certain bandwidth if I was capable of compromise. In this regard I am not. On a personal level I do make adjustments now and then for harmony. It doesn't pay to get too righteous.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's a dream, a cosmic motion picture, we're all actors and it ultimately doesn't matter.

Ivan de Coward said...

I like Alex Jones and think he's genuine which, coming from me, is high praise indeed.

This is a kind of statement that makes my alarm bells go off.

Les, I'm afraid this wasn't your best move, whatever the motives were behind it. Just an opinion.

Here are the links to Alex Jones stuff mentioned in some comments:

Alex Jones: Arabs Own Hollywood

Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves

Bermas & Alex Jones Respond To Jewish Controversy [Part 1/2]

Bermas & Alex Jones Respond To Jewish Controversy [Part 2/2]

The last three links are closely related and should be taken in the sequence presented.

footprints said...


At issue are Alex Jonese's motives. Just the overt business motive is not enough to build his credibility. Especially since most of his cries regarding "New World Order" are metaphorical at best.

A better test of his motives would be his relationship to Kurt Nimmo. Ever since Kurt abandoned his domain and joined Infowars, his once excellent pieces that would evoke Alan Dershowitz'es wrath became pitifully timid and irrelevant. Just as his last piece about 4th of July checkpoints.

What did Alex do to Kurt, and why?

Anonymous said...

Couldnt get thru all day, in exasperation,
sent it to Nina's site! #13

Anonymous said...

@M Astera...

You said "There are two things that feed and empower them: Money and negative emotions."

I think that's partially correct, but ends up missing the point.

It is not 'money' per se - it is the wealth gap between themselves and the rest of humanity.

That 'gap' is a bad thing to have as a part of your utility function, if it has a positive sign (i.e., if you prefer a wider gap to a narrower).

To put it into economic jargon: all individuals are thought to seek to maximise happiness, subject to various constraints (time, income, and so forth).

How do individuals get happiness? From 3 primary sources -
(1) the things they consume,
(2) their relationships (interpersonal utility) and
(3) the reduction of uncertainty that is associated with holding wealth.

For most people, if they could get everything they ever wanted, they would have no problem with everybody else getting everything THEY ever wanted, too. (Almost impossible given current technology, but bear with me)

Now homo cheneyensis... they're different: they are STRONGLY motivated by their share of the pie, whatever size the pie is. If the pie could be increased fifty-fold, but their share was diluted, they would oppose the increase of the pie.

Think of a very simple economy, that only had 2 people, and only produced Mars Bars.

In scenario 1, there is only 1 Mars Bar. 95% of it goes to Dick Cheney, and the Person2 gets 5%.

Person2 thinks up a mechanism which would increase output to 50 Mars Bars, but the resultant output would be split such that 35 went to Cheney and 15 to the other guy.

Both would be UNAMBIGUOUSLY better off; Cheney would have 35 times more 'stuff' than under scenario 1 AND would still have more than twice the other guy.

BUT... Cheney would oppose it. Because his prime motivator - the differential betwen hmself and the rest of humanity (which he despises) would have shrunk.

If the two people in this theoretical construct were both 'human', there would be absolute accord that the new technology would be introduced... because for most people, that gap enters with a NEGATIVE sign: that is, most people would trade away some loss in their income share, if their absolute level of income increased.

Anyhow... the second point - that they feed on garmonbozia - is also slightly off. They WANT to feed on garmonbozia, because they think that 'dark power' is awesome (they like to be held in awe).

They also that there is some magickal pool of power into which they could tap if only they did all the ritual right. But they are flailing about in the dark - sticky-taping various disparate bits of darkness gleaned from different occult traditions, in the hope of striking it lucky.

it's sort of the opposite of David Icke (and others) groping around the 'reptilian' metaphor - trying to give themselves a mental shorthand to try to explain the depravity of homo cheneyensis, but winding up with the Biblical serpent of their childhood.



Anonymous said...

Les' main point is something I have been trying to get people to understand: homo cheneyensis is NOT part of 'humanity' as we might broadly think of the term. It (they) are a parasitic subspecies which evolved away form us early in the development of human society.

They have a worse effect on human culture, than smallpox. Unlike smallpox, they respond to incentives. They are also basically cowards (which is why they never fight in wars themselves). They would back off if we make it clear that we are prepared to identify and kill every last one of them (and their armed thugs).

But the threat has to be credible. Jim Bell suggested that we 'contract out' the killing of particularly-odious state thugs (e.g., police snipers/corrupt cops/psycho child molesting judges), and then conduct an 'awareness' campaign for their colleagues... saying "What happened to your colleague will happen to you, unless you STAND DOWN".

Fact is, this works. It has been operational for years, but always outside western societies (because western governments spend billions of dollars identifying and liquidating internal enemies). Lately, it has begun to be used within the west - as can be seen by the odd outbursts of 'natural justice' evidenced by a spate of deaths of nasty cops.

One problem we have, is getting trigger-men. Organised crime won't allow their hitmen to participate, because they are heavily invested in the status quo (it drug enforcement was to evaporate their profit margins evaporate likewise); at present the system relies heavily on former state goons (ex-military, mostly... like me [I was a child - 17 - when I decided it would be super-awesome to get trained to fuck folks up on command like some idiot trained dog... give me a break]).

And on the Alex Jones thing. Did you ever stop to think that maybe he was making a point by counterpoint? Obviously he is ALLOWED to say "Arabs control Hollywood"... whereas if he said "Jews control Hollywood" he would have Foxman's Sardaukar trying to burn down his house.

Thnks of it as being a simple 'word-substitution' cipher. Any time you hear him say "saudi" or "Arab", replace it with "Ashke-Nazi" or "Zionist". Then it all makes sense.



Anonymous said...

That Niels Harrit guy (lead author of the Bentham paper) has got to be the most dangerous man on the planet right now. He's in the process of putting global academia on notice that the time for bullshit is over. They're going to have a hard time with this brushfire.

I'm actually beginning to believe the United States lost the War of 1812. Historians by and large called a draw, but that didn't stop "Lord" Rothschild from re-establishing his private bank system after the war. Congress had refused to renew the Bank's charter in 1811.

Andrew Jackson won one of the most decisive battles in US military history at New Orleans, and continued to fight the bankers until his death in 1845. He belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

Ivan de Coward said...

... but I do believe in your abilities to make the necessary adjustments when the relevant evidence presents itself. This is not a one-way traffic, you influence people and people influence you which is all too natural. If the influences are mutually beneficial - that's what counts at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

I listened to A. Jones for the first time last summer. That lasted about a month. He is an alarmist; everything is going to happen in a matter of weeks or days, so "buy gold now!" After about a month I got tired of him pandering to the lower consciousness of fear and panic, so I turned him off and have not listened since. I did some research on A. Jones, however, and found out that, although he claims to have been the first to have predicted a bin Laden attack on America, he was not. A short-wave radio broadcaster by the name of William Cooper was actually the first. On 28 June 2001 he predicted that bin Laden would be blamed for a future attack on American soil.

In the "Art of War," Sun Tzu wrote, "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." We know what the "Boomslangs" want, and one of their more immediate wants is for us to revolt so that they can enact Martial Law. Therefore, that is the last thing we should give them.

We should make it as hard as possible for the "Boomslangs" to achieve their plans by not following the script they have written for us.

-- Alexina R.

Anonymous said...

Cribbing from your own comments section--- sigh. Well I suppose we're as good as who we steal from--- live with THAT instead ;)
And what's wrong with the world being a gay disco-- you'd hear Visage, Depeche Mode, the Bronski Beat more often, everyone would be better dressed, have great hair... some of the nicest women I ever met were in gay discos... and most actually were!

The task is to wake up in this dream. Most of you who have know what you need to do if not when to do it. The rest--- keep trying! Or don't. It's your choice.


Mr. Shelton said...

Mr. Visible,

I've been enjoying your blog for some time now. But I'm not much of a commenter, nor much of an internet user.
I will say, however, as to the idea of a widespread tax protest, I think now is the time in the minds of a lot of people. The world situation (rampant corruption, lies, etc.) has been building to it for some time now. Particularly among those who "want to do something, but what can one person do against &c." the most frequent worry I hear is the sheer scope of the psychopaths' resources and funding. But we're the ones funding them, after all. It's not too hard to see. The hardest job will be convincing people that (a.) in the long run it'll be in the best interest of their families and them, and (b.) the System will quickly shed its happy-face the moment the tax protesters see the MSM demonizing them as "worse than any terrorist," just as it has done to so many others who would stand up for what is right.
Like the "technical problems" that frequently afflict your blog demonstrate that you must be lighting fires under the right seats, the fact that MSM sources will immediately start hitting 'em over their heads with the most contumelious, one-sided slanders should hopefully convince everyone else of the underlying rightness of their actions. Vicious cycle, and all that.
Apropos of that, it seems the enemies of humanity are already on the same track. When I Googled the phrase "tax protest" one of the first things to come up was an article on the ADL's website. I probably don't need to tell you the tone of the article, Mr. Visible.

Good luck, best to you and your loved ones, and KEEP TELLING THE TRUTH

psychegram said...

I've got a soft spot for Alex. It would be fair to say that it was him who woke me up: a friend back in Nippon gave me a burned DVD of Terrorstorm and that movie turned my world upside down. I started downloading his radio show as a podcast, listened to the whole thing every day, for a period of months, and through that I learned a lot about the NWO.

Of course I've moved on since then. I still watch him every once in a while on youtube, if he has an interesting guest on or I'm just in the mood for a good red-blooded meat-eating rant, but I take in data from many other sources, too. The thing with Alex is, he's at his best when discussing history or politics, explaining the inner workings of the Illuminati, that sort of thing. His knowledge in that respect is encyclopedic. On other subjects - science, UFOs, mysticism, etc - he's pretty ignorant and so makes a lot of errors. As a general rule he avoids that sort of thing, which is fair. It's not his beat and there's lots of others out there who cover it all.

There's certainly the possibility he's a Mockingbird style disinfo plant, a controlled opposition. I don't think it's in the sense of 'draw attention from the Jews', as whenever that subject does come up his usual response is, "Listen, it's not just the Jews, or the Vatican, or this group or that group." Which is true. The deceivers operate behind a thousand different masks, and if Israel is one of their favorite fronts, well, it is a Rothschild operation after all (hey, wait a minute, aren't they 'Jewish'? Or at least Zionists? So why does he talk about them all the time?) If he sometimes freaks out when people keep bringing that up it's because, I think, he doesn't want the discussion getting bogged down in narrow racial, ethnic or ideological terms. The theory that makes most sense to me is that Alex is there to channel the Movement towards violent resistence (and thus right into the NWO's trap) which is possible but at the same time, well ... he says all the time that would be a bad idea so in the end, that's just a hypothesis that events will prove out one way or the other. At present, after thinking about it long and hard, my gut is telling me 'no' and so I'm assigning it a pretty low probability.

Next topic: sabotage. There really are so many opportunities. At almost any level within an organization there are chances to gum up the works. I remember several years ago, when I was working as a lowly data-entry temp inputting buying orders for Chapters/Indigo, Canada's bookstore monopoly. This was well before I started to 'wake up', but even so I toyed with the idea of massively screwing up their buying orders when they cancelled my contract on a week's notice, thus screwing me financially. I could have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, had I wanted to, but ... 'revenge' didn't seem like a good enough reason to go to jail, and so timidity won out.

As an aside, my first introduction to David Icke was when the culture/politics/history buyer told me the store wouldn't be buying any of his books, even though they were practically guaranteed to fly of the shelves, because 'we don't agree with his politics'. Knew nothing about Icke at the time but was still deeply offended that the company would take it upon itself to determine what was and was not appropriate for Canadians to read. My abiding hatred of the chain dates to that moment, and to this day I refuse to shop there ... which limits my options somewhat, though luckily one of Canada's few surviving independent bookstores is right there in downtown Kingston.

Hank said...

Damn Vis, and you thought they wouldn't show up.

Just a human, awsome dude. Spank em bro.

Oh, and yes I've had a couple of drinks. No tap night, and I won. Life is good. Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing Les how "they've" cut you out.
Going on 12 hours. No way to post. This has
become a "thought experiment". Nothing new, of
course.... the "racist and Hate" sites have got this treatment for a decade... that you're getting it tho now is not a good sign... and you are NO hate site. (You know how they expand it)

Anonymous said...

I remember the last time I trusted the government was in Gerry Ford's Swine Flu Epidemic or whatever they called it in Fall 1976 and like an asshole, I took the fear and got a shot about Thanksgiving.
I was DEATHLY ILL for two weeks and I recall it well because I had to take my final exams in my Jr. examinations in college, otherwise I'd lose a whole semester, and people who have to put themselves thru college with stupid jobs cant afford to lose a semester. So I took the finals with 103F fever.
Beyond urge, entreat, BEG, prostrate: DONT subject your children to the vaccine this October when it is mandated. Hide them, whatever. They have a good chance of dying if they get it. DONT! This is from a black woman.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry for what all of what I've done.
How do you get rid of all the Xtian guilt thing,
or do you ever get rid of it? I mean, I've done
horrible things. I dont think you can ever get over them. You can RECOGNIZE the horror of whom you were serving, but can you ever get loose of them? I dont think so. Or so they say.

Zellie said...

It seems pretty simple to me, if Alex Jones has YET to GET the Israeli connection to 911, then anything he says is just smoke and mirrors...his lies mixed up with truth, make lies...truth mixed up is no longer truth, or 1/2 truths..they are lies...1/2 truths exist for hair splitters and people who like to sit the's either the truth or it isn't, no degrees and no shade of grey...I don't listen to him...he's a bunch of hot air associating himself with tidbits...roasting the tidbits to make himself smell good, all the while he can't complete a meal...all preparation, association, compilation, and no results..

Dodgy One Canobe said...

10% of these planets are expected to support life. 1% of these planets must support advanced life. 10% of this 1% must have an intelligent life form. And, it is THE most conservative estimate of the life on the Milky Way planetary system.

Just A Human , what a derogatory : "Man has become like unto a god with the power to choose" you would instead belittle what greatness lies in our communion with the creator of the universe.

"10% of these planets are expected " Well there your entire hypothetic falls down to trash speculation and wishful thinking.
But it is wonderful that such an infinite universe produces such a wealth of speculation and inspires such freedom of imagination that one can invent so many worlds to exist in while ignoring the one that is real.

The fact that many hands have had a turn at corrupting people using books containing fundamental truths does not alter the truths they contain and so using fools use of these books as a means of discrediting the books is but the rantings of yet another fool.

Amazingly telling it is that those doing work in the pursuit of genocide are also such high minded fools that believe they can take four deadly viruses and patch them together to make a new pandemic to cause a mass cull for the benefit of the rich. Brain retarded greed machines have failed to create a virus that is more deadly than the common cold and so having created the problem then they want to force you to take their poisonous solution. I agree les that we the people must foil the heinous plans of the demented leaders and make all know that there solutions are for the benefit of sociopaths and a poison to us.

Of course some must avoid breaking the law by denying the holocause of zionazi nutters out of fear of persecution. But in the end when the six million zionutters are melted by their own evil then all will know the real holocaust has come to the worshipers of mammon. Then the creator will make his city on earth and imprison the evil before the final judgment.

Trying to post as Dodgy One (trying to dodge the evil ones, not dodgy as in shonky :)
Cheers Dude.

Caracal said...

Hi Les,

Couldn't post a comment on your site but thought you might be interested in this too:

From Al Masry Al Youm daily newspaper(Cairo, Egypt) "An official source at the Ministry for Environment said a Cabinet's higher committee, in cooperation with the ministries of environment, health and agriculture, checked plots of land that could be used as mass graves in case swine flu killed a lot of people. This measure comes within the framework of the government's plan to face the epidemic.

In the meantime, vaccine maker Novartis said Friday it has completed production of its first batch of H1N1 influenza vaccine weeks ahead of schedule, confirming that thirty countries have made requests for vaccine ingredients."

Weeks ahead of schedule?????

Thirty countries???? Someone planned to make a fast buck from this one.

Dear Les,
Again I couldnt post a comment on your site. But I thought my own experience with vaccines may be of interest:
During the 60's I had a mandatory BCG vaccination at school against TB as did all children in the UK in that era.

Around 20 years later, during a routine health check in the USA. I found myself in the hospital longer than expected, running additional tests, extensive health questions, chest X rays etc that were not part of the routine check. When I asked what was going on they said . We're not sure, we're checking something out. Finally a doctor sat me down and said in a quote as close as i remember ".....according to the amount of TB germs you have in your body, you should be dead." He also volunteered to fix the problem by giving me another medication, but handed me a paper with a long list of the possible side effects, and said that I would be required to sign the paper before having the drug administered, presumably to absolve them of the responsibility should I drop dead of one of the (horrific) side effects. Needless to say I refused and have survived living on healthy food & lifestyle and an absolute determination that I will die when my mission on this planet is finished and not one day before. I have never donated blood as I was warned not to.

Just a thought, in case anyone is thinking about letting the nice young men in their smart white coats inject their child with 4 shots of their toxic slime.



From Washington Post 10/7/09

School-age children will be a key target population for a pandemic flu vaccine in the fall, and they may be vaccinated at school in a mass campaign not seen since the polio epidemics of the 1950s……..

….President Obama, speaking by audio link from the Group of Eight summit in L'Aquila, Italy, urged "complete ownership" of preparations for what he termed a "significant outbreak" of H1N1 flu in the next few months.

Children, pregnant women, adults with chronic illnesses, and health-care workers would probably be first in line for the vaccine, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the gathering.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said "we would absolutely welcome" the idea that the nation's schools be a principal venue for delivering the vaccine. He called them "natural sites" ………

What they didn't mention but I gleaned from another source– children will be required to take 4 shots as they "don’t have sufficient natural immunity"

Camping gear, food, ammunition, homeschooling anyone?

Billy G. said...

I watched an amazing repeat here on a Canadian broadcast CBC: "The World According to Dick Cheney"
Cheney started at the bottom, he knows how the Whitehouse works. Right down to the grass-roots level.

Cheney was taught by Halliburton how corporations operate according to principles of self-interest. Selling both Iraq wars, he had no trouble tolerating Iraq and Iran when his companies eagerly profited from them.
How can Cheney square that, when his old business partners became the "axis of evil"?

How much self-interest and hypocrisy can a people take?
Especially when in Dick Cheney's world it is often someone else who pays the price.

My vision is bro , that George I+II have over-estimated America's support, and Cheney's importance.

In our time in this part of life's history, many of us will not forget the power of the God-force.
But it's sad how many have forgotten that God helps those who help themselves.
I found that out one night when that (same?) annoying triangular craft decided to hover-over by my parents place, instead of by my buddies house the two nights before. (We got out of my car and I shot my middle-finger at it, and cursed it's occupants). No, we weren't dropping acid.

That was back in the early 90's, I had deja vu all day the following day. So I spent 3 days with no sleep trying to figure out what happened that night my buddy and I let them know we weren't easy pick'ens.
I was visiting my parents when I decided to take a nap.
The first thing I saw when I fell asleep was a man with a long beard. Looking at me, he said. "It is like a deja vu, but in between each stillness of every thought is the inner-twine (inter-twine?) of a greator mind." I was like, woah. I quickly woke up and wrote it down, so I wouldn't forget.

That changed my life. I'm totally conscious of the orchestrated manipulation we see all around us, but I'm not afraid. People like you are very inspiring.


Billy G
Canada, Fenwick - home of Canada's oldest maple tree (500 years-old)


sounder said...

Great comments all round. A.J. comes off so bombastic, that he turns conspiracy into terrortainment. I feel the drama serves to tie people further to the old forms. When folk are all worked up, (excepting our host and a few other folk), they tend to not think as well, usually resorting to old fallback positions and socially accepted interpretations of who the ‘bad’ guy is. Why do so few see the Synarchists paint the bull’s eye on so many backs?

Les wrote…
“The power of just one focused individual is a great deal more than you might assume.”

Ah, but to create or maintain that focus, that is the tricky one. First, the focus (belief) may be wrong, causing untold blind alleys to be walked down. Then if you find a good focus, one finds society and circumstance breaking the focus in so many ways. If ones focus mirrors the beliefs and pretences of others, then the focus is easier to maintain. Yet if ones chosen focus insists that all of society exists under the spectre of beliefs derived from false assumptions about reality, well, don’t expect many thank-yous.

Current forms of understanding are not adequate to interpret our perceptions of reality. Forms based on Dualism serve to split the psyche, leaving artists to heal a split that is culturally enforced but false and unnecessary.

Les wrote…
‘That power increases dramatically as numbers are added.’

Consciousness must connect to new forms of understanding before the numbers can find the center for focus that may make the efforts productive.

The manifest expression is the result of the balance between order and liberty within consciousness.

Peace to all

Visible said...

Alright Folks, now that we got the anticipated controversy we were looking for I have taken the offending sentence out of the post. I expect that will make a lot of you happy.

sounder; one could write books about these simple issues and do no more than tangle the concept. I'm not implying any of the circumstances you are commenting on. Sure, maybe this and maybe that. Maybe someone could get into their car and run a lot of people over. It should have been evident that I was talking about the examples we have from history of what one focused individual achieved. Gandhi comes to mind.

Yeah, I could take a brick and hit myself repeatedly in the head but I don't think I will and yes a group of people could turn into a marauding gang but I'm not talking about that either. I'm speaking in the classical sense of human potential and that's not debatable in respect of the examples we have. The power of the group of founding father's in the creation of America comes to mind. Of course, then one can go into the minutiae of all the corruptions and often unfounded historical gossip that attends these fellows.

It's easy to say it's all shit so why bother. it's easy to say we're all fucked and take the negative course. I'm not going to do that. I think better of us and I aim to be proven right.

Anonymous said...

GT Said : " Anyhow... the second point - that they feed on garmonbozia - is also slightly off. They WANT to feed on garmonbozia, because they think that 'dark power' is awesome (they like to be held in awe)."

"They" are only pawns of something which does indeed feed on our suffering. In addition, our misery helps keep us trapped in the feedlot by lowering our consciousness. M.Astera is right,waking up and refusing to be food is the most powerful weapon at our disposal.Poisoning them with positive emotion is another. They will at the very least spit you out and look elsewhere for a snack.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: " Yes it's a dream, a cosmic motion picture, we're all actors and it ultimately doesn't matter."

The BS detector is hurting my head. Yes, it's all an illusion and we are all actors. And the "Darkness", for want of a better word, would love for us to beleive that it doesn't matter, so that we lay down and let it have it's way. I suspect that it does matter a great deal.


Anonymous said...

Matthew 7:12 "Therefore whatever you want others to do for you do so for them for this is the Law of the Prophets. ,..., 'The Golden Rule'; American Standard Bible

Zoner said...

Alex Jones? Surf his comment section and get an idea of who his audience is, then the picture might become a bit clearer. You will see what he is creating (division and anger, and tons of fear IMHO)and get a sense of the type of individual that feeds on his words. Maybe it is a step toward seeing the bigger picture, but many will be content to stock up on guns and canned goods, and feel prepared to battle the evil that approaches (in this case, likely the neighbor who voted "wrong" or who doesn't believe in their particular God). Fear and division are his specialties it seems.

His website is also a very large billboard, and that tells me something as well.

No offense to anyone who values his work.

I tend to agree that the time for looking to "leaders" for answers is behind us, and the populations of the world are tiring of the charade. We can do so much better for ourselves, and the disconnect between our "realities" and those of the holders of power is becoming ever more obvious.

Thank you, V.


psychegram said...

I really am sick of getting fucked with here. Still can't copy+paste.

Anyhow, I've been running some google searches. Such as:

Israel site:
Israel 9/11 site:
AIPAC site:

You get the idea. Anyhow, suggesting that AJ and his infrastructure diverts all attention from Israel is pretty much not true. They don't focus on it to the exclusion of all else, yes, but they do cover it. He tries to avoid the Jewish card because it shuts down thought.

He does tend to appeal to the lower centers, sure. Well, he's not here to give spiritual bloody guidance, now is he? He's a human alarm clock. He wakes up people that are sleeping and what they do after that, that's there business. If you're already awake when you come across him, then yes, he can be rather grating. But given that the vast majority of the planet is still deeply asleep, he's still serving a valuable function.

sounder said...

Pre-script: We do not need to agree with others in order to respect the role they play or the solid elements within an otherwise flawed presentation (A.J. and Icke). Many love your material Les because your words seem so well connected to your muse. I agree with so much of what you say Les that it does not bother me when I run across elements I may care for a bit less.

‘It should have been evident that I was talking about the examples we have from history of what one focused individual achieved. Gandhi comes to mind.’

I will try to recognize and stick closer to your intentions Les.

It is not my intention to dis the notion of focus. I like Galileo, Spinoza and Tesla because their focus required a disavowal of communal representations. They looked at existing forms and successfully identified shortcomings so as to better support and refine new forms for understanding. Even within a framework limited by Dualism, they did great work.

This time is different however, in that we seem to need a totally new set of criteria for understanding rather than simply improving or refining our existing forms.

In time I trust we will think less about appearances and more about reality.

Les wrote…
‘It's easy to say it's all shit so why bother. it's easy to say we're all fucked and take the negative course. I'm not going to do that. I think better of us and I aim to be proven right.’

I am sorry if this is what you got out of my words. I would never knowingly do or suggest such a thing.

Anonymous said...

The fellow's website below is an ex lawyer of 20 years. On his website he tells all...all about law and government. Its incredible. As he said paraphrased, "All officers of courts are bound to truth seeking. I sought so much truth that I realized people were declared independent of government at Organic Law. The govt. then disbarred me for telling people this truth." Check it out

Visible said...

Well, I'm sorry too Sounder, you've been a wise and important adviser to me during the long period of contributing here. What I mean to say by that is that I value your contributions and always read them closely.

I was probably precipitate on this occasion. Things can often seem what they are not. I suppose it was the several examples that got my attention. I didn't mean anything emotionally in my response. There was no 'feeling' involved. It just seemed to me that you had missed my intent. You see, I also, would never mean 'those things' in that way. I'm wondering if I need to clarify more but that would just serve to make everything longer and larger than I like.

I've experienced a bit of controversy over the A. Jones mention but I knew i had to do something like that sooner or later because I am constantly seeing things that I find hard to understand in the behavior of those who have become very successful presenting themselves as the warriors at the front.

Things hit me a certain way and I can't shake my impressions (which are not that good) about the way some people conduct their business. Alexina voiced my take pretty well.

The truth is that I feel that most of these people let me down and I wonder about the good outweighing the bad. I knew I was going to catch heat for what I did but I'm not comfortable going after people when I'm not fully informed. Ergo the readers fleshed out the general impression which is pretty much what I get too.

However, I like to cut people slack because I don't know the whole story or what good they are accomplishing. I have got a bad feeling about being shrill and alarmist yet (and doing it myself on occasion) I see the need to speak out in any case. Maybe it's just a matter of degree.

Please forgive me if I've overstepped myself. It won't be the first time.

Ivan de Coward said...

Les, I hope you'll forgive me for pounding on this AJ controversy. As a matter of fact you shouldn't be too upset about it. It touches upon an extremely important issue - trust. The controversy has generated a lot of concerned responses and that is good. The last thing you want to have is no response to your efforts. We all tend to idolize anybody who comes along and articulates with eloquence and genuine passion our innermost thoughts, beliefs and feelings. That's just the human nature. As a result some fragile bond develops between the two parties. And when a person whom we have elevated to the status of seer of vision, whether he wanted or not, makes a statement that is grossly out of step, some very painful and unpleasant reappraisals erupt.

I am certainly no expert on shills, but I think that shills don't start as shills. The ruling entities do not pick up somebody randomly and tell him "ok, you will be our shill, here is what we want you to do, and here is how we are going to support you to enable you to do your job." It doesn't work that way. First of all the shill must be a creative and talented person which is a rare thing in itself. The potential shill must demonstrate without any help from the rulers that he is a creative, talented and energetic person with his own drive. When such a person achieves a certain degree of success he can become a subject of interest to the rulers. At this point the trouble maker might already have some afterthoughts about what he is doing and the value of his activities: Ok, why am I doing this, what good does it do for me and for others. It certainly doesn't pay me, and the importance I have ascribed to my activities in the context of the entire society seems now a bit exaggerated to say the least. Besides the majority of those ass holes for whom I labor so much don't give a damn about it. At this point all that is required for the passionate truth-seeker to become a shill is lack of honor and integrity. The rulers will take care of the rest.

The most succinct expression of the way I fill about AJ is something I heard from a fellow I know: He leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And that would probably explain why I was so surprised to hear that statement about AJ from you who relies not only on facts but also on intuition - does it feel right or not.

Again, you don't have to apologize for your take on events and personalities. I believe most people will have no problem dealing with any statement as long as the statement is an item of honest conviction.

Anonymous said...

Need to address an issue here. Whose motto is it to "Wage war by deception"? I tire of talking about 9-11 but it is key to a broader understanding.

Now, I must expound on an ealiar statement. " Israel did 9/11". Well, not totally true. Les has talked about at length but is was more a Mossad/CIA/(?) operation. As they say, "just follow the money", and you will find your guilty parties. Some criminal network has made trillions in the last decade. They were doing it before but the numbers are now staggering.

I never said that the jews committed 9/11. that would be like saying all white Americans are guilty of slavery.

Now, lets take a step back and address the concept of conspiracy. They happen, they happen big and small and they happen everywhere. I spent a number of years in the intelligence community. I partook in what would be described as conspiracies. I uncovered more by just having my eyes open.

How many people know that there were a number of people hanged for Lincoln's assination? How many people know that there was a number of eye witness accounts and statements stating that the shots that killed Kennedy were fired from the garssy knoll? What was one of Johnson's first act as president? To repeal Kennedy's order to disband the CIA. hmmmm

GM was convicted of conspiracy. So, to argue that they don't happen is an ignorant statement.

Can conspiracies involving thousands happen without someone saying anything? YES! I was there.

Now one more item for discussion. I repeat, we need to move on. Sooner or later something big is going to hit the fan. People need to think about was is really important. My parents grew up in the depression, both American and German. The world does not end, but for some it will and others' it will seem like it. Prepare in what ever way you see fit even if that means doing nothing. that is your path.



Visible said...


I've gone into some detail here which I'm guessing you haven't read.

All I'm going to say is repeat what I said to my consort before I put this post up yesterday. "Watch and see what happens with this, sparks are going to fly."

I've been aware of his position on who did 9/11 and the avoidance of the real perpetrators for some time. I'm not actually a fan and I should mention that they are no fan of mine over there either.

Anonymous said...

Jones is a little croaking frog in Austin, Texas,a city of tadpoles. Good time Charley rock and roll plastic bananas who have actually done what I never thought could be done.. These "musicians" in the so-called "live music capital of the world" have truly managed to achieve what may only be described as an abuse of music. Music abuse. Who'd a thunk it?

PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy said...

Here's your revolution. (Click URL.)

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't see many people out yelling at the Bilderbergers through a megaphone like AJ does, so good on him in that department. He serves a good purpose for many, but he's simply not understanding or speaking more in depth and closer to the truth. Fair enough, although I've tuned him out long ago.

Now David Icke is on a completely different level. I've come full circle on him many times. I ended up thinking that the "lizard theme" was meant to mean "Ashkenazi Controllers" in a politically correct move, but I now know much more 10 years later. The interesting thing is how consistent David has been over the last 18 years, and how completely prophetic he has been (although, many of his ideas and themes are borrowed and synthesized from others). He has taken tremendous abuse and stood his ground, which I respect him tremendously for, crazy or not. He has a great knack for explaining to the common man their plight, as any of his videos attest to, and then offering practical, peaceful solutions. But, it's his efforts to try and expose the very top of the pyramid that is noble. Shape-shifting reptilian entities more at home in a different dimension??!! Well, maybe, just maybe...

Now, I've mentioned this before, but in understanding the Big Program, one has to understand the level of tech that just the lower level perps have (not to mention the Big Boys), which has become incomprehensible to most people now. For example, the first documented case of a successful human clone was the late 1970s at the VERY LATEST, but most likely was in the 1940s by Mengele and his fellow Nazis (in the modern era, I mean, which does not include what may have happened in so-called "pre-history" before the last major Earth catastrophy). Not too long after, they figured out how to clone to an adult stage quickly (2 different methodologies actually), which is no longer than 2 weeks duration, and may be just a handful of hours now. Is any of this sinking in????? And Les still has to ask if Obama is just a puppet or maybe a good guy????? The odds of Obama being a naturally born and grown human being, free of horrific trauma based mind control is virtually nill. At the very least, he is a completely mind fucked puppet, who is controlled by his various deviancies and addictions. More than likely though, he is simply an organic portal - which has been the case with US Presidents going back to Jimmy Carter. Remember at Camp David in the late 70s when he ran the marathon while sick and fell over, but his legs kept running while on the ground (which was parodied in the movie, "Stepford Wives")?? The footage and pics (the best were in Sports Illustrated) have now been wiped from the internet. But, the before and after photos were 2 different beings. I'm not saying that the "real" Presidents are always killed off, but often they are because they are simply disposable puppets anyway. "The most powerful man in the World"..., don't make me laugh. The "Reagan" entity that Hinkley shot actually died (real or android, I don't know) but was replaced quickly and then put on display outside the hospital a week or so later as if to say, "see, better than new".

Some excellent footage exists showing a Clinton clone (the famous "makeup scene", where if he wasn't a clone / android, then he was at least completely catatonic and thus mind controlled). Of course there is the mysterious "box" that has been photographed between Bush Jr.'s shoulder blades numerous times, and his famous "stutter fit" that lasted well over 2 minutes while debating Kerry live before his second term. He is either having a petit mal fit (which no one in front of or behind the camera seems to mind - for over 2 minutes!), malfunctioning as an android, or being electromagnetically jammed by those in the know. And don't even get me started on Kenneth Lay or Bernie Maddoff... Is any of this sinking in???? We need to know these FACTS, so we know what we are truly dealing with, as absolutely crazy as they may sound. Good luck and god's speed.


Anonymous said...

Here you go, Les.
This was 100m in bonds..... then it spread.....
then it spread!!!
Disaster. We scraped up the shit.
This is how it goes..........
Some of us are there..........
What do you think we do with our 24k profits?
Wait, Les, wait, until the BVM fruitions at Her thing, 15August./ You will be amazed..........

Frank said...


I was commenting this,

Everything that is, or happens is the result of a belief.


Visible said...

Dr. F.

I've been hammering on Obama for months. I'm the one calling him the Howdy Doody President, unless I'm not (grin)

Anonymous said...

Psychgram made an interesting point when he wrote, "Next topic: sabotage. There really are so many opportunities. At almost any level within an organization there are chances to gum up the works."

Reminds me of that great scene in a great film called FIGHT CLUB. Set up: Brad Pitt's character, Tyler, grabs Commissioner Jacobs, drags him into the men's room of a hotel, and covers his mouth with duct tape. The other staff rush in the bathroom and they hold Commissioner Jacobs down on the floor. Tyler tells Commissioner Jacobs the following:

"Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not f--- with us."

-- Alexina R.

Olive Farmer said...

Same wavelength,
Tune in

Randal said...

Yeah man, I'm having problems now too.
And tell Psychegram to use the select all thing. I can't copy/past like I usually do either.

The people who are saying that violence is
not going to be a part of this thing are deluded.
Talk to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn about his time with these people. They do not need "riots" to
do martial law.
Ask the Iraqis and the Palestinians about
their dealings with these people. Or the Weavers, or The Davidians.
How do the Iraqis do it? They talk about it?
Or do they use asymmetrical warfare?
Was this country began by "talking" it over and having Good Vibes with king George?
Stay low, and do what's Necessary when it becomes so. Use skills such as being a good predictor by the rhetoric you hear coming out of Washington and the MSM.
It's not all Jews, but they have more than a
fleecing the Goy thing going on for them, the ones who are the problem. There is a cult thing going on with numerology involved, and they like to display what they are going to do
in films and TV shows.
People, there have been indications that the elites -Jew and non Jew alike - are privy to information they are keeping from the rest of us. Giant concrete seed banks built by Gates Monsanto, etc.
Israels flat out lying about cast lead, but not bothering to cover it up with the vigor they once did. It's like fuck you, we did it.
Flat out saying fuck you to us by giving Jewish bankers trillions.
They're acting like they've got nothing to lose.
UFO data is at the highest it's ever been.
Make of it what you will, but they're real.
Anyone with 3,000.00 or so can buy a 3rd generation Night vision stuff and witness in real time wars being fought and craft flying everywhere a couple hundred miles up.
A movies just came out called Knowing, starring Nick Cage. The premise in short, is that the sun is going to do a giant solar flare that fries the Earth, and it was fortold by a little girl 50 years before.
Now, if there was not some weird things going on with the sun right now... in the words of Al Pacino's CI in Heat "He'd a said nothin, I'd a thought nothin".
Food for thought.
But if you think things are not going to get violent, try to picture what happens if China decides it ain't gonna buy anymore US debt.
And they been making noise on this.
Very quickly the US,- and buy capillary action the rest of the world- will turn into a free for all with the basic things becoming quickly unavailable, with the worst hit being those folks who've never saw the value in learning to hunt and fish (EWWW GROSS!!)
LA riots will look like a kids afternoon soccer match by comparison. Katrina too.
Then you have roving gangs in addition to Gov troops to deal with.
Keep living in fairy tale land, because some of you are still thinking it "won't happen here.
There's a difference between hate, fear mongering, and being a cold rationalist when it comes to freedom and personal survival.
You don''t have to hate the person you shoot,
just recognize that they are the aggressor, and no hard feelings buddy. With or without a uniform.

[H] [I2]

Tolo Smith said...

To the list of few good remaining Americans you could probably add Jesse Ventura. I am sure there are a few others that we have never heard of because they do not receive media coverage. But hey, it is America, so what do you expect?

I have a good motto for Americans-become a "patriot of one" and by that I mean develop your talents from the neck up (and this goes to one of Les` most recent posts), i.e. begin to learn about yourself and who you are and tap into your conscience and you will slowly, little by little, start to learn "how to think". The results can be profound and you may even inspire someone else to follow suit. Even one more person on the side of good is bad news for the psychopaths.

Also, I implore all thinking people to lock and load and not for the reasons given by a poster above ("people will load up on guns and ammo to shoot those who do not believe in their god" etc.) To me the 2nd amendment is a deterrent amendment that I liken to airbags in a car. You hope that airbags never have to be deployed because in such a scenario something rather unfavorable has happened-an automobile accident-but it is comforting to know they are there just in case. Same thing with the 2nd amendment. You hope you are never in a situation where you have to aim and shoot in order to defend yourself and your family-but it is nice to have that option to fall back on should the maniacs who do not go by rules make their final push to impose their madness on us all. Both airbags and the right to keep and bear arms may just keep you alive for another day. Or perhaps even longer.

But start with your conscience and mind and everything will follow.

More power to Les and all other true warriors.

Anonymous said...

Youre weird, Les. Whether you're black, white, blue, green, whatever, you are us. I remember when I writed a one person thing against Sherman Ave. in Coeur d'Alene, ID b/c in 1997.... he was a monster.... the Indians came out, but they said " You wont get anywhere, because the Jews are against you." Jews? Why jews? 1% of the pop.? Of course the Indians turned out to be true.
I didn't know the Holocaust Biz then, but I do now.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what's going on anymore, Les. I prided myself as an Atheist but...... but..... every morning at the breakfast table there comes something that you have said or will say within hours! Even my 10yo son picks up the hypocrisy...
It is SO WEIRD!!! I don't know what to do, but sit back, and watch. It is sort of like "the unravelling" or such. Weird. It's so weird, les!!
My ex/whatever says we shouldn't "traumatize" the kids with all this... that sounds like another UK cop out.

Anonymous said...

By the way........ Joogle has just made it a lot more ruff for you "slide by." I won't elaborate, go figure it out for yourself.........

rainyday said...

An Address To The Dead

Anonymous said...

Wow les! You have got a lot of input.
You dont need mine! Rest assured
someone says it somewhere.....
Mister Sao Paulo.

Visible said...

You are going to have to email me which I am surprised you haven't done or is this supposed to take place as public theater?

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now which is a part of tonight's radio broadcast.

An Experiment in Knowing and Unknowing.

Visible said...

My Friend;

The weirdness factor is fairly high- no doubt you are too. If you are looking to communicate with me you have to do it via

I'm not posting that stuff here.

Anonymous said...

Four years ago I posted tne need to "shut the whole show down" with a massive tax revolt in a so-called progressive forum. The post was completely ignored. The same thing will happen with your call. The sheeple simply don't understand their true predicament, and will be trying to find normalcy (i.e. - feeding the beast, as they always have) no matter what happens. Complete collapse will open the eyes, nothing else. By then it will be too late, but its too late now.

Visible said...

Four years ago I mentioned it too and I continue to mention it now and again as time goes by. It's not my business what use people make of what gets said here. That is their business.

It is true that a lot of people are not going to wake up but it is also true that some people will wake up and do wake up by the hour. My concern is with these individuals without any specifics. It's there to be seen or ignored. My job is to do what's in front of me.

None of us know what shape things will take. WE could all wind up being very surprised. One just does not know.

Travis said...

Here is my take on Jesus: Wonderful guy (if he ever existed) but the original translation of his occupation was not CARPENTER, but a STONE MASON. As in FREEMASON, this could explain the missing time in his childhood. He was with the cult learning about ancient knowledge and that could be the reason he knew about the Pineal Gland and such other things. Then he learned that the cult (Freemasons) were using regular folks for exploitation and he didn’t like that.

Much like the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, he tried to educate us. Sadly, most didn’t listen. I call things like I see them and some people get offended. Tough shit, I really don’t care. Jesus tried to warn us about the JEWS, but every Christian evangelical church thinks the Jews can do no wrong. Just pick up a newspaper or get online for 5 minutes and you can quickly see they are NOT chosen. The problem I have with the “Chosen People” is that someone has to be the “Un-chosen” and that works out to be us Gentiles.

I already have a problem with weak spine humans in general when they start this ‘turn the other cheek’ bullshit. NO!! I will not be subjected to the insane circus of psychopaths and their idiotic behavior meant to take every red cent from me. I truly believe Hitler was a great man of extraordinary vision and he did what he did to preserve his people and their culture. Think I’m bullshitting? People in America, LOOK AROUND YOU!! Do you recognize the country, people and values that were here 50 years ago? I didn’t think so either. We are a nation of sluts, whores, drug addicts, psychopaths and everything in between. I read on Laura K’s website once that a nation controlled by a few psychopaths eventually corrupts everyone in that nation and in order to survive, the regular people must adopt the behavior of their leaders. Once again, LOOK AROUND YOU.

We are the dumbest, fattest nation on earth. We are the most technologically advanced nation on earth. Related? I think so. Nobody raises their children right anymore, schools don’t teach anything anymore, and the prisons are FULL. There are no more smart people left in America. I am not talking about “College educated” smart, I am talking about “KNOWLEDGE” smarts. Not many people understand the sham and scam of our monetary system. There is no such thing as “Owning a home” in the USA. Here is why: Pay it off totally and miss 4 years of paying property taxes and you will find out who TRULY owns your home.

Whoever the knucklehead that said the Saudi’s own Hollywood needs to be hit in the head with a hammer. Stop listening to Alex Jones, we ALL know who owns Hollywood and it ain’t the Saudis. It’s the JEWS!! Once again, Alex Jones redirects the attention away from the Jews to somewhere else. It should be clear by NOW that Alex is just another paid shill for a certain “Chosen People”.

Someone said “A short-wave radio broadcaster by the name of William Cooper was actually the first. On 28 June 2001 he predicted that bin Laden would be blamed for a future attack on American soil”. Actually, our great ally Benjamin Netanyahu said in a Glen Beck interview that he wrote in his book in 1995 that if the USA didn’t take care of Iran, Islamic nuts would take down the world trade center. Now, it is disputed that Bennie wrote a book that said that, but I read the transcripts from the interview and that is exactly what he said.

Now we can all say that the “Illuminati” are only using the Jews for their dirty work but the fact remains that the JEWS are still doing the dirty work.

Like I said, I call ‘em like I see them. I don’t believe in sugar-coating things. Sugar coating is for one thing: To get children to take their medicine so they don’t realize what they are truly eating.

Visible said...

Do you think it would at all be possible for you to use the email for this sort of thing and not cause me to have to keep dealing with it here?

as for what you may or may not be. I'm not likely to be snookered as you will find.

m_astera said...


Well that was a fun rant. Never heard that about the original translation of Jesus' trade. I'm a stonemason and a carpenter but I've never had anything to do with the freemasons (though I did once get an offer to join). I find the connection tenuous at best. I don't know of any other stonemasons who are freemasons either. Mostly the freemasons I've known about were suits who who couldn't set one stone on two if they had to. Assuming they could even pick the stones up. Buncha wussies. Don't go bad-mouthing honest hard-working real stonemasons or associating them with fat-ass suits in lamby-skin aprons, OK?

Ivan de Coward said...

This blog is becoming more interesting by the day. Readers of this blog are fond of pointing out how awakened they are (and that includes myself). But how many of us could honestly say that they had a clue of what was going on before 911. For one thing I was a happy cub in deep coma. Nevertheless the shit has been going on at least for 100 years and what we are witnessing today is just the final stage.

That's why the discovery of people like George Lincoln Rockwell, who not only understood with crystal clarity what was happening 50 years ago but also had a very good idea how to deal with the menace, was a fascinating revelation to me.

Ivan de Coward said...

If I had to pick one single piece of source most densely packed with insights into what's going on in the world, that would be this: The Signs of Things to Come. In the hindsite, the depth and clarity of the analysis presented in this 1999 broadcast of American Dissident Voices is simply stunning.

Travis said...

m_astera :

May I suggest a little reading on the ancient history of the Freemasons, their symbols and such. It's very interesting to say the least. Either you have some personal axe to grind or you didn't understand what I was saying.

I am in no way saying that modern stone masons are Freemasons. I am saying that the ancient stone masons have a long and storied history. I didn't HEAR that Jesus was a stone mason, I looked it up and did the translation. There are MANY mistranslations in the bible, this being one of 200+ mistranslations.

The connection is tenuous, but it's what makes sense to me. Kinda like 9/11, we can keep believing 19 Arabs with boxcutters did it, or we can use our brains to see who actually was involved in it. I have known a few Freemasons and none of them were stone masons. What I was referring to happened over 2000 years ago, and a lot of shit has went under the bridge since.

"Don't go bad-mouthing honest hard-working real stonemasons or associating them with fat-ass suits in lamby-skin aprons, OK?"

Ok, you might wanna go back and read what I said before going off. The ORIGINAL stone masons in ancient times is where the Freemasons originated from. There is your ASSOCIATION, like it or not.

During the Renaissance, the stonemason's guild admitted members who were not stonemasons, and eventually evolved into the Society of Freemasonry; fraternal groups which observe the traditional culture of stonemasons, but are not typically involved in modern construction projects.

The Ancients relied heavily on the stonemasons to build their civilizations. The Egyptian stonemasons built their pyramids, the civilizations of Central American had their stonemasons build pyramids, the Persians their palaces, the Greek masons built their temples, and the Roman masons built their public works and the Coliseum. The father of Socrates, Sophroniscus, was a stonemason.

Don't think I was picking on you, I wasn't. As you can see, I am a student of history and that is why I made the association.

Being on this forum and in general, you might want to develop a thicker skin and not get offended so easily.

Anonymous said...

Oh that took awhile........
No Im not an enemy, I like your work,
I guess that's why I bother....
Lets meet at a coffeeshop in bari.
Neutral territory. that sounds
real Sherlockian..........



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