Friday, June 20, 2008

The Camptown Ladies Sing Behind the Concertina Wire.

In this world it is altogether likely that every one of us has known someone who drank too much and had a driver’s license. As we reflect on those people that we have known, it is safe to assume that all of them have encountered at least one of the following; received a D.U.I., been arrested, been fined, lost their license, been imprisoned, been in an accident, been injured, injured someone else, killed someone, been killed or after experiencing one or several of these possibilities found their way into a recovery program. Of this latter number, it’s safe to assume that some of them went on to experience more of these options before they found their way back into recovery again or were no longer in a position to.

We’ve all known people with more machismo than good sense; people that take offense far too easily or simply imagine it. We’ve all known people who are sure they can kick our ass and are not shy about letting us know this. Our experience has been that when they drink, it’s much more likely that they are going to look for a situation in which they can act out their violent tendencies.

In this life we have encountered people who believe that every man or woman, whether they are single or attached, is fair game. Lies and intimidation are standard items in the tool belt of the amoral personality.

We may not have all met but we have all heard about individuals who kill for personal gain and for whom there are no barriers of conscience when it comes to getting what they want. We’ve heard about people who do terrible things to animals, children, men and women or anything that crosses their path. We know they are among us but they don’t have purple skin, tell tale horns or distinguishing marks. They look like you and me. I once went to a Halloween party dressed the way I always do and someone asked me who I was supposed to be. I told them I was a serial killer, “We look just like everybody else.

We all know people that are screwed up in one way or another. We may even be one of those people. All of us are screwed up on some level even if we are only insecure. It’s really a matter of degree. There seems to be some acceptable parameters between which we can freak freely and then there are the points at which we cross the line. It’s a hard line to see. It’s not the same line in every place. We may know when we cross it and we may not but there is always some consequence, if it is only in our minds.

A government is only as good as the people that represent and administer it. When the majority of its agents are mindful of the law then the rule of law will generally apply. It’s an imperfect world, if only because you cannot please everyone. Balance is the key and balance is normally present when the majority is mindful of the law.

Evil and its permutations is not a new invention or perspective. Evil has been around for as long as there is a history to study. It hasn’t been the same thing over the long course of time. It changes and often doesn’t appear to be evil at all until it comes into bloom. Sometimes what is good turns out to be evil and sometimes what seems to be evil turns out to be good. It’s a hard thing to define and often harder to control because evil can afford the best lawyers. Evil very often has a whole lot of money. Money is the after shave that evil likes to put on before an evening of date rape and dismemberment.

We’ve always had evil. It’s something you manage. You manage it the way you control garden pests. You manage it like highways, with rules of behavior that become laws because most everyone agrees it is a good idea to set certain limits on speed and inaccuracy. One thing that is certain, evil should never be allowed to make the laws that govern our lives. In this case evil can be defined. In this case, evil is what happens when the laws are not a reflection of the will of the people but a reflection of special interests whose meals and means are realized out of the people.

When evil gets control of the mechanism of government then they make the laws. They hire the enforcers and the lawyers and they go on a rampage of theft and murder which does not end until they destroy themselves or are driven back into the darkness by what we will metaphorically refer to as ‘forces of light’. Evil doesn’t come to some moment of epiphany and decide to be good. Evil doesn’t push itself away from the table and say, “I’ve had enough now.” Evil is like a fire. How much wood can you throw on a fire before the fire says, “Thank you, that’s enough for now”?

When evil gets control of a government, one of the first things it does is to go after the control of information and news. Evil is most effective when it can create enemies against which it must defend itself and which legitimizes the manner in which it conducts business. Evil gets a handhold on government when the governed cease to pay attention to it. This is why a wise man once said that, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” One of the goals of evil when it takes control of government is to circumscribe your freedom into increasingly smaller circles. This is why, their in house news organs will proclaim that the enemies which they created hate your freedoms. This government takes your freedom in order to protect you.

When a people become too comfortable in the excesses of a material society they are easily distracted. Comfort is also highly addictive. People who were formerly good cease to have a problem with killing to maintain their comfort level. For a small minority it is impossible to have too much comfort and they enhance their comfort surplus by taking it from the rest of the people. There’s no limit to this. This minority has something very much like a serious alcohol problem and they also believe that they can kick your ass and take whatever you have whenever they want it; be that your women, your money or your life.

One of the things that evil is especially good at is in appearing to be reasonable. The lawyers that evil employs are all reasonable men. A short while ago, evil took control of the government of the most powerful nation on Earth. You know those maps that you sometimes see in subways and at bus stops? They say, “You are here.” That’s where you are.

Things will get worse and worse until either cataclysm or revolution occurs. The worst part of the equation is not the evil that is in control of the government. The worst part is the enablers; those who serve evil for what it brings them in power and prestige, those who serve evil out of fear, those who serve evil out of ignorance and those who serve evil so that they will not wind up like you.

Maybe some higher power will serendipitously burn away this evil from our midst and maybe we are required to act collectively and maybe then and only then will some higher power come to our aid. We all have our own idea of what lies beyond the bandwidth of the senses and what lies beyond the gates of death. Some believe in a beneficent God and some believe in nothing at all. What is certain is that no one knows the mind or the nature of whatever it is that is or is not.

Sooner or later, particular events- or the unbearable pressure of an increasing confinement and want- is going to make the people move. This can take various forms from panic to violent outrage. My suggestion is that it is time to step away from the machine. It is time to put down your tools and stop contributing to the thing that is tormenting you. A non-violent revolution is a difficult movement to stop. There will no doubt be violence but it does not have to be yours.

While there yet remains the illusion that you are free, you must join in an international strike that shuts off the flow of money and goods that serve the interests of the evil which has stolen your government and perverted your laws. A slave does not have the same options and that time will come if you continue to row, row and row down this less than merry stream.

The money changers must be driven from the temple once again. Evil must be driven from the corridors of power back into the darkness of its natural habitat. Before you can do this you must drive your complicity with evil from your own heart and cut back on senseless craving.

You have seen- and will see- nothing positive from any of your donations and efforts to support any candidate. You have seen nothing come from the outcry for an end to illegal wars. The machine rolls on. The machine will not roll on if the people will that it should stop. This very year you will have evidence enough of what must be done. Deny the beast its fodder and it will eat itself alive.

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P.S. I hope everyone who is capable will donate what green energy they can to Michael Rivero at What Really Happened; he's been one of the most powerful forces for making the truth known that we have had in this last decade. Apparently he could use a little help right now.


Visible said...

Yes, I know that the font colors are screwed up. Blogger did a maintenance last night and this was the result. I was lucky to even get this posted. I had to do work arounds. I'm sure it will get fixed at some point. At the moment I can't alter the font colors. Hey, it could be worse.

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Anonymous said...

I have this long ago friend who is an enabler of evil, actually he was once my best friend. I´ve longed to open my belief system to him and hopefully persuade him to stop "writing names on bombs" before he loads them on some F-18 Phantom. I perhaps, have nothing to fear, but his is my brother and that might cause a great deal of conflict just waiting to unfurl.So I´ll just send this article or diatribe on to him,maybe he´ll realize his evil ways and repent, but you know...I seriously doubt that´s possible, so I have to write him off as an enabler. One more thing, I must maintain my anonymity for obvious reasons Les Visible, and no I´m not a coward, just realistic because I must stay alive to undermine the beast, since I´ve made a living out of being in the stomach of the beast, just waiting to slash, slice and destroy the evil (metaphorically of course)

The undangerous one

Visible said...

I should probably point out, given what is contained in the preceding post that the only time I've made a mention of people being anonymous is when they use that condition to slander and attack.

I never take exception to people being anonymous otherwise. I'm not anonymous for whatever the reason may be. Maybe I'm a fool. I don't think it's because I'm some shiny knight all tapestried with honor and courage. That's just how it turned out.

People are welcome to be anonymous here. They're not welcome to act like jerks, sock-puppets etc or to perform as sneering disinfo agents or agents of hostile agendas which the blog was created to combat.

Sela (or whomever it's spelled)

RML said...

Viz -- you captured it. You, I am sure, are constantly bombarded with, "Yeah, easy for you to say. Yur jus preach’n to the choir ... wanking on about the dark side..."

You know, you ARE preaching to the choir ... and that's the way it should be. Many of us are of the sixties [i.e., harbingers of the "Aquarian Age", the supposed Cycle manifesting equality and brotherhood.], and we have forgotten our powers. We've been kryptonited while struggling to fit-in to this collective madness called society.

If we sojourned back to the sixties in our minds with today's reality [2008 v 1968], and we were sitting around looking up to the night sky, dreaming our dreams, what would we be saying? What would we be hoping for ourselves and our brethren? I think that we would realize -- as we did then -- that the solution is not coming from the status quo. The answers will not be presented on the nightly news. The establishment and the straights do not have the [yes, it is] courage to act. It is up to us!

Regrettably, we have no physical place deemed an acceptable vibrational place where our people reside. There's no commune or ashram large enough to house us. So, where do we go? As the Taoists and Buddhists say, there is no place to go. You/we are right where we belong. Why does electricity have to go to one room in the house to be electricity? It is, and we are, exactly who we are.

But, we have forgotten who we are... we have forgotten why we are here. It's like we are the prisoners of war in the Bridge Over The River Kwai film. We started out as prisoners, became worker bees for the enemy, then, and realized that we could do the enemy's job better than he could! And, we built this magnificent structure, that to those who have not forgotten their mission, must come and blow the damn thing up! And, we play(d) a direct hand in the killing of those who have come to save us!! Yes, as the good doctor says at the end, "This is all madness."

We are a work-in-progress, a piece of granite that must be reduced to reveal its beauty. Keep chipping away, bro. Soon, people will hear the choir, which will become a congregation, and that will be sufficient chorus for all to hear.

Visible said...


Very nicely put. Took me back a ways to the halcyon days. I never thought so much great potential would result in such a bag of steaming shit. I guess that was just the beginning and this is the ninety miles of bad highway before we crest the rise and see the city.

Lots of people by the way side and lots of people bummed out, burned out and can't find Stevie Winwood or their way home. Can't just fall into the pile and turn into bacteria. We got to keep on keeping on. Don't have a choice myself. Can't consider any other option though... I might disappear into the Himalayan foothills sooner or later; would have in any case.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you when Israel is prepared to fight Iran.

Because around me its all military areas and above me is their training rout.

In the Occupied Land of Palestine, Mig's (special kind, Green, Yellow with cool looking missiles on them) are flying below radar at low speed (Enough low to be above our Mosque in 50-100 meters!, you just look at the window its so cool!, man i wish they would let me fly them... But you know Arab...)

Anyway, choppers go back and forth all day, some are Medical sens they are not armed and have the medical icon on them, some are military but are not armed either and have the military icon on them, some are military and armed and flying low and at high speed.

At least every day you see 20 military choppers.

I don't think i should give this information, sens there is no such thing as anonymous, its all tracked.

I don't see tanks or foot soldiers, sens in my area they don't deploy training missions in this area.

Some times you hear the sound of f-16, and some sort of Phantoms? or i don't know i think they are f-22's am not sure its something new i haven't got used to it yet...

(You know the sound of f-16's, after hearing it for 24/7 all the time and seeing it when its near..)

And i can tell you, Israel is not ready to fight Iran, Sens israel already showed its military Tactics and plans... It would be strange to strike Iran in the next 1-2.5 months... Its not organized enough to fight it, but it does have the right weapons for now.

Its up for Iran to form a defensive line of ONLY anti-Aircraft weapons.

With a huge amount of Anti-Aircraft weapons Iran (persia) could withstand any attack, their allies (China) must deliver those weapons.

Am not even going to talk about Foot soldiers or tanks, sens its been proven they are worthless.

(Hamas defeated them, Hezbollah Defeated them, Islamic Jihad defeats them every single time)

My only concern is... I have no place to go nor does the 8000 people who live in my village, there is no bomb shelters, no aid, hospitals are a bit far (at least 30-40 minutes drive in fast speed and mostly the roads are jammed). There is no food aid, no food supply.

But there is a massive farming land around us, its ours of course (Israel tried to make an airport there and deport us, but they found the ground is wet and can't make an air base so they let us stay).

We have no military experince, and just about 10-20 M-16s in our village, and so do all the villages (Arabs living in occupied Palestine).

At least its not going to be Hezbollah Rockets because they killed 19 Arabs... Its going to be leaser guided Iranian rockets (and they have good information).

When the time is right (when all the parrots on tv say it on Israeli Media, when everything is sit, when choppers stop flying, f-16s stop flying for 2-3 days. It means israel Is ready. )

Good luck to you all, i don't fear death at all.

Anonymous said...

Prefer Concretes Over Indulgence In Abstraction To Isolate Truth
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 08)

The great thing about Les Visible and his blog essays is he isn't afraid to state a thesis--with which we have something to start with, pretty substantial, by which to consider and discuss.

Thus steadily we hope to ISOLATE the crucial crux essence--the real substance--a lot like Plato and Socrates way back when dialectic was first made so brilliantly fashionable.

I've always criticised Visible for his penchant to abstractness, he too much eschewing CONCRETES, for I submit we're really best served by discussing things like cold-blooded scientists--specifically, socio-biologists (see

Thus we should give-up this "evil" stuff which is really for kids. The problem is a criminal conspiracy of COUNTERFEITERS (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) at the top, supported then by poor deluded people who aren't so hip, all of these people addicted--to something, but what is it?--which then makes them victim to these foul COUNTERFEITERS.

And then remember how these things work socio-biologically--in great (and little too) CYCLES, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

So then note the problem which is really not that difficult to visualize and verify (like scientists): A PARASITE-type disease (of society) which in the cycle of things will eventually kill-off the host-victim, the parasite becoming over-populated itself. Again, it's useless to speak in terms of "evil" as it only distracts/diverts proper attn.

Thus these topmost COUNTERFEITERS control everything--until their system collapses--as in HYPER-INFLATION, which unfortunately is such an abstract.

Hence then as socio-biologists we simply want to look at what these parasitic COUNTERFEITERS feed off, and we see the victimized people let themselves be fooled by these frauds--which fashionable delusions of course, is always going to happen in our tragedy-stricken existences--but again, note it happens CYCLICALLY, and that's what we hope to try to manage, the CYCLE.

So u see, the poor people think we have to have this COUNTERFEITING--why?--because they think such counterfeiting can do, can be, can achieve "GOOD."

And so then we ISOLATE THE PROBLEM: COUNTERFEITING, and we see what it's directly and immediately built upon: precisely the same "good-evil" delusion which is also known as PELAGIAN HERESY which strikes and afflicts humanity in great waves and surges (CYCLES), much like the bubonic plagues.

And we know of at least three distinct periods of history so horribly affected by such Pelagian heresy: (a) the time of St. Augustine and the original Pelagius (late 4th, early 5th cent.s), (b) the time of St. Martin Luther (1500) who denounced the very same heresy in form of "good works" defended by Erasmus, the famous Humanist. (c) And now lately we have same (neo-) Pelagianism in rationalistic form of Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarians, rendering then the consequent political vehicle of socialism and presently attempting to conquer the world in form of United Nations (UN) World Government (see for good expo/ref. on UN).

Hence good people like Les Visible GOTTA LAY OFF THESE ABSTRACTIONS which then only CONFUSE the people--abstractions like "money changers," "bankers," etc.--problem (at the top) is simply criminals, COUNTERFEITERS, pure and simple.

Next then we need to deal with the heretics--and there are many heresies. But again, one main heresy is that strategic one regarding "good-evil."

And the pt. is these COUNTERFEITERS at the top, pure criminals, are supported and backed by the poor, deluded heretics and victims thereto, who aren't such psychopathic criminals as topmost COUNTERFEITERS, but too willingly serve and support these clever COUNTERFEIT masterminds.

And of course, it won't be easy as the problem goes quite deep (psychologically): these "good-evil" heretics believe in a perfectly "free," hence God-like, human will, u see--it gets finally to metaphysics and the objective-subjective dichotomy.

My analysis could go on for details, but I'll stop here. People can ck further Apollonian expo at under "commentary" heading.

And my pt. is not to condemn abstractions of course, the very "coin," so to speak, of our thought, but I only want to pt. out how indulgence in such abstractions can serve to cloud one's clearest vision for the pertinent CONCRETE--like the gang of gross, crass criminals, the COUNTERFEITERS at the top of things, the oligarchs running the ZOG-Mammon empire/beast and Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," steadily sowing and salting the earth w. that depleted uranium.

CONCLUSION: For remember the basic reality is always the CONCRETE; abstractions are simply contrivances by which we're constrained to function as poor, sinful humans, and we shouldn't indulge too much in these abstractions wherein we fall into the trap of HERESY and delusion which renders us victims of HUBRIS--and then criminal frauds, like these blood-thirsty COUNTERFEITERS. Thanks again to Les Visible and his courageous thesis by which we prosecute dialectically for the cause of TRUTH and justice. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Les, you know I agree with you on most all things as I do with starve the beast.
In fact I'm waiting for the next do nothing, buy nothing, not day but week to be organised.
I do think though when the govt. runs out of funds (which is now and I see big oil is headed back to Iraq) the corps will fund the wars from then on in.
We will lose our id as countries and corp v corp will ensue. Perish the thought but inevitable.
The 'movement' also needs a powerful group who is on the same wavelength as wtp to back it, quickly.
Say a mutinous armed force.
But it must be quick for soon the private forces will be more powerful than any govt. could control and beyond that point it will default to revolution of the people as the only way to proceed.
Not a pretty thought.
ps we are on the cusp of desperation already when Australia is talking to Japan re forming an Asian block like EU

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter about the fonts and colors. You could write in sand with a stick and the waves could wash it all away and we'd still get the message.
I did, anyway, earlier this morning before coming here I was already discussing morals on a forum, in terms of what has happened to us. Then I arrived over here and well, you say it so eloquently.
Participation in any form with the beast is de-moralizing ... because the beast is immoral. There is just no cooperating with an immoral entity on any level whatsoever. Knowing ourselves, recognizing our roles in the greater scheme, these things are not for sale, they have no price and so cannot be undermined. Once that is truly understood, indelibly integrated into the total person, everything else diminshes in importance.
I found the following kind of extraordinary:
The worst part is the enablers; those who serve evil for what it brings them in power and prestige, those who serve evil out of fear, those who serve evil out of ignorance and those who serve evil so that they will not wind up like you...
Because while we can't but help feel this, subliminally, too many fail to grasp your definition of exactly how we as a people are perceived which is:
We have no knowledge, no power and no prestige.
The perception of powerless, ignorant people lacking in prestige is the root of their fear.

Love, Nina

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that americans are such an immature, ignorant and irresponsible lot. You have allowed the eternal evil (those inbred reptiles who wear their little caps on their terrorist skulls)to steal your country. And like you said, Les, the evil is now writing your laws and dictating everything else to your populace. Allowing such a travesty is the surest sign of how childish and delusional americans are. Perhaps you should called yourselves "amjews" who live in "the land of international terrorism, genocide and war crimes". So much to be proud of.

Regarding the oil company criminals striking some sort of illegitimate "law" or whatever in Iraq-whoever said this would succeed? It won`t. It`s just another fantasy of the evil that has stolen your land.

Anonymous said...

The Greek Law giver, Solon, declared that in the ideal State Laws are few and simple, because they have been derived by certainties. In the corrupt State, Laws are many and confused, because they have been derived from uncertainties. These corrupt laws are like the web of a spider which catches small insects but permits the stronger creatures to break through and escape.

Where there are many laws there is much lawlessness, and men come to despise and ridicule the restraints that are imposed upon freedom of action. Corrupt Laws, resulting from efforts to ammend inadequate legislation, by further inadequate legislation, reveal a general ignorance of right or wrong. Where such ignorance exists the ideal function of democracy is impossible, and liberty degenerates into license.
MANLY P. HALL The Secret Destiny of America. P 195

To which I add in the case of the Congress's of the United States, such ignorance is planned.

Manly P Hall [now deceased] I am absolutely in awe of the writings of that man. wrote more about Freemasonry than 99% of Master Masons knew and had never stepped foot in a Masonic Lodge. Finally was made an honorary memmber shortly before he died.

A chilling and exact description of the Whitehouse and the Congress of the United States.

In Freemasonry is concealed the mystery of creation, the answer to the problem of existence, and the path the student must tread in order to join those who are really the living powers behind the thrones of modern national and international affairs.
MANLY P HALL The Lost Keys of Freemasonry P 18

And there you have the whole story.

I equate this to the evil Les has posted this week.



nobody said...

Nice point Duane,

And the 'evil Les'? Aargh! There ARE two! How do we know which is which?! Ha ha ha.

But on your point, and prompted by a discussion I've been having elsewhere comparing the Chinese response to their earthquakes and floods and the American response to Hurricane Andrew, Katrina, and the current floods in the Midwest, it's interesting that in China there are very few laws. It might just be (believe it or not!) one of the freest places I've ever been to. There is no rat's nest of laws governing what you do. If you want to put a barber's stool on the footpath, you just do it.

I've headed off-topic sure enough, but as a guy who spent years in China, it's my opinion that most everything about it on the TV is bullshit. The Chinese people are generally supportive of their government, happy in their lives, and right in expecting their government to move heaven and earth in times of emergency. Could Americans say the same?

kikz said...


if you haven't yet, you may enjoy studying pike's morals & dogma.



sorry, i don' know how to tiny url this :)


Anonymous said...

Well the Chinese People may not have the laws to restrict their movements as we do in America, but as i understand it, the same holds true for the government. The people have very little to say about the governments movements. Correct me if I'm mis-informed.


nobody said...

What, the American government is restricted by law? And the American people have a say in what their government does? Do you really think that? As I understood it, the American people were broadly against the current wars. And...?

Anonymous said...

Yours is truly a mind for all seasons Les. You eloquently state things that some have thought yet couldn't quite put into coherent form. Short of violent revolution, (which I would enjoy almost as much), I have often thought that if sufficient enough numbers of people were to simply drop out of the system, the entire thing would collapse. If enough people were to choose a certain location and say "on such and such a date, everyone who wants a 'new way' bring your belongings and meet here." And just start a new community, society, tent city, whatever, but just drop out of the 'State of Status Quo'. It would have to be a dedicated effort though, not a 'summer of love Woodstock' kind of thing. These people would have to meet for the long haul. Bringing the necessary tools to see the effort through a winter at least. After a year of successfully being out of the system, I think others would see it as viable and the ball could realistically start rolling from there. What could the government do to thousands of people who aren't playing their game anymore? Shoot them? Maybe so, but as a wise man once said, 'It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees." I'm too old, my knees aren't what they used to be. Ah well, just some thoughts that your post inspired as your articles usually do. IMO something has to be done and done quickly. The Evil is literally forging the last links of the chain and peaceful resistance will no longer be an option in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I said "we the people" have a say so in government. That has been badly eroded. I believe I was refering to the Chinese.

NO...we the people are just a heart beat away from being used to be "we the people". In order for Washington to achieve their "more perfect Union" of North America, Of the people, by the people, for the people must be officially removed from the government.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever read or seen any of the videos by Michael Tsarion?
If you Google Video him you'll find alot of very interesting stuff.
I do believe the light will win out in the end.

Anonymous said...

Fear monger for meglamaniacs or facts manifest by the suicidally possesed by insane lust for greedy piles of possessions taken from others like a demented legion of Scrooge McDuckz "Viewpoint: America's Military Machine Gearing Up for Total War Politics" ->

What a sad ending, "no options left" is that not the wish of a demented S.McDuck when the obvious option becomes "Ëat the Rich" (disposess and distribute back to We The People) fill the gulags with the slime and let them torcher each other. Reality TV then becomes live justice for the satanicaly insane mob of S.McDuckz.

So is there any doubt now that USa the beast of armagedon and Israel the anti christ are the abomination of desolation and need a one way trip down a bottomless pit to hell.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the ...beast of Armagedon and the Anti-Christ, but where oh where is the false prophet?
Rev 14 [11-17]
"And I beheld another beast comming up out of the earth, having two horns, like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon"

That false prophet

You know the one that "exerciseth all the power of the first beast and causeth them to worship the first beast" [WHOSE DEADLY WOUND WAS HEALED] and "doeth great wonders" so that he maketh fire come down from heaven.

And deceiveth the means of those miracles...and saying to them that they should make an image to the beast [WHICH HAD THE WOUND BY A SWORD, AND DID LIVE]

And had power to give life unto the image of the beast...and cause as many as would NOT worship the image of the beast should be killed.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Rev 19-[20]
And the beast was taken and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped the image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

No... the beast you refer to.. the one with the [wound by a sword, and did live] [whose deadly wound was healed] is the ROMAN EMPIRE now disguised as the VATICAN.

The great whore that sitteth upon the many waters and the beast that carrieth her. The beast having two horns and the false prophet. THE MYSTERY OF BABYLON is no longer a mystery, once you know who they are in the Whitehouse and the Congress of the United States.

The Old beast is just sitting there, quiet as a church mouse, not making a sound, allowing the great whore and the lamb like beast to do all the dirty work before the Vatican takes over.

You see the big mystery is .....the whole damned thing is Jewish you know? That includes the Whitehouse and the Congress and the Vatican and the European Union etc, etc, etc...

I don't worry about those that say they are Jews, [Jesus says they aren't] I worry about the Jews that have gone out to deceive the nations [which are in the four quarters of the earth] of "who they aren't" THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN

Anonymous said...

the false prophet?

That would be mohamad and the forces of Islam with the two horns maybe representing sunni and shia factions it would seem.

Anonymous said...

I've headed off-topic sure enough, but as a guy who spent years in China, it's my opinion that most everything about it on the TV is bullshit. The Chinese people are generally supportive of their government, happy in their lives, and right in expecting their government to move heaven and earth in times of emergency. Could Americans say the same?



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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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