Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Nitrous Zone of the Rapture of the Deep

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Wailing in the wilderness, is it an avocation or an occupation? I think it's part of the Occupy Yourself Movement. If you can't occupy yourself, someone or something else is going to occupy you. There's no exception to this rule, ♫You gotta serve somebody♫. Why do people not get this? Don't ask me because, I don't know. When you can't occupy yourself, terrible things become commonplace. When you can't occupy yourself, frustration, rage and insanity become commonplace. How consistently do we see random outbreaks of violence, on the part of people pushed too far and the outrageous behavior of the authorities, on a day to day basis? Meanwhile, corporate madness is so out of control that sane has truly left the building. Close on the heels of the corporations, are the governments that are owned by the corporations. When these two get together on a collaboration, it's like Shit for Brains, pulling an all nighter, with Turtle on a Fencepost. You can't make this stuff up, or you wish they couldn't but they do.

Eventually, the combination of this congregation of numb nuts, leads to the ultimate clusterfuck. In some ways, I guess it is not a bad thing, because there is a chance that this will backfire, on the world's nastiest collection of nogoodnicks the world has seen, since the world started remembering this sort of thing. Why they are the worst of the worst, is because you can implicate them in a great many of the most terrible atrocities that the world has ever seen. There's no question they did these things. Now, they ironically have their six million all gathered together. Here is the church and here is the steeple, open your hands to see psychopaths among the sheeple. It's dark shit that won't quit and, as we all know, that's not the half of it. They founded Monsanto and the list of crimes from this one company is staggering. I'm not supposed to mention these things. That is probably why the voice is wailing in the wilderness but... as Omar Khayyam said, “wilderness is paradise enow”. Lots of people don't want me to say these things, not the least of which are the people I am saying these things about. Let me help you out, which way did you come in? These things have to be said or we are dead. The possibility that Iranian bombs and missiles might hit Israeli chemical storehouses or Dimona is, “a consummation devoutly to be wished” but “first we kill all the lawyers”. No, I don't want to kill anyone but what do you do? Quarantine is a great idea. I hope that's the outcome but ♫Darkness, darkness be my pillow♫ When you've got a madman at the helm, you're talking, Ship of Fools on a Titanic excursion.

Yes, somebody is looking to make a wrong turn into Damnation Alley, seeking to prove that evil destroys itself. “Well”, you may well ask, “why has it taken so very, very long for this to happen”? Some things only get handled during Denouement day of The Apocalypse. Eventually, the whole world gets the picture, even if these clowns who control the majority of the media, for the obvious reasons, don't want you to hear about it. ♫Set me free, why don't you babe, get out my life, why don't you babe?♫

They have no intention of changing. After all, their Opium War has been a resounding success. Their most odious mouthpieces, are possessed of projectile diarrhoea and engaged in an endless litany of withering contempt, against that nation of seeming dumbasses, who just keep putting up with it, courtesy of a government that is totally co-opted by odious mouthpieces and devious darklings. I'm a trend kind of a guy. I watch social trends, political trends and the trends of Nature. Then I do comparative trends, in relation to all of them, not forgetting religious trends and corporate trends. Specific trends are one thing and comparative trends are something else. This is the kind of thing you see when all these economic pundits, keep getting it all wrong so consistently. They are looking at one part of the picture and they are also owned by the forces that manipulate the things they predict. That's another trend. There are trends inside of trends. Half Past Human does great logistics on this sort of thing. Be comparative people, don't just focus on partial equations. This is like having everything you need in your jacket and forgetting to put your pants on before you go out the door. This is a violation of the Boy Scout motto.

Leave no stone unturned and definitely don't be sticking your hands under any stones, before you turn them over. This is what gets you into too close a contact with Gila Monsters and Moray Eels. Don't be getting into the nitrous zone of the Rapture of the Deep. There you are in the beauty of the coral and all those pretty tropical fish and Mr. Barracuda is waiting motionless, off to the side. Sea Urchins are nestled in the sand. Sharks are cruising with their briefcases in their fins. There's a certain poetry to the irony of sharks. If they stop moving they die. It's some kind of 'no rest for the wicked' kind of a thing. That means “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

People think I wholesale the Americans, as an aggregate collection of numbskulls. That's not the case. I'm an American; let's say I used to be. I have no sense of connection to that anymore but I remember all kinds of good people from there and that 'can do' spirit, that boundless optimism and the courage and generosity that I experienced and saw there. I also saw a lot of things that I didn't like and people I had no respect for. The selfishness and greed, among a certain segment of the population, the indifference to the less fortunate and the callous mean-spiritedness, along with the denial and stupidity, religious intolerance and a host of things that one finds in that Republican, Christian fundie rat's nest. So there are mixed reads on the whole dynamic. Large parts of the world are screwed up, because of America and their owners, the Israelis. The Israelis would be in a world of hurt, without their catamite nation. In the process, America is imploding, as well as being looted from the ground up, by the biggest thieves, from the smallest demographic that was put together just for that purpose. It's a criminal banking empire, with the mentality of Murder Incorporated. They're gangsters and worse.

The Talmud is all one needs, to be aware of to see the mindset that predominates among this group. They are the epitome of materialism and the essence of materialism is, 'me first, you later, maybe'. It's the Golden Calf in endless redux, a sort of Rabid Redux, if I can mangle John Updike just a bit. It's hard to find a hyperbole excessive enough to define these guys. These are the people who stood in the hills above Gaza, with their cocktails and binoculars and cheered Operation Cast Lead. These are the people who supported that genocide by a 94% majority. These are the people who slander others with the claims of behavior that they practice. These are the false
flag aficionados, who engineered the 9/11 attacks. This site is down again but it will be back. It will keep coming back. I will keep coming back. Others will keep coming back, cue Chumbawamba.

As has been said here many times, one day follows another, as we wait for the other shoe to drop. We hope it doesn't happen. We seek to do what can be done, to keep it from happening but it has always happened before, by hook or by crook. The Dark Shit Express, the Midnight Train to Hell, keeps running. The mind tries to grasp the depth of that perfidious iniquity in the empty hearts of these monsters. It is nothing human. I've run out of things to say.

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Visible and The Critical List: Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Beirut ♫
'Beirut' is track no. 6 of 9 on Visible and The Critical List's 1993 album
'Jews from Outer Space'

Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Anonymous said...

it's a small circle.

the math, demographics & empirical analysis sez these creatures ought to be...

finding that oven feeling...

can't wait for you to record that platinum album...

changing the dynamics of this unfolding REAL TIME MOVIE ...

is up to each individual...

one reason that keeps many gathering here and other TRUTH sites where real nourishment for the soul happens outside the stool sculpture deity cult compound...

Thanks for your contributions that enable the Liberation Army to get in some valuable spiritual therapy not approved by the cult leaders in a dungeon trance of the moo moo morons....

America was an Idea..

Texas was a better idea...

but it takes people of -

Good Faith -
...occupying the land, caring enough about their neighbors children....even the NONWHITE children to see that Justice is done....before the sun goes down

of course that puts one in direct opposition to the Talmudic = MASONIC = BAPTISTS = NUMB NUTS...

truth is everyone gets to judge themselves in relation to the truth, a message you've repeated many times for the ones who got here late...

May Justice be done


Visible said...

That oven feeling is truly seriously hilarious, sorry I didn't mention it before. Meanwhile I am so busy at the moment; all things are under consideration.

Anonymous said...

I would say a lot of this stems back to England ( the new Jerusalem) royalty in england having been ordained or supposedly ordained on Jacobs stone,stone of scone,brought over probably when fake romanised Christianity was introduced,,,Rothschilds Knesset building is apparently based on freemasonic designs,,
The Jews in Israel were a pretty relaxed bunch until the zionists turned up,,,,

Look at the Jews in Iran,,living happily with their fellow Muslim Christian Zoroastrian brothers and sisters

Albert pike mentioned something about three world wars to bring in the luciferian state,,,

Albert pike I think being one of the instigators of the kkk in America
The mass murder and rape of indigenous cultures on an industrial scale All learned from the east India company from the 1600s,,,,and the colony's in America

I don't know but to me it looks very much like the fake aristocratic and royal families of the west,,after years of abusing their own people under fake serfdom,,thought they would try and take over the world,,,,,

To be honest it wouldn't surprise me if these same aristocratic and royal families introduced the black death in England,,,later using the same designs on the indigenous cultures that they got their fellow Brits and others to inflict mass murder and introduce fatal diseases on......
Remember these aristocratic families did things like collect the mould from the dead of the wars in some insain reckoning that snorting this mould or turning it into weird medicines would benefit them in some way,,,,,

These people are comPletely detached from their true self,,,,,,

They are insain they hide behind fake Jewry that was probably faked as a means to inflict on the world enslavement to there parasitical absurd world view,,,,,

But I don't know,,,,
All I know is this world is insain,,and if people don't get up and do something about it,,,,we all is dead never to come back,,,,,,

A challenge if ever I saw one,,,,,respect Neil

Anonymous said...

Thought I would add,,,any religion is fake if it doesn't practise the love of the earth and everything in it,,,
Religion and ignorance has been the tool utilised the most by the fake aristocratic elite and royalty,,,,
This parasitical mindset infects the weakest of all society
The ones hanging around the public toilets in the hope of some fresh meat,,,and those that need to prove they are somehow better than you,,,,,the mind of these people infected with this parasite are anti nature,,unnatural and sick,,,,,,

We the people are the only cure ,,,neil

Anonymous said...

This mind parasite severs humanity's connection to the earth and fellow humans,,,,,

Peace. Neil

Visible said...

Well Neil, I don't see how that affects what I said about actions taken by The Tribe across the centuries, not to mention them owning most of the slave ships and nearly all of the central banks. I don't see aristocrats names there.

Anonymous said...

None of these so called Jews have anything to do with the original land of Israel,,,,other than utilising the fake books to justify their insanity,,,,,,it's a white suppremacist death cult established 1000s of years ago,,,
Most of the aristocratic elite are subservient to these fake jews

But again,,,I don't know

A real Jew will turn his back on anything that resembles anti nature ,,,,

I know as we have one living up the road from us,,
She has her humanity fully intact,,
You will find her protesting trees being cut down and other societal wrongs inflicted on the community,,,
Nice lady

Freemasonry is a form of Judaism in its current state,,,
That's my opinion,,,,,,
It's all the practise of anti nature or what people do when they have lost their soul,,,,

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

The fake Jew is the slave master lord vis,,,
Somebody pointed out in the ordination of the fake queen of England that it was a fake Jewish ritual,under the facade of being a fake Christian ritual,,,,,

I think England may of been the first success story for the white suppremacist fake Jewish slave monger and his minions,,,,,,

Dublin mick may have some good info on this,,,

Respect neil

Anonymous said...

Judaism for the aristocratic fake royal elite,,,,
Romanised Christianity for the slaves,,,,
The slaves are rewarded for being good slaves when they comitt atrocities favouring the elite,,,
Treated badly if they put up struggle against there enslavement,,,,

They think they own us,but they don't even own their self ,,,,

Respect neil

Anonymous said...

"Is it surprising that the German Revolution also broke this unbearable yoke? When one further considers the alienation of German intellectual life by International Jewry, its corruption of German justice that finally led to the fact that only one out of every five judges was German, the takeover of the medical profession, their predominance among university professors, in short, the fact that nearly all intellectual professions were dominated by the Jews, one has to grant that no people with any self esteem could tolerate that for long. It was only an act of national renewal when the National Socialist revolution took action in this area..."

-- Joseph Goebbels, "The Racial Question and World Propaganda", speech at Nuremberg rally 1933

Anonymous said...

Syncronicity has been ringing off the charts for the last few weeks in liguistics, archetypes, Vis' columns and comments. Unless I'm learning to recognize it better. Totally unrelated people and subjects tie together through the same words, but seemingly completely different meanings.

Vis - Tell George Ure about Alfie. This needs to go up in the Wujo part of his column about things literlly disappearing and reappering.


Tom Dark said...

Who coined "Junior College Philosopher"? Zappa? He forgot "On drugs," as applies here. Seriously, this essay is comparable to that famous old pic of a spider's web after serving it LSD.

...or making it try to follow the barrage of conflicting news going around lately.

WarmZephyr said...

...taking comfort from knowing you'll never run out of things to say ~ but here's to hoping the seachange ain't too far away ~ that this dragged-out 'denouement' won't stay this way...

"There you are in the beauty of the coral and all those pretty tropical fish and Mr. Barracuda is waiting motionless, off to the side. Sea Urchins are nestled in the sand. Sharks are cruising with their briefcases in their fins. There's a certain poetry to the irony of sharks. If they stop moving they die. It's some kind of 'no rest for the wicked' kind of a thing. That means “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” (LesVis).

Visible said...

There's no way that dog got in there on it's own and there was no one here to put him there either.

Richard said...

Mas and mas Visible
Time for Chiles en Nogada
Fonda de Recuerdos.
All with brother/sisterhood founded in the the Common Father, The Source of Unconditional Love, are invited, wherever you may find yourself. Enjoy!!!!
The bill is on me.
Pass on the costs when when we see each other in the city divided by the Danube.
Be well.
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the morning Dew, accompanied by the sweetest music of the violin in hand of the Gypsy, or in in an emergency, Mariachis.
Richard, Siempre Fi. Dog

Anonymous said...

Albert pike and three world wars,Israel the Zionist foothold in the middle east ,,,,to me its obvious,,,,
They will burn Israel as a sacrifice to the fake new world order,,,,probably to be a complete fascist state looking something like what general Pinochet did to chile,,,,
But under a transhumanists agenda,,so they can get those slaves fully able to work an 18 hr shift on a bowl of genetically modified rice and be happy about it,,,,
Whilst our owners live like fake kings,,,,

As I have said before I have nothing against the masons,,they have been sabotaged the same as everything else,,,,,

Respects neil

Richard said...

mas and mas Vis
Yeah, maybe the dog was being faithful to the wrong owner/ master.
Something to consider.
Is it truly lfa, or ist it Omega.

Visible said...

The radio show is now up.

Brian Crossland said...

Hi all, Neil- when England "restored" its odious monarchy following the sacking of its odious Fundie (Oliver Cromwell) this was done with the financial backing of Jewish merchants/moneylenders.A verifiable much the monarchy owed can only be guessed at, but indebted they surely were, one can only surmise the cost of this passed on to the people of course.
Respects. Brian

Anonymous said...

Noticing that too diane,thanks for that Brian,,,
England has been enslaved for a very very long time,,,
The poor treated with the utmost disrespect,,
I would really love to get to the bottom of it,I know many many others would too,,,

People I am not Jewish although i have been to israel and seen with my own eyes i don't condone any atrocity any Jew does on this earth,,,
But I know a lot of those Jews are innocent,
treated like dirt,the same as us,,,they have been indoctrinated the same as us,,,but with a real twisted racist anti life view,,,,the average westerner also has an anti life view of the world aswell,,,,,

I truly want to know why the indigenous cultures have been completely and utterly annihilated made to look stupid and stuff,when it was those people that kept their lands in pristine condition for thousands of years,,,,,
And yes I want pay back,,
Not a bloodbath,,just the criminals in jail so they can think about what they have done and the mindset that did this sent to the dustbin of history,,,,,

I do not serve evil,,or not knowingly

my master is love,although I sometimes become confused,but I am learning,,,,

And I am sorry for any mistakes,,,

Respect Neil

Anonymous said...

Another great article, honest and direct and dead on, thanks again Les Visible. I'm nitpicking here but the Tribes demented evil,aside from the Talmud, is in plain sight for your reading pleasure in the OT, a horror story of theft, deceit, murder, rape and plunder sanctioned by the Tribes Personal Tribal God for their benefit. One other nit to pick, is your description of Republican Christian fundies as intolerant and stupid. I agree. But I've met alot of Liberal Progressives who are every bit as intolerant and stupid, maybe more so because unlike the ignorant Fundies these people truly believe they're educated and superior. Karen Toffan

Anonymous said...

Read this:

Anonymous said...

"These people are comPletely detached from their true self" ?
"it's a white suppremacist death cult established 1000s of years ago"

oh my....getting closer to the real question, aren't *WE*?

"WE" iz "who"?
because "*WE*" do NOT exist.

the source, of course, of ALL THE INSANITY.

do talk amongst yourselves...the "non-we" have utmost confidence in "y'all" figuring out the "WE" sh1t that has fugged up the following truism [as sung by those sisters of sledge] "we are family" [exceptin those of us who are...ahem...superior "we's"..... carry on]

the one subject noticeably absent from your biting dialog and sardonic witticisms mr visable...

.curious, no? [no]

WarmZephyr said...

We're living in a reality that should never have been born. IT'S ERSATZ to the CORE...born of porn-forlorn by a bunch of aliens who need to STEAL "source-stuff" in order to 'keep on -- keeping on'

Heal it, F*ck it...whatever you need to do, but THERE'S NO FIXING THIS RIG! Just hold onto to your assemblage point of awareness -- that's all you got on hell-rock!


preacher said...

As was written in the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy 32:35 :

"To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste."

(King James Bible)

Anonymous said...

I am probably overstating the obvious, but your website is being seriously fucked with.

Nate said...

Interesting that Neil mentioned Dub earlier.
I looked up his current blog and stumbled across a link to this excerpt.
This is probably the best explanation that I have seen to date explaining the empathy of the so-called educated populace of Amerikans.

"Consciousness is also believed to have a material cause. In Newtonian physics consciousness is the epiphenomenon or secondary effect of the chemical and electrical processes going on in the human brain. Hence it is simply a by-product of the physical brain, it has no cause in itself.

The worldview that is sketched above by Newtonian physics is by many still the most popular view today; it is how the majority of the modern western world views their world at large. No wonder since Newtonian physics applies perfectly to the macrocosmic world of material objects that we observe with our senses. It is how we expect the world to function when we wake up in the morning and open our eyes to go about our daily lives."

I'm feeling the 4 x 4 coming soon for them.

Dub's link was for a later chapter that is very interesting reading.
Atlantis and the Earth Grid

The previous chapter is about the akashic records from a new science bent. The last two paragraphs are as follows.

"Russian scientists rediscovered Tesla’s new type of non-electromagnetic energy that travels in spiralling waves and called it torsion waves. Scientists now believe that torsion waves can be regarded as information carrying waves rather than energy waves. It was proven that torsion waves are linked to human consciousness and are created by human thought and emotions. Torsion waves are the interface between the mental and the physical world although we must keep in mind that in reality there is no duality between them.

Torsion field physics is the promising physics of psychokinesis and telepathy and shows us how the universe creates a hologram that resembles the ancient information field of the aether better known as the Akasha field. The Akasha field is the book of life that keeps a record of all that has ever happened in this universe and all that will ever happen in the future."

Sure does resonate closely with alot of your stuff Vis.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Schroedinger's dog then? glad it worked out.

♫Where have all the Holocausts gone?
Long Time Passing?♫

Farmer said...

Hey Neil.

So you want someone to sit in jail, but not be killed?

Which is worse?

I suppose it depends on what happens to you after death(grin), but I would choose death over jail.

I have been to jail. I have spent several months in solitary confinement.

Though, it gave me much time to root myself because the external had been cut off, I would not like to be in jail for long durations at a time, and would prefer death over jail, as I see jail as torture.

That is why many have the philosophy that "death is to much of an easy way out for that person", and inflict suffering upon someone.

So in reality, you have chosen the more severe form of punishment.

Death is freedom from our sentence here in the jail cell of Earth. Hell if you wish.

For that is what it is for the majority of People on Earth in some form or another.

But I understand you need for retribution, for I have it as well. It is more of a desire.

I can be very nasty actually when wounded. It is because I am aware of Peoples intentions on an intuitive level, and that has led to bitterness, and hate.

Controlling these two dangerous emotions is getting more difficult as the days continue, because the circumstances in which rise them to the surface as reactions are becoming more intense and common.

I can be a very dangerous person in the metaphysical, and have to guard myself closely.

It is like a weight that I carry around in my arms, and if I drop it, all hell breaks loose.

Right now I am sweating, and my arms are trembling, and my veins in my forehead are popping out.

And one day I know I will drop it, and People will die.

Because I get tired of people hitting me, and then stating "you would not hit a person with glasses would you", when I punch them back.

This is at least how I feel. The thoughts that go through my mind. One of the downers of having a hyper active mind, that is in tune with thoughts as they travel across the viewing screen.

And I deduce and quantify down the reasons all of this is taking place, and all the problems we all have in our lives, and I know the reason.

You will hear so many regurgitators spout that it is us who has the problems, and it is ourselves in which these "people" come from.

Im not sure that is correct either.

I dont think they are Human. I think they are clones of some other off world species. These clones go to other worlds and act as recon/operations units for this off world species.

How could a Human do what they do, even the most vile. What Human would sacrifice the very place in which gives them their power?

They are killing the Earth, and all upon it, thus their own progeny.

Sounds like an Alien species to me. Otherwise there would be some care as to the Earth in which the so called "controllers" would have control over.

Farmer said...


Either way, they are not Human.

And they have created most of the society that has manifested such undesirable moods and feelings and mindsets in society. It is their programming in which we are entangled and meshed.

All of the stress, even the little things in life, like not being able to get a tire down from underneath the car, a spare that is.

It as if the damn thing was intentionally made so that you CANT get it down, and it lags your time.

Our entire existence is this way.

Mostly pointless. Absolutely pointless.

Nothing new under the sun, and there is also "a time to kill".

So what happens when you get to a point where you cant take the suffering in oneself any longer, and there is no more vent space for the anger?

I have found that caring is what leads to such suffering. And I have found that the only way out of such suffering is to stop caring.

Most People will not take this route, because of the constant statements of others that you "dont care about them".

Hard to endure, but what do any really offer today that is worth the personal sacrifice of putting up with their continual bullshit in personal relationships?

And what difference does it all matter anyway, if anyone truly knows us. Or cares.

All is vanity.

Nothing matters.

A child is ripped out of the womb before birth.

An old Man is hit by a bus, a day before he would finally be happy in his life for once.

A young woman marries the Man of her dreams, only to be murdered by him on the honey moon.

Nothing matters, because it is all futile, and unkown.

If just one thing was ever known, the Universe would fall apart, and dissolve into nothingness.

That is why all things are known, and all are not. All things are, and all things arent, but will be. Maybe.

The real question is "why does it matter"?

And that is only answered on an individual level.

And once this "why" is found, all else does not matter.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (librarian mode)..

mmm.. amazing facts coming out of Herny Fords The International Jew, not least the book
, by Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish British PM, that reads like the protocols action plan.
Just this one sentence as to why Disraeli published such insights
"No Matter", Ford says, " he told the truth. He is one man who told the truth without being accused of "misrepresenting" the Jews".

I could cut and paste here every day from Ford, like anon the Goebells reGurgitator,
How they got to US President Tuft (1911).
How they got to Russia.
How they got to the French pseudo Freemasons.
WTF have I been? I feel dirty but I feel priviledged in having these facts.

my dream is for everyone to have their own rocket and planet to go to, and to not invite those who are not good for them. the anti social ones can sow their own wheat, separate their own chaff, grind their own grain, and bake their own bread. what they do with their shekels and their shackles is then their business.

insiam said...

Neil ....

Have you been reading some books and just sicked them all up all over Vis's blogg :)

Simply - for my simple mind and other simple minds:

Most Jews are easily identified as they act like Jews

Most Americans are easily identified - same reason

As for Africans

As for Chinese

As for Germans

As for _ _ _ _ _ _

People basically act what they are - with exceptions.

Some people (many actually) say that the Chinese are the jews of Asia. What on earth could they possibly mean.

What i am getting at is most races can be easily identified by their habits and traits. (Operating systems if you like). Of course some people from different races also have similar additional downloads which translates in to similar habits.

So there may be a jew that has traits of a German or a German that is said to act like a jew. And on and on.

So where i am i going with this. Hmmm, - yes, it seems not to matter when you look to the top of the control grid as to what race or nationality people are. It is more notable as to the traits they share.

It is all simply about the money and power, and any chosen ideology one may select in order to achieve the money and power.

The elite always do well under any system. All those people waving their little flags and banners are just part of the circus which comes to town every 4 years. Although once the new system is fully installed there will be no more circuses coming to town.

Money = power. Matters not wether they be a mason or a marxist, a german or a jew. Political party's are all simply part of one big circle which always meets.

PS don't tell the useful idiots that take the political party game seriously though, it would spoil all the fun.

Only joking about reading books Neil. And now i can't remember why i addressed this to you :)

Anonymous said...

The skinny on Nuttyyahoo:

"And even if Israel were 'scrubbed off the earth' peacefully through a one-state solution, Netanyahu would certainly hang for his role in the 9/11 attacks."

Bingo! The ex-furniture salesman from Poland is going postal because if he gets caught for 9/11 HE WILL HANG FROM HIS NECK UNTIL DEAD.

Now there's a court proceeding I'd like to see.

Your Honour, the people of the United States accuse Nattyyahoo as one of those primarily responsible for the harm to person and property on 9/11, we ask for the strictess penalty possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey farmer good to hear from a brother,,,,
Most of the people in jail shouldn't be in jail as you well know ,,,,,
Yes same as you,,,I can rage and hurt people's feelings,then go back and feel terrible about what I have said,which I have done on many occasions,,highly strung people have said,,its Kali yuga I suppose goes with the territory,,,
In my younger years I was a terror,fighting drinking,,,,,
I never felt good about myself,,,,
Traveled,woke up ,,came back to the original place I was from,,,,became Like a leper,,,i would only speak the truth or what I had learned to that point,,,mates didn't want to know about that,,,but I suppose they had never experienced what I had experienced so I went off alone,,,
I still see them on the odd occasion,but their is a lot of distance between us,,,,
I find I cannot help but care about things,,,, how the world is,How I am,how everybody is,,it's all interconnected somewhere,,,,
I won't stop until I get to the bottom of this,,,,
That may mean me messing up many more times and me feeling terrible about it,,but that's ok,,
I prefer to stick them in jail let them think about the misery they have caused to humankind,,,,get right with themselves,,,,they are lost

Anonymous I am a white man,,I never had any of the racist hatred suppremacist filth in me,never will I don't see any difference between any of the races,,,just minor differences that don't even matter
I consider all the races to be my brothers and sisters,,,,,
We is I

Nate I haven't been over to dubs for a couple of weeks,,but his old site may of actually been part of the akashic records,,,: )

I think stuff on the queen and royals maybe over on the gnostic liberation fronts site aswell,,,

We are the little people,,,we will do this

Greatest respect to everyone ,,,,neil

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Kali Yuga, Train Wreck Brigade Shmoos.

Anonymous said...


I often comment about people's behavior. More often than not, it's taken as a comment about race/religion when there was absolutedly no mention of it. I am so, so tired of this.


Anonymous said...

Here you Diane,,,hopefully when all is done humankind as a species can sit together and try and get past all of the absurdities like racism,ignorance of others religions and all of these stupidisms that just hold humanity back,,,,,

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

neal, you might have a bad case of empathitis. alternatively a good case of empathitis. either way I hope the world turns and changes around you for the better.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (librarian mode)..

mmm.. amazing facts coming out of Henry Fords The International Jew, not
least the book
, by Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish British PM, that reads like the protocols
action plan.
Just this one sentence as to why Disraeli published such insights
"No Matter", Ford says, " he told the truth. He is one man who told the truth
without being accused of "misrepresenting" the Jews".

I could cut and paste here every day from Ford, like anon the Goebells
How they got to US President Tuft (1911).
How they got to Russia.
How they got to the French pseudo Freemasons.
WTF have I been? I feel dirty but I feel privileged in having these facts.

my dream is for everyone to have their own rocket and planet to go to, and to
not invite those who are not good for them. the anti social ones can sow
their own wheat, separate their own chaff, grind their own grain, and bake
their own bread. what they do with their shekels and their shackles is then
their business.

ps Neil you might have a bad case of Empathitis, or alternatively a good case
of Empathitis. I hope the world turns around you and for the better.

Anonymous said...

Pierre,,I probably have,,,,
May have something to do with how I grew up,things I had to go through and all of that,,,,,,

Respects neil

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Namaste Way, Mozart's Grave and the Angels of Mercy.

Anonymous said...

some great stuff,covering a lot of ground,
as well as The Kali Yuga, Train Wreck Brigade Shmoos ,
the blogs over the past few days
have covered a lot of ground,
...............The results of a new Gallup poll reveal that Americans’ distrust with the media is more severe than ever and that is just those willing to admit it.
ABOUT DAMM TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
most or a lot of you have read
or heard the statements,remarks by that effeminate queer psycho Israel lobbyist Patrick Clawson.


Truther Army, Volunteer, third string

Visible said...

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