Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Mass Midnight Renditions to Guantanamo that have not Come to Pass.

(We skipped one in the order for the Christmas message so... we are going to jump to Smoking Mirrors and take it from there.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

A friend came to me very recently and asked if I had heard about all the flights to Guantanamo with all the high level elite who were being locked up because of all the lowjinks they have been up to for such a length of time. This is, I suppose, to make us all throbbingly positive about the tsunami outfitted New Age that is washing out the shoreline of whatever the people that don't know have told us lies ahead... somewhere.

Maybe you are familiar with BenYAHmin Fulford and David Wilcox and Sorcha Faal. They are a kind of triumverate of post Art Bell bobbleheads. I stay wide of Fulford but occasionally he will raise his magenta unicorn's head and tell us tales about the red, or the green or the white Japanese ninjas or mafia, or the rainbow unilateral white hat yakuzas or whatever they are being called at whatever moment he brings any of them up, over and over and over again.

As soon as my friend mentioned this mass roundup and arrest of Podesta and other like affiliates I thought, had to be something from Fulford or the other guys so I went looking and saw this at one point. No doubt this fellow came across one of the maundering utterances of the triumverate. Then I came across this. Then I came across this. Then I came across some real humor here. Then, of course, I found what I knew would be there on Sucha Fool's website. Here is who Sorcha Fall really is and that has been available for years..

Is it strange that all of these people have some mention, however vague or not so vague about this midnight rendition of all the dark side heavyweights? Look no further. Fulford's claim to fame is having once interviewed the most recent high profile resident of the Infernal Kingdom, David Rockefeller.

There wasn't anything accidental about that.

For anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of utter bullshit, they have an intern program.

Okay... maybe this once, I am off the wall (well, I have certainly been off the wall before but I am talking about in this particular area). Maybe thousands of high end Deep State, illuminati-masonic, child eating psychopaths have been rounded up and shipped to ♫Guantanamera, guajira* (Peasant) guantanamera. Guantanamera, guajira, guantanamera♫ Maybe this has happened and wouldn't that be wonderful? Here is the actual seriously fake news article from Fulford that whoever gave my friend the info, took their wakey wakey from. You will note that this is from over 6 weeks ago.

All you will need to get an impression of Wilcox can be experienced in listening to this lovely Lugburz transmission.

Okay... enough links. I know there are people out there who think I am to be included in this collection of knuckleheads and Nimrods who are always right, according to them but in my defense, I do not claim to be always right. I claim that I don't know and if anything that comes into my heart or my mind is useful to you, take hold of it and use it for your good. Otherwise, cast it to the wayside; maybe someone else will pick it up (grin)?

I know there are people who … and they are in a small minority, from what I can see when I measure their anonymous screech at me, which I experience a few times in an entire season, who think that I am any number of various fails which show up in a truly glaring sense when they look in the mirror, because the whole dynamic is a mirror. It is not unlikely that I am burdened and beset by any number of shortcomings. All I can say is there are not so many as once there was and I strive and struggle through every day to be in a better and more consistent space from which to serve you, whether you like me or not. This is all I can say and it is true as far as I know. I leave that as a possible reservation because I don't know, not really. There are some few things I do know and one of them is that God is real and that we are loved. Do I need to know any more than that?

I know that the closest we can come to grasping the essential nature of the ineffable is... (drum roll!) Love. I know that those of us who care, really do care and that gives me hope and the certitude of friends, despite any sentiments to the contrary. What matters it whether the whole world loves us or not? I know of no one whom that has ever been true of. I will say this, both our enemies and our friends give a clear picture of what we are about. The kind of friends we have and the kind of enemies we have, say a great deal about the quality of our being. I suggest all of you take comfort, or motivation from that. I thank the ineffable every day for what I am and equally for what I am not; that I am not Fulford, or Wilcox, or Faal. I don't know anything about multi-colored ninjas. Here he is (Fulford) declaring over a year ago the same claptrap about mass arrests. Whoops! Another link (sorry).

It's a new year my friends. In many cases, 'meet the new year, same as the old year.' What is really taking place; let me say, how it appears to me is that a cloud of Materialism and individual transmitters and transponders called cellphones, blankets the Earth. I see emerging out of this film of opacity a number of roads, like something imagined out of an M.C. Escher drawing that lead to portals which open into environments of specific parameters, wherein a state of mind and a state of existence prevails. They are incredibly diverse in relation to each other, except where they bear striking similarities to some. They lead to levels of the astral plane, wherein both Heaven and Hell exist in a certain limited fashion, because there are bardos that are hellish and which fall below the astral realm and bardos that are heavenly and exist above and beyond the astral plane and then there is Bridget Bardo and a multiplicity actor who is called Javier Bardem. Would Bardem be the plural of Bardo? Yes, I am getting cute. I apologize. There is also a universal lubricant called Bardol but that is for another time (grin).

I made some resolutions this year and they are specific and few. I promised I would try to treat myself better and that I would seek the ineffable more consistently and intensely. I believe if I can accomplish some degree of both, I will be much improved in this new year. It goes without saying that I will treat others better as a result.

I do not want to go to the usual length with this posting. My computer has been very wonky over recent days and I feel if I can get this posting in before anything happens then I have accomplished more than I expected when I started out. God willing, you will see this shortly. The best of a new and fabulous new year to you one and all, friend or foe and may we look back on this year, at the same time next year and affirm to ourselves and one another, that we really did pass some milestones and achieve some substantial good in a world somehow, against all expectations, changed into a better place than it was at this moment.

Much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If I see faal, fulford or wilcox, I know not to click. Sounds like someone's been getting their info from the wrong side of beforeitsnews.com. Half the stuff they post is OK, the other half might as well be one step below fertiliser. Weird site, but I go there since sorting through the garbage ain't hard.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just have to post this weird coincidence. My nose-poo used the term 'wonky' this mornin', and that's a term almost never used here; and I see it in print on your blog post.

Yes, liked the post.

imnaha said...

Happy New Year Vis! I too steer clear of the above mentioned, BUT there are at least two sources from whom these people seem to be regurgitating material. That said, were the above the ONLY sources of this material I wouldn't waste my time following the bread crumbs which have some degree of validity (see the new fashion footwear look in D.C.) and they are projecting a fairly short timeline which means we don't long to wait to see if this more "smoke and mirrors" (sorry;-) Whether true or not this story would (will?) make a great screen play someday.

IMNAHA said...

Happy New Year Vis! I too steer clear of the above mentioned, BUT there are at least two sources from whom these people seem to be regurgitating material. That said, were the above the ONLY sources of this material I wouldn't waste my time following the bread crumbs which seemingly have some degree of validity,(see the new fashion footwear look in D.C.) and they are projecting a fairly short timeline which means we don't long to wait to see if this more "smoke and mirrors"(sorry;-) Whether true or not this story would (will?) make a great screen play someday.

Unknown said...


brian boru said...

All the best to you in the new year Les and thank you for the work you do.

wiggins said...

I came across a picture of Huma hiding her ankle brace under a pair of baggy flairs....for shame.

Thomas said...

Happy new year! May it bring good things for you.

mike m said...

I believe the Calm has passed and Storm is coming. #Quickly.

Stan Del Carlo said...

Steppenwolf: Rock Me, 3'rd stanza.

I don't know where we come from
Don't know where we're goin' to
But if all this should have a reason
We would be the last to know
So let's just hope there is a promised land
Hang on 'til then
As best as you can

And forget about these people.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Actually, it's David Wilcock. I usually catch that, but this time I missed it. Well, off to my treadmill from Hell I go. Might work sopping wet, tonight. Getting my janitorial supplies in the rain ain't gonna be easy. Unlocking the key to my supply room needs two hands, and I'm gonna have fun with my umbrella. . .not to mention the garbage collection site is over a hundred metres away.

Hope they did a bathroom garbage clearance at noon. That way, I might be able to get away with dropping my bag off in the garbage outside the building.

Anonymous said...

Been following the Anon Q thing since the beginning in October. Some of Q's posts had specific info or symbols that Trump tweeted a day or two later. There's also that pic Q posted presumably from AF1 while flying over Korea.

You really have to read it from the very beginning with the posts on 4chan and later 8chan. The gist is that Q is real and works for Trump. May actually be Trump. I don't know. It's very interesting and mostly done in an ask question format which has you answer it.

The pedo child sex trafficking rings are being taken down. Look at all the recent articles about the thousands of arrests of these monsters. The record number of career politicians who won't be re-running have been gotten to, so we are told by Q. I think we're up to 5 congressmen and senators who are wearing surgical boots apparently to hide their gps ankle bracelets. McCaine even moved his from his right leg to his left leg!!!! :). If you had something wrong with your foot that required a surgical boot, why, for any reason, would you decide to wear it on your unaffected foot??? Was the ankle bracelet becoming uncomfortable?

Why does Nancy Pelosi act like she's losing her mind when speaking in public? Is it to avoid prosecution, perhaps?

Ultimately, it could all be controlled opposition to keep us placated.

But Q, Mueller, and over 4,000 sealed indictments make me wonder...

For the record I'm no fan of Faal, Fulford or the other guy. :)


Visible said...

I know you are not a fan of them because you have a mind. Previously in these blogs I have stated that I don't know till I know and given I had never even heard of this before, well, well...heh heh I guess, but I just don't know. You are the second person to tell me this is legit; as for the others, even liars tell the truth sometimes, if it is to their advantage but I haven't heard ...and nary is the word... about any big roundup of the real bigs, mostly sewer mice with an occasional Weinstein. When I see it. I be seeing it. AND a GOOD DAY TO YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
For in much wisdom is much vexation,
and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. Where there is no guidance, a people falls,
but in an abundance of counselors there is safety

Visible said...

Is David Woodcock in the bag )grin). Honey, isn't there an easier way? Seriously.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nah! Just had paper towels, a nappy or two, a few cotton ponies, and a couple o' coffee cups or sumthin' like that. The light plastic bag couldn't hold Wilcock, who I avoid like the plague after the handful of posts of his I read.

The weather gods were actually nice to me last night. Light drizzle when I did trash detail. Now I gotta leave to do it all again.

Anonymous said...

I probably should've pointed out the Q phenomenon is not related to anyone going to Gitmo. I have not seen any recent Q updates only because life is doing its usual thing with me and I've had to deal with other things. I think Q posts daily. I never saw any posts mentioning Gitmo previously.

For ease, someone created a document called, "The Book of Q" which had all Q's postings up to the date it was posted. Not sure if the author updates it.

Actually, I'm not [Q]uite ready to call it totally "legit" just yet, but the posts (most of them ) are compelling.

The thing that got my attention was posted by Q on "The Calm Before the Storm" thread on 4chan in which Q said that SA (Saudi Arabia) would be first to root out the high level government corruption. Days later, the evil Prince (Alaweed?) and his many cohorts were arrested, tortured, and kept on the floor in a room in the Ritz in Riyadh(?) or other city. That was main stream news and Q called it days before it happened. All having to do with Trumps recent visit there and his meeting with the new King....

As far as the Gitmo renditions go, this is supposedly from a retired General writing in to Steve Quayle's site. Steve's info is mostly wrong, but he can absolutely nail it big sometimes. Seems plausible, but I don't know. I'll post his response in the next box.
A good day to you too, Vis!

Anonymous said...

FWIW from the General Responding to the Gitmo renditions from Steve Quayle's site.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for sending this. I saw something similar to this on the All News Pipeline (I think). Here is my take.

Why this premise doesn’t make sense:

This is the normal rotation time for GTMO…in particular, for the National Guard. Nothing special here.
Military Police have the right MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) for the duty. Again, nothing special.
When we deployed, we didn’t allow pictures of the soldiers to be made public either. SOP.
There are only about 50 detainees at GTMO now, and much of GTMO has been shuttered. Repair and restoration would be needed. Salt water eats away at everything there.
There are two major parts of GTMO…..the Naval Base and the Detention Facility. The two have very little in common. They have different missions and chains of command. Though relations are cordial, there is very little interaction. The point is, increased communication with GTMO could be either for the detention facility or the naval base operations. If it is naval base operations, then Cuba is your issue.
The optics of putting politicians at GTMO are horrific. The torture stuff ended 12-13 years ago., but, in the public’s mind, GTMO will always be associated with an angry nation--- and waterboarding. I still get jokes about it today.
The MSM would go apoplectic is Americans were sent to GTMO…expect court filings by the hundreds.
Human rights groups would be pile-on and get limitless funding from Soros, et al.
The fact is, GTMO is just a prison…modeled after one in Indiana. There is nothing inherently special about it from a structural standpoint. There is no reason to imprison Americans there vs. a regular prison in the US.
Next, why would you intermingle detainees with Americans? Americans (even if they are total reprobates, which they would likely be) would have to be treated differently.
The cost (and inconvenience) of detaining (and questioning) anyone at GTMO was always a sore spot for lawyers, the media, the politicians, and bureaucrats.
Why this could be possible:

President Trump clearly supports sending strong messages. Imprisoning people at GTMO would certainly send a strong message.
If the Administration has rock-solid proof of pedophilia, child sacrifice, etc., then the optics of GTMO are perfect. “We won’t stand for this!”
The isolation of GTMO would make control much easier. Protests outside prison entrances would not happen as they would in the US.
The inconvenience of getting to GTMO would also work President Trump’s favor. Everything for the attorneys/media/activists gets harder.
Even though there are still detainees there, there are also a lot of unused facilities that are separate from each other. Remember, we used to have 800 detainees at GTMO. The detainees need never see an American and vice versa.
Anyway, Steve, I could go on, but you get the gist. I do believe there are strong indications something big is about to break. If GTMO has a role in it, then what is about to happen will shake this country to its core. I can’t imagine the Administration using GTMO (and its historic reputation) for something of passing importance that would be lost quickly in a 24-hour news cycle.

Your friend in Christ,


Voltman said...

Qanon Ball Adelson & The Whitehouse Whitehats are coming soon to a prison planet near you. T & Q are gonna save you from having to use your brain. Rest assured patriots, you gotta have faith in POTUS, our holy emperor. Trust in him, pray for him, believe in the salvation he brings to America, yay to the world!

Time to get down on your knees an pray for Pope Donald...

Important! Very very very important!!!

Pete Santilli said so on InfoWars.

"There are bright people using the dark net."
Mandatory viewing: Qanon is our Prophet and Trump is our Savior

This is on YouTube...!, the ones who have been censoring, demonetizing and falsely accusing truthers of uploading inappropriate, offensive, whatever, content!!

As if BenYahmin Fulford, Sucha Fool and David WildCock weren't enough to garner complete faith in Prophet Qanon and Pope T our Lord and Savior (peace be upon him), we can also benefit from the wisdom of InfoWars' Alex Jones & company, including PrisonPlanet Pete Santilli who apparently has escaped from prison. He was interviewed by Rense some time ago and I think he was in jail regarding the Bundy Ranch standoff... Anyway...

Hope is cheap, especially when (((they))) control the media and the castrated Internet. At least with these videos, they admit to a lot of criminal behavior in the process of deceiving us... ( or trying to deceive us...)

They are asking us to get the word out; aren't these whitehats in a much better position than us to get the word out?!

Wild thing, you make my heart sing!


P.S.: It’s a False Flag World Out There

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
“So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known"

Sacred secrets of Massonia profaned. I got to know every secret, knowing that I can say that it is the pursuit of wind and vanity of vanities.

Les people hate me because I'm telling the truth. In 7 days you will be presented with a picture of Freemasonry, presenting you to logically understand the problem that surrounds the world. The choice is yours because after what I have seen, I consider people to be unworthy of existence.

Look at Clinton Foundations and Circle 49.
49 is the number of Masonic lodges in the United States, or territorial jurisdiction.
the official power to make legal decisions and judgements in sport word 49ers. I Back to this for 7 days.
An example of Clinton's philanthropy from Freemasonry.
Freemasonry is spoken by Brother Claver, in order to get people to understand all the rules, different uses the appeal and especially pretend to be charity, that it is a philanthropic and progressive institution. Thousands of such blinded methods, or her accomplices or ignoramuses, praise her charity, but none of them cites the proof in support of such praise for her. Nowhere indicates her works and good deeds. The slogans of Freemasonry Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood should be understood as the opposite of humanity. Since she does not know the true freedom, and freedom of masonic lies in the freedom of debauchery, chipping and persecution, brotherhood deceives gullibility, and by proclaiming equality, tyrannic took the captivity of humanity.
At once, I will not announce my sources of text, but will show you the connections of the Vatican with governments and secret societies leading to the Jewish environment. Consciously or unconsciously the freemason is an artificial Jew.
I am aware of what I write and I know what threatens me for revealing this secret, and this secret is great, but I also know who leads and who showed me the way and that these psychopathic animals can kiss my ass. I will present you their charity, many companies such as Silicon, Uber, google, facebook, hollywood, US goverment and other head sufferers. This is the world of God and he created them and knows everything about them.

Visible said...

Funny how your English is so improved.

Visible said...

Funny how your English is so improved.

Foe_Destroyer said...

Well said as always. Here's something I think you should think about a little if you haven't already Vis:

— The Alt-Right are the New Bolsheviks —

(Did Karl Marx Help Create the Alt-Right?: https://www.minds.com/media/795053032218599424)
(Jewish Paleoconservative Coins Term Alt-Right: forward.com/news/national/348372/meet-the-jewish-paleoconservative-who-coined-the-term-alternative-right/)

This is exactly what a few of us have been trying to warn American's in particular, and Westerner's in general, about for what seems a very long time now. That warning being: The Alt-Right and the right-wing in today's Western political spectrum have more in common with the Bolsheviks of the Russian revolution, than the contemporary left does. One need only study the "Red Terror" and Bolshevik revolution to realize how dangerous this is. I don't understand what it is we have to say to get Westerner's to see how much danger their countries, families, and friends are in?

So, here we are, proven right. Straight from the horses mouth, and from someone who is sympathetic to the Alt-Right:
"Slavoj Zizek, the world’s most famous living Marxist theorist, wrote an interesting column in the Independent the other day. He defended the alt-right and populist right-wing figures like Steve Bannon by saying that they represent a genuine form of class consciousness, in other words they understand that their primary enemies are the bourgeois globalist elite who currently control the establishment of both parties. He also argued that the left should ally with the alt-right, despite their disagreement over key issues like racial and LGBT issues, in order to defeat the establishment of both political parties...." https://storia.me/en/@dubya/marx-would-line-today-3zz8b5

If you are a leftist, you should be arming yourself, and learning how to use said firearms proficiently. It is better to be safe than sorry, and it is better to be paranoid and wrong, than to feel safe and be wrong. Will it take your friends and family being lined up and shot by a rightist before you take this seriously, or better yet, care? Can't happen in America though right?


Anonymous said...

“ What?”

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
I know that it is funny my English, I try to write it correctly, although it is funny but concrete. I have never studied, but I see that you understand it anyway. No one is perfect on 100%

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Aggressive truth,
People don't hate you because you're 'telling the truth.' Nor do they hate you because you're so profound and scarily transcendent like an alien or lost prophet.
Truth is .. how many times do you think we've heard all this inside scoop, revealed prophesy, eenie beenie chile weenie and more? Yeah, plenty. About a million times..
Every truth and rumor about man and God and law, and then some, we've heard. Even live a little or a lot of it too.

So I'm pretty sure no one here hates you, you're just boring is all. Plus, the illegible stuff doesn't help, but I hope this helps you with any angst and fear at not getting your message/warning across because like I said, the eclectics here have heard it all before.

Questioning said...

Yeah, they were constantly saying us white Americans had to do austerity, deal with a dark night of the soul, forgive the evil ones. Then #spirit cooking and #pizzagate/pedogate came out...

Suddenly..... Major back-tracking by the White Dragon Society and their 5,000,10,000 year old enlightened "immortals". Still trying to push a meritocracy and new-New World Order. And of course... The Aliens.....

....well I say... I want to file my teeth and nails into fangs and claws and tear the throats out of all of them. Fuck "karma",fuck"law of one"...you all let demons in human flesh kidnap, rape, torture cannibalize our CHILDREN!!!!!

ALL of you deserve nothing less than slow torture and then death, sent to Hell/Lake of Fire awaiting your Fathers such as Moloch, ba'al, Satan, etc to be tossed there after you.

Anonymous said...

I iterate and reiterate! Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn.....

Anonymous said...

Devil, any comment?

Anonymous said...

Thankqueue for all your atrycurls, Les Visible and many a HappySadSameOldNewToYouToo


your move...


if we join weakness'aces - hour minute moves may steel count wither witout or agamest us

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth.
I have one question Homer. What lessons have you drawn from the prophets? No, because when you hear about the raping of children, you say it used to be done, it means that it is normal. It's easy to show who is who. Either you are the opponent or you are evil. Do you like to hurt others? Stand with the sword face to face with me instead of hiding behind the name Homer. I'm sure you do not even know who Homer was.

Kazz said...

Part 1

Some people do not believe in karma because so much evil occurs in this world, but it is due to karma that there is so much suffering. We live in an interactive universe. All those children who are being raped, murdered, and sacrificed are those who once raped, murdered, and sacrificed children. All those who live in poverty today are the greedy who impoverished others. Don't you get it, most of humanity are trapped in the density of the physical aspect of Creation because of their fear, anger, hatred, lust and greed. It is negative emotions such as these which hold us down on this plane, which is why the global satanic elite go to so much trouble to encourage the 7 deadly sins within us. By keeping people resonating low the satanic elite not only manage to keep us imprisoned here in this realm of density, but they profit monetarily and secure more power, more control. The lower dimensions expand off our hatred and animosity towards each other because entities in the lower dimensions feed off our negative emotions. This is how Creation works. If you hate your brother than the beast within you is winning!

You either believe in God or you do not. 'If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone. Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” On the contrary, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink. For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head.”… (Romans 18-20).

We live in a multidimensional universe, and that which we consider as the physical universe only makes up a minute percentage of Creation. What lies beyond that? None of us really know, so whether you believe in a hereafter or not comes down to faith. Those who have faith have always been butchered by those who do not. How can anyone not believe in God when God has left his/her signature, via the golden ratio and the fibonacci sequence, on everything that abounds in nature?

My conclusion is that the younger souls are the one's who get caught up in satan's web of deceit and lies, because I see that many of these people are honourable souls who have the best of intentions, but their ego betrays them because they have no spiritual maturity. The darker energies divide us against each other, but love unites.

All I know is that I was once immersed in hatred and anger. It was a cloud that hung over me. People avoided me and I didn't know why, until one day, somewhere in the mix, I don't know exactly at what point, but God helped to open my eyes and helped me to look within. What I saw was that people were afraid of the beast within me, so I slayed it, and every day I get up and battle that mongrel within me to try and be a better human being. The blessings and rewards gained through this process have been immeasurable. I still have that beast within me, and sometimes it rears its ugly head, and when it does the Holy Spirit flees from within me, because the Holy Spirit, higher self, cannot abide in any vessel that does not resonate at a high enough frequency.

Kazz said...

Part 2

It isn't about whether those who are deceived kill us or not, it is about who we choose to be while we are alive, and lets face it folks how much control do we really have in the outer world anyway? The satanists blame humanity for all the ill in the world, but humanity never ever had a say in how this world is run, the only thing we really have is a say in is how we behave, and in that degree the satanists are right, humanity is to blame, because the satanists can only infest this world with demons if we give them the vessels to do so. If we stand up to the satanists they kill or torture us, because they can't have anyone disagreeing with their philosophy of being the 'chosen people'. No one every asks these people what are they chosen for? They have been chosen for hell because they are the wretched among us, they are the vilest most heinous human beings who ever lived. If God did not let Creation unfold the way it has how would the rest of us get to see the face of what pure evil is and come to understand God's justice in banishing such souls from Creation?

All I know is that the quality of my time here on earth has greatly improved as a result of the choice I made to evolve in this world, instead of devolving like the majority. It is a personal choice that each of us must make, and I urge people to choose wisely, because the Holy Spirit that guides me is proof to me of God's existence, as is everything that lies without me. A secondhand car salesman, who claimed to be a Christian, once told me that as you believe so shall it be, but I know that this is not true, because many people believe they are Christians who are going to go to heaven, but Christ refutes that (Matthew 7:22-24). What I see is that there is only one true reality on this plane, and the Holy Spirit enables one to discern between that which is real and that which is illusion. The majority of people in this world are caught up in the illusion, money is a large part of that illusion. John the Baptist walked around in a sack cloth and lived off wild honey and locust because he was so dedicated to God that he would have nothing to do with the commercial world. You see the commercial world is satan's domain. Once you can cut through the illusion you easily see where truth lies.

Luv Kazz

Anti Tyranny said...

Sorry to see the trolls arrive here Vis...not going to say much more now. Life happens.

Eudoxia said...

Helloooooo Vizable my friend from afar.

Been a while, ran into a few problems you could say. Those Dementors sure know what they are doing - I think JK Rowling was onto something there. Encountered a few myself took me a while to recover. All good now.

Prince Charming turned into Prince Harming. Then I turned into a pumpkin for a while but all good now.

Great post to walk back into. Ah yes Fulford and his 1,2,3 Ninjas and as for that other specimen Wilcock -rolls eyes-. I can't believe people actually still buy that shit. It's been many years since I visited that loser's site but I anticipate nothing has changed. So Mass arrests are still ongoing - pleased to hear it how come no one's in jail? LOL Same shit different turd. Whirds are impressive but meaningless.

Well at least a few of the Prince's of Darkness have left this realm for the infernal worlds. I guess he was shit out of luck after heart No 7. Maybe he failed his dark lord. How's Dick and Henry doing these days? Someone please tell me they've joined the other one and his right hand man.

I have not paid attention to the geopolitical scene now in well over a year. I gave up after I found my new mission in life - seek and find my own soul. Had no choice. You could say I lost my mind, which fortunately was just as well. I've decided I'm thoroughly sick of psychopaths particularly those in my own family had to cut a few people loose. Good decision that was.

Good to see some of the same crowd still here. We are in interesting times indeed.
What happened when the Roman Empire collapsed - not much it went with a whimper not a bang. Just turned into something else. Then when that collapsed turned into the shit different day.

Don't pay attention to Trump or anybody else much these days I'm busy creating a new reality - wish me luck :-

Hang Five Viz good to see you are still cutting to the chase. I expected nothing less -grin-

Thomas said...

Aggressive Truth;

I can see that you want to change the world for the better. I am sure that you know by now that this is no easy task. Sometimes anger works, but many times it does not. Have you noticed this? If you really want to make a positive change, for yourself and for others, these words from The Bible should concern you:


You have heard that you should Love your friends and hate your enemies, but to those who will listen I say: Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also. Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.

And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye?
For sinners also love those that love them.

And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye?
For sinners also do even the same.

But love ye your enemies, and do good, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil. Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.


Truly great words, a lofty ideal! ... Do we live up to them? Only if we can defeat what is evil in ourselves, and that is the REAL challenge!

I wish you all the best in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Hyyas, Happy Happy New Years for Everybody, and may your me's understanding of peace,
be peace of understanding! memyselfnie

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Like cowards, what are you so tough? Where is your honor, God, Fatherland, where your conscience and what with love. Your words are hypocrisy, vanity of vanities. One homeless has more knowledge, courage, intelligence, prudence than you all put together. And do you name men? I am ashamed of you for this illusion of your ignorance in the darkness, my beloved personality, without any reason to know the purpose of clarity.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Do too too know who Homer is and was.
Me, my father, my grandfather and that Simpson guy, you knucklehead you..

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

I loved watching your latest radio show... you must be smokin some really good shit : )

Over these many years you've found an infinite number of ways to deliver the same wonderful message. Thank you.


Visible said...

Well then Peter, I think you are pretty much going to really like today's broadcast and the Origami that I am now just completing. It's been a series of days where I did not know what to say or how to say it. Today I was reduced to the proper volume and consistency of tears to come up able to say something.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"Tap... Tap... Tap... (Sigh)" I Love You Lord.

piety piet said...

mad respect dfoe you continuous thaadcultivation V.
in the interest of backdating Guantanamo memery I'll attempt a nutshell Ellis:
Jesus, ordinary run of the mill reactionary rebel, got gamed, bested and turned inside out by his main biographer (Paul, one and the same person as Josephus the famous histographer as well as [another Joseph,] the man who bought jesus off the cross, effectively saved him and used him as a kind of hostage held for ransom [pacifying his immediate family in Edessa, real big back then] in a Roman equivalent of Guantanamo, in Chester UK back then, an expatriot, 5th columnist, a primary and prototype antiphant.
And all this subtly but significantly seasoned with the efforts and thoughts of those not so much trying to suppress and quell uprisings as making pacifism count enough to prevent them in the first place, in other words, the same inbetween / median material from my hand trying to repopulate the void and ravaged wastes between standard polarized lef/rite fare.

Visible said...

Numbers 4,5,6 and 7 of the series, Discourses on the Ineffable and the songs of Les Visible are up now and can be found here--- Discourses on the Ineffable and the songs of Les Visible.

Whoops, #7 isn't up yet but it will be in about half an hour.

At some point the elf, without whose incredible and tireless efforts you wouldn't have anything nearly so professional and attractive, will soon have box ads up in the margins of every blog so that you can check in for the video process which should include a couple of hundred offerings.



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