Monday, May 20, 2024

"It Doesn't Matter if You were Pure as The Driven Snow or... a Reprobate on The Outlaw Trail... Who Finally Saw The Light."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It is so very hard to see what is going on with the physical eye. It is certainly impossible to comprehend any of it with the carnal mind... because the carnal mind does not concern itself with understanding anything... animal enjoyment is the single objective, and there is nothing beyond that. In Times of Material Darkness... The Carnal Mind attains its greatest power. Its influence is widespread. It is... so to speak... all over the map.

Films... music... media... they all inflame the mind with the sensory attractions. Commercials are everywhere... the dancing LEDs... the relentless imagery... resemble a kind of demented Nutcracker Suite; get this! Get that, and... get out of town. Escape! Get away! Get away without ever leaving home! Escape in your head! Then the gates close and the cell door slams... because ALL material attraction builds a prison house for you; first in your mind, and then in the surrounding world that is a projection of the mind.

There is a dial. It turns and moves through all of the form and color coordinations of Nature as she is, and as she is adapted to be through the impress of The Mind upon The Substance of Things Unseen. Then... a moment comes when The Dial hits that specific point, and... the... whole... world... changes... and The Mind is renewed. A new range of senses appear to interpret this world... that is so very unlike The World that existed only a moment before.

Okay... that was brief and short, BUT ten thousand words would make it no more clear. One world is the domain of The Carnal Mind, and the other world is the domain of The Spiritual Eye. Nearly all of humanity lives and moves in some permutation of The Carnal Mind, and a few who have been liberated from hunger... from appetite... from wanting... live in both worlds at the same time. They don't get that catch in the throat. They don't get the paralytic freeze of fear in the heart.

What appears as carnal to the rank and file in The Robot Brigade, AKA... The Marching Dead, AKA...The Manipulated and Mesmerized looks entirely different to The Spiritual Eye. For most... there is a pull that happens... between the desiring and the object of desire. For the few... that pull has been neutralized, and... one is set free.

One no longer lives in a poverty zone of wanting... and wanting... and wanting. One is now in a state of having... of having everything... that one previously imagined to exist outside of themselves... on tap... at all times... from everlasting to everlasting. The point being that there is only one thing worth having, and EVERYTHING ELSE can only be fully enjoyed... or appreciated... when one has that one thing. Otherwise... disappointment and dissatisfaction are a certainty... sooner or later.

That's the whole of it. You can read a hundred books... a thousand books. You can write a hundred books... a thousand books. You can follow one religion after the other... you can take this course and that course of self-betterment. You can travel The World around. See The Sights! Bright lights of the cities... take home a six-pack of dancing girls; do it every night... make a fortune... fly private... belong to the most exclusive clubs. It won't be there.

It is the most elusive thing in The World because it is not in The World. It is shapeless and colorless. It's an acquired taste because you can't taste it unless those other senses are opened.

It's been said that it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter into Heaven. Let's extrapolate that into every other area of life. If all your enjoyment is here... here is all you'll get, and you will go on wanting, and wanting, and wanting, and... it will get worse, and worse, and worse.

You won't be happy with the usual pleasures... that thrill will go away. You'll be driven to more and more exotic fare, and... as you go... something you were unaware of, but which was present all along, and watching you all along... is going to slowly come to life in you. It's going to become more and more present. It will be a small wheedling voice. It will grow more insistent. It will grow more demanding, and what are you going to do?

You've already made arrangements and concessions, all... along... the... way, and... at each stop, a piece of you got sucked away. The time will come when you are taken over by another will, and... that will not be all she wrote. There is another way to go. It also involves another will... another presence... that has been present all along... and watching you all along. It is something that will come to life in you... becoming more and more present.

It's hard for most people to even know what road they are on. One becomes persuaded that what one is seeing and feeling is something other than what it really is. The deception is masterful... because the one doing the deceiving... has been doing it for millions of years. You are involved... like it or not... in a battle for the ages. It seems never to end. It just keeps taking another shape... like Sauron The Shadow... moving from one place to the next. Every age has a new permutation, and...

… you are here for only one of two reasons. Either your role in the drama is yet to be resolved OR... you're here to help. When I say unresolved... that could mean anything from being a submissive bondage freak... in harness to The Dark Lord of Painful Pleasures or... you are headed there, and at a particular stage of the journey OR... you are headed to that other place that includes more places than the mind can imagine. That actually applies to both places.

Everything is a deception here because everything appears to be something other than what it is. Take pleasure for instance. Everything that offers pleasure here is only pain delayed. Sooner or later it's going to hurt. It might separate you from something meaningful. It might pay you a visit in the form of some malady. EVERYTHING comes at a cost. The Gita talks about that which seems to be nectar at first and then turns into poison, and that which seems like poison at first, and then turns into nectar. I understand it. It hurt like Hell for a really long time, BUT... I got the point.

I should have gotten the point much earlier, but... I'm a little slow. Then I was told there was no getting around or over at any stage... there was only going through, so... there was no way I was going to get the point earlier. Everyone that takes this road has to go through certain things. It doesn't matter if you were pure as the driven snow or... a serious reprobate on The Outlaw Trail... who finally saw The Light, you got to walk through The Fire or burn.

I don't know why they work it this way. Maybe it is so that when you come out the other side you won't be judging others as harshly... as might have been the case... if you had been a self-righteous prig who never got down into the murk. Perhaps one has to understand The Murk and its attractions before you can be free of it. You have to have that commonality of mind that understands that we are all sinners who have come short of the mark... short of The Glory of God.

The mercy of The Divine... the forgiveness of The Divine... are far... far beyond the reach and understanding of The Mortal Mind. One must realize that every offense committed against anyone is an offense against The Divine... because The Divine is the whole of everything... is every part... is the whole, and is also that something else... that gestalt that is beyond the whole. Of course... in most cases... the parts do not recognize their connection to The Divine... that's what life is all about.

It's a game of hide and seek between you... and The Divine, and... it is The Divine that redeems you. He comes personally to see to that... on a regular basis.

There is ONLY you and The Divine. Everything else? You are imagining it. Meanwhile... you can run loose through The Jungle. You can do This... That... and The Other Thing. You can go on and on about it for millions of years, some do... some do.

Then there is The Land of The Great Companions. You can't get there on your own. That is not possible, BUT... you can want it so bad. You can want it more than anything else, and... that intensity will attract a guide that will take you there. That's how it works. I am speaking firsthand on the matter. I suppose there are any number of ways to go about it, BUT... NO MATTER WHAT... you have to be taken there. You cannot get there on your own.

There is this critical disconnect between The Separated Mind and the reality of existence. That mind... personified in every one of us... thinks of itself as a separate entity. There is only one mind. Then there is the sense of a self apart. Deal with that and you will have solved The Great Mystery. Until you do... Life will be a series of funhouse mirrors... reflecting distorted images... in a dream.

End Transmission.......

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of The Bhagavad Gita=

"The scriptures describe the three gunas.
But you should be free from the action of the gunas,
established in eternal truth, self-controlled,
without any sense of duality or the desire to acquire and hoard.

Just as a reservoir is of little use
when the whole countryside is flooded,
scriptures are of little use to the illumined man or woman,
who sees the Lord everywhere.

You have the right to work,
but never to the fruit of work.
You should never engage in action for the sake of reward,
nor should you long for inaction.

Perform work in this world, Arjuna,
as a man established within himself – without selfish attachments,
and alike in success and defeat.
For yoga is perfect evenness of mind.

Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment
and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness.
Those who are motivated only by desire
for the fruits of action are miserable,
for they are constantly anxious about the results of what they do.

When consciousness is unified, however,
all vain anxiety is left behind. There is no cause for worry,
whether things go well or ill.
Therefore, devote yourself to the disciplines of yoga,
for yoga is skill in action.

The wise unify their consciousness
and abandon attachment to the fruits of action,
which binds a person to continual rebirth.
Thus they attain a state beyond all evil

When your mind has overcome the confusion of duality,
you will attain the state of holy indifference to things you hear
and things you have heard.
When you are unmoved by the confusion of ideas
and your mind is completely united in deep samadhi,
you will attain the state of perfect yoga."

Here is a little something about channeling the Kundalini in an excerpt from Book 3 of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali=

"Perfectly concentrated Meditation
on the center of force in the lower trunk
brings an understanding of the order of the bodily powers.

We are coming to a vitally important part of the teaching of Yoga, namely,
the spiritual man's attainment of full self-consciousness,
the awakening of the spiritual man as a self-conscious individual,
behind and above the natural man.
In this awakening, and in the process of gestation which precedes it,
there is a close relation with the powers of the natural man,
which are, in a certain sense, the projection outward and downward,
of the powers of the spiritual man.

This is notably true
of that creative power of the spiritual man
which, when embodied in the natural man,
becomes the power of generation.

Not only is this power the cause of the continuance
of the bodily race of mankind, but further,
in the individual, it is the key to the dominance of the personal life.

Rising, as it were, through the life channels of the body,
it flushes the personality with physical force,
and maintains and colors the illusion
that the physical life is the dominant and all-important expression of life.
In due time, when the spiritual man has begun to take form,
the creative force will be drawn off, and become opera-tive
in building the body of the spiritual man,
just as it has been operative in the building of physical bodies,
through generation in the natural world.

Perfectly concentrated Meditation on the nature of this force
means, first, that rising of the consciousness into the spiritual world,
already described, which gives the one sure foothold for Meditation,
and then, from that spiritual point of vantage,
not only an insight into the creative force,
in its spiritual and physical aspects,
but also a gradually attained control of this wonderful force,
which will mean its direction to the body of the spiritual man,
and its gradual withdrawal from the body of the natural man,
until the overpressure, so general and such
a fruitful source of misery in our day, is abated,
and purity takes the place of passion.

This overpressure, which is the cause
of so many evils and so much of human shame,
is an abnormal, not a natural, condition.
It is primarily due to spiritual blindness,
to blindness regarding the spiritual man,
and ignorance even of his existence;
for by this blind ignorance are closed the channels
through which, were they open,
the creative force could flow into the body of the spiritual man,
there building up an immortal vesture.

There is no cure for blindness,
with its consequent over-pressure
and attendant misery and shame,
but spiritual vision, spiritual aspiration, sacrifice,
the new birth from above.
There is no other way to lighten the burden,
to lift the misery and shame from human life.
Therefore let us follow after sacrifice and aspiration,
let us seek the light.
In this way only shall we gain that insight
into the order of the bodily powers,
and that mastery of them, which this sutra implies."


M - said...

"I'm a little slow." Me too.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, does this resonate.

If I were loose, I wouldn't date anyone with a Ferrari, Maserati. . .what ever. They have proven they are a misprioritised nitwit then and there. Then again, I also like full sovereignty. I'd rather be the keeper than the 'pet'. There's other words for that term, but for once in my life I'll keep it civil. For this paragraph, at least.

The materialist leanings are so Cosmically immature. In the past, when I was still in the 'burrito filling on the hoof' stage of psychological development (I think that ended in my early thirties. I can be a little slow, too.) I thought it would be cool to own a Victorian house on a lot of land, and make a ton of money. Now, all I want is just enough, and I got it. Especially livin' in calipornia, with that covered calipornia crap which I don't pay one cent into, because I don't make enough. I also throw everything out that Kaiser sends me. I DON'T NEED YOUR ALLOPATHIC GARBAGE, AND I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP IN KILLING MYSELF AT MY EXPENSE YA FECKIN' NEEP NODDLES! Well, no. I use the back of their letters for shopping lists. THEN I throw them out. I laugh over the fact I'm costing the state about $15,000 a year on that crap, and pay only a couple hundred a year in state taxes, and close to that in sales taxes, since I don't spend much on groceries other than cleaning and grooming products, not to mention I know where to shop; and it ain't walfart.

I AM HERE TO SORT MYSELF OUT! Well, I'm sorted, and I'm still here; much to my dismay. A slave to handful of others, but that's what I asked for before I got here. At least I'm compensated for it in some really astounding ways, but I don't think I'll write about that.

The Land of the Great Companions. Ayuh. That's what I want. I am goin' nuts waitin' fer my ticket to the Way Station of Tech Duinn. Then the Akashic Library. Then off to build my galaxy. The biggest 4 Dimensional 'painting' I will ever do. Or considering there is no time and everything is now, maybe I or another version of me already build it. Then I can explore it (again), and do what ever after I'm done. Imagine a binary star system world with 13 moons, with one of the stars being far enough away to only effect the temperature barely at all, but emitting a light of Hell knows what colour. Yeah, cool at first, but you'd get bored with it in a week or less. Then there's more.

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...


Maybe you should stay over on Twitter X where things are simple and not too complicated and it doesn't make your head hurt. You know that place where people who know everything go? Do you know that many psychopaths and mass killers are impotent? This is a metaphor for people who see that other people can do something that they can't do. It infuriates them so much, and it really infuriates them when people see right through them.

robert said...


Maybe you should stay over on Twitter X where things are simple and not too complicated and it doesn't make your head hurt. You know that place where people who know everything go? Do you know that many psychopaths and mass killers are impotent? This is a metaphor for people who see that other people can do something that they can't do. It infuriates them so much, and it really infuriates them when people see right through them.

Burn! Burn with hilarious deft drift!
Burn with wholly fire

So that the sleepers awaken!

Flaming sword of truth
Cutting through the fog of aerosolized bullshit
To the heart of the matter mind

When people of slumber realize:
When other people based more firmly in reality, see through their thin veneer of lies to their core, and remind them to pay attention to the Unity greater than themselves
That this is a higher form of loving them than "kiss and tell then go to hell"

Forgiveness will return without vengeance
And all the souls will awaken from their age-long dream:
-That they are outside the Love
-Ashamed to be unworthy of that Love
-Condemned to be bereft of that Love

No more!
No mas!
No mass!

We are light years ahead of the next big bang breath of the Universal Being!

We are light
We are
We are wee but One

One We going home together
While we are still here

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Lose The Personal Shit to See The True Details... Otherwise, It All Ends Up as a Projection, AND YOU DECEIVE YOURSELF!"



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