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They're Killing Us Darling. They Really Are.

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We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog essay already in progress.

Some while ago I didn’t known very much. I probably know less than that now; the same way Bob Dylan was so much younger in his back pages. Still, I’ve been looking into two remarkable pieces of research entitled “The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident” and “the Brucellosis Triangle” courtesy of Don Duca. I couldn’t hope to review these books within the limited confines of the usual 1500 words but it looks like they are killing us. It really does.

We know they’re killing us in Iraq. We know that they are killing us in Palestine. We may not know that this is us but it is. We generally know that they poison the water and the air. We know what the epidemic consumption of soft drinks and fast food results in. We know some things are bad for us but we do them anyway. One argument is that you don’t get out of here alive anyway so, “eat, drink and be merry”. I don’t know how merry you can be when you consistently live wrong but that’s your call. Free choice... “Don’t tread on me.” Talk is cheap Mr. Doormat.

There is a lot of spooky conjecture going round which may not be conjecture. After all, if the people running the show have been found to be lying, merciless psychopaths then it’s not a stretch to correctly assume that there are no limits to the evil they will do. I present depleted uranium as but one well known and documented example.

As I read these books it seemed to become frighteningly clear that the large majority of most new pathogens and inexplicable disorders have been manufactured in government labs. There’s an enormous amount of material available on the subject. You might want to look into some of it once you’ve had the chance to look at Jessica Alba’s baby pictures.

If you wanted to you could find many, many similar articles to this one. I would suggest that you would find out a great deal by looking into Fort Detrick and particularly Dr. Carlton Gajdusek. Here’s a very well presented little polemic. But let’s not digress away from Dr. Gajdusek who got a Nobel Prize which is par for the course in this crazy wonderland of one pill makes you bigger and one pill makes you small and one pill makes you very sick until you’re not at all. Here's an interesting thread.

I don’t need to put any more links into this post. I only include what I do in the hope that it will spur you to look on your own. The sheer weight of the information will make you feel like you are being two-dimensionalized in a ninety ton press. No, I’m going to move right along to my usual reasoning and analyzing according to what seems more likely than anything else.

From what I have studied it is pretty clear to me that a certain group of psychopathic, nightmare entities are actively engaged in selective elimination of certain populations and the subjugation of the rest. It’s the kind of ‘clear to me’ perspective that is paralleled by the increasingly evident certainty that Tel Aviv, Washington and London carried out the 9/11 attacks; the London tube bombing and the Madrid train station; all under the watchful and protective eye of ICTS. Darn, I included another link. It’s the same kind of ‘clear to me’ perspective that tells me Gaza is being genocided for land and land alone. It’s the kind of thing that stops puzzling me when I see where Netanyahu was on 7/7 and where Olmert was on 9/11.

If this was all of it then you might rightly call coincidence but there’s so very much more that you can’t be honest or true if you come to any other conclusions. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to have to believe what I actually know. This is just where the evidence took me. When you throw in Cui Bono and follow the money it’s a fait accompli to arrive at the inescapable truth; which you arrive at no matter where you start looking as long as you keep looking.

Unless you’re still looking at Jessica Alba’s bimbo bomb (and that would be strange since I don’t think she’s sold the rights yet... but she will) then you know that on the surface it is observable and experiential fact that ‘they’ are genetically altering seeds. They are flooding the market with toxic consumables from cellphones to aspartame. They are engineering economic crises and wars for profit. We know these things. They are on the news. They are being exposed by henchmen of the perpetrators and routine science continuously finds myriad links between the products of this culture and mushrooming health concerns.

So... given the tip of the iceberg information presented in the first part of this article... what reasonable mind would come to any other conclusion than that they are killing us?

I’d be a glum kind of a guy had I not the comforting knowledge that evil always destroys itself. That’s the good news. The bad news is what happens in the process and the fact that evil reproduces just like anything else when the soil is right. For me the main sources are materialism, ignorance and unbridled appetite. I see most of the rest of what we collectively agree to be evil, or undesirable, as offspring and by products of these three.

It looks like Jeremiah Wright was ‘right’ and you can find, once again, a tremendous amount of argument in support of his statements by searching from that end just as you can find your way round to all of the same again by looking into David Rockefeller and his eugenics program. All roads lead to the same hellish illusion crystallizing into the shadow land of this dark moment in time.

Do I have a solution? I might have to think about that and wind up having to use an analogy or parable. Just as you can’t change someone’s mind who doesn’t want to change it, or warn someone who doesn’t want to be warned, your options for saving the world and winning the heart of the richest and most attractive girl or boy in the kingdom are limited. Metaphysics and the ancient science of ageless wisdom have answers for all of this but this isn’t the place for that and very few people have any curiosity for the deeper mysteries of life.

Let’s just say that you affect life the same way that a stone thrown into a quiet lake affects the entire surface of the lake. You do your best or you do your worst or you mostly battle with a personal inconsistency like the majority of us. There have been better times and there have been worse times but this is the time we are in. In this time, for some, it is also independently and simultaneously the best and the worst of times and they will change into one another as day follows night. The one solution I know of is that if enough people just refuse to work or participate in the mind games of the overlords then the machine will stop running. If enough people say, “Enough” and refuse to play the game, the game will come to a halt. Conversely, if enough people shut out the media it will die from lack of attention. Your attention feeds them. If enough people write in Ron Paul and Jessie Ventura and Cynthia McKinney for president; if enough people throw away their cellphones and shut off their TV’s, if enough people stop going to the movies and sporting events, if enough people stop in mid stride... who knows what will happen?

Anything noble or great has always begun within the visions and efforts of a small group of souls. It’s important to know what the right thing is ‘before’ you act. It’s important to know when to act and when not to act and when to act up. We’ve always had the ability to strike fear into the hearts of the monsters who feed upon us. We’ve always had the ability to drive a stake through the heart of the vampire. It is the conviction and courage that we lack. Somehow life finds a way to make us discover our sand. Sooner or later the truth becomes inescapable. They’re killing us in a thousand calculated, callous and ugly ways. It must not be all that bad because ignorance, appetite and materialism are dancing a jig in the town square and everybody is stamping their feet and clapping along.

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Anonymous said...

Hi les,

another great post, with another difficult to avoid conclusion. Like your last post, I can't work out just how the hell they're getting away with it with so, so little public opposition, or even comment. Very, very depressing. But hi-ho, on we go.

As for killing us with mobile phones, have you seen this -

Pop goes the weasel.

all the best

Anonymous said...

Blah....blah....blah..... I suppose blaming Jews is the only scapegoat you poeple only have.

When Arabs and British murdered Turks it was O.K.

When Jews were persecuted by white thugs in London during the 60's it was o.k.

When the west Sends in Arab fanatics to Afghanistan it ok.

When the west illegally occupies Jewish land Afghanistan (Afghans/Pashtuns are ancient israelites) and murders them it's ok.

Now all your wars are going pear shaped (serves you right I hope you all taste death and destruction) YOU BLAME THE JEWS LOL !

Get a life Please.

PS: I'm an Afghan Pashtun, and muslim by the way !

When Iraqis are murdered by your motely crew of thugs (NATO) it's O.k.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and undoubtedly true. The twin invariables that apply to you.

Meagan Rall

Visible said...

By god that is interesting. As soon as I started reading your post the first thing I said to myself is that that guy talks just like an Afghan Pashtun. Amazing huh?

One small point... did you read what you wrote before you submitted it? The reason I ask is that there appears to be some remarkably uninformed commentary. I know this couldn't happen on purpose. I didn't know that they did LOL in Pashtun Afghanistan; small world.

Thanks for that great link Simon!

Anonymous said...

I recall reading that WRH article a few months ago and telling a few people about it.
Why would so many people need to die.
What on earth is being hidden, or is it so they can't help reign in a virus once it is unleashed.

I read what you write Les and it is so dam good.
And yet it is a fucking shambolic time.
And all the filth has only been revealed in the past few years.
Before very very few knew what is now more widely known.
i feel completely powerless. it is like i am watching a movie, forgetting that it is not real, but at the same time unable to influence it.
At the end of the day, the only way I can remain sane is by smiling as often as possible,
breathing consciously whenever I can.
Keep my kids out of the system and finally cut the carrot of "education" away from their necks.
And light a candle every day with the most sincere wish for a swift end to this time.
I have to hand it over to something greater.......
I just don't see any other way.

Anonymous said...

This story seems crazy to me.
Starving us - from WRH
As usual your article got me thinking. Last Chinese earthquake I remembered reading/seeing -
Lights in sky - from YouTube
I know nothing about HAARP and by the responses (at the bottom of the page) no one is interested (might be a nutty site?)
A bit of common sense

Anonymous said...

“If enough people say “Enough” and refuse to play the game, the game will come to a halt.”

You have it brother. DON’T PLAY THE GAME. Do you really need that plastic Santa clause (made in China). Look around your home. How much other junk have you bought that you didn’t need or want. If you think you need those trinkets, buy them for ten cents on the dollar at flea markets or yard sales. As much as possible become self sufficient, stay out of debt. Be responsible for your own health. Don’t poison your mind watching television or reading newspapers. Materialism is the life blood of the hydra. If you want change you won’t get it from Obama yo mama. Thoughts are real things. Change will only come when you change yourself and if enough of us change we can create a different world.


Ben There said...

I agree with most of this but I really don't think Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, & Sprint have all teamed up together in a concerted effort to ruin the health of a nation. Nor do I think the government or other dark entities are working in laboratories creating chemicals to put in our food to poison us. It all comes down to profit and how cheap and addicting they can make a product, even if it means poisoning a nation. Same result but I think the motivation is just profit and not extinguishing the human race; that's just a nasty little side effect. Where our wonderful government has failed us is by allowing this to happen while knowing the consequences. That makes them complicit and it's obvious that corporate interests run the show. Most of the information that you and other readers present here is stuff that Joe Blow will never ever know about. He'll just know that he feels like shit and is broke and frustrated and can't quite seem to figure out why

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say Les. Don't discourage the Afghan Pushtuns from posting here. It is interesting to get their Kosher perspective.


Unknown said...

Les Visible will be on the What Really Happened Radio Show tomorrow at 8:00PM Central time (Thursday)

Anonymous said...


i read your blog(s) on-and-off when i remember to, but i have to say every time i am newly spun in glorious circles dancing with your prose. it's art, and it makes what you are saying that much more worth reading (as if the truth gains anything by also being beautiful).

anyway thanks for doing what you do; your blog is a gem.


ps--feel free to post this, or not.

Anonymous said...

The Agony Of Facing/Heeding Truth Of Jew-Expulsion
(Apollonian, 11 Jun 08)

Excellent essay and overview of evidence and circumstances by Les Visible--note all we have going for us humans is INDUCTIVE LOGIC and indisputable facts such as possible to be known and verified.

Les Visible thus manfully considers proper conclusion(s). Remember Life sucks (Greek Tragedy), and we're trained by conspirators to be prejudiced against the "ugly" truth.

And socio-biologic/Darwinian truth most appreciates question of Pontius Pilate fm Christian New Testament (NT) Gosp. JOHN: "what is truth"?

Thus in times of "prosperity" it's difficult to complain, as people feel too good to worry very much about anyone else. It's only when it's seriously considered disaster is occurring when people most urgently start getting together.

But now it seems conspirators might be "falling-out" against one another as with Walt-Mearsheimer working for CFR-Bilderberg conspirators (see for expo/ref.) accusing Israel ("The Israel Lobby").

And one overwhelming conclusion is apparent as central national government of USA is exposed for usurpation of powers against component parts and individuals, especially US Constitution. So people need to get more with their closest neighbors and make sure they're ARMED SUFFICIENTLY, as with ammunition, etc. and "state's rights."

And so following with INDUCTIVE EVIDENCE we the people work to remove/eliminate the least-likely suspects and focus on who is most likely--AND WE BEGIN TO DEMAND ANSWERS fm these "most likely" suspects--like Israeli MOSSAD, "neo-cons," etc.

And when we see these "most likely" suspects bristling in resentment and hostility, we then remark IT'S ONLY MORE Inductive evidence. So what if it is "anti-semitic" to suspect Jews and demand they produce answers? Is anti-antisemitism the only religion?--enough to overthrow inductive logic? See

Thus we see "neo-con" (ck for expo/ref.) suspects control things by means of huge, incredible, most massive FUNDING, this funding obtained and achieved by means of COUNTERFEIT mechanism of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

And we see at least one result/consequences of such funding in the growing HYPER-INFLATION of prices, as in oil, food, etc.

So there's the perceptibly verifiable ENGINE, the power-house, the source of energy for such large CONSPIRACY--the counterfeit funding/finance mechanism, making everything else go and work, behind and beneath Orwellian "perpetual war," as in Iraq/Afgan.

Now then, observe how George W. Bush is used as so much the DIVERSION.

But anyway, we see that COUNTERFEIT machine as basic, immediate, direct structural problem, and only next problem is how to focus even better public attention.

Most CONCRETE language then is obvious method of resort, abstractions working to divert and disperse necessary focus of broad masses and people. Additionally, patriots only need avoid any other distraction/diversion to continue focus effort.

So we observe large conspiracy, and we wonder what more we can do as citizens. Thus we observe prime dupes/suckers component to this large and heinous conspiracy, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who help Israel.

And we see then the obvious problem as true Christians should be anti-Pharisaic, hence anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13)--SO HOW DO "CHRISTIANS" ALLY WITH ISRAEL?

And the answer/solution to things conspiratorial become most clear: it's just another battle of TRUTH versus anti-antisemitic lies.

Thus we observe and conclude once again how FOOLS DIE in our Darwinian existence. For humanity in order to thrive and truly prosper must HEED TRUTH and despise lies/fraud.

And hence then again, we appreciate TWO parallel conclusive truths: (a) COUNTERFEITING is simply criminal activity which never can possibly produce good, esp. over long-run period, and (b) Jesus WAS NOT a "Jew" (Talmudist) for obvious reasons (above-noted).

Thus again, as Pontius Pilate asked, "what is truth"?

And we see truth has no meaning without OBJECTIVE reality to serve as criterion thereto--NECESSARILY. And Lies/fraud are built upon an obsessive subjectivism which refuses to yield to objectivity, thus truth.

Finally then, as we consult history, we see how the poor, dear gentile people were able to resort to one basic, simplified thing in so many instances.

And of course we acknowledge this "thing" might not always, in all ways, be too absolutely perfect, and that things political and socio-biologic still inevitably revert to Greek Tragedy in CYCLIC fashion, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

But again, it works, that "thing," and there's reason it works, and that "thing" then for desperate solution is JEW-EXPULSION, once again, for it's simplest, easiest to imagine and consider and then implement/execute for most people.

Note then it comes down to analyzing the Talmud for what it's really all about (see,, and for best Talmudic expo). And when one understands such Talmudic Ritual Murder, what Talmud is really all about, we see why Jew-expulsion is JUSTIFIED, truly the most practical thing, tried and tested fm history.

But note it isn't only and merely a matter of "anti-semitism"--it truly is something even most perfectly IDEALISTIC regarding life-giving objectivity and anti-thematic subjectivism motifs.

Regarding obsession, we observe it's typically the quality of subjectivism, it being rather ironic to seriously imagine obsession as too much quality of objectivity.

CONCLUSION: And it's all a matter of Darwin and socio-biology (see in the end: humanity is strongest and most survivable that appreciates/heeds truth. And Christian verse fm Gosp. JOHN 8:32 is demonstrated: "and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make u free." And after that triumph of truth, in this tragic existence, we'll have to get ready for the next cyclic "Decline of the West." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Ben There said...

Do a few searches on the cell phones popping popcorn thing (re: link posted by simon). It's fake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, thank you for your posts.

If folks don't believe they are killing us on purpose, then here is one small example, or very large that should be mentioned, they need to start looking into chemtrails or aerosol spraying. It is being applied all over the planet wherever there is population. look into the ingredient's of this madness being dumped on us, we are all breathing it in. Watch the skies you will see it.

If one accepts an official version or thinks it's just contrails, then one really needs to pull their head from the sand.

madderbat said...

Thank you so very much for this and all your previous posts. In this you have hit the nail firmly on the head and expressed my feelings, intuition, belief and understanding so much more clearly than I ever could.
Power to you.
Thank you so much.
I am spreading the word with more ammo now than I could before.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Our benign benevolent corporate masters are killing us?! Nooo! I wanted them to be like Mickey Mouse and keep me safe and comfortable. I lick them boots good massa' can I work overtime? What's up with everybody and their brother with cancer? Could it be the geneticallly modified crops? Ever notice how mean and uptight ppl look going about their business? Is this bitchin' utopia society thing obsolete? Ohhh and any species that lets a handful of corporations and a dozen or so families create a man made hell does not deserve to exist.

Anonymous said...

Great points throughout..

The best is OPT OUT!

Starve at ALL places this muck of commercialism driving a HUGE killing machine.

At this point 6.67 billion humans are in this planet. with the exception of 1.8 of THERE buds to continue life the remainder are to be destroyed in as fast and deadly a manner as is doable hence the need for the use of the never ending death from the exposure to lands attacked with the SERIOUS hard to detect Uranium-238 munitions and bombs.

They have a fix for exposure and they will never share it else they not have the desired human cull.

Who here thinks he is on the 'Buds' list?

Fight DU now or the mess is going to be that much worse once the shite foot chain is expected to feed the effected masses looking to make it through the FIRST WINTER.

They have a real NASTY plan an WE have to steal ALL OF IT in our own defense.

Anonymous said...

Camazotz. We're all stuck in Camazotz.
I don't mean to be anonymous- I'm bko on the web, but the last thing I need is another password. This is the third time I've stumbled onto SM, and perhaps next time I'll sign in. The sanity here is comfy and warm. Thanx.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous said...

To Ben there who doesn't believe the corporates are teaming up to ruin the health of a nation.

Well Ben there, you had better re-check your logic. Have you noticed Ben how once upon a time there was a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year".

And lately Ben it's being all combined into "Happy Hollidays" by guess whom Ben? You got it Ben, your Corporates and all of them all together, all at once without any urging from anyone or anything.

They just all together decided to make a little change in the way you think.

This may have nothing to do with ruining a nations health, but don't tell me the Corporates aren't engaged in togetherness.

Corporatism or Capitalism take your pick.

Duane M Thomas

I figure like Less...Hell if they want me they know where to find me.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I suppose Fundamentalist Christians are going to say they're persecuted too.
Evidence I've seen proves the only real persecuted Christians are the ones who don't aggressively push the KJV{the crooks' and bigots' Bible, made by Stuart King James I}, and also have an active part in peace movements, and they're in the minority, and 99% of them are LIBERALS like myself. Most of the rest of my fellow Christians either don't know, don't care, or are too scared to do anything.

I hate it when people use false persecution as a scare tactic. Look at the Holocaust for example!
Yes, 300,000 innocent Jews died {according to the Red Cross}, and that's still rather tragic, but not 6 million. The evidence simply doesn't support that claim, so far as I've observed.

nobody said...

Lately I have been marvelling at the stinkbug, which is to say those of the heteroptera family. Darwin's message wasn't that the weak fall and the strong survive. That's the perverted and dimwitted message of the Social Darwinists. Darwin himself had no opinion as to how a creature ensures survival. If the sacrifice of a handful of specimens would ensure that those remaining were left alone, that was fine with him (Darwin imagined here as a serene deity, ha ha).

Hmm... I feel a blog entry coming on. Windmills, prepare to feel my lance!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to add to this, any comment would be just commiseration. It doesn't matter what they do anymore, all of it has this dark agenda, a large part of which is generating fear and confusion, like advertisements for upcoming features, forced on theatergoers before the film you paid to watch.
Even with their obessive ancestral plans so long in the making we still want some sort of closure, confessions, farewell truths, but don't go there, the most you'd ever get would be denial, "Hey, its nothing personal."
Its not exactly a willing kool-aid party. Its phased, each phase escalating in intensity. Take the food issues for example, not content with shortages reported from faraway lands, tomatoes are suddenly absent from our responsible, ahem, retailer's shelves.
We must go out with scurvy in addition to homelessness, fear and confusion, discredited, insecure and all alone in our own minds even though we are opressively surrounded by maudlin, ignorant associates blaming themselves for being poor.

Anonymous said...

When the eternal evil, murdering, cowardly, parasiting, inbred virus terrorists of earth called jews finally get their comeuppance-and it`s coming, and sooner then later-all the puppet states and entities of that evil (america, the eu, britain and all the other terrorist states) will get the same and collapse like giant houses of cards. Amen.

And to poster #2 above (anonymous), wouldn`t your time be better spent cranking up that neverending holyhoax bs? You pathetic shills are really getting desperate, aren`t you? And what time is it in tel aviv? I`m sorry-I forgot your supposed to be a muslim pashtun or whatever residing in Afghanistan. Please excuse us stupid goyim.

Keep on fighting the good fight and more power to you, Les.

Anonymous said...

Ben There said...
"Do a few searches on the cell phones popping popcorn thing (re: link posted by simon). It's fake."

never mind doing a few searches on the net about whether it's fake or not. The stories about it being fake could be fake instead.

Get your self 8 friends, or 8 mobile phones : ( , and try it yourself.

salt or sugar?

Visible said...

Just to clear up a little confusion; Ben There is one of the good guys. He just goes the extra mile for the truth. If you type in 'popcorn cell phone hoax' you get some interesting articles. However, what I did note was that although there was a lot of theorizing on the part of the debunkers; which included Snopes- they didn't actually prove it was a fraud or explain exactly how the fraud was accomplished.

I tend to believe it is a hoax because anything that could pop corn or cook an egg would fry your brain a lot quicker than cell phones 'actually do' fry your brain.

One report I read from a specialist said that a majority of the tumors that he encountered were all located at that portion of the head/brain where cellphones were held in use. I don't doubt that long term repeated contact will cause malignant anomalies such as this. I do doubt that they will do it with the speed these demonstrations create.

On the matter of Jews I'd like to say that (as I have said many times before)- it's not a reasonable position to tar an entire people with the same brush. The example of the true Torah Jews makes this blindingly clear.

It is true that this group is over represented by number in the practice of psychopathy just as they are at high levels of government and certain other areas and that they do exert a pernicious influence in human affairs to their profit and to the expense of society. Why that is; what this Golden Calf phenomena is based on I couldn't say. My main problem with this group is the deafening silence from the Jewish people in general concerning the behavior of the psychopaths in their midst.

Ominously, one has only to look at the high ranking members of Homeland Security and the media to realize that something is amiss.

My studies into the practice of psychopathy upon the people's of the world is that the Jews are over represented in relation to their actual numbers but that the reptiles come from all colors and creeds and represent something that is not human and which has infiltrated the human schematic.

I don't like to deal in speculation. There are facts enough to show enough to have a legitimate basis to make high percentage assumptions. Saying that all of a certain people are parasites or that all of a certain people are a certain way defeats the value and integrity of science and reason and the evidence doesn't support it either.

I realize that this statement will in no way protect me from the animosity of some who are only concerned with getting their way and do not care about the truth per se or the well being of others. The tag of anti-semitic was created as a protection from the results of bad behavior and criticism of those who are engaged in the former and deserving of the latter.

One can't set out on the road to truth with the intention of speaking the truth and expect that everyone is going to wave palm fronds and sing hallelujah. Some people are interested only in their profit and your subjugation. That's it; reason doesn't attract them nor does fair play or compassion. they have no sense of fair play and possess no compassion.

There is something mysterious in life which sorts things out. I rely on that. I never want to get to the point where I am thinking, it's the Jews or it's the Chinese or what have you. Evil takes many different forms and wars against itself to give the impression that one side of the conflict may be good and the other bad when both are being operated and profited from by the same agency.

The comments of others here do not always reflect my own. At the same time I don't want to be a censor; nor do I state that I know what the truth is to begin with; out side of saying that it can be found in the practice and contemplation of universal love.

IF your comments don't appear here- and that is very rare indeed. It will be because I don't know if you said what you said to create a target for attack when you are the very force I have been discussing or if you've just gone too far adjective or invective wise. A lot of this depends on if you are a person or an anonymous or a sock puppet.

Visible said...

Ben There;

We all reason out th situation differently depending on the evidence we possess and the way we analyze it.

As far as most of what you said about the corporations one doesn't have to decide if it's on purpose or not. One has only to look at the results of what they do; the effect it has on life; your teeth, your health etc and from that one can determine a great deal. THEN... given that these people have been told for decades what they are doing to human health and given that they engage in all sorts of bogus studies to justify continuing to do what they do it then becomes reasonable to assume that they, in fact, do know what they are doing and are doing it on purpose.

"Nor do I think the government or other dark entities are working in laboratories creating chemicals to put in our food to poison us."

Well, of course the government is engaged in this. I gave many links and there are tens of thousands more by reputable scientists who have a great deal of data to prove it. By example, look at 9/11. By this time even the simplest among us can see that the government is lying. One can look at the evidence of all of the engineers and scientists from the 9/11 truth movement and see that there is more truth in their position than in the governments. Now you could say, "I just don't believe that the government would do something like that." ;attack their own country.

Bush killed over a million Iraqis and is poisoning the land and DNA of the people with depleted uranium. I submit that there is no evil of which they are not capable. Here be monsters, literally.

Look at the efforts of the tobacco companies over the years. Look at the liquor industry. Look at the things these corporations get up to and then consider. They have to be smart enough to manufacture and market what they do in a cut throat world. If they can do that and reap billions in profits I submit they know all there is to know about what they are doing and what it results in yadda yadda.

You can say that they don't really know they are doing evil things. That's not a defense in court or cosmically. You can say, "Ah, it's not so bad. It's just hamburgers and soft drinks." However, they don't have to load up the burgers with a tremendous amount of salt and fats (which they were caught doing). They don't have to use certain artificial sweeteners that result in tremendous weight gain and terrible health problems; but they do. They do.

I could give you a huge amount of hard data on things they do that they know they are doing. You could say, "Hey, they're just trying to make money. They're not actually trying to destroy their clientèle."
Let me put it this way... does it matter when that is the result and they know it has that effect and they keep doing it and looking for new ways to screw up human life even more than they already do?

I realize intention and awareness have real and esoteric applications in terms of culpability; the degree of culpability and karmically as well.... but it goes back to the talks like a duck walks like a duck analogy. By their works ye shall know them.

In conclusion; read the links and look into Fort Detrick as well as the anthrax letters and the deaths of the microbiologists and follow the tracks and you will find dozens, hundreds, thousands of incidents of the government doing evil shit and testing it on their own citizens. This has long been proven beyond any possibility of doubt. The only thing not proven is in specific instances at certain times but it's not a reach to presume these possibilities too given the track record. AND... their own people have admitted these things over and over and over. It's not a maybe yes maybe no thing. It's quite real.

Ben There said...

Les -

You are absolutely correct that it's the result and not the intent that ultimately matters and most of these people can't claim ignorance when it comes to the havoc they are wreaking on the human race. Ignorance is no defense in any case. But at the same time it makes no sense to kill off your clientele. Generally speaking I still think most of the corporate giants are in competition with one another, not collaborating to devise ways to make us all die a slow, painful death. That's really all I was trying to get at.

And I most certainly believe that a government is capable of attacking it's own people. There are well documented cases of false flag attacks and I believe and hope that it will one day be common knowledge that 9/11 was just that. For those who have taken the time to even make a half-assed effort to look into it, as you say, the evidence is there. That fact alone changes everything. It's a new paradigm for some of us and it's difficult to know how to live in such a world.

About all of the links...Anyone can write anything on the internet and in most cases there is absolutely no way to prove or disprove much of what you can find out there. I don't have the time or resources to research certain stories to the level it would take to determine the absolute accuracy of certain things. You can literally find 'evidence' to support any position that the imagination can come up with. There's also another phenomenon where once a person has their mind made up about something they begin to see evidence everywhere confirming what they already have decided is true. The cell phone link was a great example of this. I reacted to it in much the same way I'm sure everyone else did. I'm already highly paranoid and concerned about cell phone dangers, which makes life interesting for me considering I am stuck having to use one some of the time. I saw that link and it immediately confirmed my fears and my knee jerk reaction was to assume it was authentic without question. For whatever reason (wishful thinking maybe?) I decided to check it out and it took less than five minutes to see that it was just fake. Best thing about that one is that it's easy to determine the accuracy of the information. It's an easy one to try at home.

I have read some of the links and will certainly read the others. I always do (eventually). But I also have an annoying habit of questioning and playing devils advocate and trying not to get caught up in the momentum of the crowd (even this crowd). I sincerely hope that you and anyone else here knows that I mean no disrespect by it. In my opinion, our search for truth calls for even questioning ourselves from time to time.

Duane -

"Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas"...Certainly has no chance of changing the way I think. All that issue did is give the evangelicals more evidence that they are being persecuted by the godless liberals. The whole thing is really a joke. Yes...corporations having one thing in common...they all want to part you from your hard earned money and not offend you while doing it.

Anonymous said...

"On the matter of Jews I'd like to say that (as I have said many times before)- it's not a reasonable position to tar an entire people with the same brush. The example of the true Torah Jews makes this blindingly clear." -Visible

* * * * *

Honesty: Necessary Pre-Condition For Grasping Truth--The "Samson Option"
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 08)

As one of the world's leading blog-meisters, I can say Les Visible well demonstrates great excellence of blog-art, both for his art and science--because I assure u, that's what blogging is, both art and science--IT MAY EVEN SAVE THE WORLD, most blessed product of MIGHTY INTERNET.

Thus Les Visible gives us excellent beginning thesis for lead essay, then gives tremendous following dialectic for further substance--AND THUS WE BEGIN TO START TO APPROACHING REAL TRUTH of a serious nature, indubitably.

Of course now, I ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE with Visible's above-stated/quoted (sub-) thesis, which he further argues in his entry-post, but nonetheless I appreciate Visible's integrity to state his thesis so boldly and forthrightly, willing to defend it.

Further then, note Visible gets a lot of other good blogsters, artists, and assorted scientific-types to throw in their two cents worth--like "nobody" of fame. Dear old "nobody" imagines he's "bete noire" (fearsome "black beast," literally) for example, according to his latest blog, "Selflessness," 8 Jun.

So anyway, my pt. then is Visible does the world and TRUTH itself greatest service by means of his outstanding DIALECTIC, and I'm going to take him to task for his RELIGIOUS conviction about Jews, these Jews most carefully defined as Talmudists--there are no other Jews (according to Talmud). And note Jesus Christ himself was very specific at Gosp. MARK 7:1-13.

Some people tend to under-estimating old Christ--like "nobody."

Note then Visible mentions "reasonability," and I remind people it really is matter of socio-biology (see We really can figure out this problem of Jews--like scientists using INDUCTIVE LOGIC.

And I'm glad Visible agrees it's matter of psychopathology, and I pt. out obvious fact lead oppressors for this debt-power, who imagine they own the world, are obviously a gang of psychopaths, the most effective, sublime sort--but observe they're not too sublime, as they're most practical too.

We're literally up against a criminal conspiracy--sublime--but also fearsomely practical, and this conspiracy is also perceptible and verifiable, indubitably. For note Christian New Testament (NT) is itself very distinct CONSPIRACY THEORY, indubitably.

Observe further, I've already analyzed the issue above by means of objective-subjective dichotomy. And folks can further ck Apollonian expo at under "commentary" heading.

Finally, note I pt. out, in agreement w. Visible's admitted/stated observations fm lead blog-essay we the people need to do something TO SAVE OUR VERY LIVES--as these gross criminal psychopaths, both Jew and gentile, are steadily salting the earth w. DEPLETED URANIUM.

Thus note: JEWS ARE EFFECTING LITERAL "SAMSON OPTION" (ck Jew journalist Seymour Hersh's expo in his book by same title) at this very moment, even as we speak, by means of this grotesque depleted uranium weapon.

So I hope Les Visible can see the error of his statement about "reasonability"--it most certainly is Jews, Les, THERE AIN'T NO DOUBT about it, comrade.

For Les Visible's very lead essay for this blog is LITERALLY TRUE, and it's perceptibly verifiable--EVEN MORE SO THAN LES VISIBLE REALIZES himself, perhaps.

So how then to answer rest of Visible's argument fm his later blog-post above?

Well Les, u just need to de-program urself fm this RELIGIOUS anti-antisemitism u've let urself be immersed with. Jews are simply most organized gang of psychopaths--NOTE I DON'T SAY "EVIL"--for that's subjectivistic. Jews are literally a criminal family, quite literally, worshipping literal Talmudic ritualist murder.

And there are surely DEGREES of psychopathology among Jews, so that some (though few) even succeed in breaking free of it--but they evidently are so damaged nonetheless--as Visible himself observes, these survivors cannot say too much about it, though some actually have, as matter of fact (see, and Bro. Nathanael Kapner), but are then branded as retards.

But Jews (serious Talmudists) can be understood verifiably and socio-biologically, as DISEASE, indubitably--and that's where comrade "nobody" (see his just-above post) goes wrong. For Darwin (or his buddy, Herb Spencer) would agree the "weak will fall" to this disease of most intensified SUBJECTIVISM and hubris, the mad insistence (obsession) human will is perfectly "free."

Visible overlooks gentiles can be subjectivists--but not like Jews who positively worship it, anti-thesis to Western, Greek and gentile Christians, Jews most sublimely organized. Subjectivism just isn't as native to gentiles.

So how to conclude upon the Talmud?--it's simply most brilliant, thorough-going, war strategy, hysteria, etc., extremely successful in CYCLIC manner, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and Darwin too.

For after awhile, socio-biologically, Jews themselves become over-populated, this again in CYCLIC manner, according to Darwin, and perceptible by means of history and Oswald Spengler, etc., again.

So anyway, finally, I'll say again Les Visible can be gratified he does the world, art, and Truth itself such excellent service and homage, and all rest of us fellow scientists, citizens, blog-meisters, observers, fans, public, and humble people can be satisfied.

For indubitably, it's okay to be anti-semitic (any rational person must be), and it's PERFECTLY REASONABLE (in disagreement w. our good editor, Les Visible), but we should surely, for strictest scientific purposes, keep our eye on large philosophic dichotomy, OBJECTIVE VS. SUBJECTIVE, as that's most comprehensive and effective. Aesthetic parallel with scientific/philosophic dichotomy, again, is Christian vs. Jew, in accord w. Kierkegaard.

For there are certainly non-Jew culprits too--like "nobody" who's most disgusting subjectivist ("nihilist") himself, truth be told, though he's not too connected w. Jews, thankfully, too much an "artistic," too "independent," evidently. "Nobody" would more surely fall into category of DUPES, indubitably--like "Judeo-Christian" (JC--again, see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists.

CONCLUSION: For we can (obviously) no more be "selfless," than we can be giraffes or musk oxen, etc. (see dialectic for previous Visible blog, "Good New and Bad...," 28 May 08). Rather WE MUST BE HONEST, in order to try to grasp that essential, invaluable TRUTH, in order to achieve that precious freedom. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Howdy y'all,

The "chemtrails" alluded to by an anonymous poster above do not exist as such. They are contrails.

We have plenty of real, tangible threats to worry about without being distracted by nonsense. The very best tactic to counter the free flow of information that the internet provides is to jam it with misinformation. Thanks to the tireless efforts of shills and provocateurs, the truth gets mixed up with lies and absurdities designed to erase the credibility of the real evidence.

No one disputes the reality of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study or MK Ultra, and those were instances of very malevolent intent directed at the general public, so we know our best interests are not in their hearts. But oh no, don't look at things like that. Look instead up into the sky where the evidence is intangible but seems plausible. The message is: Spend all your energy on that stuff instead as it's no threat to the status quo.

Sir Bertrand Russell, the famous and highly influential mathematician, philosopher, and "pacifist" said a few interesting things about the problem of too many people. He was an advisor to a number of US Presidents, and this stuff is real, not out of reach way up in the sky:

"There are three ways of securing a society that shall be stable as regards population. The first is that of birth control, the second that of infanticide or really destructive wars, and third that of general misery except for a powerful minority." - pg.117


"... a scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government... unless there is a world government which secures universal birth control, there must from time to time be great wars, in which the penalty of defeat is widespread death by starvation... Unless, at some stage, one power or group of powers emerges victorious and proceeds to establish a single government of the world with a monopoly of armed forces, it is clear that the level of civilization must decline until scientific warfare becomes impossible - that is until science is extinct." -pg 117


"To deal with this problem [increasing population and decreasing food supplies] it will be necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in world population. If this is to be done otherwise than by wars, pestilence, and famines, it will demand a powerful international authority. This authority should deal out the world's food to the various nations in proportion to their population at the time of the establishment of the authority. If any nation subsequently increased its population it should not on that account receive any more food. The motive for not increasing population would therefore be very compelling. What method of preventing an increase might be preferred should be left to each state to decide." -pg. 124

"...Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so." -pg. 61

"To those accustomed to this system, the family as we know it would seem as queer as the tribal and totem organisation of Australian aborigines seems to us... The labouring class would have such long hours of work and so little to eat that their desires would hardly extend beyond sleep and food. The upper class, being deprived of the softer pleasures both by the abolition of the family and by the supreme duty of devotion to the State, would acquire the mentality of ascetics: they would care only for power, and in pursuit of it would not shrink from cruelty. By the practice of cruelty men would become hardened, so that worse and worse tortures would be required to give the spectators a thrill." -pg. 61

All quotes taken from The Impact of Science on Society, published in 1952. 1952!!

The writing has been on the wall for a long time, and is so clear it needs no further interpretation or analysis.

Peace and Happiness,
-The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

"...there is absolutely no way to prove or disprove much of what you can find out there. I don't have the time . . . . You can literally find 'evidence' to support any position that the imagination can come up with. There's also another phenomenon where once a person has their mind made up about something they begin to see evidence everywhere confirming what they already have decided is true." -"ben there," 4:20 pm

* * * * *

Objectivity Premise Essential For "Evidence," Science, And Truth
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 08)

Above description of scientific grasp, method, and philosophy by "ben there" is utterly, totally false and mis-informed. One must achieve more successful grasp for beginning metaphysics, as regarding objective-subjective dichotomy.

For "truth" then, by definition, is what the objective ("God-given," according to Christian aesthetic and terminology) reality confirms/indicates/manifests. Note then "evidence" is that part of reality, whatever "facts," which so confirm whatever proposition in question. And confirmation then, of course, is necessarily what is perceptibly verifiable, consistent w. science., Aristotle, etc.

"[B]en there" does make interesting note about "obsession," but observe objective scientist is ideally not so hysterically obsessed, like the Talmudist who BEGINS UPON PREMISE OF HYSTERIA, hence psychopathology.

For example, holohoax religion (see,, and for expo/ref.) is simply matter of foregone, pre-conceived "conclusion," part of the psychopathic premise for Jews--same as persecution complex, whence Jew insists if he doesn't lie and kill goyim first, in accord w. Talmud and God's commandment, "persecuting" goyim will kill Jew.

Poor Jews have such difficulty tearing themselves away fm psychopathic Talmud--but hey, such psychopathology and insistence/obsession for COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref.) is too lucrative for most Jews, after all. Dissident Jews who fall-away are then exterminated by leading Jew psychopaths/criminals.

CONCLUSION: And as long as there are enough dumb goyim still surviving to go along w. such COUNTERFEITING madness, Jews have too much fun in the CYCLIC stage of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Samer Dallasheh said...

الله ايخيلك يا حبيبي.

انشاء الله, في النهاية سننتصر وسننتهي من القضية للابد.

انشاء الله, انشاء الله....

ْhow the arabs say: كل هومو بيجي يومو.

Peace man, don't worry they can defeat us, never. They will have to realease the deadlest virus and even if they did we still won't die! they can try to nuke us but we still won't give up!. Palestine for ever.

Over 8 generations of hard work not just going to leave.

Bethen ELLAH!.

nobody said...

Ta VI, good stuff,

And just last week somebody bought me Russell's History of Western Philosophy.

Lately I have been wondering whether those who rule us experience joy. Do they marvel at nature? Do they laugh when a baby laughs? Do they cry when Butterfly kills herself? If they do, how do they reconcile that with the death, suffering and misery they inflict?

Perhaps the last question is one step too far and the short answer 'no' to the first question is all there is. What madman would embrace joylessness? To be such an automaton! I shake my head.

Anonymous said...

"They're Killing Us Darling. They Really Are."

There is nothing else they can do for the simple reason that what is born of greed can only produce evil results.

When profit is the motivation evil is the product, there is no escaping this fundimental truth. So the society of man based on capitalist pursuit of profit like so many demented ferengi will destroy all it touches like a plague of toxic slime.

Anonymous said...

Happy Hollidays not only offends me, it takes my money, while telling me they've heard enough of who's birthday it is.

And i'm afraid they'd use the same approach to ruining a nations health and do it with same harmonious unision as happy hollidays, not only to offend me but take my noney, and smile with "come back again" you are a valued customer, while killing me off.

Hitler was a a big, big fan of the Corporates, but you know that.

Sincerely Duane

Anonymous said...

samer dallasheh
I’m a white Aussie.
I hope you are real.
Look at what they have tried to do to the Australian aboriginal; kill them off and minimise them as a people. Of course you (as a Palestinian) will survive and flourish. If the Australian aboriginal can do it, you can.
The ptb still must keep the aboriginal in their place by pretending to 'give them everything' instead of trying to understand their need.
They will be here when we are long gone.
My take on aboriginality is: when western/modern civilisation is done with the world (when corporations can't squeeze another cent from the population it will be the demise of them) and there is only 1.8b (or whatever final arbitrary figure survives), the indigenous people of the world will clean up the world and continue on their natural journey.
I really believe they are the true human beings that are supposed to inhabit this planet. Modern societies and ‘western man’ (17%? and decreasing) are just ‘a flash in the pan’. Israel is an anomaly, a hiccup, an abnormality, (some might say an abomination) bit like a cancer, it will eventually be gone.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Visible said...

Sorry, I screwed up my comment.

Let's try again-

There's a new post here
I have been remiss at Visible Origami; spending most of that allotted time writing the Spiritual Survival book. I'm not sure about continuing that now, at least at its present location. Nevertheless here is some metaphysics for a change.

If you are of a mind you might want to catch my hour with Michael Rivero last night at the Whatreallyhappened site. I thought it went well.

Anonymous said...

Real, Pertinent Issue Is Truth Vs. Lies
(Apollonian, 13 Jun 08)

"Tony," if u're same "Tony" who's posted here and at, u're NOT "white Aussie" at all, rather a PURE JEW, aren't u?

And who's the "they" u mention who "...kill them off and minimise them as a people," referring to "Aboriginals" as "them"--but Jews and their accomplices, anti-Christ gentiles?

And what u refer to as "western/modern civilisation" is actually just the present Jew corruption of that original Greek Western, isn't it?--which corruption ("Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler) then includes a LIAR like u, pretending to being "white."

And I like how u pretend "indigenous people" are somehow more survivable than any others. U're such a joke--a perfect example of subjectivistic lying to urself.

And "Tony" imagines it's okay to disparage white folk and Christians as long as he inserts his presumptuous lie to effect he's one of them, "whites."

CONCLUSION: But the real battle is Christian Truth vs. Jew Lies, "Tony," and if "Aboriginals" are to survive, I suggest it will only be because they're on side of Christ and Truth, comrade--against Jews and liars like u. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Jews Are Talmudists, "Zionism" Less Essential
(Apollonian, 13 Jun 08)

Well, as loyal and dutiful correspondent to blog dialecticians and editors, I duly went to visit sites of "Torah true Jews," and "True Torah Jews" (they're essentially same), and I found out some things--fairly essential material, I'd say.

Note that though they pretend to being "anti-Zionist," they're actually Talmudics, and it's useful to understand Talmud is different and separate thing fm Torah, which is first five books of what we Christians call "Old Testament."

What incenses me about these "Torah True" Talmudists is they up-hold the blatant lies about the holohoax--see,, and for expo/ref.

Now observe we already know about the CFR-Bilderberg conspirators (see for expo/ref.) faction, and Walt-Mearsheimer ("The Israel Lobby"), who pretend to criticise Zionists and Israel.

But isn't it also an obvious fail-safe mechanism for Talmudics (see,, and for best Talmudic expo) to pretend there are "good Jews," while those Zionists and Israelis are the "bad Jews"?

Sorry Les Visible, good editor, but I hope u don't grudge us white gentiles FOR HAVING NO RESPECT FOR LIARS (and Talmudics) who continue to uphold same old holohoax lies.

CONCLUSION: For again Jews must be judged by what's MOST essential to Jews, the Talmud, Zionism then being mere (relative) manifestation. And thus specific question must be: how can there be "good Jew" anymore than there is "good Talmudist"? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Ben There said...

Appollonian -

Indubitably, man you are obsessed. Just remember when you go to sleep tonight that jews will undoubtedly be hiding under your bed.

nobody said...


Your best thing yet. Good onya.

Those who imagine they are masters of the world, which is to say the environment, are the subjects of a delusion. That the delusion may persist for a couple of century or so doesn't make it less so. 'Non-sustainable' is self-explanatory. It cannot go on forever. Only 'sustainable' can last in any meaningful fashion. Sooner or later the white man will have to learn this lesson.

Anonymous said...

Check Ref.s On Talmud, Indubitably
(Apollonian, 14 Jun 08)

"[B]en there," that's all u have to say? Comrade, ck my ref.s given (as on Talmud) before u make fool out of urself--or a bigger one than u already are, eh? What are u "obsessed" with?--stupidity? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...


Collecting or coming up with new words is a hobby of mine, and that one is a gem. A gem that inspired a rant, in fact. Here it is:

Part of the problem we have when it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of the issues we face (or merely discussing them) is a lack of sufficiently descriptive terms, at least in english. I guess that's because until fairly recently, a deeper understanding of things wasn't much of a priority in most of the english-speaking world. That may have been the case in the past, but now we desperately need some of that aboriginal thinking but the right words are hard to come by.

That said, we're all indigenous peoples. We're all natives of this planet, and we're going to have to start thinking in those terms and work to eliminate all these false us vs. them abstractions. There's no such thing as civilized populations and primitive populations (in my opinion). To me, there's only civilized or primitive consciousness, and all societies contain a mix of both. It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Living on the Rez doesn't make anyone noble, and being the CEO of a large corporation doesn't make anyone evil. It's the consciousness they bring with them (or develop once they get there) that matters, though I'll readily admit it's easier to remain conscious in some contexts than others.

The new Aboriginality I think we'll see is the survival of a relatively few people as the waves of chaos increase, and they will be of the same consciousness if not skin color. Color, after all, doesn't really exist; just ask a physicist or Zen master. Flexible, aboriginal minds will survive and even prosper while rigid, primitive minds will snap like power poles as our culture more and more resembles a hurricane with all it's attendant stresses on internal and external infrastructure. I saw this unfold both literally and metaphorically when Hurricane Katrina happened (what was left of the eye went right over my house, though I was far enough inland to be spared severe damage).

Consider the peoples who invented two of humanity's most elegant responses to chaos: The surfboard and the kayak, examples of aboriginality at its finest. Consider the mindset required to navigate all across Australia on foot, or the entire South Pacific in a small boat for that matter, by singing songs. Contrast that with dependence on a GPS system that's vulnerable to loss, breakage, solar flares, and running out of batteries. "Advanced technology" is an arbitrary and relative concept, and it's time to place our bets on which technologies will best serve us in the rough seas ahead.

Surf's up, dudes. I suggest y'all hang loose...

All Good Medicine,

The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

Hello VI
I'd only make one change to your very good comment and that would be in your 'To me, there's only civilized or primitive consciousness’
The change I would make would be the replacement 'modern (or current) and innocent consciousness' (to be so bold).
civilised and primitive are subjective (Aaaaaaa! Appleonions)

Anonymous said...

Also VI
Late last year I drove over 1000km inland to have a look at some dinosaur footprints left in a sandstone creek bed.
Aussie explorers ventured out that way many years ago and with that in mind I wondered ‘what the bloody hell for?’ There is literally nothing there except for a few scrappy trees. Of course we are lucky now that they did but this was/is many an indigenous persons ‘back yard’. So free. It is no wonder these people are so spiritual.
And you wrote of hard to come by words - many of our aboriginal people who live in 'the top end' have only their own language, still. To me that is great; although it makes communication with the individual difficult.
I have also been told that in most aboriginal languages no word for ownership exists. I also love and tend to embrace that concept.

nobody said...

Hey Les,

A germane thought struck me. Too late of course to be part of this discussion. So I whacked it on my blog. See if you think it's interesting. Yoroshiku.

Anonymous said...

Depleted uranium: everyone, exposed, will be dead, in ten years.

That's why the war mongers want to build permanent bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's another land grab.

I suppose to certain actors, grabbing is all? Grab whatever you can, and screw the ones you grab it from.

You want to know where this mind set begin? It begins in upper level courses, at University. It begins when economics theories are kicked around, and you start feeling like G-d. All these theories then become insider information, only for those in the know. When you play G-d, you can say that resources are better used, when the indigenous people are eliminated.

Then, you can look at demographics, and see that the lower class of useless eaters, take and don't give back. Too many of them exceed the labor needs.

Besides, they can import wage slaves for nothing, and that makes a large segment of the population obsolete.

Culture change is part of the equation. The culture today, is highly sexualized, and materialistic.

Free sex, promiscuous behavior, and easy dissolution of marriage ruins the family unit, which is the building block of society. The family is where the youth is raised. The schools have taken the youth, trained them, and conditioned them. The extended family is long gone, and now the nuclear family is a thing of the past. Even children's programming like Shrek 3 is sexualized. So,if people are busy with sex, they can spread the AIDS virus.

It's all so sick.
You are a great blogger, but I think I'm really depressed, now.

Isn't there any hope???



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