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"Materialism Celebrates The Animal Drive which Generates The Material Forms over which... The Horned One Presides."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I want to continue with the concept of Wanting and how it shapes The World around you. Materialism is a fire... that is whipped into a fury... by winds of desire. Wanting is inflamed... hunger is everywhere, and all carnal hunger is directly connected to the shared collective unconscious of every living thing.

Materialism celebrates The Animal Drive which generates material forms over which The Horned One presides. The Unity Principle of Eternal Love is resident with all creatures (here below), AND... is always stronger... though appearances might indicate otherwise, and... this confuses people which is ♫ the nature of my game ♫ The Inner Life being the stronger force is the reason for that line of scripture which says; “greater is he that is in me than he that is in The World”

The System that produces the landscape of Materialism... and everything it contains... is fed by this hunger... that acts like the fires that drive the engines of transport and commerce. The Fire is ALWAYS hungry. It never gets its fill. The more you feed it... the hungrier it gets. This is based on actual laws that control the movements, and... the creation of everything you see before you... on this plane.

It moves faster and faster. It gets hotter and hotter... due to the friction created by the passage of everything moving through, and around, and up against everything else. Yes... I am being lyrical, but... if your eyes were to be opened... you would see that it is literal.

Existence does not appear as it actually is... because it is viewed through a haze of smoke... that rises from the fires... that feed on dirty fuel. It rises in the minds... that dwell on the images... woven out of the condensation of material desire. It is the impurities in the fire... that create the smoke... that obscures the clearer vision of... what is before you on all sides... no matter whichaway you turn.

Yes... I am being lyrical again, but... if your eyes were to be opened... you would see that it is literal. You are literally in a dreamscape... that is controlled by powerful magic... that seduces the senses into a trance state, and it is HUNGER... WANTING... that drives it all... that turns the wheels of industry... that both attracts and repels... that moves in a simulation of night and day... upon a stage where opposites... perform a mating dance... that fills the world with temporary... animated... life forms.

Existence is a play... of acts that follow one another... individually and collectively... in a specific time frame from beginning to end... even though it never ends, and... it had no beginning. You are here. You play your part. You are gone. You are here again. It can never be accurately explained because it is ALL in a state of continuous contradiction. Everything you think, say, and do... further involves you in more... of... the... same.

You can think of it as being trapped in a swamp. It is very much like that. You can imagine it is like dreaming underwater and trying to wake up. It is very much like that. You can think of it as something that ends and then... begins again immediately, but... you are unable to remember who you were. and what you were doing then... before it ended... and began all over again. It is very much like that.

It is, and it isn't... very much like that.

There is a part of you that... always exists... apart from the turmoil and temporary peace you are passing through. If you can make contact with it... your eyes will open, and you will see everything exactly as it is. It will look nothing like it presently appears to be. Everything you presently see... is given its form and meaning by the quality of attraction... or repulsion... you feel for it. If you try to break free... you can well become even more entangled...

I can tell you how to escape. It is a very simple and fool-proof method. You just stop wanting anything that lives and dies. The Rules of Engagement will change for you... because The Laws of Attraction will cease to impact upon you as they did before. I have told you this already, but the Separated Mind that you read it with, said, yeah... yeah... yeah... and moved right on to the next item. You live on an assembly line of thoughts... that are powered by feelings, and directed by attention or the lack of it. The ability to focus the attention is a magical act.

It is how The Universe was created. You have been invested with all the powers of your creator, BUT... you misplaced them... when exterior attractions came to rule over you, instead of your ruling over them. You forget who you are and wander lost until you find yourself again. How long might that be? It could go on for a very... long... time. Yes... I am being lyrical, but... it is literally true.

In Times of Advanced Materialism... the heat is greater... the wind is stronger... the noise is louder, and the images are moving faster than they were, but not as fast as they soon will be. Therefore Time... or your perception of Time... has speeded up. Soon it will appear to be moving so fast that it will seem too dangerous to imagine stepping off of it... whatever it is. All of this is happening in your mind, and... none of it is real.

To stop wanting, you have to turn down the flame in your belly and the area directly beneath it. Then the pressure forces the heat upward through stages of refinement. There are disciplines that you can engage in that will make the process easier and more certain, BUT... this is something you have to want with all your heart because... otherwise... you shouldn't even bother. You won't get anywhere with half-measures.

Arresting the compulsion to want is not the end of the matter. It is the beginning. Before this... you were standing on the not-so-merry-go-round... processing the assembly line of thoughts that were completely occupying your attention, as it jumps from one thing to another. Now you must step away from the thoughts that are passing through your mind, and let the merry-go-round spin them off in every direction. These are not your thoughts to begin with. It doesn't matter what happens to them. They will land wherever there is business to conduct concerning them.

Now that the flame has been turned down in the belly, and the location directly below it, there is a great deal less wasted force. It is a good idea now... to allow your awareness of wanting... to migrate to the next location... directly above the belly, and let that become the locus of your wanting... because... you are not going to be able to get rid of The Wanting... not yet at any rate, and not in any way you can presently understand it.

Once the wanting is in residence... in the next location... above the belly, the focus of attention becomes very important. It is here that Desire is transformed into Aspiration. Let me digress for a moment to say that it is possible to do the same thing in a variety of ways. There are any number of approaches... legitimate approaches... each of them will be as successful as the degree of dedication and persistence that is brought to the effort.

It's very easy to screw up at this location if the attention is still directed outwardly. This should be avoided at all costs. However... the danger is neutralized if all external expressions of this force are impersonal. To love effectively and without harm, one should mimic The Sun.

Let me be clear about the boundaries between the angelic and the demonic realms... they are defined by the quality of your desires... which determine the landscape of your residence. You live according to the quality of The Wanting that drives you. This determines whether you are in the company of demons or angels. It has been said that around every demon there is an aura of light that indicates the angel... concealed by that which obscures it... due to the character of the one perceiving.

It is all a trick of The Mind.

Times of Material Darkness are like a dirty kitchen at night. Turn on the light and watch them run! The company you keep is determined by the quality of your wanting. Junkies of a feather shoot up together. If you seek to live above The Fray... above the clamor and confusion... you are going to find that the crowd has thinned considerably. Some prefer the smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowds. Some do not. Each of them reap exactly what is to be found in the context of their wanting.

Wanting... not wanting... it's a timeless contradiction. Peace profound awaits where wanting has been stilled, BUT... BUT... Desire is eternal. Then it should be obvious... shouldn't it? It is all decided by WHAT you want; desire or aspire... aspire or desire? Are you on a circle or a spiral? If you don't want what is HERE. If the true object of your affection is... THERE, why... then I am confident that the electromagnetic slipstreams will bear you to the location of The Heart's Desire, whatever... and wherever... that... may... be.

Everybody gets what they want... sooner or later. Everything you see here is a product of that. What people want at any given time is often not the same thing at another given time. Often they are not the same person at a later date. Want just that one thing. It never ages or changes. It is appropriate for any time or place. Everything else worth having comes with it anyway. One suffers when one falls in love with the creations of time and the children of time. These come and go.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Understanding, be thy name. :P


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ayuh, I can't stand it here, and I'm having my fun watching it all fall apart. I'm waitin' for my oneway ticket to Tech Duinn, and everything else can go to Hell. I'll assume I get my Akashic Library Card when I land.

Nostrils to the sky!

M - said...

If anyone is interested, Majdi Fathi (a freelance photographer in Gaza) has chronicled what life's like in Gaza via photos. Here is his FB page:

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"Someone Please Bring in The Musicians... so that Those Shuffling Their Feet won't Look Like Such Feckless Cowardly Scum."



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