Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bad Case of Chosen People Syndrome.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'm no prophet but a middle range expert on the obvious. While most minds are focused on the heinous, political escapades of anal fixated, Republican, Israeli buttboys and girls and the sold out, warmonger Obama with his new Orthodox chief of staff, the rest of us are wondering what's wrong with you. New bumper sticker; “Hey Obama, do you think you could rule any better with that menorah jammed up your ass”? Well, there goes decorum and politesse right out the door and innuendo. I'd like to be nicer, if this were a cleaner, greener landscape. I'd like to be deferential and exceedingly more humane and forgiving. I try to do my best under the circumstances but the circumstances demand calling them out and calling them on it. The times demand that the villagers pick up their pitchforks and rakes and storm the palace gates.

Johnny Depp was by the White House playing Stepin Fetchit for the Stepin Fetchit in Chief, probably at the behest of Tim Burton, as a sort of friendly gesture in this land of friendly fire and collateral damage. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stopped in the other day. No doubt their excuse had something to do with garnering attention for their favorite charities; much like Bono doing a sunglasses ad during the Bush administration; all hot and bothered about AIDS in Africa and the low profit return on his charity. Billions are hanging like unreachable mangoes above the devastated landscape of Haiti, serving as nothing more than interest bearing vehicles for bankers. You pitiful, miserable, poor excuses for upright walking entities. The Punisher is coming and he IS GOING TO kick your asses... in “all the old familiar places” and so on and so forth.

Anyway; about not being a prophet... under the radar of the obvious, big changes in the human schematic are burbling and bubbling and talking sub rosa about massive migrations coming, along with the confusion of previously, more or less, well ordered relationships and Bishop Pike economies, along with great opportunities in the servitude industries; take a hike pilgrim. You didn't go to Wharton and the closest you got to The Ivy League was when you were working for that landscaping contractor re-pointing those brick walls that they build to keep your sort out. Don't worry, Roland ,the Headless Thompson Gunner is on the way.

Yesterday was one of those Woo Woo periods where some unnamed and yet to surface evil was being distilled in the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein, post modern, recently of Fort Detrick. I could feel it in the air; bad guys up to bad things. Bad guys that don't understand the principles of risk, in counterpoint with the unpredicted, juxtaposed to free will and the dictates of fate. It didn't work with Napoleon either. He bled his country white under the guise of patriotism, all dressed up like a hot chick, who'll do anyone at any time but you know she only has eyes for you. Uh huh, it's chicks with dicks time for the STD shore leave express. You can't tell nobody nuthin. . You can't tell nobody nuthin.

That's the biggest problem in any time or situation. People are so goddamned confident about their certainty of direction and action. Those bankers and brokers and corporate creeps are all monkeys reaching into the vase for the avocado and they just can't let go of it and so they get caught by the trapper and wind up on a spit. It's scrambled monkey brains and grits for the demons in the pits.

I'd like to have more sympathy. I'd like to have more compassion. I'd like to see things come back from sideways but the wide boys won't accommodate. They like the death and destruction. They like to think they're mobbed up like all those wanna be gangsters over at The Yonkers Racetrack, with that brittle blonde on their arm, ten years past her use by date. What the Hell. They didn't want to talk to it anyway. They just wanted to fuck it. Now they limp along, in mutual contempt, at the paramutual window and playact like something out of the, yet to be written, “Wiseguys and Gun-molls”. He owns a hardware store. She owns an attitude and the closest they've ever been to The Mafia is when they walked by a flash-mob in the mall.

There's a reason for bringing this up. As has been stated ad infinitum, the main problem is not the vampire bats in the roof rafters of the ship of economy and state. It's all the little people pretending to be a part of the operation. They're the people who make it possible for shit on a shingle to be made with the actual ingredients and served to everyone else. They'll tell you they like the taste but a lot of people don't mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm. A lot of people don't mind the deaths and the destruction as long as they are employed. They believe what serves their purposes to continue on into the support net of lies that hold them up and allow them that safe detachment, from the awareness of the impact of what they do and who they serve.

It's the same thing with religion. How out of touch do you have to be to invest trust and fidelity into the presumed legitimacy of the world's biggest drag queen; dressed up in ermine and encrusted hats that look like they belong on the head chef at the Mardi Gras, at the after parade buffet? How really dumb do you have to become to actually believe that The Prince of Peace wants you to slaughter goatherds and their families? How fucked up do you have to get to perform in videos, while pissing on the dead and dismembered, piled up around you, that you were so brave and collected as to kill with your vastly superior weapons? You're going to Hell, buddy. How twisted can you get to really believe that God hates the same people you do? That's not God. That's The Devil, fool.

God hasn't got anything to do with any of this crap. What kind of a moron supports torture of people completely unconnected to the events they are being tortured for? What kind of moron doesn't get that the events and acts that are used to legitimize the torture, were actually carried out by the people running your government? That's right, the people doing the torture are working for the people who did the things these people are being tortured for. So tell me, how can they possibly answer the questions? Since it has already been publicly admitted by members of the very agency that created it, that Al Qaeda does not exist; who exactly is it that you are killing?

Since it is a known fact that Qaddafi was working on a currency for the African continent how is it that you, you fool of a Schmoo public, can watch news broadcasts that make no sense, in content or context and believe something that you don't even understand in the first place? How is it that you can sit there with a Budweiser in one hand and your dick in another and not be affected whatsoever by the destruction of an underground water project that WAS one of the wonders of the world? How can you cheer and wave your flags, while the most evil nation on Earth, created as a territorial refuge for the bankers that have looted and bankrupted your country, not only murder their neighbors on all sides but do it with your money and the lives of your children? You got Chosen People Syndrome. It's like Stockholm Syndrome, only a lot more people die. Repeat after me, Jesus was not a Jew. Are these people behaving like the guy you have turned into Elmer Fudd in a robe? You are on the verge of receiving everything you deserve.

Well, you're not reading this are you? You're wondering if it's safe to break out that Kim Kardashian blowup doll for a little polyurethane, deep lung time; given that your wife left for her mother's fifteen minutes ago and doesn't appear to have forgotten anything that came to mind since she left. There sits the photo of your, “young and dumb and full of cum” dead son on the mantelpiece over the gas fireplace. He sure looks good in his military suit. He'll sit there forever young till the end of your days. He died for his country. No, as a matter of fact, he died for the profit of bankers who have no country. He died for worse than nothing. They all died for worse than nothing and in the meantime, the bankers are making war on you too. They took your job and now they're going to take your house and the president of your country takes his orders from them.

Yeah, well, business as usual on the precipice of Hell. Dark clouds on the horizon for the doomed empire of useless shit; full time worshipers at the First Church of Plastic Kitsch. You bet, she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes. She'll be breathing fire and dressed in awesome attire; ready willing and able to show you the meaning of, “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”.

End Transmission.......

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Nate said...

Damn Vis,

Were you channeling Bageant on parts of that one?

I'm afraid that it's gonna take one hell of a cosmic 4 x 4 to wake most of them up. A 2 x 4 wont deliver the necessary force to accomplish it.

All the best

shannogh said...

Wow Les!, that journey is really working, I'm blown away by the fierce passion here... I can feel it in your words.. I'd so love to hear you broadcast this on mainstream TV just for 5 minutes :-)

Anonymous said...

American Gulag; you're wrong. A closer exposure to that great big word is suggested. Your sense of history is something else too. You are having a bad hair day. You need to put some of that yellow crime tape up around yourself only it should say Defeated and Depressed Personality. Keep Out!

Richie (Dana) said...

The guys in charge would be Demons posing as human beings...(Please see the movie,They Live, 1988).
The "humans" to whom you speak would be non viable satanic clones polluted with fluoride, aspartame and showers of chemtrails to such an extent that they will only awaken at the very end, just before the closing scene of this rotten stage play and are only here for the purpose of demonstration.

Finally we have a select few of Viable Divine conscious beings who need to wake up as well and finally understand that we are on the verge of rescue and the eradication of evil.

Awesome post Mr. Visible


A.Mouser said...

You do us proud Visible.

Grade A, nr.1 post!

"How twisted can you get to really believe that God hates the same people you do? That's not God. That's The Devil, fool."

You hit a lot of very good points in this post in the way a good pin ball player can feel his way to a fantastic score after coming into his own.

15 minutes of this on the MSM would be like a 4x4 to the head of the 'beer in one hand, dick in the other' joe six pack.

Maybe someone will leak a post of yours like this one out to the masses - the way all those e-mails about climate-gate amazingly faxed themselves to everyone! (grin)

Keep on keeping on - the world absolutely cannot continue to stay in denial much longer - some thing has got to give.

Kudos to you,


Dan said...

Whew! Wow, good one. Yesterday was indeed woo-woo, more than usual of late. Hearing you expound on the subject really kicked my gears up a notch! Thx!
How about that Ron Paul? Wolf in sheeps clothing? Starting to look like it.. we'll see. Lotta hope on his words, little hope for politics to be the answer. Lightning rod for the disenfranchised? Or the real deal...I wish for the real deal, but prepared for more BS from the PTB. They are indeed scrambling and we are out of their reach.

Best wishes,

"Check Your Light Source!"

just me, Laurel A. said...

@nate....we could always smack 'em with ol' gurneygob :))

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it would be great to see the dream of Visible happenings on MainScream TeeVee. But reality says that those who should be getting this dead mackerel whopped upside their face don't come anywhere near this site while those of us who show up here regularly already pretty much already get the message but do very much dig the way Vis brings it on and fleshes it out.

Perhaps there are vibrational waves emanating from the exchanges on this site which ARE whopping the Great Overwashed (to update H.L. Mencken) upside their pointy little bisphenol, fluoride and Roundup saturated craniums.

From a whole nother angle, i checked out the Dr. Joseph Chiappalone site via Rense's link today and circulated same to a few friends, basically urging discernment. A buddy e.m.ed me back after checking out this dude via the 'Educate Yourself' website. Seems the good doctor has a rather checkered past and is a bigtime fearmonger, though some of his material does segue into elements of truth. So i guess there are a lot of snares out there for the Seekers and those who would walk the spirit path.

Discernment, discernment, discernment. I do wish Jeff Rense would practice that more thoroughly, as in the main he performs a valuable service.


missingarib said...

vis,the munch painting (The Scream Munch) with your choice of background comes to mind -thank you for plenty of scenes behind the scream silent as always maybe it is not a pipe but rather a mind fu#k.

I fully understand how you feel thank you although I wish none of the pictures were true but alas .

thank you for being tireless

Anonymous said...

Human shield.

"Accompanied by a US aircraft carrier, 9,000 US troops including airmen, missile interceptor teams, marines, technicians and intelligence officers are scheduled to land in Israel in the coming weeks. Many will stay up to the end of the year as part of the US-Israeli Army deployment in readiness for a military engagement with Iran, aiming at a synchronized military front against Iran."

When Iran defends itself against israel and a thousand American soldiers are simultaneously killed the world opinion will support America/Nato in al all out war against peaceful, non-combatant Iran.

Karma. USrael is going to get pounded by Russia and China.

gurnygob said...

just me, Laurel A. said...

@nate....we could always smack 'em with ol' gurneygob :))

just send them over!


Anonymous said...

Most righteous, Visible!

on loss of loved ones

i greatly lament the impending loss of these fellow souls

who will be subjected to the worst violence and death - totally caused by machinations of the most disgusting terrorists that ever existed - the vile zio-ogres

"Images of Iran"

and the unknowing, who do the deeds of the human filth, don't go to hell - worse; their souls are erased for eternity

Dan said...

Thank you Vis! I'm enduring this tragedy with your help. I know the Divine brought you and yours to me. And I AM SO GRATEFUL!!!!

I own a tattoo shop next to an air force base and get a lot of military folks here. I try to reach them but can't seem to make a dent. They are fox zombies. I go on the base from time to time and its tuned to fox on every public t.v.

I had an army major come in today. Nice guy but oblivious to reality. He was bragging about the ribbons on his uniform. I didn't bother trying to enlighten him, I just don't have the strength or willpower to try anymore. I can't stand that look you get from those still caught in the trap.

Thanks again for being here, I use the snorting tech you relayed and its really helped me clear my mind and focus. It has allowed me to reach something wonderful for a few of brief moments though I'm still struggling to overcome a bit of materialisim. I've been shown it has to do with boredom but I haven't been given the solution or I'm not seeing it yet. If you have any insight, I would be grateful.

Love to all!

Cici said...

Just listened to the radio show and I so want to come. I so want to come. I want to eat some of your food and fix you some of mine and smoke with you on the veranda and annoy you while you're trying to watch the game. I want to bask in the energy of like minded souls and hear the ahroo in person. I wish I was already there...

Richie (Dana) said...


Interesting you should mention Joseph Chiappalone as I have been reading some of his stuff. I came across him about 2 years ago and in looking into his past found the same checkered past. He seemed like a nutcase at the time, but I later discovered that he was a victim of a smear campaign similar to what Les had to deal with concerning SOTT. By the way, when that happened I went to SOTT and read every word. Some really vicious stuff was said that would make Les appear to be a nutcase as well. Now then, He may be a nutcase, but we all love him. Ha.

Generally speaking, I think anyone who even slightly pursues truth is going to get hammered by default.
Anyway, Chippalone says some real wild stuff, but does not raise an alarm with me. I honestly think it is worth a look with an open mind.

Of course each of us must find our own way so I am certainly not dogmatic about this. I just bounce around and assimilate. After awhile I become a different person which I think is critical.

What really gets me pissed about this world is the stupid narrow minded one way of thinking that is constantly pushed upon us. You must conform or "Your a terrorist". For this reason I always am on the lookout for the suppressed fringe element.

I am not defending or recommending here. The bottom line is always the internal "bells". If is resonates, then that is where you go. I trust the Divine will show the way.

By the way, I never mentioned this before, but your input here is remarkable. What in the hell are you eating up in those woods, some intelligence weeds? Can I have some?


Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family said...

Yah hew vor hey earth air fire water
north american creton larentia
feast of purim-will you get eaten?
Wholeness balance vibrations
Sol o mon is closer to the temple of the sun god Amon but Amon is on our side. It is the sun plain and simple. The chemtrials block out Amon and his light photons. Crocronus Dractilian Saturnius had flipped the status quo here on Sophia. Moses I mean Thutmoses the second I believe, had stolen the Golden Arc of the Covernant from the red granite sarcophagi inside the Great Pyramid. Thus destroying the Golden Age. Ramses tried to catch ol Moses but the Red Edomite sea somehow opened up for him. Fucked up the ying and yang as to reach up the twin pillars nearly impossible.
Everything is flipped and I mean everything
Wholeness Balance Vibrations

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Mitt Romney’s support from the Crown family, which is closely tied to the state of Israel and its military intelligence agencies, is most likely based on his decades of working with the management consulting firm Bain & Company, which is headed by Orit Gadiesh, an Israeli military intelligence agent. Orit Gadiesh served on Romney’s transition team when he became governor of Massachusetts. Romney’s close relationship with Orit Gadiesh and Israeli military intelligence is the real reason he is the chosen candidate of the Zionist establishment."

neal said...

The thing about erasure, if everything is entangled, then that speaks to personal choices, what is to be let go, and what to work with.

No one can tell another what to do. If you think about it, this War is all about that, and letting souls try to erase only themselves, and trying not to breakdown completely in the process, for those involved.

That may answer some requirement, but if you are involved, it feels like loss, and dying. Even when it is asked for, and needed, that is some tragedy, not anything to be smug about, we all have it coming.

That's OK, the playground only will stay quiet, and fair, until the other stuff gets busy again.

There is a cycle, and this big blue marble is just being torn apart by a stupid argument, everyone wants to stop playing and take that ball home.

Then you could just be the ball, num num num num num.

Anonymous said...

When I was in Boston and NYC over Christmas and New Year, I saw no sign that there was anything wrong with the world. The restaurants were full, the sidewalks were full of shoppers. There was no sign of a recession.

Visible said...

Well Cici, get on with it. I've spent the last 3 days cooking up all kinds of food for the people coming and if what's already happened is any indication, it's going to just keep getting better.

Dan/ insight comes from within, hence the shape of the word. Those of us who operate from the outside in are of little use besides the possibility of twinging the interior harmonics toward active resonating. Talk to The One. The One is always listening. You just don't get an answer right away. One's sincerity of approach has to come into question first so, you jump through a few hoops. You have to do that anyway don't you? It might as well be worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

A couple of thoughts; first, I felt like giving you a standing ovation at the end of reading this, visible. Thank you for putting into words how so many of us feel.

Second, I think for the purpose of demonstration The Cosmos prefers that we practice discernment ourselves and not rely on other people (i.e. Rense) to do it for us. Time to do things for ourselves, people.

Lastly, I read yesterday on Drudge that South Carolina is passing a bill that anyone applying for unemployment benefits have to submit to a drug test and test clean before collecting. I commented saying NO NO NO people wake up and then you can well imagine what I said. But what surprised me is after I went back later to read some more comments, out of the 983 posted only a handful (and that would be including me) said no! What a wake up call for me. I really had more faith in the general population's ability to think and read between the lines. What a disappointment. No, I think visible is right. People are stupid and can't see the forest for the trees, although your words I'm sure would be quite different, visible, lol ;) And even on our own little blog we have people wanting others to do our thinking (eh hem, excuse me, discerning for us.) What a sad day.


onething said...

Here is precisely the thing which often discourages me the most. Sometimes I just can't wrap my head around stuff. A guy comes in with PTSD from the gulf war. He's a bit pathetic. His wife is loyal and loves him. The Dr is sympathetic, says after all this is a guy who protected his country. I find it hard to picture him wantonly killing people. Did he? And the Dr. What is he thinking? What are all these people thinking? Protected his country from WHAT???

How comes so few people care about the fact that we are killing people? Greed leads to murder. My son was killed for greed. The death of my son devastated many, many people. I multiply that sorrow for all the victims in Iraq, and I am unable to even process it. I am aghast.

So I ask a couple of young ones I run across, who signed up or are thinking of signing up, casually, not to let them see the huge mountain of emotion (and judgment!) in my question, Why? Why would you sign up? And the answers I've gotten so far is that it's for the benefits. Imagine that. A bunch of paid hit men. Taking blood money.

So the thing is this. There's way, way too many people who are just waiting for this whole brainwashing, propaganda thing to come along and give them an excuse to go to war. If only more people were immune. If enough people were immune all their evil would come to naught. It takes two to tango here. The willful, gullible, murderous fool is easily manipulated and duped.

We are a country without morals.

Anonymous said...

Richie (Dana) Thanks for the response re Chiappalone. After reading the negating material on him, my own perspective remains one of maintaining discernment regarding his writings. That means i will continue to read his stuff as i do with others for whom i have rather less respect, such as Benjamin Fulford and Sorcha Faal. I regard both of them as pretty much disinformation sites spiced with just enough truth to make it possible to ferret a few grains of reality from the sludge if one is EXTREMELY discerning. In fact i have the Fulford site bookmarked as "Fulford Weekly Teaser" ~ which means that i only get a sampler that he offers on a weekly basis. Someone wants me to pay for a site and all i need to do is ask myself whether it would be worth the price. Needless to say...

Agreed that every blog and site out there has to pass one's own filtration system. I didn't even discover Les Visible until about 13 months ago. Instantly hooked. The combination of erudition, poetic sensibility, in your face calling it like he sees it and thoughtful, generally sensible and frequently extremely well-informed posters on this blog convinced me almost immediately that i had finally discovered a community of souls sharing some very special insights, personal courage and wisdom.

If there really are a chosen people on this planet i can honestly guarantee that they do not include a disproportionate percentage of predatorial parasites and hubristic connivers whose bottom line consistently tends to be the bottom line and whose regard for others seems to be primarily restricted to selfsame members of their own Tribal identity and the bloodthirsty WarGod who is jealous of all other gods, to say nothing of the Divine Mystery.

Returning to the original subject of our discourse i do agree with Chiappalone's prime postulate that evil very much does exist in this dimension and that the New Agers who posit the need for balance between light and dark are locked into at best a poorly understood rephrasing of Taoistic philosophy and its balance between yin and yang. Where he tends to lose me is in that he tends to pitch the fear card pretty heavily and his interpretation of Gnostic understanding as dividing humanity into essentially three groups: Demons, Robots and True Beings.
That breakdown does not sit well with my intuitive perspective.

-stickman 23 Capricorn, 33 A.E.

Richie (Dana) said...


"The Cosmos prefers that we practice discernment ourselves and not rely on other people (i.e. Rense) to do it for us. Time to do things for ourselves, people".

That is very discerning.
I was just thinking about that last night. We are just so used to having that figurehead. We "need" someone to tell us what to do?

For the true being there is an inner Divine "you". Just tap in there and get the best help ever.
There seems to be some very kind entity's in those realms who kindly offer assistance.

Anonymous said...

I HEAR you! I feel you! and "I know". Yet, the wheels of time grind slow...and I feel (deeply) that to consider this current time as apocalyptic or on the brink of "revelation" is to only set oneself up for disappointment.

For those of you of Biblical slant, consider that "a thousand years is as but a day" to God.
If treated as poetic metaphor we'll only distort the "word of God".
1000 years = 1440 minutes! (gotta' love the 144,... don't ya?)

9/11 is only 10 minutes past in God's eyes. WWII was hours ago. To God, it must be like staring at a whirpool, and to us a slaves grinding mill.

and it's not a problem.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Classic righteous shit from the Judge!

There would be absolutely no hope for humanity if someone did not make such commentary of our time. Though better ingested on three glasses of shiraz.

Woof Woof and Peace


willie said...

I remember when I first met God. It was in May of 1968. I was in the US Army (I joined because I had a low draft lottery number and was going to get drafted anyway). A friend of mine just came back East from UC Berkeley with a great big bag of Orange Sunshine LSD. Guess what I did.....besides buy a large portion of it....I stopped time on the roof of a brownstone building on Henry Street in Brooklyn, New York. Every question my mind could formulate was answered before I finished the internal inquiry. God explained to me that He likes to pretend that He is not what He actually is: devoid of duration, dimension, needs, requirements. When you are limitless, limitations are only "as if". God plays rough...why?...because it is really of no consequence. The world sucks, but it cannot suck interminably. That would mean that God is limited. Trust me - God could never bring himself to believe that, although He gets off pretending.

Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family said...

Its a bar rabbi wall. Pink Floyd told us it was a wall and that if we wanted to find out what was behind those cold eyes we would have to claw our way through the disguise. In 432 hz. Well some people have done just that. Cracked the Sion code they did. Created the Planetary Resistance. Adepts they call them and Adepts they are. Overcome the duality of opposites that has clouded and calcified your pineapple into a rock. Kept you from things like the merkaba and Metatron.
And then along comes the rabbi. You know that cubacaballistic creature in the black robe in the temple I mean courthouse. The same cube madman leading the blood drinking sacrifices and kosher goyim butchering. Chimeras on the way with giants too. Loose the bands of Orion they will.
The bar is not an iron bar but some type of royal british aristocrazy registry for that child eating dractilian habiru tramp that wears that 12 stone crown on her fucking head. Off with it in the gillotine. Or use the sword of Isam would work. “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Henry D Thoreau
El ville or evil will certain take more than its share through the te le vision because it is the vision of El and if you stare at it you will be like the rock pineapple. Stone cold and stupid. Barely able to breath and talk at the same time. All the nano bot poisons in your body when activated will not be a bio-weapon but more like a pineapple grenade going off in your guts and you had better look to the sky before you die because its the last time you will. For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee of course. Metalicary.

Only the strongest will survive. If Cliff High and his webbot are correct there will be not much to dominate after the Feast of Purim.

I like Chippy. That Mad Hattress over at SOTT took a few wacks at Jay Weidner also. Must have fell down the rabbit shit hole as she didn't get anywhere else.
Long live the Hellenes! Death to the Ordo Adeptis Atlantis and the Hong Lodge!
Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (actually, upon 3 glasses of shiraz and even the computer is joining in behaviourally)....

Vis on MSM ..

" we wish to advice viewers that some of the themes and ideas presented in the following broadcast may upset some..

may upset some

may upset some..

(movie trivia)
watched "we need to talk about Kevin last night.
the kid is a born sociopath, many themes in common with those themes about "them" "here", but still the lone shark maverick fear/terror inevitability to it, I mean, why didnt he just become a banker and do S&M on the side?.
like it how Max Keiser said about Hollywood (in terms of the fascist/corporate anti-piracy putsch), Hollywood is run be people who couldnt get laid in NY).
the wizard of oz, take down the veneer and they are PATHETIC.
but they push those buttons and screw the whole world over, but who made who (cue ACDC). and yes, I recognise my partial need for hating them, but, OB1Kanobe, I will not give in to the dark side.... those little tid-bits they give to entertain/divert us are still useful, no? we are the instruments upon which such notes are played. tune in, drop "them" off, and hear the wonder of it all (and it could be a whole lot better than that/this/these/those/them) , it was there before the excessively added salt and sugar (I am eating fish fingers and chips btw) ruined your taste buds.

nice though to be questioning and (I suspect) preparing, wonder what the Smucks are doing (reaping their own fear I suspect).

over and out'ish


wv: spipatin . easy (I havent got it yet),..... spitting into the wind, aiming into a tin, 2 up , gallipoli) , got it, (but I was spitting against the wind)... easy (god on your side).

Anonymous said...

You all know that saying shocked but not surprised? I know what's up but I keep my ear and eyes to the grapevine and been there, seen that that, uh huh, but still there are times I say, What the? Can you believe this s..., these m............ are crazy! Just right in the face, not even trying to hide. Where am I? What the h.. is going on? Am I crazy? Is this a movie? You know, and excuse my french if you're a family man. I just sometimes, and I'm not easily impressed go wow. And to paraphrase Eddie Murphy,"somebody's going to hell and they don't want to stand in line with everyone else". Now I understand if you don't post this one but it's cool, it's good to see other people get it. You're an alright dude Les. Keep it going mate.

Anonymous said...

yep I also read dr chippalone's essay yesterday,,I also deeply respect him as he is another one of us,,,and he is welcome round our house for a cup of tea,a sit down with squiff (our cat) and a chat any time,,
but I differ in my view from him,,,,I wont write everybody off or put them into boxes,,,and even though there is severe evil in this world,I know if those that cause that and embrace that were to sit in what our good brother mr lash would call the organic light,that is available to everyone,the evil will imediately be annihilated,and that person would then start a process of making sense of everything...
if a person is alive they have life running through them,life in its purest state is the organic light...this evil is caused by spiritual disease,,,like thinking your chosen and all that severely messed up delusional stuff,that has been pushed on them by their delusional conditioning.....

is 2012 the year we fix this,or get things rolling,I reckon it is people,,,can we fix this....of course we can.....all we have to do is try.....

respects neil

L.L.O. said...

My pitchfork is on stand-by. Ready to go at a moments notice.
On another note, my brother in law was killed in Afghanistan a few years ago along with 8 other Americans when their combat outpost was attacked by a large group of militants.
The base (which was brilliantly placed at the bottom of a valley) was nearly overrun and then abandoned a couple of weeks later.
He (Sgt. Joshua Hardt) died for nothing. Absolutely nothing other than trying to save his comrades lives which were under threat for nothing.
It's a microcosm of pain and injustice that I viewed firsthand.

I pray everyday for the whirlwind to make it all go away...


Dan Gaston said...


You are The Witness crying in the wilderness the horrors of the twisted, polluted and brainwashed mob, the result of millennia of conditioning and human sacrifices.
Today things are obvious because we managed to get the Universal Consciousness on our doorstep and who is decent enough a honest being cannot but open the door to it.
Thank you for screaming your lungs out, it might be that some people wake up from their slumber.
Keep on witnessing and it won't be for just the few of us.

david griffith said...

I dunno ... doesn't make any sense to me that there are human beings without souls ... to much akin to 'chosen people' mentality.

As for hell .... how about receiving a complete understanding of how badly you've fucked up, with all the ripples and implications revealed.....and a heart capable of feeling pain.

Perhaps you'd WANT to hide from the light rather than the light hide from you.

Why would a God of love want such trivialities as revenge?

As for entities who should know better .... same karma, I guess.

No doubt, you get a good conversation going, Visable - I mean that in the best possible way.


JerseyCynic said...

this post and a warm netti pot to cleanse my system!! many thanks again --

PLEASE PLEASE ME and start referring to the PTB as the powers that WERE.

Time is speeding up and it's not on their side. jon huntsman wants the plebs to jump on his magic carpet ride (3rd place in his words is his "ticket to ride" -- he obviously has a good self esteem -- good for him) and keep payin'!! the party's over folks -- cough up those slime balls

I read somewhere that what was 24 hours to us back in the 80's is really 16 hours now. 5D BABY here we come! ready or not - na na na

The Life of Brian (on wall street)



thanks again, and ¡Que aproveche!

(I can't wait for dessert...)

coletteonice said...

To ONE THING;don't process it..young men being manipulated to going off shore and fighting a righteous war to preserve their sense of family ethics has long been in place and is thought of as a career enchance the bloodline of their family...please do not grieve no more about this conditioning, as it has always been in place here. Accept that this is so, and summon up your energies to project your indignation!!!Then thrust THAT energy forth!

Anonymous said...

Les, I can't imagine the shit you must take for speaking such truth. Some guy at work the other day was whining about how Christians were always getting critized. I told him that I followed an outcast that got brutally murdered by the religious leaders of his day and kinda knew what I might expect. Les, if enough courage is granted to us, may we be similarly entertained. -sam

brian said...

You got to lighten up yourself and don't be no dread. I am amazed how many people feel they have the right to control a women's uterus because they feel chosen to defend life at all cost, while they shock and awe a million or more. Where are the bodhisatvas equal in number to the sands of the Ganges? They must be around here somewhere. The Chosen "kill for peace" mentality should vanish like the dew when the sun rises. What time is it?

Anonymous said...

a slaved world
alienated people
deviant aspects
compulsive unequal
unnatural suffering
derangement of essence
overwhelming abuse
demeaning projections
collective obscenity
imaginations constrained
chains around the feet
of where falsehood claims
a cold and dead system
disturbed and confused
the heart and the mind
seems is lost with no truth


Anonymous said...

Yo Les, you and your readers should check out this website:
There are great article there

He claims to be getting info from ETs, such as:
"ETs/EDs have had it with Benjamin Netanyahu and his war party’s headlong rush, with the U.S. included, to confrontation with an Iran firmly backed by Russia. The ex-French boomer (nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine) survived a battering while rounding the Cape of Good Hope submerged, but one crewman suffered a cracked skull, forcing a medevac rendezvous with an Israeli corvette off Somalia. The ETs/EDs observed the corvette being attacked by Somali pirates, who turned tail when up popped the boomer between them and their quarry! Terrestrial sources tell the same story. If Israel doesn’t order that sub to turn around, that sailor may become the sole survivor of a singularly stupid mission.

ETs/EDs have reached a firm decision. Since they have “no need” for what they characterize as “a seagoing fossil,” they will not “disappear” the whole boat. Rather, they will crush the hull and beam out the missiles and reactor compartment, not wanting to contaminate the ocean further or leave nuclear weapons down there for someone to retrieve. The ETs/EDs haven’t decided yet whether to save the crew and send it off for reeducation or simply let it suffer the dread fate of a sinking sub. The ETs/EDs WILL destroy the boomer well before it reaches firing range, so Israel has little time left to avert its worst naval disaster ever.

ETs/EDs strongly remind Israel of their earlier warning about moving those gigantic assault transports converted from supertankers. ”They will either be sunk or dropped somewhere awkward in Israel. Think the Ark on Mount Ararat, but without a soft landing!” Rest assured, the ETs/EDs are NOT kidding. "

sharts said...

“Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics.” - C.J. Keyser

Guldur said...

Salute Visible,
sorry for almost not commenting on any of your wonderful thoughts, eventhough I regularly read all of your blogs and trying to read as many comments as my time allows. Almost I feel very selfish when not commenting, although your words are a fountain of sanity and solace, as well as reassurence on my walking/stumbling through this plane&time which I never fully fitted into.
Thus I want to thank you for all you do for us all without any benefit (exluding the one that matters most - the one of divine favour). YOU WILL BE BLESSED when the right time comes! - I think this being a given certainty, even should anyone of us others would be of that luck, YOU WILL! I cannot imagine it any other way, you crazy nut (the only sane one among the herd if adjusted to these times).
The time and issues resonance and consonance of your thought with those of mine is almost unbelievable for me, although by heart I feel it´s a matter of course.
Often I feel very dishonest and morally stained with myself (mainly because of the day to day matters I must manage as most of you do). I often feel not deserve all the blessings and luck the creator/divine has given to me. I sometimes almost feel not to deserve the love and favour of my children due to my occasional behaviours a I think.
Nonetheles - still trying to keep on keeping on and to serve them (and the others) as best as I am able to serve on this wordly plane (not to think I am any much good a servent - but servant I always will be or at least will try to be - my only wish is that in the core of all - it is GOD I serve to and NONE other).
Excuse my wailed prattling, but you know - time is a bit hard for all of us here.
Huge thanks for YOU being in existence here for us!
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I try never to miss any of Les' postings, I may have to come back and re read it a time or two to let everything, sink it. I never go away without having either learned something or having some belief reinforced. A very good thing!

I've steered folks to the site, some come, others I think are afraid, perhaps of the realization things aren't as they appear. . Still I feel it's the least I can do to point them in the right direction. . although the 2x4 analogy does sometimes ring true. . Thanks again Les. . always a pleasure to read you...

katz said...

Stickman, you are a person that I wish I could hang out with. Your personal friends are lucky.

Yes, I agree. I do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Same shit different day.
And so it marches on into the time capsule and will continue as is regardless of what any of you say or believe to the contrary.
Mr. Vis keeps offering hope and it is much appreciated but the bastards have won, they own the souls of the masses. The ones awake or attempting to do are few and far between. The only way out of here is dying and then who knows what comes after that.
God Bless all who suffer because of knowing the truth of which Vis speaks, but there is little hope of change.
We'll see if next year at this time we are still looking for Mr. A to set things right. Nothing would give me greater pleasure then to eat these words but it ain't gonna happen
Steely Dan.

Terrance said...

bumper sticker; “Hey Obama, do you think you could rule any better with that menorah jammed up your ass".

Israel's dirty little secret...nuclear blackmail!

Check it out

Richie (Dana) said...

Your last sentence is the most interesting. It is all about programming. Since I come from a fundamentalist christian background, I noticed that something Visible would write would illicit a response in my mind of a text in the bible. Even though I ran away from that at age 12, you cannot deny the impact of that programming on my entire life.

I watch others in day to day life offer canned responses for almost every situation. This is rampant across the board bullshit. Just little robots repeating some crap they saw on TV. They do not even have a life.

Of course I must apply that criticism to myself. Who am I really? A bunch of programmed responses? Who did the programming?
Dees Illustrations has a pic of a bunch of sheep headed for the Monsanto slaughter house with one sheep looking back in terror. You and I are that sheep because the programming of this plane is not working so well with us. We know what the Demons are up to. Control, control, control. We all are aware of the devices used. TV, fluoride, chemtrails, religion, ect. The idea that there is a Divine spark or "real" being within that can connect to God is fascinating to me. What makes us different than the guy watching TV with dick in hand that Les spoke about?

I can see no fear is the "Demons, Robots, and True Beings" thing. I am pretty sure I am not a Demon or a Robot, so what if we actually are Divine created consciousnesses trapped in these "shells" called the human body? These ideas are fascinating to me and if true, would explain many things.

One thing I am sure of and that is that I must search for the Divine until I find the answers that consume me.


Anonymous said...

bowling with the genoveses.

hey. I grew up behind that track.

led me to shea, quinn, st. marks, white lake, sanctus cruzus, olinda, kuta, werner's opera, osa ... even this site perchance.

sarah lawrence? fuhgeddaboutit.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand comments like Nate's. People like him are always saying no one will wake up, no one is aware of what is going on. Well, what would happen if everyone did wake up? What are we SUPPOSED to do to stop all of this? I want to know. I would like an answer to my question please. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Over on the Origami blog Torus quoted Suzuki regarding desire--"to give your sheep or cow a large, spacious, meadow is the best way to control him."

This applies to politics as well and explains the passivity of 98% of the population in the U.S. in the face of the utter shit that rains down on them 24/7. As long as people stay doped on religion, sex, TV, internet porn, Kardashianalia et al, ad nauseum, there remains the illusion of a wide pasture of freedom, security, warmth.

Trouble is, a septic tank tends to be warm and secure and free from many things as well, depending on how you look at it. 98% don't know, or won't want to know the difference.


Anonymous said...

"A lot of people don't mind the deaths and the destruction as long as they are employed." If only people would realize that this "full employment" nonsense is the racket that perpetuates their enslavement and corruption. The Robotic Age is upon us, and (unless income distribution concepts are modernized) humans will be ground to dust trying to compete with "workers" who need never rest, don't grumble or strike, and don't demand salaries (apart from maintenance and depreciation). The means of living in comfort and fellowship have never been greater, but the bankers' manipulative accountancy methods deny us access to their natural benefits. For ideas for sane reforms, consult the Wikipedia article on "Social Credit".

Anonymous said...

I want you to know something.
I want you to know that I arrived within this awakening, having travelled through the arse hole end of perverted love.
I turned up on the David Icke forum not long after discovering your blog. I am fifty years old. I am male. I am an ex soldier. I am scarred and I have been shredded, physically and emotionally. I am currently trying to find a way of exiting my third marriage. Not because I don't love the woman. Not at all. No, simply because I am drawn to be somewhere else. The author seems to have a plot worked out, and it seems that I will have to play my part, regardless. I have taken mushrooms once and refused to exit the letter box at the end of my mind. I wasn't ready. Apart from baccy and booze, the only recreational drug I frequently use is bud. I find it helps me connect in a way that I can control and use positively. I don't give a shit what means you use to connect. It only matters that you do. You are inspirational. You are consistent and you have played a huge part in changing my life for the better.
I was drawn to you because you have an honesty, that exists above and beyond torture. Your honesty was the spark that ignited my passion. Your honesty lit my path and your honesty has cast the steel that is my commitment to fully engage against our foe, whilst being able to stay perfectly still, in truthful tranquility.
I don't give a fuck if you print this comment or not. I just want you to know 'by way of some kind of explanation', that when you are honest, you make a difference. We all do.


Richie (Dana) said...

It seems to me that these human "shells" we inhabit are cursed with being controlled by something or someone.
The question is...Who or what are you allowing to control you? This would be where free will comes into play.

Visible is always careful to say that what he writes does not come from him. This implies external control. I think it is closer to a joint effort of Visible and Divine. Whatever message is received from the "invisible friends" is colored and enhanced by the life experiences of Mr. Visible.

When we are counseled to look within and seek the Divine, it is really us choosing to be controlled by Divine influences versus the load of shit this world has to offer. If we can bring out the inner Divine being in all of us, then that will control our thoughts versus some canned bullshit. So far, this is the only way I see to freedom. The thing is, we cannot do this without help.


Anonymous said...

Richie (Dana) Another couple of sites you might wish to check out in your quest include Lady of the Light and Earth Rainbow Network. The former, Lady Isis, she calls herself, posts material from a number of channelers. It is all over the map. Some of these channelers i find to be useless and a few even worse than that. This all said, she also features some who strike me as being very clear and most informative as to the times we are into.

Second site, Earth Rainbow Network, is hosted by a Quebecois named Jean Hudon. Remarkable labor of love. His postings and listings include both a whole series of links to important happenings across the globe as well as material which those on the spirit path will find to be both inspirational and deeply connective.

For those who do not wish to do their information gathering by way of "Zio-Google" there is an alternative site out there called Scroogle Scraper which serves as an intermediary via Google etal. This site removes searches from their logs, thus being very confounding to the privacy snoops who wish to keep tabs on everyone's searches.

To those who despair of the masses ever waking up, i must note that from time to time i hang at a local pub and mix it up pretty good with the sots and the lot. I know it can be difficult being an odd duck unfamiliar and needing to live with those who have generally conformed all their lives. It has become easier for me in this isolated rural area to which i returned after living in scenes such as Brooklyn Heights; Haight and Fillmore neighborhood; Venice Beach and Christiania in Copenhagen. Part of that greater ease is that nowadays i'm kinduva oldtimer, being in my late 60's. Another easing factor is that one might be amazed by how much of what is really going on is actually understood on at least a visceral level by a large percentage of those who live on the bottom rungs, shall we say. Yes, in many ways they are still confused and bemused, but fundamentally they know they are getting screwed and they also have a pretty good idea as to who is doing it to them.

So perhaps the cup is actually half-full.


Anonymous said...

Hey not so loud, Les. I'm trying to sleep (grin).

This is so good I'm trying to stop myself laughing out loud :-)

PS For any New Guys here: This is The Truth - in one of its many guises.

onething said...

Yes, discernment. A couple of people have mentioned it. I'm in agreement. Much as we all long for some sort of saving break to occur, as long as most people are lacking discernment they have not learned the lessons they have come here for.

In fact, that's pretty much what we're here for, I think. In the end, it boils down to humanity lacking discernment. Can't tell truth from lie, bitter from sweet, good from bad.

Not knowing right from wrong. Hmmm...isn't that the division of sanity and insanity? Ah, but as long as you're not hearing voices, can stay on topic, and go to work, you're sane.

What are we doing here on the path of the knowledge of good and evil? Knowledge. In the Bible used as a euphemism for sexual intimacy. Intimacy we are having here, with good and evil.

All I'm saying is that if we can be plucked up and saved from this situation while we are still fools, then there was no point in being here in the first place. Infants in playpens aren't ready for heaven. Some of us are ready, tho, and that's a point of confusion, unless there is to be a great DIVIDE. It only makes sense.

Yes, I too become impatient with those who think they are wise by saying good and evil require balance. Heck with that! That means we never get free of it! That's duality. In unity there is only one characteristic and that is GOOD. Duality is real until it isn't. They don't stay in balance, the one is reformed, it evaporates, it never existed. Evil isn't real, it's a distortion and a parasite.

Anonymous said...

Source: CNet

STANFORD, Calif.--President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said here today.

It's "the absolute perfect spot in the U.S. government" to centralize efforts toward creating an "identity ecosystem" for the Internet, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt said.

That news, first reported by CNET, effectively pushes the department to the forefront of the issue, beating out other potential candidates, including the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. The move also is likely to please privacy and civil-liberties groups that have raised concerns in the past over the dual roles of police and intelligence agencies.

The announcement came at an event today at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, where U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Schmidt spoke.

The Obama administration is currently drafting what it's calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which Locke said will be released by the president in the next few months. (An early version was publicly released last summer.)

DaveR said...

Regarding channeling and channeled beings I think this one sums it up nicely:

"Just because they're dead, it doesn't mean they're right."
- Terence McKenna

Then, for those who think 'Big Brother' won't find them by hiding behind Scroogle Scraper. Just how difficult would it be for the 3 letter agencies to set up something like that to get a bead on those who would rather hide their searches? Not saying it is that, but really, why not just ask the NSA to search for you? The NSA is an agency who can record and index every e-mail in the country and perhaps the world. Do you think they couldn't snoop on who uses Scroogle? Really?

Richie (Dana) said...

Excellent conversation.
I really appreciate the informed views.
I did not miss the reference to "the chosen ones" offered by David Griffith. I despise that way of thinking myself being raised in the "chosen religion". Conversely, no one who comes here can deny that something very special is going on around here. As things continue it seems those who subscribe to truth will be even more special. This is available to all, it is just that large parts of humanity 'choose' evil, either by choice or perhaps out of self-centered laziness. I do not know why, because I am not them.

Stickman...Channeling makes me nervous to some extent. I guess it is like everything else. You must use EXTREME discernment. (smile).

Onething....excellent comments on evil. Some say we need evil to know what is good.
You know what? Fuck Evil.

Most of us would be just fine never hearing or seeing it again as long as we survive.
What we really need is more Love. That will be enough to get us through anything.

Thanks again guys...


Thomas said...

maybe it is the truth, Les, but besides that, it is anger- and fear-mongering. What do You Create? What do You Make Resonate?
and watch the shifting in comments for answers, perhaps...

too hard, maybe... You are shining your light in some very dark cracks, and describing what I also see as Truth, but in my humble opinion, you seem to have some very dark lenses in your stock of prisms. Nothing is separate from the Divine, and All that we put out
is bound back boomerang-style for our own experience and enjoyment... Devil is one of the main teachers, and some of Us/One have not realized our lessons. That of the One will suffer as needed with or without our scorn. Humour can be sharper than a razor, whereas anger is blunt blunt blunt.

Rigtheous Righteous Jah Jah O All works for Love Love Love, cuz there's nothing else, but oh how it's clouded sometimes ;)

Thank you, Les, for your brilliant work, and to All, wishes of peace, certitude and understanding :)

p.s. I got "witch" for word verification on this one. Haha! :)

Anonymous said...


"What are we doing here on the path of the knowledge of good and evil? Knowledge. In the Bible used as a euphemism for sexual intimacy. Intimacy we are having here, with good and evil.

*All I'm saying is that if we can be plucked up and saved from this situation while we are still fools, then there was no point in being here in the first place.*

Infants in playpens aren't ready for heaven. Some of us are ready, tho, and that's a point of confusion, unless there is to be a great DIVIDE. It only makes sense."

These thoughts about life being a coming to the discernment of good and evil are very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

Visible said...

Thomas; it's a dark world, my preference is that a person refute what I say, not ask me to put on their rose colored glasses and sunbathe in a fantasy land that by passes the reality of the moment. I have various blogs and many types of writing. They all address different perspectives. Simply go back to the Mirrors just before this one and tell me what you hear.

Cherrypicking doesn't comprehensively reflect what goes on. Meanwhile, I stand behind what I said and the way I said it; not meaning to be controversial or combative, that's just how it is.

I just got an email from someone out of the thousands of people who read the recent Origami who was concerned that I might impact on some of the tender sensibilities of some of the shrinking violet readers (if there are any) due to the last paragraph or two where I mentioned that I didn't care one way or another about yadda yadda. Well, that's the only comment I got about it.

I'm not a blissed out new ager. I am not some guy in a white robe going, "How pretty this, how pretty that", we are all one da da dada. I'm what I am doing what I do. If something seems too strong, ask first is it so. I'm a warrior, not an asexual overly feminized font of endless syrup. Syrup shows up but so do the other compounds and spices. That said, I'm riveted on the divine feminine but she's got a warrior side too; Diana, Demeter, Durga etc.

Richie (Dana) said...


Speaking of online protection..
I would highly recommend PeerBlock.
This small little utility is currently blocking 1,000,803,528 IP's
on my machine.
There is no need for them to be snooping about anyway, although they think it is important.

Rob in WI said...

Rense and Chiappalone go back a ways.
The Dr. and his wife used to be on Rense radio show, pre-2000. If memory serves, he made specific predictions re. events, outcomes, and dates that didn't come to pass. I did a search on him a couple years back. Curious what has become of some of the new millenium soothsayers. There didn't seem to be anything from the previous 5+ years. Now he shows up in the last few months. Nice of him to give us another chance to listen, and, "take it or leave it" (his words).
Best to all, Rob

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Some high bandwidth traffic on discernment.


The body knows better over the mind. We can body test a binary yes or no with advanced kinesiology. Any question can be asked in a yes or no fashion and the cellular intelligence (all knowing) will respond yes or no.



Anonymous said...

Dave R. Just had me a wee chat with N$A by means of a forward received from an e.m. acquaintance from my general part of the world who purports to have been a 4-hitch Navy Seal in V.N. and afterwards. Forwarded was an essay in Asia Times by a Russian named dude who projected a sad end to the legitimate government of Syria currently under heavy assault from the High Commi$$arS of finance capital.

Curiously, a nice little full-color ad was emplaced to the lefthand side of the script, an ad vertising the wonders of a career with the National $ecurity Agency. We must always needs keep in mind that these agencies of Evil are with us alway$, even unto the end of the Age.

Thing is, with these agents and creeps, they can indeed terminate with extreme prejudice any opponent they presume to be sufficiently dangerous to their machinations...Or they are quite capable of renditioning troublesome individuals to offshore centers of torture --- but guess what---chances are not currently extreme that these torture chambers will be those administered by the Syrian Mukhabarat as was the case some few years ago. So they used the Syrians in much the same way as they did Saddam and the Iraqis in their schemes against Iran back in the 80's.

Sure, you can kill the body and even torture the mind, mr. or ms. agent of EVIL, but you cannot control the eternal spirit of the individual who enjoys understanding of the Creative Connexion.

So Scroogle Scrape me all you wanna and it won't amount to a fat, furry, fleeting fart in a typhoon. Google also admits sleazy commercial interests into its moneymakers as well as being the commonly held corporate whore by any number of agencies, both foreign and domestic. Thus, even if S.S. is nothing more than a tool for the ones who catch your every keystroke anyway; Google is all sloppy about it.

Seems while Vis is lolling around in Mexico, AND still producing provocative and probing prognostications and purviews; some of the rest of us are carrying on conversations basically on our own. This is a good thing. As per the channeling contretemps i which i seem to have instigated, my take is that channeling may not only be limited to discarnate spirits (whether or not they may have 'died' along the way) but also extends into the noosphere as some have put it, or into the universal consciousness as was Jung's perspective.

We are, after all, ultimately all ONE (guess that's my primary beef with Chiappalone) and as spiritual beings living a 3rd Dimensional incarnation, each one of us is a holographic extension/intention of Creative Cause.

Something seems to be developing on the blog. It is a higher manifestation, albeit still in somewhat embryonic stages, of a commonality of consciousness presaging a planetary quantum leap into common consciousness.

Salute' Les Visible and this common company of cooperational comprehensive consciousness.

I AM. Stickman. 24 Capricorn, 33 Anno Eros

Rob in WI said...

Time frame wrong, I apologize. The comment re Dr. Chiappalone was off, as will be noticed by some. Went to search after posting comment, and he has been around longer than the last few months. I'll blame it on time distortion and poor memory, but am sure he DID kind of disappear for 5 years or more. Must no...t memory when commenting.

Richie (Dana) said...


Please elaborate on this one mind thing if you don't mind. It is very confusing to me so I guess I have much to learn.
I am so obsessed with Visible stuff that I have experienced real world connection to a certain extent when a few weeks ago Visible and I responded to someone by saying the same thing, albeit in different words. An amazing experience.

I agree that something is happening that is quite different than what we are used to. I would postulate that higher energy's beyond our senses are up to something very big and these poor suckers who do evil are in for some very nasty surprises.

Since you are the "older" wise one it is your responsibility to impart wisdom to those young whipper snappers.


DaveR said...


I think you may be right about channeling the flows of the greater consciousness (call it what you will) and it wouldn't surprise me if channels happen with off planet and other dimensional entities, and it could be included the artificial units tuning in as well. The channeler only kinda knows just who is at the other end and that it might be a computer with some kind of broadcaster attached.

As for BB and his friends both inn and out of gov't, they've got their ears on 24/7. Who they pay attention to is the part that matters. Your friend is on much shorter lists than I so he gets individual attention. They care not what you know, only what you do with it. Google has been too big to ignore for a decade, Microsoft far longer (Bing!) and all the rest. Anon postings don't work except for anon from plebs like me. TPTW can find out whoever it is if it's worth their worry.

A friend (who I believe knew) had spent a bunch of time with Australian Aboriginals and told me they have community consciousness and rarely need to talk with one another. This is emerging here as you say. AND it's not only just us humans either, but the animals are getting in on the act as well. I know my dog is psychic and it happens to me from time to time. The veil thins. This is what's afoot and like the water breaking on the river rocks, it's creating a "pre-shock" wave that everyone senses. This is why TPTW are in such a hurry to sew up all their plans. This is why people are having such a sense of loss. This is why people are freaking out all around.

The "cooperational comprehensive consciousness" is soon to arrive. Then humanity will "see with one eye."

Anonymous said...

I do keep in mind, in these darkest of times of an experience I once had. It was at night, at a time when I was far from being in a good place in my soul. Travelling along in a car with a nutcase at the steering wheel.

The car went out of control, and you know there are those seconds, in between, when you know the car is gonna crash and it's gonna be bad, but it hasn't happened yet. But it's too late to do anything about it.

Well, during those few seconds, I caught a glimpse of something outside my window, I looked, and there was an Angel looking inside the window of the car. Time seemed to slow down. The Angel moved to the front of the car and I saw the most beautiful Being I have ever seen in my life.

He had white wavy chin length hair, a finely chiseled handsome face. He was wearing a white robe with the most mindbogglingly beautiful wings, so beautiful that they were almost hypnotic.

I knew this Being was ancient and very, very holy and that no dark force on this earth could ever survive going up against such holiness. It all sounds crazy but time really did slow down as this was happening.

And then the crash.

When times get dark I think of that Holy Angel who had power emanating from it from the inside.
The Divine Love. I will never again doubt the Majestic Power of the Divine Love again. It is real.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"From his navel sprouts a lotus flower and the smallest Brahma of all the universes is born with four heads. In that lotus flower, there are unlimited planets that he creates. One of those planets, which is floating like a little speck of dust in the air, one of those little planets is called the Earth planet. On the Earth planet there are so many continents, one of which is North America. In North America, there is one state called California, in which there is one city called Los Angeles. In Los Angeles there is one street called La Cienaga Boulevard. On that street is one house. In that house is temple. In that temple there is one devotee. He is the Temple Commander and he thinks he is controlling everything.” [Laughter]

PSO said...

Dear Visible,
The Purification Fires come in many forms. Even water.
Even men.
We were once what you now judge against.
Be careful, from whom much is given, much is expected.

Rob in WI said...

Soverignity, Your comment interests me. "Any question"? All questions are loaded. Algorithms are less suspect than linguistic, since they can't utilize "trigger words", but even algorithms are open to the qualifier "but". The binary indication you refer to is emotional, IMHO. Enjoy your comments.
Stickman, You allude to experiencing U of M, west bank, 60's. Were you raised in MN? Just curious. I was, and knew UofM, 60's, etc. Enjoy your comments, too.
Sincerely, Rob

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a lot of commenters here at Vis's blogs, who slurp up the agency B.S. right along with the good stuff (i.e, the Chiappalone writings, etc.).

Discernment is a very good thing.

And anyone who preaches that you should sit on your thumbs and wait around for some Messianic Easter Bunny to arrive on the planet and set things straight, is working for the agency (wittingly or unwittingly).

If anybody gave real blow-by-blow advice, online, about how to short-circuit the Dark Side, they'd be out of business (permanently) in a matter of hours.

Here's another way to look at this, so you can prove to yourself that what I am saying here is true.

Google is owned by the Dark Side - it is intelligence agency controlled and Zio-owned (to use verbiage you will resonate with), lock stock and barrel. Most of you will not disagree with this. Any of you who disagrees with this, is either working for an intelligence agency or you simply haven't researched it enough (i.e., your mind has already been made up for you).

My business happens to be search engine optimization and algorithmic math.

When Google wants information gone from its search index, it just scrubs it. Poof - it's gone. They do it daily, they do it all the time, it is a totally biased, agency-controlled enterprise. It is most decidely NOT an open window to the Internet world, featuring every single shred of information put online by every single person on the planet. Far from it.

If a person holds the actual keys to bringing down the Dark Side, Google will make sure you can't find a shred of information about them.

Now go do a Google search for any of your favorite online gurus.

Then think really hard about what you see about them in the search results.

I'm sorry, but hard math will always take precedence over the hope that one might feel in their heart. Wishing that something were so, does not make it so.

That's about all I have to say...except that I like Vis's writings very much.

But people should always use their own minds to decide what's what and who's who - lest someone turn said minds into blow-up dolls for mind-fuckers.

And if anyone disagrees with the fact that people should always use their own minds to decide what's what, they have been co-opted. They are not the real deal. They are selling snake oil and Kool-Aid.

This can't be disagreed with. Because it's the truth.

Only its messenger can be assailed.

That's all...

Visible said...

Not meaning to be offensive but PSO, your comment makes no sense. I would appreciate people not coming around and making cryptic comments which are pointless and uninformative. The pontificating angle is bad enough. If you got something to say, say it and stop pussy-footing around.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


The main role we each play for creation is to witness the expansion of said creation. We can only do this role effectively with knowing discernments. Ifs and maybe’s don’t count here. Right or wrong you tell it like it is and not from second hand adopted perspective.

Stickman you are properly fucked up!



PSO said...

Visible, no offense taken.
Sorry but I'm not sure what I meant either.
Sometimes just comes to me and impresses upon me to post. Maybe it was meant for some reader?

I think i meant that God can use 'anything' to make what S[H]e started -and finish to perfection, whether it be Armies, Disease, or Floods, or whatever...and then the last part looks like scripture to me..The part about much given much will be required. I guess I think it means for me that because I have been given much knowledge and Wisdom and LOVE, that it will be required to give as much in return.
I probably come across as foolish now but at least I come across..

Anonymous said...

Vis you are a master! Much Love!

Greg Bacon said...

"since the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, America has become like a battered wife, not being able to leave her abusive, sadistic husband and if she tries, he tracks her down, and gives her a beating to let her know NOT to try that again.

America is so desperate for relief and help from the murderous maniacs running this nation that most of us will look anywhere for help, even going down a dead-end alley.

I believe Paul knows what really happened on 9/11, but if he doesn’t have the balls to come out and say what some already know, and many are thinking, he doesn’t deserve being treated like some kind of political rock star."

Viral good said...

What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts:

"What we are witnessing is a replay of Washington’s policy toward Japan in the 1930s that provoked the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, writes Paul Craig Roberts. Only this time the target is not Japan but Iran"

And what did US do to Japan after Pearl Habor? What did the American MIC do to Haroshima and Nagasaki? Who is the only nation to use an atom bomb on civilians?

And it will all be in our names as citizens of the great NWO empire.


Anonymous said...

US admits the real reason for attacking Iran is to end their central bank.

It's not owned by Rothschild you see.

Smyrna said...

Great form the last few posts, Vis.
I feel you're finding a good vibe there on holiday in Mexico. I have taken the wife and daughter away to the beach for a couple of days. Recharge the batteries. As I have said earlier, the Russian elections are where I am focused. Enjoy life mate!

Illuminati Agenda said...

Very good indeed. 'Chosen People Syndrome' - nice diagnosis, although I doubt you'll find that one in the psychology journals and for good reason, from the perspective of the chosen people of course ;)

I reiterate the words already posted about loving to hear you broadcast this on mainstream TV, it would be like 'The Network, only better!

Anonymous said...

anon 3:41 a.m.

one COULD disagree but, alas, you are right. we are all transparent in the eyes of god, and for the most part audible in the ears of those who would be ...

most participating on this blog tend to think for themselves already, lest this discourse would not, could not be taking place.

so yes, 'the kingdom of heaven is within'.

preaching to the choir?

welcome to the show.

stickman. not so old, i, too, have returned to whence i really never left. (60s)

vis - enjoy the game. may wonders never cease.

Anonymous said...

disservice corruption
frustration greed
genocide hatred
starvation disease
institutional misuse
corporate lies
desolate wastelands
cultural demize
control manipulation
people deceived
discourse tyrany
false led leads
food made of chemicals
communitys choked
political warmongers
life needs to elope


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:41

"....people should always use their own minds to decide what's what and who's who -lest someone turn said minds into blow-up dolls for mind-fuckers..."

That is, at once, the most appropriate decription(and perscription)for this clusterfuck we're trying to navigate.


Anonymous said...

At 4:09 Sovereignty said: "Stickman, you are properly fucked up." Lots of ways i could take that and perhaps that was the meaning ~ or maybe thee was none. So any response you may have wished to elicit demands further elucidation on your part.

Rob in WI said...

I wonder how my cellular intelligence responds to questions such as; "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?". Hook me up to that there kinesiometer.

Anonymous said...

Via Kathy
Vis- it makes me so uncomfortable to read your words, but it so necessary to digest them. thanks
Sovereignty-you are the most filled with certitude guy I've ever encountered. Me, I'm always filled with questions like why are you guys so sure God, The All, Ineffable is love. Where do you get that from?
Richard - I always identify with what you say, what's up with that?
Gurney Gob-you channel my brother every time you put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard as it were and he was my favorite person in the world.
Stickman- my problem with discernment is that everything is conceivable in my head so it is all plausible...what to do?
My youngest, 13, said maybe we aren't here now, maybe we are like Forrest Gump, telling a story of how we were in the past.
Now I can let go as they are all "firing on all cylinders".
Right now is the first time I've been alone, literally, in over a month and my choice is to re-read and re-think the comments here.
You guys are all great, even the trolls make it interesting.
Peace to all

Anonymous said...

it is incredible the load of crap going on

learn not to panic but laugh

soon be over for the lot out there

what me worry

am enjoying life is my goal

Anonymous said...

subversion infiltration
diversion intimidation
calamity discord
deception false law
enforcers infectors
genocidal prospectors
control dissolution
manipulation confusion
falsehood emptiness
devalued pennyless
corruption abuse
by zionist misuse


Kevenj said...

I think you missed your calling as a journalistic comedian on MSNBC.
Kind of like a cross between George Carlin and Jane Curtin. Anything that replaces Kramer would be a plus.

Nice post LV, one of your best and that's saying alot.Stay well out there.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


When I said stickman was properly fucked up it was in the colloquium spirit of the day. This is one high bandwidth mother fucker and I take my hat off to him enjoying his participation here in the Judge Viz space.

The kind of guy you would like to split some wood with.

As for certitudes…. Right or wrong… take a fucking stand…. If they are wrong you will learn that in time…. Better to have played the game on the court of life rather than sat in the bleachers only with an asshole opinion.



Anonymous said...

Richie; Rob; Kathy. Pardon my slowness in responding to your questions, statements. Energy levels and focus can get pretty skewed during these amazing times.

True, i may be older than many of the posters here, but as for "wiser", well... Last night i read Carl Jung's psychological notes to the introductory statements in the standard translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Jung is the first major postulant of the concept of universal mind or common consciousness. So anyone wishing to know more about this phenomenon could hardly do better than to read a couple of Jung's works along this line as well as his seminal investigations into dream interpretation and symbology.

Rob. Born and bred in Minnesota and currently reside in the Northwoods not far from where Mother Earth gives birth to the Father of Waters. Did some hard time at the University of Minnesota and was one of the first habitues of the West Bank. For those to whom this is pure arcana, the West Bank scene was the Upper Midwest center (along with MadTown in Wisconsin) of the original 'hippie' youthquake in the late 60's, with all its sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Lived a bunch of other places, from University City edging St. Louis; to Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights; to Waller and Webster in San Francisco; to Venice Beach in LaLaLand; to the anarchist-hippie Christiania enclave in Copenhagen ~~ but kept coming back to the northwoods, ultimately becoming deeply intimate with peasant roots, learning to learn more from interacting with the natural world than via the abstractions of human invention.

Discernment. I am far from an expert on this subject as some of my correspondents have reminded me from time to time. Work in progress. In the words of someone far older and wiser than myself, discernment entails going deeper than all the static in your rational mind , listening to that small, quiet voice within. Yes. Please take all messages and information with at least one grain of salt. The greatest of all gurus is located within your own heart ,in constant contact with creative source. It may be very difficult to shut down the static, particularly if you happen to live in the midst of constant cacophony dinning in from your sourroundings. Find a quiet spot, a meditative centering place where you can get into closer touch with your innermost being.

Remember, we are spiritual beings living a material lifetime within third dimension constructs. Reality is a good deal more than skin deep. This year of 2012, according to the Constantinian Concordance, happens to also be the year of the Shift. It is a most exciting time to be alive. It is also the year of birthing of a new world age at the terminus of the Kali Yuga. There will be a plethora of birthing pangs. High drama. Stay centered. Always remember that the polar opposite of Fear is Love. Ultimately, Love always prevails.

-stickman, 26 Capricorn, 33 Anno Eros

Visible said...

Susan; I could give you many examples of Assange being a tool, not the least is his substantial Rothschild connections but will say this, just because someone is vilified means nothing. That is often an intentional part of the plot.

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for the reply. When you commented about lack of radio where you live, I thought, "maybe the Red Lake reservation has a station". Over here, I'm blessed with WOJB, from the Lac Courte Oreilles reservation, which has much good programming. I checked, and alas, Red Lake is only on internet. I have dialup, and can't receive net radio. Maybe you're in the same boat. O'well, I'll just drink a toast to the old Padded Cell. Be well Stix, look forward to your comments. Rob

Anonymous said...

Dirty Little Secrets - the hidden, awkward origins of World War 2 - the unexpected views of four key diplomats who were close to events

Just consider the following:

· Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Britain during the years immediately preceding WW2 was the father of the famous American Kennedy dynasty. James Forrestal the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949) quotes him as saying "Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war". (The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129).

· Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says "Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands…when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe… It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign… no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries… Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps…President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for." (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.)

· Hugh Wilson, the American Ambassador in Berlin until 1938, the year before the war broke out, found anti-Semitism in Germany ‘understandable’. This was because before the advent of the Nazis, "the stage, the press, medicine and law [were] crowded with Jews…among the few with money to splurge, a high proportion [were] Jews…the leaders of the Bolshevist movement in Russia, a movement desperately feared in Germany, were Jews. One could feel the spreading resentment and hatred." (Hugh Wilson: Diplomat between the Wars, Longmans 1941, quoted in Leonard Mosley, Lindbergh, Hodder 1976).

· Sir Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Berlin ‘said further that the hostile attitude in Great Britain was the work of Jews and enemies of the Nazis, which was what Hitler thought himself’ (Taylor, AJP: The Origins of the Second World War Penguin 1965, 1987 etc p 324).

Etc etc etc etc - more detail at

Thomas said...

Bom! Thank you for putting me in place! ;)

I will try to explain myself. I don't consider myself a blissed out new-ager, although I can see why that might come through like that, hah!. True, the dark side is viscerally here, and I assure you I have had my brushes with it. Rather, this is why I go here to read your view on things, which, I find, is the most inspired, honest and truthful in my reach, save for the Divine Reality Itself.

It is just, all those people who do not see, or choose, they are part of Us. They are only prolonging their miseries, and their way home to union with the One. Some days ago, I was shown, that Love and fear is simply facing or not-facing that One Light in respect of whatever it may be. bla blah. I know you have great compassion, and perhaps I would do better to be inspired by your rigtheous, angry way. Sometimes, I am angry with myself, so why not with others?

All the best, to All :)
and thank you Les, for spittin' Truth

Anonymous said...

Interesting... Bain & Co. Orit Gadeish

les, please try to get this over to WRH, Mike will find this interesting.

Adam Evenson said...

Les, I hate to deliver this news to you, as I feel as if I am the letter that some mothers of soldiers in war zones hate to receive: "Dear Mother, the War Department regrets to inform you that your son, Little Freddie, has been blown into a thousand tiny pieces and we can't find a single chunk of the lad...etc."

The bad news I bear is with respect to the leading statement you make in your otherwise fine, imminently readable posting here. It reads: " as usual on the precipice of Hell."

This is not only "the precipice." I am authorized to tell you, and any that would care to know, that earth, itself, is Hell and that there is no such thing as a precipice leading to it. One is either there or one is not. Of all people I have contacted while I have been here (on earth) you should be able to see it, especially now, after being directly informed by none other than me.

Heavenly elements do occasionally reach into Hell, through special isolation realities, and jiggle things for effect, as a scientist in Hell might isolate a bacterium in a special cabinet, handling it with special rubber gloves sealed from the outside. But even this kind of heavenly "reaching" would not constitute a precipice of Hell.

Just look around and see what earth is. Study your history. Study today. You write about Hell so well. How could you not be able to identify earth as the Whole Apple?

How could YOU not realize exactly where Hell is and not be pussyfooting around calling it JUST a precipice? It must insult the HELL out of Satan. (Sorry about the pun while I am writing a "War Department" letter to a grieving soul, but even I have a sense of humor and like a good pun.;)

Irrespective what you may have been told or believe, there are only two places in the whole universe. That's Heaven and Hell. And so, the question to ask oneself after one looks around, as you obviously have done, is ask onself: "Is this place Heaven?"

If the answer is "No," there is only one choice left.

Anonymous said...

Les, you might appreciate this one...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Why Can't I get There from Here?

Anonymous said...

Adam, it's in your heart bro, and you just reviled yours.

Cpt'n Spadge



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