Friday, May 31, 2024

"Those Moving Ahead of The Curve... Will Begin to Discover... The Marvel of Technology They Are Walking Around In."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... I have not been following Trump's Trials except in a peripheral manner... because nothing is what it seems, and... NOTHING... is what I would have learned... about the wheels that spin and turn in the sensory orbits, and how they connect to the invisible machinations of The Deep State... showing its mailed fist in a Pleather glove; well... actually... the gloves are off, aren't they?

This whole roundelay of political pederasty is about Trump saying he was going to drain the swamp and not being in on The Climate Scam. They can't very well bludgeon humanity into an insensate pudding... if the president of The Free World (cough... cough... snicker)... is not on board with their bullshit.

He stepped on the wrong cloven hooves, BUT... then again... this might all be a shadow play... to turn Mr. Vaccine Supporter... Israel firster... into a jukebox populist hero. I don't know what's going on Out There, and... I don't care. I am stunned and amazed that they were able to pull off such a travesty of justice before the eyes of The World in... the... (cough... cough... snicker)... free... world; ♫ keep on twerking in the free world ♫

I can assure you, I get what I need... by my simple use of metaphysical logic... AND... where I... also... concentrate The Mind on the missing factors... via an intensity of focus... upon the visible factors... until the evidence comes crawling to me... on bloody knees and begging for respite; “Mi lord Visible! What can we reveal to thee!?! It's a trick of unwavering attention... that Patanjali honed to a high art, but... in these times... people can't be bothered to learn it.

Most people don't even know what mind-stuff is. I do. If anyone doubts this, I ask you to accompany me to... the central place setting... on the buffet table, and observe what I have concealed beneath this chaffing dish that Paracelsus left for me... as a token of camaraderie from another time; oh... you're a man of science? This is definitely for you. Let me just lift the cover then, Voila!

What I am saying here is no spoof... nor grandiose claim, and I could care less whether anyone believes me or not; what possible difference could that make to me? What is... is. What is not... is not. Time will tell and we shall see. Count on it!

You know? All sorts of things are going on around here... there, and everywhere. However... almost no one can see what is really going on because... they... themselves... are not real. They are dreaming, and if someone comes along who is not dreaming, what that person will have learned by now... is to step quietly past the agitated sleepers, and to not disturb their restless slumbers. There are those coming whose job that is. I'll leave it in their competent hands. They've done this kind of thing before.

The Divine was speaking with me earlier... through one of the stepdown transformers he uses to effect conversation between us, and he said... in the midst of a conversation we were already having... “Visible... that's not your job. Your job... your sole job... is to let me do my job; for the moment... anyway. That will change after the... event. Until then, you rely on me and you pay attention. I've been doing this sort of thing for billions of years. Oh... let's be frank here, I've been doing this for considerably longer than that. I think there's an indication that I might know what I'm doing.

“After all... I'm still here, and... where is everything else that used to be here? I'll be here when all of what you see around you now... is long gone too.

“When the time comes, and you are properly grounded and there is no danger of you crossing the wrong wires... you will have a specific employment. There's not anything that The World or anywhere else can do about that, so... bide your time, and let me forensically engage with these criminals... by turning them inside out, and standing them in front of a mirror. It's what I usually do, BUT... this being one of those truly extraordinary and remarkable times, I think some grander strokes are called for. I don't want anyone forgetting what got done here... not for a good long stretch of time... still to come.”

He went on, but... more or less... in the same vein. I'll tell you, it's the high point of my life... these conversations... that extend all through the day... every day. Time was that weeks and even months might pass by, and I would not hear from him. Now... not a day passes when we do not have several occasions of back and forth, AND... all I have to do is... take a seat, and give my greetings, and... he is right there... on tap, and never leaving... ever again.

So... I know what I have here, and why would I give the slightest care what anyone thinks about the matter? That affects it not at all. As some wit from another time once said, “The dog's bark, but the caravan moves on.” I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt... that what has happened to me... is a heralding of a much wider series of appearances by The Divine... in hearts and minds around The World. Certain others are already experiencing it, and some were way ahead of me on that account, to begin with.

The Awakening is not only a matter of transforming awareness. It also includes the activation of shared powers and abilities... that are coming to everyone... who will be tuning in. A telepathic network is aborning, and the power inherent in that... to renew The World, and to change everything it comes into contact with, should... not... be... underestimated.

It is an enduring condition in life that ridicule is the first thing to attend the appearance of such matters. Then... as the reality of it is demonstrated upon The Hive Mind... the ridicule dies down, and wonder replaces it. At a certain point... it becomes commonplace, like cars appearing on the former horsecart tracks, and planes appearing in the sky.

For some... cellphones will be as far as they can manage to go. For others... implants will be the way of it. Those moving ahead of the curve... will begin to discover what a real marvel of technology... they are walking around in. Skywalkers, levitators... breatharians, and feeders on sunlight have been around for much longer than our superficial histories have any record of, but... you do not see these people in the public thoroughfares. What you see are the fakirs and deceivers who provide an illusion of these occurrences.

The World has been the province of bad and malign magicians for some time because... we have been resident in dark ages. That's all going to change now, and these charlatans and scam artists are going to be getting the boot. We are entering The Age of Brotherhood, and a time of incredible technology. Unfortunately, some large number of us are not going to be able to make it from the one side to the other. Their fear has made the chasm too wide to step over.

I hear about this and many other curious things every day. The World is continuing exactly as I have been told it will. As your own eyes should tell you... unless you have them tightly shut... large numbers of us are devolving... reverting back to our animal nature, and they got the soundtracks and video to accompany their journey back... to being on all fours again, and... all of the supporting media... encouraging this Satanic press... into an ever greater darkness... is owned and operated... by those being increasingly more and more exposed to the eyes of The World.

It's happening right in front of your eyes, AND... you don't believe it? What can I possibly say to that? There is a reason that certain information is never released into the public domain. The abuses that this would generate... in the appetite-driven masses... would be horrific in the extreme.

Curious minds plum every area of the occult traditions... seeking power for their personal use. These secrets are guarded by fearsome beings, as many have discovered to their lasting dismay. All they achieve are parlor tricks and degrees of deception... that permit them to fascinate the sort of people you find at the concerts and less-than-artful productions of these times. You get the audience you deserve.

I remember being backstage with a famous rock group. I could see the fans below... pressing against the stage. It looked like feeding time at the zoo. I kept thinking I should have buckets of raw meat to chum the waters with. You get the information... knowledge and wisdom that you deserve. You will get nothing from the realms of light... until you transmute your carnal nature. That's written in stone across enormous reaches of time. Everything comes at a price. For me... the cost was nothing. I was grateful to let it go. I suspect that many would find that same cost too dear.

However... everything you relinquish. Everything you let go of... is replaced... incrementally... by something so very... very much finer, and it continues and continues... finer and finer; literally... finer and finer... until it disappears beyond the bandwidth of the eyes. Your body is a gross envelope that permits you temporary residence on this plane. It will reflect the care you give it.

The whole world... is an enduring example... a persistent demonstration... of the return we get from how we treat ourselves and others. That's all there is to it. It's all an extension of the love we do... or do not feel... for The Divine. Everywhere you look, you see what people have made, and are making out of that. Oh well...

End Transmission.......

Okay... the broadcast is still up there.

I was compelled to go a day past the time limits previously designated... BECAUSE... the weekend is upon us and this post will travel from now until Monday... yadda yadda... AND...

I just discovered a Patrick Willis... Snordelhan video... of recent vintage that I had not been informed about.

I just happened upon it... by seeing it linked somewhere. Always nice to have that happen... since it has NEVER happened before that I can remember. (grin)

Some links will be waiting at GAB=

The conclusion of Chapter 5 from The Bhagavad Gita
(Renounce and Rejoice)


Pleasures conceived in the world of the senses have a beginning and an end and give birth to misery, Arjuna. The wise do not look for happiness in them. But those who overcome the impulses of lust and anger which arise in the body are made whole and live in joy. They find their joy, their rest, and their light completely within themselves. United with the Lord, they attain nirvana in Brahman.

Healed of their sins and conflicts, working for the good of all beings, the holy sages attain nirvana in Brahman. Free from anger and selfish desire, unified in mind, those who follow the path of yoga and realize the Self are established forever in that supreme state.

Closing their eyes, steadying their breathing, and focusing their attention on the center of spiritual consciousness, the wise master their senses, mind, and intellect through meditation. Self-realization is their only goal. Freed from selfish desire, fear, and anger, they live in freedom always. Knowing me as the friend of all creatures, the Lord of the universe, the end of all offerings, and all spiritual disciplines, they attain eternal peace.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This one is EPIC! Nostrils to the edge of eternity!

0 said...

Even Henry Makow is calling you out... :)

"Les Visible is Profound!

"Everything outside of you is a distraction from what is inside you. It is the reason that God is lonely and... so are you."

"I walk through... have walked through many crowds of people, and I don't like crowds. I've sat on park benches for hours watching people go by... standing near them and listening to their conversations... watching their postures and their mating dances, and the sex hustlers at work. They're not much different from the pigeons I see every day; a little more complicated, but... that's about it. Any life that does not have The Divine... as the centerpiece of its existence... is a wasted life. You may not think so now, but you most certainly will at a later point."

Good Stuff!


0 said...

Posted this to yesterdays blog comments but maybe its better put under this one. Up to you Viz!

"As Paramhansa Yogananda said; “If you don't search for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”"

Thats an interesting comment huh.

People don't seem to catch the clue that your period of ones iteration of form is there for one to be physically apart and individuated for the duration of the iteration of forms "lifetime", it sets one in a position to Add or Subtract from the Self as it Is in the Now.

You've noted it a few times over the last few weeks how the All noted it would be More resident in you the next time it showed up versus the prior times, this idea hints at the integration that has to happen while in an iteration of form so that such has somewhere defined to Aggregate To.

If we were just part of the field, nothing would individually aggregate to us that isn't already part of the greater field.

Willful focus and concentration on be-coming draw the all into integration with individuated self. And what measure is achieved carries thru based on how coherent it was in the duration inculcated during.

Be a bad mother inculcator. :P


AL said...

"He stepped on the wrong cloven hooves, BUT... then again... this might all be a shadow play... to turn Mr. Vaccine Supporter... Israel firster... into a jukebox populist hero."

I as well got to this place of "no one knows what's what and who's who so don't bother with wondering about the script, God has it nailed down.

I listen to a popular Rumble broadcast from a very nice lady and she gets some good info from Mom n Dad and yesterday she mentioned how he said "do not worry about what happens to Trump's trail when you see how it goes." or something to that affect.

She had problems with it herself and needed her husband to help get her through. I thought wow even the prophets forget to take His own advice when the time comes and I felt empathy for her being one who has done the same thing time and again.

Being I let go of anything pertaining to what's going on it didn't phase me and I figured it was coming from her own prophetic word, icing on the corruption cake and all. I am more apt to want to hug her these days instead of look down on her and that's growth of the Holy Spirit for me man.

Have a good weekend Brutha and much Love.

Anonymous said...

gotta say - i know of what you speak. thanks for verbalizing it. always thankful for your posts

Sandy at Rim of the World.

Visible said...


Thank you! Where would The Rim of The World be? The general idea is good enough... you never know who's listening in. (grin)

stridertheorem said...

LV! Love watching the birds carry a piece of bread and then a quick bird comes along and takes it away, they fly off fighting over it, I put out another piece.
Rocky Raccoon is still hanging around even after winter, they kind look like a dinosaur from the side in profile, in the way that they stand.
Working on carnal and anger which are holes in the armor, a man's got to know his limitations.
The Criminals In Action are out to burn down the world for Karl and Ol' Scratch.
If the earth was flat wouldn't it F' up the rotation of the universe due to gravity?
I'll listen to things out of open mindedness but it gets to a point of annoyance and then they are taking advantage of tolerance and patience.
Reminds me of that scene in Where Eagles Dare where Micheal Caine about a man is generally what he considers himself to be.
It can't be found there so stop all the wanting?
They were in despair because they were disconnected from God.
If these can be downloaded without an account I'll make a Samizdat DVD-R!
Fear God and nothing else for he conquered hell and death for the ultimate...COMBO BREAKER!

Visible said...


That's funny. I just watched Magnum Force last week.

Yeah... God's the be-all and end-all... no matter what. Might as well get in a state of perfect harmony with The Divine to begin with... everything that comes... comes out of the nature of that relationship, which is always seeking a greater harmony.

TotoFromOz said...

What can I say? Nuthin but....❤🌞🙏 2 u😊

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Sexual Perversion is Burrowing Beneath The Cultural Skin... like Bot-Larva... Like Ring Worm Infestation... Like Leprosy."

Anonymous said...

Pierre said, after clicking the like button.
funny that . in bitchute comment land someone posted a stephan verstappen video (uncredited).. lovely one with the river etc. I informed them, and linked it to his page. and also mentioned patrick and linked that page too
I would like to think we are all on the same page.
but not Larry Page nor all google eyes at Satan.
cheers peter
heck I feel now like rushging out with my dewalt cutoff saw and carving me some Jesus's out of the large sandstone blocks, many of which came down in the last landslide.
carvings of the heart. and monuments inside. Stefan, talking about your generation.
'how it will all go down - diversity edition' 15 min but then you know that.
how it will all go up again, that is the question.



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