Thursday, May 2, 2024

"They're a Scheming Pack of Hyenas... Circling The Offal Buffet. It's To Be Hosted by Offal Winfrey... in The Offal Office."

God Poet Transmitting.......

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize;" Voltaire said that. I saw it said by Voltaire BEFORE the time that they are now saying a white nationalist said it in the search engines.

Anytime Snopes and the rest of them say something is not so, you can bet the farm that it is.

They have entire think tanks and government agencies now devoted to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; which was sunk... because powerful men who opposed The Federal Reserve Act... were on it. Now another Titanic is taking on water. My! My! Look at the panicked rats as they scurry.

Now... ranks of militarized police... are moving in on the Gazacide protesters... everywhere in the country. When have you EVER seen this kind of a response before? You haven't... so... to repeat again... the words of that victim of the revisionists; "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." I think we can all agree on that. You don't even see this kind of response to violent protests. Look at the BLM and Antifa carnage.

It will all be sorted... they hope... once they get control of the message.

Meanwhile... the punishing assault on The Palestinians... the original inhabitants of The Land of The People of The Book... goes on and on. While all this orchestrated noise and nonsense is happening in America... no one is hearing about the hundreds of bodies being dug up around hospitals in Gaza that The Ashke-Nazis stormed... looking for members of a fighting group they created in the first place. Has anyone noticed all the missing organs yet?

When non-humans occupy the human form, they burn out the organs rather quickly.

You see... these people we are not allowed to criticize... who rule over The Stupids (they DO NOT rule over me)... also own and operate The Stupid Making Factories known as colitches and universities. These are the places where they program people... to believe things that aren't true... so that they can milk them like dairy cows, and intimidate them like whipped dogs.

The number of Future Ashke-Nazis of Amerhika... runs at around 30% of those attending The Ivy League Colleges. Oh! I could provide all sorts of facts and statistics, BUT... so what? You already know who you are not supposed to be allowed to criticize.

What's going to happen when The Pride Perversity Regiments start marching with The Palestinian protesters? Some form of this is certain to happen. Meanwhile... The Ashke-Nazis make up the largest percentage of entities in The Pride Perversity Regiments; “Pulleeeeze! Thig Hiel Bithhes!” Oh... it is going to get amusing... you betcha.

Of course... all these people objecting to the mass murder... of defenseless people... on their own land... by The Forces of The Occupation... are causing our Catamite Congress to rubber stamp all sorts of Draconian Laws... designed to keep everyone from speaking... any kind of truth... at any time... lest it offend The Kosher Nostra.

As I sit here... thinking about how the crack in The Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out, I am prodded by invisible hands... to state that any time a nation is founded on personal rights and liberties... you can be sure it will eventually become a bastion of tyranny.

Nasty characters from the pages of history, and even before the historians started recording their crimes.. are now coming of age in new bodies here... for The Purpose of Demonstration; Draco... Herod... Elizabeth Bathory... Stalin and Mao... anybody who was anybody... that did awful things to other people... at different times... in the long and not so long ago... have found their way back here... either through the usual birthing parent routes... or via the possession of parked and abandoned, and repossessed vehicles.

This is the time of the grand summing up... where a whole lot of people who showed up for one thing (they thought) find that they are actually here for something else. They were told they won The Publisher's Sweepstakes...The Lottery... whatever, and their friends and relatives... living and dead were told about it, and somehow they heard... they got the word... they have shown up. Get ready for The Grand Unveiling my friends.

Some few have been awake already for a time. Some are partially awake. Some are recently awakened and stumbling about like sleepy heads. Many have fallen victim to The Killer and Crippling Vaccines. Some have been seduced by The Dancing Girls (and boys). Some are hypnotically fixed on Lawrence Welk's bubble machine; und now ve have de Lennon Seeters. Turn on ze bobble macheene!!!

♫ Where have all the people gone? Long time passing. Where have all the people gone? Long time ago. Where have all the people gone? Gone to TV, Stuff and Porn. When will they ever learn? Hoo boy they never learn ♫

It's getting pretty crowded out there in Disinfo County. Nobody can remember their lines. They don't even know who they are supposed to be. The same public relations firm is paying both sides of the staged and managed conflicts, AND... they are saying it's all outside agitators! When has it not been all outside agitators? These are precisely the same people that brought you just about everything else that is screwing up the works.

How long do you think it will be before it turns out that James O'Keefe is working for The Other Side? Here are a couple of our most recent heroes from The COVID Wars.

Boy! Have they changed their tune or what??? What the Hayul is going on? Then... since Cthulhu-Land started exterminating Palestinians... all sorts of double agents have been unmasked, BUT... that's the point. The people who thought they were in charge... that you can't criticize... are not really in charge; not hardly.

So... they are being exposed as being in charge so that it can be proven... through events soon to transpire... that they were... in fact... not in charge. I'll tell ya. It's getting hot under the collar out there. It's causing the makeup to run off of all those reptile necks.

Now... Michael Tiny-Johnson from Baron Samedi-Land is about to be supported by The Democrats... should any of the patriot coalitions come after his sold-out ass, and try to replace him. Ah... don't worry. Every single thing that is going on is about hoisting a shit ton of traitors... to the human race... up on their own petards. There aren't two sides to this equation seeking balance between them. They're a scheming pack of hyenas circling The Offal Buffet. It's to be hosted by Offal Winfrey in The Offal Office.

The whole house of cards, my friends, is soon to be immolated by the flames of truth. It's a bonfire of the corruptions... sown and harvested... by the soon-to-be terminally exposed; like it had eyes, and the eyes are definitely watching... and waiting... and watching... and waiting.

Human beings... do not do the things... that we see these characters being exposed in the process of doing. That is because they are not human beings. Everything you see taking place outside of you is being operated from a place you cannot see. The Invisible is ALWAYS the parent... the source... of the visible.

In Times of Material Darkness... the pressure from Below is always permitted to influence The Middle Ground by permissions from Above... for... The Purpose of Demonstration. NEVER has there been a time when The Lord of Hosts... The Almighty and Immortal... Everlasting God... has not been in control of everything from every fallen sparrow... to every trembling leaf... to every rising blade of grass, and grains of sand... that were once... each of them... a tiny portion of the walls and citadels of forgotten empires.

This whole hoodwinking extravaganza is simply to see if you are fooled or not. It is to be seen... by The Silent Witness... where your treasures and your loyalties lie.

I pity them... these poor fools... in their last desperate hours of scrambling for purchase... in a world that is disappearing before their eyes.

All these nationalist and allegedly supremacist organizations are controlled opposition. They can get them to say anything they want to later discredit. It's a shell game and the same thing THEY do in The World of Finance. Look here! Look there! Oh! Don't look over there. Keep it moving. Nothing to see here. Call 411! Somebody call 411!

Looks like the topless towers of Ilium are set to tumble into ruin. That's pretty much what eventually happens to all towers of any shape or size. It's what happens to every fortress... designed to defend against The Enemy Without, and which is destroyed by The Enemy Within. It happens on The Personal Level, AND... at a much wider reach. Few see it coming and no one sees it go, BUT nothing is ever the same again... not there... not anywhere... once it has passed through.

End Transmission.......

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Are you experienced? Would you like to have a psychedelic experience? Follow the directions. This should show you something about the power of concentration, which is the first thing those seeking... to deceive and control you... take away from you through the riotous disorder of a multiplicity of attractions=

And... on a spiritual note... we have yet more on The True Wonders of Islam, as opposed to the fundie nonsense the anal retentives keep peddling. This is the preface. Simply click on the hotlink in blue at the bottom to get to Part One.

Reynold A. Nicholson


0 said...

"THE United States is owned and dominated today by a hierarchy of its sixty richest families, buttressed by no more than ninety families of lesser wealth. Outside this plutocratic circle there are perhaps three hundred and fifty other families, less defined in development and in wealth, but accounting for most of the incomes of $100,000 or more that do not accrue to members of the inner circle."

Quoted from the first chapter in Americas 60 families, as published in 1937. I wonder how much bigger those families and their fortunes are after almost a century...

Rest of the book here:


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #1

What if everybody lived like us these days? No credit card, no cell phone, no telly, 30 year old car, no more restaurants, no designer labels, no personal vanity purchases, no sprog, no debt since we live within our means, no unnecessary purchases, I drive as little as possible, wear clothes until no longer street legal, know where to shop, and the list goes on. . . What kind of shape would the powers that think they are, be in?

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