Friday, March 29, 2024

"God Speaks in Vibrations. God is A Vibration. God is His Word. His Speech Travels Along The Lines of The Intuition."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I experienced what I can only call a miracle yesterday evening. I still cannot get my head around it. I've seen some wild things in my time and had the reality of God's Power proven to me again, and... I could say... again... and again... more times than there is space in this posting.

All day... the chemtrails, which apparently do not exist... according to official sources... who call it a conspiracy theory, had caused the sky to become completely opaque. Since everything the government says is a lie... that is proof that they are real because everything the government says is a lie.

It's so obvious... it is exactly like the woman walking in on her husband having sex with another woman, and he says; “Nothing happened. I didn't do anything. Who are you going to believe? Me... or your lying eyes?”

All day this chemical attack got thicker and obscured The Sun and sky. I went out at sunset and it was the same, but I treated the moment as if The Sun were there because... for me... it is.

Then I went inside. About fifteen minutes later I saw that there were violet clouds here and there outside my window, so... I went back outside to see, AND... all the chemtrail nonsense was GONE!!! There were a few of the usual clouds... some orange around the departed sun and the violet clouds already mentioned. The Chemtrail effluvia was gone! The milky effect was gone!

Not fifteen minutes earlier, I had prayed with great intensity that The Divine would wash the skies. He told me that... whatever it was... I was to bring it to his attention and leave it there, and he would handle it, no... matter... what, and... for once... I got it. My pestering Heaven works contrary to the prayer's success. Then? All the chemtrail poison is gone!!! There was no wind. It simply dissolved. Hallelujah!!!

I had already decided to write about chemtrails today, and this... this happened. You really had to be here to get the impact of it. Thank you, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been told... recently... that big surprises were coming for me. This qualifies, but the amazing thing is that it had been on my mind all day. I was a bit down and depressed. I had felt weighed down by malicious entities. I didn't say anything to anyone. I knew it was just weather, and... in fact... when I mentioned it to the angel... I was told exactly that.

I went outside to celebrate the sunset that wasn't there. I was told to leave it in God's hands, and that my not doing so was what hindered my prayers being answered. I had known this for some time, but my denial and resistance precluded my true surrender... my utter reliance. This time... something let go in me, and I got it... viscerally. I walked back inside, and ten... fifteen minutes later I saw the violent clouds... individualized... through my window. It did not register with me that I shouldn't be seeing this... because the whole sky had been dense milk just that small amount of time before.

Now... it is the next day... the sky is clear, but... not off in the margins it isn't. There are so many unexplained mysteries. Some of them... like the mysteries of timeless allurements... and sexual magnetism... when you unravel them... nothing remains.

I know what I saw last evening. I know... at least... what that means. It means that something that was there... suddenly disappeared... by no identifiable agency. This is not the sort of thing that happens often. I've never seen it before. This was very different. I suspect that very different is going to become commonplace soon. Sooner or later... what you have been waiting for... arrives. In some cases... it never arrives. The person waiting was delusional, and In Times of Material Darkness, you can expect that to be a widespread condition.

Those who wait on The Divine... however... are not disappointed... because... there is nothing delusional about it.

We've made these sites Flat Earth Free Zones. A certain amount of stupid must enter all of our lives on occasion, BUT... Big Stupids... if you can bar the door, that's a public service. In another location where these blog postings are seen, there is a dedicated group of Flat Earth believers in residence.

One of them just went on about how The Pole Star doesn't move. I had to wonder if that person knew why that star... Polaris... is called The Pole Star.

Then I realized it wouldn't matter. People in denial cannot be moved. They are ALSO fixed in some way, and things have to move around them because they are not going to be moved. I call them Rocks in The Stream. Flowing water is the force that handles rocks in The Stream... just as Love... eventually... wears away all resistance.

Bad ideas die out with the people who hold them. Of course, certain superstitions do continue. They are a form of mind parasite. Some people think there are monsters in the woods. Some people carry monsters within them wherever they go.

The biggest question for me is... what is the motivation for believing The Earth is flat? Especially when... observably... none of the other planetary bodies are flat. Why would someone want to believe The Sun was only a few thousand miles away? Here is a forum at The Flat Earth Society arguing about how far away The Sun is. Some people believe The Earth was created 6,000 years ago.

I am certain that what I believe to be true... insofar as it is even possible for me to know... would be considered even more far out to most people than The Earth being flat... The Sun being 3,000 miles away or The Earth being only 6,000 years old. However... I ALWAYS... when possible... prove out what I suspect to be so. I trust but verify. I... most especially... study what The Wise... from the far reaches of time, and from the far corners of The Square Earth have said about anything and everything.

I also know that there are some things I must keep to myself.

Here is the interesting feature. They mostly ALL agree on various things seen and unseen. It doesn't matter whether they were Zoroastrian or Mithraic... Buddhist or Christian or Hindu... Muslim or Jew; be they men and women of wisdom... they all agree on certain things. Whether they are separated by thousands of years... or miles... or the tenets of conflicting beliefs... within their various cultures and religions... they all agree.

Most importantly, I have the benefit of The Intuition. I suspect... that all of those I am referring to... also had the benefit of The Intuition. The Intuition is a line of communication that is open to the vibrations of The Divine. God speaks in vibrations. God is a vibration. God is his word. His speech travels along the lines of The Intuition... where it is then translated... into whatever language a specific mind uses.

There are degrees of clarity and power that move on the communication lines of The Intuition. Some have high-tension lines, and some have rudimentary cup and cord devices. (grin) I have observed... directly and in real-time... the evolution of my own intuition... from a rudimentary and intermittent vehicle; like a used Volkswagen Golf... to a new Audi A8. Step by step we improve in the direction we are going in. Step by step we get closer to that which we are headed toward. Step by step we evolve.

Some of us move faster than others because we are more passionate and driven. Sometimes we are also brighter and that makes a difference as well. This applies to those headed in the direction of Evil just as it does those headed in the direction of Good... or God... because only God is good.

Unfortunately... for most people... they just buzz around in circles because their lives are based on sensation and appetite satisfaction. The truly committed... whether we be evil or good... realize that sacrifices must be made in order to continue to evolve in our chosen direction. The truly good and truly evil are both extremely disciplined. You don't get very far in either direction without it. I know this. I have learned it the hard way. Some are more fortunate in this regard.

There is a line in The Bible that says; ”So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” The ordinary world has a lot to learn about Good and Evil and I doubt that will ever happen... except in the more light-filled times... just up ahead.

A very happy Easter to you all!!! May this one be special. May Critical Mass arrive. May the dominoes finally begin to tumble. May The Avatar come to life in every waiting heart, and may The Golden Age arrive.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

...not to take away from your miracle, but when particulates are emitted at high density it looks like the milky smoke or clouds... as that density spreads out into greater volume the milkyness subsides to transparency as the density shifts enough that what was together enough to present an opaque view has thinned enough to no longer present a blocking view...

Sorta like smoking something... the smoke wafts up into the room when exhaled, and then after a few minutes it is no longer visible in the room. Same way you see people who don't want to be caught smoking waving their hands in the air to dissipate the smoke...

Now if you take into account the reflectivity and the coordinated radar action it could have been a shift in the pressures being applied that let what had been densified there locally then become transparent as they shifted the pressure dynamic.

Anywho... I am with you on the leaving it with God thing... It seems like the people that run the are with you too with their latest Secret window "wake up to a new reality"... Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn't... guess we'll see.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

That's not what happened. Like I said, one had to be there. I am talking about the sky going from completely dense to clear as a bell in 15 minutes. It had been closed out all day long and for most of the last week.

It had not been getting less dense and working through some chemical change by stages. I am on the lookout for that sort of thing. I don't talk myself into things because I want them to go a certain way. That's the worst kind of dishonesty where I come from. I am a harder critic than my critics about what I see and do not see. There is plenty I do not mention because it might have been one thing or another. This was outside the bounds of science. This sort of thing doesn't happen, except that it did, and I already get more than my share of SEEMING supernatural events.

I should add... in closing that... for reasons which escape me; probably another one of those scientific anomalies... people sometimes think I am angry when I respond to them. That is not the case. I can't actually remember the last time anyone made me angry. I am simply direct... frank... there's no emotional content to it... unless it's on the positive end because something brings me joy.

M - said...

Every time I see a plane laying down chemtrails I invoke the Mother Goddess:
"Mother Goddess clear away all chemtrails that appear today." I say it thrice. Sometimes I invoke her numerous times throughout the day, as necessary. 99 times out of 100 the crap is cleared away - at least over our house. I give thanks. Many times.

0 said...

Gotcha, ok so I had to be there and will take your word for it.

All good. I wasn't trying to make you angry but I can see how trying to explain a miracle might produce that result. I was just offering other explanations. The winds have been wild the last 2 weeks and the radar reflectivity has been off the charts in the east half of the US, not sure where you are, but here in north texas I hear the wind howl off my upstairs bedroom window.

Now if you could put the Accountability in the Suns Lap and see if he don't get it cooking, to me/us that'd be a bit more helpful than just a clear sky. Tho I suppose I have put that into the Nothing already and the Nothing is all, backing even the suns.

Perhaps it can be seen from the perspective of ones desires are affecting larger volumes of area in Shorter amounts of time, and that, for one accountable to self and the all, would be a good thing to finally show up.


0 said...

One other thing to take with a grain of salt I suppose.

WARNING!!! TOP SECRET INTELLIGENCE LEAK— Planned April 8th Solar Eclipse Biological Attack Files Download


WARNING- April 8th Solar Eclipse Biological Attack. Top Secret Intelligence Leak. Do Not Go Outside That Day!

Top Secret Intelligence Leak: They are planning a biological attack on April 8th, just before the totality of the eclipse. This is how it’s going to go down. Planes will be delivering their payload at three intervals. First will be 2 hours before totality, 1 hour before totality and final one 30 mins before totality. The planes will be deploying a dry powder (bacterial bioweapon). It will not be visible. You won’t see it from the planes or the sky. It’s meant to infect through aerosol delivery. The first two planes will be at standard altitude, the final plane will be at approximately 10,000 - 15,000 feet. The path of flight will begin from the northeast, and they will travel down the central path of totality heading west-south-west, keeping in pace with the totality of the eclipse.

They are doing this to take advantage of the event because they know there will be guaranteed targets that will be infected, and thus be the vectors to spread the contagion. Symptoms will begin appearing 7 - 10 days after infection. 30 days after infection the media will notice. 60 days after infection the panic will at all-time highs. 90 days after infection the newly agreed upon UN/WHO pandemic powers will be enacted. And you know what will happen next.

People in the path of totality should not go outside. Bacterial payload will lose effectiveness within 6 hours post deployment. Half-life of powder with vary on humidity and temperature. The staring point is in Canada, the end point is in Mexico. Winds are the unpredictable factor, as is rain. Both of which will negatively impact the operation.


Source URL:

Better to be safe than sorry.


Visible said...

There was no wind at all throughout the whole day. Also... something has been different about the composition of the chemicals in the chemtrails lately. One of the reasons I felt down yesterday... (besides some of it being directed at me, which I've experienced now and again as part of the process I go through) was that I could taste the metal in the air. This I had not experienced before. Also... the cloud cover would form up much faster than usual and stay longer. This is another reason I was so surprised cause they were taking much longer to disperse in this last week. Then... all of a sudden... poof!!!

Very odd events are going on; close up and at a distance. Something has changed dramatically in recent days. I'm not sure what's going on but it is headed somewhere. It makes this whole eclipse thing seem more and more like a turning point.

It is very rare for me to talk about spiritual experiences anymore. I have plenty of events where I did so and it diminished the experience for me. So... these days it's less likely to happen. I don't even talk about the interior conversations I have anymore. It's become increasingly clear to me why people who know better don't talk about these things.

It's a hard call. I want to share relevant and helpful data. At the same time, I know that talking about things outside the ordinary can bring problems and even piss people off. More and more I'm saying less and less about supernatural events. What does it matter anyway? I'm just thrilled that they happen to me, BUT I've been headed this way for some time. Sooner or later it gets like this.

Anonymous said...
"No more Chemtrails,.. not today
Make the Chemtrails,.. go away
They will not stick, they will not stay
This will be a blue sky day."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Van Strider said...

I've seen multiple shooting stars and a huge cross in the sky last fall during a full moon.
A new Kiki is coming around and doesn't fight at all with Rocky Raccoon.
Saw a beautiful schmetterling (butterfly) while taking table scraps to the animals at the usual named creek spot yesterday.
I said Thank You God multiple times and praying for deliverance from the evil one for the former republic.
Be not afraid think of Pharoah versus God regarding the Nimrod forces of evil.

AL said...

"A very happy Easter to you all!!! May this one be special. May Critical Mass arrive. May the dominoes finally begin to tumble. May The Avatar come to life in every waiting heart, and may The Golden Age arrive."

Amen to that, have a special one as well good fellow!

Anonymous said...

Rather than mere complaints or remarks about the weather, we should start a new club, since sleepyheads and tightwads believe they can’t do anything about it, i believe peeple have much more agency over the atmosphere and it’s conditions than commonly thought. Those olde Injuns and shamans we’ve all heard about that sleepyheads and tightwads dismiss probably were very effective when they did their chants and dances when they were more popular amongst various tribes back in the day. They should start up again, if they’ve hung up their moccasins and headdresses for managing casinos and liquor stores.

So should we. I would like to start a Divine Weather Service starting now, to serve to thwart the dark operator’s schemes, described above by 0, should they be put into effect on the dark day. Please meditate and repeat:
“No weapon shall succeed against our brethren” “May our Devine helpers clear these menaces from our midst, and leave them with a big tasteless nothing burger to choke on, and at each and every turn shall they fail in all measures forthwith” or, something to this effect leading up to, during and until the darkness has turned back to light again.

This would be the first effort of The Devine Weather Service to help our poor tired planet and it’s inhabitants and will be the first agency of our scrappy little weather agents to continue in it’s benevolent endeavours to help effect the planet’s climate for the better for those suffering under B. ill Gates’ and the banker’s military science “climate change” to this day.

Spread the word weathermen and women! We have much work to do.

May bright days and rejuvenating gentle rains be our fortune.


Anonymous said...

"Snap of the fingers. Lickety split.

Let it be said God answered your prayers.

Not once but twice.

Light doesn't contend with darkness. Light just shines.

As in Heaven so on earth."

Now you see..... Miracles.

Simplt wonderful.

Sincerely, the megalomaniac.

The Good said...

I rejoice with you.

Anonymous said...

For demonstration purposes.

Same color as the background in that song?

Oh happy Day.

Until we meet again my friend.

Dude said...

To the person who called me a megalomaniac.

I want you to know. There is relm around you that most do not perceive. It has nothing to do with being smart. I speak peace into your life. I'm the furthest thing from being a megalomaniac. I'm A Man of God.

Say that slowly. I am Aman of God. Well you get the picture.

I used to have a website called door fore.
A golf term. I deleted it all 4 years ago because it brought too much attentio to me.

The entire website was it all about miracles. I participate in them daily. More than you could imagine.

What is the Url for

Life in a petri dish? What car was mentioned in this blog?

See fore yourself.

I don't need to be on here to know what is being said. All creation tells me everything all the time. Even the captua tells me things. Lol I come and go as I please.

I'm always in the right place at the right time. All the time. How could I not be?

I'm just dancing with visible.

I want him to know that.

It's all Good.


Dude said...

Looks to me vis, you are changing scenes as well. Hopefully the world will follow.

We shall see.

Thank you for the dance. I needed to see if you were all talk or the real deal.

The real deal is so rare these days. But I think that is changing exponentially.


Dude said...

"God Speaks in Vibrations. God is A Vibration. God is His Word. His Speech Travels Along The Lines of The Intuition."

I wasnt going to say anything. But i laid here ib bed. Talking to THE DUDE. HE said say so.

So, I am saying So.

See how 8 said that above?

A few pages back. You said. "I Know God is real."

Then you say,

"God Speaks in Vibrations"

In saying, "I know God is real" you are knowingly or unknowingly performing a vibration ritual.

You are saying I know God->isreal. Implying knowingly or uknowingly in vibration the name isreal the identity of God in doing so.

I know what you meant. Its how you said it that suprized me vis.

Is real isnt the name of God. It is the name given to the man who wrestled with God. Jacob. Jacob or israel is not the name of God.

God name can not be pronounced in this world.

Ive seen many here in the comment section and other places do similar rituals unknowlingly.

I dont hardly ever say anything about it. I wasnt going to say anything at all. THE DUDE said say it.

So i said it so.

I assure you, everything i say is done intuitively with creation in mind.

autocorrect is stupid. I let that ride as well.

I know what i said.

so does creation.

The word Aman means, so be it!

So when i say, I am A Man of God. The Vibrarion of that is: I am so be it Of God.

I dont normally ever point these things out to others. The language of creation listens to what you say and how you say it. It responds acordingly. Espcially to how you say things.

It really is All One dialog. Everything that is you and everything that is not you are having one dialog. Wether you think so or not.

Happy. Good. Friday.

And now you seen my face...

I said what i said.

M - said...

"Presenting yourself as something is not the same as actually being it."

Perhaps that is a quote of yours, Vis. In any event it holds Truth.

Blessings. 🌒🌕🌘

Dude said...

I understand. Do your thing. Its yours to do. I am who i sau i am. As predicted, I wont return to your sites or this world.

I too have a gondela.

Im sitting on beach. A line from a favorite poet springs to the mind.

~ Be Still, Perhaps if you are still enough, you can hear the everlasting tide of being fling itself on the shores of forever. ~

James Dillet Freeman.

Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

A very happy Easter to all!

Flat earth inc is a well-funded psyop and the mind parasite it propagates seems incurable.

Here is what the Qur'an says about the shape of the earth. The same could be derived from other scriptures in their original language of inscription, before the priests got their hands on them.

M - said...

I gave the boot many moons ago. The few times they chose to publish POSITIVE news I submitted it included a "waiver". Apparently it is blasphemous to even think anything good is going on in the world.

Rumormill News is all abot FEAR PORN. Period. Fuck them and fuck that.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"We are Impermanent Forms... that have Escaped for a Moment from The Unity... to Have Some Brief Escapades in Time."

Striderist said...

Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the Weather.

Bill Hicks



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