Thursday, January 18, 2024

"They Did it to Themselves. They are PRESENTLY Doing it... on The World Stage... before The Eyes of The World."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Smoke=Fire=Tunnels underground. All I can think of that sounds productive about the underground is that seeds sprout there in the darkness; driven to search for the life-giving light above ground. However... that would be in-the-ground, not underground. Mostly, underground speaks to strange creatures hiding from The Light. Gollum is an iconic example, and... I think a certain group of people have something called a Golem. Here's something to make the mind wonder.

I don't usually spend much time thinking about tunnels underground, having raised myself on the Greek and Roman myths when I was young. When I treat with the submerged aspects of The Self, I use pictorial symbols to call SPECIFIC archetypes up out of the well of The Subconscious; I don't do it the same way anymore. Everything is on automatic now. It's what happens when the groove becomes deep enough.

Since this was revealed as an aspect of official policy, one would think the power of it has been flat-lined, but... no. They are still beating that leprotic drum.

Said The Cosmos; “Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned, and step by step... inch by inch...,” and now we see the slow and agonizing fall of The Citadel of Evil. They did it to themselves. They are PRESENTLY doing it to themselves on The World Stage, before The Eyes of The World.

You would have thought that more of them would have come out against the core evil of the archetypal corrupters of all things good and decent. The ones who take every natural thing and render it unnatural. That is one of the primary features of evil; to distort something... to degrade it... to change it into something ugly and unappealing in the name of The Greater Good.

So it is that they have given us; sexual perversity... pornography... genocide... organized atheism... cabals and cults... directed toward the destruction of balance in The Natural World... child murder... blood rituals... political correctness... Diversity (the antithesis of unity)... Equity (where you chop off the feet of everyone too tall)... and Inclusion. (enforced residence in danger zones) Oh! The List goes on. and on, and on.

This evil, which is a genetic disorder... some alien confusion of The DNA... has been present for many centuries. The Historical Record gives ample proof of entire nations rising up against their presence, and Founding Fathers collectively warning about what can happen, and... like clockwork... demonstrated in the demented hands of visible progressions... we see what they meant. WE SEE WHAT THEY MEANT!!! We see what they feared, for these fears have come upon us.

In former times... measures were taken. All they resulted in was a migration to the next feeding ground. Always they used the leafy branches of distortion... to wipe the ground of their footprints... through historical revision. Now we have Wikipedia as clear evidence. We have the indoctrination of the education system, overseen by their diesel dyke representative, lashing the public good with the Draconian intentions of The Teacher's Union.

They are the face of sexual perversity. They are the land the offenders run to when they are caught out. They have burrowed into every area of government... with the intention of destroying the country and instituting their grandest achievement... Communism... in place of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. This is now beyond doubt. It is self-evident. It is visibly so.

They have created the migrant crisis. They are in charge of Homeland Security AND The Justice Department that permits the hordes of future controlled voters... to ensure future compliance. They are lobbying in all the countries where the migrants originate. They are financing them and guiding them here. They have already wreaked havoc upon The Crown Colonies with their surrogates in power. It is what they intend for us... here.

They brought the murderous Killer Vaccines to disable and destroy millions around The World. They control The WHO. They controlled and still control The CDC... that worked the blood magic that was behind the greatest transfer of wealth in our history... into the hands of those who mean us ill. Now they are saying that growing food and fishing are crimes against Nature, which does the very same without our even entering into the equation.

They own and run The WEF... Bilderberger... and that list of Satanic organizations and agencies whose intent is to exterminate the larger number of us... just as they did in their Bolshevik Revolution, and The Holomodor. It should be as plain as the nose on their faces.

In these times... truly... "telling the truth is a revolutionary act." They realize the absolute importance of information control, so... they own The Media through which information is SHAPED... and DISSEMINATED. Through these mediums they excoriate... slander... and marginalize everyone who tells the truth. Ironically... it is these very mediums that are proving so effective in orchestrating their downfall.

Knowing they are cornered, they intend to bring down The Internet; yet... they rely on it to... such... an... extent! They intend to attack The Power Grid. They intend all kinds of things, but there are a million eyes watching everything they do, AND... by... the... day... more and more is revealed because this is a time of revelation. This is a Grand Apocalypse. It is a time of awakening. They are the fewest among us. It will not go well for them.

Now... I must speak of The Invisible. Those forces that brought about the experiment... that we know as The United States of America... are still present. They set up the three branches of government for a reason. You will see some of this savvy division of powers at work in The Supreme Court now. You will see also that it is the hidden side of existence that is coming to our aid... that has already come to our aid in so many ways.

The 2nd Coming was a predictive event having to do with those who sent The 1st Coming... seeing from that time... what was to come in this time, and come... he... will!

The Divine is very tidy. The Divine sees from all directions and perspectives at once. The Divine is ALWAYS before... during... and after the fact. The Divine knows all the ways out, and all the ways of return. The Divine sent humanity here... in the first place... to explore The Realm of Matter. God used us as the fingers of The Divine... sorting...measuring... calibrating..., and letting matter run through us... to be experienced and identified.

The Universe is The Body of God. We are the externalization... in the exploration of existence... in the world of form... The Manifested World of Numbers; the place of the manifestation... of their combinations... unto The Place of Zeros and Ones. It has all come round to this, and we shall see in coming times what The Director has in mind for each and every one of us.

You do have a say in what comes to pass. Surely the road you are on must lead somewhere? Surely... there is a reason it is called The Sands of Time? Surely... everything is music that plays through us as permutations of The Word... that references Vibration as the medium... of the adaptation of Sunlight... into temporary expressions of itself?

Surely... the music that we generate is either harmonious or dissonant? Surely... we channel or resist the harmonies originally inspired in us? Surely... we shall ourselves be resolved in either Love or Wrath. These are two aspects that are activated in myriad ways... according to whatever we send out. It is then returned UPON us, at... our... request.

It's all math. Either it adds up or it does not. If it adds up, it expresses in Glory and Splendor. If it does not add up it is brought... by whatever means are necessary... into compliance with The Sum of all The Parts. This is a certainty. There are rules and laws that control everything in The World of Form. We have no choice but to abide by them... willingly... or unwillingly.

Suffering and Pain are the great educators from the zone of Saturn... for our own eventual good... whether we like it or not. We WILL BE lovingly shaped or... hammered into shape through... and for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

We will be sifted and sorted according to kind. We will be shown the presence and absence of love and the meaning thereof. We shall know the nature and intent of the fires within... because it is our intentions that determine the manner of their expression, and final resolution. Free Will defines our part in this... whether we comply or not.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis has a new rendition.

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Anonymous said...

The links today had me in tears but that is nothing new for me these days. It is so difficult to witness the evil that is taking place on Earth. I read your blog because it gives me some hope when you say it will soon be over. But will it ? I would love to believe that but what changes the fact that many children’s lives are ruined , that many have died or are harmed irreparably by injections, that millions of people are displaced and have arrived all over the western world basically to destroy it even if that was not the original intention of these travelers. The world as you say and I agree has truly gone insane. Yes, God works in mysterious ways and only the divine can correct what has and is happening. The righteousness among us deserve to see Justice or how else can we continue if Evil always prevails unchecked.

Visible said...

It won't. There is a balance in The Universe. It is self-correcting. However... it operates in its own time. Big changes require a lot of adjustments to get there. It may yet get worse, and then it will shift on its axis and get better, and better, and better.

Visible said...

134:1 For explicit details regarding the inhabitants of the elemental world see Paracelsus. The existence of such beings will become more comprehensible if we remember that the universe is an organised unity, and that each form therein, whether it is visible or invisible to us, is nothing but a relative expanse of manifestation of the consciousness that resides in the All.

135:1 All this refers not only to beings such as are visible to us, but likewise to such that exist on other planes of creation, and which can therefore not be seen with our eyes. There are male and female elemental beings, moll and dur accords in music, positive and negative forces in all departments of nature, from the spiritual down to the most material plane. In all creatures the will is the executing and female, corporifying, and the imagination the superintending, directing, male element.

135:2 In regard to the "stuff out of which man is made," Theophrastus Paracelsus says: "It is an extract of all beings that exist in heaven and upon the earth, of the souls of all things, all creatures, spirits, elements, and minds, attracted to a focus by means of the spiritual centre residing within each form. It is the quintessence of all things, and man is a microcosm, differing from the macrocosm only in so far as in his constitution the things which constitute the macrocosm appear in another image, order, or shape. In him are all the potencies and qualities that exist in the universe, active or latent. His terrestrial substance is from the earth, his mental faculties from the universal mind, his worldly wisdom is from the light of nature; but the divine wisdom in him belongs to God."

136:1 In studying the "anatomy" and "physiology" of the inner man, it will be necessary to remember that, in dealing with anthropology and cosmology from a spiritual point of view, we must be able to discard from our mind all the vulgar conceptions of what is usually called "matter " by that science which deals merely with external appearances, and we must look upon all things as being manifestations of an universal consciousness, acting upon internal or external planes of existence, while the visible form is nothing but a passing apparition.

137:1 Man is made out of will and imagination; in other words, "fire" and "light." The manifestation of fire and light (thought) produces that which appears to us as "substance" or "form."

137:2 It is not "man" in the abstract who recognises anything. It is always a certain principle, having become active in him, that recognises its own counterpart in external nature, when it comes in contact with it. Only he in whom is light can see the light; only the element of love can feel love; only the divinity in man can know God in and through man.

138:1 Therefore Theophrastus Paracelsus says: "Natural man is made out of the world, and not the world out of him. He is a child of nature, and has all of his mother's qualities in himself, neither more nor less. But the true spiritual man is a son of God. Natural wisdom is not divine, but divine wisdom is above all."

139:1 And thus at this very day each person who has not yet begun to be regenerated in the spirit is in the same condition in which Adam was before the Spirit of God breathed in him. Man's soul resembles a seed containing the potency of conscious immortality in an unconscious state. There is nothing immortal in man except God, and by the awakening of that which is divine in him attains the self-consciousness of his own immortality.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. I just wish the shift would happen faster so I can get outta here faster. I think I asked to see it before I got here, like the perpetual electric fence pisser I am.

Anonymous said...

Pierre said.. after clicking like button.
In a time of global genocide, including shedding, staying alive is a revolutionary act.
In these high times of low people in high places running amok , for Satan, Jesus Christ Revolutionary Act No. II seems like a good idea.
As you oft quoted, evil destroys itself, and I would add , taking God knows how many innocents with it, though as you also said, there are no innocents. ( though chicks in incubator now hatching, seem cute and fairly innocent).

0 said...

This is nice to see. Lets hope it materializes.

Chop Chop Asshats.


Visible said...

I had already earmarked that for tomorrow's links. Then... in the spirit of the same I ran across this, and all I could say was, wow!!!

At first, I really liked the guy. Then... I found out more, and I did not like him. Now, I don't know, but it's a similar sort of thing... indirectly... as that other guy. It's changing in a big way, and those smart enough to see the magic hieroglyphics on the wall are catching on to the drift in The Cosmic Winds.

BrotherJ said...

Every kaliyuga has its seasons.

It's also a looong queer hiway to keep returning to, not that we really have to (but being that the doors of the womb never close and all)

ChrisD said...

Mass immigration into the Crown colonies....yes, here in Britain it is going faster and faster, there seems to be no end to it. Every incomer is "justified" by some idiot out on the beach waving a "refugees welcome" flag. The nation's broadcaster wails about dead immigrants washed up on the beaches as the invaders succumb to the British winter weather, crossing the Channel. Meanwhile our brainwashed population has every intention of voting communists/marxists/whatever-you-wanna call-em, into power at our next election this year. There is no hope for this island nation that I can see, other than having to learn truth through suffering; crashed economy, empty wallets, homelessness (the immigrants are occupying all the hotels), job losses, WHO health mandates, the whole works. We will indeed reach net zero, we will own nothing and be peasants. This will be, unless God has a cunning plan. I hope He has.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"They're at Some Point on That Spiral Stairway to The Heavens and Beyond, and I've No Wish to Piss over The Railing."

Anonymous said...

More wordy excellence, speaking on the depths of the world and in ourselves. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for you Les Visible, thank you for sharing your love of All That Is, truly ineffable. Heart born Gratitude that you're "still shaking it here boss".

The second comment you posted about Paracelsus rings with Wisdom, would you share the source? Attempted to look it up to no avail.

Last but not least, you referenced breath work a few posts back, would you share a resource and or insight into practicing the presence through breath?

Thank you dear God Poet for who you are & sharing with all. Like Hafiz said, "Look what happens with a love like that / It lights up the whole sky"

From NJ with Love

Visible said...


I can't get into the breathing thing because of the complexity of explaining it and then losing it in the explanation. The focus however is in drawing in the particles of love from The Sun and then expressing it out to The Almighty with the thought of The Greatest Commandment driving it. I suppose that would work with any kind of breathing discipline so long as the focus was maintained.

I think the Paracelsus quote is located in the footnotes at the bottom of this page=

If you go to the masthead at the top of the page you will see links for sacred texts and other things and this page is a continuation of a section that is devoted to Jacob Boehme. The page you are looking at is a number of pages in from the start of the section.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible,

Greatly appreciate your guidance, I will pursue with Faith, Certitude & Determination (I don't leave home with out em').

From NJ with Love

Anonymous said...

Strideby said...

“And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed upon the wall round about.” ~Ezekial 8 (partial)



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