Monday, September 17, 2012

Buggerland Heaven, with a Side of Kiddie Porn

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today and Tomorrow, which never comes, will turn into Today at some point but one of these days, the same old same old, will no longer be in effect. One of these, soon to be upcoming days, the world is going to stand on its head, of it's own accord, while certain deserving, longtime coming, gone dead train, cardboard cut-outs, will fall on their sword. They will lubricate the Earth with their poisoned blood and the Earth will open up and swallow them into the bottomless pit. They are not worth shit in their present condition and even less than the going rate of their combined elements on the open market. Where they came from no one has said. What were they doing before they arrived? Had they previously been performing as Gadarene Swine?

Seven billion people on the planet these days. People coming in here from anywhere and everywhere. There must be something important on the calendar but it's very hard to see, whatever it may be. It must really be important. Meanwhile, the noise and confusion factor is very high. We wish more people were but they're putting the wrong things in the water supply.

Giant monsters are making the Earth shake, as they march across the landscape. They are corporations with personhood. They may have personhood but there is nothing human about them. The enemies of humanity, are full tilt manifesting, balls to the wall. The deadly tag team of Khazars and corporations are head-stomping the human race. They are killing without conscience. They are twisting and misshaping the perspectives. Then you get to the last line of the story and you see what's really up. It's day in and day out, the media rooting with it's pig snout, into the murk and the shit they constructed out of it.

It's not just the bodies that are being violated, in the kill zones of the world, it's human dignity that's on the chopping block. The biggest driving motives of the entertainment world are to shit-can self respect, to make us look like clowns, to humiliate humanity and drag the spirit down. They turn the mind against the heart and the heart against the mind. It's a never ending clusterfuck in The Kingdom of the Blind. It's a world of walking wounded who doesn't like themselves. The television made them into bimbos. The television made them into whores. The television made violence an art form, with photography by Robert Mapplethorpe.

They've stripped away the dignity. They turned us into clowns and we laugh at each other and they urge us on. That's not so hard to do when your dignity is gone. No discipline in the child, no respect for the old. If you're not part of the Pepsi Generation then you're out in the cold. When the window of beauty closes, when your life shows on your face, all those miles of ugly highway that no science can erase. You were pretty a few years ago. You were handsome yesterday. Now your clown makeup is running and your dignities in the grave. It's a major loss is what it is, though people may not recognize the fact. When your dignity departs you are turned into a beast. Slander travels like a plague. Treachery abounds. Indifference is epidemic, everyone has PTS. The monsters know what they're about. It's a calculated thing. They're sexing up the children for the pedophiles in power. The depravity of the times is Daddy Bush's finest hour. What hungry ghosts must be walking in Kennebunkport? Are there shallow graves in Paraguay? A ghost armada of violated boys, does the Franklin Scandal Shuffle through the White House in the early hours. Did Bush do them in the Lincoln bedroom? Does Barbara like to watch?

What about Obama and Hoo-Rahm Emanuel (Holy flying Batshit Robin! Fully read this article)? Six degrees of separation and you see the blackmail express train, roaring down that ten degree grade, if all you got is plastic fruit, you can't make lemonade and The Feds will shut down your lemonade stand cause Sunkist don't want you on their street. This is where the rubber meets the road and the meat meets the meat. Have another order of that steak tartare, pilgrim.

Yes, it's decadence in and decadence out. In and out, oh yeah, in and out, in and out! Faster and faster as time speeds up. They're going to bomb Dresden and kill the krauts. History is one, long, agonizing, fucking lie. “Hey Joe, you got gum? I do you long time. I do you one, long time, lie. So Rome was Buggerland Heaven and Rome went down in tears and flames and lead in the viaducts too. They were over-extended across the known globe. They were cruel with the bread and the circuses were sick and it's clowns once again, ♫send in the clowns, don't bother they're queer♫ Oops, not politically correct again, no offense intended, minding all the offenses committed against me and my friends but... who are my friends? Who are my friends? Nobody knows who anyone is, ♫nobody knows the trubble I seen♫ The primary deception; things are not what they seem.

If we know what we know, as little as that may be; what do we not know and how deep is the lake? How swift is the river of darkness? How high is the sky? How green is the grass? Should I take out an ad and Photoshop my ass? When your dignities gone, then you have no class. Brutal is easy and behavior is crass. I want the wind at my back and the sun on my face and somewhere a doorway going out of this place.

The corruption is amazing. They must import it, because all of what is domestically made, is still not enough to account for this scene. Go ahead, kneel before it and pass the Vaseline. Is this all we get? Tell me it's not so. I will not accept it. There must be some way that we come out of the Shit World and into the light. I will not give up, all things must come right. I keep thinking, “in the twinkling of an eye”. I keep thinking, “in the given moment”. I keep thinking, “it's always darkest before the dawn”. I keep thinking. I keep trying. I know some of you are trying too. It's keeps my faith up, knowing you are out there, knowing that many a small kindness and unseen act of courage goes on every day. My glass is half full and the world is more than half empty. Even though I can't see you, I can feel you there. I can feel your hand on my shoulder. I can feel the weight of you too and it's never too heavy. I suspect that one's capacity to continue, is enhanced by lifting up another, even though physics argues against that. Sometimes science is less than the sum of it's parts.

♫I got many rivers to cross but I fucking A will, find my way over♫.
It cannot end like this. It cannot be so lame and banal in the end. It cannot end with a whimper. This must be the most powerful and tedious of deceptions, that things are what they appear. For centuries, the wise have reminded us, that all is not what it seems and that appearances are deceiving. We have to remember that. As tough and as ugly as it sometimes seems, we have to remember that. Minds far wiser than my own have said these things. Minds separated by great distance and spaces of time larger than lifetimes, have said these things and they stand as evidence, like all of those pyramids in lost cultures who had no contact with each other. Evidence stands of certain comparative truths, of eerie similarity, where no contact occurred between them.

Evidence stands, of examples of the human spirit, in times of dire necessity, where all hope seemed lost, where cowards and craven creatures, held sway over collective destiny and where dignity had not died, but still remained in the hearts of some who awaited the headsman's ax, or simply waited, in continuing confinement, without knowing what might come next. Bahá'u'lláh knew all about that. Mandela knows all about that. Ezra Pound knew all about that. Richard Lovelace knew what that was about. So many souls have known what that was about and they let their little light shine. Even if their cell was a bushel of it's own, they carried on through. They held their mud. They understood about “a failure to communicate” and getting their mind right. There are some things you can't kill.

There are just some things you cannot kill and one of them is the human spirit against all odds, cue Phil Collins. Cue the wind and the rain. Cue the blessed sunlight and the hope that springs eternal. Cue whatever it takes. Cue the singing heart that will not be silenced. Cue the triumph of the shining mind in darkness. Cue what you need and leave the rest. It is when we are serving others, that we serve our own selves best.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Jesus ChewyBees, that was beautiful and so very much what I needed at the moment. That was a splendid gift. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

I repost this in response to you because I was just putting up a new Smoking Mirrors when your comment appeared in the last posting. You are a jewel in the crown of the unknown God.

Anonymous said...

Well you are more than welcome Lord Visible. I am assuming you were addressing me in this first posting of yours, on the new Smoking Mirrors thread (I wrote about what I had encountered, in a similar vein to yours, along my own journey, up to this point in time - speed bump, brick wall, over and over and over).

Shit-fire, man, there are lots of us out here. I've been thinking about all of it, while you were busying yourself with this most recent new posting of yours.

A couple of thoughts -

You know that we are on to something, if they work so hard to keep us down. It's as if we were given almost enough bullets to fire our way out of this illusion - so compensations were made, so as to prolong our stay. True, they could have whacked us long ago; but there is something else at work here, or they would have done it already.

Is it all a test? Could be. Are we cramming for an exam that will be given soon? Could be. I have no answers in that regard but I do know that dreams are what the next world is made of, and together we just might be able to dream it.

You know, the Sorcerers of Ancient Mexico believed that God (i.e., infinity), used us as advance scouts, in order to expand the universe. We are created, sent out, and then the infinite (or "God", choose your own favorite word here), inhales our life force at the end of our lives, along with our life experiences, so as to enrich its own experiential base.

Sounds plausible to me. I have no idea where I am going with this, but then, does anybody? - just thought I'd throw it out there.

One of us will slip over the barbed-wire fence that surrounds us, Visible. And that person will come back and tell the rest of us, something of importance. And another person will slip over it, and bring back more pieces of the puzzle. And eventually, we will blow this pop stand for good...

Keep doing your thing. It shakes up the world. It sends people scurrying over that fence, looking for more answers, out beyond the borders of the Playing Field of Appropriate Thought and Behavior. Truth is stranger than fiction. You give people the balls to look for it.

All in due time, my brother...we will most definitely get there...all in due time.

Visible said...

Yes, my brother, all in due time and I could not have put what you said better. I feel like, lately, all sorts of surprising people are coming out of the woodwork and I know what that means.

I couldn't be more grateful, regardless of what has happened to me. The evidence of that is what I am aware of and where I am, in every sense, at this point in my life, which goes on forever. We will ride those horses. This I am absolutely sure of.

I try to share what I consider the resonant relevance and it shows up, reflexively all of the time. I like to say, I'm living proof of certain things and no one lays a glove me unless God permits it and I am fine with that if he does, for the purpose of demonstration which means somebody, not me, will be getting a lesson.

I already got that lesson. Thank you for coming by and being so articulate and real. I would say that means more to me than anything that happens here. It confirms what I do and gives it meaning. I couldn't care less about having and consuming but it means everything to me to be able to dwell in the shared heart. My whole life, everything I believe, everything of importance to me is defined by that opportunity.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

People 'losing' dignity? Uh, Magic Christian was released in 1969. We're no different today, and I've been pullin 'Magic Christian' moments since I was a crotch dropping, though sans having been bribed. With me you risk getting an interesting show on the house at the most inopportune moments.

But what do you expect from one who was raised by pigeons?

No, really. I don't think people have changed one whit throughout history. What's the difference between Rome and the U.S.? Obummer might as well be Nero.

Smyrna said...

Book of Revelation ch2 v8

To the angel at the church of Smyrna write;

'I know your works, tribulation and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are jews and are not, but are a synagogue of satan.' etc. etc. 'Tested by the devil for 10 days' etc (been there done that)

Sound like someone you know? Get with the program, Vis.

Visible said...

I'm getting my mind right Smyrna, I'm getting my mind right. I don't know how my dirt wound up in the Bossman's hole.

Anonymous said...

very well then, 4 thumbs up...

the details of the Truth of it all would make a billygoat puke, and having been to Chicago to see the Monet exhibit was way more than was necessary to form a realization of what that place was all about....

seek and ye shall find...

cue basketball Jones.... and Shirley Maclaine...Chance'

as long as the roots are not severed...

time is sorta relative in this dimension, Bro...

shana tova


Smyrna said...

You see Vis, there are these seven churches(kind of like seven coloured rays of light from a prism) and it would seem some of us are of these churches etc etc. Yes the Bossman has your number, brother.

Dont worry I would have never believed this shit, I just happened to stumble upon it after direct experience.

Anonymous said...

...yesterday I watched "God Bless America"
It was right on cue.
Take care

Anonymous said...

(Oops, duplicate of my last post; minus the typo regarding, er, George Hamilton aka George Kennedy -)

I'm shakin' it here, too, boss Smyrna. I'm shaaaaaakinnn' it (George Kennedy voice).

Vis, thanks for your reply to my reply to your post. I love that reaffirmation stuff. We are barking up the same tree, going through the same tribulations, etc.

Makes it all worthwhile.

And, yes, we will most definitely ride. Giddyup, yee-haw, and on to the next plateau we go...

Anonymous said...

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. Notice the one eyed Sauron with nwo logo on the U.S. 1$ bill.

Anonymous said...

At the grave of fallen empires
Sucked through the zionists cause
With the seeds of it's own destruction
Obsessing with itself at war
Consciously fractured twisted diseased
The collapsed mind of Israel infects
Rippling waves through the financial system
Driven through the odious debt
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned
The truth is an invincible foe
Deception the pathway to rothschilds dungeon
Enslaved minds with nowhere to go
Pure disfunction dibilitating stagnating
The bleeding heart of the people of the west
But the sharpened mind is a lethal weapon
The truth pierces through the lies of the elect


Anonymous said...

"... We know that such changes took place in every civilization of which we have record. The majority of Roman citizens in 100 A.D. were not related at all to the Roman citizens in 100 B.C. We know that the great Roman families died out from sheer failure to have enough children to reproduce themselves, and we have reason to believe that all classes of responsible Romans, regardless of social or economic position, followed the fashion of race suicide.

"Since the Romans had the preposterous notion that any person of any race imported from any part of the world could be transformed into a Roman by some magic in the legal phrases by which he was made a Roman citizen, the children that the Romans did not have were replaced by a mass of very diverse origins. Some of the importations undoubtedly brought with them fresh vigor and talent; some were incapable of assimilating civilization at all and could only imitate its outer forms without understanding its meaning; and some, while by no mens inferior in intelligence and energy, had a temperament which, although eminently suited to some other civilization, was incompatible with the Roman. For some estimates of the deterioration of the population of the empire that the Romans founded, see the late Tenny Frank's History of Rome (Holt, New York) and Martin P. Nilsson's Imperial Rome (Schocken, New York). ... "

-- Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, "History and Biology", American Opinion, December 1963

Mark said...

Whether you believe it or not, a new ice age is coming down the pike, which is another way of saying that hell is freezing over. And it's long overdue, which makes the Hopi prophesy a no-brainer. To quote Dubya, the ex moron-in-chief, bring it on. Bring that sucker. I hate to say so, but the mass of men now leading lives of quiet desperation are going out with a whimper. Yeah, but, they picked the wrong enemy. I remember those bumper stickers, and all those flags on antennas, and all those yellow ribbons which came first. Yeah, they told Ezra to pound sand, but he got his licks in, didn't he? That's what we do, all we can do, is state our truth, to stand and be true, while all those about us have already degraded into jackass parodies of human beings. No one promised it would be fun or easy. This is, as Rogue Butterfly kept pointing out, the mean planet.

Yet, the spirit of John Galt has not been extinguished, nor will it be, not even if the destroyers do a Dresden on the entire planet. Not while people like Ann Barnhart still draw breath. She has ridden out to meet the usurpers, and I wish I were in a position to ride alongside her. But I am riding on her shoulder. This is the Kali Yuga, so what do you expect? So we ring around the rosy for a bit longer. But this Iron Age is passing, and those of us who are truly viable and worthy, who know that integrity cannot be bought or sold, will gather on the other side. All the sound and fury signifies, after all, nothing.

Anonymous said...


I think you forget sometimes when your heart is feeling heavy just how much all your words are appreciated out here.
I know that your writing brings a spark of light into many of your readers often quite dark and trying lives (me being one of them).
Much of what you write in your three main blogs rings true on so many levels and I know that it has influenced the way I live my own a good way.
You write from the heart, from a good place. I know this to be true.

Just Sayin'

When I'm feeling pissed off and nothing seems to be going right I like to watch the following video...
works for me (-___+)

UselessEater U.K

the gardener said...

I am curious about the times of those great monasteries built into mountains and cliff sides-so many living life outside of this world.

Once again there is a call for those living in this world but not of it.

Long ago I had a series of dreams where everyone wore a purple robe of some soft velvet type cloth with an inverted triangle upon the right shoulder with the initials "ATR" embroidered upon that patch.

"After the Recognition" ... every time I'd find myself in that dream, it was like being home. I'd find myself with many others gazing on a still pond-using it as a seeing mirror. Always silent in the dreams-watching this series without sound. Woodland creatures great and small-all of us 'After the Recognition'.

Almost Time for safe communal communities once again. Almost Time for the Recognition.

the gardener

wiggins said...

"does Barbara like to watch?" Probably, she is supposedly Aleister Crowley's daughter. I must say there is a definite resemblance around the eyes.

bholanath said...

Every day seems to be a combo plate of mourning and celebrating, reaching deeper into both directions. Awesome sharings abound. The terrible crimes of the wanting-to-be-dead, as well as the unrecognized infinite daily selfless full-heart sevas of the lovers-of-life are astonishing and a wonder to behold. It is building to an extra-dimensional upgrade of the old 'gathering of the tribes'.

Anonymous said...

The truths a hungry angry lion
Israels a victim of its own evil assault
Puetrid bankers hinged to corruption
An unnatural entity lost in all course
Invoked in a testament to pure desolation
The cold wrath of it's own unaware
With war and hatred as diseased accomplices
The colonial empire is beyond repair
Desperation calling all to suffer
The hangmans noose a site for sore eyes
Dangling with a rope for Netanyahu
The banksters of the west and all their lies
The truth is a hungry angry lion
Invincible and never will retreat
Zionism looking scared and underhanded
All those tyrants lost into deceit


Doug Pearson said...

I will never surrender my dignity. I will never surrender my honor.
I may have to move around to keep it intact and for me that's why I'm in Mexico. It's non-negotiable. The people I see on here still cling to these concepts. Viva la Revolucion!

Rob in WI said...

"The corruption is amazing. They must import it,". Yes, and the barcode usually begins with 729.
With the bushes in Paraguay, and the zionists in Patagonia, the Argentines and Chileans better keep a real close eye on their children.

Anonymous said...

Heh! I came from WRH, and didn’t need the name under the article , to know it was Les.

You say, the “world will turn on its head”- but, it’s already on its head." But, I think. rather, it needs to right itself, the world has been turned upside down for a long time."

You are completely right, though, in saying “…. The television made violence an art form...pornography like Robert Mapplethorpe.”

My family watches tv and especially, cop dramas, “Blue Bloods, ” “ NCIS along with it's autopsy as an "art" form, et al.

I had to move my computer from the living room, because I found my blood pressure going straight through the ceiling. But they’ve told me the violence doesn’t bother them a bit, not even sub-consciously. And they adore, “The Good Wife,”: “the corruption is amazing.”

Anonymous said...

Revelo and the Romans:

Not that the Romans were God's gift to Humanity, in fact, they were the Scourge of us, all.

The Ancient Romans were vile, psychos, blood-thristy, violent, megalomanic, savages.

However, unfortunately, their mental heirs are alive and well, with the U.S./israeli Empire.

nina said...

RE: Holy flying Batshit Robin! Fully read this article

The two-faced slime that orgasmically forks over the big dough that makes the ads, leaks a toxic juice that feeds the gossip where, as you remind us, dignity is the target. They emlploy a unilateral attack style, seeking a ubiquitous target, one size fits all. The biggest spenders have no genuine allegiance to anyone, its all, as always, about the pro-fits and the highs power-activity creates in the genitalia of the Beasts.

and more:

However, the only people who abuse dignity are those that have none to begin with and the only people to whom it matters are people bearing false dignity.
What is dignity anyway, but a product of the representative-self, that self of self-righteousness, a belief one's existence stands as an exemplary model for everyone else to emulate. Whenever the dignified gather together, beware, the disease appears dangerously contagious, especially in the FUBAR minds and primal urges of the offspring of offspring of former plantation overseers still cracking whips.

This situation grows more deadly by the compounding events. On one hand you have an alien brand of snarling beast who will do ANYTHING to keep the wheels of the money machine inflated, and on the other, you have empty headed fools staring at digital pics of no one they know, selecting victims for the kill teams, caving to the desires of the beast rather than be destroyed themselves.

We add to the tragedy unwittingly by allowing it any space at all. As you have said often, these things arise "for the purposes of demonstration", the lesson of such a demonstration is to get and stay away as far as possible, never allowing them any attention, for they want to violate our consciousness, slander our love and compassion and banish all possible forgiveness.

We know they are out there, right along with the Sanduskys, Boyscouts, the Bohemian Groves, the UK-Belgium-Portugal rings and the, ahem, clergy, the difference with these filthy rich campaign Goliaths is their love affair with narcissism, blasted worldwide through the media, so that whatever agenda is contracted carries a less known, but longer lasting payoff as the cellphones chime with endless mobs of new customers bent on undermining the credibility of the human being.

In whatever arena big money operates, it is always accompanied by multiple cockroach infestations feeding off the crumbs.

That we merely know about it is already more than unhealthy, we can leave it flaming in the incinerator for it changes NOTHING. It is one of millions of attempted hits from an evil world in the early afternoon of the seriously glorious day we are already enjoying, where who they are and what they do has no bearing at all on our timeless states of mind.

Love, nina

Richie (Dana) said...

Something this way comes and it is not wicked my friends, It is Love.

When Love enters the heart the world is made anew. All things shine at the edges. There are untold masses of pure Love energy blasting this planet and they increase daily.

Nothing can stop Divine will.
We are all Eternal Infinitely Powerful Creators and we are waking up.

It is Divine Force that knocks on the door. It matters not that you ignore the knocks because that which IS on the other side will engulf you, make no mistake.

There are times when my heart aches with Love for the fine souls that gather to listen to our friend Visible.

You have my gratitude Sir.


Anonymous said...

Tyrants falling
With broken dreams
zionism lost
Where hatred leans
Masons crashing
The Vatican stung
At the slave masters table
Everything's gone
Snapped into pieces
The fear that it dread
Cold savage merciless
Burried and dead
The crooked pathway
The evils trapped mind
Driven to its end
By all the lies and the crimes


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are here. But how many are we? Maybe that doesn't matter. Maybe it's quality, not quantity. I don't know. All I do know is that there is not an overabundance in Northern Ontario.


Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
Sorry, but in 8:38 comment, I left out beloved pets.
Little girl in a small Iowa town; "Mama, there's a couple of jewish supremacists coming down the sidewalk." Mama; "well, you better come inside then", girl; "oh no!, one of them is a rabbi!", Mama; "be sure you get the dogs inside too, honey." Still in foul mood; my bad.
Be well all, Rob

Emmanuel said...

Hey Visible,

I feel your words. They echo those in my heart. Those of us that are aware of the matrix we are in are waiting and have been waiting for a long time for the shoe to drop. Waiting for the singular event that will herald in a new paradigm that will shift everything that has been the way things have been to something better for humanity, all life, including the very being that is this planet we live upon.

So much talk of a possible polar shift of our planet. The polar shift we need is a humanity polar shift. Everything is backwards. Values are sociopathic. The good guy finishes last while the asshole finishes first. Profit at all costs is the underlining engine that drives these sociopathic/psychotic values systems. It's in everything. Every system and institution is at its core run by a sociopathic person(s). You name it: political systems, health care, energy, insurance, military institutions, religion, education, ad nauseam. Profit at all costs based upon infinite growth business model drives this world. This coupled with war and you have the sum of this sociopathic valued world we're in.

This is not human nature. I came to the conclusion that human nature is not about humanity being the worst and most base attributes. A while back a friend and I had a discussion about human nature and he concluded as many do that humans will never get far past a certain level because of their base desires, greed, and avarice. I didn't have a response to him at that moment because everything he said was evident based upon history and the news of the day. But, I had a feeling that something about that wasn't quite correct. And then, I started to wonder what about the self-less, honest, and light-filled individuals that exist. What about the Gandis or the Ammas of the world? What about the little old lady that lives down the street anonymously but who is truly the most self-less giving person who would do no harm and is beacon of light. These folks exist. As true as there are horrible serial killers that prey upon their fellow humans, there are certain to be folks that have reached the stage of uncondiitional love, which in my opinion is the highest level of success one can ever attain on this earthly plane and dimension. What do you call the nature of these people? I call them highly evolved people.

We've been shammed and put inside a prison by our own very thoughts that state that human nature is what it is and it cannot get better. Therefore, give up all notions that things can improve, and abandon any hope or notion that things will turn around. This is the cage. The bars are our beliefs, which are thoughts we embrace as true that says humanity will always be down and unable to rise to greater altrusic heights. The worst of our attributes will always prevail. I realized that that is fucking bullshit.

Emmanuel said...

Part 2

The purpose of human nature is to evolve. The direction of our consciousness is to evolve towards the Light. We are like plants that seek the sustenance of the Light much like the plant grows towards the sun. We are ever arching towards the Light even when it is not evident or apparent. Every consciousness within every person is in the process of this evolution even if they are seemingly going towards the dark at breakneck speed. Those of us awake were at one point asleep and we participated fully in roles that we know now to be dark. Like they say life is a big stage play and we are all actors and participants at some point playing the villains, heros, and in between. If life is a continuum that doesn't end upon death, then we've incarnated time and time again to play all these roles.

I feel the frustration that things are seemingly the same and getting worse as each day goes by. Many of us want something to happen that will herald this paradigm shift for the better. It's a humanity polar shift we're waiting for. Flip everything right side up: the good guys finish first and the sociopaths go to the back of the line where they are exiled. The paradigm becomes that of care-taking not taking. Every system and institution becomes Realized and calibrated to serve the best interests of all life as the direct imperative above all else. Indigenous peoples' values makes a comeback and the ravaging desecrating values of this sociopathic "civilized" system fade to nothing.

I can't wait for that to happen! :)

But I've also come to the thought that the change we so yearn for to happen (and we've been wanting this to happen since yesterday!) will probably not happen according to our time. Spirit has its own time, which is no time. You know, I don't know shit. That's what you say, Vis and I remember to keep this all in perspective. I don't know. But, I've been feeling a comforting thought lately, that the revealing that is taking place right now is shining the light upon all that is dark. The forces of darkness are losing their shelter from the Light. They will eventually be seen for what they are. It's slow though. Each of us awake that has stimulated our individual growth of consciousness within ourselves is the force to be reckoned with. Many of us have experienced being alone on our path. That's changing. I wrote a comment here a couple years ago feeling that sense of loneliness. Lately, I have been serendipitously meeting like minded individuals. I think we're going to start congregating more. More people are becoming realized and aware. We're all points of light and soon we will be able to make our way to other folks who hold such light that will be the beacon for others to see. You, Visible, have been a bright beacon for us all. You have been the lighthouse upon which our spirit and consciousness may find solace in these barbaric times. And because of you and many others that have the courage to speak truth to power, you have stirred those in slumber and are affecting a human polarity shift. It's just a matter of time. This new consciousness is here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Rob in WI said...

My comment regarding jewish supremacists in Iowa is not without background. If you're interested, just search "kosher +Iowa". Will shut up and go to bed now, bye.

I'm no starnger to the rain said...

I ended up in somewhat of a heated conversation this evening with my 78 year old Dad.
I pointed out that knowing the truth, and continuing to play their game is the same thing as selling ones ass for a living. Might as well just buy a jar of vaseline and keep it handy.
25 years in state and local government as a cog in the machine will fuck anybody up, especially as the call for more with less continues.
Enough said.

Thanks Vis

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Larry Sinclair, straight? from the horses mouth, so to speak.

in the spirit of Monty Python's storytime gone corrupt

Obama's friends..
Reggie Love? Donald Young? Deval Patrick? Bill F(r)ist?

cue Flinstone's
♫We'll have a gay old time♫

Ranie Bubbles? Pebble's Young? Will Ma?

Cleese reportedly thought it all too serious in the end.

If our Lord Ford could see it he wold be driving around in his grave (that he at least dug himself).

ps I thought it was inbreeding that usually put the genetic knife in the imperial coffins?

WarmZephyr said...

"...It's not just the bodies that are being violated, in the kill zones of the world, it's human dignity that's on the chopping block. The biggest driving motives of the entertainment world are to shit-can self respect, to make us look like clowns, to humiliate humanity and drag the spirit down..." (L.V.)

Captain Les are a lighthouse AND foghorn combined.


Many would have crashed onto the shoals a long time ago if not for you. (:-D) Your generosity for sharing certain navigational abilities as well your seaman's bawdy humor - have placed you on top of the crow's nest - between mere mortals and the divine.

~May your spyglass continue to pierce the gloom...

~and your VOICE chase the fog away with a (((BOOM))).

...A little background info. on why conditions are so FUBAR.

Mouser said...

"vile, psychos, blood-thristy, violent, megalomanic, savages"

I thought you were descibing the tribe (grin).

Oh, now I see, you were!

It's Shylock you know, aka alfa Rothschild, who is pushing this third world war. The City of London (zionist Rothschild's lair) has bribed/lobbied merry old England's government to send a bloody armada of war ships to the Persian gulf to really get this party started.

Who wants war? The christians? The muslims? The real jews? The hindus? The buddists? Children? Families?

Cui bono? Shylock that's who. The Bauer dynasty and their cronies who want to own the world after the war to end all wars.


Those two dogs are rabid and need to be put down.

Usury and private central banking are the scourge of the earth.

A cancer. Rothschild and the metastasis israel must be cured or the patient is going to die.

God, please save Gaia.

Anonymous said...

A Guiding feather
Centered compassion
Luminous tokens
Magnetic attraction
Blossoms in the wind
The unity of life
Wandering the universe
Darkness and the light
The freeing of will
A hearts faithfull accomplice
The still of the water
A place where love is
Infinitely aware
Radiating all
Harmonic beauty
Mother earth calls


Anonymous said...

"The film was made by someone named, 'Sam Bacile.' It’s a pseudonym of course. Its been rumored that Bacile is an Israeli real estate developer living in California. But this has been refuted by others who claim he is a “coptic christian” because they went to his house and saw all kinds of christian statuary on his property. Right. ..."

-- Robert Phoenix, "Shifting Nodes And the Manipulation of Fundamentalism..."

Flood said...

Off-topic but eye-catching nonetheless.

I'm inclined to disagree with the presentation of the article that the extraterrestials/ufo's are extremely aggressive, hostile, and out to get us. I know there are baddies out there but c'mon. If anything they are probably benevolent and looking to throw a monkeywrench or two into the military-industrial complex of the USofIsrael.I know you have to be open to all possibilities but I say bring on the spaceships lol!

Also Cliff High(
addresses the recent Middle East 'bombings' on his latest wujo. 'They' are trying to start WWIII.

Peace to all here,


Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Nicely said Emmanuel,.....neil

Anonymous said...

Writing itself is a symptom of the Kali Yuga. Human beings have been living on planet Earth for millions of years before we have any record of the written word.

Originally orally transmitted, the texts were faithfully memorized and handed down from generation to generation. We no longer possess such an amazing command of memory. Imagine memorizing complete books! What we have available to us now in the Kali Yuga as the sacred texts written in the Sanskrit script was transcribed much later than it was composed – meaning spoken.

Some of these ancient texts accurately predict the conditions we are now experiencing. Remember these are predictions from well over 6,000 years ago – before the advent of writing and written history! The ancients who made these prophecies considered them to be abnormal, unheard-of, and outrageous.

*From the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana:

Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.

Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly. They will cease to protect the people.

Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

There will be many displaced persons, wandering from one country to another.

Predatory animals will be more violent.

Fetuses will be killed in the wombs of their mothers.

People will prefer to choose false ideas.

No one will be able to trust anyone else.

People will be envious.

There will be many children born whose life expectancy is no more than 16 years.

People suffering from hunger and fear will take refuge in underground shelters.

Young girls will do trade in their virginity.

The god of clouds will be inconsistent in the distribution of the rains.

Shopkeepers will run dishonest businesses.

There will be many beggars and unemployed people.

Everyone will use hard and vulgar language.

Men will devote themselves to earning money; the richest will hold power.

The state leaders will no longer protect the people but, through taxes, will appropriate all wealth.

Water will be lacking.

Pre-cooked food will be readily available.

Thye 10th Dentist said...

Thanks for the gut and mind checks you deliver so eloquently. I taught my young grandsons the song,"this little light of mine" this past weekend. It's tough to get an 7 and 8 year old to meditate. But this works as well as any mantra might.After reading about Dr. Simoncini's work with cancer therapy they will learning the song "Candida" very soon. Oh no my friends! Do not doubt the power of Tony Orlando and Dawn.

WarmZephyr said...

SNAKE MASSAGE ~~~> (imported from Northern Israel)

What WILL they think of next?

Richie (Dana) said...


Beautiful thoughts my friend.
Nothing can stop this.

"Everything is Always Perfect"

The entire world shall soon see this Truth.

A pleasant day to all.


Mouser said...

The quintessential work by diggerfortruth about EVERYTHING.


Anonymous said...

No need to be shoveling out the darkness; just turn on the light.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6:12:00 PM

My son has written prophesies now and again (it just comes; not composed) and one of his stated "no longer pen and paper". I told him it meant ideas and teachings would be by word of mouth/telepathy because meanings get so dicombobulated with the writtin word.

Like I've read here and elsewhere, the written tao is not the true tao.


Visible said...

Definitely, you should take your ball and go home, heh heh... well, we do our best. Probably ain't much but it's all I got. I leave it all on the court, on the field and hopefully in hearts and minds but I'm moving on now, no telling where I'll be or withoomer the lord allows. I am getting my effects in order.

Skepticfrog said...

Vis wrote:
"I am getting my effects in order."

That sounds ominous. I would be easy to gloss over it, if there would not be other signs, and comments by people who are closer to the warmongers. Right now there is talk about the "Yom Kippur War redux" or Yom Kippur Numero duo.
Knowing the Tribe's proclivity to rituals and things of that nature, it would make sense to assume that based on the success of the first Yom Kippur war, they'd want to repeat ritualistically the same at the same time, since they lost every war after or since.

For your entertainment, here is a little jew Yom Kippur ritual you might want to know to understand their mentality:


During the morning before Yom Kippur, some Jews do kapparot, which is a custom that reminds them of the sacrifices made in the Temple in ancient times before a holyday. The traditional way for someone to do kaparot is to take a chicken and wave it around their head three times while saying a prayer so as to 'transfer' their sins to the chicken.
In modern times, many people prefer to use money instead of a chicken, and the money is then given to (jewish only!) charity.

Hence, no accountability, reflection and guilt for anything; all sins and evil deeds get transferred to the poor chicken. Convenient huh? - Except for the chicken (and the goys).

Anonymous said...

Written in heart
Mothers tongue
Lightnings thimble
Moon and sun
Rivers winding
Instance sweep
Wide awaken
Turning deep
Mind of flower
Golden straw
Old man luminous
Mountain raw
Thunders eyeball
Fiery streak
Arising spark
Of Heart speak


Anonymous said...


I think they also slit the chickens throat.

walking hawk

bholanath said...


Passing along to you this message from a great yogi today:
"happy ganesh chaturthi for you , your family and those you love and hold dear. may the next ten days be full of music, happiness & the joy that comes from knowing you & lord ganesha are one and the same. with full blessings, & kindness."

preacher said...

Concerning כפרו :
But who is going to be the chicken this year?

If this is the only way, I wish you the best this world has to offer on your yourney!
And thanx for all the fish!

Clarity said...

mike m -

I'm so sorry! I usually keep checking back on the comments until there don't seem to be any new ones, but somehow I missed yours on PD.

Was it the email?

Did you put @ where AT was written?

If you're talking about something else, then please clue me in! Brain function is not at full power...


Rob in WI said...

So there's a silly little ritual to go along with kol nidre? Learn something new every day, I guess. Thanks and be well, Rob

Mouser said...

Waving chickens around the head three times to absolve all the murder caused? I wonder if alfa Rothschild and the other zionist Shylocks do this as they organise the murder of civilians in their bid for a new world order with them as kings.

The light will expose these financial murderers.

Shine on everybody!


Anonymous said...

when you hit the road if i put money in paypal will you be able to access it?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Sliding Down an Endless Wall into the Silence.

ChewyBees said...

You are welcome, Visible. I think I saw others taking claim, which to me means they must reflect the same sentiment.

I will never post anonymous. Who or what do I have to fear?

I just want to add that many times I hesitate to come back and read what I wrote because I truly do mean to lay my heart out there, which means vulnerability, which means I have to place an upside down bucket over my ego and ignore the pounding from within.

Bear with me at times. I read your writings as much as I can but don't always make the greatest replies. Usually they are at the end of the comment board instead of the beginning. It's safer down there (grin).

The day I post second on the list is the day I get struck by lightning while reading my winning lottery ticket.

In the words of SNL doing Bush Sr. "Ain't Gonna happen!"

ChewyBees said...

in response to Emmanuel...

I like your posts. They are well written.

My take on things is that all of this has to happen before there can be a definite and equal reaction. There must be a conglomeration of all things defacto human, known widely as the NWO incorporation. It actually must come to fruition in order for the current system to collapse in complete entirety. As long as governments, worldwide in their fractured, profiteering, warmonger state are allowed to exist without contest we will continue to languish. Once the frauds conglomerate there will be but one point of failure. This is the prophecy of all times, and all prophets.

It's amazing to me how many 'Americans' believe that the United States Corporation is the last government ever needed for mankind. It is the most corrupt, corruptible, insanely immoral and criminal enterprise ever unleashed upon a people since its master murdered the tens of millions of indigenous peoples living on this land before it. The entire system is founded upon theft and murder. Imagine that, if you can, dear reader of this, that the entire governmental systems of all western nations are founded on theft, rape and murder.

But it is in this day treated as the land of the free (BOGO) and the home of the brave (Casino owning paid off indigenous tribal counselor). People truly believe that this is all still on the up and up. You can't in any manner, outside of incarceration, torture and murder (coming soon), convince them that their fantasy image of government is a total and complete sham. TV is a trillion dollar advertising scheme. The people are moths to a flame(r). It's over.

Let thinking people disconnect and move forward to enrichment of all life. Let incompetents remain in the past of a government that hates everything but paying tribute to the previous effed up government.

Visible said...

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