Tuesday, May 7, 2024

"I Know Any Number of Curious Cases... Where Such Arrangements were Made... Faust... Was Not a Work of Fiction."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... the pigeons are chasing each other in the yard. It must be Spring. Somewhere people are doing the same thing; they not being in control of the forces that are then... by default... in control of them. I don't get the attraction, and what next? Everything gets old and dies anyway. Why don't the things that make them old... that kill them... die? That would make more sense.

The yogis and mystics have that wired, but... no one else seems to care. They'd rather chase each other through the public square.... imitating the pigeons in... every... single... way. There are higher destinies. You can find them if you look.

So... it's also that time of the year for Holocaust Survivors to climb out of their coffins for Hebrew Halloween... which comes earlier in the year, cause they got a head start on all that stuff too. The never-ending... credibility leveling movies, and streaming series... all start coming out. The latest absurdity is The (snicker... cough... cough) Tattooist of Auschwitz.

So what can we expect as follow-ups to come? How about Godzilla and King Kong in Dachau... The Bagel Making Stoker from The Ovens of Bergen Belsen? Ah... don't get me started. I am compelled to stop myself because I don't do stand-up anymore. Why not a new series of films based on the latest holocaust in Gaza? How about The Magical Midnight Organ Snatcher of Gaza? Or the biopic on Satanyahu; Kill Them All and Let The Governments Sort Them Out?

It turns out that the very people financing all the demonstrations for Palestine... at the colleges and universities are... for the most part... from the same bloodline as the people killing The Palestinians in Gaza.

Does this qualify as hypocritical irony or... ironic hypocrisy? Gates probably wants the location for Killer Vaccine manufacturing. They have herded all the test rabbits into one... small... tight... ghetto, just in case.

These people... who are doing all of these horrific things... are... by their works... demonstrating as obvious servants of His Infernal Majesty. Isn't the objective of all Satanic efforts, chaos and confusion, and relentless... never-ending deception? Isn't that the actual motto of the Rothschild Nation? It's something about waging war by deception? How obvious does it need to be for people to catch on? However... people can't catch on... can they? There is too much at stake.

What's at stake, Visible? Well... let me see. What happens when you criticize the people that you are not allowed to criticize? What happens when you piss off the people who control the money flow... who control public perception... who control the people who employ you... and... who owns the government? Yeah... you do the math.

Why are the jackboots sweeping the universities, and shutting down the protests with heavy artillery... from coast to coast... AND locking them up? They NEVER did that before. Hmm... mass murder and genocide; the public butchery of women and children is going on before your eyes, AND... it is the people being massacred who are responsible? Wow! Just... Wow!!!

Those of us who have chosen to criticize those that we are not allowed to criticize... have made damn sure... that we have NO HOSTAGES TO FORTUNE, and... don't need a job... don't care about the public's perception of us... own no property... have no debt... and nothing of any substance that can be taken from us. That's the bottom line that you had better be aware of... BEFORE... you put yourself in the REAL employ of The Divine.

You'd better have it wired in your head BEFORE you pick up your cross and follow him; ♫ I will follow him ♫

I know about this, and it is why I do not feel compelled to criticize those... who cannot find a way to criticize those... that you are not permitted to criticize. I know they've all got something to lose and people who depend on them, and the latter is the real fear and pain maker.

I had to decide if I cared more for the things of The World than I did for the good opinion of The Almighty. I did not have to think about it for even a nanosecond. I KNOW that The Almighty owns and controls EVERYTHING. So... ah... hmm... where is the disconnect here? Yeah... are you with me so far? The perception of existence that is created by appearances... gives the impression that there are two opposing forces at work... in a world of opposing forces... of countless polarities. I can see how it looks like that.

How it looks... is not how it is. God creates this landscape... of dueling opposites... for you to find him in. He puts you on the field of battle... where the battle is already won, BUT... appearances indicate otherwise and... so... when shadows appear... you must jump! Why are you startled? They are shadows! The Light is ALWAYS immeasurably more powerful than shadows... that are created by a trick of The Light... in the first place.

You may want to hang out in Plato's Cave. I have better things to do. As it turns out... in my case... I happen to love The Lord... My God... with all my heart... all my soul... all my strength (will)... and all my mind. That is my native state. Either I got really lucky... I was born that way... or something happened earlier on... at another time, but... I can't remember what it was now. In any case... none of this is hard for me. What's hard are the little (and larger) games of torment and distraction that continue all around me.

It really does require unbearable compassion to get through this... without interfering in... what you would only make worse by interfering in. For the moment... a lot of people seem to be fine about being fine with the way things are here. I don't get it, but... they seem to, so... who am I to get in the way of their... eventually... after God only knows how long... catching on... if they ever do? I hear that some don't, and that... at the very end... they just get assimilated back into the whole... regardless. Maybe they make up some particular body part of The Macroprosopus... that fits that description... for reasons above my pay grade.

These monsters in human form... are always with us... on this particular plane, BUT... they only become this numerous and this visible in times of advanced materialism. This rise and fall of civilization and technology goes on and on... bio-rhythmically expanding and contracting... like the breathing of a massive life form... over long periods of time.

It culminates with some character... standing on a hill... at some distance, crying out that, Alas... Babylon The Great has Fallen!!! The words and methods of delivery may change from one... final act... of sequencing to the next, but... the import is clear cause... what goes up must come down... unless you ascend like Elijah... or any of the others that it happened to, cause he wasn't The Lone Ranger; not hardly.

It is the most dreadful irony that those who make a career whining about a holocaust they manufactured, to begin with... seem to have no problem ACTUALLY creating one... in a homeland they stole from the original inhabitants. They did similar things in Russia... Armenia... Ukraine... and other locations too. All of these have since been blamed on others... or rationalized away into total incomprehension... by scholars paid to do so.

How do they do it? How do they do it? They do it with smoke and mirrors and... (drum roll) Magic! Yes... they got their hands on a few processes... through the making of deals and arrangements... with the demons who control access to these processes, and... there will be an accounting due... soon. Demons never forget.

For reasons that escape me or... perhaps I simply can't fathom the motivation... there are people who will cut deals with powerful agents of The Darkness... to gain the use of certain powers...for a specific period of time, and... in exchange... they have agreed to turn themselves over... body and soul... when the time contracted for ends. I have thought about this at odd moments, and... for the life of me... I cannot see the upside. Am I missing something? I must be missing something, cause... I just don't get it.

What follows... after one side of the bargain ends, and the other side begins... is a long and protracted season of torment. I have this on good authority, and I know about a number of curious cases where such arrangements were made. Faust was not a work of fiction.

The thing is... for people who consider themselves so clever... how is it that they have come to believe that The Father of Lies could possibly be telling them the truth? You see... when you REALLY... REALLY... want something, you are more than capable of deceiving yourself for the purpose of acquisition... no matter what the cost.

Real progress is being made. There was a Palestine protest held outside Auschwitz today.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Knowing what I know, I don't know why anyone would WANT to stay in this gimptard cesspit of personal compromise and perpetual inconvenience. Then again, it took me how many lives to come to that conclusion?

The test here. Are you a sell out to your stupid programming, or do you do what's right? Well, the third option; are you so fed up with this garbage that you refuse to play to the best of your ability and hope to be nuked yesterday?

Well, even with my third option 'tude, I still seem to be well taken care of from a metaphysical perspective; so I guess that's a light grey choice.

Nostrils to the sky on this umpteenth gazillion beauty.

katzinbootz said...

Hello Les,
Been a few years, but I remembered your blogs and here you are!!
I'm on Gab and followed you there, so I won't be missing your writings.

I totally support your position on that state that should not have a name.
Some call it "Isitreal"? I wonder, myself.

Did you ever read Q? They said "Israel is last". I often wish it the worst.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Some of Us Have a Real Job... Heh Heh. It's Funny to Those Who Know Why It's Funny, but It is Still... Assuredly... True."



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