Thursday, November 18, 2021

"When You No Longer want The World, The World No Longer has The Power to Influence You to Your Detriment."

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I've not seen so many frustrated and angry people as I see now. That's at a distance, of course, but noticeable nonetheless. If you think it's all random and accidental, you will spend your life trying to be ready for the unpredictable, and never be ready. Most certainly, you will miss things. One would need to be superhuman to maintain an unbroken attentiveness to the reports of the senses. Even if you could, you would only be getting half the story, because the other portion is outside the reach of the ordinary senses. It is true that some of us have awakened spiritual senses which sit atop the ordinary senses, but the numbers are quite small and some portion of them are not sane.

This is soon to change. One of the more powerful transformations being brought by The Great Awakening is 'a quickening' of the spiritual senses. Also... a great deal of madness will follow in the wake, as people find themselves unable or UNWILLING to process all the new stimuli.

It is not possible to entirely avoid the Insanity that is sweeping like wild winds around The World. There are two main themes at work. There is the Crass Media (including Social Media) that is owned by The Usual Suspects. They invent and promote racial strife, sexual perversity, and the despair of living that presently haunts humanity. The other theme is your real life, outdoor world, which brings you into contact with The Walking Wounded, and the momentarily stabilized at every turn. Thousands of cars... millions of cars pass one another on the highways. Each one encapsulates the lives they ferry from place to place. Think of the sheer magnitude of separate existences caught up in their personal drama among the millions of soap operas transpiring within the greater drama of the times.

Everywhere you turn there is plastic... the endless derivatives of petroleum that even goes into your food. The culture has turned to crap. The government institutions are loony bins. The religions are false front edifices of worn out and corrupted doctrines, in which the teachings of the founders have been subsumed into flaming dumpsters of incoherent double talk. None of any of it makes any sense at all. It is as if the greater portion of humanity is adrift upon a troubled ocean, hanging on to Styrofoam coolers in the aftermath of a great maritime tragedy. They don't know what happened or how they got there. They can't remember. They are just... there.

Everywhere you look, the flashing adverts and appeals to appetite and desire continue at an ever-intensifying rate. The cities looks like Bladerunner rip-off scenes from The Fifth Element. Escape from New York is a real thing.

Meanwhile... as the system collapses, the celebrities and other high-livers go on as if there were nary a problem in sight. They flaunt their ridiculous outfits and designer bags. They attend charity balls where the attendees gang-bang Charity into a state of induced coma. There is almost nothing to watch anymore. There is no music that is not dissonant noise. Mindless politicians with their feedbags in place, warn and terrify the sleepers with Climate Change lies. There is NOTHING you can do about Climate Change... NOTHING!!!

You cannot manufacture millions of cars that run on electricity if you abandon fossil fuels. They had a great solution with Hydrogen Power. What happened to that? Alternative energy sources are NOT capable of meeting our needs as we shall soon see. What the Hell is going on?

You see the world leaders mouthing idiocies that no sane person would consider. You see phony plandemic scams where the vaccines were ALREADY in place, and which are a thousand times more dangerous than the virus they trumpet, which is no more than an amalgam of the usual winter ills that befall a certain amount of the population every year. Meanwhile... the vaccines destroy the immune system. That is their general result, no matter which of the weakest links in the chain are determined to be responsible. The vaccines seem to initiate a form of Cancer where the body attacks itself.

I am not a chemist or any form of material scientist. The details and convoluted minutiae are beyond me, BUT... I do possess Common Sense. What is the outcome of it all? It is another construct of Them and Us. It is a new battleground between the doomed vaxxed and the intransigent unvaxxed. It's the old divide and conquer routine; “The people who live upstream are pissing in our drinking water. They have diseases! We must protect ourselves! We must destroy their village to protect our own.”

I had no idea there were so many stupid people! I thought the numbers were much smaller, BUT... I see the millions buying lies... wholesale fed to them by the talking heads. What is it that has brought together the political, religious, and entertainment worlds into subjection to a mysterious power, which they all seem to serve without question? The force of relentless media has broken the public will. WHO... who is it that is in control of the message being produced by The Media? What are their intentions? If you don't know by now you can head back to the first sentence of this paragraph and stay there. Maybe... just maybe The Four Horsemen will pass you by.

The problem is Material Culture and those who seek to control our understanding of it. As long as you are operative on their level, you are vulnerable to their wiles. You have to rise above them and this you do by sublimating your carnal nature, and using it to fuel a higher aspiration. You MUST have an Ideal that inspires you. No matter how out-of-reach it may seem to be, you will be drawn inexorably toward it by The Attractive Force which is Love, expressed in clear imitation of The Beloved. Only love gives you the power to surmount every obstacle. Once you no longer want anything from The World, The World no longer has the power to influence you to your detriment.

I've mentioned The Dial before. This is the mechanism by which Carnal Love is dialed up into Higher Love. Swami Vivekananda once said, “Om is God.”

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda

It might be more illustrative to say that the primal and fundamental vibration from which all Adaptations emerge is God; the creator of all things. It gets tricky for the understanding when you consider God as the creator of all things and have to factor Evil into the mix.

The Nature of God is an eternal and perpetual mystery that only becomes tangible to us once it divides into opposites in The World of Duality. Of that which is prior to it, not much can be said that is intelligible. I'm not here to produce a primer along the lines of Metaphysics for Dummies. Let us just say that all that can be known has been known for a very long time by The Keepers of Ageless Wisdom. It's there to be found if one demonstrates the needed quantities of Faith, Certitude, and Determination. One attracts the one who opens the door between the worlds, the way the flower attracts the bee. Love is the supreme attractor and it illuminates whatever it is directed at; think of a flashlight beam that reveals the form of whatever it is focused on.

There are sensors in existence that are tripped when one begins to radiate a specific degree of Light in the form of Awareness. It is as if your car alarm has gone off. It attracts attention. The moment your course is on the upswing, all the invisible forces for Good rush to your side. The Wind of Heaven is at your back!

If you go into the combat zone of any city and you get mugged, whose fault is it... really? You went there. If you let your mind and emotions travel into the lower regions, you WILL meet those who live there!!! Love is sanctuary. Realized yogis live in the jungles of India for long periods of time. Hungry tigers pass them by. The wildlife does not trouble them because THEY ARE IN HARMONY WITH ALL LIFE. This is long-established truth that has been described in the writings of witnesses from many periods of time.

Perhaps you have seen the films where some shaky priest holds up a cross and the vampire shrinks away? Perhaps you have seen the films where the vampire laughs at the priest because there is no force behind the crucifix he holds before him? It is not The Cross that protects the priest or anyone. It is the force of faith behind the symbol that protects them. The Infernal World and the Supernal World are separated by a wide and impassable gulf, but there is a common playing field where their paths cross each other, and that is the middle ground between them on this plane where we presently find ourselves. You are either aligned with one kingdom or the other, and that is what sees to your fortunes here. You've got nothing to worry about if you've got nothing to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

Another post par excellence in which LV sums up the state of our physical reality, ties it up with a translucent bow of truth, and delivers it straight into the Hands of God. Don't worry, be happy!


Love, Priscilla

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Quite frankly, I can't stand the world. I've hated life since age 6. I consider it a prison, and I'm trying to finish my sojourn as obnoxiously as possible. But we know that. I mean, I must have made that evident in posts that number in the triple digits by now. I mean, sheesh! I can't even get a nose hair coat, and as far as I'm concerned, life without a nose hair coat is like the runs without toilet paper or bidet!

Nostrils up!

Steve said...

Hi Les, you have confirmed for me that the way through the current turmoil is to raise into a higher frequency ( love being the higher one). I have read most of vivekanandas works, he was a great soul. Appreciate the article.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"It is a Truly Strong Individual that can Ride These Forces Instead of Being Driven by Them."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Realized yogis live in the jungles of India for long periods of time. Hungry tigers pass them by. The wildlife does not trouble them because THEY ARE IN HARMONY WITH ALL LIFE. This is long-established truth that has been described in the writings of witnesses from many periods of time.'

One longs for the day when wild birds do not flee your (human) presence.

That would be the sign that you had got there, I'm sure.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'If you go into the combat zone of any city and you get mugged, whose fault is it... really? You went there. If you let your mind and emotions travel into the lower regions, you WILL meet those who live there!!'

A very difficult and unenjoyable novel I personally found it when I got round to reading Malcolm Lowry's 'Under the Volcano' -nevertheless, that is a brilliant summation of it -



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