Monday, January 27, 2014

Twerking with Anne Frank in a Dancing Zombie Musical.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

What have we been saying? The cosmos has a wicked sense of humor and... more and more you are going to be seeing things and hearing about things that are just not part of the usual script that we've been suffering through for... for... a long time. As the ineffable has personally told me, "I have an ingenious sense of humor and you are going to see it on full display. They are not going to know what hit them or what to do about it. They are going to be drug store cowboys with a bad jones at the corner of Shit and Go Blind." Here's an example of interesting WTF? Expect more. Expect much more.

Another thing I was told was, "I'm going to show up right in the middle of them and catch them in the act. I'm going to catch them with their pants down and record it for posterity. Trust me. They're not going to know what hit them." This means next to nothing to the truly insane. There are few poetic expressions that can match the raw beauty of evil destroying itself, either through extreme over reaching, or pathologically dysfunctional activity that makes no kind of sense. At times like this, I am always compelled to repost Nietzsche's maxim; "those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad."

Nothing says crazy more fluently than when someone over educated in morally bankrupt professions, decides to exercise his inner pseudo-intellectual, in the service of increasing both their celebrity and potential, wide spread embarrassment, while fattening their bank account. I consulted my inner phrenologist in relation to this individual and managed to materialize some LED running lights across his forehead that keeps repeating, "Yeah baby! The New Age, I'm loving it!" Then you see the McDonald's golden arches rise behind his head. Kool!

When you combine the state of materialism in this world with borderline intellects, whose level of celebrity is diametrically offset by their lack of talent, you are going to get people like this who see the world as their own Romper Room, surrounded by a posse of demented Sesame Street characters with a bad crystal meth habit. They got this list in Hollywood where they bet on who the next celebrity to die is going to be. This cat has to be up there. He did do one really cool thing, when he went to that Disneyland attraction for the world's perpetual victim industry, the grave of Anne- 'ball point pen' Frank and said she would have been a Bieliber. Well, the Anne Frank Franchise is steampunking right along, making cash registers ring, lighting it up dude, for the bank accounts of the greatest professional victim industry the world has ever seen. It is intoxicating to watch them milk this, while using Palestinian children for target practice. What a trip! What an ugly trip, as a matter of fact. What I think would be perfect at this time, is a an Anne Frank musical that mimics Michael Jackson's Thriller, starring Milley Cyrus, as a dancing zombie, in designer grave wrappings. Of course, a little romance would be necessary, so they could get Justin Timberlake to play the love interest in various tete a tetes, consummated in the hidden attic or wherever it was that she, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, wrote her opus. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a rap soundtrack by Dr. Dre or Jay-Zeeee. Man! I would so like to write the lyrics. I'm thinking of something like, "Monster Mash" at the finale.

Amidst all the derranged and cartoonish superficiality, exemplified by a fashion industry composed of men who hate women and women who hate men- and all the political saber rattling and invidious humanity hating lobbies we seem to forget about Lady Nature and the news is grim indeed, it's not snowing in the Sierras so there's going to be no water and although it's winter now, when the heat of summer arrives, the state will be a tinderbox and when the Santa Anna winds begin to blow in late Autumn, whoa! It doesn't look good for The Golden State. I don't want to be an alarmist; 'just the facts Mam.'

There are some sinister corporations on the planet at this time; The Carlyle Group, Monsanto, others, but... who doesn't get the notice they should is G.E. who is behind the horrors of Fukushima. Their indifference and avarice are not measurable by any known standards. You know that we are downtown in Sick City, when they can get away with this kind of thing. I'm becoming more and more certain that a significant number of high ranking industrialists, ceo's cfo's and others, are card carrying Satanists. How can it be otherwise? If they are not formal dues paying members, they have that force coiled like a snake in the back quadrant of their minds, controlling everything they say and do.

In these times, those so possessed, recognize no limits when it comes to the pursuit of self interest. If they can do it and get away with it, for even a little while, they find a large niche demographic of cinderblock headed, testosterone junkies, who will pay to see it, whatever 'it' is. We're looking at full bore madness on the cusp of insanity and it's operational at all observable levels, all going down, while the mass of the population is walking around with, "What, me worry?" plastered on their faces. The corpse light of cell phones flickering in the material darkness, is a pretty sight. You can see all the residents in those white t-shirts under the black light, with a phosphorescent message across the shirt that reads, "I'm with stupid." The thing is, the arrow isn't pointing sideways, it's pointing up.

Okay, let's troubleshoot your placement in the mix. You're surrounded by crazy people. You can talk at them but not to them. They're edgy and frenetic, like a large herd of cows out on the Kansas plains, just before a storm as the ozone crackles in the atmosphere. You know a stampede is on the menu so... let's talk about mental envelopes. If you've done any desktop recording, you know what I mean by an 'envelope'. It's not the same one that you need a stamp for. It's a metaphysical fact that there are a number of etheric sheaths which extend from the body. You'll want to scroll down to the graphics, unless you enjoy reading things people plucked from other sources. Alright, stay with me. I do have a point.

It's common knowledge for those who aren't common, that our more rarefied sheaths can be energetically charged by certain disciplines of the breath. In this same way, the mental sheath can be charged by Visible's snorting system, where you cast every thought that comes into your head, back out the way it came, by a quick expulsion of the breath. It takes a little practice to get it right, so that you are not expelling the contents from your sinuses. As thoughts are more and more routinely expelled from the mind, the mind becomes more and more energetically charged and capable of magnetically propelling negative mindsets, personalities and circumstances away from you. It's like having an invisible force field that maintains a secure and inviolable state of being.

Have you ever noticed how a person brimming with positive enthusiasm can change the mental state of those around them? It is as if they all become magnetized to the stronger current being generated by this positive generator. Not only is this possible but as just stated, it will drive negative people away from you. In occult history, there are many tales of people being under serious protection, while surrounded by excited mobs. During the French Revolution, there are stories of people being lifted right out of where they were standing and being deposited blocks away, or hiding in plain sight, while agents of the forces of darkness search all around them without seeing them. These tales are to be found in stories of the Comte de St. Germaine and Cagliostro, both of whom were around during this period of time. The Comte personally told Marie Antoinette that she was in grave danger, though she ignored him and it is said that she saw him in the crowd from the death wagon as it passed him by on the way to Madame Le Guillotine. Cagliostro had a number of soirees in which he predicted all manner of things occurring to the people in attendance. He was locked up in the Bastille but... when the mob broke into the prison, he was no longer there; shades of Appolonius of Tyana.

Bulwer Lytton wrote a fantastic novel about that period called "Zanoni". It's a little flowery for the first 60 pages or so and then it gets exciting. He is ridiculed these days as the epitome of bad writing and there is even an award in his name that is conferred on bad writers. This novel is more than a novel, much is revealed between its pages and such people actually walk among us, mostly unseen. In the works of Dion Fortune and other authors from times past there are many curious things presented to the reader. If you knew where to look, you can access all kinds of information of course, the usual Nimrods who have no compunction about throwing the baby out with the bathwater and have all the necessary lack of information to back up their perspective, will leap forward to condemn Annie Besant. Not me, I take what I find of value and thank my lucky stars for coming across it in the first place. Did I offer greetings from the Sirius Cluster yet? Here you go.

We have become complacent and all too ready to accept fabricated news and fabricated perspectives, which then form our world view. NOTHING is what it seems. There is, as The Bard once said, "More things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio." We need to see with new eyes and the first step is to reject the nonsense being generated by appearances. Then, with a little judicious and focused snorting, once the mind is emptied of all the garbage thinking, being manifested by the invisible information grids of The Enemy, you can hear the voice of The Guide, once the surround chatter has been diminished enough or expelled. It could happen quick, or take longer, depending on the quality of individual commitment. You'll have to be the judge of that.

Alright, so much for Mirrors on this sunny Monday in late January. Be alert.

End Transmission.......

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Smyrna said...

Phrenologically, that wanker looks prone to mania I'd say Vis.

A friend of mine is into that type of thing. He got it from the teachings of Samael Aun Weor, also a Latin American 'Gnostic'.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If you wore what they were wearing on the catwalk, you'd probably get arrested for disturbing the peace everywhere but SF an LA. I'm also waiting for INFERNO CALIPORNIA. Glad I know what I know and have the 'tude I do, or I'd be worried; living in the foothills with some very dry fields just around the corner, and more down the street; but in a way I see it as major SLUM CLEARANCE. Not that I really look forward to going by fire, but I must say I do have options. Smoke inhalation sucks. Hurts like Hell. Found out when I got burnt out of our flat due to the crack 'ho beneath us dropping her torch or something, but hey.

It gave me a new perspective, and I wrote a pretty decent poem because of it, even if it did cost me a a quarter year's net salary. Man, we'd cancelled renter's insurance when we got hit with that. Go figure. Glad I didn't lose my feline soul mate then, since instead of running out like the others, he holed up in the closet. Fireman found him, and then he ran like the devil was after him, since he didn't like strangers. He's gone physically gone now, but from a spiritual perspective he's still here. He's also a very bad influence on the other cats. They're acting more like him, and he was a very intelligent dictator who got his way always, since the alternative wasn't pleasant. The little black leopard might as well have been a real panthera pardus. Me think's he'll haunt us until we join him. I must say I miss that cold wet nose against my nose waking me up in the middle of the night to feed him. He was often my alarm clock, and am I off tangent, or am I off tangent?

Yeah, what ever. Great post, as always. And I eagerly await the planetary CLEANSING! However it takes place.

Visible said...

I couldn't sell shit like that and keep a straight face. Furthermore, from a yogi perspective, he's full of shit.

BCii said...

Wanker dude's gonna wank his way to... somewhere. Stroking his ego, mostly. Focused on the material benefits, no concept of the true value and meaning of communion with the Divine. Just another spiritual materialist groping through the fog, certain of his own superior enlightenment. Blugh. That's my take at the moment.

Too many good links today, Vis. You know, I only have so much free time in a day. (grin)

This coming out into plain view by acting out of the invisible nasties is just evidence of the late stage of the sweeping-out process, to my mind. They are getting squeezed from above and below and they can't help themselves. Mr. Apocalypse is at work, and what a fine work it is!

Gracias Vis,

BCii said...

(I unintentionally posted under my other Blogger account. Will probably start to favour this one from now on. Starting a new blog, apparently. - BCii aka the BCth)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post, man. Personally, I'm still waiting for The Britney Spears Snuff Film at the End of the World.

Welcome to the new new new new new world order, nWo 4 life!!! cause it's just TOO DAMN SWEEEEEEEEET!

Anonymous said...

My impression when Anne Frank House---This friggin' 'attic' is twice the size of the house that I grew up in and shared with my parents and five older siblings. Pretty fancy digs for people hiding out in a desperate wartime occupation situation. It was then that the myth began to erode for me.


Anonymous said...

Invasion of the body snatchers I get as a metaphor for current conditions. Triffids I do not. Watched after you recommended long ago. Would place it as my favorite "zombie" movie, however most are blind and few can see. Fits. Totally obvious giant carnivore plants once kept for industrial purposes now run rampant and consume people. Don't see how that one fits in as a sci fi metaphor for how things on earth are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Uhmmm, but I'm a tad upset with you. I'm now snorting quite a bit cuz I have the Monster Mash song stuck in my head. *smile* Love to all, Serena

the BCth said...

The "extreme over reach" link has some good comments to it. And Hasbara botflies! Entertaining.

If that's Fashion, then I call it Fashion from Hell. It is exactly as you described it. Enmity between the sexes.

Anonymous said...

The weirdest thing is that the same thing already happened exactly one year ago....

Visible said...

No way! Wow! Like I said... it's scripted and you can be CERTAIN that things are going on in the backrooms that are freaking the residents out but we're not hearing about any of it.

Visible said...

No way! Wow! Like I said... it's scripted and you can be CERTAIN that things are going on in the backrooms that are freaking the residents out but we're not hearing about any of it.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Alright. Thoroughly spent with all this. People who are thoroughly anonymous on here just love to give me crap. Hope it was worth it, dumb dumbs. I kind of knowingly use my whole ass in making the comments that I make and with my full name, something you anonymous posers just love to avoid. I mean fucking really? You anonymous assholes and assholettes are giving me all sorts of guff over me choosing to not use paragraphs. In closing and permanently so, it would have been nice to notice that the metaphysical community would and could act more cohesively and functional when it came to being able to show solidarity to one another. No, the lack of me using paragraphs was the high order prerequisite for people to pose and preen about not being able to understand. Well, things and the way they work in being recorded by more than just the dirty, nazified NSA will ensure that I'll have nothing to do with such types and all on account of not being able to contain their dumb dumb selves in making cross comments, when, as I said, if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. It'll be "real cute" what the actual deal is with this character for such de regeuer idiots. Oh, the tiresomeness actual tribulation will actually render for all such facetious assholes to deal with, given I didn't ask for the guff, was just trying to help my own way with my own context on this blog, yet you idiots couldn't help yourselves over and goddamned over. Hope it was worth it, so abadee, abadee, abadee, that's all folks!

Brian Crossland said...

Anne Frank house, been there, declined the tee-shirt.
The accompanying exhibition regarding racism,anti_semitism, prejudice. No Palestinians there. Lots of examples of current European fascism, no Israel.
So yes, was an eye opener.

Visible said...

Curtis; Don't let it get you down. None of us here pleases everyone, me included. So a couple of people find your Kantian presentation to be a little too...uh... Kantian. Don't worry about it. Keep in mind that more than their number read what you had to say and didn't have that reaction. You have a right to express yourself. We all get adjusted and shaped here over the course of our residency. Grab that inspiration by the throat and throttle it until it gives up what you are after.

Anonymous said...

I must say, it is kind of odd how many of the supposedly enlightened people here, will attack others for very trivial things. Like not using paragraphs. Or for posting as anonymous. Anybody who was truly enlightened, and not surreptitiously working for the dark side, wouldn't give a hoot about whether or not someone posts as anonymous. I'm am so freaking sick of reading the words of people who bash anonymous posting. It's the content that matters, not the person behind the posting. There are myriad reasons why a person might want to remain anonymous; only a moron or somebody working for the NSA couldn't see that. Forces are at work right now, that are trying to do away with anonymous posting on the Net, by forcing the worldwide usage of biometric identification (meaning fingerprints, iris scans, or other such forms, will be needed to access the Internet). Every time one of you dark-side-co-opted snakes starts bashing anonymous posting, you are encouraging the usurpation of your own freedoms. You are hastening your own demise, and the demise of your fellow citizens. You are doing the work of the very people you rail against. Jesus. Shut the fuck up and think about what you are going to say, already, for once in your puppet-like lives, before you shoot your mouths off and give aid to evil. And have a nice day.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"Twerking with Anne Frank in a Dancing Zombie Musical"

That title is so politically incorrect! What would Anne's father Mr. Frank, who hired but didn't pay the tribe ghost writer with a ballpoint pen to fake the whole diary, say?

Snuf film with Britney Speers at the end of the world (grin).

Dieudonne is under tremendous attack for speaking truth to corrupt power. The footballer got a five game suspension for his quenelle sign and the tribe owners of his team want him banned for life as an example about telling the truth about the tribes criminality around the globe.

Jonathan Azazaia does a great report on the evilness of these souless power maniacs.

kenny said...

I turned on the Grammys last night just in time to catch who I first thought was Jay-Zeeee but turned out to be Juicy J, hard to tell them apart, but he had this line;

"she'll eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer"

Yes, the rappers definitely need a lyricist.

Didn't stick around for the "33" marriage ceremonies, gay and otherwise (funny they used that number), but it's Here if you missed it. And there were kids watching! Oh yeah, this ain't Russia and in snipping some of your words, 'the tribes proselytization to unformed minds and bodies' is just another day in the 'zombie musical.'

the BCth said...

Vis you are a Master, sticking up for Curtis like that.

Hi, Curtis! Listen to Vis, eh? Don't listen to those other guys.

Visible said...

You know what I'm sick of? Arrogant knowitalls who don't have the intelligence or wit to pay attention to something that gets said over and over here and who selectively cherry picks their own manufactured garbage. Let's see if you have enough self awareness to feel embarrassed now.

Over and over, this author has said he doesn't care if people are anonymous or not, over and over and over he has said this. The 'anonymous' he objects to are the vicious snakes who come around spouting invective under the protection of their anonymity. That... is the only anonymous that concerns us here and it is the very thing, very type of thing you are railing about in your comment, only the point of observation is changed.

Rarely does anyone, anonymous or otherwise get censured here. It 'might' happen a couple of times a month. You are wrong about what goes on here and woefully uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Boy's, Boy's....

It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out.

walking hawk

(my humor again)

Visible said...

Much harder to poke someone's eyes out when they got them wide shut as appears to be the case here. (grin)

Visible said...

Okay, another song is coming up now in a few minutes; "Mr Apocalypse is Coming". Once again, it's a rough take, a first take actually and mixed down for convenience rather than accuracy but you'll be able to sense where the completed effort will wind up. Once again I wrote something before I could get to the ones I already have. At this rate the album will be done by the weekend and what's left to do will be what was left to do before I started (grin).

The 39th Elf said...

Here is Visible's latest song:

Mr Apocalypse is Coming

Anonymous said...


Rules of the internet:

1) Nobody knows you are a dog

2) No barking, you'll give us away

Any questions?

Emannuel S. Nah

Damn, I'm so old.

Oh yeah, first one to call someone Hitler or Nazi automatically loses the debate.

Anonymous said...

The irony would be that anonymous is incorrectly criticizing someone's policy who, himself, carries the nom de plume "Les Visible". Vis, you attract irony (smile)

Visible said...

Yeah, it would be ironic, except that's my name and has been for years and it's what my passport and every other idea states. Now, if that were not the case.

kenny said...

Wow! Great new Mr Apocalypse song. One of your best.

Ginnie said...

Mr. Apocalypse! I like it a lot!

You can see him riding up on his horse. And he's dressed like Bat Masterson.

Ray B. said...

On overreaching: One of my favorite examples was when the Macdonald corporation cracked down on all other Macdonald-name usages in the world. After being shown some lawyer crap, a film clip showed the head of the Clan MacDonald basically grinning and politely baring his teeth and doing a Scottish version of "Bring it on..." (grin)
Vis: "I'm becoming more and more certain that a significant number of high ranking industrialists, ceo's cfo's and others, are card carrying Satanists. How can it be otherwise?"

For some reason, this brought up the Gautama Buddha scenario. His father was the King (CEO CFO etc.) of a minor kingdom. He tried to keep Gautama from knowing the conditions outside his compound. Once an early Mr Apocalypse had raised the veil for Gautama, the princeling (future CEO CFO etc.) had the choice of shutting down his emotional body to continue on a warrior-king path, or being driven out into the world by his emotional body. We got a world-class "Christ" by the results of Gautama's choice. Thanks.

I see various modern CEO's, CFO's, etc., having this same choice laid out for them. Perhaps graphicly. Do we have any future awakenings here?
Vis: " The Bard once said, 'More things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.' We need to see with new eyes..."

This brought up a visit to Avebury Stone Circle around 1990. (Impressive!) We were passing by the ceremonial entrance stones, and something told me to pay attention. Opening up my 'inner eyes', hmmm, there were two Druid guardian types - one in front of each of the two huge stones. (Kind of like ghosts, but not really.) After much conversation, the story came out. They had each voluntarily 'bound' themselves to this area to protect the site, long ago. They were quite all right, thank you...

After some considering, each was offered a 'briefing' on all that had occurred since their passing. Once this was assimilated, one guardian chose to detach and go on, and one chose to stay.

A most unfore-seen encounter!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

insiam said...

coral keyrucDictionary: Irony (see anon 10 :45)

Ref. "Shut the fuck up and think about what you are going to say, already, for once in your puppet-like lives, before you shoot your mouths off ....."

PS unless your sitting in some net cafe then anon is not exactly anon. if you are in a net cafe then you may as well post with a posting name whilst still being able to be really be anon. and on anon ... :)

insiam said...

whoops 'coral keyruc' was my verification from last post. just to be clear .. to be clear

Skepticfrog said...

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth #14

We have politely(!) - in a CIVILIZED manner - asked(!) you to follow writing conventions and/or rules which were supposedly taught to you in grade school. We did not insist on your writing form, but pointed out, that your choice of not following form, may (or will) result in our not reading it.

We didn't ask you to stand on your head and spit quarters.

Your response?

Insults, invectives, obscenities directed to the authors - including myself - who just simply asked you to conform to conventions of writing (English) prose.

You should be ashamed yourself; you - whose mother tongue IS English - cannot (or not willing to?) write half as good as I, whose mother tongue is not English and started to learn the language at 15 in high school in E. Europe - not exactly a paragon of English language instruction.

We have a saying in my mother tongue: "Excuse me sir, were you raised in a barn?"
You don't exhibit even a modicum of civility and decorum, but crass, undisciplined verbal sewage fills the (uninterrupted) lines.

It seems, that you are a truly unique specimen of humanity; your alimentary canal ends at your fingertips, depositing the end product on your keyboard - which in true high-tech form, ends up on our screens.

The poster and readers(?) here exhibit a level of intelligence, education, awareness(!) and civility; obviously you're the exception. However, sometimes we need a contrast presented to us, to appreciate the others, and our good fortune, that we can communicate with those, who are on our level.(Interpret the last five words as you please).

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 10:45

This is Visible's blog.
He can set-up any rules and expectations as he damn well pleases. If he wants to bash anons, that's HIS prerogative, so stop riling against it. If you don't like it, don't post or even visit/read

I don't understand your kind; he owes you (us) NOTHING. Yet, you come out and rant as if you have some kind of entitlement, for him to conform to your expectations.

This mentality just puzzling to me; I'll probably will never figure it out...

David V said...

Yeah, what Skepticfrog said! He writes very well, period, let alone for someone who took up English as a second language!

The temper tantrums, personal attacks and pompous invective have simply cemented my resolve to skip over anything you post, Curtis. By all means, keep writing in whatever manner you wish. Others may want to read it, and that is A-OK with me. I am just one of those older fools who grew up thinking that it was important to learn readin' writin' and 'rithmetic. I've learned my lesson, though. May my "tribulation" (as you put it) be not too severe.


Visible said...

Well I certainly don't want to get into the middle of this; just trying to be a peacekeeper. However, as much as this is an upscale location (grin); meaning that manners are oft employed here where they are non existent at other locations, this is also a playground and, in my mind, nothing happens by accident so... the key is to look for whatever the relevant purpose of demonstration might be.

insiam said...

just to add my 2 cents. I never read your post Curtis, as also like paragraphs.

In fact i tend to write in very short paragraphs.

Perhaps too short. But i think they are easy on the eye. Although my grammar and spelling can be a bit off i do like my short paragraphs.

As you can see :)

PS I have no doubt that you spend considerable time and effort to express what ever it is you have
to say. However due to your aversion to paragraphs i guess you are losing a considerable amount of pptential readers.

Why don't you just conform Curtis. Go on - you know it makes sense. For me - please please and pretty please :)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

FINALLY listened to it. Mr. Apocalypse. . . is beautiful. Gorgeous tune, and the lyrics are intelligent and really tell it.

Anonymous said...

May I be patiently lectured to next, please.

Mr. Nah

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Ok. Just laying this out here that given Mr. Visible's rather abating hand being played in telling me, basically, "comment away the way you want to", it's time to ignore people who I still see are complaining about my non-usage of paragraphs, while lauding themselves and their writing styles and trashing mine. Good lord! Oh, how those never-so still waters involving people complaining about me not using paragraphs "must run real deep", regarding their evident character when it came to that "necessity". I didn't ask for any of this guff, but once roused, and given I was not asked politely ever about the "absolute, existential exigency" to use paragraphs, I tend to defend myself vigorously, which isn't going to happen anymore on account of the flaky elements of people's psyches' I'm engendering an evincing of and just how beyond pointless talking back to such people it always, only ever was and is. If I don't follow what somebody says, given it's easy to do because the entire metaphysical, esoteric rubric's rather ineffable, I don't get pejorative about it. You guys did and all for the sake of yourselves and what you want to hear, "properly" collated the way you want to hear it...or not. Please, by all means, skip over what I say. You're not missing much but leave me alone in regards to how I type. Pretty simple. This crappola's done, responding back to anybody who's that superficially focused on something, uh, um, rather superficial. No more of this for me. If I have nothing good or nice to say, I keep it to myself as an actual principle, but this whole farcical crap's getting the personal kaibosh put to it, given I'm not going to deign to respond to certain rather anonymous people's "real erudite, insight-ridden" crap. It's just stupid, something I'm plenty familiar with being so myself, ontologically speaking, but it's just sad when, and this is the second and last time Mr. Visible graciously intervened, and I'm not going tax him with this stupid crap about me not using paragraphs by petulantly getting kind of sick of the shallow tripe you guys are referencing in regards to the way I write. So, sorry Les and I appreciate the words of comfort and wisdom, and I'm just not going to get into it anymore with say, individuals saying I need to get on meds or this paragraph pogrom thing or whatever it's called. It's all pretty telling though. As not so much an aside to the people that wanted me to use paragraphs, I tried. I used Text Edit and was trying to tab and space on here, so I tried to "conform" for the sake of those people's eyes and minds, but, given I'm not a computer wizard and tabbing and spacing works on other areas on the internet, I don't know what the deal is. Not a gigantic, Heaven and Earth shaking whoop there, folks. I use paragraphs in other settings, guys, but that this copy and paste issue is actually working that way, it's just ironically funny that I tried and it doesn't want to transcribe what I wrote in Text Edit using paragraphs. Don't expect me to humor you guys with anymore flare ups of my ego, given I'm just debasing myself every time I choose to argue with, in my experience, idiots who want to "tell it like it is", never thinking to just keep it to themselves if it's negatively slanted. Honestly Les, no more commenting back to cross commenters. Not a circle of virtue, to be sure.

Visible said...

Well now, someone will probably come up with a solution for that (grin).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Curtis Matthew Ellsworth,

May I call you Coronal Mass Ejection?

Damn, I'm so old.

This crowd is so dull! Can I have a "Gosh Mr. Nah, just how old are you?"

Thank you to the tall guy in the back.

I'm so old, I had a buddy who told me to hide pearls where swine won't find them.


Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Hey Curtis,

Can you possibly turn that one big paragraph into one big long sentence ? That would be something.
(my humor again)

Peace Bro,
walking hawk

Eugene said...

Hi Les,

This is Eugene, wanted to share my latest distillation and see how it hits ya.

The woodpile begs...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Watcher Within.

marilyn said...

hello les and all,
I've been reading what les writes for years now and I very seldom comment.
I've noticed in the last couple of years that I stopped using capitals and sometimes punctuation..haven't ended paragraphs yet and probably won't just because they give me breaks in my thoughts for you readers. lol
tonight is the new moon. I've been in a dither about this for a couple weeks now and thought I needed help/guidance from les but my comments from a few days ago just disappeared so I took that as a sign. freaky.
something (somebody) has been close to my left and right shoulders nudging, pushing, encouraging me to just do it. it seems like wherever I go on the internet I see another sign saying the same it, the time is now.
and now the new moon is here and i'm still in a dither. is this the right new moon? would another time will more 'right'...and yet, I know deep in my heart that we are running out of time.
I don't claim to know it all, far from it, but, I do know right from wrong. I know that the people are afraid and no one is offering them a solution, other than an armed revolution.
I do know that the answer is love, truth and justice for a new world order that we (the people) control.
I do believe that there are more good people than bad in this world. i see the good being done against all odds and it gladdens my heart. but, i also see the bad and it breaks my heart and makes me weep for all humanity.
(if i wore mascara i would have long dark lines down my cheeks right now).
throughout my whole life I've come up with solutions for problems I've faced. this time I've been working on a solution for all the world's people.
if the people want it they will have to work heart and soul to get it...but, it will be so worth it. or maybe not; fukashima has moved into the picture and it doesn't seem like anyone is addressing the problems with that.
anyway, i'm rambling.
when i started on the internet many years ago, it was for my reading pleasure. later it became imperative that i learn to write and post.
so i'll leave you with this link and see what you think. i still have trouble with
love to all.
as you can see, that didn't work. back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

marilyn... Neil sent this to you,

you people
all of you would make a good pirate,
we should think about a pirate ship,
sailing the seas,taking down evil governments,war makers,banksters and their ilk,whilst speaking of divine inspiration and love,what a ship we would have,people from every nation would love us and we would love them with all the strength of our true selves and our humanity.


Saturday, May 15, 2010 5:41:00 PM

walking hawk



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