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Jacque Fresco; A True Renaissance Man.

I am not easy to impress. Amidst the wreckage of empire when few voices are heard beyond the bombastic bellowing of shills and clowns and cartoon characters; not to mention those of a much darker stripe... there have been... there are... all too few voices of true conscience. There is little passionate eloquence and even rarer... are there any whose technical vision sings like a modern day Da Vinci with a soundtrack by Mozart but... there are some few, some precious few. Buckminster Fuller would be one. Dean Kamen would be another and singing like some marvelous bird... high above the rest... with a song like that of some mythical creature out of the dreams of Lao Tzu by way of Atlantis comes Jacque Fresco.

What can I say about Jacque Fresco? My poor words can do no justice to the life of a man whose elegant vision and humble persona stand as a living embarrassment, a white hot fire of shame in evidence against the lives of the reavers and reprobates of this dishonored age. Here is a man of ninety two, whose regenerated innocence and love for humanity gives him the aspect of a man half his age; would that I, or anyone, had one small fragment of his talent and spiritual force.

Do I exaggerate? Is this just hyperbole? See the movie and you tell me. Read about his work. Study him and then look at our world. Look at what is happening to us at the hands of those who care for nothing but their own profit and importance and you tell me.

It is to weep my friends... to see what a pass we have come to. It is to weep at the callous indifference of those who have put their own citizens on the street; who allow the infrastructure to crumble, who have armed the troglodytes among us with tazers and clubs, made criminals of each of us and who manifest a terror in our minds whose source is none other than those who presume to protect us. It is to weep without comfort and to cry in a darkness that never had to be but... such are the times. The times are the times are the times.

Because I know that there is something sacred and enduring in the human spirit, I know that this veil of temporary darkness will be burned away by that indefinable impetus of freedom that dwells within our imprisoned hearts. Because I know that, for all the pain and sorrow this world provides, healing will come. It is because of this that I do not despair. It is from the evidence of the lives of men like Jacque Fresco that I know we were not meant to go down like a beast to the grave the hands of beasts.

What creatures are these, who storm the throne of dignity and love, who scatter the riches of our brilliant potential like wild apes run amuck in a paradise denied? Who are these men in suits that look to neither side as they proceed? Who and what is this generation of vipers that cannot see past appetite; who do not know the divine intention of righteous desire, who rape and pillage without conscience or consequence? I do not know these men, nor can I call them men at all.

It is a trial and a burden to live in these times. It is a horror. It is some penalty or challenge and I do not know which it is but... I do know that inspiration is not dead. I know that irrespective of all the pornographic and banal music which is the soundtrack of our times; the ill designed products, the terrible food, the endless mockery of television and radio, the whoring out of the children, the shaking and poisoned fat of neglected bodies, the imminent threat of damage and want, the ratcheting upward fear, the lies and indifference, the murders and theft and the perversion of every good thing on the altar of business... I know that all is not lost. When men like Jacque Fresco walk among us it is a sign from a better world that a better world may yet come here.

If I have any credibility with the reader I ask that you explore this man’s work. I ask that you watch him speak and take it for what it is worth for as much as your own life is worth. Jacque is not alone in his concern for everyone. Behind the crowd and outside of the reach of the Hollywood lights there are others working to the same ends. I tell you this because I know how many of you feel. I read the letters you send. I see the world in which you move. Do not despair.

It is a matter of personal sorrow to me that I am compelled to speak about the things that are the ordinary fodder of this blog. It sticks in my belly and it stifles my good spirits that I must talk about the evil at work and those who glory in its accomplishments. It is a rare thing for me to speak of the good and the possibilities of the good that lie within us... so forgive me. Please forgive me for my over-the-top testimonial to a man I have never met but whom I love as if he were my dearest friend.

It is a hard thing for me that there are so few who deserve any praise. Our leaders are liars and criminals one and all. The exceptions are so few that I can count them on the fingers of one hand. Where is there any celebrity who serves without the primary impulse to serve themselves? Where are the religious leaders who speak truth to power? Where are they? Where are they? Where is anyone in a position to speak who is not engaged in a convoluted effort of self-celebration? Why this deafening silence while the agents of your country are engaged in slaughter abroad for the profit of an elite class while the common life is trodden underfoot as if this were the London of Dickens?

Jacque Fresco is a better man than I. He knows something that I do not. He does not spend his time railing against injustice but has rather designed an entire world that is free of injustice. He does not dance with impotent words, devoid of impact. He creates. He has no time to be Don Quixote; that’s my job, I guess.

Take some time to look at this man’s work. Take some time to look deeply at just how deeply he has looked and then look into your own life and see what you have done with your time here. Take a look at the world of the newspapers and television. Take a look at the people on your streets, in the restaurants and all of the environments where we live out the moments of our lives. Ask yourself why the vision of Jacques Fresco is not the main focus of government and business. Ask yourself why Jacque Fresco and others like him are not household words. Who are our household words?

I will tell you why the vision of Jacque Fresco is not the primary industry of our time. It is because the vision of Jacque Fresco is for the benefit of everyone. It not only speaks of a world without strife and war; without want and injustice and the multitude of ills this present world endures, it also has the blueprint, the schematic... the ins and outs and the thing entire. It is detailed and precise and it works. It is a picture of everything we could be according to everything we really are. It is us in the future, if it is permissible for the future to be.

This world, as it is, is sick and ailing and it MUST fail. For all of the better motives and possibilities as yet unseen we must look to men and women like Jacque Fresco. When this world crashes, as it surely will in its present form, then, by the grace of the indefinable, I hope it is a vision like this which defines us. I have nothing left to give for this present world. Take some time to look at what this man has done and if you take away from what you see what I have taken away with me; I hope you will tell him how much you appreciate the time he took on our behalf regardless of what we may presently see.

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Anonymous said...

notamobster said...

Visible - Fresco is a genius, but as so many before him, I fear his genius won't be recognized in his time. Human nature is such that as stated by Arthur Schopenhauer:
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Unfortunately, the truth of universal humanity is a long way off. This is evident when viewed in the context of the U.S. Constitution (Bill of Rights) and it's various guarantees. Though it clearly states that all men are "endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights", the Zion loving Christians have no problem with abrogating the rights of Muslims, other brown people, or even their own citizens - should those citizens suggest that the current paradigm is a hoax(i.e., "the 9/11 truthers should be hauled off to some foreign country to be tortured and never heard from again" or Michael Reagan's recent exortation that the creator of Loose Change "should be shot, I'll even pay for the bullets").

As stated by Shakespeare in Cymbeline "Cowards father cowards, and base things sire base". So long as the mindless masses continue to sire mindless offspring, whose sole purpose for existence to consume... the Fresco's of the world will gain very little traction. Thank you though for sharing this information. Most of your die hard readers probably did their research when you mentioned him a while back.

Visible said...


I don't want you coming around any more because you just don't have any class and furthermore and get this straight. I don't work for you. You need to keep that in mind.

I'll tell you something else to keep in mind. You wouldn't come around here so much, so often unless...

You figure it out.

Franz said...


Good piece. GREAT site, and I'm about to read all about Jaques. I only know of him, but I was a Bucky Fuller freak back in the... well, a long time ago.

As far as THIS world failing, relax. It is. It's about the only thing we can take to the bank right now.

Nobody I know can precisely "walk away from the machine", Les, but lots of them are making the machine splutter and gag.

Sabotage is the weapon of the weak. They cannot walk out on their responsibilities, but they can hurt The Man the only way they have left to them: Plug up the pipes. Throw dead ashes into the crankcase.

Bit by bit people know what a lie it's come down to.

Sabotage is the weapon of the weak and there's no anger like the anger of the betrayed. The bogus elections here in the States are making it crystal clear just how betrayed they've been.

Have hope. It never happens the way we think it will. But it is happening nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

“Our leaders are liars and criminals one and all.”

Yep, that about sums it up. Not very hard to understand why we are in the mess we’re in. The day of reckoning is rapidly approaching when our whole financial house of cards comes crashing down, and takes these corrupt “liars and criminals” and the rest of us with it. Maybe we deserve it for our inattention.
Don’t be hard on yourself. You say it like it is. We need a lot more people who have it figured out. Jacque is a genius, a futurist, a philosopher of sorts, who envisions a world that can never be. As long as we have this diabolical presence that is in complete control things can only get worse. And they are damn sure getting worse. Ever talk to someone trying to sell there home? How about the tent cities springing up in LA. Bought any food lately? How about those fuel prices, 4.00+ a gallon and going to 7.00! How are people in the northeast going to heat their homes this winter with 3.75 heating oil? That is over a thousand dollars to fill your tank. As Dylan once said, “It’s a hard rain going to fall.” I can’t get my mind wrapped around that futuristic stuff, it is like science fiction. We better start dealing with the present or there won’t be any future. Look at what our big cities have turned into. Do you think we could get some of those gang bangers to fly one of Jacque’s space planes, or live in an underwater city?
I’m sorry Les, maybe I just don’t get it. This country may be only months away from total collapse. Things are much worse than they are letting on. This is an election year and the powers that be have all their fingers and toes in the dike. When it gives way it won’t be pretty. People who are starving and fighting for their life won’t be thinking about living in an underwater city.


Anonymous said...

Les, Thunder-Birds are go. This is as bad an idea if not worse than what we live in to-day. My Question is this. Where is God in this new future? Oh yes, I forgot. Fresco!
I read some of your stuff from time-to-time and I feel you are a man who is crying out for some truth and freedom in what is a very dark world.
This vision of the future by Fresco sounds so wonderful, but it sounds like we will all be automated, like little robots going from place to place and going nowhere at the same time. I think Jesus had a much better idea. LOVE. Thats what the world needs. Love of God and each other.
Any way, in order for this to work he 'Fresco' would need to build some very big prisons to put all the rich and powerful in. Do you think for one minute they would give it all up to live in this sort of future. Truth is, they would be running the show. We would be no better off, than we are now. I have to disagree with you on this one.
yours sincerely. gurnygob

Anonymous said...

We could think of our present times with regard to the end of the US and other countries as we currently know them, but we continually find the remains of other civilizations along with their knowledge, their tools and their endings based upon oppression and tyranny. Discoverers of the past find evidence of scientific knowledge, agriculture, religion and warfare.

Anonymous said...

to Frank and Salialioli


annemarie said...

Hallo Les :)

I recall you mentioning and linking to Fresco before. I took a glance at his site and went "eeks, non merci, too sterile for me".

But you brought him up again, and I thought I'd give him another look-see. First I watched all those teeny video-interview clips. Listened to him intently. I can see the attraction, his appeal, etc. etc. but there's something that doesn't quite resonate with me.

Geezeus, now who's not easy to impress! Maybe I'm being nitpicky? I dunno', I'll just write my impressions...

And it's with some hesitation that I write this, for I can appreciate Fresco's genius and more. And maybe I'm wrong, but I detect a hole or something in Fresco's vision, or in him. ?

It's that he's all about "research and development", science, in other words. There's something cold, or clinical, or sterile about that/him.

btw, that's what another poster (gurnygob) gleaned too, seemingly; if I understand his/her comment correctly.

See, where's the l-o-v-e? I don't feel it. Is it me, though? It just seems that Fresco is perhaps a little too enamoured of technology, for my tastes. And in one clip when he talks about society and politics, he says that putting moral leaders in political (power) positions would not solve our problems. ?!? Damn straight it would (or could), though Fresco might argue that it's nigh impossible to measure morals or morality, and he'd be right about that. However, I'd argue that if we had people of high moral character in positions of power/influence, then they'd naturally employ/seek the best scientists, problem-solvers, etc. to tackle societies problems head on. Too me that's just logical and obvious. Non?

Maybe Fresco's more of a pragmatist, whereas I'm more of an idealist? I dunno'. But, as far as I can see science, scientists, engineers, and "practical-minded" people have created more harm and suffering on this planet than not.

I revisited his site/s in order to have my initial impression of him changed, and to see what is so great about his work/visions, etc. And though I spent much more time there this time, I still left with an uneasy feeling.

You said, "Here is a man of ninety two, whose regenerated innocence and love for humanity gives him the aspect of a man half his age; would that I, or anyone, had one small fragment of his talent and spiritual force."

Now I'll give you this V, that he looks amazing for his age. 92! Undoubtedly he looks and sounds youthful, healthful, vivacious, and clear.
Ditto for his obvious talent and intelligence. No question about that. But spiritual force? I don't detect it. Maybe we have different definitions of spiritual force?

Oh, but his position on resource-based economies versus money-based ones, is genius in its simplicity and its naturalness too. It's also an unpopular, uncommon truth he speaks of in regards to the earth being abundantly rich enough to support all of us. He's really going against the corporate mindspeak when he talks about this. Kudos for that.

Too many liars, manipulators and garden-variety pinheads spew endlessly on about how we're overpopulated, and that the earth cannot adequately or safely sustain us; when in fact that is part/parcel of the big lie. The reality is that there's plenty for all, BUT insatiable greed and outrageous egoists have overtaken sense and basic decency, and so most of the world hungers, thirsts, and suffers due to the fucked-up (monied) systems which have been designed by, for, and about those same elitist pricks.

I'm with Fresco 100+ percent on that. Big props to him for spelling it out. And clearly that is the basis of his vision, and his work.

Isn't it odd though. I just had this thought: See, if we actually had moral leaders, politicians for example, they'd actually be seeking the counsel of, employing and promoting the work of people like Fresco; instead of what they fucking do now. Ironic isn't it.

However, as long as babylonian mofos are running things, and they have been for a long time now, even the truth is not going to get much traction.

Besides, I feel that if there's any hope/chance for the human race, it's gonna' be via Nature, not science. All the answers are already there, waiting for us to recognize them. We just have to (begin to) really love, respect, and appreciate her, and all will be resolved. I think.

Anyhow, that's my take on Fresco, his vision and ideas. Thanks for making me revisit him. It was eye-opening and interesting. Time well spent. There's definitely some good/great stuff there. And god knows we need visionaries, intelligent leaders and more to begin to turn us around. And Jacque Fresco is in an elevated class of his own. Yeah, most so-called leaders today aren't fit to shine that man's shoes.

But I'm not as impressed with him as you are Les. I know that I'm a tough audience. sigh. Anyhow, hope I didn't rain on your parade.

Thanks V. Later,

btw, cool posts from Frank and Salioli, among others. Get cracking? hahah, yes indeed.

Anonymous said...

I recently watched the documentary 'Future By Design' about Fresco and his visions for the future, and became very emotional when I realised how far away we are from even starting to consider putting any of his or similar ideas into practice.

And then I remembered that 5% of the population are psychopaths who only care about their own self-advancement to the detriment of others, and the positions of power they have stolen by fraud & deception, and I knew why we had been prevented from starting to work together as a species on such projects.

Thank you for your article drawing attention to the man's work.

Anonymous said...

All Truth belongs exclusively to GOD.

Hence, our only purpose on this Earth, is to know it (Truth) and exist...

What mankind appears to be experiencing "today", is but merely history repeating itself, with varied intensities, of-course.

Ever since the "beginning" man, for his/her own reasons, have relentlessly tried manipulating Truth. However, as history has proved, bringing upon him/herself and their fellows, grave consequences...and today's leaders are no different.

Fresco's vision, with all it's good intentions, could very well be "hi-jacked" by people such as today's which case, history will once again be repeating itself.

Thus, until we (mankind) are all capable of acknowledging (GOD's) Truth in our existence and utilising it in the manner it is gifted, then, only then, will we (mankind) achieve the kind of vision Fresco, this blogger (and I of-course), seeks...

Anonymous said...

Nice essay Les
I'm a futurist
My interests in science fiction, science, astronomy/cosmology
My work – early; developmental big ag equipment and later; computers
The way I live - minimalist (the future I feel)
But impractical things? Like sf I treat Fresco's work as fairy tale stuff
Fairytales give us inspiration and teach us

Mark said...

The line between genius and delusional appears to be a fine one indeed.

It is my opinion that line has been crossed in this case.

Visible said...

God has spoken. As often as faith is associated with naivete so is genius associated with delusion by those who don't possess it.

But it is genius that changes the world for the better, long after those who oppose it are gone.

Much has been said here that tends to denigrate the vision of a man with all the right instincts and intentions. It has ever been thus.

I must compare what he has done with the nothing I see everywhere else. I'm less concerned with whether his dream is realized than I am with the presence of the spirit which makes such dreams possible.

Anonymous said...

you himself are the confirmation of the heights of the human poetry and the depth of its sadness.You ARE The Poet and this is what keeps you so attractive, and for many of us to wait for your next post, craving for another portion of warmth, so badly needed.
You always generously give it, and - thank you for that.

Can The Poet fall in love with Jacque Fresco, the cool, impersonal, kleenex designer, a drawer of the clean, wiped- out streets-prospects WITHOUT people and the architecture WITHOUT a place for The Poetry?
I paused, feeling the contradiction between the Mr. Fresco's vision and yours.
Then I remembered the first , and the best, film of the Japanese genius Kurosava, titled as "Dodescaden".(True, this-work was made in early 60-ties of the past century and we, ourselves, at that time were still more humane).
The action is set in the Tokyo's slams, where there is a quiet young father ( the architect) paints to his 8-9 years the beautiful house , the one, he, his father, some day will build to him...The catch is this : the father is mortally sick, they sleep together on the same mattrasse, spread on the ground without floor, and their "home" is the tent, just one in the tents' city somewhere on the skirt of Tokyo... The son of the dying architect is leaving their tent only to go to the back doors of restaurants, where workers gather for him some food at the end of every day. He rushed back to feed the father and - what is the most important to him - it's to SEE THE IMAGINATIVE PICTURES of his future "house".
The illusion is gone when the father is dead...

The pain with the death of a HUMAN illusion, made Japanese film maker Kurosova into genius.
Now. What is Jacque Fresco ( of Florida!) shows to HIS son??? "The City Of The God"?
If Mr. Fresco is "A True Renaissance Man", then I advocate to stay away from this sick civilization as far as possible.

Would you consider the culture of Polynesian people ( killed, but not extinguished totally, not yet, by my "renaissance" greatness) more attractive in this case than the Mr. Fresco's perspectives?

Disagreement in this case does not diminish my interest to your writing. So, please, go on!

Freddamedgjedda said...

Hi again all free-thinkers!! I will not write how much I love this blog since I do that every time I comment, oops I did it again.
What I wanted to inform you all about is this weeks "happy story" from Norway (My motherland).
The "poor-house" in Oslo(the capital of Norway with more than 10% of the population!!) has sued the manager of The Central Bank of Norway, for irresponsability. The morgage interest has doubled in the last 4 years!!!

This is a classic David vs Goliath, we all know who won in the story...

The spokesperson for the "poor-house" certainly understand the system, he said he hoped the police would treat this as any other case!!! Implying that they won't, which is sadly the truth.. Fucking noddy-heads. Anyway some people fight back and I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a consumer i demand comfort and safety. As a human upc code i demand nothing offensive ever penetrate my warm fuzzy mickey mouse bubble. We hold these truths to be self evident: a)were number 1 even if it is made in china b)our way is the one true way c)our god has a big horsecock and all the other gods are pussies.

nobody said...

Hey Vernica,

Small point - Dodes'kaden wasn't Kurosawa's first film. He started in the late thirties. Dodes'kaden was one his later films and his first in colour. It's nice to see a Kurosawa fan out there. Have you seen Ikiru? You might like it. And now that you've mentioned Dodes'kaden, I'm itchy to see it again.

Otherwise ta for this Les. I'll offer no opinion since my knowledge is too skimpy. Yoroshiku.

Mark said...

I think I can understand the optimism shown here about the use of technology because if I am right and the technology doesn't work - and it won't - the alternative is most horrifying - The complete collapse of the existing systems of natural energy transformation through the misguided use of technology.

So far I haven't seen any technology that out-engineers the sheer efficiency of the natural systems already in existence long before we arrived.

Of course you may know better than the combined wisdom of billions of years of collective energy transformation that has already occurred here on this planet.

Visible said...


It appears to me and it will to everyone else to... that I'm not the one claiming to know everything. It appears that honor goes to you.


Take a bow.

By the way, What does this sentence mean;

"combined wisdom of billions of years of collective energy transformation"?

Is that anything like, "The collective stasis of billions of years of intelligent entropy"?

Anonymous said...

By Dialectic We Both (And All) Profit--Against "Psychopaths"
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 08)

Well, I've thought and thought for sake of DIALECTIC what to say by way of response to Les Visible's above entry regarding me--surely he doesn't really think, in all honesty, I expect/imagine he works for me, etc.

And I invoke Visible's own words and blogs to effect "psychopathic"/"Zionist" enemy (which can be characterized in other ways too, but at least such is Visible's own formulation) of humanity steadily sowing depleted uranium must be most urgently opposed in every possible manner--this is purpose I've always assumed for myself as well as Visible, basis for all/any dialectic.

Hence then I merely affirm there's TRUTH, this truth founded upon that objective, CONCRETE reality, this concrete reality providing very criterion for such aforementioned truth, thus dialectic, no less than such concrete reality is basis for truth of science, logic, etc.

Regarding "class"--that's subjective term (I'm pretty sure). And again, surely Visible agrees such "class" takes second place at best for incisiveness and forthrightness for honesty and truth--as regards, for example, aforementioned psychopathic enemy sowing depleted uranium.

CONCLUSION: So I presume herewith I've addressed Visible's entry-posting. I'd only note (again) I think and urge Les Visible should value dialectic for sake of most imperative truth regarding world psychopaths. After all, who's worse?--me or these "psychopaths"?--and could it possibly be because I'm lacking "class"? Thus I say again, by dialectic we both continue to profit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Mark said...

"...Is that anything like, "The collective stasis of billions of years of intelligent entropy"?"

No - That should read The collective homeostatic state that exists at a specific point in a cycle of energy transformation.

The transformation of matter is cyclical in nature not linear.

This is why our technological civilization will collapse - They always have and they always will.

Anonymous said...

Are you all that mind controled that you can not even see the thought process in your own comments? The fact we are all even discusing this subject proves Jacque correct. It is not only possible to live in his vision, but it is thee only way to achieve Type I civilization. The longer we debate and bicker...the longer and harder it will be. Suck up your foolish egos and wake up. Just as war is over and most just dont know it, so has this time passed, most just dont know it. It has already happened, we are just stuck at the starter line. DONT BELIEVE ME? ASK UR SHADOW SELF. ask ur heart. Time to EVOLe.

Anonymous said...

OK, Everyone,
Can you just cool it with your sarcasm? Fresco was born into a society where you had better learn not to trust anyone, and technological inventions were the latest fad, the goal was to advance civilization's progress as fast as possible. He says, the problem is not with the advanced technology, but how the power systems abused it!
So now the pendulum will balance out in order to support our living Mother Earth and all its inhabitants! Fresco wants that also! I just talked to him on my radio interview!

Our human consciousness has advanced to such a degree, that we can take a great deal from Fresco's visions and ideals and bring it into our new Age of Ethics. I agree, we still need some ETHICAL leaders,(not moral, there is a huge difference between these terms!). The post corporate, post-money, post-oppressive-powers world will only use ethical leaders, simply because non-ethical people will not be given any power to lead. We are witnessing the decay of these systems NOW.

Technological inventions, innovations, such as high-speed transportation systems (not the out-dated airlines); communication systems; robots cleaning our environment in a 'friendly' way; NO NUKES, NO Military...the list is endless... we need these amazing technologies just like many advanced galactic civilizations do out there!

We will have no choice but use a lot of Fresco's visions and resource-based economical ideas!
I am absolutely convinced, that his work - not unlike Tesla's work - will be extremely useful as soon as NOW!
The collapse of the outdated money system will liberate our Global Humanity within the next few months. We will have little precious time for bickering about the genius of Tesla, or Fresco, or Meyers, just work with what is needed from their designs and express our Gratitude for their genius!

I, for one, am ready to dance and celebrate this amazing Shift of Liberation from the 400 year long Tyranny of Powers!

H.D. Lynch and Nelson Amos Lynch said...

There is a piece of the puzzle I think everyone should see. First, we must hold on to this higher vision that is presented to us by Jacque, if collectively we feel his vision is a better world than what we have now. The foundation of this planetary monetary system is built on the backs of 6 1/2 billion human beings working together to sustain this system in its present form, with a relative few up top pulling the strings. I highly recommend watching Zeitgeist and Part Two Zeitgeist Addendum; this goes into a little detail on the monetary system and the Venus Project. There are also some great audio clips from Jacque on the Zeitgeist movement website with a free 72 page book pdf download. For those who seek, who ask, and wonder how will this new world be created, it starts with you. For an interesting read check out this website link and be sure to read all the Q and A, who does this person sound like to you. Make sure you read the whole page, especially the first answer very carefully. The whole site is also great. Here it is. Get ready for our new world.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to not see more writing about Jesus, when it comes to Jacque's vision.

(replace 'Jesus' with your personal spiritual force)

I agree that the Church is becoming irrelevant. But is it Jesus' teachings that are irrelevant, or the Christian institutions?

Jesus spoke out against institution, division, tradition, and owning possessions. As did many other spiritual leaders.

Is this not Jacque's vision of the future? Couldn't this vision be inline with God's message to us, instead of against it?

I want so badly to share the concept of a non-monetary-based society with others, but find that it is difficult to get other people hopeful about this vision of the future because all of the videos and text I can show them denounce religious thought altogether. And this immediately turns them off to the subject. (Zeitgeist, Future by Design... any others anyone can recommend?)

The day we become truly unified as a people, is the day we allow ourselves to appreciate and learn about the wisdom and infinite truth in all of the ways God has spoken to our species.

The day we replace all mundane tasks with smart technology, and free ourselves to choose our highest pursuits, is the day that learning about our God becomes more enjoyable and relevant than ever.


Anonymous said...

A more clear understanding of the whole picture comes from starting at the beginning. Zeitgeist, a documentary by Peter Joseph, outlines the farce of religion, the intricacies of 9/11, and exposes the fraudulent nature of the Federal Reserve. Zeitgeist II:Addendum further details the monetary structure, and how it is used to make and break entire nations. It segues with an introduction to Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project in a very clear manner. Lastly, Future By Design describes Jacque's ideas at length. !Free download!

John said...

Currently the venus project looks like a brilliant but sterile infrastructure for a future humanity. Humans themselves will put the human character into and over this infrastructure making a far, far better world than the one we have now.

DragonRides said...

My boyfriend and I visited Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows over the weekend (Oct 31, 09). After talking to Jacque for 6.5 hours straight, we considered ourselves one of the most privileged to be able to communicate with him in person. I don't think this ideas will be accepted easily because of the barriers called culture and environment that we are brought up with, that blind us all to see how beautiful the possibilities are. We asked him:"how can we eliminate the monetary system?" He said, "No, it won't, it will be gone when it's not relevant any more". He's opposed to the space exploration, because before we can resolve the differences between nations, before we can manage the resources on earth well, it will be a disaster if we bring a war to the space. His answers just simply make sense, it is really hard for us to tag him with his age - 93 this year - since his mind is so sharp and he's more up-to-date than we are. I have searched my purpose of life for a long time, and I think at this point (maybe it will change) although knowing the reality (that the system sucks) is grim, there's something we all can do, we are never too old to change our value system, a more sane and reasonable approach to live our lives to the fullest. You will become somewhat different after you meet Jacque and Roxanne in person, because of inspiration or education on things you will never learn elsewhere - its the power of his mind and his true devotion to humanity. Check on tour dates if you are interested, and visit him, challenge him when he's still alive.

Magdiel said...

I think what he proposes is not other thing that a modern Uthopic Comunism, no matter how he calls it, also I think that he depreciates real eforts to make a better world. He thinks that we have to wait for the tecnology to create abundant things for we to share it fairly, I thing we have not and we should not to wait untill then. He also speaks against politics, but no one can really avoid it, he is also making politics.

Unknown said...

Darlings, darlings...Jacques Fresco is amazing, beautiful man that has SOLUTIONS!
...and so are you!
Do you have any idea of the power you have? I do - it has been my ongoing life.
There are answers to the monetary "issues"
They have been found - within the law. Now is our time - let us join together as ONE. I have always thought that Humanity is like ice-cream - many flavors - there may be some you don't like (takes a deeper look) but in the end - it's all ice-cream ).
The answers are coming...humanity is "BECOMING" All that it was meant to be.
I too love this man without ever having met him. I remember as a child and being bold and questioning - my father said "Who do you think you are - Jacques Costeau...I remember answering No - Jacque Fresco - Dad asked who is that - I didn't know at the time... Now I do.

Unknown said...

Hello again,
Denial of Consent to be governed, Code 96,
Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right,
Notice of Child of God Status. (alot of good ideas - be careful though - you are a Free Will Man/Woman NOT a freeman on the land - that is a slave with priviledges.
We are FREE. These documents work - I know I have used them and will continue to use them until EVERYONE is aware of the true power they have.
Jacques Fresco has a lot of answers - as do I on the monetary issues - all we need is the courage to take it forward. Anyone interested I am willing to answer questions!
I love humanity and I will do everything within my power to assist in giving you back yours.
Love Janet

Anonymous said...

Fresco is nothing but a brilliant visionary that realizes that our current monetary system is the creator of the majority of human problems. His views of what society could be and indeed should be are a symphony of equality and peace. It is overdue that this concept of humanity be given the exposure it really needs to enlighten people to the possibilities it envokes. I live in Australia and are contemplating starting a political party that follows the tenants of Fresco. I have no delusions of any success but seek to further the discussion in the so called "corridors of power". We can change this ugly paradigm we live in but only with the support of the majority.



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