Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Free Expression; Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

When you enter this, “Les Visible” in Google you find my web page as the first possibility. When you click on it some strange things happen. They happen to me and they happen to other people. That is the only reason that I know something strange happens. I don’t go there usually. It’s just a page with links to what I do and I already know how to get to those places. Other people go there and then they tell me about the anti virus installer that appears. Strangely, when you just type in www.lesvisible.com everything is okay. So...

This has gone on for awhile now. I kept asking my host to fix the problem. I didn’t know what the problem was. Maybe the problem wasn’t my host because they couldn’t find anything. I’m not a geek. Picture me as a guy on his hands and knees, feeling for the wall, looking for the light switch and trying not to cause harm on my way to seeing what is going on... feeling my way.

I have a friend who is going to help me to transform my site into a small, simple, user friendly place where people can experience my words and music and maybe buy something if they want to. If they don’t want to that’s okay too because you can read and/or listen to most of my work for free anyway... at least in a lossless sense. You can even download it and take it home with you. I’m not a businessman and I don’t think I ever will be. I’m not good at it. I like to create things. I’ve got to eat too but I seem to manage that and I don’t want much; that helps.

So far my engagements with record companies and book publishers have had a bastinado experience to them; or is it a sjambok? Whatever it is it hurts and makes me feel like ‘Villiam’ Hays in Midnight Express. So I just mosey along in search of the light and somewhere to stand out of the traffic. But shit happens. Shit happens when you talk about Israel. Google gets strange about your presence. Blogger suddenly makes it impossible for you to control the appearance of your page. You don’t think I want the blog to look this way do you? This is what I got because everything else is worse.

I’m not a paranoid. Usually I think it’s my fault because I don’t understand what’s going on. Like with the record companies and book publishers, I couldn’t understand why I never got any money for my work; why there were more copies of my book for sale in used condition at various site than there were actual books sold, or so I was told. But enough about me; I expect this sort of thing happens to other people too. Is it the luck of the draw? Am I stupid? Maybe my work isn’t very good anyway and that’s how it goes. I don’t know.

Strange things happen to strange people and I’d have to agree that I’m pretty strange. Maybe the things that I see aren’t real at all.

I went to a news item about John McCain and it didn’t make sense to me. He was talking about Iran threatening Israel. I never see Iran threatening Israel. I do see Israel threatening Iran but, once again, I must be missing something. I see something about Barack Obama at the same site. He’s talking about pulling out of Iraq and I can’t understand what all those massive permanent military installations are about or why I get the feeling that there’s one body with two heads giving the illusion that something different is possible when neither side acknowledges that 9/11 was a government operation. I don’t understand why Israel, with one of the most powerful military capacities in the world, is made to look like a frightened virgin surrounded by an outlaw biker gang.

It’s even weirder when this frightened virgin is hammering a population in apartheid and doing what looks to me like really evil things and it’s perfectly okay. Every day they push the Palestinians deeper and deeper into a smaller corner. They do things that would earn universal condemnation for anyone else, yet tweedledee and tweedledum keep saying that nobody is going to hurt their pal, this frightened swooning virgin. I can’t get a handle on it.

It’s crystal clear that Israel was neck deep in 9/11 but we went to Afghanistan. It’s crystal clear that they and their agents fabricated the lies that caused the Iraq War. They’re the ones who caused this. It’s crystal clear that Israel and her agents are steaming and scheming and shouting from the rooftops that Iran needs to be taken out. There isn’t anyone else calling for this. So, how come Israel isn’t acknowledged as the real problem creating all of these problems? Does my saying something about this have anything to do with what happens on my website on Google and at Blogger? Sergy Brinn is not answering my calls. Doesn’t Google own Blogger?

We hear that the internet is about to turn into a pay per view cable station. It’s something called Internet 2.0, apparently a lot of things won’t be available anymore or much harder to find. Hmmmm.

I think that’s not going to work because we will always find a way. I’ll go right on writing my blog no matter how weird the colors get and people can still come to my website without using Google. What about Usenet? What about all of the possibilities that are there that we haven’t even thought about or that really smart people in a basement are thinking about right now?

Look people, I don’t care how much money you have. I don’t care how draconian you get. I don’t care how many guns and planes and ships and bombs you have, you don’t have enough. There is something in the human spirit which cannot be denied. Dark times come and go. The reptiles that are presently making the world look like something out of Hellraiser just don’t have the juice for the long haul.

I submit that what is happening right now is evidence to convict. Of course, the players don’t think so. They think they’re at the top of the food chain and they can do whatever they want. That’s what they think. But there is something mysterious in life that is not under their control and that seems to find its way past their battlements and sentries.

You can’t kill the dream of freedom. You can’t turn us all into Christopher Hitchens. You can’t wipe out the Palestinians. You can’t turn us all into swishing manikins in malls. You can try to brutalize our love but you can’t make love into something it is not. There’s a deep and secret power in life that is greater than you. You will never be as great and powerful as this. Your day is going to come and all your armies and police and propaganda won’t save you. Every day you act out on the world’s stage. Every day you provide the damning evidence of your vile behavior. Every day you write the script for what is to come. Every day you weave your destiny and you will arrive at the appointed place at the appointed time. None of your tears and excuses will militate against the evidence that you provide every day.

You think you’ve got the world by the balls but due to an unshakeable truth in the mix it is you who will become the victim, transformed in the wink of an eye by a power you do not comprehend. Mark my words, your days are numbered and all the shiny illusions will vanish in a moment and there you will be in the solitary wreckage of the world you made. None of us have to do anything. You will accomplish this all by yourself. Remember, it’s never too late, until it’s too late.

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Anonymous said...

For years, I've read sites that were critical of (among other things) Israel, and the servants of Israel in the US. I believe every one of them has claimed that they were hacked by pro-Israel zealots at one time or another. At first I dismissed it as paranoia, but pretty much _every_ site has had an incident of direct hack attack, denial-of-service attack, spams sent out with the site's contact info as a return address, or other ugly attempts to shut them up.

I am a tech... I didn't do the work to trace it down, but it looks like it's a DNS hack. DNS, the Domain Name Servers, are like phone books; they translate the name of the site ('www.lesvisible.com') into the number which is the actual internet 'address' ( for lesvisible.com). A DNS hack sends out the wrong address to the DNS servers, which will then return that address to everyone in the region served by the misled servers. This incorrect address can be any site in the world, and they're probably sending people to some ugly hacker site. I suspect that someone near (or in!) Google has done this. My local DNS gives the proper address for lesvisible.com.

I will contact Google myself and ask them to investigate... perhaps if enough of us do that, they might do something about it.

The DNS hack exploits just one of many wide-open holes in the security of the 'Net. The original push for Internet 2.0 was an earnest attempt to replace the infrastructure that relied on trust with something more secure. But when the Money saw it, they recognized it as an ideal opportunity to lock it down completely and remove free expression and multi-way conversations. :-(

Keep up the good work, Les Visible!
(I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of Letters - the synchronicity with changes in my own life is astounding!)

Visible said...

Thank you man. You are a prince.

notamobster said...

May those who would lock down the "internets"(this vast and wonderful "system of tubes") or disrupt the purveying of TRUTH, feel the "hundred hooks" of Dante's 'Fifth Bolgia'. The irony of the matter is that the devils with their pronged hooks were unleashed by the very 'barrators' who they will ensnare.

Anonymous said...

There is indeed a script on your page which loads a trojan. If you look at the source code you find it at the very end of the page encoded in so called escape codes. Your webmaster should be able to remove it easily. I appreciate your work very much. Thank you.

Karma Choephel

buskeron said...

I read in the bible that according to prophecy, very soon the false relligious systems will be destroyed because God put it into their hearts. Not insidiously as the social engineers are already doing, but overnight like a millstone being pitched into the sea. Then the elite businessmen, fearful of their imminent judgement will cower, looking for caves to hide in and throwing their money into the streets. This may or may not be before their NWO is officially in place, but it will come, and that thought is very warming. By the way I'm also a singer/songwriter who's been stitched-up more times than Michael Jackson's face. Check out my biography on my website www.geordiesongs.com sincerely, Ron Lambert

Anonymous said...

This explains much of the lies...


Not hocus pocus, is applied logic and not by USA...

Now, things are getting a bit more interesting! No worries Les, you are still on line...

Anonymous said...

i Ihave heard the the thought that Israel is the 51st state of the United States of America. I now agree with this thought. It also appears that Isreal is by far and away the MOST powerful state by far. What is happening to folks who call them out would not be a surprise at all. They take war and violence quite seriously. Thank the Source for the Law of Karma. Pay back is always a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Yes Les. The metaphor of light and dark keeps us going. If we go into a completely dark room and light a match we can have an impact on the dark. It is impossible to do the same with a small amount of dark in a lighted room.
The dark will be brought to light and it will be over.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's DNS attack. If it was, then typing lesvisible.com would have the same effect. If you noticed, the link Google really has is different from what it shows on the surface, it's

and that's what sends to the rogue page. Because of these codes, only Google can say how it works. I suggest everybody contacts Google about this.

Anonymous said...

You say you don't get this, and that, and you are wondering why. I will tell you why. It's because you are different. And those who read you are different, same as those who read whatreallyhappened.com. If we read comments on this site, or wrh, or leorockwell, etc., we might get an impression that there are many who share our views. No, it ain't so. We are not just minority, we are minuscule, almost don't exist at all.
I personally don't know a single person who would share 10% of my views, who even today would cast any doubt in the official version of 9/11, and who would accept 1% of the real information at your site or on wrh. Among those I talk to there are quite intelligent people, with degrees, MBA's, you name it - and still, they don't cast a shed of doubt in the official propaganda. Yesterday, I was listening to local radio station that was running a poll whether listeners are for Obama or McCain. There was not a single caller who wouldn't say that America needs to be protected from enemies, and only McCain can do it. Not one. Yes, they do believe in that, and I talk to them every day. Including my own wife.
You can't really even blame congresspeople for betrayal. Most people do want to be protected. They are afraid. Politicians are only following their wishes.

Yes, I know about the polls, and about percentages of Americans who don't believe etc., etc. I don't know. Maybe they indeed think so but are so afraid to speak up even in close circle. It does not make difference then what they think inside their heads, if all their actions and spoken words are following the official line.

notamobster said...

Nice observation 'anonymous'. You're absolutely right about the words and actions.
I think the disparity comes from the relative anonymity of a phone survey. People feel more comfortable expressing dissenting views in private (phone) or 'anonymous' settings like the internet. It's not surprising that most people are afraid to speak out.
With all of the fluoride, and vaccines, and preservatives, and medications, and chemtrails adding god-knows-what to the potion, it amazes me that mankind can even function at the most basic cognitive level. I've had a noticeable downgrade of my attention span since being injected with a plethora of vaccines in the Military. Sometimes I can't collect my thoughts long enough to put them into writing. Other times my brain fires on all 8 cylinders, and feels like it's supercharged and running on alcohol. (That's the way I used to feel all of the time.) I'm having one of those mentally discombobulated times at this very moment. I've been writing this for 10 minutes.

Visible said...

I'm not a mobster either and I am in a ketaminized state of mind where revelation follows revelation. I hope you'll pull over to the curb and let the air ring with the freedom of love and beauty and you don't even have to make a sound.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Your writing style is superb. Its insightful and your prose is enjoyable.

Content is spot on, and to be sure, you are a thorn in their sides.

I can tell you that on Italian related ethnic blogs, whenever a thread critical to Israel or Jews would arise, new interlocutors shills would surface on the site that would at first superficially defend the issue, and as THEY can't possibly defend what they do, resort to profanity to disrupt the site.

Seasoned bloggers know that the JDL regularly assigns its members to forums to defend, threaten and disrupt. They are indeed active, as I am sure they have the most diabolical internet technogology at their disposal.

And you can be sure they are close to making their grab to control the entire internet.

Cordiali saluti, Paolo

notamobster said...

vis - I can't function when my brain won't focus. It happens for a few minutes every few days. My mind has cleared from a few minutes ago and I'm now able to concentrate again. What do you think I could do that would help? If so, how would I do that? Should I just enjoy not being able to think for periods of time?

Anonymous said...

You do us a valuable service,it may not pay well,but your writing is liked.Keep up the good work! You are a little wierd though,haha

Anonymous said...

You have that right Les, “one body with two heads.” I always describe our political system like that, one party with two heads. We got proof positive last election when the Democrats took control of Congress. What has changed, not a damn thing. That anonymous poster got it right when he said only a minuscule number of people get it. I’ve only talked to three people in the last five years that share our views. Most everyone fails the “litmus test.” Try this, ask someone if they are familiar with what happened on 911. Invariably they will say yes. Then ask them how many multistory buildings crashed to the ground on that day. When they say two, no point in going any further. Or ask them what the FED is. If you get any answer at all it will be some superficial crap they read in the newspaper or heard on TV.
The founding fathers probably had “light” help when they wrote the Constitution. It is a beautiful document but has been completely subverted. Ron Paul wanted to restore this magnificent document, and everyone would be much better off if this were accomplished. With the obvious trash that we have for politicians in this country, you would think anyone who has two brain cell to rub together would support this man. No chance. The papers would have to run front page adds declaring he is the last chance for America. Then the preachers would have to crawl down the church isles screaming you must vote for this saint or face eternal damnation. No, that still might not work, he doesn’t have the charisma of Obama yo mama. After all what this country really needs in this time of trouble is a showman not a strict constitutionalist.



Anonymous said...

One has to wonder what the undue influence of AIPAC is all about. Is it all just about money and campaign contributions? Aren't most of these folks that are our "elected" rulers flush to begin with and capable of hooking up to any number of teats besides the Zionist one? What gives? Some have suggested there are lots of foolish men who wind up in compromising positions and later have the photos/videos of these indiscretions presented to them and used as a lever. That sounds quite plausible, too, I guess.

I'm wondering, aloud here now, if there might also be something more simplistic working here, too. Something that would not require a "foolish misjudgement" or "temporary lack of morals" on the part of our leadership (and they can't ALL be soulless, pandering whores, can they?). How about a good, old-fashioned (and very large) gun (or possibly many)held to our collective head?

What ever happened to this story? The article mentions it could become sticky issue, but it vanished as soon as it appeared and I never heard anyone talk about it much. If something has subsequently come to light to diffuse this, I'd like to know about it.


I never would have mentioned it or even remembered it, but I have been having a series of intensely vivid dreams (both asleep and awake) lately. I have well and truly gone off the deep end I fear, and I'm not even being glib here, but one of the "messages" I got (and I know I'm inviting ridicule here but don't really care - it is what it is)was basically that we are being held hostage under the threat of nuclear attack by a foreign nation, but the weapons are here secreted away. Just thought I'd toss that out there in case anyone might "feel" it and care to comment or reflect.

I, too, know that the outcome won't be what the bastards think it will. Why should things be any different now than they have ever been throughout our human history? What, bigger guns and more effective means of scaring and killing people will finally tip the balance over to one side forever? Natural balance will be altered somehow? Sorry, I'm not buying it. Mess with the 'net all you want, it won't matter in the end. You guys underestimate our desire for truth and overestimate your ability to keep it from revealing itself.

I hate to tell you, evil-doers(in ALL shapes and forms, wherever and whoever you are), but the Truth is bullet proof and I'm not afraid anymore. I get the feeling I am not alone, either. Be well, folks. Z

a GrebBear said...

Brilliant ))
Yes you are ... and weird ??
No way man !!
Brilliance is speaking the truth, the truth found from digging through the readily available fluff, and not accepting the uneasy feeling of this manufactured fear. Brilliance is sharing your wonderful insight, your creative insight, your love, your light.
Weird, is the projected feeling created by the sheepeople. Although they're powerful, their actions are drone-ish. Thankfully, buried within their comfort zone is divine spirit. An all powerful light to which all fear is soluble.
I certainly agree, a day of brilliant light will shine on the darkness plaguing our mother, this beautiful planet ... don't be afraid of the dark denouement which is now upon us.
Our time will come.
Shawn Grebliunas
; -)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the previous link was not viable it seems. Try this one if you are curious, or consider the following statement:

"One alleged radiation hot spot on Manhattan's east side has the potential for becoming a political hot spot: A strong radiation spike from the area of the Israeli Embassy. Officials would not comment on why they thought that particular area allegedly showed such a stunning peak in radiation.

The aerial survey is designed to help local officials react more quickly in the event of terrorists detonating a "dirty bomb" that releases radioactive material into the air. With the survey, police may be able to pinpoint the exact source of radiation by comparing new readings to their pre-existing "radiation map" of the area."

Link to full article:



Anonymous said...

Aloha Les! Great post, as usual. While I was reading it I kept hearing 2 separate lines from a Joe Jackson song that seemed to sum up the state of affairs of the world in its' current state. The first line that struck a chord is: "pretty girls out walking with gorillas down my street" the second is: "if my eyes don't deceive me, there's something going wrong around here". Yes, it seems that gorillas get all the pretty girls and there IS something wrong around here. The comfort is in what you have repeated time and again; the wheel never stops turning. The predators of today will be the taunted, tortured prey of tomorrow. Keep writing, my friend! Peace! Aloha!

Robert said...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
How to lie with forensics
I've posted on the many problems with the 'science' used to convict people. The process of criminal prosecution is best regarded as a form of theater used to dole out penalties on the appearance of objectivity, befuddling fact finders enough to remove reasonable doubt. Most of the 'science' is crap that wouldn't pass muster in any real field of research.

Now, a crime analyst in Arizona named Kathryn Troyer, doing searches against DNA databases, searches that researchers are usually not allowed to do (and which Troyer was eventually told not to do once officials found out how dangerous her research was!), has found that the nine-loci tests commonly used to convict people do not lead to unique identifications. You know how prosecutors are always spouting off about how there is only a one in so many billion chance that another person could have the same DNA? Bullshit. From the LA Times story:

"In the 1990s, FBI scientists estimated the rarity of each genetic marker by extrapolating from sample populations of a few hundred people from various ethnic or racial groups. The estimates for each marker are multiplied across all 13 loci to come up with a rarity estimate for the entire profile.

These estimates make assumptions about how populations mate and whether genetic markers are independent of each other. They also don't account for relatives.

Bruce Weir, a statistician at the University of Washington who has studied the issue, said these assumptions should be tested empirically in the national database system.

'Instead of saying we predict there will be a match, let's open it up and look,' Weir said.

Some experts predict that given the rapid growth of CODIS, such a search would produce one or more examples of unrelated people who are identical at all 13 loci.

Such a discovery was once unimaginable."

The FBI's research which forms the basis of all the confident proclamations of prosecutors has never actually been tested against the existing databases, and what evidence there is seems to prove that the astronomical certainty commonly used to describe DNA proof is simply untrue.

Bonus: the FBI is using every dirty trick to prevent exculpatory searches, including in one case bluffing to cut the state of Maryland off from the national CODIS database if it allowed searches in its own state databases that could be used to impugn DNA evidence! The threat was used to allow prosecutors to craft an affidavit to have the court block the search. The FBI even claimed that the search itself could corrupt the entire state database! The judge didn't buy it, the search went forward, the FBI didn't cut Maryland off, the database wasn't corrupted, and the search disclosed:

"In a database of fewer than 30,000 profiles, 32 pairs matched at nine or more loci. Three of those pairs were 'perfect' matches, identical at 13 out of 13 loci."

The FBI tried much the same trick in Illinois, where it also failed, and where the search tuned up lots of matches which were officially impossible. They should empty the jail cells of people convicted solely on the basis of DNA and fill them up with FBI officials, who have been allowed to get away with scientific obfuscation, bluffing, and outright lying, without any punishment at all.

notamobster said...

'Anonymous Z' - I haven't had much time to look at it, but the 10 minutes I spent earlier make me think - excellent post - for posting


Looks like it has a lot of good info. Gracias!

Anonymous said...

'They plan and God plans and God is the best of planners' says the Quran. Don't despair, their time will come

Anonymous said...

Just so you know Les.

Access to this webpage is restricted at this time.

The Websense category "Malicious Web Sites" is filtered.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:09, that was a great confession. I'm going to disregard you chose to stay secret because I want to ask you a question.
Do you like it this way?

The way it is, originated from a general lack of interest. The lack of interest came from being over-entertained, people are enured now. Even hot and heavy breaking news is just more entertainment, the soap opera of the monarchists, the Sopranos-like nefarious nest of evil, the lying and manipulations, the overabundance of laws which make it impossible to make it through a day without some sort of violation and so forth. Most people are very busy at something and are forced to pick up a little bit here and there, mostly on a welcome page since the 90's. But now, something very illuminating has arrived on their doorsteps called stagflation that is turning up the interest in a big way. Where it appeared we were extremely diverse in opinions and ideals, suddenly everyone formerly disinterested is taking a deeper look. That kind of deeper look is the moment of realization we all in this together and the barriers between us start to crumble. The people who felt themselves disinterested yesterday, today want to know why there are so many food recalls and why they've lost their purchasing power and why they can't afford to fill their gas tanks or heat their homes. A band aid delivered on TV from pundits isn't putting back the retirement plan, the value of the house or stocking the fridge.
The people know a lot more than they let on, but they are preoccuppied for the most part with all of the unforseen emergencies having diminishing spending power delivers.
Nobody wants to feel ignorant. Worse, they are loathe to see they've been had, but good, and when pressed, will defend their wishful thinking by making you the enemy.
Sadly, we must know entirely different kinds of people because the people I know are past trusting someone else to fix what is broken. We're getting on with sustaining our own survival through sharing needed skills and goods. It doesn't matter what someone else wants to make of it. None of us wants to pass on to our children a system that kills, divides, humiliates and ridicules people.
I say this to you in understanding of your experience and with respect, but fear of being different is a contageous dead end. Spending any more of your precious time on wondering why isn't going to help you now. It is going to be more and more important with every passing day to turn off your right wing radio, think-for-yourself and plant your own food to share with other sharing people. If people won't make the effort to contribute positively to the continuity of our world, let them go. When they have had enough, they'll come around.


Alan the Red said...

"There is something in the human spirit which cannot be denied."

Listen, you can't go nicking other peoples' lyrics, that's plagiarism, yaknow:


Your web-site is OK; somebody has messed around with Google and it looks like they have now fixed things. Hey, Google is your friend, yaknow, you could just Google on "DNS Spoofing".

Now back to the US Empire; when are you going to accept the truth?

America simply became what it hated the most; no conspiracies at all; you're just a load of empirical bastards.

Carpe said...

This has a flavour of a manhunt out in a jungle:
For lesvisible.com i got:
Alert: inappropriate domain name
You tried to connect to lesvisible.com
However, protection authenticity certificate belongs to ipower.com
(Domain Name Holding Inc.). It's possible, but less probable that someone will try to intercept information you exchange with this website.
Then it displays details of serial No of Comodo premiumSSL wildcard, SHAI and MDS. Ignorant of what these numbers may mean, but saved them just in case.

Carpe said...

This has a flavour of a manhunt out in a jungle:
For lesvisible.com i got:
Alert: inappropriate domain name
You tried to connect to lesvisible.com
However, protection authenticity certificate belongs to ipower.com
(Domain Name Holding Inc.). It's possible, but less probable that someone will try to intercept information you exchange with this website.
Then it displays details of serial No of Comodo premiumSSL wildcard, SHAI and MDS.
on a sidenote: my phone started abruptly to have additional zooming when i use it

Take care

Anonymous said...



Of coarse...was just a matter of time! I have noticed this crap "..." from every angle for a long time now.

Anonymous said...

When we don't understand the complexities of internet technology it reminds me of Aboriginals greeting care packages falling from the sky as gods. Those gods can inspire great fear from our ignorance.

Unraveling the mysteries is very expensive. Mastering the problem through financial control is even more expensive. Is the secret purpose behind hackings just another means to empty pockets? Are we supposed to just throw away (paying disposal fees)our laptops when they become uselessly full of adware, spyware and malware? Then rush out and purchase a new model? Thus contributing to the global economy all over again?

This DNS hack that anon 3:15 describes is everywhere. Considering his comment, it begins to appear that blogger and google have been hacked from outside. It appears too, that whomever we're paying a monthly fee for internet service has been DNS hacked.

Every trip online is a workaround. But then that's what civilization has become, creatively using workaround techniques to manage your day. All of life, if we allow it to be so, can become side-stepping pitfalls.

We know there is more to life. We are not here to concentrate on pitfalls and languish in busywork, are we.


kikz said...

hey z,

don't feel like the lone stranger...

i've considered 'that' scenario, fwd deployed nukes or biologicals brought in under cover of diplomatic immunity...

it would go a long way to explain'n a lot, no?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Another excellent article, Les.

Let`s all have faith in the human spirit that somewhere out there there are bright, dedicated, intelligent people that will overcome any attempt by the Zionists and their filthy agents to eliminate the internet as we know it. A few days ago I sent the link from Mike James` latest article ("German attorney general won`t prosecute for questioning holyhoax"-I`m sorry-I meant "holocaust") to a friend and what he got was some website having to do with tsunamis. So the bloodsucking rodents are up to their old tricks again. Don`t let them win.

Unless the people of America wake up and snap out their collective stupors they will one day find out that what goes around comes around and one day it really will come full circle. They are being led into the abyss and they can`t even see the rats leading the marc

Anonymous said...

May I ask WHY hack Visible Origami, the metaphysical/spiritual blog?

The address for Smoking Mirrors, the socio political blog under discussion IS smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/, the address for Visible Origami IS lesvisible.blogspot.com/


Visible said...

Yes, Nina, everything is affected.

I want to say, once again, what a wonderful group of people you are who come here. I can't effectively tell you how much I appreciate you. I tend not to get involved in the comments area much because this is your place. Anyone who wants to talk to me has the email. I figure that my comment is the post itself.

No matter what happens my friends, I am convinced that things will turn out right and I look forward to the opportunity to meet with kindred souls in real life when opportunity provides.

I don't want to stand here shuffling my feet trying to find a way to say something that I'm just not capable of saying as well as I would like. Just want you to know that your presence is a very large part of what makes this a nice place to come and I should tell you that I get a lot of emails from people who are really impressed with the caliber of the visitors. You could take it as a compliment if you like but it happens to be the truth anyway.

99 said...

I'm sure you've tried this but sometimes browser updates really mess up your life on Blogger. When stuff stops being possible on my blog suddenly, I've learned to switch browsers and that usually works. Plus, if you've been on Blogger for a long time, you might not have switched to their new kind of account and I think they're getting pissy about that. They may have just stopped supporting the particular template you use, for outmoded code, and if you switch to a new one you might get your control back.

I'm skeptical about them picking on you for your [wonderful] views because others have them and don't get treated this way...?

Visible said...

I.m on new Blogger, have been for months. This started about a month ago.

nobody said...

Apropos Nina's line, knowledge and the control of it is what sets people apart. Did you know that the derivation for 'nobility' is the same as that for 'know/knowledge'. Interesting huh? The ruling class is thus, because of its knowledge.

And we can see evidence of this everywhere - from the original priesthood who possessed the knowledge of the seasons and the equinox, to today's 'intelligence' organisations and their spectacular power.

Smart guys will always beat stupid guys regardless of how strong they are. And sure enough for those who like to rule it pays to keep the stupid, stupid.

And then there's the other thread running here. I met up with some of my relatives yesterday and my aunt said, 'We don't want to hear any of your crazy stuff today.' And that's how it works. People like being stupid. They really don't want to know.

Dodgy One said...

Here is the mad gambling cowboys wanting to roll the dice one more time all or nothing.

Makes me think of the joker that man has become -> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4563840669393845579

Jokerman dance to nighting gale tune = TV & MSM

Bird fly to the light of moon = LIES

Oh Jokerman = FKN morons

Franz said...

As one who agrees with Les most of the time let me add that this is wrong:

Lord Cerne Abbas said...
"There is something in the human spirit which cannot be denied."

...that's plagiarism, yaknow

No it's not.

First: Common phrases considered wellknown (Bartlet, etc) can be inserted w/o attribution assuming the intended audience is familiar with the source.

Second: The sentiments Les expresses here are universal & have been said so many times/ways it's nuts to think Les should keep up with whoever's phrased them nearly the same LATELY.

I had this one tossed at me lately too. In philosophical circle(jerks) it's considered declasse to site the origin of a popular/famous quip when quoting it. Stuff you're supposed to know, you know. Pretend to know if you don't or get out of the circle jerk.

Like George Bushy when he so famously proclaimed: I am the eggman you are the eggman we won't get fooled again.

Or me: When the going gets weird, the weird get going!

Visible said...

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Visible said...

Frank, thank you for that. I had no idea that that phrase was the property of some individual or group somewhere. It is a common enough phrase that anyone might say it automatically and spontaneously without any consideration that it was a patented phrase. Did the Beatles coin, "All you need is Love?" Certainly they did not.

Furthermore, I made that comment over thirty years ago in print; in poems and in other articles written at the time. I wonder what the time frame for the person it is attributed is.

I imagine it was said long before me by someone else.

Thirty years ago I used to say, "Whatever's right." on a daily basis in response to questions by people I encountered. I had not heard it anywhere before. It was just something I said. Over time I heard people saying it in the area I was in. I also traveled across the country saying it and it got repeated in those places as well. Did I coin that phrase? I doubt it.

Somethings have to be considered a part of the human vernacular. Other things are more original. The quote, "When the truth takes off her clothes the world disappears." is mine, I think, because someone might have said it somewhere before and I'm not the sort of person who needs an Oscar Wilde imprint on my bon mots. I know I have coined a lot of phrases. Here's another. "Skinny dipping in the pools of infinity and sunbathing on the rocks of time.".... I have an enormous collection of these things scattered through the archives of my writing.

I've seen things that I have said used by other people. In some cases I know it was taken from me because of it occurred in the context of association or in a time frame where the coincidental nature would have been a matter of dispute.

I've had people take entire essays of mine from here and Visible Origami and print them as their own work without attribution. I've had people pass off my song lyrics as their own. What sources us in this life knows the genealogy of our expressions. That is enough for me. Also, things I come up with aren't mine either because I get them from an interior well. The music of my being is unique, just as it is with everyone else.

We are like flutes where the holes are a particular unique distance from each other and make a distinct and particular expression. Like the quote of mine that references this, "the spirit of God sings through everyone but sometimes it carry's a tune."

Lord Cerne Abbas is a contrarian. He delights in making cynical and piercing comments. He's got a bug up his ass about religion but everyone has their right to feel as they do. Mostly he is a hit and run sort of a fellow who is looking to take the air out of people while adding it to himself and his self-given title is the more ironic for it. None of us are immune to some form of this. I often answer the phone as, "Starfleet Commander Visible" or sign my name that way... all in fun but I do it none the less.

Such a common phrase as he takes issues with could and no doubt has been said by many over the course of time. That is not a unique gathering of words. He's just trying to get a rise. It's what he does. What his motives are I couldn't guess and am not curious enough to inquire. People have all sorts of reasons for their pretensions and personal mores.

I didn't give his comment two seconds of thought. I looked at it and thought, "Uh huh..as usual." and then went on. He'd be more effective to wait until I say something like, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" or "Fourscore and seven years ago." etc.

Some kinds of nitpicking just show the protagonist to be a nit, nothing more.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami post Here

notamobster said...

visible said "that's enough for me."
I know he stole that one, I've said it myself a hundred times :)
In re: names on quotes -
I always give credit for my direct quotes (partly because I don't know any better-I thought you were supposed to), mostly because I'm forced to open books which have long since been retired to the shelf, this invariably leads to me re-reading the information, and I kinda like that. Also, because I don't want anyone thinking I'm trying to pass off someone else's genius as a product of my own feeble mind. Incidentally, that really doesn't seem like something visible would do.
I really recommend(again) reading "Cosmic Consciousness" by Richard Maurice Bucke. After I referenced it last week, I re-read it, and it truly is a wonderful book. It's quite good for anyone who may be trying to reconcile how so many religions can all claim to be right. Really works to explain visible's "one mountain, many paths" idea.

Anonymous said...

And then there's the other thread running here. I met up with some of my relatives yesterday and my aunt said, 'We don't want to hear any of your crazy stuff today.' And that's how it works. People like being stupid. They really don't want to know.

And then there's us, Nobody, who just can't seem to get enough of it.

So there. Give her some earplugs. Maybe she'd like a little black hood. :)

Anonymous said...


American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems-owned in part by the government of Israel-is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States.
Some “Samson Option” threats seem to be directed against nations which have not attacked Israel. Ariel Sharon has said: "We are much more important than (Americans) think. We can take the middle east with us whenever we go."[24] and "No longer 'Masada Option' - now 'Samson Option.’”[25] A “former Israeli govt official” with “first hand knowledge of his government’s nuclear weapons program” told Seymour Hersh: “You Americans screwed us” for not supporting Israel in its 1956 war with Egypt. “We can still remember the smell of Auschwitz and Treblinka. Next time we’ll take all of you with us.”[26]
Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’...We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."


Anonymous said...

What sources us in this life knows the genealogy of our expressions. That is enough for me. Also, things I come up with aren't mine either because I get them from an interior well. The music of my being is unique, just as it is with everyone else.

I think we should put this on a plaque Les.

Visible said...

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Visible said...

Sorry, I should have spell-checked that last entry. Then agin (sic) it's like that album Les Paul and Chet Atkins made.It could have been the other way around but let's do it this way. Les Paul said, "There were some mistakes in there." Chet said, "Leave 'em in, let them know we're human."

Bucke's book is a classic. So is The Serpent Power by Sir John Woodroffe and Arthur Avaon in a similar way because the force that manifests through the appearance is the same regardless of it having a different trapping. Like Joseph Campbell's "Man with a Thousand Faces."

It was all one when it started and it will be all one when it ends it is the in between part that we have problems with and we have problems because our priorities are wrong.

If our priorities were right we would look for the unity to begin with but that goes contrary to the idea that you should have more than the other guy or that somehow there isn't enough when there is always more than you will ever need.

Visible said...

and of course that should be Arthur Avalon.

being the point I think

and that was Amazon dot coms fault for not caring about the product and my fault for cutting and pasting when I already knew the answer.

Visible said...

By the way, they are both the same person.

I'm having some deep experiences and they seem to be running over the top of the cup.

Anonymous said...

for me it seems now the google search result is wired to a moldavian(?) host

inetnum: -
netname: STARNETMD
descr: Chisinau, Moldova
country: MD

can be by ease a strawman firm, or some poor guy's hacked server.

Anonymous said...

I just sent you an email about this lol, I should have read further. You been done Homey'd by the freaking clowns!

Hey man, you've made the Big Time! Google has been doing this for awhile to other sites as well, good sites. It's obvious they are of have become shills for the ADL. I know first hand how vicious their little and not so little attacks can be, not at all fun, take appropriate measures and watch you back. Devide and conquer psyops will undoubtedly be employed if their Google mis direction fails. Might head them off at the pass with a membership requirement for comments, as they usually have their sock puppets out in full force once the ball gets rolling. And back up, back up, back up.

To the whatreallyhappened poster who wrote, "No, it ain't so. We are not just minority, we are minuscule, almost don't exist at all."

Oh please, step away from the blue screen of death for awhile and get a breath of air in the real world.

Almost everyone I encounter knows what's going on and "we" are legion, not minuscule and are no longer a minority. Get over yourselves feeling so speacial in your little hidey hole and say hi to Trausti, who btw seems a very good guy.

Paolo is right on in his comments that "the JDL/ADL regularly assigns its members to forums to defend, threaten and disrupt. They are indeed active, as I am sure they have the most diabolical internet technogology at their disposal."

Les, I wonder if this might have been the reason Jeff Wells moved from blogger as well, to a more secure server.

As far as Google, why not invite in other search engines to spider your site and block Googles little demons. That'll show em!

Keep up the good work and hang loose. We love you!

All manner of support we be sending your way.

Robert said...


However, if the perceived objective of the attack is re-defined from its commonly suggested 'symbolic' designation as either 'a terrorist attack' or a 'new Pearl Harbor,' and one begins by looking at it as purely a crime with specific objectives(as opposed to a political action), there is a compelling logic to the pattern of destruction. The September11th attacks were meant as a cover-up for financial crimes being investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), whose offices in the Pentagon were destroyed on September 11th.1 After six years of research, this report presents corroborating evidence which supports their claims, and proposes a new rationale for the September 11thattacks. The hypothesis of this report is: the attacks of September 11th were intended to cover-up the clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities covertly created in September 1991 to fund a covert economic war against the Soviet Union, during which 'unknown' western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry, with a focus on oil and gas. The attacks of September 11th also served to derail multiple Federal investigations away from crimes associated with the 1991 covert operation. In doing so, the attacks were justified under the cardinal rule of intelligence: "protect your resources" and consistent with a modus operandi of sacrificing lives for a greater cause.



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