Thursday, March 21, 2024

"It is So-Called because It Is Unchanging in Meaning and Outcome. This... WILL Get You That, and That... WILL Get You This."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What if it all got taken away... what would you do? Yesterday, I said to my friend, I know time has been speeding up in recent years... decades, BUT... lately it has been moving at a ridiculous clip. I don't know if there is a connection... because suddenly... just today... everything is taking twice as long to take place as it was taking when I said that yesterday.

Today is... traditionally... the first day of Spring, BUT... I heard from some corner... of the speculating world... that it really happened a day and a half... two days ago; can't remember exactly when now, or who said it either.

I don't know what is and is not relevant here. What I know is that I made a comment yesterday, and now... time has slowed down. It has slowed down enough that I can note the difference at regular intervals.

I first noticed it... this morning... when I went out to greet The Sun and exchange pleasantries; that sounds better than performing rituals does. Anyway... rituals are something that are the same... format-wise every time you perform them. What I do is not. There is a spontaneity and a flow going on.

I expected The Sun to appear within a minute or two... no more than that... I wound up standing there for what seemed to be longer than five minutes and might have been longer still. It felt longer. I had a moment where I thought; maybe it's not coming this morning. Yes... that's absurd. Still...

Something very curious is taking place. My first reaction to that is always; is it happening external to me, and something that others might be experiencing too, or... is it completely subjective? If it was just the time, I wouldn't even be bringing it up, and I don't have much of a sample size anyway; do I? It's not just the time. The birds are acting funny too, and that's not all. I don't want to start itemizing weird and out-of-place events. Let's just say... things are not what I had formerly been accommodated to.

Also... I am having this sense that... suddenly... nothing of any note is happening in The World. I couldn't get any real news links over the last couple of days, and most of what I have for today isn't really news. Then... it hit me that this eclipse is only a little more than two weeks away.

It has been noted MANY times that before something of enormous significance takes place, all sorts of anomalies begin to occur; the weather might go funny... one's time sense gets distorted... odd events take place. Now... there hasn't been any chemtrail action for almost a week. Before, I was seeing it nearly every single day.

The World had been getting more and more out-of-wack, and exponentially so... to the same degree that time appeared to be speeding up. Was it actually speeding up? That might be a matter for debate, BUT... The World going out of wack is not. The World has been going sideways by leaps and bounds. Now... it feels like the 80s all of a sudden.

What I suspect is that something is going on behind the scenes, and tremors from it... premonitions... something... something... are in the air. I can feel them. Writing this post... so far... has been similar to swimming in molasses. Normally, I don't even have to think about it. Words appear on the screen and before I am even aware of it, I'm done. Often enough, I have to go back and read it to see what got written down.

Yes... this could all be me, but I have found... through experience... proven out many times over... that I am usually ahead of the curve in such things. Every time I leave somewhere... the place I left turns into a place I am glad I left in time. I can feel certain things happening before they do. This is normal life for me. I am constantly... palpably aware of forces and presences I cannot see. I get a kind of play-by-play through my day, and that has arrived at a point where it is right there all the time now. I check in and I am met with an immediate response. Often I don't have to even check it.

What I have been hearing... at regular intervals now... is that BIG CHANGES are about to occur far and wide. I'm told there's nothing for me to worry about because it has nothing to do with me... since I am already listening. Many are not listening, and WILL... NOT... LISTEN... unless something powerful shakes them to the root of their being. I am told that this is unavoidable.

I have been told that selfish perspectives... self-involvement... self-obsession... looking-glass fever... vanity disorder... infantile regression, Carnal Hunger Syndrome, and a host of similar maladies... are the order of the day at this time. This is because Materialism has advanced to such a state that those caught up in it are completely absorbed in the spectacles external to them, and all sense of objective awareness has been lost in the minds of a vast sea of individuals playing monkey see... monkey do.

It is a common thing now to see large groups of people... wherever groups may gather... pathologically fixated on their cellphone screens. I cannot imagine what they are seeing that is so incredibly hypnotic! I see more people captivated by these tiny screens than people who are not captivated by these tiny screens. I have observed an endless flow of individuals who cannot walk anywhere or do anything without constant recourse to these tiny little screens.

My cellphone sits nearby. It is turned off. It is only turned on once a month or so for a short period of time.

People are recording everything and anything. They don't seem to be doing this consciously. People are itemizing their existence... as if every little trivial act... in their trivial little lives... had some sort of mystical significance. They are texting pictures of their meals, with detailed commentaries. They are huge schools of mesmerized fish... opening and closing their mouths on the other side of a glass enclosure. Then... hundreds of them wink away as if some signal... that only they could hear... had triggered the reaction.

The mind currents... that those of us with telepathic capacities can hear... are filled with whining complaints about nothing at all. There is an undercurrent of incipient terror that seems to be a common subliminal presence. Fear and Agitation are very much in the room... wherever the room may be. The sense of disconnectedness is startling. The Hive Mind is filled with transitory identities that could be formatted in the blink of an eye. Caution! All data will be erased in 20... 15... 10...

...I don't know. I can say these things cause I know... they won't cause any kind of panic. I don't have that kind of reach, and I'm not transmitting that sort of a message, besides... whaddya gonna do anyway? You know... just as I know... without either of us possessing the comprehensive details... that something world-shaking and of a spiritual nature is going to be taking place almost any time. It's going to manifest in both tragic and wonderful circumstances... surgically precise in terms of location and population.

Some will not see it as a spiritual event, and some will not be able to help seeing it as a spiritual event.

It seems to me that The Same Thing is going to look radically different to different groups of people. Where one group will be delighted by what happens, other groups will be driven that last... short... distance... to utter madness. Materialism... it now seems to me... is a mental illness. It divorces you from yourself, and however far afield... your sense of what is real... may depart from what is real... is the distance you must travel to return to your senses... to your reasonable and rational self... allegorically speaking.

I've been told that there is nothing anyone can do about what is in The Event Horizon. It is the culmination of several millennia of minutiae, dutifully recorded, and all of it precisely orchestrated into place for a judgment in situ. Everything will be attended to in the exact nature of what it is. Existence is an investment that has been handled in every manner that one could imagine to be possible.

I was told that those who have been seeking The Indwelling must persist in their efforts because The Indwelling is coming to greet them in kind. Those who are outwardly seeking... will also find it coming to greet them in kind... according to that which they are seeking... in terms of its meaning... its value... and its shelf life.

Everything is an investment, and you have been making investments during your entire tenure here. You will receive the full accounting of it... with interest, and... THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE! However... now it is a whole other order of return... attended by the knowledge and understanding of the one who is so involved. For some, there will be a continuing sameness. For others, The World will be stood upon its head. It will be whatever it needs to be.

Inspired scripture is an enduring tenet of Ageless Wisdom... so-called because it is unchanging in meaning and outcome. This... will get you That, and That... will get you This. What if it all got taken away? What would you do?

End Transmission.......

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AL said...

"What if it all got taken away? What would you do?"

It already has and returned mostly in kind along with a new and magical connection to that which has been awaiting my time.

What a time to be here here eh Brutha!

Much love

0 said...

Return to the no-thing of the all where one originated from. And be thankful it all got taken away. Cuz that must be what the next step is in the be-coming.


Anonymous said...

I have had this strange anticipatory feeling on and off for decades now. I even have name for it. I call it my Henny Penny syndrome. It has ramped up considerably as of late. As for “what if it all got taken away”. Live long enough and it all gets taken away one way or another. Such a dreaded fear until after its gone and then its kind of ..So What? Life is a strange journey but ends well for those paying attention and seeking.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Enormous significance? Oroville dam breaching would be interesting.

Chemtrails. We're gettin' royally whacked here. (If I had the time to kill, I think I'd rearrange a crooner song that I hate. CHEMTRAILS IN THE NIGHT. (exchanging toxins. . .)

Wonder how many get into near lethal or lethal accidents, staring at their 'tiny screens'? I could look it up, and I'm sure there are some doozy screwtubes on it, but after what I just went through with traffic and a credit union clerk who I might as well have been speaking a foreign language to, considering her not following my instructions, I am in no mood for pointless entertainment, being one of those who blows a gasket if one nanosecond of my time is wasted when I have something to do. I am so glad I don't have a cell phone, I/Pad/Pod, or whatever else people are carrying around these days. When I'm not in front of the Mac, my life is REAL, and not virtual. I don't combine the two. It can be bad for one's health. (Have you walked into an open manhole (or is that personhole today) recently? One thing I haven't done. At least not in this life.


Strideby said...

I would smile and wave at the Sun as my comrade's hovel is nearly vacant!
Some pile of junk and some useful items for when the brown stuff strikes the roto-oscillator.
If I'm blessed a relocation to Pineland will be in order as a true brother lives there.
Just today I said Thank You God for having this person cross my path two decades ago.
If we are all blessed then we will get one more chance to get right from a kind and loving God and the communist one party CPUSA (D) rule coup in the former USA will be dealt with.
An optimist bud said America has a remarkable ability to correct and this madness just can't go on but we shall see.
Fear is really all the controllers have and they use it way too much now.

word bird said...

And with every investment comes return and risk.
"Whoever humbles himself (risk), he will be greatest in the kingdom of heaven (return)".
"Everyone who confesses JC before children of men (risk), JC shall confess him also before his Father in heaven (return)".
"Whoever will deny JC before the children of men (no risk), JC shall deny him also before his Father in heaven (negative return)".
"Everyone who commits an offense against a little one (risk of the wrong kind), he will wish he had a millstone tied to his neck and thrown into the ocean (pedophiles who murder children in satanic rituals will beg for the negative return of being thrown in the ocean with a millstone around their necks, compared to the actual negative return they will get in spades).

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

They Are So Stupid that They Cannot See that They Are on a Leash and Being Toilet-Trained by a Stool Sculpture Banker."

Anna Cordelia said...

I can't say that I'm noticing time changing in exactly the fashion you are, Visible, but I have been noticing more than the usual number of "coincidences" this past week - as in, I'll post a question about something in a commenting forum, and then I'll get an answer within a day or so... but in a completely different forum from where I posted my original question.

On another topic (sort of!)... I was sent this today, and thought you'd find it interesting... both because you are so adroit about how much has gone wrong in the Arts, and because you are a sage about all things 9/11:

(Interestingly, the link above is actually a re-post from, which you put me onto a few weeks back, but I thought I'd send you the re-post because the woman writing this blog seems to be good at finding really interesting articles, and I thought you might want to peruse her archive.)

P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your Prayer for the Palestinians. I printed out a copy, and it is a joy to read it every day BELIEVING other like-hearted people are doing the same.

Visible said...

Thanks! I'll put that in the links on Monday. There's a lot of new information there; new to me.

Short bus driver said...

thanks visible, thank you for the heads up about everything. Whenever some shit goes down in the world I always turn to your blog to have your perspective on it

I have also had recent changes (massive changes) that have occurred in my life that mirror your statement

"Every time I leave somewhere… the place I left turns into a place I am glad I left in time"

I just completely have walked away from my life in a big city, with a stressful uni degree hounding me, and now I too feel so free that it seems like times is going half as fast, because I have all the time in the world to walk my path

so the big changes in my life are occurring at the same time as the cosmic changes. Quite sublime. Im glad to be free again.


Visible said...

Great to hear from you, my dear friend. You are in my prayers.



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