Wednesday, November 10, 2021

"Peace with Oneself, and Peace with The World are Both Achieved Simultaneously by Letting Go of Either One."

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I've noticed several strange... events? Non Events? Governor Newsom, who disappeared from public view a couple of weeks ago... suddenly... allegedly... appeared at a couple of functions... and... and... skipped a major climate conference he was supposed to be present at in order to... to trick or treat with his children. Halloween must be very big in that family. Then... for a while, there was a casting call out for the Gv'ner lookalikes from some talent agency.

He had just gotten the vaccine booster.

He basically disappeared for two weeks, give or take.

Word started to go around that he had Bell's Palsy as a reaction to the vaccine and could not appear in public, lest people associate bad things with this toxic vaccine. I don't know what's what but I read the articles about his reappearance at a couple of functions, one of which was a wedding for a John Paul Getty heir. There was an isolated headshot of him in a mask (he could have been anywhere); well... he just got the booster shot, of course, he's wearing a mask... The article, which headlined Newsom being there, had no details whatsoever, and it was glossed over in the rest of the article. Now here's an eerie coincidence... the SAME THING happened at the next (or was it previous?) event. Woo Woo. He's the invisible man, but... but... he walks among us like The Phantom.

Obviously, even a borderline intellect like myself can say, “Wow! That sure is a lot of smoke.” Something is burning somewhere; besides hypocrisy that is. Well, hypocrisy is not the theme here. Concealment is a part of the theme. To me... all of this leads to Mr. Apocalypse. He is trembling the floorboards of the high and mighty in their minds, by playing with their minds. Nothing is going right. That last step they took. It was a burned bridge too far.

There is a mysterious force that permeates this planet. Nothing is hidden from it. It is present everywhere. The Conscious, Eternally Living Entity, knows what's going on. Usually, he lets human nature take its course, out of which have come good things and bad things because there are two natures. One group of humanity seeks to control all of the vice and attractions of the lower nature. Another group, much less visible, works to awaken and activate the higher nature. Many times in the past, men of either intention have made themselves to appear as the other, for the purposes of Heaven. The higher nature wins, of course, but... not without a great deal of attrition over the course of the struggle.

It's okay to stop suffering. It's okay to get off the wheel of cause and effect or... to do only good. Yes... (grin) that is permitted. There are so many sicknesses of the mind in these times. Materialism spawns Insanity. What was that thought Kipling had in his poem, “If”? something about keeping your head while all around are losing theirs... If you can do that, that's when the real clarity and stability begin. There is no stability without foundation. Even if it is made out of sand, which is the composition of material dreams and moonbeams mixed into a clay-like substance. Then The Wind and The Rain comes in... as well as The Sun... and it begins to wear away.

When you are utterly reliant on God, then God can perform His wonders in your life. Even if that is nothing more than being at peace with The World, it is still an accomplishment of something that will serve you well on this plane and every plane of being... and for an infinitude of time beyond... and continuing. Now and again, Chapter 43 of Autobiography of a Yogi comes to mind. It's that part about Yogananda's master, Sri Yukteswar, returning from the dead in an actual body and then telling Yogananda about what he sees where he is. I KNOW that such things happen and it makes all of the pedestrian treasures less than nothing at all.

It's like having the wonder of a child looking at the stars and saying, “Wouldn't you like to go there?” That is how I see the arcane realm, the hidden kingdoms of the mind and the heart. I have some idea of what travels with me when I go elsewhere. I'm pretty much letting that take care of itself, keeping in mind who it is you are reliant on.

What's that line? “Uneasy rests the head that wears the crown”? I think that's it. I could go and check everything but I am only trying to be close enough for rock and roll. You know... like the ship of your being on the waters of The World... a sea of change. It is a constant adjustment until you can still the sea. There are remarkable possibilities for all of you now if you should wish to take advantage of them. God has opened the candy store for spiritual seekers. In a world like the world of the moment, one has to take into consideration the Degree of Difficulty. You are never left unprepared if you are prepared. So... we have access to deeper degrees of our being now, and that means undiscovered talents and abilities brought up to The Surface World.

Because this is an apocalypse, The World is putting on a display of all that is wrong with itself, cause that is what uncovering and revealing brings about. The more THEY try to hide what they are up to, the more it does a Wack a Mole somewhere else.

So... The Gv'ner got a hot-shot. That can't be accidental. Don't they have all kinds of placebo vaccines for the occasion, depending on who is to be messed with, and who is to be left alone? If they would Hit The Gv'ner... why... they would hit anyone. Yeah... we know that, but... it mostly always means they are sending a message.

Surely you have wondered how they managed to conceal the truth about 9/11 for so long. The truth is that most people don't care. If it does not directly involve them, they will just keep their head down and hope not to be singled out. They might care, at a distance, but there is always something else going on, something else to be attracted to or intrigued by. The Mind is relentless. There is no hope for accommodation. It does not restrain itself. It must be restrained... and that... that is a process. Scientology has its version of this. All the big players have their version, and it works where it is intended to work, which is NOT inside my head.

Given that The Mind is such a wily character, and given the disadvantage you are put at, due to The Senses constantly bombarding The Mind... and you... since it is your mind. Let's see, we can call it John, or Jane Doe Mind. It makes the idea of a toe-tag seems so much more romantic when the perfume of anonymity enters your nose and then migrates across the blood-brain barrier into the brain, but... I'm getting ahead of myself. The Mind has COMPONENTS. It is like a multistory house, and even on each floor, there are rooms that serve a purpose. Somewhere in that house is The Reactive Mind. You must take your sword and go and slay it. Wait a minute!!! Okay... we can probably consider other mediums of communication.

Somehow... you must 'still' The Reactive Mind. It is only then that you can hear The Voice. The Reactive Mind serves the purpose of concealing The Inner Voice. Some might call it The Intuition, but it is more than that. The Intuition is one of its servants, though he may consider them friends.

Peace with oneself and peace with The World are both achieved simultaneously by letting go of either one. Mayhap neither will go anywhere, but you are no longer attached to them. Therefore you do not have to concern yourself with freeing yourself from the entangling brambles that are everywhere around these days. It's a nice environment when your mind is an open space through which ideas freely flow. If I hear that ring, that Special Ring... It gains my attention and I dial it in.

The Mind has its own games and so does The Heart. The Heart is fickle or it is true, between them lies its torment. Having set my heart on ONE thing and one thing alone, everything else falls into place accordingly. That is ALWAYS the case, unless... one resists. “No man can serve two masters.” This I have heard. I think sometimes it is more than two, like in a subdivision of the same into different specialties. In medicine, you have to pick a specialty, even then it can subdivide. The Mind is like a city or a town. It can be crowded or near empty. I like the High, Wide, and Wholesome.

I have seen the hungers that feed on people who believe they are feeding themselves. I have seen the cities of night lit up with desire. It's a humbling moment to see all the unreal dreams and expectations, all of which come to naught unless it is a gift from The Almighty ...and you are the appointed steward. People mistake blessings for curses all the time, and it works the other way around too. That is where values... spiritual qualities come in. If there were one thing I would ask God for, before all else, save his presence, is his qualities. I think there can be no finer acquisition anywhere... at any time.

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I saw a film called “Inheritance” earlier in the year. It had Simon Pegg in it. I've only seen him in comedies previous to this. This is a suspense thriller, and IF you like that sort of thing, it hits all the buttons.

The character that Pegg plays rivals what I have seen from Anthony Hopkins. What is very cool is that you don't know what's going on for a long time. I include it because so many of the reviews are bad. It made me wonder, given the giganormous amount of crap out there. I found it highly entertaining for the acting alone.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

At peace with the world? Huh! Well, I'm certainly not attached to it, though before I got here I was out to make it a better place according to the Akashic Memories during my NDE. I did for some, and I was a nightmare for others (Heh-heh-heh.)

“Uneasy rests the head that wears the crown.” defined by The Sword of Damocles. I'll pass on that. I'm with you on the concept of bein' hostage to fortune. I'd rather be a hostage to a nose hair coat, but it looks like that ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Here is what Real Raw News says about Newsom.


Visible said...

Real Raw News is a two-headed baby site, where just about everyone who is famous has been sent to Gitmo, executed, and replaced. There is no tale too tall for them to tell. The Daily Mail came out with the news today (not in American press) that he had had some low-level reactions, all of it minimalized. Shrugs, no biggie, etc.

Anonymous said...

"The Reactive Mind serves the purpose of concealing The Inner Voice." My reaction on reading that was - Wow, why didn't I see that before ( or at least make it conscious). Perhaps I suffer from Play doh mind as opposed to John or Jane Doe mind.Ah well....
The number plate in that film trailer, New York- RFK 575 caught my eye. It's been in quite a few films but I can't find any obvious Kennedy association. Curious,though, as it seems to keep cropping up.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"A Great Amount of the Real Luster and True Beauty is Obscured by its Passing Through the Carnal Mind."

Anonymous said...

I'm Gavin Newsome and yes I've had all my shots.
No big deal..

Anonymous said...

"..less visible, works to awaken and activate the higher nature."
You sure do, thank you so much Les.
Bill 😊



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