Friday, January 26, 2024

"The Shadow of Fear... that Is Worse than the Fear Itself... Looms Over The Whole Shake 'N Bake of Wasted Lives."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'd like to point out something I am aware of; in fact... it is something I am absolutely certain of. During all this time when Gates... Soros... Pfizer... Schwab... Fink... Kerry, and all those psychopaths at the UN... The WHO... and related Globalist agencies have been devoted to killing off millions of people, they have neglected to watch their own backs.

I have neglected to include the names of many other worthy groups and individuals, most especially The Rothschild Coven which is both... kind of, and one of the primary nests of evil at the very core of The Darkness of this world. They know who they are, and the relevant authorities know who they are too. When I say, 'relevant authorities,' I am talking about those who are actually in charge of everything on The Visible Plane, and not the ones who merely dress up as authorities in their particular cosplay fashion.

They have a distorted idea of how The Universe works. They are blind to its interactive, and especially its reactive nature... according to immutable laws. As they are attacking collective... world health... with the assistance of Big Pharma, and all sorts of governmental and NGO operations... their own health and well-being are under attack, and... it would not surprise me at all... if at this very moment, they are being made aware of The Enemy Within.

There is only so much that moronic medical science can do for them, and I know also... for a fact... that this very moment they are being hunted by creatures out of nightmare regions... sent to this plane... especially for them. It takes no special or insider knowledge on my part to be aware of this.

A simple... though deeper understanding... of cause and effect... as well as a familiarity with the law enforcement divisions on invisible planes... is all I need, and I have both of these, as well as regular access to some of the doings that are going on out-of-sight... and mostly out-of-mind too.

They don't know nearly as much as they think they do, and the forces they have been relying on... for much of the havoc they have been creating, do... not... answer... to... them. They are... all of them... caught in a cosmic vice... that is pressing in on them and there is no escape whatsoever... other than the mercy of God, and nothing and no one otherwise that can help them. They are doomed... screwed and tattooed with a form of invisible ink that is quite legible to those parties that are concerned with sorting them out.

Even now... they could reverse a great deal of the retribution that is headed their way, BUT it is unlikely they will turn in that direction. Their insolent and arrogant natures have been forming... for lifetimes... on their way to the apocalyptic dénouement.

Already... many things are going wrong for them Out Here, However... In There... where they cannot see... other karmic pathologies are developing. They have a sense of increasing dis-ease, but they do not know the source of it. It is spurring them on to ever more reckless behaviors. Desperation is setting in. So they turn their attention away from where their real concerns lie. Images of the evil they have done are playing... increasingly... in their minds. It is taking real effort to keep it at bay.

I am very certain of what I am saying or I wouldn't be saying it. Generally... when I am not certain of something... or unaware of the specific forms that anything might take, I make a point of saying so... or I fall back on... Time will tell and we shall see. In this case, I know these things to be true because that is ALWAYS the case in situations like this... and as they relate to people like them.

They KNOW they are in trouble, BUT... they've always been able to get around it in the past... through temporal force and connections; NOT THIS TIME.

Their fire-breathing reflection is coming round the mountain. The other side of Dorian Gray is replicating... like the images in barbershop mirrors... that face one another across the cutting and shaping floor and give us a simple image of what a space-time continuum looks like, and what it contains. Hal is not going to open the bomb bay doors.

I am telling you this because conditions... increasingly... look like the visage of an angry Dire wolf, as the subconscious has an increasingly harder time blocking out the fruits of an undisciplined imagination. Unfortunately... in Times of Material Darkness... people are chronically looking out instead of looking in, and know very little about how things work there... as opposed to the entertainments looping through their cluttered heads.

I suppose empty heads would also suffice here. They won't be offended by my saying so because they will never read these words. If they did they would not understand them, and they would also never associate them with themselves. Why... they know who they are. They can see that clearly in the eyes of everyone they think they know, and... run alongside of. They have things they own, and... things they do. They have name recognition... among important people... who will be joining them on the train.

What train is that? It is the train they are already on, and it is taking them to exactly where their acts and intentions arrive, in... the... same... as... everyone... else.

It's not just the big creatures that are going down. So are all the little creatures that follow them around and live off of what falls from their pockets, and the corners of their mouths. It's a crowded train. They have had to put on additional cars, many... many... many additional cars. This train won't fit through The Narrow Gate. This is the broad gate and the wide road... or tracks if you prefer... that leads to destruction.

It needs to be wide because of the many that are passing through the gate and over the road... or tracks if you prefer. This is not the small gate and narrow road that leads to life, and which only a few find... because very few are looking for it... in the first place.

They will be looking hard and breathing hard in not a great space of time to come... as conditions worsen and the shadow of fear... that is worse than the fear itself... looms over the whole Shake 'N Bake enterprise of wasted lives. These are the fat and happy campers that wave banners and hold posters in the crowds... that have come to hear The Judas Goats... tell them about what they're gonna do if you elect them to the job of routing you... through the paddocks to The Killing Floor.

These are the people who are still getting The Killer Vaccines, the people who prescribed the vaccines, the people who made and sold the vaccines, and the people who talked them up but got another version of the vaccines.

These are the people who line up at the fast food counters. Who buy their food in packages with laundry lists of ingredients. These are the people who think Israel has a right to kill and torture with impunity. These are the people who get all bright-eyed about vacuous celebrities; who thought Barbie was a great film; I wouldn't know. I didn't see it.

These are the people who don't see the chemtrails... or figure they must be for the good of everyone. These are the people who are so busy planning for a future... that is not going to come... that they can't see the future the monsters have in store for them, the trailer is playing in the coming attractions... right now... in The Event Horizon.

They and that vast horde of the clueless... who affirm each other no matter what... along with the predators that are leading them... and whatever living and breathing flotsam and jetsam gets caught up in the wind behind them, are all on the train... or the boat... or the plane; on the sidewalks and in the suites... wherever people congregate to wait for their ship to come in.

Here they gather to hedge their bets... short selling and going long... betting on the come... waiting on the corner for someone who's going to make them all feel better on the day they all get well.

I feel like the man with the shaggy hair and the sandwich board that says, “The end is nigh.” Then again... not really... because I'm not anxious or disturbed. I'm not frightened or dismayed. I know it's just weather moving on the screen, and I know the guy who controls the weather and also composes the screen.

I wish I didn't feel so bad about the people who are committed to hurting everyone else, but... I do. I know what's coming for them. I know the nature of the road that awaits them on their way through time and space to come. The Divine is right there, my friends... motionless and ceaselessly in motion... like magnets attracting and repelling by turns... that generates the whole electro-magnetic dance of life... coming and going... and disguised as weather... easily as changeable... and impossible to predict.

End Transmission.......

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And our daily dose of Jacob Boehme.



Anonymous said...

AWESOM . Faith inspiring.
Loved this read

robert said...

And our daily dose of Jacob Boehme.

So appreciate! your ongoing sharing, always in general of course, but specifically with your recent discovery of Jacob's writings.

Something rings the heart with joyous resonance when the truth as expressed, even when filtered by the particular of personality.

There is a tinge of fussy formality (only recognized by personal particularity on my part!) but it does NOT impede the transmission nor the spirit of freedom flying through the mind of the conveyer, belting out the tune the cosmos croons!

As to your riffing rant, a mix of prophesy and compassion:

finding the balance

between witnessing the lesson of the ages in all necessary detail so as to NEVER NEEDING IT to be demonstrated by demonic drama AGAIN
keeping our lamps lit and conserving our joyful mindset

is in itself, the main takeaway lesson learned from these times.

With the guidance of the intuition, given reverent and as near-constant attention as we are capable, we can see where this drama is heading, building up speed in recent days that is now undeniable by even the media believers addicted to superficial hypnotic trigger words.

The tribulation peaking shivers our timbers but the shining city emerging upon the horizon draws us toward the unearthly beauty, that beauty that is the source shining through temporal attractions in the first place!

We watch where our footsteps tread with committed commensurate care but our hearts tend to the inner vision of where we are heading:
home for the unending holidays!

Whoever asks us for insight demands our full attention and the least light we flicker will save many shipwrecks

Can we feel the common compassion coming?
Is it time to laugh at our own fear and dismiss the crown of concern from ever ruling our minds?
Can we be merry and bright enough to wash the dark tears from the face of the earth?

There is birth coming through the pain and we delight in seeing that first!

M - said...

"I know it's just weather moving on the screen..." Very apt analogy.

"The Military Industrial Complex is happying to invest all of your money alleviating their fears." Isn't that the fecking truth. Antarctica is exempt from International Law for a reason and it's not (as one site puts it): "a whole continent like this – it is the land the Antarctic Treaty parties call '… a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science'."
Regarding the Antarctic Treaty:
(1) that the legal status quo of the Antarctic Continent remain unchanged;
(2) that scientific cooperation continue;
(3) that the continent be used for peaceful purposes only.

Cicadas are beautiful.

"Never stay in a place where no one sees your VALUE." I am going to save this wonderful quote. I might also add: Stop wasting your time being around people who don't value you.

Thanks for all the great links, Vis.

Blessings to all - have a wonderful weekend.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Stride All Night said...

LV, didn't the Stanley Milgram experiment from the 1960's prove that only 20% of the population has the capacity for critical thinking?
They got away with it in the past because they stayed in the shadows and now people can see how loathsome and out of touch they are.
The hubris is off the charts as they view humanity as their ant farm and earth as their birthright.
These things happen when you make money into a god, why wouldn't the masters of it consider themselves as beings up on Mount Olympus.
In times of Mr. Apocalypse where the smoke and mirrors have reached the end of the line that is just now how that works.

Visible said...

There is a hypnotic spell that pervades existence. It emerges from The Gunas but it is driven by desire and attachment. Usually... the lifeforms sleepwalk through existence in the same way we travel in dreams, seemingly without the ability to control the events we experience. This goes on for centuries at a time. Then an apocalypse occurs. it is attended by an awakening and a certain number of people wake up and see what is happening to them. Everyone wakes up to a certain degree.

There are groups of individuals who are awake at any time, both for good and for evil. They sway humanity in different directions. They are predators and shepherds. Overall... humanity evolves... rising slowly from a fallen state.

The Apocalypse reveals what is and has been really happening to people, and The Awakening brings them to an understanding of it. This causes Evil to fall everywhere, simply through the recognition of it, although it might seem to come about by human efforts and indivisible means.

Yes, The Evil... The Mistaken... believe they were born to rule over everyone else and do exactly what they please. The Good knows otherwise. The whole of it is utterly complex and people have written thousands of books about it and it keeps going on.

I know this is simplistic on my part, but... basically... The tyranny of Evil is overthrown and The Citadels and infrastructure of evil dissolve. Many people are close by when The Ship of Evil goes down and it pulls them down with it... just like trying to swim away from the down-pull created by a massive sinking body. STay far back from Evil ways... stay near the center of the spinning plate, and all will be well.

Everyone cannot be saved, but everyone who wishes to be will be, but not all in the same lifetime. We wind up in those parts of the body of God that suit what we are. This is both punishment and reward.

Mountain Dude said...

"Swiss time was running out"

Deep Purple

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"In Reality, this Should Be The National, I'm not Going to Take this Shit Anymore, So Kiss My Long-suffering Ass... Day."



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