Monday, February 26, 2024

"In a War Between The False Self and True Self, The Outcome is Never in Doubt. One of Them was Not Real to Begin With."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Jacob Rothschild has left for his next port of call.

Yesterday, an Air Force soldier burned himself to death in front of The Israeli embassy.

He was screaming, Free Palestine! While he could still scream. Then he stood there. I have never seen that before. The amount of determination that must have taken was exceptional. I remember when this happening by Buddhist monks factored heavily in the ending of The Vietnam War.

Now to the post;

The insufferable arrogance of little men... with big and inflated delusions of their own power... who seek to blot The Sun from the sky. God help them all in their certain, and... terrible defeat.

They make war against that which is beyond their understanding... upon the battleground of their own being. It is a Pyrrhic victory... it is they that are immolated, and like Carthage... sown with salt... there will be nothing to see from them for a very... very long time.

The sleaziest... most unbelieving... self-serving... criminal scoundrels among us have put forward the stupidest and most carnal minds to take visible control... of various machinery in this culture... that they have not a clue about operating, They have placed them in the judiciary... in academia... in social circles... where they can act out like marionettes... under the control of those too clever by far to survive their own mischief.

I was speaking with a representative of the ineffable yesterday. It was the ineffable... of course... but he uses intermediaries... step-down transformers... to communicate with us... because even an infinitesimal fragment of his power would burn us to ash in a nano-second. I was temporarily outraged about the chemtrails, and I said something like; doesn't it bother you?

I felt a powerful pressure, and then my frame began to shake and he said, “Who do you think is more likely to be offended and outraged by this nasty business, you... or me? Whose sky is that, and out of what... or should I say whom... is it made? Whose sun sits shining there?” I replied, yours, My Lord.

“Yes...” he responded, “that would be my sky and my sun, and my world that is cloaked in toxic chemical garbage. Again, I ask you, who do you think would have more right to be outraged and offended by this, you... or me?” Once again came the pressure and the involuntary shuddering. You, Lord, I replied.

“Yes, it would be me. Look, Visible. I am a more behind-the-scenes kind of a guy. I work THROUGH others... through other mediums. I use other vehicles for the hands of my industry. At the same time, I am mostly hands-off... because people get themselves into these scenes of suffering, and they have to wish to get out of them, and... that's where I come in... usually.

“Usually... of course... it is also not an apocalypse, and in an apocalypse, I have very active agents of change, and one of them is Lady Nature, who is a direct expression of my will. Let me handle this nonsense. I have already inspired the proper agents and agencies of change in this regard.

“Usually... Visible... when something comes to your attention, and... you bring it to my attention, it is because I have already dealt with it, but you have not yet seen the change, and... you think you need to bring it to my attention, and... I am actually the one who brought it to your attention... after the let you know... I have already taken care of it. It just hasn't appeared yet. It will.”

He hasn't grabbed me from the inside in a while. That was more of a regular feature in former times. No doubt... I needed to be grabbed and shaken more often then. These days... I scarcely notice the bit in my mouth anymore. Still... he wanted me to know that he is properly offended by the chemtrails, and far more so than I am.

He understands their intentions in this respect. I suspect he knows that this is them... declaring war on him, and The Sun is the most obvious emblem of his being on this plane. It also occurs to me that he intends to see that they come to a place where The Sun don't shine, and... have the opportunity to reside there for a good long while, so as to get a lasting feel for what it is like. The terrors we might think we are creating for others, we are creating in a more lasting format for ourselves, and... the reverse is true as well.

The Sun is the face of God... the Altar of God on the manifest level. It is the source of all life and love... as it is understood... within the various bandwidths of this plane. There are... of course... much higher expressions of life and love outside the parameters of the senses, BUT... we have the lure of this constant reminder... that there is a denser, and more completely penetrating light... for those who aspire upward, in... every... sense.

One needs to understand that The Great Lord creates the evil and the good... so that he can have a contention of opposites... on the manifest plane... to observe, and... perform through... for his entertainment. I know... many people cannot get their head around the idea that an immortal, all-powerful... all-wise being would do such a thing... simply for sport... simply for his own enjoyment. However... I must assure you that this is true. Keep in mind, he also goes through it all in his various permutations of form that come and go here.

It works out okay in the end. Keep this in mind. It works out okay in the end. A reasonable mind cannot understand this. One must transcend reason to understand.

It's different for him BECAUSE... he is not attached to any of it, and he is not invested in the outcome, so... it doesn't hurt. It doesn't feel the same way as it does for most of the life forms here, who are attached to it all, and... who are invested in the outcome.

This is a profound and remarkable trick of The Mind, and... once you are able to perform it... you will see what I mean. A divine detachment from the pomp and circumstance will put you backstage too. It will cloak you in a delightful anonymity, that takes you out of the scrimmaging of... the desire for gain, and... the desire for personal aggrandizement; that need... to be celebrated... as someone exceptional.

None of us are exceptional... except those who allow The Divine unhindered passage through them, and... a continuous and conscious residence within them. As for the rest... let me sum it up in a statement I like to make now and again; you can lead a whore-to-culture but you can't make her think. You can dress a pig up in a ballgown, but... it's still a pig. A man can pretend to be a woman. Still... he would need to be a man in the first place to do that. It's unlikely that is the case.

When a culture goes into decline... such as you can easily see all around you at this time... strange perversities begin to proliferate. Vermin appears... to feed on the filth that such a decline produces. There is a driving need to legitimize it all. Scholars write books on that very thing. Psychologists... twist what little science they possessed in the first place... into something unreasonable and unrecognizable. They make monsters out of things that were cute when they were small.

Let us not bandy about words... in a cynical attempt to soothe those... so bent out of shape by the devolution that surrounds them... that they literally... do not know their ass from a hole in the ground, and they treat it like it is... too. What nightmare creatures... indeed... will dance under a gibbous sun, what awful creatures will spring from such hellish plantings? Garbage in... garbage out.

There is no help for much of what we see. It will be allowed to die out, as it has no sane future. Some of it might migrate underground... to dwell with the creators of chemtrails. Some of it will regress into a germ state, and masquerade as one disease or another... until mercy strikes them dead... for a time... depending on whatever terrible state they have gotten themselves into into. There lies the real horror. There is no death. There is only change.

That is the horror and the wonderful beauty of the matter... there is endless change, and we all... in time... become that which we aspire to. We cannot all become The Sun, but... we can become like The Sun. How would we ever notice the difference? Does one... shining for the good of all... spend any time thinking about it? They are lost in the experience of doing so. They have forgotten themselves in the service rendered.

They are no longer in a stage of separation from the whole. They are no longer on the cross in any way that troubles them. There are roses blooming on their cross! Warring elements CAN BE brought into harmonious accord. It is the purpose of being here; paradise lost, and paradise regained. You are... presently... in the interim. Success is speedy for the energetic, or so... The Man himself once said.

The folly of the fools... who plot against the order and well-being of others, is that they can never get behind the primary author of the landscape they operate in. Nor can they get ahead of him either. I am bound for Ataraxia. They would prefer to dwell in its opposite number. In a war between the false self and the true self... the outcome is NEVER in doubt. One of them is not real, to begin with. Every nightmare and bad dream will pass away. They are merely the temporary weather of the separated self.

End Transmission.......

I mentioned the use of OM when greeting The Sun at morning and evening. OM is a skeleton key that works with everything. The mantra more specific to The Sun is Hrim (hareem). This is a good primer on the matter of basic mantras.

I have come across something that will be very attractive to some of you. It is called, Great Masters of The Himalayas. If you scroll down the linked page you will see... on the right-hand side... the various formats that are available. Here is the download link for PDF.


And... last but not least, here is an informative piece;


Links are available at GAB=


Anonymous said...

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, OM, GBE, CVO (29 April 1936 – 26 February 2024)

It makes one wonder what his next assignment will be.


Visible said...

Stoker; occupation and residence, a work-from-home thing. For someone whose whole life was about money and power, he didn't seem to know much about accrued interest. cross-platform-wise.

0 said...

Great post, thanks for lending perspective as always. Reminders are more needful in the thick of things. :)

On that note, did you ever see a film called "the nines"? Ryan Reynolds flick... I had to watch it a few times to catch it all. Good film for what it is. Seems to fit todays post.

Take care pal,

Kazz said...

Vis ~ 'One needs to understand that The Great Lord creates the evil and the good... so that he can have a contention of opposites... on the manifest plane... to observe, and... perform through... for his entertainment.'

God doesn't create evil, only that which is evil creates evil. Evil is inevitable in a free will creation as evil occurs in the absence of that which is Divine, and in a free will Creation one has a choice as to whether they follow God's Will or their own. This is how the wheat is separated from the chaff.

Jesus the Christ told Peter, '“Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”(Matthew 16:23). If serving one's own will could get you into Heaven Jesus would not have had to come out of Babylon to ascend, and Buddha would not have had to leave the palace to ascend. Those who serve the left and right hand path of duality serve the darker demonic energies within Creation, which have nothing to do with God.

Even though it is true that evil serves God's purpose and those who are called to serve God, it is only because God uses everything within Creation to serve his/her purpose for Man, which is to fulfil God's Covenant to become One with God. Evil is like the mulch that is left after preparing food, you don't want to eat it but it is great fertiliser to put on the garden to make it grow. In other words, those who do their will instead of God's make great compost. This is why St Augustine said, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” (Matthew 12:25). Satan's worldly kingdom is a duality which is divided against itself, so one simply has to do the math.

Man created duality to serve a select group, not God. The so called 'good men,' known as the founding fathers, exterminated the indigenous just like those who run the corporate state of Israel are exterminating the Palestinians today. Captain Cook and his corporate cohorts exterminated the indigenous in Australia, whose understanding of the cosmos came directly from the Vedic tradition of which you are so fond.

God knew there would always be those who would prey upon their fellow Man, which is why God, in God's infinite wisdom, created the Holy Spirit to get the good folk home and Karma to take care of all the fallen. God's justice, unlike Man's, is fair, just, precise, and it never changes, even though it may take a number of lifetimes to play out. Karma is a real sweetheart if you walk with God, if you don't she is an absolute bitch, so I say to all those who think they know better then God, 'GOOD LUCK WITH THAT'.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Let's leave the personal attacks out of your occasional bi-polar eruptions. You know nothing about me and even less about yourself. I am fond of ALL legitimate traditions and quote Jesus The Christ MORE than anyone else. Your total lack of knowledge about what is and is not... what happened and what did not happen... are sufficient for the reader to understand the pathologies that drive you. I don't need to add any more

♫still crazy after all these years♫

One thing further. I am painfully familiar that you write these things only to get a reaction so that you can go on ad nauseum here. You've done this plenty of times before. Keep in mind what my reaction to this will be BEFORE you take all that time writing something no one will read. Me included.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,
Can't stop laughing at your response to the christian fanatic, the bit about knowing herself less than you! Spot on, and reminded me of one of the most common and disgusting forms I see of the devil these days, the form of fanatical christians thinking that the devil is somehow not a part of creation, not a part of god, not the attorney general in the courts of the lords of karma, like you keep on saying. And that probably means that said person never recognizes the evil coming out of them either, like the devil not being a part of god, they never own their bad behavior but think of themselves like their god, pure and without evil. All they see is the evil in others and never in themselves, what a stinking mess of a person that creates. I would send them to hell but the fact is that they are already in it more than anyone else really, so lets hope all these freaks disappear with all the other evidently evil people like Swab, Rothschild, Gates and company. Really enjoying your perspective, thank you for your love of the real God that feeds my love of the same!
A friend from greece.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Welcome to Thoughts of Glitter and Tinsel... There is a Neon Vacancy Sign for Minds Inhabited by Creatures of Appetite."

0 said...

Hey Viz,

Thanks for the link to the Great Masters of the Himalayas. Thats a nice read so far. Makes me wanna go check out the Cave of Bagh. :) I've always enjoyed spelunking/exploring.


Visible said...

It's written with a simplicity and directness that authenticates it for me. It reminds me a bit of Autobiography of a Yogi. I am enjoying it immensely, but I am going slow because there is not a lot of it.

Kazz said...

Satan is God's adversary, not a son of God. Jesus was a public defender, not the prosecutor. I said satan doesn't have anything to do with God, not that satan was not part of Creation. God is to Creation as an artist is to his painting or sculpture. Satan was inevitable in a world where Man could choose to oppose rather than serve God. Satan is at the mercy of karma, not in charge of it, as are all creatures who are yet to ascend.

In Job when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, Satan also came among them, but he did not come as a son of God, he came as God's adversary. Satan reacted to God's claim that Job was a godly man by assaulting both Job and God, by questioning Job's motives and therefore the reality of Job's righteousness, by insisting that Job's love for God was self-serving, and he further implied that God was naive and had deceived himself. Satan concluded that God had thereby failed in his attempt to reconcile the human race to himself.

What this reveals is that satan is full of shit and so are those who serve him. Thank you for attacking me because it clearly illustrates that satan and those who are enslaved by him do not serve God, which is kind of what I was getting at.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

I am only putting this comment up as evidence of your intentions here. You come to cause trouble... to stir shit... to create disharmony... sow dissension Oh! What do you know? That's just what Satan does. You look for things to argue about and hope you can rope someone in. You have remained true to form. You never change.

None of the things you are arguing about in this comment is anything I said. What I have said is that The Devil serves God because EVERYTHING serves God's Purpose. You find anything you can stick your oar into. Then you invent things that other people are supposed to have said; you really should be working in The Media! How do I put this? You are a natural.

Anyway, that's it for you, for this go round. No one is going to be reading any further arguing from you here, and that includes me. I have deep training that allows me to instantly see who is saying whatever and simply cause it to disappear. Heh heh... I'm kind of a despot. I prefer a... benevolent dictator. In any case... run along now... there are other places where you can find the freedom to pontificate and annoy people. Here is just... well... here is just not that place.



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