Friday, November 5, 2021

"When a Nation Departs from Fear of Offending God, It has a Signed Contract for The Purpose of Demonstration."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is this school of thought out there that thinks everyone who is famous (or was famous) is somehow connected to the oxymoronic Intelligence Services. Also, they think everyone is lying. There is some truth to that, simply because often people do not know what they are talking about. I don't know if they say these things so that you will trust them because they are not famous, but if everyone is a liar, are they not liars too?

I cannot believe that such a percentage of humanity would ALL be covert operatives for The Dark Side. I do not believe this of people I know. I do not believe this of myself. I do not believe that all the musical acts and individuals from the '60s and '70s were Mk Ultra and Tavistock Stooges. I knew a number of famous rock personalities. I especially heard the songs, and THERE IS NO DOUBT in my mind that some of the work was inspired by heavenly agency. It lifted up the whole world for a while.

The second time I saw the intelligence services get involved with the music scene was when it switched to Disco, which came out of Gay Culture, and then the Cocaine and Heroin followed after. I was streetside for much of this. I was living in its atmosphere. I saw what happened in the 80s. I have watched The World being shaped to certain ends. For a time there was a lot of beauty in The World for those who found it. The 60s and part of the 70s had angels composing in human minds. Yes... they got eaten up by the material world. Many lost their muses; most lost their muses, but... to believe Evil of everyone, is just another we are all fallen” story. We are not all fallen. Some of us have risen.

The first time I saw it was when they twisted the formula of LSD. I was at Altamont. I played at one of the Woodstock Anniversaries before Richie Havens came on. I was around these people. Yes... a lot of them were hedonists and out for themselves; NOT all of them. Richie was one of the finest lights I met. He was always warm and giving.

Everyone famous, or rich, or fortunate is not a tool of the intelligence services. To say this is to be mad, but not in a good way. Yes... there is a lot of darkness in this world, but there is more light than there was before and it is getting brighter by the day. The Winds of Change have arrived and... well... expect ANYTHING.

I haven't said enough about this trend of painting all famous people, living and dead, with few exceptions (which would certainly not include the authors of this trend) as pawns or intentionally evil. You did not see this until recent years. Now I see more and more of The Frenzied Anonymous, parroting this BS. Of course, there are cabals of powerful people seeking more power, and who have as little humanity as a crocodile. Of course, they do not mean us well, BUT... they are NOT the power. God is the power. He has just kept out of a visible presence for a while. Now the ground is shifting. Where we might differ on that is what we attribute the cause to.

Whenever you run across someone downgrading the human experience, you can be certain they are not seeing from a higher perspective. If you preach confusion, you will reap confusion. If you preach Doom and Gloom, you will reap Doom and Gloom. If you engage in deception for personal profit, you have been deceived in ways you will come to regret.

The Evil Side of Things, the wrong side of things, the place where things go wrong, is the place that does not see clearly. Sin means to miss the mark. Many people who are caught up in the negative side of things, do not want to be there. They are victims of a mindset. Your mindset determines your living situation. Your state of mind IS your reality. You don't have to be angry. You don't have to be sad. You don't have to be disappointed or jealous, but you are. Why is that? Why do you let resentment and wounded vanity run your life?

One NEVER shines so brightly as when seeking not to shine. One SHOULD know that if they get into the money game, it NEVER ends. I don't care what good intentions you went into it with. It is going to kick your ass. Some say that Heroin is the worst thing to kick, excruciating I hear. Some say, oh no! Alcohol is worse than that. I'd say money beats them both, hands down. I've been around people with money and fame. I've known people with many millions of dollars, and I see how their lives went. I never had anything like their money, but I have had a much better life. Now I want for nothing, and also want nothing. It is a fine combination.

Everyone famous is not an Intelligence asset. Some of them don't even have any intelligence. Then, I guess you could say, they are a dupe, BUT... not everyone. Not everyone is a dupe, or a playa, or a low life. Why would you want to think everyone is like that? I posted a series of names last week or so about certain figures who seem to shade the truth... but EVERYBODY? That just doesn't make sense. MOST people are okay if you are okay. I've met people you would not want to meet under inauspicious circumstances and I got along with them fine.

I was in a particular lockup in this country when I was young. It was one of only two establishments at the time that housed the criminally insane, accused of federal crimes. I was there for around a year and a half. Several of the inmates were serial killers. There were rage junkies, and people trying to beat a serious rap. There were con artists. I got along with just about everyone because I did not get on their bad side. This also means showing no fear. All bets are off if you start radiating fear, and let me tell you... in a place like that with those kinds of people, they smell fear like a jungle predator would. Some of them are almost that feral. Some of them are REALLY crazy in a bad way.

I was in there for two ounces of pot that I didn't even sell. I was entrapped. I got sent to this max because I would not cooperate in their schemes to destroy me. The place is now Homeland Insecurity Headquarters.

Mostly though, I had God. Not the Jumping Revival God, nothing secular. Explaining God is not possible, but he can be experienced. Yes... there are a lot of frauds out there. This DOES NOT mean everyone is a fraud. We are all a piece of work. Life is the studio in which we are sculpted by unseen hands. You can choose who sculpts you by seeking to emulate them, and THAT... THAT WILL fashion you. Imitate your hero. By all means, you should have a hero, someone you wish to be like. You cannot be The God, but... you can be a conscious part of that God. You can be a living conscious cell in that body of light.

When you weave negative perspectives about life, and sow suspicion, and doubt, and fear, you will reap this. You will. Seeing monsters under the bed, and playing the Boy who Cried Wolf, may pay off in the short term, but it is an ill-advised career move, long term...

I am appearing at other sites besides here at the blogs. At one of them, there is a series of characters who show up and play their one-note song over, and over, and over. It doesn't matter what the article is about. They are human billboards for a certain form of thinking that will never see the light of day in the wider world. It is a form of graffiti-tagging. Maybe it's like virtual street gangs, marking their turf in The Virtual World. I do not know why they call it The Virtual World.

Anyway... what a crowd of naysayers we have in these times, to spend all day seeking to sully everyone that comes to your attention. I made it a point to only post under my own name because I stand behind what I say. I guess it is easy to say just about anything when no one knows who you are, including yourself. A fairly large sector of Humanity is going to be in extremis (or what passes for extremis for them) in the not too distant future. We got fat, and we got lazy. We fell in love with comfort and convenience. Our whole civilization is our reaction to pain. We are going to be having our values clarified for us in times to come.

When a nation departs from a fear of offending God, it has signed a contract for The Purpose of Demonstration. What I call God; the ineffable... The Divine... The Almighty... The Supreme Enjoyer, is beyond any possibility of description or definition, but real? Oh! You better believe it! People get all twisted up about it because they have a definition or a description, or because others have a description or definition they object to it. NO ONE KNOWS!

A long time ago, I realized that no one knows and that whatever they were telling me was their version of it. I learned to cherry-pick my versions, and it turned out that the only people I enjoy listening to are realized yogis, spiritual teachers, sages, and mystics. Everyone else leaves me cold. Unless God is the centerpiece, I don't want to sit at the table. Not everyone is going to agree with this version, which is my version. That is perfectly okay, just move along and you will find what you are looking for... maybe, maybe not. I don't know.

I do have one recommendation to make, however... Try not to be so heavy on everyone else. If you are a drag on life, only the similar unfortunates will share your blanket... you will be in a camaraderie of crows, a culture of vultures, or a Wicca of weasels. If you catch the Curmudgeon Flu or the Misanthrope Virus, you will be no fun to be around and will only attract others like yourself. Give Humanity a break. They're working on it, but MORE IMPORTANTLY... It is working on them. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

Down at the bottom, beyond the links, I am going to talk about films. When I see a film that is different, for whatever the reason, I will post it here at the very bottom of the page.

A litany of links=

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I saw a film the other day called "Samsara." There is no dialogue, just a soundtrack. It has some images I have seen nowhere else. Some of you might like it. Then I saw a mainstream film that just came out, called "The Eyes of Tammy Faye." It will get nominated by The Acadamy (of Nimrods), but I mention it because it is historical and eerily well represented by the actors. Then I saw an Indie called, "Falling for Figaro." It's different in some ways which... by being somewhat PC... still hits its intentions. I AM NOT recommending these as must-sees, only that they stood out against the usual crap from The Usual Suspects.


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Thank you for the film recommendations, and of course thank you most of all for sharing your thoughts about what is happening in the world, morphed by your reservoir of Divine knowledge and Ageless Wisdom. "Unless God is the centerpiece, I don't want to sit at the table". That is what I love most about you. And of course I agree 100% with what you say about money being the most addictive of all human inventions. Combined with what you shared in the previous post about the sexual force being THE power behind everything we do, which I also agree with, one can see that since today everything, including sex, marriage and family all depend very much on money, it is evidently the one most corrupting factor in society, but also in each and every one of us that has not done something about it.
So this thing we are witnessing, the attempt by the people that love money way more than they love life to get everybodys money, might actually be like you always say directed by God himself to rid us all of this, deadlier than any virus, human invention called money. And since way too few of us ever manage to see into this anomally, against all of nature (the pillaging of which is the source of our money) but also against ourselves, the better parts of our selves I should add, God let the Devil be the conductor of this ridance.
If we survive in the end as a species, we might look back at this time as a blessing without which we might have never had a world without money, and without vaccines also, since there has never been a good vaccine for anything except for making money for the usual suspects and keeping us sick and dumb.
Thank you for all you do, and may god fill you with his harmony at all times, since so many of us trying to align with His will depend on your site to hear His voice, as another commenter suggested in a previous blog.
A friend from greece

Graham Hook said...

“I especially heard the songs, and THERE IS NO DOUBT in my mind that some of the work was inspired by heavenly agency.”

Absolutely agree...some of the music from that period is food for the soul. Beautiful art!

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for this blog...

On attitude: Several decades back, I heard an excellent story concerning attitude. Since I don't remember the lines, I will have to reconstitute it. Pardon if it is old and well-known. (Certain words changed, just because...)

There was this young child of excellent attitude. Everything about life was met with joy. His parents, having been shaped by the prevailing society, decided to inform him about the real world.

The child really wanted a pony. So, the parents hinted that Christmas might be a big day for him. Instead of a pony, they filled the area around the Christmas tree with manure. They felt that the disappointment would break him of his irrational attitude - for his own good.

To the parents' surprise, the child dove into the manure. He began throwing the manure around with glee. Perplexed, the parents asked him why he was doing that. The child ecstatically replied, "With all this manure, there has to be a pony in here somewhere!"


On Life, the Universe, and Everything: My "Ray B" version of some people becoming assets of the Dark Side comes from experience with my Higher Self and Higher Others. Most of it comes-about because people are un-taught about the Higher Realms, good and bad. Not just that God exists and such generalities, but hardcore knowledge of what-to-do in various circumstances.

Telepathic influence exists. 'Overlighting' exists. Various levels of Possession exist. Etc. They can be used for good or bad purposes. (Decades ago for example, I was 'Possessed' by a Higher Other for a few seconds when I had made a dumb move - taking control of my body and twisting the steering wheel of my car to avoid a serious accident. It was not complacent Ray twisting the wheel.)

There is a whole menagerie of Beings on every Consciousness Level - good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. (They are all part of all-God.) They can 'reach into' anyone who is effectively asleep and pull their strings. Most of the time, it is not even a form of possession; it is simply stroking certain desires. Easy. This period in time is a playground for unseen Bad Guys.

Good Guys typically do not want to be 'nannies' to asleep humans. They want the asleep humans to Wake Up; to become as self-reliant as possible. So, they allow a certain amount of Free Will, in order for the lessons to be learned. Some do awaken to their higher potentials, along the way...

Many humans are too asleep to awaken this lifetime (barring great Interventions). That is how the Cleaning programs evolved. Change your (unseen) influencers, change your (seen) behavior Down Here. Expect many who promote the Dark Side to slowly 'shift' and promote the Light Side. Cool...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. Great read, but I canny think of a worthwhile comment. Hence a 'nostrils up'.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Change with The Best of what Perpetual Change Makes Happen and You Will Be Perpetual."

Duntoirab said...

I am not sure if you will see this or how to contact otherwise.
You speak of the sun.
I just came across a video

It's about how EM energy from the sun becomes EM energy in our body.

WOW! I can understand it now, on one level at least we are sunshine :-)

Thank you. Or God for leading me to this.



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