Friday, May 10, 2024

"Harmony Struggles Like a Dutiful Schoolboy Going to Class... While Bottles and Rocks Bounce Off of His Head."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am filled with an inexplicable optimism. I have no obvious... visible reason for this. As I observe The World through the lenses of a variety of media, I gain some idea of the composition of their audience. I can measure the level of intelligence... based on the transparency, and slant of the lies that are told... to the specific ends that they are told, and... the extent to which it seems that people believe them.

I know by provable fact... that over 90% of the media... is owned by The Khazarian Mafia OR... it gives fealty to them... the way a regional aristocrat would do toward the king of the land... especially before The Magna Carta, BUT... not a great deal changes behind the scenes... BECAUSE most of what happens in this world is done for the sake of appearances. It's why people take showers... change their clothes... arrange their hair... brush their teeth. They do it for appearances.

Some have... through forces brought to bear upon them... lost all self-respect OR... never had any, BUT... most people like to put up a brave and confident front. Who knows? It might make a difference.

It is hard for me not to look out upon The Wider World and see an ocean of controlled stupidity... rolling back and forth in the waves of massaging misinformation. People exist (these days) at the level of their appetites. Instant gratification has transformed humanity into countless ranks of monkeys... pushing The Cocaine-Sugar Button... until their heart seizes up and they die.

There seems to be a certain kind of Mind Cloud... a sort of invisible film. It wraps the intelligence and makes it go dim. You can't see it, but you can't see out of it; not with any clarity. It has the effect of degrees of stupefication... depending on the quality of mindfulness in those who encounter it, and... it seems that almost everyone does.

It used to be... when I was speaking to other people... that I could see a glaze over their eyes. Sometimes on psychedelics... when I was in a crowd... or at some short distance apart... as it was my nature to be... a kind of fool on the hill... I could see a haze that hovered over the heads of the mass of them.

These days... nearly all of my human contact is virtual... I hardly go anywhere... except to the gym, and occasionally a store. Most of my time is spent in the backyard... communicating with my invisible friends. Maybe they are what gives me this mysterious and unreasonable sense of optimism.

There are occasional bright spots on the internet... when I encounter something by Massimo Rainmaker or The Science Girl. Then there are the endless rivers of non-stop contention... ridiculous lies... pushing and shoving. Harmony struggles like a dutiful schoolboy going to class... while bottles and rocks bounce off of his head. These are times of polarities at war. People have formed up into camps... battle lines are being drawn.

All of what transpires in the external world... is being manipulated by agents of disorder... that care not a wit for one side or the other... they have no perspective or philosophy of any kind, and seek only to fuel disorder and chaos. That is their philosophy. That is the single driving intention of the ones who are creating it on orders from Down Below.

I have to remind myself that everything ebbs and flows... that change comes in waves... that existence has a serpentine wavy motion to it, and that nothing is accidental. You are either paying attention or you are not. You are either here... right here... right now or... you are somewhere else... off in your head to some memory... or dreaming location... some hope forming on the other side of the window of your uncertain future... unless you've got everything nicely tied up... right down to the laces in your shoes. Anal retentivism is a growth industry, but then... so is cancer.

I have to remember that nothing happens because we want it to happen, but because the go-ahead, and possibly the motivation; the idea itself... came from somewhere else. The World is filled with ancient currents that run where they run. They can be very compelling, just look at The World around you. It is up to you... as it is up to me... what currents we choose to swim in. The Winds of God are blowing too.

I have to keep in mind that just because conditions stall or... appear to get hijacked... like everything seems to get hijacked these days... it does not mean that this will always be the case because... it won't. Real change is coming. The Awakening is a real force.

Mr. Apocalypse is an animated and specific persona of The Divine who does a particular job. He's as real as anything else is. I've spoken to him on a number of occasions. That might mean I'm hearing voices, and... it might mean I'm hearing voices. I only care if the information is good, and so far... it has been very good, even when the information has been bad.

The Avatar is coming, BUT... in many ways... The Avatar is already here. I am aware of this in ways I cannot effectively communicate in this medium, BUT that does not change my sense of it. It's more real than anything else is. You have a choice... to accommodate yourself to the transformations being set into motion by The Avatar... or to resist them. There's no middle ground here. It's sorta like... those who are not with me are against me.

You will change OR, you... will... be... changed. You can go gracefully and willingly or... you can go kicking and screaming. No one is going to stop the transition to ask you if you are okay with it. You either are or you are not. Memento mori.

I am reminded several times every day... in any number of amusing ways; “Visible, I am now more present in you than I was the last time we were together like this. Keep in mind that I will be even more present, the next time this happens.” I was told this morning that it is the single most important thing in my life... that everything else is a distant second, and that is why I must rely on him, and that is why I must pay attention. If I only rely on him and pay attention... there is nothing else that I have to do.

I was given a couple of other recommendations, and they are a part of me... whether I pay attention or not... because the first is something that everyone must deal with... in every area of their lives, and the other is a commandment, which... for me... is fortunately... already written into the schematic of my being.

On that note... let me say... that the coming of The Avatar is the single most important thing in your life... no matter what your reaction is to it... whether you take it seriously or not... whether you are even aware of it or not. It is going to set the tone... for your following appearances here... through the rest of this age, and very possibly well beyond that.

It's always that way. Great cosmic events hit us at the most basic level of our being, and... they change us, and... since these events ring through large reaches of time... they affect everything that happens in and around you... for large reaches of time.

You can... of course... have an adversarial relationship with this or any force. Your lifestyle and attractions may go counter to the force or you may... inherently... dislike the force. What possible effect do you think that will have on the force? Heh heh... good luck with that. It will either break you or... it will wear you away into some approximation of the sand on a beach... somewhere.

There is a whole lot of sand... this is evidence of all the previous efforts to retard cosmic forces. There have been many, AND... they have all failed. The Purpose of Demonstration is either to show this happening... or to elevate the one in harmony with it. With Cosmic... Heavenly Force... it is always best to have the wind at your back. With Temporal Force this will not be true if the first part is true... so one is advised to learn how to dance... to be a toreador... because angry bulls are everywhere.

The World... by nature... is bullish because it is the plane of action... where self-will runs riot, and where carnal minds have discovered that force works. Well... there are several schools of thought on that. Certainly, it works, and... I might add... it keeps on working in unexpected ways long after it is originally applied.

On the one hand... it looks like Stupidity is also a growth industry, and that is partly due to our living in a time of convenience...where everything can be sent out for. It makes people lazy, and not just physically... The Monkeys are at the buttons.

It's a wonder that I would feel optimistic... when I occupy the objective perspective, and see the grasping... conniving... appetite-driven mindsets; the scheming ambitions... the vanity posturing and hair-flipping retards on the Tik Tok runways... where I don't even go, so... how would I know? It comes around. It's hard to miss. Much of The News and Media is advertising... of one sort or another... because everyone gets a piece of the action now, AND... they are very big on modified behavior.

Programming is in effect all the time now, and far too many people are obliging.

Yet... I am still optimistic, and I have been for a while. Nothing bothers me much. I don't know why. I think it is because The Awakening is not going to stop. It is going to get stronger, and stronger, and stronger. It is pressing on The Hive Mind, and ALSO... events are soon to transpire in the realm of nature that are going to wake people up. We've been getting many previews lately. The same force is going to be acting on world affairs. An inevitable epiphany is at hand.

It will be hard going for some, but it will be a breath of fresh air for others, and it is mostly going to be good things coming, even if some bad things precede them. My glass is a lot more than half full, and I have more than one glass.

End Transmission.......

Yesterday, I recommended an article from Substack. I did not know at the time... when I signed in to comment... that in a very sneaking fashion, I would be signed up to get notifications about shit I have no interest in. It only took me a minute or two to unsubscribe and that was the end of that. I hope it did not inconvenience any of you. I had no warning on this. Part of it was associated with some new-age marketing scheme called Starfire-Codes; some kind of fizzy mind-cola for the future. I'll know better next time.

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AL said...

” I was told this morning that it is the single most important thing in my life..."

It is and as our wonderful brother Yesh once said "and everything else will be added to you" or close to that if I recall and that is what I have experienced time and time again.

Changing of the ages comes our way quickly now and the fence will be cleared of it's squatters.

Good one today Brutha!

Much love, AL

0 said...

"There seems to be a certain kind of Mind Cloud... a sort of invisible film. It wraps the intelligence and makes it go dim."

Reminded me of Joe Versus the Volcano... remember that flick? Brain Cloud. Convince him hes sick and gonna die anyways in months, throw money at him so he can "enjoy his last days"... so the wealthy guy can get his bubaru element only found on that island... haha

Ah well. People don't seem to appreciate all the programs out there... its like being able to live hundreds of different contexts by watching the 100s of programs out there... you get to see how things play in this context or that, with different variables doing this or that and various consequences showing up or being deferred by they who would otherwise bring them upon those who deserve them.

These days one doesn't have to leave the house to watch an infinite array of contexts play out. The only question is how much attention is paid to produce understanding from such, versus it just being Noise to keep the Quiet at bay. Course it helps to lay all taken in at the feet of the All to make sense of it for self.

If one can't stand the Quiet, one has some work to do. Never less alone than when alone.

Still it helps to have a Dog I guess. :)

Hoping Accountability is just around the corner for the clown authorities. Guess we'll see.


0 said...

"The World is filled with ancient currents that run where they run. They can be very compelling, just look at The World around you. It is up to you... as it is up to me... what currents we choose to swim in. The Winds of God are blowing too."

The only power to be had in Currents is Going Against them. :)

Its why fish dart away Upstream against the current instead of downstream with the current. Hard to produce disparity against flows moving in the same direction ones moving in.

Speaking of which, have you seen the pictures of spiral sticks being put in a downward flow of water, and the stick itself flows against the flow of the water?

Dale Pond of SVPVRIL has a video of a similar stick moving against the pull of a vacuum air flow..

Its interesting to watch huh... its almost like the form takes the linear flow and throws it off orthagonally as its means to lift itself against the pressure of the linear flow... reminds me of the ball being held aloft spinning in a flow too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Nice way to head out for the weekend - optimistically.


Anonymous said...

Les, the same thing is happening to me, I just realized one day that stuff that normally bothered me is rolling off my back. Not sure what changed, been thinking and doing the way I do now for some wonderful years. But I feel the injustices just don’t trigger me like they used to, and I have a slight funny tickling feeling in my belly a lot lately that reminds me of coming on to LSD. Im being reminded by my invisible friends that something wonderful is coming.. can’t wait! Seems I have Checked My Light Source very thoroughly!!


Anonymous said...

is Kali an agent of chaos? Because her very energy is that of pure chaos. And she manifests fully in order to destroy the corrupt, patriarchal society that has turned this earth into a Hell. Kali sets us all free, by burning it all

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Appearances. Well, the cartoon character I resemble the most is Bill the cat. Or maybe something the cat dragged in. Works fer me. No idiot wants my company for all the wrong reasons, and no worthless neep noddle wants to own me, not that I'm for sale. If anyone asks, they might find a rabid chupacabra a better housemate, though my nosey-poo may respond with a 'SAY WHATTTTTTTTTTT?????????????????'

What currents we swim in? Might be best to just step out of the water. Nothing vested, nothing lost. Feck it all. I'm now just watching, and waiting for the exit door to open. Just going through the motions of my stupid Cosmic Contractual Obligations until my retirement date, and I ain't doin' an exit interview.

I'm also feeling optimistic, though for reasons I suppose some would question. I'm having fun watching the world as I know it and can't stand crashing and burning. I'm having a DIE, BITCH DIE moment as I see the commercial real estate sector go up in flames, the automotive industry getting whacked, and so much more. The exploiters are gettin' nuked and I'm having much fun in the neener-needer schadenfreude way. Serves the bloody bastards right. Oh, and the fast food industry. GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOUR TOXIC RUBBISH! I bet the overlord materialists are havin' a lot of fun as they wipe the bottom rung of the pyramid of existence out, soon to realise when you destroy the base the whole structure is gonna fall.

Oh well. Not my problem. That's what I'm here to see, I suppose. After all, why else would I still be here considering I'm way beyond my shelf life? If I were a grocery item, I'd be in the trash bin already, or more likely at the dump and 98% maggot shoite.


robert said...

It's a wonder that I would feel optimistic... when I occupy the objective perspective, and see the grasping... conniving... appetite-driven mindsets; the scheming ambitions... the vanity posturing and hair-flipping retards on the Tik Tok runways... where I don't even go, so... how would I know? It comes around. It's hard to miss. Much of The News and Media is advertising... of one sort or another... because everyone gets a piece of the action now, AND... they are very big on modified behavior.

In your literary license, the reuse of re-programmed words is allowed; it says so in the fine print.

However, the word "objective" can no longer be blithely bandied about as referring to the world that our senses lie to us about or to the world of common sense, now shared by the fewer by the day.

Only the immanent source of order is objective
Only the emanations of the Mind, from the wellspring have ultimate reality
Only the One integrated, unified field in Cosmic play is objectively true

Our senses are partial and screen out patterns from all other dimensions as "disinformation"

We as human outposts in the Mother, witnessing the play of Will in the land of evanescent form, are admonished NOT to take the "evidence" of our senses as being ultimately real.

This is ONLY after we have grown to be able to be impersonal and balanced in our sense perception
Then, the transcendent meaning may be tuned into, such that meaning does not contradict the physical fractal layer we are tuned into but resolves apparent contradictions through the expansion of fractal layers to infinite depth of field

In short,
an ongoing demonstration of how not to be harmonious, however painful to all parties learning their lesson
does not negate the Love powering it but reveals it
by being unlimited, non-judgmental, infinitely patient in expectant poise

We read more meaning into apparent cluster-fucks, not by pretending they are not playing out before us but by comprehending from a deeper, wider, greater perception

Our objective is to be one with the true Objective, the Mind of the One in the middle of the mother of all Vision, singing from the top of Creation

If we are not finding the joy in the process of becoming, what will we become?

Just Striding said...

LV! I swear a panther was on the porch eating portions of protein or meat that I put out for the animals.
Another gray tiger stripe cat that is very thin is coming by and has almost come up to me, shy and skittish for now.
Three owls were hooting away at 3AM last night and what a beautiful tune as they had a rhythm going.
The subdivision sector is full of strife and discord as the meat grinder brings only sadness.
Some thought that there was an exclusive force field around because they live here but only a sad trombone sounds on that delusion.
A wise prophet said that peace wouldn't be coming but a sword would be brought.
Lots of revealing and purposeful demonstration and maybe interesting times isn't a curse.
Some big scuttlebut about a CME from the Sun, more than several, so far the power is on.

Visible said...

Just Striding;

The Awakening is at work at every level of consciousness=

M - said...

Just Striding:

Panther! Was it black? I had a close encounter with a Black Panther when I was in my teens. She has been my Spirit Animal ever since.

We don't have owls around here, but Rock (the Robin) sings many times during the night. I've awoken at 1 or 2 in the morning and found him singing away, his birdsong echoing through the quiet neighborhood; and he awakens me each morning. Rock is the equivalent of a "rooster" around here.

Your owls must sound quite eerie - in a good way. Mysterious and haunting.

KnowThanx said...

I was walking my dog this morning and looked up to see a small Merlin falcon devouring its prey. It’s fascinating to watch but also somewhat gruesome… The prey was alive and being ripped apart! I was hoping it was a mouse or rat but after a while I could see a little beak struggling so it was obviously a tiny bird.

Just then a big crow came swooping in from behind me and whacked straight into the falcon, knocking it out of the tree so it released its prey and flew off squawking. Obviously Mama Crow was angry to see her baby die that way…

Visible said...

Nature; red in tooth and claw. I'm always looking around to see if any roadrunners are sneaking up on the little birds. I know that's interference but it's my turf. It's a small patch. They can hunt elsewhere and mostly they do, having gotten the message by now.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Karma is a Mystery to Most People... Because of The Helix Factor... Half of The Helix is Visible and Half of It Is Not."

KnowThanx said...

On to greener fields…



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