Wednesday, February 21, 2024

"The Villains are... Sooner or Later... Going to Get Their Asses Handed to Them... for The Purpose of Demonstration."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Mr. Apocalypse is a conscious force... that coordinates with The Celestial Clock. The Celestial Clock is like a cycling Rolodex of archetypes... repeating themselves in endless variations... due to their placements in relation to one another... due to operating in a number of dimensions at the same time. You know what? That sounds a lot like The Clock of The Constellations that is turning in the sky. Yes and no.

The Celestial Clock includes The Clock of The Constellations. It is something more than that, BUT... we were talking about Mr. Apocalypse... who is also more than he seems... more than he appears, and... who operates at different speeds and levels of intensity... depending on where we are in the progression of events... according to the distance remaining between The Moment, and... The Signal Event.

What I am saying here... without much of it being rational... in The Usual Hive Mind agreed upon tenets... on the appearance of Reality; that... commonly agreed upon fabrication... that stands in for Reality... is that we are much closer than we were to The Signal Event. You might well ask... at this juncture... what is this Signal Event?

That is above my pay grade to discourse upon, but... let us say it is that point at which enough of a greater... collective awakening... has taken place... so that the whole shared perspective on what is real, and... what is not... changes... just- like- that! It's kind of like Critical Mass... in the way that a bank robber is like a banker. Hopefully, that makes sense. I was trying to use a chess analogy but I couldn't come up with anything. In any case... the distance between the sound and the echo is closing. Maybe that helps.

All of that convolution was a way of getting around to this.

If you want to watch the entire hour-long show with Tucker Carlson, you can get there through here.

Mr. Apocalypse is relentless, and he is stripping the fronts of the Hollywood buildings... away from the support beams that hold up the temporary facades of their false impressions. It is a steady and deliberate effort and none of it will remain hidden.

This is spooking The Globalist... Satanic... Vampire Banker Elite right out of their Bruno Maglis. They can't go backward... that area is littered with the bodies and pissed-off relations of the people they drove over, and thru... on their way to Epiphany Crossroads. Going left or right would be open admissions of defeat... similar to what we saw with The Climate Change of Direction, and... straight ahead? Straight ahead is very iffy. Oh! What is a tormented sociopath... in a state of advanced possession... to do?

Yeah... they will barrel ahead... because they are not in charge anyway, and they have to get to The Gates of Perdition before The Sun comes up. You have to feel sorry for them. They are only playing a part, and The Villain... sooner or later... is going to get his ass handed to him for The Purpose of Demonstration. Eastern teachings handle those allegorical tales of Good and Evil... as they are played out by designated characters... in a much finer detail than we have in The West.

Many of the good and useful truths have been deliberately edited from our religions; like Karma, and Reincarnation... and the actual jobs that are performed by demons and angels. It's black and white with us... in our neutered Christianity, when... in reality it is actually shades of gray at the level of nuts and bolts. I am not talking about Lady Nature and her riot of colors. I'm talking about the machinery itself, and how not understanding things... as they really are... has led us into rampant hypocrisy and moral relativism.

Our obsession with material culture has made it very easy for us to lie to each other... in order to get what we want. I'm not saying they behave any better in The East... because they don't. They simply ignore the truth that exists in their cultures... because familiarity has bred contempt... where their Materialism Fever has washed away the protective elements of long-standing traditions.

Both East and West have realized men and women present, BUT... in Times of Material Darkness... the numbers are very small. Fortunately... The Divine is the source of all power, and... can do what he pleases... when it pleases him, and... we are waiting on his sorting the whole matter out at this very moment.

Meanwhile... the rising insanity we have spoken of so often here... is getting crazier by the minute. Now we have the latest iteration of DMT gone sideways for the connoisseur.

What is the first thing that occurs to you when you think about this? Well... I suppose it would be different for each of us, BUT... what first crossed my mind is that there are people all over... out there... smoking EVERYTHING in search of The Heavenly Soma that IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS FASHION!

It's the same thing with The Philosopher's Stone. You can't order it off the internet. You have to find someone who has it, and that is no easy highway to navigate. Even finding the highway to start with... is not easy. You have to be made of The Right Stuff, and not seduced by any ideas of exterior-astronaut-activity. You have to be suited up for The Darkness Within, and you have to make it through that to The Light Beyond OR... in whatever fashion it does actually appear to you.

This crazy that is demonstrated in the poisons generated... by sexual energy turned against itself, which is what that creature embodies... is emblematic of the suicide mind... being generated en masse... by the force of advanced materialism. You're going to be seeing a lot more of it, as conditions become harder, and harder to handle. If you have a firm foundation... you will have no problem. Otherwise... you had better find one soon.

Far be it from me to go into exhaustive detail about the real nature of devils and angels, BUT... let me say they are one thing... that is differentiated... to one side or the other... between the boundaries of the frequency bandwidths... in which they make their appearance. Go down and the shape of the energy changes. Go up and the shape of the energy changes. Cosmic energy differentiates depending on its plane of operation. Sound becomes light going one way and light becomes sound going the other.

I'm sure that was as clear as mud... to all those people... who have figured it out to their own satisfaction, but that's the best we could do here... given the clumsy nature of words to define cosmic verities.

It's more than that, but then you get into the area you can't talk about, and the existence of which... causes fools to argue with one another. That pitchfork The Devil carries... similar in many ways to Shiva's Trident... is a goad. It is meant to DRIVE YOU on. It is up to you, and your character... which forms your intentions... that determines the directions you go in. It's not The Devil who is your problem. IT... IS... YOUR... MIND!

Fix yourself by going to the one who fixes you, and then permit... what you have been resisting... with all your separated will... until now, and... let The Divine do what it does. You will then be grateful beyond the telling. Your joy will be immeasurable because you will FINALLY be going in the right direction, and all those troubles... that you have imagined into being... will dissolve into the nothing they were made out of.

Adrenachrome is a poison just like scorpion essence. Spiritually... a little poison can go a long way if you know what to do with it, BUT... heh... heh... that is what a master... a teacher... is for. Otherwise, you are dancing with trial and error. It's one way to go. Material Science goes that way, BUT... I would recommend against it.

Everything you think... say... and do... is being recorded, and it forms the composite of what appears before you as you move through Time and Circumstance. You are generating all of that. Large groups of people get together... in very compacted zones... to generate what appears before them. Certain magicians... of bad intention... know all about this, and they work it to their advantage, and... to the disadvantage of everyone else.

In ordinary times... The Cosmos allows existence to sort itself out through cause and effect. If you don't pay attention... you will learn what that results in. If you hang out in bad company or... do any carnal thing to excess... you will find out what that results in.

Sometimes even an excess of righteous zeal is not a good thing... if you are operating from limited understanding. Once again that is where a master... a teacher... a guide... comes in handy. The good news is that you have one of these. The difficulty comes in making the necessary adjustments... in your thinking... in order to access the direction given. You also have to learn how to listen and that doesn't happen overnight. Persistence furthers; according to an ancient Chinese king and his son.

Increasing panic and... paranoia... trapped in a room with deluded fools and their weapons... is a recipe for chaos. Fortunately, no... matter... what... it is a managed chaos... whether you can see it or not. This is all a play and the actors don't know... Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

Links await at GAB=

Today's excerpts on Kundalini may be less startling and informative... depending on how you measure such things, BUT... these are the stations we pass through. This is station one;

The Mother of the Universe -

...and this is station two.

The Thousand Names -


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You made my day again with your writings. Nostrils to the sky

Anonymous said...

Sound becomes light going one way and light becomes sound going the other.

It should be the mantra...

Your words are accurate and with value.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

"Vita est militia super terram" sure seems to be the underlying nature of this world here, though on the other hand eternal impunity only goes so far, like all else. If one looks at how mountains or waterfalls are created, it's all a lot of violent struggle and suffering, eroding, fueled by powers, typically it's kept out of good sight. When it comes to maintaining worldly balances, the so-called Great Reset and everything does seem rather chutzpahlogical.

The historical Buddha spoke of the three poisons, which so much of humanity is hinged on here. Scorpion smoking seems like "crazy wisdom" gone pretty bad, and then worse - lessons being what they are I suppose.

And thank you for sharing the kundalini readings. Part of me presumes anyone reading here(across the blogs) over the years is quite blessed and fortunate to great degree, but awareness varies(my own included).

BrotherJ said...

Oh, I had meant to post the anon 12:56 under my pseudonym, but I'll add that I realize there's a lot of information that's carried by light and receivable too. I question whether reincarnating on earth was the brightest way to work with that, but clearly I'm missing something. Pure lands and Amitabha don't feel so far off, relatively speaking, in any case. Maybe I just needed the vehicle here, this lifetime, to finally reach that shoreline. In the meantime, it's a world of spinning wounded in need of repairs.

Visible said...

Certain things can ONLY be accomplished here. I don't like it either but them's the breaks. Amitabha does hold out the option to take your incarnations there, and there are other options but no matter what... certain conditions have to be met no matter where you are.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Even Pigs are Turning Left and Right... as if They Heard The Cry of An Animal in Pain... Close By... That Can't Run Fast."

0 said...

"Both East and West have realized men and women present, BUT... in Times of Material Darkness... the numbers are very small. Fortunately... The Divine is the source of all power, and... can do what he pleases... when it pleases him, and... we are waiting on his sorting the whole matter out at this very moment."

Reminded me of the 3rd matrix film when neo locates the Master of the robot race and offers himself to the master to be used to sort the virus that rose to oppose him. The master can Juice the iteration of form as needed. Its the same with the All and the Alls Own in some fashion.

Let all they who seem realized think to allow such to increase the rate of change to minimize the deaths to they who look but do not yet see. Perhaps with time they will come round.

Great post. Catching up, will go read todays here next.


0 said...

"Sound becomes light going one way and light becomes sound going the other."

Get the EM Chart from the Exploratorium, it shows the one continuous spectrum that defies the ideas of the multiverse. Its a universe with multi-galaxies.

Thats a pic of the version one should get. Notice the thin band of VISIBLE LIGHT. What we can't see is far greater than what we can, and theres already plenty to See.




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