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"This Involves What... We at Visible Enterprises Call The Possession Game. It's How You Can Really Get Your Freak On."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The good news is that Rebbe Shmuley Boteach is headed to Haiti to sell his daughter's vibrating buttplugs.

The bad news is that they don't have any batteries there. The good news is that soon there won't be any Haitians in Haiti. The bad news is that they will be in American cities. The Biden Junta needs them in specific locations... because... once you put them in a uniform... they will do anything you pay them to do. One of the essential ingredients in urban pacification is to terrify the residents. It's a good start.

♫ Papa-Oom-Mau-Mau... Papa-Oom-Mau-Mau ♫ Jomo Kenyatta in de hous! One of the main gang leaders there is called Barbeque. I'll leave it to your imagination how he wound up with that sobriquet.

Haiti has a massive volume of Iridium.

They got lots and lots of gold, AND... they got lots of oil, and... did I mention they got a lot of copper? The only problem is they got a lot of Haitians, but... that's being taken care of. It's the same thing in GAZA; don't kid yourself. GAZA has offshore energy deposits that are... massive. However... if there are no Gazans... you see the situation? Good. ALWAYS follow The Money.

How do sexual aids become Kosher? You pay someone to say they are... unless you happen to be one of the people who get paid to say they are. Then you pay yourself. Does it matter as long as everyone gets paid?

Another phrase that was minted here is... The Truth is Antisemitic. You can use that as a yardstick at any time... because... as is the case in all Earth marriages... we are gathered here between God and The Devil to make sure it's all on the level. One rules The Unseen, and the other... heh heh... is also ruled by The Unseen. It has something to do with appearances. It has something to do with how the senses report ONLY that which is perceptible within the bandwidth of their operations.

What has that got to do with The Truth being antisemitic? What have sex toys got to do with religious rituals? Ah!!! Right... right. Okay... I get it. It all depends on the religion, AND... what that religion depends on. It's the Vau in Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh. That's kind of where you get Jehovah from. Yahweh? Ring any bells? Anyway... Vau is a hook. Like a nail. It's a something... that something else depends on... to hang where it hangs; how's it hanging?

In higher terms, it implies The Intuition. That which The Unseen uses to inform The Seen about. You'd have to be up on your Tarot- kabbalistic associations to get what I'm talking about, BUT... you don't have to be up on that to see what those who... supposedly... were entrusted with this information have done with it. Let's go to The Eastern Traditions for a little parallel cross-talk understanding. We'll still be dealing with serpents... regardless.

First, you might need a short primer on serpents... esoterically speaking. On The Carnal plane... the serpent is the snake-in-the-grass, also known as The Sex Force. It is a rooting force in every sense of the word. On The Spiritual Plane, the serpent represents Godhead... that state of spiritual illumination that occurs when THAT SAME FORCE... is raised to a higher level of operations. It's still The Sexual Force, it is still a form of sexual congress, but... you are seeking a more permanent form of union.

Are you with me so far??? Does As above so below ring any bells? Well... you see... in that other tradition they have The Kabbalah System... which depends on informational arrangements that Abramelin The Mage put into The Cosmic Excel. This was way before Microsoft. (grin) It's an abacus made for Gematria. I know this may be hard to follow if you don't have the background, but... you can feel it out.

Anyway... that system contained The Code by which Humanity could communicate with angels... since The World is composed of numbers and letters arranged thisaway and that... if you know the arrangements... you can talk to the representatives of The Invisible Hierarchy. UNFORTUNATELY... you can reverse the process and speak to demons instead.

(I should point out that you can talk to representatives of The Invisible Hierarchy regardless of the need for any mumbo-jumbo. It's good to know this before you head down to Target for a red string to tie around your wrist OR... start parsing the lyrics to Madonna's songs and looking for deeper meaning.)

This is what The Kosher Ass-Bandits got up to because... there's a lot of material world out there for the snatching, and... it's a lot easier to possess (and be possessed by it) than are the spiritual riches... which require certain forms of behavior that... PRECLUDE... being able to roll around on dead bodies... while having sex, and... later? It's drinks all around at The Overlook Hotel. Some people prefer this side of the action and Boteach is one of them.

Now... there was a time when some members of The Tribe were more attracted to The Higher Planes, and... much good it did them, BUT... when civilization began to reach a certain level of degeneration and depravity... under the relentless pressure of advancing Materialism... well... shit went sideways or... more accurately... shit went South, due to all the people looking for a hot time in The Old Town... on any given night. Night being when certain of The Lesser Unseen come out to play.

This involves what we here... at Visible Enterprises... call... The Possession Game. In order to REALLY get your freak on... you need to attract, and... open up to those forces... that REALLY know how to get freaky. Conscience... good taste... Ahimsa... these are not part of the package. It gives new meaning to down and dirty.

You know all those myths, and fables... spiritual tales that have a deeper meaning? You know there are stories about someone stealing fire from Heaven or... all sorts of other things? Well... no one EVER steals anything from Heaven. Heaven leaves it lying around in certain locations... just waiting to be found for... The Purpose of Demonstration; let's see what they do with this.

The really good stuff. The really powerful stuff... no one... ever... can steal. They are gifted to those who have earned them, and there is no easy way to become deserving, and... precious little YOU left... when you finally get them. You must first... become the person... who is able to host the ineffable because... ONLY the ineffable can properly exercise these gifts. You have to become The One to whom these gifts belong, because... only The One who can handle these things gets to handle these things. It's like The Sword in The Stone or... Jason's Golden Fleece. It wasn't called Frank's Golden Fleece.

Stop thinking there is any way for you to get your hands on anything worth having... without first becoming the person worthy of having it. All of this is monitored... there is serious inventory control. ONLY those with the keys to The Larder can get into The Larder, and those are the ones who don't care... one way or the other... about taking anything from The Larder because... they are The Larder.

Let me clarify that. You... are The Larder. EVERYTHING is contained within you. Locating it is the difficult part, and that's not going to happen when everything you are looking for is... somewhere outside of you. Oh! You'll find all kinds of things, BUT... all of them turn to dust sooner or later... either before or after you turn to dust... if that's who you think you are... that temporary conveyance you are presently motoring around in.

It's a suit of clothes, my friends, that's all it is. It is a material container that provides you with the opportunity to have a spiritual experience. You have to accomplish The Work here. You don't accomplish it somewhere else. That's why you have to keep coming back here... until... you do accomplish it. Plenty of people run around in circles... for millions and millions of years, always mistaking what they are really after... for what they think they are after. Suffering is their permanent companion.

It doesn't have to be that way. How can I impress that upon everyone still confused about The Matter; the matter of WHY you are here, and... WHO you are, and... what it all means? Ramana Maharshi used to tell people to simply repeat... who am I? Do it for long enough... with the necessary focus and intensity, and... you'll find out. There are all kinds of ways to go about it. I found one. If a fuck-up like me can find it, it shouldn't really be a problem for you.

It's simple. You have to want it more than anything else. From there it is pretty self-explanatory, and... you have to be consistent cause... half-measure avail nothing. You don't have to know Gematria... or what group of letters add up to which number(s), and... what that number means. You don't have to possess any knowledge at all. You ONLY have to love The Divine BECAUSE... those who do this... get everything else added on.

If you walk The Path of Knowledge... it doesn't matter how much you eventually come to know. You still have to come back here and walk The Path of Love. If you walk The Path of Love, to begin with, all the rest comes with it as part of the package deal.

Everything that was mentioned here really does connect to the point being made. I wasn't just humming nonsense rhymes in my head that found their way to this screen. The point is... everything is connected... everything you can see, and... everything you can't see, and it all hums at a specific vibration that causes it to manifest in a specific form for a specific time, AND... it is forever manifesting out of... and returning to... The Everlasting OM... AUM... AMEN... AMON, and so on.

This is why you want to make your way to The Causal Plane. It all makes sense from there.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Gave each airline a billion dollars to keep flying empty planes around...

That guys supposedly a pilot and he says pilots are done playing along. Guess we'll see.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

"It's still The Sexual Force, it is still a form of sexual congress, but... you are seeking a more permanent form of union."

When one thinks about base sex, its a penis going into a vagina and depositing sperm there in an enclosure where an egg has also been internally deposited and the two take up interaction within the enclosed uterus until the form has grown large enough to be expelled from that state of being.

If one tries to equate this to be-coming, we have an iteration of form that is an Enclosure that anchors the individuated consciousness that is caused to materialize for a period of time. This might be equated to the Vagina/Uterus, The Egg is the mind that exists in that individuated consciousness. The Other, which is the one to interpenetrate the iteration of form is the All, And the space within the iteration of form being penetrated is the Nothing which is what 90% of the iteration of form is comprised of. The Sex here is realizing the space in self and desiring it to be filled by that which backs all forms and then acting in such manner that such can be integrated into self.

The ones who do this successfully become enlivened in their own world while still in an iteration of form in this world. Functionally it becomes a method of seeing oneself as nobody and everybody, in the blade of grass or in the Brahma of creation, or whatever other Thing one comes to be aware of, finding self in all things. That masters of the himalayas book sorta hinted at it with the master of the masters always saying he has no name.

Thats my 2 cents. maybe its helpful, if not, discard and wander on...


0 said...

"which depends on informational arrangements that Abramelin The Mage put into The Cosmic Excel."

Magic Squares huh. Abramalins method was to pick a word, then make a Square based form and offset that one word by one letter in each next row below. The resulting gibberish became the words of the spell.



read it from top to bottom and repeat the rows over and over as the aim of willful focus.

This was the idea of being able to see what was desired from all sides of the square to bring it faster into this reality while in this iteration of form.

Be careful with it tho, asking for personal things may bring other visitors who are the gatekeepers of those things. I have a copy of abramalins book somewhere. Glad I got a hardcopy before the internet started gaslighting everything.


0 said...

"If you walk The Path of Knowledge... it doesn't matter how much you eventually come to know. You still have to come back here and walk The Path of Love. If you walk The Path of Love, to begin with, all the rest comes with it as part of the package deal"

I'd offer if ones chosen the path of knowledge its already because of impersonal love. One can't help people if they haven't helped themselves eh? But I do agree, most who go seeking the knowledge route are looking to TAKE ADVANTAGE somehow. For them, impersonal love is waiting around the bend after they take advantage and get what they thought they wanted.


0 said...

I seem to be posting overmuch, my apologies, tho I read todays page and looked ahead to the next section to be listed and found this. Sounds kinda like something I said last week...

""Why is it that many Jivanmuktas (emancipated persons) do not have higher psychic powers developed, such as levitating in the air, etc.?", asked Ram.

Rishi Vashisht replied: "Those whose wisdom is not pure, but desire psychic powers are slaves of the world. The higher psychic powers are developed through Mantras, Postures, Mudras, etc., but the true Jnani (truth seeker) does not seek or need the higher psychic powers. The truth seeker will ever try to attain the true vision of the Atma. The Jnani always tries to rest in wisdom but never goes in quest of psychic powers, levitation, etc.. Desire for worldly things or possessions are mere Maya (illusion).

"These Jnanis (truth seekers) who have risen above Maya (illusion) will never sink into it again. Jnanis who desire psychic power may develop it by Mantras, Postures, Mudras, etc., but psychic powers in their development will never bring beneficent liberation. That is the goal of the true Jnani (truthseeker). Desire for psychic powers tends to bondage; for that reason it will never appeal to the truth seeker.

"To those who have given up all desires, the Atma Jnana (Wisdom of Self) will arise without any doubt. But those who are after Sidhas (psychic powers) only, which is the seed of desire, will never attain Atma (the Self) .""

Makes sense to me.

Take it easy,

Beach Dude said...

"who am I?"

The Eclipse on 04/08 is the 4 year anniversary of a very little known event.

A call went out on 04/08/2020. most people never heard it. Everyone was shelter in place.

I was in Palm Desert California at a gas station and heard a lady whisper on the wind. You must go to ____. I had never heard of the place or the people. I didn't even think it was a real thing. It's the oldest tribe in North and South America (ever native American tribe says that) their records go back beyond the ice age.

I shook it off as nonsense. I went in the store. Got a couple packs of Smokes and a coffee. I heard the same lady's voice. You must go. You must go now. Go to this place.

So I looked it up again. It was over 900 miles away and I had to drive through death valley. I thought no way. Then the lady said you muuuusssst go! Go now!

So I put my car in gear and went. I drove non stop except for getting gas to this place. It was in the middle of nowhere. A water well. Filled with dirt. I had no idea why I was even there or what I was supposed to do. Another fella a Shaman. Showed up at the same time coming from minasota. He said I heard this lady tell me to come here in a whisper. I said oh thank God! I'm not the only nut bag. I just drove over 900 miles here.

He beat the drum. I walked around and then I got the idea to stand in the dirt Filled water well.

The elders of the oldest tribe showed up. ND said, nobody has stood in it in thousands of years. People have come and looked at it, but you are the first in thousands of years to stand in it. I told them, I didn't know why I was there. I heard a lady whisper on the wind. I didn't know why I stood in the center of the well. I just did.

0n that day not a single person entered any kind of house of worship. Not a single person. Not a mosque, not cathedral, not a temple. The whole world was shelter in place.

The call went out to over 8 billion people on the planet and only 2 of us showed up. I'm still very good friends with the Shaman. I had never met him before that day.

And I still ask. Why me? Why did I hear it. Why did I go? What does it mean?

Then before I came on your sites LV, I had heard there is an Eclipse that starts the exact day to the minute!!! To the exact minute I stood in the dry well, 4 years later.

The elders said to me, once all lands connected into one big land and there was only one big ocean. The place you stood in is "the point of creation." Where all land started.

I don't have all the answers, but ask frequently, why me? Who am I? Why did I go stand there on a day when not a single person entered any place of worship. On the planet! First time not a single person enters a place of worship on the planet in recorded history. And I'm standing in a dry well what the oldest tribe says is the exact point where creation started???

I don't know what to do with any of that. I don't know what to do next. I don't know why me and what was the point of it. I don't have a religion. I too follow Christ. But I just call God THE DUDE. And i have my rants with THE DUDE and all that too. Many times.

I know some stuff. Actually alot of stuff. But that doesn't make me special. Lol. I can't walk on water. That I know of.

But I pray alot. Tonight I'm going to a county jail to do some ministry type work.

Thanks for all you do. When I asked the elders why me? They said, Why not you?

And I didn't know there would be an eclipse on the 4 year anniversary to the minute the day I drove 900 miles through death valley to stand in a water well filled with dirt, while a shamman beat a drum and some old Indians watched. All because I heard some lady whisper on the wind. And I had no idea what I was even doing.

And I didn't know there was an eclipse until a month ago. I don't know what to think about it all. Really.

I spose THE DUDE Does. And I trust that.

AL said...

Many thank Les for that lovely little novel that was at the bottom of the last post you made but seems to have disappeared. Something of The Brotherhood and Brutha I'm on it and can't leave it alone.

Love man

Beach Dude said...

You know the thing is LV, that day I had a fossil in my pocket. It was an old shell fossilized in a rock. It looked like an old white Indian chief. I asked the elders about it. They said we don't know anything about it. So I left and headed back to Palm Desert California. So my roommates didn't worry. Along the way I stopped to get out of the car and I found one of them Divine labyrinths. So I walked the entire divine labyrinth and in the center was a rock painted like a turtle. So I took the shell fossil rockthat looked like a White Indian Chief, and sat it on top of the rock painted like a turtle and said, the stone that was rejected by the elders became the cap stone.

Then left. I don't know why I did it. Or why that came to me. But I did it.

The Whole thing was weird. There is no instruction manual with any of this. Sometimes I see it and know what I'm doing. Sometimes I just do stuff and not know why till late.

Like the very next day after all that. I started getting up every morning and going to the window and saying Let what is hidden and done in secret be know. Let there be light!

And I still do that every day.

And I still ask. Why me? Who am I? What is the point?

I'm just trying to get a good home of my own, find a good job where I don't have to work so much find a good woman to settle Don with. I been traveling ever since. Almost been on the mountain a year now. And I'm ready to leave.

I learn so much since then. But i still wonder is the whole point. And wonder why me and all that. I just wanted to be a normal person. LOL. I don't how I even know some of the stuff I know. I just know it.

And that is the honest truth.

Anyway. I'm tired of being the Mountain Dude. And I'm ready to be the Beach Dude.

I lived on the beach for a year. I miss the beach. And the ocean and warm sun on my face. If you remember in your busy day. Say a prayer for me. I feel stuck.

Beach Dude said...

Sorry for the rant. Something you said stored something up in me. So I just confessed. Hahaha. I don't know how I know the stuff I know sometimes and I don't knownwhy I do the stuff I do sometimes. I just know it. And I just do it. Then I learn later oh that means this. Hahaha.

And ever since I stood there I have some wild stuff happen. I hoped in an elevator with Elon Musk by chance and road up 5 floors with him. I was out driving and stopped in Jackson hole to get a coffee and get out of the car and walked into the wrong room on accident and later found out that was the fed meeting there. I apologized and they shut the door. I was just looking for a place to be still and quiet.

I didn't even know the fed meeting was there or that I walked in on it on accident until 3 weeks later. Hahaha.

Like when I stood in the well. The elders said nobody has stood there for thousands of years. People have seen it and walked around it. I felt bad and said oh I'm sorry. I just stood in it. I don't know why. I just did. I said I don't even know why I'm here. I heard this chick wishper on the wind and she is was very adimant i come here. I don't know who she is. So I came here. Sorry for standing in your dirt well.

They just stood there and stared at me.

That is the honest truth. Why me? What is the point? I have asked THE DUDE that a million times.

Well enough rant. I'm listing for a while. Sometimes when I'm still. The answers come later. So that is what I do. Alot. I sit still and just be quiet.

I think all them smiley faces you saw in the video were for you. That is why I posted it. So you could see all the people smiling you have touched. It doesn't include all the smiles outside the stadium LV. But you get the point.


Visible said...

Consider it done.

Visible said...

Consider it done.

Beach Dude said...

Thank you. Actually what I do every morning say let what is done in secret and what is hidden be known, and I grab the curtains then rip them open and say, let there be light! I do every day since I went where the lady who whispered on the wind sent me. Then feel the sun on my face.

I spose THE DUDE is doing for us what we can't do for ourselves. That is the answer that came to me. That is the best way for me to look at it. I don't have to understand it. Just trust. It.

Thanks again. Not sure when I will be back.i need a digital detox for a while.

Oh i hope your avatar guy shows up soon and fixes everything. I hope I get to meet him. I got some questions for him. Maybe he knows.

Visible said...

He most certainly knows, and one can communicate with him whether he has descended entirely or not. He is reachable on the planes he is present on.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"This is What Comes of Having Vested Interests that Can Be Diminished or Taken From You, If... You... Tell... The... Truth."

Anonymous said...

I'd have sworn you wrote this "RISHI SINGH GHERWAL

You were thinking that too no?

Visible said...

Heh heh. Actually, that never occurred to me.



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