Friday, September 24, 2021

"Step Away from that Useless and Painful Carousel of Torment!!! You Suffer at Your Own Hands."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Back in the Clintonian years, they had the Serb-Croatian conflict. The Usual Suspects fanned the flames of ancient hatreds from centuries before and the result was horrific. Most people know nothing of the vile offenses that were routine in that period. Like all conflicts, small and large, they are the offspring of Central Banker plots to garner profit and property. As Demoness Rothschild once said, “If my sons did not want wars there would be no wars.” That's a horse's mouth thing which can't be argued against, though... those still so engaged will have their justifications for what they do.

Similar forces are at work in America where racial hatred is being stoked in hope of conflagration, race war, and another Bolshevik Revolution. I am guessing that the offspring of the same psychopaths are hard at work as their forebears were, working to make the planet a Hell World.

Why is the border wide open and migrants pouring in? Why is Homeland Insecurity now headed by one of the most determined Open Borders advocates? It's not just Biden but most of the Democratic congress, Pelosi, Schumer, and their twisted financiers and fellow travelers. It also includes boy band pinup, Mitch McConnell, and sissy-boy Lindsey Graham. The Usual Suspects have their hooks into both sides of the aisle. They have the money. They have the clout, and they have the blackmail videos and photos. They ALSO own almost all social media, the international and domestic press, the publishing houses, and the entire entertainment business. This is a true statement and EASILY proven out by anyone who cares to find out. Saying something about it is another matter.

Satanism is making a big push now to go mainstream, and they are herding their Kardashian sock puppets into more mainstream performances, from SNL to Dancing with the Demons. As you should know, The Kardashian Empire is a part of the agenda of The Infernal Kingdom. They've been groomed for this from long ago. A significant portion of Hollywood is either engaged in or intimidated by Satanism.

A battle is in progress NOW, which involves Central Bankers, heads of state, billionaires, and other cartoon characters in a war on Heaven. If they can kill the idea of a spiritual hierarchy, they can reduce humanity to drone status. The vaccines are a part of this program of zombification of the masses. The idea that they would war against all that is good in humankind, is proof positive that there is a Heavenly Realm that orchestrates and directs human affairs. Where this is hard to see is in the short term, as events and conditions yo-yo up and down. Bad things happen and Hope goes on life support. We know what happens to anything when life support is engaged. We know that ventilators are meant to kill you, not help you breathe. The same is true of the vaccines which ARE NOT VACCINES.

The new official argument in favor of the vaccines is that if you catch COVID, which vaccines are meant to prevent, it will be milder. We are talking about something with a 99+% survival rate. Vaccines aren't necessary in the first place... BUT, on it goes, utter malicious absurdities follow one another and no one seems capable of stopping any of it. Why is that? It is because the heads of state and all the bodies of government are in the hands of Satanic agents who give these heads of state, and bodies of government, their marching orders.

IF... all there is are the material power biorhythms, we would be truly screwed, BUT... that is not all that there is, and human dramas ALWAYS play out according to Divine Fiat, regardless of appearances to the contrary. The truth is that ALL OF US are engaged in thoughts, words, and deeds which put us at a disadvantage in our struggles against the forces of darkness. The flesh is weak, so to speak.

One has to withdraw until the wide-angle lens kicks in. You need the panorama view to get a true perspective. It is also hard to gain a clear sense of it when you are mortal and only here for a short time. In our terms, much of the intentions of Heaven make no sense. However... as The Bhagavad Gita and other timeless works of spiritual truth express, we are fated toward certain events because of the relentless impress of The Gunas, or whatever they may be called in other traditions.

Existence is a battlefield. Look at the composition of your body. It is composed of warring elements! WE ARE THE BATTLEFIELD, make peace with yourself! What is the objective? For most, it is a continuing and seemingly endless struggle between our dual natures. In times of material darkness, the carnal nature comes to the fore, and through it all is the endless consuming and striving for supremacy over other life forms. Few, indeed, achieve the real objective which is Harmony with all life, and an enduring peace within.

Some of us do achieve this and become lamps in the darkness for others. Some of us shine with the light of Divine Luminous Wisdom and guide humanity, often without their knowing, to a better land. I have met such individuals and my certitude concerning them is UNSHAKABLE. Nothing serves better than direct personal experience. Once again, I include Shankara's words;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones."

I HIGHLY recommend that you ponder that brief statement. If it is not true of you at this moment, it CAN BE true through the correct use of the imagination, and determined aspiration. Let me, once again, include this statement from the much-maligned Blavatsky, which says all I need to know about her;

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.

For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

You would do well to ponder that too. I have encountered IRREFUTABLE verity, personally experienced in respect of BOTH of these statements. I KNOW them to be true, in the same way, I have experienced Fire and Rain. When I say, “I don't know” it does not apply to everything. There are some few things I can say that I know, and even with these, it is likely I do not know the whole of them. God, through his step-down transformers, has made a few simple constructs clear to me. I cannot express my gratitude for this. If a simple fuck-up like myself can have such experiences, as the result of an intensity of passion, directed outside the range of carnal enterprise, then ANYONE with similar drive and inspiration can do as well or better.

We are in the mess we are in, individually and collectively, because we are weak and selfish. The times, such as they are, account for our inconsistency of effort, and the lures of appetite compromise us in a regular fashion. Have done with that useless and painful carousel of torment!!! You suffer at your own hands. I know this may be a hard pill to swallow but it is so. We got ourselves into it, BUT... we do not have to get ourselves out of it. Yes... a determined effort IS required, BUT... once demonstrated to the satisfaction of Heaven, all the help we could possibly need will be at hand.

Many people who have survived serious trauma and all manner of harm and heartbreak can confirm what I say as having happened in their lives. The greatest offense you can commit against yourself is NOT TO TRY, and also to give up as soon as the resistance appears. NOTHING that you come up against is stronger or greater than what is within you.

Lies, no matter how dense they become with the passage of time, are like tissue paper when it contacts fire and this will happen when the avatar begins to proliferate with his flame of truth and expanding consciousness upon the masses of humanity. If you are anywhere close to being a human being, wonderful things are going to happen to and for you. If you are converted to the celebration and practice of evil, well... each circumstance will be encountering the force on the level of their operation. The action of the divine force upon the fabric of woven appearances is going to be surgically specific to each person and condition. Liberation is at hand for every willing heart and mind.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, this is one of the best of your 'summary' blogs. Appreciated!

Vis: "One has to withdraw until the wide-angle lens kicks in. You need the panorama view to get a true perspective. It is also hard to gain a clear sense of it when you are mortal and only here for a short time."

My (non-justified) intuition is that we must be in a 'science experiment' on a grand scale. What comes to mind is those biological experiments where biologists want to select for certain traits. They dump some bacteria in a petri dish where, say, there is a modest saltwater contamination. Some organisms die, some muddle-through, and some do okay. The researchers select-out the best, and add them to a solution which causes mild genetic changes. Then, the researchers add these somewhat-different 'variants' to a petri dish where there is a higher saltwater contamination. Again, some organisms die, some muddle-through, and some do okay. Repeat this a dozen times, and the survivors can now tolerate a fairly-high saltwater contamination. Forced evolution, with some Goal in mind...

If some Higher Being wanted to do similar to the above, they might dump some Souls into a toxic Culture. Some Souls would embrace that Culture; some would resist that Culture. Select-out the most resistant, and dump them into a more-toxic Culture. Again, with their experience from the toxic Culture, some would be able to resist the more-toxic Culture and some would not. Repeat through the Eons...

By today, Beings who are still Awake have 'resistance muscles' bulked-up like a weightlifter. They can be 'lifted off' to any lesser toxic Culture and be a nucleus for resistance to any Darksider influence. They are unique, and should be proud...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Can't argue with the theme. It's been shoved up my nose a few times.

Anonymous said...

Ps. History says that Oświęcim was creepy, fucking mistake. now you have nuclear bomb. Even you don’t see reality. what is real? Les explain me? Real is everything what you feel. No one in all earth don’t know what is truth and I make some virus, shiva should be know it, because is in hard drive in CERN. You know something about this?

Visible said...

No, Aggressive Truth, I do not; not my department. I will have some completely new groundbreaking things to say on Monday if I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

>Look at the composition of your body. It is composed of warring elements!

I understand the point you were making in your paragraph, and I agree, but I’m not sure if warring elements in the body is the right analogy. If you were referring to the body as having to defend itself against viruses, bacteria etc, then I’d respectfully like to add that there is another way of looking at things.

We all know that Covid-19 is a cold, the flu or anything else they make up. But what is a cold or flu? What is measles, ebola, polio, HIV or anything they call a virus? As far as I know, contagion has never been proven for any virus or bacteria and no virus has ever been isolated (as most people understand the word). Virology is a fake science. The way the virologists “isolate” a virus is laughable and criminal.

In terrain theory, colds and flus are simply detoxes. When the body becomes overburdened with toxins it’s triggered into a cleanse. How it 'spreads' from person to person is up for debate, but it is thought that it happens through a mechanism such as sympathetic resonance or via hormonal signalling (pheromones) — kind of like how women’s menstrual cycles fall into sync when they live together for an extended period. Other examples are how yawning or laughing can be infectious, or perhaps how different flower varieties bloom at the same time. This natural detox will only happen if the body feels it needs it, and sometimes it's staggered within the family so that not everyone comes down with the cold/flu at the same time (a tribal thing apparently).

The only way that people can get sick is through toxins, malnutrition (poor diet) and injury. Basically the sky’s the limit but it includes things like stress, lack of sleep, RMFs etc. The design of the body is so elegant that it employs different methods of ridding itself of cellular waste and non-self elements. So the symptoms of a cold or flu or any other so-called virus, is simply the body expressing itself as it deals with a healing crisis. The fact that so many people are 'catching' covid after getting their injections is a good example. Even so-called contagious viruses like measles, smallpox and chickenpox are apparently nothing more than acidic protein wastes being expressed through the skin. The acidic waste is at such a low pH it literally burns the skin, creating a water blister.

Under an electron microscope scientists are unable to differentiate between dead/dying cell debris and viruses. What scientists call viruses are probably exosomes. As usual things are inverted. Bacteria go to the site of an injury (inflammation) to clean it up, sort of like how fireman go to a fire. As for viruses, the cells make a solvent (endosomes/exosomes) as a way of cleansing themselves. They also act as a communications system within the body. We are taught that viruses enter cells and cause havoc but again, it’s the other way round. They are manufactured as a result of cellular toxicity and are not the cause of disease. That’s how I understand it anyway.

Perhaps you already know this, and I don’t want to take away from your message but I think it’s important to point this out because if the public keep believing that (non-living) viruses cause illness and that it’s a constant battle of the body to keep them under control then we’ve lost the plot. Germ theory only benefits Big Pharma and the rest of the establishment.

Experiments done proving that contagion is likely a myth, even with the Spanish Flu.

Visible said...

You missed the point. Fire and water, as elements, are antagonistic to one another, so tension is created in our bodies, similar to how the heart and mind can be in an internal argument due to the conflict between Reason and Feeling. One has to bring them into harmony through spiritual means. I have no idea of what you are talking about otherwise. There is no coherence in your thoughts. It is as if you had a point you wanted to make and you found my waring elements statement somehow satisfactory. Then you went off on a tangent and never came back. My statement had nothing to do with anything that you said. You're talking about viruses, not my post at all. You're free to do that but your original statement has no connection to the rest of what you said. I am left not knowing what your intention was, except that you wanted to make a point about COVID, and... frankly, I didn't get that either. All I can think is that you thought I said something I did not say, and then wove it together with what you wanted to say. You could have just said what you wanted to say, I wasn't a part of that, I DID NOT mean the statement in the way that you took it, and I can see by the syntax employed that it will not be possible for me to clarify anything here, not that that is my specialty anyway.

I mean no offense at all. I am simply addressing how this impacted on me.

Sukh said...

Reflections in a Petri Dish:

When You No Longer Suffer at Your Own Hands You can See more Clearly the Suffering in Others

Love To Push Those Buttons said...



I am having system issues. I might have put this in a wrong place or done it twice here. I dunno. Copy/past problems. If something is incorrect, do not post.



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