Monday, February 5, 2024

"Pervert Human Sexuality... Bestialize The Imagination, and... The Culture Sinks Like a Stone into Exploding Hog Lagoons."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It becomes more and more apparent that they are looking to create a mind-controlled army and domestic police force that has no natural ties to the land... or the people here... and who will do what they are told without the inconvenience of conscience or previous associations getting in the way.

The Globalists being completely full-o-shit in their frenzy to control The World, has led to considerable unfortunate mistakes... that give full witness to the demonic possession that has taken over their minds...

...leaving The World with one of the biggest Clean-ups on Aisle Everywhere that has ever been seen until now.

These three links have been inserted because each of them speaks to a viral insanity that somehow took over the daylight consciousness of most of The World's movers and shakers. This cannot be accidental. You might look at it through a geopolitical lens. You might look at it through a metaphysical lens, AND... you might look at it as... some global orchestration... masterminded from The Shadows... that answer to The Light... that makes it possible for shadows to even exist in the first place...

What's going on? Heh? What's going on? Regardless of their intentions... motives... yadda yadda... one thing is crystal clear. All of the players are being spotlighted and exposed in their associations with everything they are getting up to. They have become messianic about things that belong in a Monty Python skit... designed to make fun of them. How is it possible that they can take themselves seriously?

All of these twisted psychopaths... and their catamite minions... are being lit up... big time... on life's stage, and... the Satanic absurdities that they are promoting, are becoming more and more visible to everyone.

You would think they would want to keep out of sight, given the evil nature of their words and actions, BUT... Nooooooo!!! They are all over the media and the internet... prancing about like show ponies... as if they had never heard about The French Revolution... or any of the other remedies applied to their sort... now and again... when Cosmic Pest Control is called in to deal with them.

I can't help but see Justice suiting up in The Event Horizon... even now, precipitating into material form. Some strange force has taken over the minds of the members of The EU... The Crown Colony governmental operatives... The UN... The WHO... The WEF... The Club of Rome... The Council on Foreign Relations... The Bilderbergers... The American Government... every department and agency that deals with the public and public policy... Hollywood. They have ALL gone stark... raving... nuts!

Well... there's crazy, and there's howling... banshee... batshit-crazy. Here's The Mold they broke... after a bunch of these determined bacteria... staged a jailbreak from Transylvania Laboratories.

Each day, I can clearly... more and more clearly... see Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... moving through The Hive Mind, and... into every area of human interaction... every area of perception and presentation... as if they were living personifications of universal archetypes; which they are. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. It's getting to be like deja vu all over again on an endlessly repeating loop.

There was a period of time when I was in LA... a few decades ago, and I could... literally... see cartoon characters popping up from the sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd, and no! I was not on psychedelics. It's like that again but in a global sense. It is getting very... very... very really unreal! I can't put it into words... the way it is impacting on me.

I have to watch my emotional state... the way I imagine I would be feeling... as the dominoes begin to tumble. It reminded me of the morning that I learned Nelson Rockefeller had died. I was at a mall somewhere in New York. I despised the man... things he had done... and his brother David was magnitudes worse. However... I ran outside to a green area and began dancing like a Native American doing a rain dance while singing ♫ Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead ♫

I was doing an exhibit at that mall so I was there for several days. It colored my whole stay in rainbows, back when one could still appreciate rainbows. There's got to be some kind of unintentional and strange irony about that, now that I see those song lyrics in the paragraph above. (grin). I'm not so much like that anymore. I really, and truly... feel sad for these people. I wish they were not as they presently appear to be. I KNOW how that ends. It is why I feel sorry for them.

These obsessed and possessed characters... performing in Grand Guignol fashion... are all under the spells and controls of evil wizards and black magicians, just as if we were in a storybook... just as if this were a fairy tale about the war between Good and Evil... in symbolic form... carried out through the power of symbols and mind clouding devices... in the form of distractions, and constantly manipulated appearances... for the purpose of what you think you see around you now.

It all really began in the 80s with The Culture of Greed... when the pigs took over The Animal Farm for real. The question at this point is; who was The Pig Wrangler? However... we're moving right on for the moment. Then it was the 90s, all nihilism, and angst, according to the music anyway. God had been dead in the minds... of those finding it convenient... for some time already, BUT... they dug him up in their heads and... again... killed something they had mislabeled, to begin with.

Then it was the ought 2000s, and corruption hit the big time with 9/11.

I left the country when I saw Bush The Stupid coming. The World... as I had known it... was unrecognizable by the time I got back. The music was all about mindless bump and grind... bitches and ho's... bling and name recognition... in the sense that... the less talent anyone possessed... the bigger their draw was. People embraced the spirit of their own ignorance as if it were a long-lost friend.

The dumber the public becomes, the more this is reflected in the madness of The Ruling Class. Now the hydrophobic Dobermans of fake science are saying that The Moon is shrinking and generating hours-long series of moonquakes.

No doubt that is also the cause of The Atmospheric River that is about to run through Southern California... bearing... no doubt... legions of surfing and kayaking Moon aliens who are going to need housing. They say that The Moon is now 150 meters shorter in circumference. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

The Squeeze is on! No doubt this is the cause of belt-tightening... road shrinkage... Bouncy Castle Syndrome in modern life.

The major player in existence... at this moment... is the variable dimensions of Crazy. The Rich have one kind of Crazy. The Poor have another. The communally organized enjoy (is that the word?) a shared craziness. The isolated... have to split into competing personas of self-discovery... accomplished by looking in all the wrong places and not finding anything. They are crazy everywhere now because Craziness is the real pandemic. All the rest of the nonsense... that crazy people believe... comes out of this.

Perhaps the most pressing question... the most concerning question is... WHY is this happening? It is happening because a new age, AND its components... are arriving... while invisible forces are tearing down the infrastructure of the old and passing age. Tremendous changes are taking place externally, AND... internally. People who were never that tightly-wrapped... in the first place... are being separated from their moorings. They have been cut adrift, and that is also crazy-making.

People dress up in animal suits now so that they can be buggered animal style in anonymity. Alpha Dogs are walking Beta Dogs in dog masks... on leashes, in public, and... you don't want to know what they get up to in private, and... it is much worse than this behind closed doors. Pervert human sexuality... bestialize the human imagination, and... The Culture sinks like a stone into exploding hog lagoons.

Those on the down escalator of sexual perversity... are going to wind up in any one... or more... of the countless number of infernal locations they are designing on... their... way... there. Those moving inwardly... toward the self-luminous crystal cathedrals of The Higher Mind... will... through a collective creative imagining... bring forth The Golden Age... that is already a reality in The Mind of The Creator.

All of us... unbeknownst to most of us... create the places we arrive in, just as we create the bodies we inhabit. Our bodies are the mind's projection into material existence. Each of us is playing with Divine Force in the creation of The World we inhabit. Like minds find the company of like minds. Sometimes only a handful of them get together to create The Greatest Country on Earth, only so that their descendants can watch it crumble before their eyes.

Fear not! Someone will build a new one. THEY... ALWAYS... DO. Then it won't be crazy for a while... unless it is crazy good.

End Transmission.......

Links are waiting at GAB=

Here is one of the most profound examples of Jacob Boehme's transcendent thought. This is REALLY something.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

These days the best musicians are non-commercial. I've been listening to them 98% of the time. I'm listening to one album right now.

Gods, this is the best time in forever to be isolationist without the telly and radio, not to mention go against every trend 'oot thar'. It's surrealistic, what's become of people, not that the collective was ever very bright, excepting a few cultures. . .most of which were destroyed. What the Hell really happened to Tartaria, and was it really as cool as they say it was?

Nostrils to the sky.

M - said...

I rolled on the floor in hysterics when I first heard the term "Atmospheric River". Nowadays EVERYTHING has to be so dramatic. It's a fecking rain storm! Just like ones I've seen my entire fecking life. Morons.

0 said...

Hehe... atmospheric river I think was meant as atmospheric currents. In any case those currents are manipulated by ionospheric heating which requires 2 or more haarp installations to cross their beams on the target location to start heating in that location. This creates a high pressure which is like sticking a Rock in a moving stream and watching the stream adjust its course around the rock. There used to be ground based haarp installations around the globe that let them target anywhere on the planet, but I suspect these have been removed and replaced with orbital installations which are not static and thus can be moved to target whatever whenever. Nevermind the better efficiencies had in the cold of space.

There was an expensive book by JJ Hurtak that listed the locations of the ground based haarp installations, called the Keys of Enoch. His site is here. He was part of a story by Dan Eden at Viewzone about a decade back.

We've tumbled to the States vs Fed Gov now. Evidently Nullification or Secession are the legal paths to hold the fed gov legally accountable. They better get those going before the Revolution begins instead.

My phone is definitely Hacked, its started calling people while locked in my pocket. No idea how its hacked, and its on the latest 17.3 ios. No antivirus to install to clean it up so I will likely be turning it off and will go back to my iphone 6 which doesn't support the latest ios which hopefully will keep that one from being hacked. Dunno if anyone else is experiencing such or if everyone else is smart enough to skip the smart phone. :)

I suppose the 100th monkey has been reached. Fire up the cookers, its time to roast some Asses.


AM Strider said...

On fire like SOL as usual LV! Saw an article about the experimental gene therapy not a vaxx making the zombies literal property of the state with 5G...well they wanted communism.
There is some fine music out there not on major labels with the spirit of 1977 punk and Lemmy of Motorhead said...if you feel that you're too old to rock n' roll then you probably are.
This Purpose of Demonstration is amazing as the cockroaches posing as humans come into the light as if the Earth is their Play-Doh ball to grope and fondle.
Sex has always been the main weapon of Satan and now STD's are off the charts.
Thankful I'm not a senior virgin and had a Bonnie green eyed Irish lass in younger days, I knew it would never again be Tantric like it was with her.
She chose Mammon and money and that is not my choice.
Saying Thank You God multiple times everyday and praying for deliverance from the evil one for all of us.

Jenny said...

Who is the pig wrangler??? This means much to me as my company is "bee wrangler " adult children are teaching me to meditate & since 2009 (or so) my awakening to this crazy world has taught me much. A regular reader of your posts turned me on to them and I have been learning & exploring ever since. My source of sanity in an insane world. Now I practice just bee-ing there....thans vis!!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Most People Think that... Acquiring More of The Things that Cause Their Suffering... Will Put an End to Their Suffering."



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