Friday, February 16, 2024

"Everything Seems to be Going Wrong, and It Was Going So Smoothly... Like Spreading Child Butter on Toast Points."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The submissive ball-gag-wearing media... has just announced that Dirty Grandpa Biden... is now cleared of all suspicion about being one corrupt motherfucker... because one of his chief corruption agents just arranged for the arrest of the FBI agent... who blew the whistle on Biden's strong-arming of a Ukrainian prosecutor and also getting money this way, and... that way.

The guy who works for Biden just cleared Biden's name. There's been no mention of The Chinese Gambit and a whole shitload of other things; not to mention Hunter The Grunter who paints with his quipment.

I thought you'd like to know. Now Biden can happily return to groping pre-pubescent children, and anything that can't run fast or even walk yet. I don't suspect he was much bothered by any of it, and... he's been so busy... keeping Inspector Javert on his predecessor's trail. It's a real shame about that Fani Willis thing with Fani handing out all that fanny and getting paid in cash. ♫ Tommy, can you hear me? ♫ I hated that album.

Maggots are back on the menu at Delta, and Rachel Dolezal is still black, and still at OnlyFans (a Usual Suspects production), and... now... no longer teaching in Arizona. The spreadeagled bondage press brought those nuggets of information to my attention. I was slumming. Oh well...

The corruption steams through the vent of the pressure cooker of advanced materialism. It wafts a fragrance into the air. No... that is definitely not Basmati. It gleams in the oil slicks... in the gutters of the city streets... where Normal has been hung from the lampposts. Spartacus is a real possibility for an Off-Broadway special; Andrew (Dice) Webber I'm looking at you. I'm thinking James Corden can play Spartacus, and... HeGetsUs can finance the thing.

Oh! What will they do next? We're looking at a major bloodbath in Rafah. The Israeli Press Office just announced it won't be any worse than The Rape of The Sabine Women, and... let's face it... we've all been needing something since The Bolshevik Holocaust, and The Armenian Holocaust, brought to you by... the... very... same... people. Jesus! That's over a hundred years ago! Just where did the time go? It still hasn't been recognized as having actually happened so... whaddaya gonna do?

The Armenians were probably asking for it, just like all those Russians... and Spanish heretics... just like those upstarts in Gaza... before The Gazacide. Now all they want is some food and shelter, but... consider the source. Space is being reserved for them in mass graves. At least it's a roof over their heads.

I have to tell you, people... there are a lot of different ways to look at it all. Some say it's cause of this, some say it's cause of that, and some say it's none of your business. I say the whole thing is being arranged off-camera by the people in The Department of... It's Been a Long Time Coming. On the one hand... it looks like The Monsters can do anything they want, and... no one is going to do a damn thing about it. It does look that way.

I'm here to let you know that is NOT THE CASE. There's going to be Hell and High Water coming down the pike shortly, cause... all of a sudden... just like WTF? There is going to be a major switch in The Power to Do. That's when everything... suddenly... seems to be going wrong... when it was going so smoothly before; like spreading child butter on toast points, and then? And then? And then along came The Garbage Men, with their compactors and mobile crematoriums. All of a sudden Spontaneous Combustion is back in town.

I think every one of us might be incredibly surprised to see how quick conditions and appearances can change... when The Powers that Actually Are... decide to hang out their shingle... in a DBA kinda way. Yes... it can change in an instant... in a heartbeat... in some small fraction of a New York Minute, AND... before you know it, it's just like it always was... while being nothing like that at all. It's just what happens when you get used to anything... that's just how it is... right? I say, right?

It all comes back to that maxim about how when The Gods want to destroy you they first drive you mad. Your garden variety madness that hits the man on the street ( or woman... or man that thinks he's a woman... or woman who thinks she's a man) can take a variety of shapes... moving progressively from compulsions and obsessions to full-blown frothing at the mouth.

However... when it afflicts the Movers and Shakers... The World Changers... The Masters of The Universe... it comes in a different way. It manifests in hubris, and megalomania. It can start out small with one of those clean-freak... Howard Hughes... Howard Stern... Kardashian-Paltrow things, because that is how they compensate for being filthy inside. You really can't clean your inside Invisibles by knob-polishing everything you touch. It doesn't work that way.

So... that's one avenue to Crazy Town. You start out with one or two little tics, and eventually, you are gnawing off one of your feet or... shut up in Clorox and Saran Wrap World inside an expensive mausoleum... though you are still alive... after a fashion.

These days, it begins with a Climate Change neurosis or... something like Aporophobia or... Agoraphobia or... Flat Earth Syndrome or... The Sun and Moon... being artificial constructs from a Nephilim laboratory or... a deep tissue money addiction... where the deaths of millions really are only a statistic.

Power is a funny thing and IT WILL destroy you if you can't handle it. You get a certainty that you possess Droit du seigneur. Somehow... you have been specially anointed by the gods inside your head. You start to hear voices, just like us mystical types do, but your voices are all about having... taking... getting, and God help anyone who gets in your way, where... our voices have a different agenda, and... that agenda is not for everyone, as even a cursory study should prove to you.

These particular voices come into your head because you invited them there through your conduct... your thoughts and words. It's the same thing with a dirty environment, you WILL attract vermin. Well... if it is a dirty landscape inside you then... other kinds of vermin show up, and they talk to you. You don't know what they are, but... they are a lot like you, so... where's the problem then?

They are like hitchhikers that you pick up on the road, not that your type would ever pick up a hitchhiker, but... whaddya know? You get hitchhikers anyway. They tell you about where they are headed and the more they talk about it... the more you want to go there. After a while, you become certain it was all your idea to begin with.

This is what is happening... this very minute... inside the heads of Bill Gates... John Kerry... Soros... Tony Blair... Georgie Segway Bush... The Clintons... The Rothschilds. Ah! The list is long. Now... the particular voices I am talking about were not around until recently... because they kinda... sorta... work for Mr. Apocalypse, and... the madness they bring is specific to these times, even if they do tend to come around and make regular appearances according to The Celestial Clock.

This time it's a really big deal because it's the end of The World as we thought we knew it, and all of the movers and shakers have a part to play in The Purpose of Demonstration. Now... I've been mentioning this for some time. You might have gotten the idea that it's just talk, but History... especially Occult History... bears witness to what we have been saying here, and just like Peak Oil, there is Peak Madness too.

So... people like Victoria Neuland, and Satanyahu... Klaus Schwab... Javier Milei, and... assorted psycho and sociopaths are lately... after having tested The Waters for some time... gradually getting further and further out of their depth. This is as it is meant to be. The voices of encouragement have taken a controlling interest in the thoughts and actions they are recklessly subscribing to. They're starting to lose their shit. Merrick Garland is a good example of this, but he's in crowded company. Step-by-step folks. Step-by-step.

The World is composed of Flash Paper shaped into animated Origami that sits up and barks and does all kinds of things. One thing all of it has in common is flammability. You might not think this is so but that has no bearing on what really is. You are either thinking in Accord OR... you are thinking in Discord. You are either trending toward Harmony OR... you are generating Dissonance. Each of these leads to specific locations that reflect their status, and that's The Purpose of Demonstration, as we shall see in time passing.

End Transmission.......

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I did find something that the reader might find interesting. So here goes. It's a dissertation on Kundalini based on the research of people who might know a thing or two.


And... since that is a short opening foray, here is the next part too.



0 said...

Bait, meet Switch.

Nothing like inducing everyone into a scam, then backing out once its gained inertia.

I will go read todays blog now.


Visible said...

Yes... tis true... tis true=

M - said...

I say this aloud but feel compelled to put it down in writing. Because Words carry meaning. Words carry Power.

Mother Goddess have mercy on the Palestinians in Rafah.
I send them love and compassion, and ask forgiveness.
To their tormentors. Their murderers. Their torturers.
I send this:

You do not have my permission to
Perpetrate the Evil that you do.
The Law of Karma turns back upon you.
Ten-fold and then times two.
As I say this, so make it true.

0 said...

The charade of owning the world is the very reason they won't tank the stock market as that is the very means they manipulate to take control of whatever gets produced and incorporated. Same reason the USD isn't going anywhere and may see a restoration of some of its "purchasing power parity".

Curious links on the kundalini. Reads like one uses the active energies to awaken the static energies. Causing dispersal thru the iteration of form one inhabits during a period of Experience. Maybe more like drawing from one point in self to all points of formed self, dispersals not quite the right word, more like a mixing within self of such that causes such to be in all internal points of self.

The beating the kanda thing was odd. 9 inches up from ones anus and one runs into the surgeries of my lower back. Does beating the kanda result in glowing noggins instead of hair palms? :P

I had a phase of learning about yogas and asanas versus sadhanas. Just another series of contexts to grok to further read between the lines. :)



Anonymous said...

so Biden is cleared. Un Believable. I keep holding on to your words that this is going to come to a crashing halt .
I am a doubting Thomas admittedly but I sure hope your Source of info is correct. I would think the unfolding of events as they appear are extremely painful for the faithful. They are for me. To see these demons , these disgusting excuses for humans , get away with all they get away with makes me beyond sad and sometimes hopeless. I know. ‘Don’t be deceived by appearances’but it takes a super strong will to overcome them.
thanks for all your work

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, now is NOT a good time to make plans. Me thinks everyone who does is gonna have the rug pulled out from under them. Gods, I am so glad I wasn't born yesterday.

Nostrils to the sky!

Strider Scope said...

LV! Enjoying coffee and getting caught up on events.
The district of cesspool is apoplectic over some binder that reveals all the people behind the Jan Brady muh Russia moronic coloring book script that a sixth grader could figure out.
The Fani (shake it baby) Willis stormed into court and beclowned herself and you know the racism get out jail free immunity card is coming soon.
The shooty crew in KC was all foreigners with one almost 50 years old and claiming to be a banger, one would usually be the Don Vito of the gang by that age and not low level enforcer.
I'm loving this demonstration and everyday giving thanks to God in every way.
Corrupt Idiocracy sodomite smoke and mirrors sewerpipes aren't meant to last as lies and obfuscation are not a stable operating system.
Just be ready and remember places where it all changed rather quickly after the people pulled their collective heads out of the asses of distraction when it got too intolerable.

Visible said...

I'd like to thank all of you for your insightful commentary! I mostly stay out of the comments section unless I am directly addressed in some fashion, but I really appreciate the level of intelligence and creativity in the comments

I need to mention again. I do so periodically... that this is a Flat Earth Free Zone. If you need to know why I will refer you to this.

You have to go somewhere else to peddle this shit.

It is extra Flat Earth Zone free when you come around telling me it is an established scientific fact. I KNOW The Earth is round just like I know those who think otherwise are incredibly stupid AND misinformed OR... working for (lack of) Intelligence Services.

The point of this stupidity AND comments like 'did I know The Sun was only 40 kilometers away' OR whatever it was... 38k 48K; something like that is to spread disinformation far and wide because there is so much stupidity going around these days, and those working for the TEMPORARY Overlords are trying to milk and take advantage of this for their own reasons.

I don't give stupid shit a forum here. It serves no purpose. No further commentary from me on the matter is necessary. Over and out.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Religion is The Single Biggest Stumbling Block to Finding and Understanding God that I Have Seen in This Lifetime."



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