Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Great Shadow at the Gates of Ruin.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Tramp, tramp, tramp goes the feet of the fiends and fools. The Earth is going to swallow them and stupid has no cure. Romney this, Santorum that, the whole shebang is out of wack, as welcome as a heart attack and they keep coming on.

Trrrap, trrrap, trrrap goes the fingers on the table, underneath the table, dark shit is taking place. It's in your face. It's in your face.

Do not despair my friends. What you are seeing is the last gasp of the carcinogens eating themselves alive. You live under the fetid umbrella of a wanna be one world government. It has never happened and it never will happen and that is proof positive that it is in breakdown mode. The difficulty all of us are dealing with is the terrible power of negative appearances, which shield the brilliant light of cosmic change. Think of it this way. There is a wall, or a curtain, as you prefer, which stands between you and the world you are about to enter. The light is acting upon the wall or curtain but the dynamic of its effect has not yet appeared. There are tiny holes shining in places where the light has burrowed through. At the same time, the entire wall and curtain has become so thin and porous that soon it is going to exponentially impact upon the structure and integrity of the aforementioned. All of a sudden the light is going to break through at hundreds of locations. Following that the structure can no longer hold together and will come crashing down. This is happening internally and externally.

The terminally obstinate and stupid are having to use all of their will to hold together the illusion that stands between them and the truths that they have hidden from themselves. Denial is going to start breaking down all over the place, as the reality of conditions makes itself known in the minds of those who can no longer hold out against what they have been refusing to admit. Do not be surprised when awakening begins to happen big time all over the place.

The tyranny of the few over the lives of the many has been held in place by the collective belief in the curtain wall. This is what has sustained the condition of every man for himself and the enduring lie that these people and those people are our enemies. The tyrannous few have prospered and flourished due to their ability to misdirect our attention into hollow lies of no substance. They have done this by amplifying both appetite and fear, seasoned with confusion and doubt. An atmosphere of collective doubt and uncertainty has kept the populace chained to the engines of diabolical industry in which they forge their own chains.

When awakening occurs it is going to reverse the various mental and emotional climates that have created and maintained an environment of subservience to something they formerly did not understand and their very unknowing was sufficient to keep in place. Awakening is going to create a force of consciousness that is going to backwash into those who were previously, seemingly in control of our every day reality. Suddenly, just like that, their confidence and will, their ability to manage is going to desert them. The best example that I can give is what happened when Sauron's forces swept out of The Black Gate to confront Gandalf, Aragorn and the rest of the legions from Minas Tirith. The situation was grim. There seemed to be no hope but our heroes were determined to fight to their last breath. It was better to die in that moment than to submit to a fate worse than death. Then it was that The Ring went into Mount Doom and the eye of Sauron, the will that held the whole operation together, was instantly diverted from it's purpose of holding together the armies of darkness, which were assailing all that was good and decent in the land. In that moment the force of the will of the evil one was removed from its attention upon his servants and they lost their minds and went off running in all directions, pursued by fear. It was over. That ring which was the power of command; “one ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them”, was unmade in the fires where it had been originally forged. The Great Shadow had lost its instrument and the shadow was no longer great. The Great Shadow is not unlike that curtain wall. The Great Shadow became a tiny wraith of darkness, which ran off to gnaw on itself in the darkness and plot for its return. The shadow never dies but it is occasionally much diminished.

This is where we are at this time. Every effort is being made to prop up this wall but it is entirely futile. At its moment of greatness power; its greatest appearance of power, it is at its weakest point. Awakening is not going to be reserved for those of us already awakening and for those determined to sleep but who WILL BE awakened. It is also going to occur in the minds of the minions of darkness and then you are going to see them turn on one another. They will not be able to contain their bowel loosening fear, which attends the awareness of the collective public eye being turned upon them. Millions of previously deluded Christians, who have been manipulated by a fantasy born out of a perversion of their scriptures, are going to awaken to an understanding of what has happened to them. It's not going to be pretty. Don't think the perpetrators don't know about this. It's the reason for the Patagonian exodus and a few similar ventures. However, 'nowhere to run and nowhere to hide' applies.

As I write these words a certain window is opening and very good things are going to pour out upon very good people. After a time that window is going to close and another window is going to open and for those with the wit to take advantage of it, mercy is going to be made available. Then that window is going to close and then the punisher is coming. This is the time of summing up; the dispensing of judgment to all living things according to what is deserved and what is necessary. You can believe what I am saying, figure it may or may not be true, or disavow it entirely, it doesn't make any difference. What will be will be and it can come quickly.

This has all been a staged drama for the purpose of demonstration. Everything has been and always will be under control. In times of materialism people lose their rudder. They lose perspective. They lose faith and hope. Those are attendant conditions that accompany the darkness in its journey through and beyond. Our personal darkness, whatever degree of it is possessed by any and all, is resonant with the greater darkness. This accounts for the fear and uncertainty by proportion and degree dependent. The same can be said of the children of light, the rainbow warriors who labor and do battle in these times. It's no different than Middle Earth and neither will be the result.

No one should be all that surprised that evil has prospered to the degree that it has. No one should be surprised at the state we find ourselves in. No one should be surprised that it looks dark and dreadful and that demons are dancing to the drums of war. It is the logical outcome of all the things that have led up to it. However, everyone should and will be very surprised at how it is going to turn out. It is no surprise that your leaders are fools and whores who have extended themselves into a barren field where they will reap the whirlwind. This is precisely what they are marching to. Any one one of them that thinks they will escape in the final reel is dreaming. This has all been directed and guided to the inevitable result. The selfish and insatiable greed of the privileged and their abuse of the lesser classes is all being duly noted. Every single living thing is under the lens. Every thought word and deed is recorded by invisible agency. Believe it or not, it's no never mind to me, outside of resident compassion.

As has been stated in the last transmission, many of you are suffering and will suffer keen losses. The point and reason of that will be made clear in time. I am not immune to this myself and am suffering in my own way. These are the stations of ascent on the path to realization. It's no shame or trial to be stripped bear, when the most priceless thing in the universe is what replaces any and all things that must go by the wayside.

What is the point of faith and belief unless they have been brought to the point where they can be of actual use? How does this happen? They are tested against circumstance. They are refined in the crucible of existence until their temper is beyond question. Do not desert yourself in your hour of need. You see what's going on around you. You're not like that. Be what you truly are and all will be well with you.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

The tighter they squeeze, the faster they commit suicide. So I just played an old tune on the computer in their honor..."Tighter, Tighter" - which was made famous by the late 60's one-hit wonders, and very appropriately named band, Alive 'N Kickin'..."

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, again I was on WRH, came across something I thought was interesting, clicked on it, and of course it is you!! I am very attracted to your writing. I check you every night for something new. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, I understood how the Bible is not a story of the past, but better comprehended in present tense.

Babylon is fallen. Christ is come. Present tense.

Moreover, what are called scriptures are not records of those who were holy and great, but all about those who failed. It's a story of what not to do and what not to be.

Adam is as Fallen as the best of them. The poor schmoke went wrong when he started to follow woman. (c;

(It's a metaphor).

So, when is it all going to come down?

Er, well... already has. Adam is dead. (c;

Live long and prosper, Visible.


Tony said...

It's no shame or trial to be stripped bear, when the most priceless thing in the universe is what replaces any and all things that must go by the wayside.

What is the most priceless thing to you Vis? Faith?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the suffering, yes the loss and pain. All very, very true.
Also, very true that the leaders do not lead, but enrich and corrupt themselves. See it everywhere, everyday.
When hit very hard, one does not necessarily see so clearly. Still, most interesting, your words echoe with the words of another, one who refuses the internet. The message that we all are defining ourselves right now, and that it is being noted, and being seen.
Yes it is very dark. From chemtrails to climate disaster, it all just keeps piling on.
Where is that light? Hit very hard, so hard to see, wonder where is the light?
Still, there will be no capitualtion, no surrender. Death awaits us all, but defeat only for those who give in.

Zel said...

"The tyranny of the few over the lives of the many has been held in place by collective belief - Every effort is being made to prop up this wall but it is entirely futile."

Truer words were never spoken, and the funny thing is that it requires so little of us. There's not need for protests, fighting in the streets for our beliefs, or debasing other human beings. All it requires is the proper mindset.

What would happen if every jury faced with convicting a man who violated a statute by protesting without a permit, for example, but not a law(for he hurt no one, nor destroyed property)held at least one person on it, who would not convict that man, thus practicing jury nullification.

What if every person operating a motor vehicle, as is his lawful right, not a legal privilege to be extended or withheld by bureaucrats, simply threw away their driver's license. No jail could hold all those people, and if they refused to sign their tickets, thus refusing to enter into a contract with the state, the cops would go back to their proper role, jailing those commiting crimes, and so on down the line, cutting off each of the thousand tendrils that bind our spirit in every area of our lives through mass non-compliance.

That's all it takes, and that's the fear of the pindars. Let the tyrants try to herd 7 billion cats!

Visible said...

The ever deepening awareness of the ineffable.

just me, Laurel A. said...

les, you are taking the turns with all four smoothly hugging the edge like a great vehicle should. hope i can keep up, been a long lone road, too many turns and twists, and i sure dont want to have to finish eternity like that. just trying trying to keep up so i can meet and greet either here now or there then, with a crowd of true family. amazing and hard hitting stuff you are writing again, the last week. well, actually, i have never read anything you wrote that wasnt oh, profound and a thousand times more.

Terrance said...

I'm tried of being on the shit list and I'm taking every body off my shit list....! The time of dominance of one soul over another is fait comp lee !?....

Mouser said...

Thank you Visible.

Certain books/stories like Lord of the rings, The wizard of Oz, 1084, The thirteenth tribe, The Bible give everyone a chance to understand what is really going on in this world.

Stripped down to rock bottom seems to be a prerequisite for opening our eyes to the truth.

Many of us lament that we are there but it is in fact a blessing. Only when all temporal constructs are seen as futile and useless are we truly open to the wisdom of God.

Our life is a journey to find the truth about the universe. Worldly constructs must be shown irelivent before real understanding and growth can begin.

So take joy in being brought to rock bottom. That rock is God and now you can begin to build a home on stable ground.


P.S. Glad the letter helped.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

be nice though if the testing could be simulated without harm, then again, maybe it is.

wv: excelli , and bravo from me.

Anonymous said...

Having been in the same place for forty six years I have been in a front row seat(just in front of the mainstream liars) close enough to watch the rise and fall of demons of darkness in my neck of the woods. They made wars, false flag operations, closed our sea border to stifle us and played with the minds of some very stupid or very evil goys. The trick was watching what was said around the world about us and watching the real happenings on the ground. Even that was hard to figure out at first but there were people who knew before me that this was all a play and a demonstration. It dawned on me and most of my children after several years but that was soon enough. Before long we knew what would be said before it was said. I'm afraid my husband is still afraid because he has some misconceptions about his father's advice when he was a young man. It's hard for him to feel unafraid but he is trying. He used to ask me, when there was no work and food and school expenses for so many children, why I had no fear of the needed money not arriving at the appointed time. He also asked why I never asked for a little extra so we could be prepared ahead of time. I tried to explain that my deal with the One was "just enough for the important things at the right time" The rest was up to us to work at. And we did.
We built our home with our own hands and the help of some few available workers (we have been in a war for forty-four years now though at times it is not "visible") and brought our children to a hilltop where we could see the bad things happening in the city but were not really in the middle of it. I am so grateful for that.
I started this story to bring up something that is happening now and for the past few years. The rise of a few leaders who believe in the light and practice it in their daily private lives. This is a very important development because, though it appears to be a tug of war between them and the old guard, the tide is changing and the tipping point is coming. This victory will affect the whole middle east for the better. the awakening is coming...
Just thought I would mention it.
Fom a far outpost in Lebanon,

Mo visible said...

Thank you again Les. I see it and have seen it, I know it. Still I remember putting my hand on the hot stove as a child, the pain was not pleasant then nor is it now. I'm just learning how to trancend it, for what it is, a temporary thing.
Spassibo Bolshoy moy Drug.
WV sters under the bed

Anonymous said...

One’s Trajectory?!

That inner voice awakens;
Which way to now turn?
Onwards…Upwards…’tis your choice!

pax verbum
Big on Faith, small on religion

Anonymous said...

they were brothers and sisters
fathers and sons
mothers and daughters
old people and little ones
some rich some poor
some low some high
the warmth of the truth
melts through all lies
through the chambers of disservice
of delusion of disrespect
where dishonor captivates
in a state of pure neglect
life is life is life
the one in all of all
the beauty that is living
crumbles falsehoods walls


kikz said...

shouldn't that read...
'stripped bare' ?

great post viz.

yo, po tai...

virtual/metaphorical forehead smack to you. :P

Anonymous said...

the Divine (or something of a slightly lesser power) attended the Denver Pittsburgh game on Sunday.

From the opening kickoff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8e07t57DTo

to Tebow (!) posting the following stats

316 yards, 3.16 yards per completion

John 3:16 (chapter 3, verse 16 of the Gospel of John) is one of the most widely quoted verses from the Christian Bible,[1] and has been called the most famous Bible verse.[2] It has also been called the "Gospel in a nutshell" because it is considered a summary of the central dogma of traditional Christianity:[2]

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

The game also did a 31.6 peak rating, the highest rated Wild Card game in history. The Tebow-John 3:16 thing is classic cosmic joke territory (for we pagans and heretics that is ;-)

a tad off topic from this excellent post but knowing you're possibly away from playoff football and interested in TB12's date on Sat. night, I'm here to help if I can.

Now if you would be so kind, where are we "good people" going? Where'd the Mayans go? 1 & the same? I ask because from this subjectivity, the sort of demarcation you're talking about is definitely playing out... I've been trying to figure out this end game for a while, but get lost in speculating... perhaps lyricist MJK had the best speculation in Lateralus... "spiral out"


Anonymous said...

no coincidence the countries of the world being called back to the queen's hive for summer of 2012.
(expecting things to heat up?)

zionist financial center of london, autonomous as the jesuit controlled vatican city, is still the rothschild - luciferian seat of power. ('from hell')

oh, and yeah. agree. bullets wont help lessun you pepper the walls with holes for the light to pour in. ('from dusk till dawn')

Anonymous said...

Give me the strength to lay this burden down..

"For I am just a troubled soul
Who's weighted...
Weighted to the ground
Give me the strength to carry on
Till I can lay this burden down"


Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family said...

The forces in the Metaverse have decided the parasites on this hollow shell must be annihilated. At ALL cost. Since the people stoodby whilst the parasites also made ready to destroy the hollow shell, well it's sayonara and Quinn Sine Die.
The link that so long bound us together, will soon be broken, and though we may never meet again upon the shore of time, I shall never regret the journey.

Truthman said...

Another 5 run homer, Les! I feel it all around. We live in interesting times, indeed. Waiting on the train, baby.


katz said...

There are explosions under Fugishima. That means that the nuclear melt down has gotten to critical mass.

It may mean that it will continue to bleed down towards the center of the Earth. At that point, it may cause the Earth to die, from that core.

The Gulf of Mexico is now an ungoing open sore in the ground, with oil seeping out, in a constant unfixable flow. The use of corexit has contaminated the chain of life in the Gulf.

They have nuked Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza Strip, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon and that won't be gone for a few thousand years.

It can't be fixed.
The food supply is now contaminated, so much so that there is hardly any energy in the food in the corporate grocery store. They arrest you if you sell raw milk. God Forbid you should eat decent healthy food, or use any vitamins. They will take that next.

It's all designed to murder the maximum number of humans. That way the population is culled.

At some point, you have to wonder at the coldness of this process. It never stops. Is it that this species is so destructive that the best we can do is allow our own demise in this mass culling?

Are there no redeeming characteristics of humanity?

I don't have the hope that you do, Les Visible, bc the damage is already done, the egg is cracked.

It's a fait accompli.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Terrible Specter of the Dreadful Few

Anonymous said...

Mayhap the winter to date here on the far-flung fringe of the Northwoods of Minnesota is a bit allegorical. Looking out my window there is a melange of tans and whites, interspersed by the darker browns of trees and branches, topped by mostly grey skies patched in with washes of blue. The colors are more varied than the usual segue of white into grey or icy blue. The temperature is hovering around the freezing mark in what is normally one of the coldest two weeks of the year. Where is the norm? Where is thirty below zero through the long January nights?

Not that such weather anomalies have not occurred in the past. Everything changes. Yet, there is this feeling. It's not been a winter for huddling and cringing. For most of December it was a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Not only the weather, you see. Russia recently parked their aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in the environs of Tartus, Syria. Not exactly a line drawn in the sand, but with similar meaning. Mess with them, you mess with us, quietly whispers the Ursa Major. And suddenly the mediawhore demonization of Syria drops down a decibel or two. Iran plays peekaboo with the U.$. Fifth Fleet at the Straits of Hormuz stopper to the Persian Gulf bathtub. The response to date has consisted of mutterings and grumbling. So if it is all a bluff, it has been called.

So are we witnessing the high water mark for the New World Order? A bit early to tell on the political front. The weather patterns, though, seem to be telling us something. Is the cringing and groveling coming to a close? Can there be truth in many of the metaphysical and channeling assertions that as our solar system lines up with the Galactic Equator and soaring deep within the photon zone; that our very DNA is on the verge of a major uptick and that the crystalline core of our pineal glands is apt to light up at any moment as the light quotient hyperenergizes our internal receptors?

If indeed the massive infusion of light and of love activate the positive energies of those willing and able to both receive and to extend, then there is very little that the Powers of Darkness can do to maintain their status of rulership through the Seven Deadly Sins and all other agencies of weakness that flesh is heir to. It could be, indeed, that the Archons and Minions of energized negativity are discovering that their feeds are shorting out and that their hoped-for mass human sacrifice bloodbaths are not going to happen in sufficient scope to retrieve their nightmare intentions.

What if the Winter of our discontent is already something of the past and that the coming Spring is one of fulfillment and abundance for those who feel and intuit the Oneness and the wholeness of all that is? What if the most positive and beautiful and healing feeling of dreams and visions are about to unfold right across our most sentient and spiritual blue-green orb, suspended as a Jewel amidst the skies?

-stickman 21 Capricorn, 33 Anno Eros

Anonymous said...

Dream on new ager's. Dream on all who believe God will solve our problems. Dream on those who believe aliens will rescue the true believer's. the Illuminati controllers love this type of rubbish it stops people from getting up of their backsides and actually doing something about our enslavement.
You were given free will by God. He will not interfere with your choices, choose to do nothing and nothing is what you will get, Want Gods help do something about it and he will help. God helps those who help themselves.
Stop channelling it always ends up connected to the decievers I know I have many years of experience with it.
Do not wait for a hero to rescue you instead become the hero and rescue yourself.

just me, Laurel A. said...

mouser @ 6:51 am.........perfect. i have days where i whine to myself and any who are forced to hear me about how bad my life has/is/will be. truth is, its a good thing it is and has been the way it is and has been. what i have learned and experienced and observed is beyond the price of platinum, beyond the price of priceless. i would not and could not trade it without losing most of me. but it has been hell. i dont hold it against myself for feeling beaten too often, because that is part of the experience. my youngest is possibly a challenge that was gifted to me to keep me from jumping too fast before it was my time. i think so. its a fit anyway. rock bottom is a good solid place to be.

as for katz......yes, it is the end. it is a done deal and we are just watching the smokey ash fall back down to earth. we are charred remains, and still standing for a little bit longer, til we lose the shape of what we once were. keep on trucking. we have to.

Visible said...

Dream on in anonymity. Those who presume to play God will find themselves insufficient to the task. There are no new agers here.

neal said...

They sense the high ground will sink, and islands will be left, but they will be compelled to broadcast across all this land, the waters, even weakened, will do what they will do. Fire and wind will seal that deal, this should be very evident, to those who remember.

Mayans, they did not go anywhere, in a sense. When things fall, some fall, some grab onto what is real, but lose what they should not have given up, and having no time, or life, or patience, leads to machinery, and that is dangerous, and sad. You do not need to go there, maybe just trust in islands, and not make pretend ones.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, in an age of mass disinformation and blatant trollery, you are one of my most valued sources of inspiration and information. As many feel the same way as I do, we cojoin our consciousnesses into a stream of pure Will. The Universe and creation is about life and surviving. The parasites smothering the majority, ride upon a very short steep wave with a vast abysmal drop. We will all have to atone, but I'm thankful to all that's good that my conscience is relatively clear and there will be very few surprises. To those that live in denial of all that is good and right, they will have a sharp and devastating awakening. It is best if they started working on their integrity and responsiblility now, rather than 'soon' - 'Never' is not an option - it was always just going to be a matter of time.

Bless you. May your nose always be wet. :-)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

By Way of Some Kind of Explanation.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymouse at 7:03,

How do you propose that we 'rescue ourselves' from this deadly mess that we were unknowingly roped into? Any ideas? I'm listening along with everyone else reading these comments. You seem so sure of yourself and talk a good line and yet you put forth no solutions in your 'self - righteous' rant!

Once again, I ask you, how do you propose that we 'get off our asses and help ourselves' without getting ourselves slaughtered? And while we're at it, shouldn't we be helping others? Isn't this what it's really all about? Or has the whole point of these blog posts gone totally over your big fat head? Take that sorry, trolling-for-the-tribe ass of yours over to GLP where it belongs and leave us in peace!


Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Perfection, Vis! I just had to share it with the Walkupy group who are marching to Atlanta from D.C. I think they are playing an important role in the "awakening". If anyone else wants to follow along with them go to ... http://walkupy.wordpress.com/

OMG, I can't believe the wv here is "wakerst"! That's just too easy.

Lee said...

Indeed, I agree with have been reduced to Rock Bottom.

Last summer I found a green colored stone. I don't know if it's jade or colored glass, but I do know it has meaning and value to me. I keep it in my left pocket. I say a prayer and hold it while signing the cross against my heart. I pray, "I bless myself with the Rock of Ages".

Bless Les and all who hunger for the truth.

Peace unto you, All.


Anonymous said...

"....and then the punisher is coming..."

I'm not one for anthropomorphization of the Divine. But that's just me.

After wallowing in fiction of the bible for decades, I've come to understand that the inventors of this book of fables were simply constructing a wishful big-brother scenario and attempting to create a history where none existed. And so far they've succeeded.

The forces of darkness on this plane will win out. The masses will be placed under the kosher yoke. And there will be no super-hero coming to save us. We are, as the Russians, French, Germans and Palestinians were/are.....on our own. We must create our own future. We must destroy the forces of evil ourselves or be enslaved to them. Those are our 2 options. I hope for no outside intervention. History has proven that that is always the case.

Blessed are they who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed.


just me, Laurel A. said...

"shouldn't that read...
'stripped bare' ?"

heck, i dont know....i think "stripped bear" brings up some really fun images :))

Anonymous said...

I see that 6 pointed star as the ultimate symbol of confusion and sophistry. Superimpose an up arrow and a down arrow and you get 6 ways to fuck anything up, down, left and right.

After your decades of wallowing, surely you know which camp it represented in the days of Kings.

Nothing changes under the sun.

Pastor Present

just me, Laurel A. said...

water. day after day, its what i see, is water. water is what we were born in, born from, and when the water leaves the body, you know the soul is gone. makes sense i would see water over everything these days. that is the re-borning.

Illuminati Agenda said...

Very inspiring and uplifting. Love the likeness to light increasingly penetrating through the curtain wall. I do agree, It's is beginning to disintegrate and that is why we are seeing ever more desperate and absurd attempts to patch it up and turn the people away from it... not gonna happen :)



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