Wednesday, April 3, 2024

"Where Unity can be Discouraged... Tyranny is Born. These are The Combat Zones of The Ignorant Armies of Night."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Jack Smith... who plays a prosecutor on TV, and Inspector Javert in real life... is very unhappy (well... he's always unhappy, just look at his face) because the judge in his bullshit... selective prosecution of Donald Trump... about documents, and presidential privilege... is giving signs of playing fair, AND... all... of... this... is a sign that ♫ the time's they are a-changing ♫ Inspector Jack Javert is very unhappy about what this judge might do.

I noticed it... was it a few weeks ago or a few months ago? I can't remember now. I can't remember which were the parts where time went by extremely fast, and then extremely slow. Anyway... I noticed a shift... in the appearance... of the fortunes of The Once and Future President.

At some point in time, and... not that long ago... The Fix went in and a change was noted... in The Voices in The Wind. Most people cannot hear these voices because they are background sounds, and most people... in Times of Material Confusion... only hear The Surface Chatter. One of the things that advanced Materialism causes... is a pervasive subjectivity. Objective capacity recedes... The Critical Eye is blurred. It accounts for the ability of The State to push Political Correctness and Communism in costumes of otherness.

People are led away into Egypt... (metaphorically speaking) into The Land of Darkness... when they cease to be in control of their own minds. When you are no longer master of your thoughts... someone else steps in to fill that position. When you are no longer master of yourself... you are a slave to someone else... or something else. That is how we come to see all the obesity... sexual perversity, obsessions... drug and alcohol addictions, appetites out of control, and... everything else.

This is how The Usual Suspects are able to stir up all the racial hatred. They are not The Dark Lord's exclusive minions; all religious fundamentalists, and people who use holy books, and ancient scripture as clubs, and for crowd control... are also his minions... all control freaks... all letter of the law addicts... all Jacobins... all sybarites... catamites... and occupiers of The Golan Heights... are his minions.

The basic tenet of the operating philosophy of The Dark Lord is... Divide and Conquer, followed by... sow discord and confusion... followed by... setting every man against his brother. Where Unity can be discouraged, Tyranny is born. These are known as The Ignorant Armies of The Night. These are those who strive in blind opposition to each other... because appearances... deceived them into believing... what was convenient for those who rule over them.

These systems of manufactured and managed conflict are at the heart of The Protocols of Zion... The Frankfurt School, and The Kalergi Plan. Even though this plan is right there to study, and the proponents of it are named... Wikipedia says it is... a debunked far-right, antisemitic, white genocide conspiracy theory. They got pictures and everything...

BUT that scion of fair play, The Khazarian Southern Poverty Law Center begs to differ. When you read the... exceedingly brief... commentary, you find they didn't debunk... refute... or disprove a damn thing, and it is just what its critics say it was and is.

Here is a direct quote from The Khazarian Poverty Law Center;

“the Kalergi plan as a distinctly European way of pushing the white genocide conspiracy theory on the continent, with white nationalists quoting Coudenhove-Kalergi's writings out of context in order to assert that the European Union's immigration policies were insidious plots that were hatched decades ago in order to destroy white people.[9] Hope Not Hate, an anti-racism advocacy group, has described it as a racist conspiracy theory which alleges that Coudenhove-Kalergi intended to influence Europe's policies on immigration in order to create a "populace devoid of identity" which would then supposedly be ruled by a Jewish elite.”

Is that not exactly what is happening with the present forced migration effort... spearheaded by Rothschild bagman... George Soros? It's as plain as the nose on their faces! This all comes back to the argument of whether you will accept someone's poisonous lies... or believe your own lying eyes.

Now... I don't really know if Obama's significant other is a tranny... or whether Biden and a shit-ton of other high-ranking politicians... like The Clintons and too many other names to list... have been taken to Guantanamo and been executed and replaced... or whether there really is a cabal of white hats... much like those multicolored ninjas that Benjamin Fulford was always going on about. I don't know if all the seemingly preposterous theories I see batted about... like tetherballs in the minds of retards... are true or not, but...

... have any of you ever seen any of Fulford's multi-colored ninjas... or Icke's shapeshifting reptiles... or been told why and how The Earth came to be flat? I hold with Hamlet that there really are more things in Heaven and Earth, and I HAVE SEEN certain things... many times... now and again, BUT... there are certain lines I don't cross because I am a trust, but... verify kind of a guy.

The only time I take something on trust alone... is on the authority of someone I trust, and that includes very few people indeed, and NONE... OF... THESE... PEOPLE... have ever said anything about these matters. Of course... none of them were around when all of these bizarre theories started making the rounds. Do you REALLY think the government... who is behind all this shit to begin with... did not notice the obvious mask-lines... around the necks of public figures... BEFORE they released these photos?

I believe that The Divine uses ALL world leaders for The Purpose of Demonstration at all times. That doesn't mean these world leaders... are inspired leaders... who have appeared in the hour of our need. There is something awfully contrived about this persecution of the former president, and now? Now... all of a sudden there is a shift in the atmosphere. How come the court allowed for that bail to be lowered? How come he couldn't get the first amount to begin with? How come this and how come that?

The Deep State controls public perception. This I know; The Deep State controls public perception. I've watched Trump speak lately... something very strange is going on there. He's just repeating himself... over and over, and bragging, in the most embarrassing fashion, and... I don't know. It seems... weird.

A great many things are off about stalking horse Kennedy and his Google divorcee running mate. I don't want to get into details here. Details are not my bailiwick, and I would be here till next year... at this time... if I started in on only The Details I have run into, and the obvious, and not so obvious... arguments that follow in their wake.

I'm getting a strong... strong whiff of something that crawled into the darkness and died there. I am certain that The Avatar is already at work in The World. I am certain a golden age will follow in the aftermath of his departure. This is how it has always been... even though the times between such events are great, BUT... this... and other considerations are a given for me. All the rest of this... this... whatever it is... I just don't know.

I don't want to contend with those who have thrown all their hopeful eggs in Trump's basket. I don't want to run around saying that impostors are not wearing masks... that leaders are not being replaced... cause I don't know. I don't know!!! BUT... most of it sure sounds like something that got cooked up in the backrooms of The Deep State. Much of it sounds like the usual fare of confuse and control.

The forces that change this world are Spiritual Forces! The World is NOT changed by individuals in power... by smaller or larger groups of our betters, forging the constitutions and infrastructure of the ever-changing world we (temporarily) live in.

If The Cavalry gallops into town... it is because invisible forces are riding with The Cavalry. If forces are mustered on battlefields... it's because some combinations of the original players in The Bhagavad Gita... have returned for the sequel, so that the people who got killed by certain people last time, can kill the ones who killed them... this time. If you're not scripted for those scenes... you won't be in them.

If huge cities rise, and then fall into ruins... if nations rise and fall... if people live and die... it is because The Invisible Director...arranged for it... because the players demanded it... by the actions they took previously... to ensure the specific outcome.

I don't see The World the way most people do... that it's all a crap shoot... or that the better team wins... or that our feeble individual wills... decide the course of destiny... in any larger sense. This is ALL accomplished outside the sensory bandwidth... for The Purpose of Demonstration, and the entertainment of The Divine... whose Lila it is. Creation is The Dream of The Creator, and we take parts... or we don't take part... in the never-ending play of dramas performed... lives saved and lost... yadda yadda, and... yadda yadda.

Sometimes The Creator wakes up in the mind of one or more of his creations, and... that is a very good thing for the one it happens to, and everyone who runs into them. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished. It is what I aspire to; not all this nonsense going on Out There. That dance of mortality... is a never-ending heartbreaker... of never-ending loss. There is ONLY... ONE... THING... worth having, and... it is always with us. We may get lost... for a very long time... in a very long series of lives, BUT... it NEVER does!

This one thing worth having is easily found, if... you... want... nothing... else. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. Nations rise and fall. Leaders come and go. People live and die, BUT... not really. I'm not exactly sure of what's going on Out There, BUT... I got a pretty good idea of what's going on In Here.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

"like tetherballs in the minds of retards... are true or not, but.." HAHAHAHAHA!

Chop Chop.


robert said...

They are not The Dark Lord's exclusive minions; all religious fundamentalists, and people who use holy books, and ancient scripture as clubs, and for crowd control... are also his minions... all control freaks... all letter of the law addicts... all Jacobins... all sybarites... catamites... and occupiers of The Golan Heights... are his minions.

Appreciate the poetic word play while conveying true colors; lightens the load as the medicine goes down to our fractured minds

If The Cavalry gallops into town... it is because invisible forces are riding with The Cavalry.

For sure and for certain!

However, the One Dreamer acts on this plane through living embodied consciousness.

All the players are acting their parts for the purpose of demonstrating divine dynamics

"Demon-straighting" so that everyone, at whatever station of lost-ness, can detect the key difference in directions: down to selfish pits or up and out from the center until the circle is closed by returning the word to its source, fulfilled.

Your questioning of whether there are any good guys on stage is apt, as Christ retorted to fawning flattery by stating clearly that NONE are good save the One!

However, a little nuanced logic combined with discernment reveals that even if T was designated to play the part of a symbolic anti-Christ, does not imply that the One is not presenting the contrast between the Way and the way to nowhere.

What is crystal clear, is the sweeping action of bringing shadow forces shadow players and all the shadowy s#1+ under the covers out into the light.

Topics which were fully suppressed by the ongoing gas-fart-lighting are now in the public discourse, resisting all attempts to invoke the mind controls on the general populace with their canard-ly "conspiracy theory" voodoo, now going on 61 years of over usage!

The opposition to T is, in its effect, much more than a staged kabuki for the cheap seats, because it is BREAKING TRANCES, more effectively than the sticky traps can recapture.

None of us puppets or would be avatars (lower case a) are perfect or wholly integrous

Yet the will of the One MUST play through the players on stage, off stage and back stage as the deadly detritus of millennia is being swept off the stage.

These points are not directed at anyone in particular, just sharing the cutting tools that are useful to trim down the confusing bush.

Events, as you mention, are putting the truth out, belying all paper pussies still trying to hold the narrative party line.

How we react is our choice:
jump to the fear-wranglers whip cracks?
walk the walk as if we were already in paradise and perfecting at a higher level

Visible said...



0 said...

It sure is odd seeing things pile up against me for having started calling out Not paying fed taxes. I'll probably pay mine since I always have, that render unto caesar thing.

Its almost like the all wants to see if I'll change my tune when things start going sideways. Sideways, backways, upsidedownways, none of that matters, I am. When they come for me, I will have come for them. The all looks after its own.


0 said...

On a different note, silver metal is seeing a Run now. Its up to 27/oz today... if it hits 28/oz it will be at the price I bought the physical silver I hold.

Note that silver is oversold on certs to physical metal by about 300 certs to 1 oz of metal. So if you buy now, take delivery of the physical metal.

Just fyi for anyone watching the precious metals space. I try to watch as much as I can from as many angles as I can...


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Some Are Now Seeing The Writing on The Wall... Where It Just Appeared ... After The Graffiti Angels Passed Thru Town"

Redirts Strider said...

Just a SID (Standard Issue Dumbass) who can't even save himself but I pray incessantly to the One who can.
The pendulum is out of wack with the Weimar Redux Forces Of Evil on the march and how they hate Emmanuel Trumpstein and for more than just two minutes.
Comrade Jack Shit is from the Hague and he was given a choice due his past crimes, he chose poorly.
Nothing in this world for me is fine and the other panel of that cartoon of the dog in a flaming room is a Garden Of Eden and the caption...this is terrible.
They quit teaching history because they want to repeat it and it was zenith for former USA when participation trophies and Mommy Has Two Heathers (/s) came out just as WWII USMC grampaw said while laughing out loud at such concepts.
There is still plenty of ruin left until the nadir of National Bolshevism.
My browser homepage wallpaper is the John Martin Sodom and Gomorrah painting from 1852.



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