Tuesday, March 26, 2024

"It is an Insanity that Drives Those... With Far More than They Need... To Commit Crimes no Conscience Can Long Endure."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It is a general rule of thumb that people with too much money are... by nature... Satanic. Satanism and Materialism are indistinguishable. You could say the one is an acolyte of Satan and the other of Mammon... is there really any great difference there? So... it should come as no surprise that... they only give away money when they have to... when either the government or public opinion forces their cold... tight... clutching... hands.

It should also come as no surprise that when they are compelled one way or another to part with a pittance of their wealth... they will donate it to the most disruptive sorts of agendas; George Soros exemplifies this form of giving.

The rest seek out venues that make them look good in the eyes of other tight-fisted motherfuckers.

I am not saying all rich people are evil. There is a percentage... a much smaller percentage... that seeks to do good... sees themselves as stewards of that wealth. MOST OF THE TIME though... most of the time... there's something in it for them... whatever course the money takes. It is in... the... nature... of... The Beast.

If I were to tell you what awaits the rich... later on down the road... you would never envy them again. They have forged... brick by brick... a hard road to go. I could attempt to illustrate some of the end results... for there are many end results... each tailored to the specific needs of the individual. I will demur. Let me simply say... that your imagination is not equal to the ingenious minds of those whose job it is to choreograph what waits for them... event-wise... in a location they built for themselves... with every step they did... and did not take... to get there.

Being rich is a matter of Karma... it happens according to what you can borrow... or have invested... in the building fund's resources. Some people stay poor for one lifetime after another. Some do this intentionally... because they don't want any part of the Hell that being rich brought them to... the last time they had a season there. That's how bad it can get.

Anyone who has ever wondered how such great cultures... such marvelous collaborations of trade... art... and all kinds of wonders from round The World... could fall from such a bustling and industrious state; look now at those vermin who mean to tear it down and rebuild it in their own toxic image. Look at the murderous insanity that drives those... with more than they could ever need... to commit crimes no conscience could long endure... to bring political and social systems into existence... whose previous history shows only carnage and cruelty... on an unimaginable scale.

Look to the minds that created these systems... who instituted these systems, and who maintained and operated these systems. Their names are known. Their genealogy is known. Their complete failure... at the cost of hundreds of millions of lives... is known.

Now... the very stupid among us, along with the very compromised and corrupted, as well as the completely evil... have joined hands in an effort to bring a horrific bleakness to human life. Their wealth and indifference... to anything other than the satisfaction of their own needs... has made them selfish and arrogant enough that they might be... and have been... possessed by ancient forces who bear no love for humanity, and seek to wreak unspeakable horrors upon all life.

They imagine that they are Gods. Even now... one of the world's smallest and richest demographics... plots to exterminate the poorest demographic on Earth. They intend to do it while The Whole World is watching. Then they intend to spin your understanding of it through the hydra-headed mouthpieces they employ to that end. They are going to fail... Big Time. This is their Waterloo.

Nearly 80 years ago... as invaders... these monsters in human form... began to exterminate and exile this race of Palestinians from their homeland. Over the decades... until now, they have forced them to live in concentration camp settings, after years of hand-wringing, and whining about their own oppression; brought about mostly by their own bad behavior. They seek to visit endless atrocities on a people whose only crime was to be on lands they coveted for themselves.

You see their apologists every day in The Lying Media. They have amassed unbelievable material fortunes through fraud... usury... and theft. They can afford to purchase the most skillful liars to trumpet their causes. Their real intentions are to murder everyone who opposes them and to enslave the entire world. That is no longer in question; not since their Killer Vaccine campaign has taken the lives of so many millions of people.

In Basel... about 130 years ago... a ravening psychopath created something called Zionism. It led to what happened to The Palestinians, BUT it also includes a blueprint for the same thing to happen to the Syrian People... The Iraqi People... and a number of others, and... once they get those locations... they will find they need more than that still. They believe everyone besides themselves is lower than dogs, and they can do what they like to them. It says this in their own holy books.

People who are afraid of them, and people that they have purchased... support whatever they want whenever they want it. The Devil... even though he exists as a distortion of something entirely different than he classically appears to be... is still very real, and he has his people that he has also purchased, and he has empowered them with dark magics that are especially powerful in Times of Material Darkness.

However... I am here to tell you that even one righteous soul... with a working relationship with The Kingdoms of Light... need have no fear of The Devil and all his armies of night.

We are presently upon a large battlefield... which covers much of the formerly civilized world. Though the conflagration blazes in only certain locations at the moment... all it takes is a change in the wind, and the whole world might become engulfed in the horrors of war... directly or... indirectly. Existence is perched on a knife's edge. It could go either way. It could go over the edge or... it could veer away from the brink. I suggest that both will happen in different locations.

Were it not that there is a living divine entity... there would be no hope for humanity, BUT... there is an eternally living... divine being. It is an incomprehensible creature of light. Where duality is the interaction that gives us our material state... light casts a shadow. When carnal pursuits become stronger than spiritual pursuits... The Shadow grows large and looms over the hearts and minds of those who live there... then... those things that take place in the shadows become the common state.

I could write page after page... without end... and never encompass the whole of it. Others have been at it for centuries and still more continue to write in the present day... the tale unwinding never ends, BUT... it does end in certain locations... before migrating to the next locations. You can either see what is going on or... you see what you desire or you fear. Neither of these is real in any enduring fashion, BUT... there you damn well are... if there... you are.

The problem that exists... for those who seek to force their will upon The World... is that they NEVER first get command of themselves... before they set out to command everyone else. This ALWAYS leads to their downfall... and their endless efforts... to control The World... all fail, and occur... ONLY... For The Purpose of Demonstration. You don't have to be a player in these awful moments unless you have decided to be. Mind... how... you... go!!!

Those who have failed to take command of themselves... are about to learn a telling lesson worldwide... when the force of change comes up within them, and... there they were... poised and so ready... for it to happen on the outside of them. Oops!

Certain forces of destiny have been loosed in The World, and They Will Accomplish the intentions of The One who set them loose. Nothing can stop them. Even now... aspects of these forces... squirm like centipedes... in the minds of those seeking to do evil in The World. By turns... they feel the hot breath on the backs of their necks... followed by invisible... chilling... fingers... walking up and down their spines. THEY... ARE... DRIVEN! They are driven to their doom.

I take no pleasure... concerning any of the terrible fates... that are about to befall those who have caused them to happen. It is truly unfortunate. Even now... there is much that they could do... to militate against what is coming for them. They... however... resist every effort of the mercy that is yet available to them. Soon that window will close, and an entirely new world will rise up all around them, and... they will no longer be... here.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A divine post. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

Can't wait until April 8th. My, what will happen? What false flag is in store, or what ever?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les! Your writings have helped me through the years very much. It has never been more clear what is going on around me and I gain courage every day for me and my family!

Best to you,

M - said...

They think we are lower than dogs? LMAO! I think they're the excrement the dog shits out.

Compassion, love, and freedom I pray for the Palestinians - AND for all Life here on this beautiful planet that is suffering at the hands of evil intent.

If for some reason this household (cats included) are destined for annihilation just because we're in the wrong place at the wrong time, at least we will be together. I pray that will not happen, of course, and that we'll have more years together to create Joyful memories. ❤

Blessings to Everyone.

Franz said...

Right now it really is a "...large battlefield".

I was watching the Francis Scott Key bridge at the Port of Baltimore get slammed into the water by a big container ship. A ship run by the evil MAERSK monster out of Denmark. Employing the lowest wage "seaman" in the world. Then I remember... deja vu of a sort kicked in.

It was the same sort of day I had when The Old Man of the Mountain slid into the valley in New Hampshire all those years ago. The country will die when the Old Man "Stone Face" goes, the local yokels kept saying. On May 2 2003 it went.

Humans make tools and symbols to tell us things and then (Jung thought) the symbols speak to us and tell us what's happening. In 2003 and this morning in Baltimore, they were loud and clear

Something's coming. It's on the way.

Visible said...

Something doesn't seem right there... does it? Then there is the freakish weather. The problem with trying to predict anything is that you never know if it's God or the demonically possessed who did it, and which time God did it on purpose, and which time he just stepped out of the way. That's a very rough approximation of what I wanted to say but I didn't have an hour to spend on it right now.

Strider Coffee said...

They get off on it LV like sadists and even with all that they possess, happiness/contentment eludes them.
The rewards of this world are nothing and outside of God and Lady Nature everything in it is a Potemkin smoke and mirrors kabuki LIE.
The best reward would be a love that lasts with a person of the right sign and that is rare.
There is only one reason I don't get demoralized, because God that's why.
Only he can intervene when The Devil is nipping at your ass like Tuco Pacifico Ramirez said in the greatest movie of all time.
Coming back from the best road trip ever out to CA as a youth we grabbed a poncho, cowboy hat and boots in New Mexico, how I loved that!
Found a pack of cigarillos at the Sack-N-Save the other day for .50 cents and enjoyed a good squint.

0 said...

Hehehe... funny how they get the right side guys saying imminent black swan event, then the msm is out there saying in the next 5-10 years we'll see ww3... we've been in the cold ww3 since 2001 or so with 9/11. Hots coming soon, unless Accountability makes a magical appearance. I don't know which way it goes, but I know what shows up on the doorstep pushing force will be met with equal and opposite force. I say that and then realize with my spine as it is, maybe I'll drop form before the dance begins in earnest.

Onward... and may they meet that which they wished to avoid on the road they took to avoid it.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Timing is The Difference between Wow... and Oops! Perfect Timing is Motionless but that Feature is Impossible to Explain."

Asil said...

Hello Visible,
When I saw Bezos’ ex-wife's photo, her mouth made me think of xenomorphs, like the creature in the alien. With another set of jaws ready to emerge and kill victims. Her terrifying smile hides something ugly inside. Hard to look at that face without revulsion.



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