Wednesday, May 15, 2024

"Set Your Mind on Healing Rather than Joining The Injury-Making Sociopathy that is Driving The Culture at This Time."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everywhere you look... it's Crazy Town. It's a marathon game of liar's poker. It doesn't work on the physiognomists, and those of us acquainted with the mindset behind The Mask, BUT... around The World... it's monkey business as usual.

I met a man in need of healing today. When I take the measure of a condition, the first thing I see is all the hindrances and blockages to the healing force. I immediately feel the lassitude and torpor that wreathes the life form in a cocoon of resistance. It is as if the life form is cooperating with The Cell Rebellion that seeks its life. It has given in without knowing it has given in, and... it's all down to The Cold Vault from there.

It can be difficult... to address a human defense system... that protects the darkness that is feeding on it. It can seem intimidating. One has to step back first and let The Divine handle the matter. You will never do much on your own. Look at the harm caused by ignorant doctors.

It's an interesting mystery... a conundrum; if someone is supposed to die at a certain time and in a certain way, how is it that they can be healed? Jesus did it and said that any of us could do it too, if we had the faith. I know this to be true and I have seen firsthand the efficacy of it. It's a simple matter of channeling The Healing Force, without personally affecting or influencing it in any way, as it passes through you. Let's just call it Higher Love... because no matter what it is... it's going to be some permutation of Higher Love.

So... just as there is Higher Love... there are higher laws that bypass The Usual Restrictions we live and die with. The whole... entire drama... that you see external to you, is... a... lie. There is much more going on, and... if you can tune into it, it will free you from The Usual Constraints. First, you follow The Commandments... then you follow The Rules... then by virtue of this applied discipline... you are raised above them... because there is no longer any danger that you will violate them.

(It's like the plane of Good and Evil. This is an actual location that one can rise above. Actually... one gets promoted beyond this polarity... once the necessary balance has been obtained. Imagine two outboard engines... one pushes one way... one pushes another, BUT... you have a steering wheel. Good and Evil are ALWAYS in this world. The lightning was evil until we learned how to control it and use it. Evil provides the raw material we need to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.)

We don't do the healing ourselves. Anyone who thinks so is going to find out... at some point... that they are the one who needs healing. We are the ones holding the firehose. We don't have the water. We don't have anything but the capacity to point the hose, and... most importantly... continue to hold the hose without wavering. This takes a disciplined will. It takes focus and concentration. Focus points the hose, and concentration maintains the flow and NARROWS the force... which concentrates the force. It's similar to the way a laser works.

You might be holding only an ordinary hose, BUT... if you can concentrate the flow... if you have the proper nozzle... you can increase the power at contact. Have you seen those water-saving showers? They work on that principle. External technology and internal technology operate according to the same rules. All the external technology comes from internal technology. This should be a major eye-opener if you catch the implications.

Most people do not want to wake up. Most people want something temporary and illusory. Often they want several or many things. People are most often poor from a multitude of desires. People who are rich know how to go about it and maintain it... until their bad habits bankrupt them, one way... or the other... for The Purpose of Demonstration. Those who refuse to wake up have powerful investments in Dream World.

Then there are the predatory mindsets. They are deep into the manipulation of Dream World. Some of them are Moray Eels. Some of them are scavengers. Some of them are hunters. What I mean is that some of them wait for their prey to come to them, and some go out looking for it. Human predators are nearly always possessed by demonic entities. Some of them willingly sought this condition out, and... some are unaware of it. It came with the appetites that they exercised. The possession part is... what results in... them being led to ever darker and more terrible appetites.

You're walking along a road. Your desire body makes adjustments in direction... according to an internal GPS, and the road you are on accommodates to your desires... as if you were in a video game. It bends or twists accordingly, BUT... you are unaware of this, and so you are led further and further afield... by incremental adjustments... to one of Hell's many back doors. This is a very old story. You can literally see it in action if you can hold a sustained focus. You also hear about one situation after another where someone got led somewhere and something happened.

Prayer... call it Theurgy if you like... is a form of directed action. Here too... focus and concentration are very important, and so is the mindset of selflessness. Ask for others, and the angels of God are definitely listening. Ask for yourself, well... comme si comme sa. Scripture tells you to pray for those who abuse you. There is tremendous power in this. It isn't explained... many things that are said in scripture are not explained... because the people who use religion to control people... are not fond of your knowing what power is available to you.

The Deep State... The Satanic Elite... are having a field day... presently... due to the advance of Materialism in human affairs. It's that old bread and circuses act. Deception... misdirection; what does misdirection do? It sends you in the wrong direction. These are psychopathic liars, BUT they are powerless if you have a relationship with The Divine. One of their tactics is to separate people from The Higher Mind within. This is why they promote carnal mindsets.

The real reason behind the LGBTFU movement is to trap people in animal behavior. These people... knowingly AND unknowingly work for someone... something... that does not have yours or their best interests at heart. They want you ruined physically... emotionally... mentally... and spiritually. There is no upside to The Road of Excess except awful and protracted pain. The AMA Pharmaceutical Combine makes its living from not healing your distress. Why would you go to a doctor who never learned anything about healing?

You are in a turnstile world and you have to keep putting money in or you don't get through the turnstile. Insurance companies make bank from FEAR of LOSS. Nothing... at this time... is set up to serve your interests... unless you know how to game the system, you're screwed. Gaming the system makes you the same kind of criminal as the people who devised the system as a gigantic dairy farm for milking you.

Sexual perversity is an automatic byproduct of materialism in a particular phase. So are all of the other excesses... that we see as trends... moving like creeping Kudzu... or those pink-leaved trees that eat entire jungles, but... the good news is that all of these things are eating each other, and it will be like that picture of the cow eating grass in a snowstorm... with the grass and then the cow finally gone somewhere else.

I know Smoking Mirrors is supposed to be about geo-political doings, but these days there is no good news on that front. Corruption has taken over at every level, and ritual seppuku has become the order of the day. That's a good thing, but... while it is transiting we will talk about other things. There's only so much that can be said about the torturing and genocide of an entire nation of people by bloodthirsty psychopaths... while The World spins indifferently in space. I'm not going to wring my hands about it. I've said what I've had to say over and over again. It's clear who is doing what and why.

These monsters are not just destroying The Palestinian People. They are also determined to destroy The World as we think we know it. They are conscienceless aliens... from some dark dimension... by way of infernal regions of The Lower Astral Plane. The Cleaning Crew has been called in and they are going to be dealt with. Sometimes it is very hard to understand why things are as they are. Something from the dim past is working its way out in this and other matters.

One is better advised to set their mind on healing rather than joining in with the general injury-making sociopathy that is driving contemporary culture. Fill your heart with love... the way one puts sugar water in a hummingbird feeder, and that which feeds on love will visit there. Then it will begin to live there. Certain entities make their home wherever love is to be found. If you are of a mind to attract these entities then... fill your heart with love.

When The Divine decides to take up permanent residence in the higher locations of your being... once he has constructed or activated these locations; since they are already there, but... might be in a dormant state... he announces his intention to take up conscious residence in you. Then... by degrees... he advances, and as he does... changes take place in your being. He brings everything that he is with him. You become his representative here... one of his Good Will Ambassadors to The Human Race.

Healing is a natural extension of his presence. All his qualities attend him. His sanctuary is erected around you, and... over time... the protective field can extend for quite a distance. Eventually, you will have your own world that people come to, and which your virtue and fealty to The Divine has made possible.

The Divine presents to me as a higher and more complete version of myself, which I am changing into under the influence of it. I'll tell you what he told me; “Visible, every time we come together in mediation... reflection... contemplation... or in any of the variety of ways that we greet each other every day, I am more present in you than I was the last time, BUT... not as present as I am going to be the next time.

“When I come, I do not come alone, everything that connects to me comes as well; my angels and various attendants, my qualities, my powers, the healing nature that attends my presence, my protective mirror shields, and so... so much more than you know about. In the process of my arriving... you are being emptied of everything that is not me, to be replaced by only what resonates with me; whether added or uncovered... it matters not.

“Simply rely on me, and let me handle The Details, and everything will unfold upon the golden road to my kingdom materializing in the air all around you. You have my word on that.”

End Transmission.......

Reynold A. Nicholson

Some links will be at GAB if I can get it together in the next segment of time=


0 said...

Thanks for sharing Viz! Always like to hear what the all tells you as when I read it its like the alls telling me the same. The all talks to me thru everything I take in, so I look for the resonance/suffusing type effect as I pay attention to see where the alls talking to me thru words in some other context.

My divorce is final now. My now ex-wife keeps threatening suicide as if thats a means to force the marriage back into place. All it does is push me further away. Its ironic cuz when I was a teenager I also thought suicide would let me avoid the coming efforts and attempted it a time or two, but grew out of it before I got married. No point suiciding unless ones cheating Themselves of their own development over an iteration of forms period of experience.

I don't know what to do except keep doing as I have been.

Still packing the place/cleaning the place to get it listed. Once its sold, will pay off all outstanding debts and rent a place for a bit while looking for where I want to purchase the next place. I prefer the country but need good internet to keep doing my voip day job. So guess we'll see how it goes.

Anna von Reitz had noted heavy military air coverage over texas and alaska over the weekend... noted something about a potential false flag, tho I read that the UK made an agreement with Rwanda to ship their illegals there from the UK. Not back to their home towns. I wonder what sort of private prisons or prison factories have been stood up over there to be worked by those duped by the claims of free handouts with no consequences. Maybe the military is in texas to clean up colony ridge. Who knows. Haven't seen any obvious military vehicles around town but I don't get out to much either.

The all wills what the all wills, guess we'll see what shakes out.


Anonymous said...

The Bible prophesied 7-year Tribulation is at humanity's doorstep & the time to escape is very short. To read more, pls visit

Visible said...


I don't know anything about military movements and such. I don't doubt the imminence of a false flag, BUT... nothing of me is independent of God, nothing. On rare occasions, I'll go by Infowars and then I have to leave soon enough because of the crazy paranoia on that site. Mike Adams and so many others, work that angle of the sky falling.

Things in the world ONLY involve me (or you) if we are involved and I am not.

I'm sure you will find finer pastures shortly. There are all kinds of rural locations with great internet.

Any day now just about anything can happen.

Visible said...

apropos of a comment here, I wanted to say that just because I let someone post a link does not mean... by any stretch... that I am in agreement with the information contained in the link. I try not to be censorious if I can help it, and unless someone is a real pain in the ass I try to be (snicker) inclusive.

Only a few things are outright banned here. One of them is anything having to do with Flat Earth. I'm sure there are other subjects that would get outright banned but they have the good sense not to come around. (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

AL said...

"Then... by degrees... he advances, and as he does... changes take place in your being. He brings everything that he is with him. You become his representative here... one of his Good Will Ambassadors to The Human Race."

I am experiencing this and have been for I don't know how long but it has speeded up. I believe for me I had to experience more suffering to complete my stay there in order to advance another degree. The more we leave behind the dark separated mind the more the Divine can move in and do the work he had in mind for us I figure.

I watched a bird fly from my feeder directly into my window last week at speed. I walked over and picked his almost lifeless body up and asked the Father if he could be so kind as to send some healing love to it. It began to move slightly and in about 3-4 hours was able to fly a short distance. He remains a visitor to my feeder today and Rose Breasted Grosbeak and used to screech loudly when he saw me but now looks at me without fear.

I have never done this before, never knew we could, the Father and I that is.

As for this dis-ease Amyloidosis that I seem to have also disappears more and more every week and I know it's not the DMSO curing me... but perhaps the prayers of asking Yesh he could be so kind as to bless it.

That and something about out with the darkness and in with the light that makes these pesky dis-eases flee our presence.

One thing remains a constant in all this, God and my absolute service to nothing but being closer to God.

Cheers Brutha!

0 said...

Black Sky Event inbound seemingly. Have you seen this?

Curious timing. Tomorrow is their Next "mock" event. Wonder if the timeline will work like event 201 followed by the scamdemic shortly thereafter.


0 said...


Yep, its been like that my whole life so I'm not to concerned about it. Staying in the iteration of form or being terminated, eh, whatever. If I've served the purpose then what does it matter what comes next.

I agree that much of what goes on doesn't involve me. But I do watch as much as I can and I do call for accountability on sites that allow comments without registration of email addresses. Mike Adams and his natural news banned me a couple years ago so I don't bother reading his junk. Same with sites that don't allow disqus comments. No point reading what I can't freely comment on so thats how I go.

Guess we'll see how it works out.

My best to you!

0 said...

This bit from your mystics of islam link seems apt today for me, and maybe others. Have to paste in two parts as it exceeds the character limit for comments. Part 1. Enjoy!

"God bade me behold the Sea, and I saw the ships sinking and the planks floating; then the planks too were submerged."
[The Sea denotes the spiritual experiences through which the mystic passes in his journey to God. The point at issue is this: whether he should prefer the religious law or dis-
{p. 75}
interested love. Here he is warned not to rely on his good works, which are no better than sinking ships and will never bring him safely to port. No; if he would attain to God, he must rely on God alone. If he does not rely entirely on God, but lets himself trust ever so little in anything else, he is still clinging to a plank. Though his trust in God is greater than before, it is not yet complete.]
"And He said to me, 'Those who voyage are not saved.'"
[The voyager uses the ship as a means of crossing the sea: therefore he relies, not on the First Cause, but on secondary causes.]
"And He said to me, 'Those who instead of voyaging cast themselves into the Sea take a risk.'"
[To abandon all secondary causes is like plunging in the sea. The mystic who makes this venture is in jeopardy, for two reasons: he may regard himself, not God, as initiating and carrying out the action of abandonment,--and one who renounces a thing through 'self' is in worse case than if he had not renounced it,--or he may abandon secondary causes (good works, hope of Paradise, etc.), not for God's sake, but from sheer indifference and lack of spiritual feeling.]
{p. 76}
* * *
"And He said to me, 'Those who voyage and take no risk shall perish.'"
[Notwithstanding the dangers referred to, he must make God his sole object or fail.]
"And He said to me, 'In taking the risk there is a part of salvation.'"
[Only a part of salvation, because perfect selflessness has not yet been attained. The whole of salvation consists in the effacement of all secondary causes, all phenomena, through the rapture which results from vision of God. But this is gnosis, and the present revelation is addressed to mystics of a lower grade. The gnostic takes no risk, for he has nothing to lose.]
"And the wave came and lifted those beneath it and overran the shore."
[Those beneath the wave are they who voyage in ships and consequently suffer shipwreck. Their reliance on secondary causes casts them ashore, i.e. brings them back to the world of phenomena whereby they are veiled from God.]
"And He said to me, 'The surface of the Sea is a gleam that cannot be reached.'"
[Anyone who depends on external rites of worship to lead him to God is following a will-o'-the-wisp.]
{p. 77}


0 said...

And part deux... Enjoy!

* * *
"And its bottom is a darkness impenetrable."
[To discard positive religion, root and branch, is to wander in a pathless maze.]
"And between the two are fishes which are to be feared."
[He refers to the middle way between pure exotericism and pure esotericism. The 'fishes' are its perils and obstacles.]
"Do not voyage on the Sea, lest I cause thee to be veiled by the vehicle."
[The 'vehicle' signifies the 'ship,' i.e. reliance on something other than God.]
"And do not cast thyself into the Sea, lest I cause thee to be veiled by thy casting thyself."
[Whoever regards any act as his own act and attributes it to himself is far from God.]
"And He said to me, 'In the Sea are boundaries: which of them will bear thee on?'"
[The 'boundaries' are the various degrees of spiritual experience. The mystic ought not to rely on any of these, for they are all imperfect.]
"And He said to me, 'If thou givest thyself to the Sea and sinkest therein, thou wilt fall a prey to one of its beasts.'"
{p. 78}
* * *
[If the mystic either relies on secondary causes or abandons them by his own act, he will go astray.]
"And He said to me, 'I deceive thee if I direct thee to aught save Myself.'"
[If the mystic's inward voice bids him turn to anything except God, it deceives him.]
"And He said to me, 'If thou perishest for the sake of other than Me, thou wilt belong to that for which thou hast perished.'
"And He said to me, 'This world belongs to him whom I have turned away from it and from whom I have turned it away; and the next world belongs to him towards whom have brought it and whom I have brought towards Myself.'"
[He means to say that everlasting joy is the portion of those whose hearts are turned away from this world and who have no worldly possessions. They really enjoy this world, because it cannot separate them from God. Similarly, the true owners of the next world are those who do not seek it, inasmuch as it is not the real object of their desire, but contemplate God alone.]


Anonymous said...

that's actually good advice. Focus on healing and creating a better world, rather than destroying the old world. The old world is collapsing on it's own well enough.

Of course, nothing wrong with a little destruction now and then, as long as the main focus is healing and growth.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It's More Dance Lessons with The Rest of The Clumsy Dancers in The Drunken Mosh Pits of Stupidity, and Endless Wanting."

Anonymous said...

Your last sentence has become my new mantra.



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