Tuesday, March 5, 2024

"The Truth is a Combustible Agent... if Agent Can Be Used as a Descriptor... for What Cannot be Shown or Described."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Good Vibes... Bad Vibes... No Vibes. People talk about things... as if... they were external to them OR... as if they weren't real because they aren't concrete; something that exists in some further undefined state. However... everything is concrete that you can perceive through the senses. It's a matter of subtle and gross. This is how we can say that thoughts are things... feelings are too. This is a part of the principle that allows us to heal or harm people... up close... or at a distance.

It's a common thing for people to send out bad vibes over a distance. They travel on a medium that is similar to a conversation on a cellphone or... a telegraph... be it coconut or otherwise enabled. You have to be careful with unconscious... and especially... conscious transmissions of a negative kind toward any living thing. It can often rebound on you... if your target has any one... of a number of various protections in operation.

Sometimes... the target has invisible friends. Sometimes... the target is in a relationship with invisible forces that are good or evil, but... powerful enough on their own plane of operation. Sometimes Karma is the medium of protection... regardless of whether the target is good or evil... their destiny does not include your meddling with it.

Oh! It is a complex area of enterprise. You never know who or what you will encounter... if you go monkeying around in places... where you don't have the necessary credentials... to keep certain forces at bay. Let us imagine that we are talking about life underwater... in the ocean... or any large body of water that is home to both predators and prey, I should mention that even the smallest body of water contains both of these, BUT... let's stay with the oceanic construct.

Here's a curious dynamic. In the ocean you have Tuna. These are not one of the most plentiful of the species, like Mackerel or the Cyclothone Bristlemouth, but... there are plenty of them around. Tuna are prey on one hand and predator on another. This is the case with every living thing. They are prey when you factor in sharks. However... Tuna have overseers... friends of a sort... called Dolphins. Dolphins are like shepherds.

Dolphins have very hard noses and they can travel at high rates of speed. If they are in the neighborhood of groups of Tuna (and they often are) and sharks come around, Dolphins are known to broadside sharks and ruin their day... and maybe their life. Why would Dolphins protect Tuna? It's a mystery. They don't know why Dolphins travel with Tuna or why they protect them. When scientists don't know something it is... USUALLY... a metaphysical thing. You can substitute the word Spiritual if you prefer.

There are so many things going on in The World that scientists don't know jack-shit about. These days... most scientists are no different than common prostitutes... they discover what they are paid to discover... even when it's not there. Even when it is... demonstrably... not there. Occult scientists... some occult scientists... figured out how things work a long time ago.

Unfortunately for those... who mostly don't care anyway... occult scientists communicate what they know in code because... traditionally... their lives could be in danger, given that what they discover USUALLY goes contrary to the official narrative. In these times their lives and reputations are still in danger. The Truth is a combustible agent... if agent can be used... as a descriptor... for what cannot be described.

Occult scientists represent the best and worst of humanity... much as do priests and public servants, and... the more that civilization is swept up in materialism... more and more you see the worst of us in positions of influence. It goes with the territory. Materialism... inevitably... trends toward corruption. It is the nature of The Beast.

It's just the way it is. It is why none of these civilizations last. Strong men and women struggle against hostile forces and build a world... often at the expense of others... and they bring a certain degree of comfort and security into their lives... to make a better life for their children... so that they don't have to struggle, and... as a result... they take from them the very things they need to survive, and... progressively... the people get lazy... weak... fat... and stupid, which opens the door to sexual perversities that doom the culture.

Nothing destroys a nation and a people more effectively than sexual perversity. Few people read Tacitus and Gibbon and learn anything useful, and those who read them otherwise... are weak and degenerate intellectuals living in Miniver Cheevy-Land. Fewer still know about Babylon... what it was like before Cyrus came, or afterward either, and all the yadda dadda of bullshit... that the revisionists made out of it, so... unless you have access to occult history, you are reading what someone wants you to believe.

There is a reason that Babylon became a metaphor for corruption and perversity, but you'll have to hunt to get anywhere near the mystery of Mystery Babylon. Mostly what you will get is a bunch of lies about The Usual Suspects who are the real professionals... when it comes to torturing and stretching history on the rack of self-interest.

The Ghost of Torquemada was around long before Torquemada was. Babylon was the prototype for Berlin in the early part of the 20th Century. It's been a long... long wind-up for what is coming... I... kid... you... not. We are about to see the relationship between The Wheel of Justice grinding exceedingly small, and... the necessary patience required... to be present... long enough... to witness it happen. There's another mystery for you.

In these times... we are seeing the culmination and resolution... of destinies written large... over the course of millennia. It really has been a... long... time... coming. The names have been changed to conceal the wicked, but their acts continue, and... finally... the stage is being set... for The Arbiter of Punishment and Reward to demonstrate his acumen... his wisdom in action. He is giving to no one... and visiting on no one... anything more than each of us arranged to visit upon ourselves.

I hear people cursing God because he doesn't do anything about The Genocide of The Palestinians... by the psychopathic nation of Israel. I wouldn't speak too soon if I were you, and I wouldn't be depending on a God... that doesn't exist... in the forms that the ignorant imagine him to exist in. God can be as distant and cold as a mountain crowned in ever-present snow, AND... as warm and intimate... and more... much closer to you... than the deepest sense of union, that you have ever experienced... or ever will experience... otherwise.

Justice is done all the time... we... most of us... just don't see it in connection with the events long past... appearing in the present... for that very purpose. Now... events have occurred... that have raised the outrage and anger of The World... against the nastiest den of villains seen in recorded history, and it's not just about The Palestinians. Well... it had to come about in this fashion... to generate what is already a reality in The Mind of God. Wait and see. That is the best I can tell you for now.

Recently... they killed a great many more of us than all The Palestinians anywhere in The World with their Killer Vaccines.

Everything happens for a reason. You may not like it. You might not like the reason, BUT... whaddya gonna do about it? Eh? The Shining One is coming and he's going to make every adjustment needed... like the most precise of surgeons that ever there was. He'll shave Occam's razor until it becomes a confetti that passes through everything and never leaves a mark. He won't miss a beat. He will be everywhere all at once.

I keep trying to find a way to explain how remarkable a thing it is for a World Avatar... to arrive on the set here... and wave his wand over the material dreamland we are presently resident in, and Presto! Set everything in order.

He's going to liberate all of the people who are ready for it, and set the procedures in place for the rest of the folk in line for it... over the centuries to come. The rest of The World will go on chasing the myriad shapes... of the object of desire... that lures them hither and yon, and... they never even see the hook. People might ask why it is that everything goes on the way it does... why is there all this suffering...war, and calamity?

Hard as it may be to believe... that is the way the participants want it to be. No one has to be involved in anything they don't want to be involved in. The causes of all of these effects; some of them go way... way back. Most of the fish... in this big ocean of constant change... where everything is eating everything else... jump about, or stand still and motionless... until something startles them. They move alone... or in large groups, and never give a thought to anything outside the endlessly repeating dramas they are engaged in.

Love is the medium of The Wise. It is the vehicle in which they travel from point to point... always bringing unity and leaving it in their wake. These are the little avatars that are the shepherds for all these fish. They are seldom seen, and few remember they were even there at all, but they do their job.

Existence is a self-managed industry that is managed by The Self... in situ... who is resident in every living thing. When it is closer to the marrow of itself... there is a harmonic glide... that lives in resonance with itself. When it is further away... there are more shadows and difficulties to pass through. It all comes right eventually.

Nothing is lost. Nothing ever dies or is born. These are just the appearances of material change... just weather moving by on the other side of the window. It is always at some stage in the act of becoming. You just need Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Help is always on the way. Why keep leaving town like you expect to find it somewhere else? Rely on The Indwelling to manage your every need, and it will be done. Otherwise... tinker with the matter... whatever the matter might be, and... you will be permitted to do that too.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Treasury Dollar Bills vs. Federal Reserve Notes

The Treasury Dollar Act of 2020
6 Pages Posted: 7 Apr 2020
Robert C. Hockett
Cornell University - Law School

Date Written: March 27, 2020

This Bill would convert the Department of Treasury's existing 'Treasury Direct' system of universally available transaction accounts in Treasury Securities into a publicly administered digital savings and payments platform. A platform of this type is an essential public utility, hence a requirement of justice, in any 'commercial society' or 'exchange economy' such as our own. It is also growth-promoting, inasmuch as growth-tracking GDP is a measure of transaction volume, while transaction volume in turn is a positive function of speedier, more efficient, and more inclusive transacting. In this sense the prescribed system amounts both to a justice gain and to an efficiency gain.

The Bill prescribes achievement of its aim through two surprisingly simple steps, enabling full specification of what it mandates in only two pages exclusive of Findings and Definitions.

First, Treasury is instructed to issue a new class of zero coupon perpetual Treasury Bill - the 'Treasury Dollar Bill,' or 'Treasury Dollar' - valued at precisely one Federal Reserve Note (a.k.a. 'dollar bill') per Treasury Dollar. The Treasury Dollar is deemed legal tender, sufficient to discharge all obligations public and private, on a par with Federal Reserve Notes. It is in effect identical to the Federal Reserve Note (again, the current 'dollar bill') in respect of all attributes save its issuer.

Second, Treasury is instructed to add phone-accessible digital wallet capability to all Treasury Direct Accounts, such as to enable direct peer-to-peer transacting in 'real time' both among all wallet holders inter se and between wallet holders and the public fisc. The U.S. Digital Service, an executive agency housed within the Executive Office of the President of the United States, is instructed to design and implement the digital wallet capability in collaboration with Treasury.

0 said...

In addition to all citizens and legal residents of the United States, all businesses too will receive Treasury Direct wallets, and all bank and thrift institutions will be required as a condition of chartering to afford the same access to ATM, e-banking and other services to customers transacting in Treasury Dollars as they do to customers transacting in Federal Reserve Notes.

What the bill prescribes is not as exotic as some might first think. In the roughly 70 years between the Banking, Currency, and Legal Tender Acts of the Civil War era and the founding, then Note-issuance, of the Federal Reserve System well into the 20th century, Treasury issued the nation's primary currencies - best known among them the 'Greenback.' (Hence the name of that Treasury office which serves as one of our three primary bank regulators - the 'Comptroller [i.e., Controller] of the Currency.) What this bill institutes is accordingly no more than the restoration of currency issuing authority, in parallel with the Fed's continuing such authority, to our more democratically accountable Treasury.

Where new issuance is concerned, Congress may choose to limit the use of this authority to crisis situations in which immediate 'helicopter money' drops are necessary, or may authorize more continuous use of it for periodic disbursements of other kinds. In all such cases Treasury will of course have to coordinate with the Fed to avoid any possible disbursement-caused instability of the national money supply. What matters most at present is that the architecture be in place, so that all citizens, legal residents, and businesses operating in the United States have immediate access to savings and payments services free of any charge. Use of paper currency does not require fee payments; neither should use of digital currency.

Suggested Citation:
Hockett, Robert C., The Treasury Dollar Act of 2020 (March 27, 2020). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3563007 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3563007

URL here:


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The People of One Color of Belief are Naturally Suspicious of The People Who Subscribe to Another Color of Belief."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

How wonderful about the dolphin and tuna!!

Anonymous said...

Tres magnifique, mon frere!



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