Saturday, January 18, 2014

Of Devil Signs and the Singularity of Force.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I got up this morning and said to myself, I don't think I'll write a posting today. I'm kind of tired and just want to lay on my couch, or work on my new tunes, or finish up the editing on the new book for that Monday deadline but... here I am. I guess I have no choice- grin)

Invariably, now and again, there appears someone who didn't get the memo, even though the memo has gone out a couple of dozen times by now and so I come into the possession of yet one more (often snide and mostly always looking for trouble, or some kind of gotcha moment) query along the lines of, "Why are you making devil signs with your hands on the websites?" Occasionally, like the one today, I get not only a comment at The Petri Dish but an email as well, presented to me in a serious matter of fact way. I can almost hear the little ballet slipper slapping on the gym floor, see the arms folded across the chest and note the no nonsense look in the eye, followed by... "Well? Well?"

As I have done every time in the past, I referred the emissary from the district attorney's office to Google (or any search engine) for the purpose of searching for 'Ramakrishna'  ah... look at that, visible went and did the search for you. Now, visible isn't worthy to be in the same room with Ramakrishna, who was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, saint from India in the last several hundred years. I use him as an example because there's no question of him being evil. In fact, one of the stories told about him is that one of his disciples slipped a coin under his mattress once and when Ramakrishna went to lay down, he leapt back up immediately as if he'd been burned. This is why he is known as a saint and not by some other title.

No, I am not worthy to be in the same room with him but I have also had a Kundalini experience that causes my hands to go into those positions all by themselves. I've had any number of Kundalini experiences and some of them have been severe (after a certain fashion). Out of these have come certain powers and abilities and it doesn't matter if you believe me or not. Too many people have already encountered these features of Visibilia. Now, if you ask me what that means, I couldn't tell you. I am kept in the dark about a lot of things, "for a very good reason".

At this juncture, one might well ask, "Well Vis, why put those photos up? they just encourage Nimrods and Nodwells to distrust you and talk stink about you." That's a good question. I'll take that for $800.00 and a spin of the wheel. First off, I don't give an FF (the first word would be 'flying') what Nodwells and Nimrods think about me and no matter what I do, certain disgruntled people who don't trust anybody, because they don't trust themselves and who see boogeymen everywhere, will talk stink about me no matter what. People still talk stink about Jesus Christ and did back then too AND I am no Jesus Christ. That's another cat that I am not worthy to be in the same room with AND... you can be sure that he held his hands that way on occasion too. It's all the same force, whether East or West. Scroll through pictures of Buddhas, statues of them, demigods and sundry entities and you will see that many of them hold their hands the same way. When I was in prison I saw various black gangsters who walked around with one hand on a cheek of their ass, palm outward and with the fingers in that same holding pattern but pointing downward (reversed kundalini).

People, THERE IS ONLY ONE FORCE in the universe and all expressions of force come from the same source. I'm sure any competent physicist could show you that in mathematical terms. We exist in a world of apparent (appearing) duality and an endless multiplicity of expressions. This leads to confusion and bewilderment. Force is cyclopean. Intention defines it in terms of value, moral or otherwise. The same force operates in both saints and sinners but it operates differently. As Lao Tzu, or one of his offshoots said, "Before I attempt to fix what is wrong with a bad man, I first fix it inside myself." meaning they probably wouldn't even see it otherwise.

I know there are people who want to think of me as an employee of evil forces, or some kind of cointelpro, or amateur (grin). I have been painfully transparent about my shortcomings, which I have "for a very good reason". I haven't lied about my life or my adventures. Others have though. They have lied because the truth was not enough and the reason the truth was not enough is because they freaked out in relation to what they were afraid might happen and then... it didn't happen. This left them in an uncomfortable state and so, in order to justify their position, they had to embellish and exaggerate and in certain cases, just make shit up. Once again, there are people prone to believing these things and others who do not. That all depends on whether you believe my version of events. I don't argue with these people. I don't care what they believe. I do know that there is a reckoning up the road for everyone who slanders and defames another. This does not apply when it isn't slander; just in case some wag wants to bring to my attention my criticisms of certain public figures.

Let me migrate into occult and metaphysical explanations concerning devils and angels with an observation, The Devil is how God appears to the wicked. Ponder that at your leisure. It will also serve to free you of fears and apprehensions concerning all these mysterious matters. That same 'radiant energy' that expresses itself in snake behavior and is so called because it manifests in an undulating rhythmic manner, is the same serpent force that is generated out of sexual continence, is then transformed into Ojas and then ascends up the spinal column to the luminous heights that reside out of mortal sight.

You don't need a college diploma to engage in this process. You don't have to have a badge, an impressive ID or a uniform. You don't have to be born to aristocrats. There is no external authority that confers upon you the rights to engage in this process. This is the inevitable outcome of self inquiry and evolving awareness. Some people are making millions of dollars and some people are acting in blockbuster films, or have prestigious titles and positions and... some of us have Kundalini experiences. I am one of those people. Why was I chosen for this? I couldn't tell you. Why is my personal history occasionally unlike anything one would associate with such a process? I couldn't tell you. The one who makes the selections in this regard has their own inscrutable reasons for it and, like anything else, it's for the purpose of demonstration.

It is to be expected that people under the spell, or influence, of infernal forces would see me as an infernal agent. Others would see a very different entity. So... why post those pictures? It is precisely because most people misinterpret these things and assign incorrect values to them. In Bush's case, sure... he is probably making what he thinks is a devil sign and the same with the rest of that ilk. In Bush's case, I think he's a little too stupid for The Devil to take seriously but maybe he has to use what's available.

I would think that after ten years of doing this and many more years living on the thinnest of material margins, that it might occur to certain people that I should have exposed my hole cards by now. There should have been some reasonable material payoff and not a bunch of websites with free advertising on them. A great many people in my line of work make enormous sums of money; hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars. I'm sure if I dressed up a certain way and acted a certain way, with the gifts I possess, that I could be raking it in too but... I am not. I must have a very good reason.

If a person's intent in their activities is to enjoy general public favor, then they will cater to those positions and points of view that are held by the masses and which were given to the masses by their handlers. Here's a useful little guide in relation to the sort of things that are going down these days

If you are naturally or intentionally at odds with TPTBGD; the powers that be going down, it is to be expected that you will encounter specific actions, directed at your credibility as well as your continuance. You can expect to fall in and out of favor with various people along the way. The important thing is to not waver in your focus or industries, so that consistency is an operational accessory with you. Sooner or later you will succeed at what you do. There are eternal laws that cover this sort of thing. Of course, you will catch shit here and there for one reason or another and I have found that the best way to handle that is to view praise and blame with a similar dispassion and to always remember that today's vocal supporter can well turn into tomorrow's venomous detractor,

You need to be in possession of that spiritual thousand yard stare. You've got to take the long view and also be willing to take the long way. You have to have your eye on an ultimate goal, then all the pedestrain bullshit will be of little account. You need to be sincere in your motivations and your actions. Then, a certain kind of legitimacy is vested in them and the right people will notice this and who cares about anyone else? Of critical importance is your value system. You need to know the actual worth of things and act accordingly and not be unduly influenced by a lot of glittery shit. You have to know that just cause your name gets mentioned on television, or you happen to appear on television, it doesn't mean a damn thing. Being rich and powerful means nothing too and in MOST CASES is a serious liability. You should always wait for such things to be granted by the appropriate authorities. This would mean, at a time when you are unlikely to screw it up. The road to remorse is paved with people who figured that if they didn't grab it they wouldn't get it. Remember, though it might be true that "fortune favors the bold", it's an important aspect of it that you are in a position to properly define what fortune is and to always remember, "there but for fortune goes you and I".

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. In my lifetime, I’ve seen money cause more problems than it ever solved. Money cannot laugh, cry, dance, sing or share sunsets with you. Money represents a “tit for tat” mindset. Decidedly, that is not the direction I’m seeking. Love to all, Serena

nina said...

Why is my personal history occasionally unlike anything one would associate with such a process? I couldn't tell you. The one who makes the selections in this regard has their own inscrutable reasons for it and, like anything else, it's for the purpose of demonstration.

Such a beautiful, deep essay Visible. Are we in Origami today? If one never dipped their paws in evil, they could not know of its malignancy and inevitable outcome upon the individual soul. A kind of having to see it, up close, to believe it. Reading about it, hearing or viewing it from a distance is not the same. The actual experience, the demonstration, allows for choice.


Ginnie said...

Lack of invitation to "dance with the devil" does not constitute virtue.

the BCth said...

Hi everyone,

(I posted this on the recent Visible Origami, but I think it'll see more views here, so I'll post it again for good measure.)

I must say it's been a pleasure of a rarefied degree to follow these blogs of Visible's in the past couple of months. Our dog poet has really hit a new level with his muse, and so have the comment sections evolved likewise. Warm greetings and much love to you all.

I wanted to step in with a cordial heads-up regarding the Wes Penre Papers. I know some of us are familiar with them already, because this is where I found out about them last summer. (If you're not already familiar with them, and you have an interest in broadening your info base pertaining to the big picture of things, I heartily recommend taking a look.) Wes has now begun publishing his Level 4 series of papers, which really starts to get to the meat of the matter concerning the alien manipulation of humanity. There's some new information coming out there that starts to tie the whole thing together and correct or refine some things that weren't clear or accurate before. Even if you don't take it as a necessarily credible view on the reality of things in total, it is still quite a gripping tale and is sure to make you think!

In brotherhood and surety of faith,
Juho William Tauriainen

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

My pitiful fantasies can't even keep up with Tom Brady's real life.

Anonymous said...


I think you got really defensive for no reason friend. We're on the same side bro, and from the brilliant blogging that i've loved reading over the last year since i've stumbled across your blogs, i think it's a pretty casual question that i asked. There isn't a label under your pictures which says ramakrishna mudra or whatever. And since we are all looking at these mobsters in power in various circles, doing similar gestures, like Bush as you said, it makes sense for a reader to look at your hands and casually ask the meaning. I wasn't trying to be rude by emailing and commenting, i'm just not that talented with computers and was trying to figure out how to reach you with my question. I promise i have not defamed you in any way. But you have really hurt my feelings and i don't find that very, "Kundalini magical" or particularly intelligent of you actually..

a big fan of yours until now,

Hannah Wright

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my comments, i find that very open and fair of you. I wrote another email to Vis and wanted to post it here for others to see too, because this has been a pretty upsetting experience for me. -Hannah
Dear Vis,
Your posting today on smoking mirrors was very hurtful and aggressive toward me, a fan. I posted another comment for you to decide on, but i just wanted to talk to you more about this. I must have also hurt your feelings for you to get so defensive and insulting toward me. For that i apologize as it was not my intention. It seems strange that you are talking about Kundalini and yogis and what not, and then being so mean. I thought that my question was posed simply and casually and was not phrased in anyway to be rude to you. You picture me tapping a ballet slipper? I'm a 28 year old organic farming woman with a very open mind. Which is why i asked you about this and didn't post some mean blog somewhere saying, "Visible is an illuminati" or something like that which would have merited such a mean spirited response.. Who is defaming who here? If we met in person and you spoke to me this way after i asked this, you would look pretty petty and aggressive. I woke up today to see if you responded. Oh yeah you did. And you made a young woman who admired you deeply cry and change her mind about how very wonderful you are. WTF? For the type of deep questioning and observation i thought you were talking about on your blogs, i thought my question would be met with something like, "well i'm glad you're paying attention and asking questions", or " yeah some people misuse this very sacred mudra or do a similar gesture which has different meaning like the nazi use of the swastika which is also a sacred and ancient symbol ect" instead you spent your morning insulting my intelligence. Strange choice. I don't think any real spiritually gifted people would be so cruel like that. Your responses have ruined your credibility with me, not the gesture. How sad.
Hannah Wright

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Transducers NEVER have a choice. They are tools. Borrowed goods. Slaves to the Otherside. Obsessed, possessed by whoever/whatever they agreed to work for.

And thanks for reminding me to try to read The Aeneid again (Couldn't get past page 10 when I was in high school, but most high schoolers are in no shape to read epic poetry, including self when I was that nightmare of a hellion.)

Maybe next week.

Hmmmmmmm. Vergil Maro! Interesting on how he's not condemned for how he lived today, regarding Alexander and Cebes. But then again, how many people know of 'The Maiden of Mantua'? (I was lucky enough to have been introduced to him in my senior year of high school, though I was born in 1962. Schools were a little better in my time, though not as good as 30 years before I was born. . .from the intellectual perspective, anyway.)

I admit I can't wait to meet quite a few individuals who have moved on. In fact, for a while my philosophy was, "IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN DEAD FOR AT LEAST TEN YEARS, WHY ARE YOU EVEN BOTHERING TO TALK TO ME; YA CLUELESS MORON?!" (I swear, the majority has devolved so much.)

Too long for a bumper sticker, but oh well.

Visible said...

If you 'were' a big fan of mine until now, then you weren't a serious supporter, not really, not if something like that got to you. And you can't have been reading around here for any length of time and not have run across one of my many, many explanations.

Here's another thing I've said repeatedly, I respond to things in kind around here. More so at Petri Dish, less so at Origami. Posting that as a comment and also sending an email when only the email was necessary is indicative of something and so was the tone. I think I took a light hearted and amusing approach to the whole affair. Now... your following response speaks volumes cause you could have phrased it all kinds of ways.

I hope you noted where I mentioned that praise and blame are equally viewed from my perspective and that I suggest being aware that one's most ardent supporters can turn into one's most venomous detractors.

Finally, as far as I can recall, I've never even heard from you before, or it's been so long that I don't remember. That factors into my response as well. If such a little thing can raise your ire, god help me should something real manifest.

There was this lady who had been corresponding with me for over a year. She would fill her emails with effusive praise and endearments. When I started discussing that I needed to find somewhere to relocate to, she wrote to tell me that she knew someone who had a place and who was looking to form a spiritual community. So... I traveled there, a distance of some 800 kilometers and stayed for 3 days. It's a nice place and the guy is a super cool individual. I haven't heard back from him recently and I wonder if this is more of those strange occurrences, like Peru drying up on me and other places as well, inexplicably and for no reason.

Anyway, I spent some time with this lady and maybe I telegraphed that I am unreachable on a certain level, except in rare circumstance. So she presented me with a question about a week later cause I had sent her a digital copy of my latest novel. She referred to a character known as "William". I didn't know who she was talking about because that wasn't the characters actual name and only existed for the space of a page. In the resulting interplay she went off in a huff. I wrote about this in a blog entry as I tend to do because of my full disclosure thing. Then, even though I did not mention her name or where she comes from or any identifying characteristic, she went ballistic and said, "It's all broken. It's all broken" This person seemed sane and together over a longish period of time, then that happens. It makes you think.

Last year a former reader here and a prominent commentator, Cap'n Spadgett came to visit me in India. It's true I was drinking beer all day but I wasn't much affected and certainly my Indian colleagues would have said something. He's there for about a week, ten days when all of a sudden he comes up to me and says he has to go. There was no event. There was no nothing. Nothing at all had happened. I thought it had been more or less an entertaining affair and it cost me some amount of money as well.


Visible said...


Next thing I know, he's put out a blog posting about me. I still haven't read it but apparently it did me measurable harm among the readership. What I find out later is that he had called another former commentator, Clarity and said to her, "If I die. If anything happens to me on my trip, no matter what it looks like I want you to know that visible killed me." This is while he was hundreds of kilometers away. Now... the readers here have already heard from people who visit me about strange and very occasionally frightening occurrences in some cases and very pleasant walks in the park on the other.

As a result, Clarity no longer talks to me either. She visits questionable psychics all the time so maybe it's that but here is another former strong supporter turned into venomous critic, albeit behind the scenes. This happened through no event at all, merely hearsay. Of course, once people embark on such a path, their ego won't let them backtrack.

If someone means me ill and I suspect that would mean Spadgett and others whose sole purpose was to make me look bad, well... my friends take a dim view of that and they dog the footsteps of such people. In the most recent instance, a visitor and a real friend had a frightening experience. In that case he mistook the intensity of presence as animosity when they were just trying to protect him, or so I heard later.

Believe me, if I wanted to set certain friends of mine on anyone in particular I could. One of the reasons I do, in fact, possess this capacity is because I don't use except in the most rare of instances.

Now, you come in here and your response is to put me on notice and mock my Kundalini situation. Feel free. My history is littered with proofs of what I am and who I know. Go back decades, it's there.

I was hardly defensive. I was annoyed at having to explain myself again and the implication on your part was what it was. That much is obvious so... I did what I thought was an amusing run on it. You evidently didn't think so; nothing I can do about that.

Hopefully you're not unduly influenced by this. I can't control that, nor do I want to but considering all the elements set into play, I don't see where I was any too far afield.

Anyway, there it is.

Visible said...

It's also a big waste of my time having to explain myself.

Visible said...

Perhaps your experience of yogis and kundalini adepts is of the kind that always smile and look serene because that's how they make their money. I'm not like that and neither are many a bonafide whom I know. Plain speaking is what it is and I've seen living saints erupt on someone, which I did not. You seriously overinflate the intent of my post. Your manner of approach was indicative of implying I was in league with the devil, or at least leaving that option open. In the future I might suggest framing your inquiries a little differently. Had I had a fuller picture it would not have gone as it did. Then again, we wouldn't have had this post and apparently a lot of people enjoyed it, according to the responses I got.

Bob Morrison said...

the BCth
Hey, thanks for the link to Wes Penre Papers, looks like some great material.
I started reading and it was hard to break off but i'll be back.

Les, great response about the photos.
I have been reading for about 2 months and can't wait for the next post.
I love it man, and it's really great with Patrick does a video, blows my mind.

Keep On Truckin'

Anonymous said...

Hannah Wright says...

hmmm.... i'm listening to you- and i can imagine that your response to my question has a lot to do with your types of daily experiences that you are describing- You must draw out all kinds of interesting people,and then have to sort out all sorts of weird dramas. My experience is very different, i live in a very remote place and work the land- i see few people outside of this lovely internet and a few of these, "smiling" dreaming false gurus you describe, true. I'm actually impressed that you keep responding and posting with me here. I'm feeling sorry for getting so upset, and i really wanted to connect with you and thought you took it all wrong too. Obviously i do value you because otherwise, why would i care if you responded aggressively? Why would i have cried? I am relatively new to even discovering your exsistence, i've never contacted you- I'm in Hawaii- Sorry so long, continued...

Anonymous said...

Here i confess in my moment of upset i sent a pretty angry email to vis- I'll post it here to honor that vis is openly talking to me here this way- Here's what i sent-

Today at 10:52 AM
You called me a Nimrod in your blog, and also stated that those who slander have got it coming. Hypocrite- You think your gurus would approve of your words? You sound like an insecure and mean kid trying to convince others how great your are, in this blog- Here i did some research for you Mr. Holier-than-thou-

Or maybe hollywood and the white house are just full of kundalini fans... Seems like a great question to me, given the subject matter you claim to cover. Go ahead and post yourself with your mudras and no caption, throw a few swastikas in there too, since that's actually an ancient symbol of balance, but why would you be so cruel when someone asks what you mean by that? It's such a classic projection here. Ranting about how those who slander and defame are stupid and bad, when well, that's what you are in fact doing on this entire posting. You thought my question was harsh huh? Look at your response- THAT'S HARSH! I had no thought of discrediting you at all before today. Now i want to expose you for this- Talk about manifesting your fears bro-

Anonymous said...

And here is vis also really agro response-

You know, privileged one and born into money, you're getting abusive and I have yet to do that. Learn to read more carefully. I did not call you a Nimrod or anything else. That was well down the page and had nothing to do with you but was a general comment.,

Look, your initial contact with me was rude. There was no gracious opening, no seeking to establish a communication first. It was blunt and to the point and so was I. If you can't endure tit for tat, too bad.

Look at the nasty things you've just said to me. I haven't said anything like this to you. What you have done is to reveal the condition of your character to me and it ain't pretty. More purpose of demonstration is what it is. I see this whole interplay as being setup to show how you are to me.

Boy! People like you. One only has to scratch the Formica surface of your front and then all kinds of vituperation comes out.

You're going to expose me? to who? You will have zero impact and just make yourself look bad. I forewarn you on this. I won't pay any attention but you will cause yourself harm. think carefully.

You're a pretty nasty person aren't you? I'd work that if I were you. there's no cause for you to talk to me like this. God... Serious ego problems. Look, the whole world is not just your rich parents and the people that suck up to you. There are other realities at work.

You need to back off and think about how quick to anger you are and how little in control of yourself. It never had to get to this level. Let's see what the readers think of this email.

I hope you get a clue at some point, I really do.

Most importantly, you're not one of my circle. I have no idea who you are so... that's all the more reason that your initial contact was off the wall. Your imperious nature needs to soften up.



Anonymous said...


Thank you for such a beautiful and timely post. It was powerful and just what I needed to hear.
Much love to you and looking forward to seeing you again when the divine permits...



Anonymous said...

I'm trying to explain the way i speak sounds like it does because of my experiences also. I thought blunt and short would be quick and easy Q and A- Not an excuse to tar and feather me among OUR fellow circle of awakening humanity. I don't want to fight. Please listen. Calling me privileged one and born to money is very very not correct. I was born to a single mother who cut hair to feed and house my brother and i. Now she is 60 lives alone in an apart, in the ghetto- i left homeless with a backpack because 8 dollars and hour doesn't work. I went to Hawaii and have worked as a volunteer at farms, and a servant to super rich- and i get by in abundance, with almost no money at all. The money i do make goes to my mom. So that really hurt.

Visible said...

Hannah, I don't have any kind of a negative agenda. Miscommunications are a fact of life. I'm truly sorry that you took all this as you did. It wasn't intended that way. I took what I thought was a light teasing approach in order TO AVOID the very thing that happened. Unfortunately for me you thought the whole post was about your query to me. I'd forgotten about you (grin) after the first paragraph or two and was then off on another course.

I'm not all sweetness and light and don't want to be. That has it's good and bad elements.

Hopefully you can put this aside and just move on. For me that's no problem. I'll just do it.

I am working on returning to Hawaii, probably Maui so... I'll be in the neighborhood.

Visible said...

Printing my emails too I see... Hmmmm, I am starting to sense a putup job here, an orchestration if you will. Thankfully my email to you was measured and controlled. They usually are. I don't think you did yourself any favors posting my email, I wouldn't have done that to you but... you did it yourself. Interesting.

Seeing what's going on here I am beginning to smell a rat, like Matthew Broderick talking to Marlon Brando in The Freshman.

There are way to many 'tells' going on here.

Anonymous said...

Vis, please accept my apology. I'm very broke,very lonely,and frightened. Since around 12 years old i have searched for information about the same stuff, it's how i found your blogs recently. I'm an Aries too, so the bluntness is sometimes taken as harsh so again i apologize. Your post didn't feel light and fun to me today though. Honestly, it hurt, because i felt i was being mocked and insulted. I'm sorry to be annoying and ask a question that was asked long ago, before my time around here. I think you could have answered my question less sarcastically. I was upset in my email i'm not really going to "expose" you or whatever. You've canceled out that idea with your honest exposing of this whole thing on your own comment feed. So thank you for that. And no, no one would listen to me except random folks, because i'm just one of the many hundreds of homeless youth who flocked to Hawaii for coconuts and warmth... I didn't write a big heartfelt explanation of who i am because i just had a question and wasn't trying to be brown-noser... I guess i was wrong in my approach- Will you also apologize to me? Can we cultivate an interesting friendship out of this conflict?

Visible said...

I believe my apology preceded your own. My spidey sense is tingling and I must say that several emails coming in are convinced you are winding me up. My participation in this ends now

galen said...

Hannah has not yet even had her first Saturn Return, (age 29 and a half) and my read on her is one of sincere seeking and sharing. Buttons get pushed even when no one is pushing because we all have our issues. Honest communication is such a gift and processing is almost never a waste of time. It can lead to melt-down, you know, where the phoenix lives and is always waiting to rise. Vis, I love and trust you, and in this particular case I love and trust Hannah too, and all I know of her is these last few posts. I see her as a flower, and sometimes wanting to bloom in your grand and mysterious forest. I remember age 26. As wild and wonderful as it was, it was also torturous and dangerous. We want to fit in and be accepted. We want love so bad we run in circles being who we're not. Sometimes wise elders crossed our path, and we felt safe and guided. Perhaps I shouldn't use "we" here, and stay with the first person, but it really seemed true with all who traveled with me, we were facing so much at 26; it might be the hardest age out there. Even with all the scenes, one can feel profoundly alone. And what of cosmic synchronicity? Do we not call to ourselves those we need to come into our reality and show us who we are and who we can become? So, seems to me Hannah has arrived right on time; in fact we all called her. She has so much to contribute. And no, I'm not in the "Always Play Nice" club, I can tell a jerk to crawl back in his cave and not bother coming out, but the circumstance here carried an urgency for me. Could be that I was once much like Hannah and asked my own questions in ways that could stir up dust and cause a dust storm. I hope I don't get kicked out of the club, but what do we owe each other but our own perceptions and opinions. And as difficult as these encounters can be, they have many opportunities and gifts. Many.

Smyrna said...

Can't this clown comprehend the difference between a politician or celebrity purposefully making a devil sign with their hands, and someone doing it unconsciously?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Viz, I have to say sometimes I don't understand where you are coming from. But, I have learned to view you as a philosopher and mystic with a penchant for writing. You are not just here to make someone, like myself, feel all good about themselves.

As a reader, sometimes it seems as though you are talking to me or saying what I want to hear and then you might go off in another direction which may seem dischordant to some of us. Conflict is not always a bad thing and is necessary for spiritual growth. It seems that way to me, anyway.

I wish Hannah well. As I have said before I don't always agree with your take but you always make me think. You have created a nice little niche for yourself. There is much to be learned about a lot of things in your writing. And when one gets right down to it that is a big part of a writers job.


A D said...

After reading this absurd LOOK AT ME! set of comments by a 'broke lonely & frightened woman', I am wondering what one's intentions truly are, other than to stir up dissension(as so many have in the past)or perhaps this was for the purpose of demonstration... of how the manipulators work on the web. Of course I could be wrong, but spiritual growth/evolution is not all about sipping pina coladas on the beach unless you are on one of those new age cruises with the pet psychic.
As a lady genXer I've ridden rails & thumbed my way cross the globe so I know it makes one more humble and resilient. I realized a long time ago, IT IS NOT 'all about me.' People who live close to the earth know this. Something does not add up. As a long time reader, I have never commented, but I felt compelled to, as I feel greatly indebted to Visible for all the exceptional moments of greater awareness and elucidation I have when reading his work. I think the concept of being a fan relates to the world of the illuminated & controlled, so I will say even more than a fan, especially now. As Rumi loved Shams, seekers love The Beloved. That is the goal. The truth will set us free.

Anonymous said...



The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


Anonymous said...

Want to see more new age madness?

This person is declaring to the "lords of karma" that they are no longer bound by the rules of karma.

LOL! So now since she is no longer bound, I guess she's totally free to do whatever she wants. She can go molest children, murder people, etc, and she won't have to suffer the karmic results.

These new age people are insane. Only an insane person or a liberated soul would declare that the rules of the universe no longer apply to them. And this person does not strike me as a liberated soul.

It's like they want to enjoy the kingdom of God without God.

Skepticfrog said...

Hanna #6 & 7

Dearest Hannah;

See that locator on the upper right hand corner? That notes your location (by country) based on your IP address. That means, your IP address can be seen when you're on the page, should the page administrator desire.
Now, it's no big task to know and log by the admin. when you visit(ed) the page. So your "being a faithful reader" compared to your posting (letter/comment) IP address and to your visiting IP address, will verify in a hurry the veracity of your claim.

Should you be masking your IP address, that will lead to all kinds of suspicions - based on your letter's content.

Based on the above, only Vis can tell if you were a "faithful reader" or not, but he has the technical means to do so.

Your question(s) are spurious, First time (and legitimate) posters just do not behave this way. They have no ax to grind, so they build-up their presence (and image) gradually, as they have all the time in the world. Those who barge-in without opening the door first, have a time constraint. They need to accomplish their agenda (or assignment?) fast.
You get my drift Hannah, don't you?

Vis is a wizard of language. However, I don't know his linguistic analytical skills. But Hannah, you do not write like a woman - something about your syntax, thrust and choice of words. I could be dead wrong, of course, this is only a guess, a hunch.
Curious to hear others' impression on this - I don't mind being wrong; being wrong teaches also, and learning is the paramount.


Your sense of put-up and "orchestration" is right on. I've got the same impression. Like I said a while ago:
Growing up in Central Soviet controlled Europe, we learned to read between the lines. We got it with mother's milk. A useful and necessary trait for survival in that environment; so my antennae perks up quick far-far quicker and sooner than the average Western European's or North American's raised.
It is almost NEVER wrong...

My take is, that it is an effort to discredit you to readers on an emotional level, as you appearing (or rather SUGGESTED) being harsh, rude and duplicitous. An emotional discrediting is always more effective (and lasting) than a factual discrediting.
The other thrust is against you, to keep you off-balance ie. messing with your head.

There may be a third or even fourth agenda, perhaps others can chime in with their assessments.

However, outing these fuckers makes them ineffective.

insiam said...

i very much feel the need to share a little story from just the other day (relative if not apparantley realative):

Every so often we have quite an infestation of ants. For a few days, last week, i noticed chains and chains of ant walking up outside of the house posts and on to the roof. I knew from past experience that there is a powder that can be aquired form any local store, which when mixed with sugar is picked up by the ants and taken back to base where it is consumed by all in the colony - no more ants.

Anyhow, on discussing this with my wife we both sort of looked at each other in a way that, without words, we both aknowledged that this was a bad thing to do. So to cut a story: My wife, that evening , through meditation, connected with the ants and explained the situation. The ants duely responded and communicated that they would be gratefull if we didnt put down that poison powder as it gave them a terrible bad stomache and they would die in pain. And that they would leave given due time

All was agreed and (you can take this to the bank) the next day all the ants had moved on.


insiam said...


When if first stumbled upon Vis's bloggs i thought WTF is this guy talking about. Then i thought, feck, i'm not as bright as i may have thought as the articualtion is there but i just can't seem to comprehend a lot of the stuff he writes. But for some reason i stuck with reading, for some years now, and then one day it realized, hey, i understand almost everything he is saying.

I would say reading Vis's bloggs is just like playing the piano. Eventually the music just flows out and gets better with time and practice. Vis being the piano which has all tunes at hand. The reader being the budding pianist. Not sure if that makes sense. But it sort of does to me - hehe

Visible said...

Okay then! Time to move on. So... A little closure (is that a French word, grin). I wasn't avoiding you, I'm half the world away, so i went to bed. I went to bed earlier than usual because I will be staying up quite late tonight.

No... I am not still angry with you as I wasn't angry with you in the first place.

You could well be who you say you are and just as well not be. There are all kinds of things in your responses that suggest a winding up but... Galen could be correct in this manner. I will do the right thing and just accept you as legitimate, after all, time will tell.

It is quite possible for a person to be matter of fact without there being any emotion to it and that was the case with me. Unlike you or pretty much anyone here, I have to deal with many comments every day and many emails too. I don't mind, that's my job.

I don't always do my job one hundred percent and that is why I tell the reader, "Take what is useful to you and leave the rest."

How my system works is that sometimes I am speaking generally and sometimes specifically. It all comes from wherever it comes from.

It is a given that I will offend some people as I go. On another day I will not offend them. The good news is that I am not thinking of them personally at the time.

I don't sit around agonizing about my every word, The whole thing just runs out until it hits, "End Transmission"

I will go on doing what I do until I am called to other things. One thing I can say with full assurance is that I am 100% dedicated to becoming a better person. It's on my mind all day long and whenever I fall short, I know it and that I do deconstruct for the purpose of ending the demonstration and for the purpose of remembrance.

All day long I have a dialogue going on internally and not a day goes by that I don't ask for some kind of help in some area. I'm a work in progress and I am absolutely certain that process will complete itself in time.

Okay then, Onward to Petri Dish and Conference Championship Sunday (grin). This is going to prove to be one of the better ones because everyone in the mix is the best of breed.

Those of you who don't follow football can leave now (grin). I want to point out just one of the intriguing things taking place this year. In one matchup you have the two best quarterbacks in the game at the moment going against each other; actually two of the best all time. Though they are playing in Denver, in the home court of one of them, the other has pretty consistently beaten him, so...

In the other contest are two of the most mobile young quarterbacks in the game. So, you've got two definite future Hall of Famers and two potential Hall of Famers.

Another interesting thing is that The New England Patriots (my team) has had one of the worst years ever in terms of losing key personnel. They've lost the heart of their defense and their biggest offensive weapons as well. Somehow, against all odds they won their division and also beat a serious up and comer in the divisional round. They came back in the final moments of several games in a miraculous fashion. That is all I can call it. They lost four games on the season and two of them were due to officiating mistakes. Anyway, I'm not a rabid fan, I just love the skill sets. I enjoy sensing the enormous pressures and risings to the occasions.

On to Petri Dish and tonight's radio broadcast.

Skepticfrog said...


About (American) football. I never was an interested fan, nor was I of soccer.
However, one thing struck me - which caused me the suspicion that it is rigged. And that is, that teams (of countries), be it soccer, handball, or whatever, take a while to get to the top. Once they're there, they stay on top for a while, winning the international contest(s), or being second, year-after-year. After a period of years, a gradual(!) decline may occur, as better teams develop. However, remember, this pattern lasts for YEARS.
But in, one team wins this year, next year they're on the bottom or just the middle. This yo-yo seems constant.

Since I'm a born skeptic, it just doesn't fit with the worldwide team-sports contests' pattern and experience. For this reason (only) I do not think that it is a random anomaly or exception.

I don't mean to piss you off - as you are a fan - but I'm unable to ignore what I see and find odd, or truly curious - to say the least...

Visible said...

Skepticfrog, there's an explanation for that. It's called the salary cap. Each team can only spend so much money and when certain players distinguish themselves as being very good, they can command more money and often their team can't afford to keep them. Also, The Patriots have been up there year after year consistently. I could find other examples but strict parity is being maintained so that no team can amass a team full of super stars. It's not like The Yankees. Also, the worst teams get the first draft choices. These do factor into the mix.

the BCth said...

Anonymous 28,

You obviously didn't put in the time and effort to read and comprehend the article you linked. (Cameron Day is a he, by the way.) Cameron is talking about the astral manipulators who keep us "penned in" on the other side by promulgating a corrupted idea of what karma is and lying to individuals about their own karma -- made so much easier by the fact that every time they shoot us back in here, they throw in an amnesia implant so we forget all our past lives.

Now I'm not saying this is all absolutely true, but I am inclined to believe that this matrix of control and deception does extend into "the beyond," starting with the tunnel of light and the "guiding spirits." The price of freedom is constant vigilance....

Sincerely and good day to you,
Juho William Tauriainen

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I'm going to try to add some context to what I think I'm seeing here in regards to people getting cross with one another on accounts of differing POVs, experiences, and their heuristic interpretations of what they get in terms of feedback from Les and from one another on here. It's difficult to get a good response from people who are being honest that you want to hear, if the honest person you're wanting get that certain response from doesn't follow or agree. Don't I know. With these existential, metaphysical issues relative to how the individual perceives what's going on on this world of OURS "behind the veil", so to speak, it has to, the perception, function from something less inferentially fact-based, which would be intuitively lead, deductive reasoning. There are inferences, though they tend to be highly personalized experiences, thoroughly ineffable in nature that lead us to deduce, hypothetically, even further. Where it all gets "nice and screwed up" would be only hearing the negative parts of going over aspects of duality regarding truth vrs. lies, and sticking with an analysis that leads you to intuit that "so and so" is up to no good just because they had to mention some evil dynamics, when, and it's just my adage here, you have to study the enemy's ways or you'll end up becoming their bagged prey. This, often enough, leads people to believe that "so and so", saying something along lines of "this is how evil works" are in leagues with it, whenever I just take that as experience with having had run ins with nasty entities and experiencing weird situations. I'm pretty sure as Heaven that most metaphysically-minded types think for themselves, which is, in this day, so long as there's honest, straight-forward good intent, a good thing, but can also lead to more dogmatic types who only want to hear what they want to hear either pissy or dejected. In regards to what Hannah got her feelings hurt over, I'd say, just figure that, often enough, some accusations will evoke certain, vehement responses, certainly, from people that are under a decent amount of stress relative to much concern they have about the situation of the world, and it just isn't hard to make them upset if they're accused of being some kind of devil when they strive to avoid such a putative "deal" there. I should and do know, and I'm the type too to kind of get a little more than a little angry when someone obtusely laughs at something "crazy" that I say in trying to get a point across that's ineffable. Kind of stupid that I even try time and again, but there's something in it for me(grin) and, ultimately, the laughers too. I'm learning to be just as blase about their laughing take on it all and "somehow, for some reason" figure that, hey, I'm not the judge, and if laughing counted as steeling the self for what's, perhaps, to come, then they'll understand, through experience, it wasn't so much a laughing matter. Then, I'm duty-bound to help them, if I'm correct about what I strongly intuit, and will have a pow wow about that when the dust settles if I/we even survive.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

OK, so that was my attempt at contextualizing how different people view things differently, but if you accidentally go into personal territory, it's often a surprise to the person getting personal that there's that type of feedback. I'm pretty sure, Hannah, if you're still listening, Mr. Visible was just annoyed and not angry that he was going over the reasoning with you again, and that he even did that's something special in that regard. Try to talk to other types in this field, the David Ickes and Wilcoxes of this metaphysical milieu, and see if they'll even deign to shoot you an e-mail back. My experience is that they will not, given they are only in it for the idiotic fame and money...I strongly intuit. Les calls them as he sees them and is the only one, to my limited knowledge, though I've looked around a lot, who has the integrity to talk to the people who read his writing because, and I'm only guessing, he cares to hear what they say and is in this for a different type of payday, having very little to do with materialism, which would be and is to be afforded to any and all who try to be good stewards in bad times. As I was getting at, and to end this on a tragically comedic note, our nerves are slightly frayed because of care about the poor world and its decent and good citizenry, anticipating a good outcome out of a thoroughly bleak situation, while Joe Sixpack and the like will be eagerly anticipating the season debut of The Walking Dead as their ode to conscientiousness in these "latter days", so to speak. So, in my mind at least, the people who are caring to care about the issues of the day are the only people left on Earth who are respected anywhere/everywhere else. Always a reward for caring "in the end"...of this crappy part of Earth's history, then it's on to greener pastures, and I'm pretty sure we'll be on a very similar if not exact page with one another then; most of the people I see here, that would be. Sorry for the gigantic, two part message that I said I'd try to avoid penning, Les...I dud eet ageen, heeyuck!

Visible said...

rather elegant actually.

John C (UK) said...

S/he Hannah is bitching about you on GLP now...

Visible said...

I have no idea what GLP is but she was looking for trouble. Like I said, I smelled something.

Anonymous said...

If this Hannah is now attacking you on another site. I don't know what GLP is either. If she is attacking you still then she set this whole thing up with that intention. She also may not be from Hawaii or even female. This has cointelpro written all over it. You were right.

I think we can expect more of this kind of thing. The work you do draws opposition but,,, you win in the end. I am convinced of this. Great post today also.

Still anonymous. I have a family.

Visible said...

This is is seriously funny. Read down through the comments. "but he did have a shower".. heh heh

I laughed pretty hard and I've only gotten thru about five of them. Just think who you could send them to, as one commentator did,.


galen said...

GDP is Godlike Productions - here's link:

I think Hannah wrote those comments before she received the olive branch and probably was looking for somewhere to turn for support and understanding. I still believe there's an opportunity for reconciliation and affinity, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate how something good can come from conflict. Who holds the olive branch holds his or her own soul in deep reverence, and right now Vis is holding that branch. Will Hannah return? We shall see. Is this worth the time and effort? I think, yes. And it's grand theater, with everyone playing his or her part impeccably.

galen said...

Some of my favorite Castaneda/Don Juan quotes from "The Power of Silence":

"Warriors are entitled to have profound states of sadness, but that sadness is there only to make them laugh."

"Sorcerers say that in order to command the spirit ... one needs energy. The only thing that stores energy for us is our impeccability."

"...sorcerers have a peculiar bent. They live exclusively in the twilight of a feeling best described by the words, 'and yet.' When everything is crumbling down around them, sorcerers accept that the situation is terrible, and then immediately escape to the twilight of 'and yet.'"

Visible said...

Galen, I forgive the whole thing whether intentional or simply unconscious but that seems all too quick to jump to another site. I'd have to say that's intended to cause harm. A number of things tripped my spidey sense. Multiple things. So, like I said, I bear no ill will but I strongly suspect she came here to do what she did.

Ginnie said...

I think she needs some gummy bears!

Visible said...

Heh heh. That thought did go through my mind; not my style though

Visible said...

I am afraid the saga of Hannah has come to an unfortunate end. She's been a busy hornet. It is now beyond any doubt that from the beginning she set this up. I had a feeling this would play out if I gave it time and just backed off and waited. My intuition was literally howling at me the whole time. Man! what a nasty customer. So it goes.

Visible said...

We tracked Hannah's IP and she's in Eugene Oregon and the IP has been static for 2 years so, that's where he/she is at. It was definitely all a put up job. I should always trust my intuition. I'll learn.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thank you for the Gummi-link!!!!!

The people who wrote those reviews should collectively receive the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe, Pulitzer, Nobel, Hugo, Nebula, Purple Heart, Silver Star, Medal of Honor, etc., etc., etc. for their service to humanity and inhumanity.

I can't remember the last time I laughed like this!

This goes a long way towards restoring my faith in the American consumer.

Peaches said...

Well Vis and friend posters, I was just over today at GLP and saw what all the commotion was about. I'm like wait, what?? Then came here to check out Smoking Mirrors to catch up because I didn't log in yet this weekend.

I was so happy to see Vis post at GLP. Hannah was so busted, she never came back to the thread. I made a few posts myself.

Yes I know early on I wondered about the hand gestures too but Vis has discussed the subject numerous times, and more importantly I've been spending so much time reading Vivikenanda and Parahamsa Yogananda that I haven't gotten around to studying Ramakrishna. I'm sorry.

And btw I can't wait for Ash and Wine to come out in book form as I stare at a computer screen all day at work and love holding a book and turning pages. Old school, yes.

Love thanks and hugs


Visible said...

The book is out this week.


Yeah that is some seriously funny stuff, huh? I was cracking up. Where did these people come from? I din't think there were that many people around and there is a whole bunch of them. Some of the images were amazing like the scene of the small plane, the basket ball game, the bathroom by the nurses station, the guy wooing the girl and there is so much more still to read. I'm saving it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Tear in the fabric of space/time and My Dinner With Andrea.. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Vis, et al-

"Hannah Wright" attacked you and talked smack about you at GLP. I followed the thread at GLP, which inevitably led to a "Hannah" supporter bashing Vis for his exposure of Israel and the Tribe, Inc. crimes. So that's what this is, obviously. The art of the shit schmear, then when called out for it, "Hannah" goes into victim overdrive (poor lil' ole me syndrome). Familiar tactics to anyone hip to the Hasbara hustle, sorry. "Hannah" and the rest of the ghoulbots over at GLP who get pissed at Vis' exposure of Israel's crimes thought they would expose Vis, but they just shine the light of truth on their own agenda (then scurry away like a cockroach under heat lamps) as another commenter already observed, which is the fact that the US military and Israel have been using Multiple Persona Software for years to troll and flame forums and comments sections:

Anyone not inclined to copy and paste the link merely has to google "Ntrepid Software" or type the string "Multiple Persona software used by the military to manipulate social media".

Putting lying liars on blast is a gas, gas, gas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les I read your column. I am glad you wrote it. 1000 yard stare.. the long view.
I appreciate all of your work the column the reply to the reader who'se email prompted the column and especially your time involved.
Blessings Peace Om Shanti Om

Visible said...

Homer? A little context (grin)?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Hahaha, I'm still laughing from yesterday's Gummy-link.

Those were the titles of two of my favorites Gummy-comments.

After further review, there are a couple of dozen more!

Perhaps it is a little untoward, but it's just what the doctor ordered..

I'm a fool at heart.

Ginnie said...

To Homer...the power of zero! The Fool is very powerful with infinite possibilities!

Meet a fellow Fool! An aware one is most formidable.

Yay for Fools!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Speak the Truth and that Oasis in the Desert Thing.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ginnie, Ophiuchus too?

Ginnie said...

Homer Why after looking it up...yes!
Thanks for the intro to the 13th sign.

While I wasn't born under it sure explains why I was raised amidst vipers yet have not died! Must have some vibe attachment somewhere!

My ancestors claim to have come from "the three sons of the Sun". When they left this plane they took up residence in the belt of Orion.

Ophiuchus is right behind the sun...correct?

This bears looking into!

Where can I find out good info on this? You seem informed.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I'm playing the Fool, Ginnie.

I'm a student of Vedic culture and rarely, if ever, venture off this path.

A one trick pony am I.

"According to the twin concepts of cosmogony and astrology, a qualified reader of the stars must also know the structure of the universe and the great demigods who control the orbits of the planets."

Jyotish Shastris

Anonymous said...

I've never seen such a ruckus as this.
The comments awesome.
To Nina and Ginnie I say, right on.
Not only did I receive an invitation to the dance, I accepted it.
Don't do like me, the devil doesn't even pay on time, but it is illuminating to see what truly interests him.
Les knows what he speaks of.
He could slip I suppose, but couldn't we all. Right now, he rides the wave.
Nina and Ginnie, hold steadfast. I'd love to touch your fingertips and stare into your eyes,not possible now, but perhaps in paradise.



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