Thursday, July 2, 2009

The FEMA Blogger Camps are not a Wi-Fi Zone.

Let’s see now... The Israelis invade Gaza and murder 1500 people in cold blood using banned weapons and destroying the infrastructure so that the people are now living in the rubble and... Obama says nothing. Cynthia McKinney along with a Nobel Peace Prize winner and 20 or so other people get kidnapped on the high seas, while trying to deliver aid to these people and this same psychopathic, thug nation or... should I call it a repug-nation? Well... this same murderous collection of international criminals hijacks their boat and arrests them and... Obama says nothing.

Obama... continuing in the footsteps of his predecessor, as a serving lackey for this aforementioned, pirate nation, sees an American psy-ops, black bag insurgency go to work against a legitimate Iranian election; certainly much more legitimate than most American elections and... turns into Mista Kurtz... “The horror! The horror!”

Meanwhile, furry little critters in the underbrush are working over time to pump the party line out of the rotating spokes of the ZOG umbrella. You might want to google Tara Bahrampour with certain keywords, maybe some Iranian names or the name of a particular religion and well... if you’re in the blogsphere none of this comes as a surprise but if you get your breakfast cereal from the MSM then you’re eating Captain Crunch... not actual food.

MSM revenues are going down, down, down. The TV news and the radio news; the magazines, newspapers and even websites are sinking into the toilet bowl of history and they aren’t happy about that. Of course, a part of this is due to the non-educational system and the newly designed, disposable, trash culture where no one reads anything that doesn’t have tits or the Jonas Brothers on the cover and, for the moment, Dr. Michael, ‘just turn your head and cough’ Jackson. However, apparently a lot of this is also because the MSM lies all the time, in the service of the Zio-Nazi agenda which owns it.

They’re not happy in make-believe MSM land. They are not happy about the bloggers. First came the “9/11 truthers are low level terrorists” and now we have, “digital dickweeds” and “political extremists” who should be jailed the way they are in China and Burma. In keeping with the sort of reportage we expect from the MSM, CEO of News Limited, (accent on ‘limited’) John (I can’t find my) Hartigan, isn’t aware that Burma hasn’t been called in awhile... possibly as much as twenty years. Oh well, it gives new meaning to living in the past which, is right in line with the destiny of those who do not learn from history and are ‘doomed’ to repeat it.

Of course, Hartigan won’t know whether Edmund Burke or George Santayana said that quote or whether the actual word is; ‘doomed’, ‘destined’, ‘condemned’, ‘bound’ or something else. I used ‘doomed’ but I’m just a blogger so it is likely I am wrong or intentionally so or... just messing with you.

I don’t care what Hartigan or the others have to say. I don’t care what the “real reporters” have to say because my interest is in real truth as opposed to manufactured truth, which is their beat and never the twain shall meet. I’m not going to be sipping single malt scotch with these lying whores any time soon. I don’t have a press card which means I didn’t take an oath of prevarication in the official press bathhouse, nor engage in the obvious rituals. I didn’t have sex with Geronimo’s skull and I’m not getting video-taped in a Tel Aviv hotel room.

I’m guessing the Fema Blogger Camps are not going to have Wi-Fi. The truth is, we are winning the information war and they are looking like the lying sacks of shit that they are. They thought they had the situation sewn up. They never imagined that the internet would launch millions of dissident voices that would expose them ‘on the ground’; uncover the inconsistencies in their make believe reports, open the eyes of their hamster clientele, make news out of what they ignore and generally do everything they were supposed to do and didn’t have the honor or the integrity to attempt to do. In fairness to them, I should say, they wouldn’t be allowed to anyway. But... that does mean they are well aware that they are whores and they don’t like it when we catch them gobbling the devil’s knob on our cell-phone cameras.

Yes... they thought it was just an easy walk into Mordor with the whole of humanity behind them. These Judas Goats thought they’d picked the winner and now? Well... now they look like what they are; LA party girls headed home on foot down HollywoodBoulevard at six in the morning. The make-up and the outfit are not what they were before. Now the sunlight presents the true picture and it isn’t pretty.

I guess they’ll have to take some of that Afghanistan, opium money and put together blogger hit squads. I’m not sure they can do that. You see, there’s a mysterious force in the universe that creates a hundred more to replace each one they get. It’s the same mysterious force that has rendered it impossible for anyone to ever take over the world. It’s kind of connected to the fact that there are all these different countries; languages, cultures and customs that goes back to the Tower of Babel. There doesn’t have to be a religious angle for this to have come about. Let’s just say there’s a mysterious force because history shows that all by itself.

“Hey girls, no... I’m not looking for a good time and I doubt I would get one here but... I want to let you know that I know how you feel. I know how you must feel when you sell everything that made you human for the chance to hang out with people who hold you in contempt. I can understand the smoldering rage you feel at the loss of something you placed no value on until it was gone. I can understand how you wanted the money and the associations. I can understand that for a minute or two you felt like you were somebody and how you believed that pretend integrity and the rest of those pretend things work as good as the real things under the right kind of lights. You’re whores. It happens.”

Yes... I can understand how people get caught up in this shit pursuing their own self-interest and I know how it burns inside when they lie to maintain their positions. Their conscience gives them no peace. You can lie to everyone else but you can’t lie to yourself. Even when you manage to do that for awhile it doesn’t last. The light of the real person inside will burn through that and torment you for as long as you continue in this way.

I’m not a saint and I don’t think my kindred spirits in this collective effort are saints either. For some reason, certain things are more important to me than money, power and position. I won’t even put advertising on my sites, nor do I criticize those who do. I understand that we have to make a living and ...there are products worth having. I understand how the world works but... I just cannot go that way. I don’t want to take any chances besides the one’s I’m already taking.

Dear reader... they are ramping up for the main scene. They think they need to do something about the virtues still burning in the hearts of those who oppose them. They’re going to lose and worse but... for awhile it might get iffy and problematic. They’ve got things like this in mind. Let them screech and threaten as they wish. They are being exposed for what they are (courtesy of the apocalypse) and that has got to hurt. The lies and those who serve them are being revealed by the hour. There’s no stopping this. It is part of the cycle of human destiny within the context of every age.

We have a duty to ourselves and each other to be on the right side of history. The villains and the vehicles of centuries of deceit are being revealed. Take comfort in your knowledge that you are not a whore; a liar, a murderer and tormentor of the defenseless. Take comfort in knowing that you do not support these things and that you struggle to speak for those who are denied the opportunity to be heard by the governments, corporations and media at the behest of bankers and demons in human form. They are passing away and they don’t like it. They could stop but they won’t. Ergo... well, I don’t think I need to paint you a picture.

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Visible said...

Remember, if you have problems (and some of you will) posting, then email your comments to me at and I'll put them up for you.

justice4bollyn said...

You write well but you are surely a shill. Why don't you stop telling us all 'how it is' and start talking about Chris Bollyn, who you must know has been kidnapped. Chris Bollyn please, let's hear about Chris...

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Approaching the Event Horizon.

Visible said...

Dear justice4bollyn

I would thing that would be your area of concern. You're so concerned about Bollyn why aren't you doing it? I'd need some real information about this kidnapping because I have encountered this before. The bad news is that if you are wrong then what does that make you?

I'm not your personal stenographer. I suggest you get a life and perform what you are demanding of others. You'll need to define that shill thing too. I think everyone here wants to be the enlightend, beneficiary of your anonymous offerings.

Visible said...

Speaking of shills;

That Chris Bollyn Kidnapping Thing

Mouser said...

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Visible said...

Dear Friends;

I am constantly hearing from people who tell me they can no longer access this site. Given that this may get worse I suggest you bookmark the Wordpress Mirror site at the end of this article and also this one Yet another Smoking Mirrors link

I've got other locations ready to go too and even if all of these disappear at the same time you will have only to go to what really happened or the truthseeker and they will have an announcement for you.

Be well

A.Mouser said...

I applaud the fact that you have NO advertising.
You are a wonder in a capitalist system.
Your freedom from the pressures advertising money brings keeps you free to write just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Who or what other million-hit blog can make that claim.
Les Visible your words are those of a lion amoung men.
Please keep up your pioneering - a trail must be blazed.
Peace and love.

FACT said...

"that the mainstream media is always found wanting because they habitually lie about news events and spin stories to suit the demands of their corporate owners. This is the very reason why blogs and alternative media outlets have become so popular and have eaten into the mainstream media’s audience share, because people are sick of being treated like idiots, sick of being lied to, and are desperately in search of the truth."

Anonymous said...

As to Scheuer, he is a former spook and a prick. I took him apart over an article he posted on July of 2005, especially over bin Bogeyman and his non-existent Al Qaeda. The guy's been dead for years. Of course, where else would you expect to see this idiot Scheuer except on Fake News?

And why has the comment area on this site been altered so that you can no longer use up-down-sideways arrow keys, or select, copy or paste text using shortcut keys?

Visible said...

The answer to that is that this site is being non-stop fucked with. Some people can't even access it. Some people can't comment at all. I have little control over fonts, colors or many other things and not much I can do about it. I post at Wordpress too and have also just given a third choice.

I suspect this is happening from inside blogger because and external hack would surely cause more significant damage.

Anonymous said...

i suspect are right about a new party being planned. That is why the White House has been given the power to shut down the internet or any parts that they . Can't pull off another 9/11 with all these truthers running around.

I expect one major media event soon. It will be one heck of a "Wag the dog". It may be that we are going to be out of touch for awhile. WE might need to make some contigency plans...That is probibly a mission for antoher blog. :)

The truth will shine through all of the layers of deceit that they try and cover it with.

Keep staying in contact on that other plane.


William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
Good points you're making.
Money, power, position, yo comprendo the non appeal. To acquire such things far too often requires too much slavishness to the powers that be. Its not worth it to me.
I'd rather eat beans and be left un-harrassed by bad people and greedheads instead of consume filet mignon and be beholden to such folks.
Non participation.

m_astera said...

Yeah, those Zios be struttin' right now. Talk about in yo face, kidnap a six-term former congresswoman, black one yet, and a Nobel peace prize winner. Kidnap 'em in int'l waters while they're on a peace mission. Pirate their boat and them. 'Bama don't say nothin', not a peep. That's good, Boy. That's good you know who yo masters are.

Meanwhile, with the otha hand, they got their boy backin' up Hugo's bitch down there in the skinny part of the continent. Funny how that all works, ain't it? Tol you so. 'Spect you'll catch on soon enough.

Visible said...


I wanted to echo what someone else said here that you might want to consider having your own blog. You've got a lot do say and you do it with eloquence and style. You may not want to do it and being one caught in it I understand that all too well. In any case this is an acknowledgment of your contributions.

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy reading your stuff. For the most part it seems like you're reading my mind.

I must say however that I'm somewhat more pessimistic. Let's face it, despite the internet, despite all that's happened, the majority of the population of the U.S. simply refuse to see what's going on. The "people" have fulfilled Ben Franklin's prediction: they're completely CORRUPT.

My flag-waving blowhard of a neighbor, for example, has a completely different government than I do. In fact, he has the government that he needs, wants and deserves. To my neighbor and his ilk, the "troops" blowing away Brown People all over the world are our heroes, fighting for our "freedom".

As I see it, the Jewish supremacist madmen and their traitorous Goy whores who rule here are actually only a tiny minority who by themselves can't do very much. It's the widespread corruption of "the people" that makes it all possible.

When you and I and the other "freedom hating" "terrorists" are being led away to FEMA camps, my neighbor and millions more small town folk just like him all across this corrupt land will be cheering.

Not only will they be cheering...they'll be our guards and tormentors (and most likely our torturers as well).

I've given up trying to convince anyone else of anything. If a person can't look at the video of the textbook demolition of WTC7, with their own two eyes, without realizing that there's something drastically wrong, how can I hope to convince them of anything else?

What I'm concentrating on now is trying to figure out where to move to - how to escape this "Mystery Babylon" so as not to go go down with it.


paolocaruso said...

Les: assolutamente…ass-kicking prose here. Ass-kicking !!!
FYI Some police are laying off, but the colleges and universities are hiring and beefing up there campus police. Cause that’s were the trouble really starts getting physical.
Also: Federal government found a surplus of M16s and are handing them out to Barney and Andy at the local police forces, along with the other riot equipment they have been giving them over the past few years.
BTW my last post showed up under my son’s google email… how did that happen??
They are losing, and things are getting desperate for them, which is what makes it so dangerous. They are going to be going after the low level people soon. But they will still lose.
We need some clear heads and righteous people for when the dust settles.

Visible said...

Thanks Pablo.

I have no idea about the email. Things are very weird around here.

JPSmith, you nailed it with this line. It's one of my main observations and the linchpin for the whole mess;

"It's the widespread corruption of "the people" that makes it all possible."

Anonymous said...

The economy has been turned down on purpose to take away power from those who might oppose. The power of the top has been increased. There is a might stuggle brewing. One side is pre-oocupied with MJ and other crap while the other prepares. It will mostly be a slaughter but, guess who will be standing on the shore watching the sunset in the end.

Strnage things are brewing. They had snow in the UAE where they don't even have a word for snow.

"It is all OK and under control"
"It is all OK and under control"
"It is all Ok and under control"



randall said...

A surge in the urge for
a bolshevik purge.


Maasanova said...

I made some internet videos which seem t oecho your claims

By the way this site runs really slow considering it is a Blogger. Weird.

nicki nicki tembo said...

Things are certainly bad all over, everyone's wanting to flee, take cover. We can't get around this, we've got to go through it.

Ivan de Coward said...

Les: I won't even put advertising on my sites, nor do I criticize those who do. I understand that we have to make a living and ...there are products worth having. I understand how the world works but ...I just cannot go that way.

I think you should try to make money if you can via advertising on your sites. Not in order to get rich and join the "elite" - you are already an elite in the best meaning of that word.

My guess is that you are in your thirties, and if you have managed to keep your soul and your principles this far, you don't have to worry that a few extra bucks could corrupt you, on the contrary, it may help you to be free and keep you focused on what is important. After all, you can do it in a discrete fashion - you don't have to accept ads from porno business and any business, for that matter, you would rather see bankrupted.

If you afraid that putting advertising on your sites would be interpreted by your soul mates as a way to enrich yourself then you might be losing your ground. At the point when the consideration of what your readers might think of your actions becomes the driving force behind what you do, you are finished.

This is just my personal opinion not an advise.

Visible said...

Thank you Ivan for your kind intentions and you way off the mark estimation of my age well, you are right in one respect... after a certain point I didn't age any more.

No... It's not about that. I'm not afraid of being corrupted and having or not having advertising wouldn't save me from it. Corruption is an internal thing. the world is only a feature of it.

Sometimes I say things that were unnecessary and that was one of the times. I'm not poor and I'm not rich. Actually I am very rich because I don't want anything except my tools and I have them so, I survive very well on a lot less than most people in the west. My pleasures are mostly free or inexpensive except for one item and it looks like that's been solved (I hope). I do wish I had a large sauna but I will at some point and one of the best upscale baths around is only a few K from my house and well within reach of my wallet.

I was talking about something esoteric having to do with messages presented. And the donations I receive are even a little more than an onslaught of advertising would give me so it all works out. I am well taken care of. I recommend everyone work hard at acquiring invisible friends. They can make your life a wonderful thing even when you are carrying certain burdens still... that sort of thing has term limits.

I'm sorry I presented myself in a confusing manner. I try to be clear but I'm not always successful.

Anonymous said...

What is it now, five days? MSM saturated with Michael Jackson bs. I have spies, apparently the orthodox Jewish community here is dancing the hegilah and, in Hebrew, saying "Exterminate the Amelikites". We are all Amelikites. Goyim. The sooner we realize it, the better. But I don't think it is to be. The sheep will jump off the cliff, just as in the Mark Bryan art.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words.........
This is our dilemma.........

Anonymous said...

GD- does it ever end??
You remember when Jimi died? Janis? Jim?
Did you get one week saturation coverage?
Naw. You got a footnote, if that. "They" were
overjoyed that "they" were dead. Lots of litanies on the evil of drugs, heroin, etc.
So how to account for this Michael Jackson Madness? I think James Kunstler came closest when he
said, "A zombie mascot for a zombie nation."
If you want to see what I'm trying to say as art, go to:

Hank said...


I consider you a very gifted writer, and to garner such a compliment flatters and humbles me. For a guy that got his GED in prison at age 40, it's high praise indeed. From my heart, I thank you.

As for the blog thing, I don't think I am up to it just now, but the feedback I have received here and elsewhere bolsters my confidence. Someday maybe, but until then I hope you don't mind me coming here and sharing my thoughts.

As for the corporate owned, jew controlled media in America, I am officially declaring it a cartoon. I know, that's degrading to cartoons but I can't think of any other kind of production that properly conveys the rediculous nature of what passes for "news" on American TV.

It's a carefully scripted production, that masterfully weaves it's way through fields of bull shit, and manages to step in every pile.
It amazes me that they can talk, 24 hours a day and say absolutely nothing. It's no wonder that the brains of most Americans has turned into tapioca pudding. That bums me out too, because I like tapioca pudding.

As I have said before, I watch some of it almost every day, because there is nothing that stimulates thought like watching live coverage of a warehouse fire in Indiana. Or hearing about a tour bus going over a cliff in Argintina that kills 12. Vital stuff that.

No, actually it's the sports. How can anyone face a day without knowing which overpaid, undereducated ass hole is doing steroids. Only kidding, it's the crucial information I get on which batteries and water to buy in case of a hurricane. Well they don't have them here, but you just can't know too much about batteries and water, that's what I always say.

I watch to see where not to look. If they're talking about it, it is of no importance. It is everything they don't say that is vital, and if I read what I hear on TV in the course of my surfing, I skip that and surf somewhere else. Once you understand that everything you hear and see on TV is a lie, it is much easier to gleen something of value from it. Mostly just the weather.

Of course, the biggest lies, are the ones that are forbidden to be spoken. 911, and what really happened. The history of CIA manipulation in Iran, and elsewhere. The holocaust. The truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials. Oh they talk about UFOs, but they always leave off at the end with the same "questions" they started with. The problem with that one is that they always get me with it. They punk me every time. Here, smell this ice cream cone, it doesn't smell right. Shploop, right in the face. Oh well, we all have our weak spots.

There are snippets though, that despite their best efforts, sneak through. You have to watch a long time, and listen very carefully, but some of the corporate owned shills, may not be so "owned". There are no heros, to be sure, but there are some that will shout something from the back of the crowd, and then blend in quick, as not to be singled out.

But as you say, they are being surrounded by us, by the truth and the mounting numbers of people that are waking up to the fact that the house is on fire, and no one is calling the fire dept. The question now is, will they strike in desperation, or will they run.

Paraguay anyone?

Peace my friends.

Visible said...

Dear Friends;

One of our most beloved contributors, Dadnerd has suffered a heart attack. He is still alive as I understand but I do not know the extent of his condition. I hope you will all take a moment to focus on him and send him your love and healing thoughts.

His wisdom and the gift of his spirit here has been a wonderful thing for so many of us. He is in my prayers as I hope he will be in yours. I will add more as I know more or others will do so.

Anonymous said...

Ivan de Coward,
You have not been paying attention.
In the last posted segment of Mr. Invisible's Neighborhood our talk show host is at least 30 years old. That was at least 20 years ago.
You do the math son.
A fifty-two year old going on 17 ;)

Hank said...


I'm stricken to hear of Dadnerd. As you know, he and I have traded comments on several occasions, and have always found him to be thoughtful and enlighening. My prayers will be with him and his family, and I will be pressing god to take a gentile and decisive hand in his recovery.

Visible said...


heh heh... sorry, "a gentile hand"? Made me laugh. He seems to be stable or I would not be so playful. He is a profound intellect with an extraordinary and compassionate heart and it is my sincere hope that he will remain with us for awhile. I love that guy.

I think we think well of him for the while and let our thoughts reach out to him often...bathe him in strong thoughts of confidence and also the knowledge that no matter what the outcome, a man of his stature is bound for greater things whether visible or invisible.

Whole portions of this phony, pretentious world could vanish and not be missed. Dadnerd would be missed.

There is a large handful of people here who have brought me great joy and there is a smaller handful of people who have taught me things that resulted in my being a better person and Dadnerd is a part of that handful.
Occasionally he has said things that have made my partially awakened awareness tremble at the possibility of a greater expansion.

His surviving this will result in great benefits to him I feel. I cannot know the outcome but I'm confident for him regardless. There are many, many people on this planet that are in great danger and not even thinking about much besides who they want to sleep with and how to get a better position at the expense of someone else. These are the people to be concerned about. Dadnerd is not one of them

Anonymous said...

For Dadnerd, an antidote to Michael Jackson

Anonymous said...

Brilliant insight as always and a damn good read. I want you to know there are many real people (not sheeple) in the UK who share your views.

I am anonymous as I type but will create an account soon.

Slimpedro (Scotland,UK)

Anonymous said...

To have a friend who loves you is to have everlasting life. Dadnerd, you are one lucky man. You are loved and will live on in the ones that you touched and influenced. We are one and so are you. Everlasting.

True, true, true. Tragic on this plane, but true, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can only say that this site with Les and his friends never fails to blow this seventy year old grandmother away. It is like coming out of a coma after many years and finding a new world out there where reason and intellect come together to make this rotten old world digestable. Many thanks to one and all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, Thank you again good man. It is a real treat for me at age 62 to encounter passionate integrity. I have seen something of the world and still believe in real integrity. Cynicism I feel is a temporary youthful reaction against the great betrayal to our human spirit.

I'm a fellow musician and would like to send you a CD of my stuff as a small gesture of the appreciation I have for you and what you do.

Please send me any address where you can receive mail privately.

Thank you Les, May the Great Spirit Bless and Keep you. Bill

Ivan de Coward said...

It's good to know that you are well taken care of. I do not believe in psychic powers, but I can't help but feel some fragility of your being, brother. It may sound paradoxical: maybe that fragility is precisely what keeps you safe. Whatever it is, be well.

To A fifty-two year old going on 17,

Sorry, father. I guess my math is getting little rusty :-)

Anonymous said...

Les, I'm sorry to say on this blog you're starting to sound like Howard Beale in his second season. The only reason I can see you doing this is for donations... but you're better than this Lester... I know you are. I've been a fan for a very long time.

It's July, Les. Enjoy!You live in a beautiful part of the world... nice people... unless you're a vegan... icck! Absorb... take some time and get back to us... because we do love you... at least I do.

Lukiftian 5=6

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that these demons in human form will lose. They are a very successful parasitic life-form. They have been feeding on the rest of us for thousands of years while using religions and and other lie systems to deflect our rage onto each other, rather than to where it should be directed.
The internet is available to billions now but only a relatively small number of people in the world actually recognise what these vermin are up to, or even who they are. The majority of people in the world are not truth-seekers. They are happier with comfortable fantasies. Also, most of those who are aware are generally unarmed and it is going to take violence to deal with them. They are psychopaths and will never go quietly. I believe that they would be quite willing to destroy the whole world rather than lose their power, and they certainly have the capability of doing that. They held power in the Soviet Union for decades through the use of absolute terror and will not hesitate to use the same in the USA now, with the support of the sheep.
I hope you are right but I'm not as optimistic.

Visible said...

anonymous 9:02

Well... there's an order to the universe and it operates on a different time code than we do. As a result some things seem to take so long they don't appear to happen at all or we are not in that particular segment so we don't see it occur. However, in this particular case we are in that segment of time. Of course, I don't know what's going to happen but I do know that it's all under control.

Lukiftian 5=6

If you're going to make a point you shouldn't completely bankrupt the possibility of it being made by saying something like this "The only reason I can see you doing this is for donations..." it makes absolutely no sense and isn't anything that has ever appeared in my presentations in the form of solicitation. It doesn't even make sense in any fashion apart from that.

I've got plenty of time to lose my outrage once there are no longer compelling reasons for it. For the moment this is what I do. It has zero effect on my capacity to enjoy life.

To say one should just kick back, eyeball the chicks and have a few beers at the beach is along the lines of someone living in a neighborhood where children are being kidnapped (and worse) and the guy says to his wife. "Honey, they're only young once. If they want to play in the woods then let them. That guy is probably gone now, moved on."

My name's not Lester and never was.

Other than that everything about your comment is copacetic. (grin)

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now.

Absurdity and Corruption Beyond Measure.

TimeTraveler said...

May I say that it probably is as good a time as any to let go of any hostilities towards any other human being. It is the useless waste of human energy.

Maybe it's time to realize that you are made of the same interconnected matter that started this inifinte universe, and when eons pass, and humanity is drifting thru this multiverse and teaching other civilizations the true meaning of transformation, you may look back and laugh what it took to reach this new paradigm of human thought.

Time to focus the positive inner consciousness, and forget what is about to occur to this most fragile of planets, it is about to transform as is the human race. There is no stopping it, as there is no stopping the infinite expansion of the universe.

Most of mankind is unaware that this negative existance is about to dissappear, and what will rise is a beam of energy so powerful it will transform this race of beings into the galactic family of the multiverse, where there is an infinite amount of vibration, and this vibration will carry you across eons of time to wherever the human soul and spirit will want to venture.

It's time to awaken the true minds of this planet, and gather the poetry, artistry, and the music, and transform this planet and all the entities that are part of this grand play of humanity. It's too late to change what is about to take place with the global economics and these wars, and all of the suffering that is happening all over this planet. It will take care of itself! Time to awaken as much of this planet as possible.

The total collapse is inevitable, which is the way of cleansing all the negative forces at work. This planet is tired, as mankind is of being shackled to an antiquated system.

It's time to gather, and bring into focus all the good mankind has to offer, and with the technology humans have garnered thus far, there is no limit to where you can go!

Kim (neonurse) said...

I guess Signs of the Times got shut down today. I can't seem to access it. It's already started. Great post as usual Les!

Anonymous said...

As we ride the train towards the end of the tracks, many still do not know that the tracks run out up ahead. Only those who sought truth or felt pain dared to look ahead.

A truth seeker could also feel pain. Actually, except for those of the elite and their minions it would be hard not to see or feel the pain. There are warning signs, electric fences along the way giving jolts of pain to all on the train and yet, most still do not notice.

I sit in my train car looking out ahead and wondering. Wow, if I had seen this coming for so long, how come I have such a bad seat? I shouldn't even be on the train. I am. I have been warning others for so long and yet if it were a boat, I would be standing here without a life jacket shouting for other to grab theirs.

I even had glimpses of the man behind the curtain in my prior days. In and out of uniform. I should have known. Yet, here I sit on the greatest train ride of them all, humanities attempt to cross the Grand Canyon in a very heavy train in low gear. We know the inevitable. Yet, most still watch their little screens, which are so conveniently placed in front of them telling them about all the nice things about their destination.

They sit there holding on to their tickets in anticipation of their dreams not knowing that their destination has been changed. Only in those ‘blogs’ will you find descriptions of these tourist spots. Only a fool would buy that vacation package, but so many did. They just don’t know it yet.

I see flashes in the distance, those must be those foreign wars that were supposed to be coming to a quick end. It is kind of like going to LA from New York via Hong Kong. It is going to be a bit longer before we see familiar territory, if we ever see it again.

I also know that I can still thrive, I just got to get off of this train. I see smaller trains in the distance going to different places, not going to shooting off a cliff like this one. I just have to go back to the station and get another ticket, or actually with some bitter truth I realize that it is more like a movie stunt. I need to jump off of this train onto that one. I look to see if there are any hands sticking out from that other train as it starts to head off. So little time…

Anonymous said...

What are the odds? that so many Jewish gangsters and creeps would be born on the 4th of July and what are the odds that the majority of people listed by msnbc as being born of the 4th would be Jews?

Visible said...

A core group of us are forming a community

The New Shangri La

Maybe you'd like to be a part of it and maybe you have some ideas. We're all ears.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when it was unthinkable of me to not have a newspaper to go along my morning coffee, now I can't remember the last time I actually bought a paper and it's even more difficult to stomach the "news" on TV and radio. No, it's not the fact that the price has increased %100 in the last year for the same sh*t, nor is it that the closest newspaper box at the communal mailboxes have been (rightly) replaced with recycling bins for junk mail; it's just that nobody in their right mind knowingly PAYS to be lied to. To make matters worse, the half-truths, outright lies and omissions, selective and biased coverage are getting even more blatant. Case in point, can anyone remember THIS much coverage of the Florida fiasco that brought Bush to power as there has been for the election in Iran? Has any of you even seen a report of the kidnapping of 22 or so folks that were trying to bring aid to the folks in Gaza....not to mention the coverage (or lack thereof) of the reason they were bringing aid to begin with? Not I. My greatest fear is that those who control the politicians and the MSM will censor the internet because they must. It's coming folks. That is why I applaud those who take the time to get the words out now and to those who share what they've learned with others. Keep up the good fight folks. Despite every effort and all the resources at their disposal they still have not managed to kill the truth....but they'll damned well try.

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate you not using "frog" as a term. My ancestry is FRENCH CANADIAN, European and NATIVE AMERICAN. No trolling here. I can roll over, speak and sometimes play "dead" with my lady!! who sometimes returns the favor.... I would like to wish Cynthia Mckinney, all the Bloggers who are at the front line and all those who stood firm, came forward and told the truth, a happy "independence day". It looks like things are about to change. All we need to do is make the change ourselves and within ourselves. Bon jour!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blah Michael Jackson blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Michael Jackson blah blah blah.................blah. Did you hear Steve Mcnair one of the greatest heros of all time just got shot dead? If you missed it don't worry we will be geting all the gory details at least five thousand times. This is real important stuff. What if Ron Paul had got the same amount of coverage when he was running for president as complete wacko MJ is getting. Who knows, the terminally ignorate sheeple might have decided Obongo isn't the way to go, and we could have had a chance at real change. I still run into people who don't know who Ron Paul is. As we all know the news media in this country just like CONgress is absolutely fucken worthless.


Still alive said...

Viva la Les!

Once again you hit the nail on the head. The scum are being exposed more and more with every passing day and they definitely don`t like it. In fact they hate it. I keep my fingers crossed every day for their demise and the sooner the better. Let them all burn in hell. And they will.

Their end is coming quicker than they think.

Inside job 9/11 pt. 2 (which will be a doozy) will be their funeral.

Keep on spreading the truth Les. You are a true warrior.

Anonymous said...

Re; your kind reply--

C'mon, Les.
I apologize for suggesting you might be posting here every three days for money. I'm suddenly confident you're well enough heeled not to concern yourself with such trifles. It's your outrage that needs an outlet...

As that's the case, it's apparent you've always been outraged about something. And you always will be.

Hmmm... what is the saying?

'What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.'

It's like being in the police. 'I need to find a criminal to catch to justify my career path (you'll notice no mention of money here-- oops)'.

The Zionists Are Out To Control The World. Over the four or five years I've followed your blog you certainly table a compelling argument, and an exceedingly eloquent one I might add.
We won't go into at this juncture what the structural flaws of this point of view are, but instead my question to you is the one I asked David Icke in 1998 in the back of a bookstore in Edmonton, when he told us reptilian aliens had taken over the earth and were running things (a very handsome and persuasive man by the way, cut a swath through the ladies present, including the proprietress) and as a result shouted down by his sycophants--

'So What?'

Oh... I know... the politically incorrect ramifications of such a question, not to mention how such indifference sidesteps the rampant corruption, the destruction of freedom, the suffering and dying of the innocent... etcetera. As John DeLancie's character Q said on Star Trek-- 'ugh. You humans. You're always suffering and dying.'

So What?

I'm not saying they're aren't criminals out there, Les. There definitely are and what will happen to them... who can say? Would you like to be there to tighten the rope? Do you have the stomach for it? I myself will if I have to, but I'd prefer not to.
On this blog you're asking, whether you realize it or not, and whether you say it outright or not, for that power to be placed in your hands. That's what they're afraid of, and why they attack you.

I'm merely commenting on the mechanics of your outrage. Who made you want this?

Perhaps there is a part of you that realizes this, and this is why you want to run off to a campsite somewhere with the like-minded, so that you can escape what you really want to do.

Do this if you wish, but the demon you've created on the internet won't sleep. It'll follow you. In everything you do, in everything you say. Eventually it'll consume you. Unless you do what you must do.

Put that rope around that neck. Pull it tight. Then kick out the chair.

I'm speaking psychodramatically of course. I don't advocate suicide or homicide in any way shape or form.

And don't bullshit me or anyone else that you've already worked this through. It's obvious from the raggedness of your posts that you have not.

And that's the problem I have. It's my failing. Aesthetics.

You've been such a pretty writer about such ugly things up until now, but you're off your game, Les. All I ask is that you turn off the computer and smell the flowers for a while. And if you miss something important, like Israel nuking Iran---

so what?

Is it worth a perfect day?


Anonymous said...

I like your work. I came upon it by What Really Happened and bookmarked, which is not often for me. As far as the whole shill thing, whole concept is meaningless to me. I have no shortage of people lying to me. They fail at it, and so would you. If lying worked all that great on the net, we would not be where we are. Did you tell me that? It's in my head anyway - the more people lie, when all the balls are done bouncing, I learned what 'really happened' and their media outlet is filing for bankruptsy. Shill? Anyway, I enjoy your writing - makes me think. Keep your pecker hard and your powder dry, and the world will turn.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell did you refuse to comment on Chris Bollyn?! For God's sake, all viewers of this blog with half a brain please take a serious look at the Bollyn situation and then make you mind up.

Jaime Hooper said...,, - hey, maybe they are not saints but they sure as hell beat the crap out of you lot. There you go people. check the links (over 800 hours audio on plus numerous other treats on the other sites. More than just sheckle shillers, you'll find some real turht hear, especially with eric's stuff and free e-book section. God bless)



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