Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yeah, it Feels Just Like Vietnam All Over Again.

You get the feeling we’ve been here before? Oh, some of the personnel are different, but some of them are the same. Some of them are a lot more inarticulate and incompetent but that’s how far we’ve come in a few decades. One should never under estimate the impact of progress even if it’s in the wrong direction.

Yeahh..... ummm... hmmm... Smell that? Smells just like Vietnam doesn’t it? Weren’t they fighting for democracy over there too? Ostensibly I mean. What’s the word for ‘gook’? Is it ‘towel-head?’, ‘camel fucker’? How do you say, “I give you long time G.I.” in Arabic?

You see, according to The Emperor Chimp, the result of the recent election was not to pull out of Iraq, it was to find new ways to win. It begs the question of why the old ways didn’t win and brings up the ugly fact that no way won in Vietnam; except of course we didn’t stay the course.

Yes, it’s escalation time. It’s also time to “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” The three card monte boys have set up shop around the corner and it’s a new and improved game. It’s the ‘same thing only different’. You got to love it. The only difference between the movies that were and the movies that will be is that in real time Kurtz was/is in the White House. Think of the ironies if they send Martin Sheen after him now.

Come January, the trained seals will be honking and flapping their flippers, balancing colored balls on their noses and pushing their stomachs in shopping carts right into the main Wal-mart store on Capitol Hill.

Of course there won’t be any real impact until 2008 and they could get a handful of thousands over there in the short term and then the attacks would go up and nothing would change except that things would get worse. Rahm Emanuel did his best to funnel the campaign money to war supporters and he’s hoping that will help when it comes to public perceptions of how important it is that we get victory with honor out of this no win situation.

Meanwhile there’s the big time international conversion of oil money from dollars to petro-Euro and the pending housing crash as well as the indications of runaway inflation... and... what I want to know is; who does central casting have in mind to play Jimmy Carter?

Most of the American public and a much larger percentage of the rest of the world KNOW that the American neo-cons, the administration of the cigar store Indian president and assorted thugniks and sundry interests were behind 9/11, so the war isn’t about what the war is about any way. A large amount of the public the world over knows that this war and the pending Iranian assault are the result of Israel’s control of American foreign policy. Nothing is what it is presented as, the same as Vietnam.

You got to feel for the American people. They turned out to vote in such vast numbers that not even Diebold could make a difference and now they’re gripping the cell bars again with their pants around their ankles and not a tube of KY in sight. Well, they’re used to it.

Hey, anybody seen George P. Bush? He was making news for awhile and now he’s just plumb dropped out of view. You know George P. would look right smart in a helmet and fatigues and... talk about a photo-op career move. Somebody ought to get a big banner printed up and photo-shop that sucker above his head on the QE2. The banner could say “Mission Bypassed” or something... “Mission Not Attempted”? You know what to do.

Somebody ought to get some yearbook photos of all those smiling sons and daughters of American politicians and make them known for their sacrifice in this demanding hour. I realize that Israel is pretty tied up with their land-grab genocide in Gaza but they too ought to do a little more than just blackmail Congress and yoke rob the media. After all, this is their war.

Has anybody noticed how much Donald Rumsfield looks like Robert McNamara? I just thought I’d throw that in.

The never ending war for never ending reasons; you got to love it. Bodies bursting in air, the sand reeling drunk with blood; it’s a good thing it’s already laying on the ground because it could hardly get up.

Oh, there are some differences between Vietnam and Iraq. The terrain and the languages and a few other things but the blood’s still red and the pain is the same. Of course no one has figured out a way to make an omelet without breaking legs so I guess we just need to stay the course but we’re going to call it something different.

Oh the ironies, the ironies... chicken-hawks who wouldn’t fight and who profit from the deaths of those too callow to see the face of the real enemy still send others to die for their bank accounts. Wars are still manufactured for lies and swag. It’s a video game isn’t it?

Why don’t they just kill the people who start these wars? That’s the thing I don’t get. Shouldn’t there be some kind of constitutional amendment that says when a demagogue and a bunch of business interests get together that they should be put up against a wall and shot? Doesn’t that make perfect sense? I realize that the people in the wings won’t make as much from the pay per view sales but the outlay is so much less and... wait a minute... oh yeah, they make the guns and the bombs and the uniforms and the body armor and the pharmaceuticals and on and on and on. Stupid me.

That’s how it is down here. It’s about controlling the markets. Everything that follows is collateral damage and that’s easily amortized. By now that portion of us with a brain remaining know who is behind all of this. It’s uncanny isn’t it? Out of that whole Congress, where are the men and women standing up and crying, “Hold, enough!”? Where are the powerful voices of the powerful ringing out across the airwaves? You telling me all we got are the Dixie Chicks? Do you mean to tell me we have got to listen to Michael Kingsley Lite and Noam ‘wrong way’ Chomsky parse reality into bite sized canapés for our collective consumption? Where did all these watered down genuflecting piss ants come from? Where is the grass roots surge so great that it will topple this mountain of snakes into the angry sea? What’s up in condo-land? What is that horrific sense of despair that wanders like the wraith from The Frighteners along the shopping lanes of Mall-World in this festive hour?

Yeah, it’s like Vietnam but it’s not too. It’s a little worse and a little uglier because of what’s on the blueprints. You can’t see it in the framing or the concrete pour. We haven’t gotten to the fascia yet. I’m hoping Santa has a great big bag of coal for this Christmas Eve. I’m watching and I know how it ends because I’ve seen it before. It always ends the same way. The one thing you can count on is how quick the makeover happens for the ones who got away and took the plastic surgeons with them when they went.


Anonymous said...

Bang up read Visible!

Anonymous said...



Visible said...

Sorry, I don't know why your comments are not showing up. they did for a little and now they aren't. I switched to the new Blogger which was a big mistake. I had better sense than to switch to Vista; you'd think I would know better. Sooner or later they'll show up and I'll put them up, never fear.

Anonymous said...

Where is the grass roots surge so great that it will topple this mountain of snakes into the angry sea?

Waiting for enough Americans to catch up so that when the shooting starts we have a chance of restoring the US Constitution to its place as the preeminent law of the land.

Anonymous said...

Cripes, the verification letters are in a hard-to-read script.

Anyway, great stuff as usual, V. Did you or anybody else get the new Skeptic magazine? 911 is on the cover. I souldn't afford it, and I didn't have time to flip through it, buy the cover mentioned "Experts explain why the towers fell."

Anybody here got the bucks to buy it and relate?

More "The 911 'Truth' Movement: Why it's Wrong."

Anonymous said...

"No matter how strong the wind of evil may blow, the flame of truth cannot be extinguished."...His Holiness the Dali Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, the only troops who shouldn't be investigated for war crimes are the 8000+ who've stood up, and said, "Fuck you, I won't go."

I want some fucking heads to roll. I want Bush impailed on the Washington Monument.

Anonymous said...

I've never known americans are such big cowards. They have totally capitulated to the zionist mafia. At least Iraqis and Palestinians are fighting and you may even consider it that theie fight if for america too. Sure they die and so do you, but at least they die brave and with dignity. You on the other hand you just die, in you beds like fat sissies.



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