Thursday, May 23, 2024

"It's the STD-Ridden Glamour Groupies who Fellate The Auto Tune Rappers from The Basilica of Howling Incoherence."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I had an interesting exchange this morning with a fellow who believes The Earth is flat... that it's a Frisbee. Sometimes... I sit back and muse about God picking it up and whirling it through space. Then God says something like Fetch Sirius! And The Dog Star goes loping through space after it.

I'm guessing it is a religion with this guy... because when I made a disrespectful statement about The Earth being flat, and The Sun... 30 kilometers away... in yesterday's posting, he decided to go after Sufism, which... for some reason... he thinks is my religion. I don't have a religion, and as I told him, I have no sacred cows of any kind; Go ahead... say something about my mother. it doesn't matter to me. My Mother can take care of herself, believe me; given that my mother is The Divine Mother.

If I have a religion then it involves The Sun... as a vehicle for a sun too bright to see, but it's not really a religion, with set-into-stone rituals and inflexible dogmas... written in small print and interpreted by lawyers dressed in priestly garb. It's a casual thing... as much as it is a sacred thing, BUT... it's a lot like two friends getting together, and who know they will be... and are... together for eternity, so... it's a little more relaxed than it is with people who need religions because they are unsure of the outcome.

I don't believe in temporal governments either.

Then... the other day, a fellow objected to my mention of Jones... Adams... Kirk and others as being in it for the money. They are making huge sums. I mean... they are making big money, but... when it comes to Israel, they're like Carl Sandberg's fog... going on little cat's feet... somewhere around Chicago. They turn into circus poodles when it comes to Israel. This fellow pointed out that these people do a lot of good. He hoped not to offend me because he knew... he said... that I didn't like to be contradicted.

That puzzled me for a little while. I didn't know what he was talking about. People often confuse me when it comes to the difference between being contradicted... and being misinterpreted. Still... something was flying on little batwings about that... in the nether regions of my mind, and then... then it came to me. I hadn't heard from this particular person in ten years or more. I was a very different person ten years ago.

I forget that people see each other as always being the same... not really subject to change. If I could not change, and... change dramatically, I would die. In fact... that is EXACTLY what happens to you when you cannot change or... refuse to change. You die. If you could be in a state of constant transition... after a fashion... Death would not come for you, and there are people walking around on The Earth who have been corporate... in the body... for hundreds... even thousands of years. This I know... first hand... to be true.

I don't mind that these... allegedly conservative speakers... are making the big bucks. I have nothing against people being rich. It does concern me that their integrity can be on the line at any time if... their possession of, and... access to... money... is interfered with. People tend to toe the line around money, and... it's a fact that a certain demographic can definitely mess with your money... if you get out of line.

See... from my perspective... all these talking heads... on the left, and on the right, are simply dashboard bobbleheads... that go in one direction or another... to counter those who are bobbling in the other direction. Nothing changes in The World because of them... regardless of what any of these people say. The World is moved behind the scenes... first by those who control The Money... then by the discorporate one who controls those who control The Money, and then by The (ineffable) One who controls everything... all the time... without respite.

I wasn't trying to say these people were bad people. They operate in character, and that character conceals the animal who lives behind the mask, and who will come out of his den... or leap from the foliage... if you scratch the mask. Bill Maher is a really important player in the game of Constant Deception. He's in the news... at various large news sites... nearly every single day. If he removes his mask you see flaming snake eyes.

Now... all the news sites are working 24-7 about The Horrors of Hamas... concerning The Perils of Pauline; Pauline Iceberg... who is one of these October 7th hostages. She was matriculated through Sandy Hook, and then she was dressed up as Joan of Kiev. Now she's a professional hostage.. who is booked through, and employed by the LA branch of Crisis Actors LLD. The things they have these Ghamaz guys saying are ridiculous. These have got to be the same writers who work on Bridgerton and other historical revisionist series.

So... I'm thinking about this guy... who wanted me to know about the good work being done by This... That... and The Other Guy, and... the guy who thinks Planet Earth is a Frisbee, and it occurred to me, well... it has been occurring to me for some time now, BUT... it never got completely through the fog those little cat's feet were moving through in my head... that what's going on these days, and what's been coming for decades now... are the new religious cults of Personality... and of Celebrity. We live in a time of revolving personality cults.

All of these personalities are elders, deacons, altar boys, and whatever they're calling them... in some particular Church of Celebrity. Taylor Swift is the high priestess at The First Unreformed Church of Babylonian Hair-Flipping. Beyonce is the high priestess of The First Church of Babylon Twerking.

All these celebrities are the temporary hydra heads... from the firm of Flavor of The Passing Trends of The Moment Incorporated. Bill Maher is the high priest of The Church of Unctuous Smarm and Sophistry. Georgie-Boy Soros is the head of The Temple of Three Card Monte where The Sun Don't Shine. Joe Biden is the head of The Shrine of Where The Fuck Am I?

Every one of these people... coming and going in this prelude to The Advent of The Avatar, who is The Supreme Personality of God, as he presents in any particular age, are what you are left with when the infrastructure of a passing age begins to collapse. That's what the whole Anti-Christ thing is about, and... given the billions who are milling about here... mindlessly texting one another like crackheads on the digital pipe... this version of The Anti-Christ is going to be Legion... personifying as a pandemic of possessions... the splintered personality to end all split personalities.

Now... I intend no offense to the fellow who tried to tell me about the good these people are doing. He was deft and diplomatic about it. It's just that my thinking about these things has led to what you are reading now.

The television is the altar of the times, and the faces keep coming and going... trying to keep your attention... until someone else comes along, and shoves them out of the way, and what you get are tens of thousands of Afghan hounds... toy poodles and peacocks... all shrieking and howling to stay on a stage that was not built for that many people. Thank God, they are all empty-headed, and that part of their anatomy doesn't weigh anything, but it's still too much weight everywhere else, and the stage is going to buckle... any time now.

So... The Tabernacle of The Flat Earth Faithful, and... the we're gonna fix this world social reformer gremlins, and The Raelians, and The Scientologists... with The Volcano God, and the STD-Ridden Glamour Groupies... who fellate The Auto Tune Rappers... from The Basilica of Incoherence, and the politicians from The Pagoda of Hypocrites Bent over a Barrel, and The Chapel of Buggered Cruise Line Twinks... next to The Cathedral of Diversity is Perversity... that is a front for The Bleeding Martyr's Sanctuary of Insane Transsexuals... are all talking at once and no one can understand a single word of it.

It is the swirling chaos... of the latest iteration of The Tower of Babel. A certain demonic demographic is working overtime to bring The New Weimar Republic back to the same location it was in the first time, BUT this time... to the rest of The World as well. Germany wants the age of consent lowered to 12. They just legalized kiddie porn. You see... once they get something into law THEN... they can enforce it. It's like Holocaust Denial. It doesn't matter if you can prove that it didn't happen, it's against the law to say it didn't happen... even if it didn't happen.

They're trying to lock the whole thing down BEFORE The Light breaks upon The Darkness. It's not a question of who is behind all this. That's visibly evident. It's not a question of who's behind them. That is invisibly evident. What all of the panicking rats... from the ship they chewed holes in are missing... is... who is behind that? Well... they'll be finding out soon enough. Some are finding it out right now, and some are scheduled to find out... at different times... as the various hours sound out on The Celestial Cuckoo Clock.

You know... on an ordinary Cuckoo Clock, a cuckoo comes out. Then there are the more elaborate Cuckoo Clocks that have various degrees of sophistication in the presentation. When The Celestial Cuckoo Clock goes off, a choir of warrior angels... appear in mid-air... in front of the newly opened portal, and... they begin to sing, and you hear that music... whose specific tones... in a specific order... actually transform material existence in real-time. Wait for it... cause it is absolutely... fer sure... going to happen.

End Transmission.......

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Here is the continuing excerpt from
Chapter 3 of The Bhagavad Gita=

“Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world;
by devotion to selfless work, one attains the supreme goal of life.
Do your work with the welfare of others always in mind.
It was by such work that Janaka attained perfection;
others too have followed this path.

What the outstanding person does, others will try to do.
The standards such people create will be followed by the whole world.
There is nothing in the three worlds for me to gain, Arjuna,
nor is there anything I do not have;
I continue to act, but I am not driven by any need of my own.

If I ever refrained from continuous work,
everyone would immediately follow my example.
If I stopped working I would be the cause of cosmic chaos,
and finally of the destruction of this world and these people.

The ignorant work for their own profit, Arjuna;
the wise work for the welfare of the world,
without thought for themselves. By abstaining from work
you will confuse the ignorant, who are engrossed in their actions.
Perform all work carefully, guided by compassion.

All actions are performed by the Gunas of Prakriti.
Deluded by identification with the ego, a person thinks,
“I am the doer.” But the illumined man or woman understands
the domain of the Gunas and is not attached.
Such people know that the Gunas interact with each other;
they do not claim to be the doer.

Those who are deluded by the operation of the Gunas
become attached to the results of their action.
Those who understand these truths should not unsettle the ignorant.
Performing all actions for my sake, completely absorbed in the Self,
and without expectations, fight! –
but stay free from the fever of the ego.

Those who live in accordance with these divine laws without
complaining, firmly established in faith, are released from karma.
Those who violate these laws, criticizing and complaining,
are utterly deluded, and are the cause of their own suffering.

Even the wise act within the limitations of their own nature.
Every creature is subject to Prakriti; what is the use of repression?
The senses have been conditioned by attraction to the pleasant and
aversion to the unpleasant. Do not be ruled by them;
they are obstacles in your path.

It is better to strive in one’s own dharma
than to succeed in the dharma of another.
Nothing is ever lost in following one’s own dharma,
but competition in another’s dharma breeds fear and insecurity.”


AL said...

I enjoyed the smiles today on this one. I was just in the home of a customer who last year was discussing issues he was having with me and we had some laughs then he turned to his wife and continued their conversation and 2 seconds went by. As I was about to walk away he turned and with an angry voice and look and says "do you need something else?"

His wife looks at me with a terrified look hoping I wasn't going to tell him to you know what. One can see the years of abuse in her eyes man so I just said no I'm done and moved on.

He and I started our businesses about 30 years ago, he went the get big route and I went the stay small route. He has every toy one mammon worshipper could want, 7000 sqft main home, animal heads on the wall, 40ft bar, a couple other homes around the world, boats, cars etc. I have what I need he has all money can buy. I am happy and at peace most often he is miserable and angry most often. We both pay our bills on time. I have God he has fear and can't seem to buy his way out.

I'm glad I never chose to make my business big, must have had that experience once before...

Cheers my Brutha and much Love

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, though I must admit I am trying to be as dead to the world as possible, considering I'm philosophically opposed to how it works, though I do make exceptions for the individual, and critters.

Anonymous said...

. . . The First Church of Babylonian Hair - Flipping . . . and it rolls on from there. Visible, do you ever have belly laughs over any of these inspirations you write, because i lost it on that one. My endorphins are flowing freely again. Thanks!

The segments on Bill Maher and Boy Soros and all the rest brought the hysterics back under control tho, because that is some serious nasty doodoo. And, Ole Gropey Joe? Well . . . All good material to tie to a stick and whack inattentive grovelers with, like a Catholic nun.

Another KA essay. There’s so many, the body of work is monumental, at this point.
You aren’t into flattery, but it’s simply amazing to me.

Yesterday’s Origami was very helpful too. Thank you for putting it out there for those of us who are still reaching for a place of peace; it gets us closer.


Visible said...

As a matter of fact... given that I am only indirectly connected to any of this.

Well... absolutely nothing affects me so much as to be useful... so... that is serious good news for me to hear.

Visible said...

He lost me when he started talking about angels torturing people. Anyone that out of touch with what angels are and what angels do... well, I didn't feel like going any further along.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is coming now=

"The Hasbara Cemetery Comics Will be at The Wake and... Turning into Ectoplasmic Maggots... on The Astral Plane."

Tutudid said...

Here is his treatise on his anti-Zionist conversion:

How both Israel and the GOP completely lost my support in just 6 1/2 months

TotoFromOz said...


Visible said...

Tutu (T)

This is not the place for an endless stream of disparate links. It's not a billboard here. GAB is where those things go. I'm not going to try to explain because I see that's not possible, so... you know the routine.

Also, I personally never watch links more than ten minutes long and I never watch concerts. I never watched them to begin with.



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