Tuesday, February 13, 2024

"To See Something that Only Makes Sense in The Lens of Appetite... that Only Has Meaning... when Translated by Desire."

God Poet Transmitting.......

After a government has been around for a while, it begins to exhibit the characteristics of a living thing, and like all living things, it wants to survive. It begins to create all sorts of subterfuge to justify its existence in the minds of the people it rules over. It becomes capable of ANYTHING. Some are dreaming of a coming Bolshevism that is steroid-enhanced. What do you think of our new Room 101, Winston?

Governments are like any agenda, and they're cute when they're young, BUT... eventually they turn into Skynet. It has employees and funds and both of these need to be increased regularly to compete with all the other agendas. The Gay Movement is like this. It doesn't reproduce naturally... neither do governments or agendas.

They have to find a way to replicate and expand their personnel, and that justifies the need for programming and propaganda. Alternative sexual persuasions do not exist in any numbers when a culture is still vital and growing. Sexual perversity, and the justification for its existence... only comes into being when a culture is in decline, like... say... your garden variety Weimar Republic?

Much of The World is now in a terminal phase. It has to change... adapt... or it will die. All of this, and many other things... that I do not have the time to itemize... are all afflicted with a variety of mental illnesses. These illnesses will... eventually... find their way into the physical forms of the infected individuals. We are presently seeing epidemics of cancer and all manner of pathologies... that reflect the insanities... that are coursing through The Body Public.

Sometimes... entire nations go insane. This is presently the case with False Israel... which was created to provide a location for a long enduring crime syndicate. Immediately, they became intent on replacing the original inhabitants of Palestine, who are the actual people they now pretend to be. For decades they tried to confine the original inhabitants in ever more tightly controlled concentration camps. At regular intervals, they would go to war against them and kill as many as they could.

They were never able to exterminate these people entirely. They then decided to fabricate an attack against themselves... so that they could react with overwhelming force and either kill or displace every Palestinian in Gaza. At this point, they have managed to herd all the survivors into Rafah. There are nearly two million of them there. They are about to make the effort to wipe them out under one pretense or another.

These monsters... The Usual Suspects... hatched a plot to fabricate an offense upon them that never took place. They did this to give themselves cover for the tens of millions they killed during their Bolshevik Revolution. They have since worked to paint themselves as The World's greatest victim class. They have been very successful due to the practice of Usury, by which they eventually gained control of these governments I spoke of.

With the money they have stolen and extorted from many of the nations in The West... they have managed to buy up nearly all of The Media... in order to control the flow of information, and to shape the perspectives of the residents... in all of these countries... that they have managed to take control of.

Now... an insanity possesses the minds of these people... who hijacked a Middle Eastern country for the purpose of creating a sovereign... criminal... banker nation. They have convinced themselves that they can now... with impunity... eliminate The Palestinians from every area of Gaza, and then become them. It's kind of like a Hermit Crab thing, and... by any and all means that are necessary. While The Stupor Bowl was playing in The US they killed hundreds of people in Rafah.

They have created all sorts of false pretenses... to justify their invasion of Rafah... and they have directed settler groups and other interested parties... to every location... where aid is trying to get through the border, and... they are there to stop the aid from reaching the trapped residents of Rafah.

On the way to herding them there from every other bomb-blasted area in Gaza... to Rafah... they have systematically bombed and killed tens of thousands of women and children... who are guilty of nothing more than being in a location that foreign invaders have decided that they want for themselves. These monsters have also arrested thousands of citizens of every age and are presently torturing... raping... violating and murdering them in hundreds of Room 101s and... The World stands and watches... something else.

The World hears about it and wrings its hands, BUT... even monsters have a right to exist; don't they?

These monsters imitate The Walrus and The Carpenter. Why does The World stand and watch, and see nothing? Most of The World is not really watching... or... they might be watching, but... they are only seeing what those who control The Information Highway want them to see. The Truth is that The World is under the spell of powerful occult forces... being wielded by The Monsters who have arrangements with The Infernal Realm.

These arrangements are temporary, and... For The Purpose of Demonstration. Everything in The World is for The Purpose of Demonstration. There is a lesson to be learned from everything, and there is meaning to be found in anything one cares to study, for... that... purpose.

As you know... these monsters have been harvesting Palestinian organs. I guess they are allowed a certain amount for personal use. I know... when you think about it, it might seem slightly hypocritical (ya think?) since they consider them less than animals which... at least... receive a Kosher butchering. Still... never underestimate the quality of evil in any of its many forms.

Now for the true Satanic gourmands... we have the Dinner with Abramovic crowd. Demon Science, (and you'll never guess the location...) has now found a way to get around whatever laws covering cannibalism they have long been circumventing already. I give you the future of the filet of young Christian Child.

It gives veal a whole new meaning. Organs won't always be for those bodies getting worn out by the donor-rejection... possession attrition... of reptile aliens. Sooner than you think they'll be sweetbreads. AND... you can have them with... a nice Chianti!

Such things are already well DOWN The Road for those who see Hell as a kind of Astral Plane Las Vegas. A very large portion of the residents of Genocide Land are very angry that not enough force is being used. They laugh and they dance... they cavort like a nation of Ed Gein's... promenading in someone's mother's skin.

You have seen the videos, yes? Unless you are a part of The World that stands and sees NOTHING, while watching something else that makes sense only through the lens of Appetite... that only has meaning when translated by Desire. Laugh and The World laughs with you, cry like a crocodile, and you will be swimming in foreign aid.

How does one get to The Land of Everlasting Horrors? You get there a step at a time. When you depart from the normal concourses of Humanity... there awaits only Heaven, or... a never-ending landscape of flayed bodies... being rubbed down with salt. The injuries... at the time... do not seem so extreme. They too... arrive step-by-step. First, you have the crucified insects... then the tortured household pets, then the family down the street... then The World itself... which you would gladly burn down this moment, if... it would only release you from the pain and the hunger that drive you... inexorably to The Planet of The Cenobites.

One day, your pain transforms into strange ecstasies that only one completely mad would find enjoyment in. You have no memory of another time. You have always been a demon... waiting through dark eternities... to exercise a single appetite. I've seen you... frozen in place... like a Moray eel disguised as something else, though... you can't reach out and grab anything. It has to come to you. Isn't that how you got there in the first place.? Well... perhaps we will never know, and you cannot remember.

Meanwhile... The World watches the meaningless, not in the hope that it will eventually make sense, BUT with the fear that it might not always continue not to make any sense... because... at least for now... no one can blame you if you just... didn't... fucking... know; can they?

The times are grim, and this post is a reflection of that. However... for myself... I am not looking at caterpillars... or pupa... or butterflies. I am not looking at animals... or transitory humans that watch and look, but... do not see. I am looking at angels. I don't ask myself how they got there. I am only concerned that they are there, and... where there are angels there are none of these other things.

I can see into this world. I can see into that other world too. I do not intend to build a home in this world, so... I am less troubled than I might be.

I know many things transpire by moonlight. Certainly one of them is romance, and the stranger the moonlight the less moonlight there is... BUT... other things live in the places of shadow... missed by the reflecting light of The Moon. My business is not with them. My business is with what lies beyond The Sun, so... I can see that this terrible darkness will pass. The Light is far too powerful for it to last much longer.

Look... even now... I see someone coming. I see someone descending from The Sun, with a great many shining attendants, and everything changes in their passage. Soon there will be no darkness at all, except in those places... where those who have chosen darkness... have also chosen to live.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I saw Moray eels bein' hand fed at the Monterey Aquarium. They looked so adorable, and I never had a clue you could do that with 'em, but TLC spans over all critters except psychopaths, but that is a physiological abnormality that can't be fixed.

I see the world as an effluvia vat to escape, so I guess I got that 'tude right. Hey, The Gospel of Barnabas says the world is evil and that you should hate it. Boy the version of Source in that book is sure messed up, though. Sounds totally Enlilish. The demiurge by any other name, even though it covers the ideal way to live and philosophise. I fall short, of course; in so many ways. I mean, when you see yourself a prisoner waiting for parole, and have nothing but contempt for the realm you live in, you don't always play nice, IF you play at all.

Nostrils to the sky.

AL said...

Much love Brutha for what you give. A couple years now have passed since I have found this place and not a day goes by when I don't wonder why hundreds of people do not comment on the wealth you offer here. It's like where the hell is everyone...

M - said...

I know you said I could but I still like to ask first (internet etiquette goes way back for me): May I have your permission to use some of the content in this post? I will credit you and provide a link back.

Visible said...

uh... gee... ah... ah (tap tap tap) ah (sigh)... um... well... ah... hmm... yeah sure.

Missing Munich said...

Hi Ves,

Have not commented in a while, but just wanted to let you know that I read your posts every single day. And, as you point out so many times, am hopeful that this madness will come to an end (hopefully) very soon. I see de-mented people every weekend I work, actually had a patient 2 weeks ago, who told me that his DNA was not of the human kind (never seen such piercing glass-blue eyes either, kind of creepy actually). I told him that I treat everyone the same, rich or poor, and that he'll be ok no matter his DNA. He just said "thank you m'am, you're the first one treating me like a human".....
No matter, I guess we just have to keep on keeping on, and believe in better and brighter times ahead. It's not easy at times, but I sure will try.

Much love to all around!!

Missing Munich

Aragorn Strider said...

LV! Sol has so much Soul.
Out for the after meal heel and toe walkabout and was thinking I can't wait till spring when Sol will shine the Life Force on us all.
The gray clouds parted and it shone so bright!
Then it was gone after I had rounded through several subdivision sectors to return to my comrade's hovel.
It can be beautiful sometimes and the ugliness that man gets up too under delusions of "chosen" status or my wallet or member is bigger than years only reinforces the purposeful demonstration.
Keep Calm and Stride On.

Visible said...

Here is an excerpt from The Upanishads=

Now follows the meditation on the udgîtha with reference to the gods. Let a man meditate on the udgîtha (Om) as he who sends warmth (the sun in the sky). When the sun rises it sings as Udgâtri for the sake of all creatures. When it rises it destroys the fear of darkness. He who knows this, is able to destroy the fear of darkness (ignorance).

2. This (the breath in the mouth) and that (the sun) are the same. This is hot and that is hot. This they call svara (sound), and that they call pratyâsvara 1 (reflected sound). Therefore let a man meditate on the udgîtha (Om) as this and that (as breath and as sun).

3. Then let a man meditate on the udgîtha (Om) as vyâna indeed. If we breathe up, that is prâna, the up-breathing. If we breathe down, that is apâna, the down-breathing. The combination of prâna and apâna is vyâna, back-breathing or holding in of the breath. This vyâna is speech. Therefore when we utter speech, we neither breathe up nor down.

4. Speech is Rik, and therefore when a man utters a Rik verse he neither breathes up nor down.

p. 8

Rik is Sâman, and therefore when a man utters a Sâman verse he neither breathes up nor down.

Sâman is udgîtha, and therefore when a man sings (the udgîtha, Om) he neither breathes up nor down.

5. And other works also which require strength, such as the production of fire by rubbing, running a race, stringing a strong bow, are performed without breathing up or down. Therefore let a man meditate on the udgîtha (Om) as vyâna.

6. Let a man meditate on the syllables of the udgîtha, i. e. of the word udgîtha. Ut is breath (prâna), for by means of breath a man rises (uttishthati). Gî is speech, for speeches are called girah. Tha is food, for by means of food all subsists (sthita).

This is the next series to follow Jacob Boehme.

Winterfall said...


Right on the mark as usual. Have been following your work since the Black Night days. The Jacob Boehme material is amazing! Keep up the posts while you can, many are reading.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Though not Having The Profile or Talent to be The Whore of Babylon, She Does Rise to The Level of A Useful Strumpet. "

jpow00 said...




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