Friday, January 24, 2014

All these Things; in the Context of Apocalypse.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's an enigma to me (actually it's crystal clear) why certain politicized gays would object to Putin's very clear and narrow legislation, of an evil that is happening everywhere else and which he doesn't want running loose in Mother Russia. There are these spokesgays, prominent individuals, who deliberately evade what is crystal clear and claim "Vicious homophobia has been legitimized by this legislation and given extremists the cover to abuse people's basic human rights," Well, that's a lie. Putin goes out of his way, more than I would, to appease this strident minority, whose political intentions and culture morphing are on display for anyone to see and these things are going on, seemingly off to the side, except when they broadside you in your local kindergarten, or in some university course, where certain opinions are given optimum headroom and anything contrary is rubber stamped, with one politically correct term of censure or another. The orders for all of this come from up top, where ancient bottom feeders (hmmm... "bottom feeders?") have bot-flied their way into positions of power, up down and sideways. What their intentions are, are quite transparent.

Is this supposed to be okay? Is this supposed to serve some kind of an educational purpose? Is this altogether as necessary as reading, riting and rithmatic? This is part of a national science curriculum. There's little doubt who is behind this. Isn't it amazing that they can visibly and factually engage in such things in broad daylight? It's not for much longer because what they are pushing for is going to lead to the destruction of a particular environment out of which many of them have been operating. Evil destroys itself.

These and related things are all expressions of things gone haywire, haywire and enforced by cultural pressures with political and legal posturing and strictures. However, these are just obvious incidentals. It's really about it being an apocalypse and the loss of balance and sanity in both the rulership and the ruled. Insanity is rearing its twisted frame up into expression all over the place, such as in rural India.

A clear example of deliberate intent on the part of the establishment is the protection of truly vile individuals like this across a serious length of time, filled with complaints and nothing done. We're talking years here. Observe the magnitude of abuse at the hands of this seriously bent clown. Even now, as they allege investigating, nothing gets said. It seems pretty clear that they want the news to melt away before they go ahead and retire this sociopath with full pension. Don't think so? Watch for it.

Crazy is the order of the day and no one does crazy like those mendacious Tribe members. When they're not bringing odious relationship to their victimhood, they are constantly attempting to establish a historical basis for their presence, which is impossible without fabrication since they only came into existence around the eighth century and they have no DNA from that region, although the Palestinians do. In order to replace the Palestinians with themselves they keep stealing their land, revising history and changing the names of everything, as well as performing a daily genocide on them and when provocation to kill is not there, they head over into the desert and launch missiles at themselves, into empty areas of Israel to give them provocation to murder small children, women, men, livestock and olive groves. As time passes they become ever more despicable. No one on this planet can match them at it. It is amazing when one sits back and reflects on the harm done, as well as the wholesale looting (they definitely can get it for you wholesale). Just a few incidentals are being behind the Russian holocaust. It would have never happened without them. Being behind the Ukrainian holocaust. It couldn't have happened without them. Being behind the Armenian holocaust. It couldn't have happened without them. Being behind the slave trade to the new world, it might have happened without them but... it didn't. It serves to also mention the Federal Reserve and the manipulation of economies that torment most of the people on Earth, one way or another. And right up to present time they cavort in demonic glee, seeking terrible events and widespread carnage.

They are not the only dastardly scum on Earth, just the most well represented.

The pace is picking up in those places where demonstrations for the purpose of, are going to go down. We live in times of remarkable and ubiquitous corruption. It is literally everywhere. It's in high places, it's in low places. It's in mid range places. It's rampant in the White House, it's in local governments. It's all through the Secret Service and the FBI. It's in local law enforcement, with the single peculiar anomaly of certain sheriff's departments. Let me not be too inclusive, there are good men and women out there in all kinds of locations and collective action is simmering below the surface everywhere. Always remember your present and coming moments in the context of Apocalypse. Remember that unveiling and revealing are two of the main duties of the force representing this time zone. It's been at a certain level of operation for awhile. Now, as I write these words, it is going to be picking up the pace.

In Geneva, or somewhere, I don't clearly recall at the moment, western powers, under the control of dual national, Zionist Tribe members are seeking to put the screws to Iran in whatever way they can, under the ludicrous disguise of diplomacy. On the other side, the voices of relative sanity, Russia and sundry, are trying to employ every tactical counter-move possible for them. Unfortunately, those representing The West are all under threat of blackmail and threat of grievous harm of some kind so, they have to keep on keeping on. Unless some kind of providence descends upon the matter, there will be war. Even now, the Zionist press is fabricating and trumpeting false evidence against Assad and the Syrian government. They are so secure in the uniform stupidity of the public that they take photos of other locations in the Arab world and pass them off as places in Syria. On the one hand, these dark entities are framing Assad and on the other hand they are committing or ordering all of the atrocities that Syria is being blamed for.

Because we are dealing with psychopaths, there is little likelihood that they will stop in their multi-pronged putsch to orchestrate world war, impoverish and divide the public against each other and profit from every evil and debased activity they can get up to. 'Monsters', hardly seems a fitting term. There is no word I know of that covers what they are.

I have to daily remind myself that all of what is taking place is taking place for a very good reason. Those who are savvy concerning 'esoteric' astrology can observe the moving into various positions of the planets, to create alignments and and varying expressions of force that manifest and outwork through human agency, as well as in environmental events and conditions. These arrangements of different force fields, are predictable ahead of time. Interpreting what they mean requires a degree of intuitive skill but there are those who see the writing on the sky. I forget who said it, probably Shakespeare, "A wise man rules the stars". I would think that most people imagine that means, he understands the interplay to the degree that he can adjust himself to any situation. Of course that would be true but it's more than that. The term speaks to one who is no longer affected by these forces because there is nothing in him that relates to what the planets are up to. Only those engaged are engaged because what happens is relevant to them in some way.

Whatever is going on in this theater of expression, is the outworking of an aggregation of collaborative conditions and states. The lower emotions and mindsets are all contributors to the ugly spectacles going on at far and near reaches; avarice, murky lusts, obsessions and compulsions, indifference, denial and ignorance are all major players. They reside where they are welcome and appreciated, like anything else. The end game is like an extra dimensional gameboard, or the levels of a video game. We are at whatever level our desires and allegiances have placed us. For us, that is the world we know. In an apocalypse, all of the worlds we know, the worlds all of us know, are brought to a resolution point and are summed up according to particular cosmic laws. This goes here and that goes there. It proves out that birds of a feather do flock together and the same applies to all forms of relocation. Nothing gets past this summing up and some things are profiting from this and are illuminated by it and for others it is quite the reverse.

These are what have been called, "interesting times". Though, as recently inferred, it depends on where you're standing. It depends on what you've been up to and it depends on what you believe to be real. That should do it.

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robert said...

Dear Visible-regardless-of-profile,

You are on a roll, dude!

Your last week or so of posts have been especially incendiary in their clarity and integration!

Nothing to add, is the highest compliment and most sincere feedback I can offer...


:England Ifpleted

Anonymous said...

Brilliant !

Anonymous said...

VERY nice, Visible. Many thanks.

Ginnie said...

Hey, I keep getting Error 503 for you and aangirfan. Your comment link took waaaaaaaay long to respond. This is getting bad. I was persistent but they are messing you up. All the names for your blogs give me the 503. Heads up. Hope this goes through

Visible said...

It looks like Michael Rivero and I have finally parted ways. He is opposed to my supporting the Russian position on gays being predatory toward underage youth and won't link this piece. I cannot find in my mind any manner in which one would oppose the law Putin put forth to protect Russia's young.

This is so outrageous and difficult to understand that I can only think it's a part of the other efforts being taken against me by vested interests

He usually rejects anything that has to much spiritual information in it and whether from pressure elsewhere (possible), he's rejected all 3 of my recent postings.

He seems to want me to write within clinically narrow defines according to what meets his tastes. I thought as an alternative news website he would have a broader and more egalitarian perspective but this is, sadly, not the case so, don't look for me on whatreallyhappened anymore and I won't be going there for my news either.

Anonymous said...


You are walking point. No one else can touch you. You alone say it, and with humor and beauty. I spit on those who would put your very sound truth in a box and squeeze some of the edges off. It is an honor that some will not accept you. It is they who are boxed, maybe paid off as well. Real artists suffer and speak to us.

MANY thanks,


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible, I say good riddance to Rabbi Rivero.

His refusal to discuss the Tribe's hand in the gay agenda and his fatuous endorsement of it ("Simple. If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry a gay") is simply more evidence of his on-again-off-again flirtatious relationship with the truth about Jewish Power.

His very rare mention of Bolshevik crimes is swamped by his frequent dismissals of the Communist history as merely J. Edgar's booga-booga.

Simply not believable for someone who has spent as much time on conspiracy facts as he has. He taught me a lot a decade ago. I haven't learned a thing from him since except the various ways he lies.

Love you, Visible.

Anonymous said...

Your posts lately have been moving me to find more and more bliss, Vis. Thanks for your perseverance and integrity. As for ivera...pfft.
Much love,

galen said...

Re: M.R.: ..."Wipe the dust from your feet. . ."

and don't look back.

flyingcossack said...

anyone that doesnt mention international jewry probably serves international jewry

they are not concerned with what you believe, they are more concerned with language ... anyone that stops at 'bankers' 'the rich' 'communists' 'republican' 'democrats' 'libertarian' 'khazar-proselytes' 'rothschild' 'reptilians' 'fundie' 'judeo-christians' 'vatican' is selling you a lie ... while a lot of these are partial truths, they are all empty shells in which you can place anyone in to take the bullet ... anyone that is selling that 'it is complicated' is selling a lie ... they want you spinning in a bottomless rabbit hole of disinformation

the truth is simple and its international jewry ... its who prints the currency, controls all nuclear weapons, runs all secret polices and mafias, and controls all information ... all other misdirection is to confuse you

speaking of putin ... what has he said about international jewry ... im afraid he is part of this east vs west circus

rivero isnt upset about some inconsequential law in russia ... he is upset he couldnt change visible's language ... because even tho visible has bit and tasted the bait, he hasnt swallowed it

im sure the ziotroll hasbara sayanim network will reveal itself more in the future ... they are getting desperate because people are not getting trolled into their wars anymore

R. Lee Riley said...

Les I love your work and recognize your Light in most passionate reverence. But the gay thing kills me. As a writer/ poet I too have been given full channel to the Muse and my Nature is in tune.

Alas, faggot too.

Not that I liked a particular vending machine over another at any time in a menu never served, I just knew what I was, prepubescently at that. Both essences, phallic and feminine - one more pronounced in a template vocally mismatched.

Call it curse or gift it is acceptance and intuitive openness to your soul that sets it free. All the shrinks have had their say and it's always trajectory and coordinate in some Cartesian map of when and influences as to why but holistically the heart does not care and answers truest calls.

I know Tribe tricks USE US in the splitting guild but it doesn't v make less rightful to say who I am in n public... and my 25 years partnership and home and family make it seem criminal indeed to caste and burn yptut

Ginnie said...

Please listen to this piece. It is older and a little "dry" But Eustace Mullins puts the gay agenda right where it is. Everybody become aware.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I was stunned to hear about Mike Rivero dissing you. Oh well. Most of his news comes from RINF, anyway. It like goes RINF, to WRH, to Rense. No idea if RINF has another major news feeder or if the posters just go through all the other sources on BLACKLISTED NEWS (Hit Blog Roll), and consolidate the stories there, or what.

On a brighter note, Calipornia seems to be doomed. On top of being nuked, the drought, the anticipated fires, the maybe anticipated huge arsed earthquake that I'm not holding my breath for, I just read the food shortages have started.


And Calipornia feeds how much of the nation? On the other hand, a lot of my produce comes from Mexico, so what the fook?! I shake my head at the unpragmatic ways of capitalism, but oh well. I do get local from a local dedicated produce stand, and occasionally the farmers market when I have something else to do in the area on foot.

I don't see how I can survive this year. I wonder how long before the riots start and we start looking like Kiev, though me thinks it will be a bit messier as far as the people go. How many of them will fight back? The Ukrainians have guts and most here are gutless wonders.

Well, what ever. I'm enjoying this to the fullest down to the last nanosecond I'm here.

Now let me check of Home Depot sells flame throwers.

Visible said...

Be that as it may Lee. I don't know what it is with you people that you repeatedly fail to understand the precise and clear manner in which I delineate exactly what my position is, over and over and over and over and over.

I have no opinion on gays per se. That's their affair and as I have also said, over and over and over and over and over, no doubt everyone is born gay at some point for the purpose of demonstration in one lifetime or another.

It is the Tribe sponsored assault on traditional mores that I don't care for and I see what they are about and what their awful intentions are.

Putin's law is quite clear. He is opposed to the proselytization of the gay lifetime to unformed minds and bodies. It is only in respect of the propagandas promoted by vested interests to youth of a young age that he is opposed. What people discover about themselves as they mature is their business but it shouldn't be forced upon those whose reasoning abilities are not what they will be.

Now, I understand that people may disagree with me about my position on this. It won't change anything but I recognize that others hold differing viewpoints on the matter. I posted some very telling links in this article that show what's going on in the educational system and in the area of the arts financing certain endeavors. They've no interest in financing alternative expressions.

I don't care for what's going on at the kindergarten and elementary school level and I despise the oppression meted out in university settings for anyone who holds views differing from Tribe sponsored agendas.

As for people who are attracted to their own sex, I've been around them, physically defended them, cared for them when they were dying of AIDS and proven my level of humanity time and again in this matter. What I object to should be quite clear by this time.

Anonymous said...

I have never had any use for Rivero. He's a narcissist and a massive hypocrite. On a repeating basis he pushes his wife's annoying fundie Christian music as he lets everyone know what an atheist he is. Then he's got this vanity game where he creates puzzles for the NSA to solve and them boasts about them not solving the codes that they show no interest in. He's got some wrong ideas about 9-11 but mostly it's his continuing egotism day by day and his wife's robot comments at the links about adults in the room. It's as embarrassing,wait, nothing could be as embarrassing as Icke pushing his son's music and taking up half of every page at his site to sell his supermarket full of products. It is close though. Nearly all of these alternate news gathering sites are run by megalomaniacs who imagine themselves as important and they aren't. They aren't.


Anonymous said...

"I don't care for what's going on at the kindergarten and elementary school level and I despise the oppression meted out in university settings for anyone who holds views differing from Tribe sponsored agendas."

I personaly agree with your statement also Vis.

Excellent Post. Thanks.

gardener, Where are you, I enjoy reading your comments.
And alot of you others. :)

walking hawk

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


ONE. . .MORE. . .TIME. . .

Flecker's Magick said...

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for ye neither go in yourselves neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in . . . ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves ..... ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy and faith. . . ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess . . . ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. . . ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, if we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have partaken with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers. . ."

Douglas Reed Lives On said...

Douglas Reed, in The Controversy of Zion, wrote:

"The study of hundreds of volumes, during many years, gradually brought realization that the essential truth of the story of Zion is all summed-up in Mr. Maurice Samuel's twenty-one words: 'We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever . . . nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands'."

Mr. Reed Continues: "At first hearing these words sound vainglorious or neurotic, but increasing knowledge of the subject shows them to be honestly meant and carefully chosen. They mean that a man who is born and continues a Jew acquires a destructive mission which he cannot elude. If he deviates from this "Law" he is not a good Jew, in the eyes of the elders; if he wishes or is compelled to be a good Jew, he must conform to it.

This is the reason why the part played by those who directed "the Jews" in history was bound to be a destructive one; and in our generation of the Twentieth Century the destructive mission has attained its greatest force, with results which cannot even yet be fully foreseen.

This is not an opinion of the present writer. Zionist scribes, apostate rabbis and Gentile historians agree about the destructive purpose; it is not in dispute among serious students and is probably the only point on which agreement is unanimous.

All history is presented to the Jew in these terms: that destruction is the condition of the fulfilment of the Judaic Law and of the ultimate Jewish triumph."

robert said...

“born gay”

Anyone paying attention noticed the PC camel’s nose intruding into the tent with the label “sexual preference”. Who could argue with that in a society pretending to honor freedom of individual will?

Regressing from the time of the 9/11 mass mind-control trauma, the phrase is now: “sexual orientation”.

The first expression implies an active, possibly reasoned choice; this latest expression, closes the door on choice and connotes a passive “fact”, a false equivalence to being born too short to be an NFL quarterback or black or female or some other trendy excuse.

A younger sibling used to get away with errors by uttering: “I can’t help it!” in a pitiable plaintive tone.

The transition, right before our eyes, to a mind-control meme of “I can’t help it!” is the SINGLE MOST DISEMPOWERING MEME in current circulation!

Looking at the facts objectively/ impersonally, free of the mask of ego:
The most salient fact about the human experience is that it is almost entirely programmable, either consciously (self-determined) or unconsciously (other-determined).

Our bodies can be trained, programmed (actively or passively) to respond sexually to either polarity of human form.

Expediently, sailors buggered at sea for release and switched to the female form ashore.

What you imagine consistently, what you have led yourself (or been led) to believe creates your experience. Any appearance to the contrary is a subjective perception from a limited perceptual context.

Measurable physiological deviation from nominal development of sexual differentiation exists within a very small fraction of bodies. However, even in those cases, sexual expression, like every other expression, is a CHOICE.

A non-cult sponsored study, or a review of your own Akashic history would reveal many lives where all manner of less than nominal physical characteristics are transcended by the will to love, as opposed to the lazy will to consume low hanging fruit (pun also intended).

Taking random sensations of social estrangement or alienation as a “sign” that your “orientation” is one way or the other, is but retroactive selective memory, akin to the false memory syndrome.

One need only examine, dispassionately, the standing of active bisexuals among the homosexual sub-cults to see the illusion nakedly exposed; the existence of switch hitters BELIES the notion that you are “stuck” with one polarity of sexuality or the other, the resultant cognitive dissonance generates censure, lest others see the emperor’s nakedness!

The disempowerment sold to the ego as a license to take the easy path in every situation, especially if now “acceptable” by social fiat, is hammered home when it comes (pun intended) to consuming sexual pleasure.

Of all the superficial pleasures, because it taps into the kundalini force, the sexual appetite is the most addicting, at least for non-psychopaths who do not have access to power and killing.

Our degraded cult has now sold the canard that love is trumped by “good sex”, meaning sexual pleasure requiring little will, commitment or self-study to consume.

The unlimited ecstatic potential of the female form, ecstasy which literally shapes our world, remains HUGELY untapped, and demands that true lovers of life embodied in male form search their souls and decide whether or not to contribute to global cooling by wasting seed/life force masturbating with another male.

If it be a fully conscious choice, so be it. However, if it is merely a refuge of the superficial ego, shirking the call to “know thyself”, using social acceptance in a sub-cult as primary distraction, that has very little to do with one’s soul lessons….

Visible is right, that the ceremony of innocence is being drowned at an ever earlier age and once innocence is lost….

Sancho said...

So Rivero doesn't agree with your view on Putin's treatment of gays. Unless Rivero goes out of his way to slam Vis-something that would turn me permanently away from WRH-why not agree to disagree? There is just way more agreement on the whole than disagreement to justify you guys parting ways. Personally I harmonize with Vis and most of the time Rivero. When it comes to covert social engineering like the acceptance of the "in your face" gay agenda-I am with you Les.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dude! You're still on WRH, on the shared page. Mike may not be putting you up, but apparently someone else is:

Les Visible - Seek Speak Spread Truth conference
By: ravenise
Les Visible in London, Nov 2013.

lebginLsi was

Anonymous said...

The gay agenda has become every bit as obnoxious and intrusive as the religious fundies they purport to hate.

Looks like we've entered the age of gay fundamentalism.


flyingcossack said...

one hand in the devil's pocket, one foot out the door ... you are not going to carry the devil thru the door

Smyrna said...

Anyone who doesn't point out the big steaming musth crazed elephant in the room, that being the parasitic Jew that is in control of this world at the moment, is a phony. Commercial enterprise is all they're really about. Isn't it?

Having said that, some Tofu money is incoming Vis. Cheers.

Visible said...

This only just happened last night, after 3 posts in a row being denied for one reason or another. My intuitive feeling is that he was told to stop posting me. I've no proof of that but I've been writing things just like this for a long time and he never said anything before.

In any case, I'm tired of having to tone down the spiritual and not use the word god cause it offends him.

This is an all of a sudden thing and being told he supports the opposition to Putin's law, which means he supports proselytizing and propaganizing to the youth... hmmm...

It's possible that powerful gay interests have reached an accommodation with him. I don't know. What I do know is this is a sudden and definite turn on his part and I'm not going to adjust to his tastes and I never have liked catering to his anti-spiritual thing. It will cost me some readers but if people are meant to find me they will and I can write entirely what I want to now and no longer have to tone certain things down to appease Michael.

What I find most surprising is his position of only posting things he agrees with. That puts him in company I have no desire to keep. It also isn't remotely true as anyone can see by checking the sources of his stories. No... something else is up. There's been weird shit going on for awhile. This is more of it.

I learned some time ago that just because I happen to be someone's friend does not mean they are mine. And this is magnified infinitely when dealing with pure materialists.

Bup Majerski said...

Have some empathy for Mike Rivero. When his wife asked, " Honey, I've got a great idea! Maybe you could promote my compositions on WRH!" What's he supposed to say? "Nah.. they really suck. Let's not." That ain't gonna happen. I cut people miles of slack when it comes to family loyalty. I agree with the commenter about his silly "NSA challenges". I mean, really, who cares? You know what I like most about Mike Rivero? It's thru WRH that I discovered Les Visible. :o)

Visible said...

I don't want to maintain an atmosphere of adversity here concerning those, who, for whatever their reasons have decided to censure my commentary. I felt compelled to mention it happening but that's as far as I'm going to go with it. Anyone can easily see that Putin was making sure the gay Tribe Mafia couldn't get its hooks into Russia's children as was certainly their intent. There are no civil rights violations in it.

There's something else going on here and it will surface in time. I'll just stay away from that site and get my links other places.

insiam said...

If hell were to be a planet then would it not be ruled over by evil psychopaths served by a host of compromised, blackmailed minions. Minions that would rather serve their evil masters and oversee the pain and suffering served upon the weak and innocent - than be held accountable for the deeds which they find themselves compromised and thus open to blackmail.

Is this what is meant when it is said the Jesus died for the sins of us all. He stood up to those that would oppress and destroy all that is good. Knowing that he would pay the price for speaking out. Thus leading by example. Who ever speaks out against these evil psychopaths is following Jesus's example and does so for the sins of all. For those that will not or dare not.

Visible said...

Yeah, I'm in no mood to bash Michael. I don't know what sort of pressures are being brought to bear on him. We're completely unlike in any case and it's my own fault for too often tailoring my essays, as well as omitting certain features, so that he wouldn't be put off by them.

I always justified this by telling myself there was always Origami and I didn't have to send that in and that people would still get some amount of what I perceived to be truth (given that I have any idea what I am talking about in the first place).

Still, there was a element of dishonesty there in that I went out of my way to tone down issues I felt were far more critically important than the temporal shit assailing us on all sides.

I feel a lot better about it this way. It had to happen eventually. You don't get far with seeking to reach the public if you offend the web gathering sites which are near exclusively operated by atheists.

I wouldn't have even mentioned this but I have a hard and inflexible rule about disclosing everything that happens to me. At least I can keep it confined to the comments section and not let it spill over into the posts themselves.

Dramatic changes are coming and this is only one of them.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Stolen Alphabets and the Ministry of Death.

Unknown said...

I support the Russian position on the need to protect the young from the predatory agenda aimed specifically at naive, innocent underage youth. I have spent years working within the in inner-city, and the counseling of youth, so I see the confusing-premature sexual-confusion effects of this dilemma first hand. My only question is; who in their right mind does not recognize the difference between social-engineered brain washing of the vulnerable for what it is, rather than believing the lie of it being a virtue of spreading awareness of lifestyle choices? Who I ask you; thinks it is ok to sell awareness of anal and oral sex to 5 year olds, and considers manipulation of the vulnerable as promoting free-choice?

Visible said...

Well said Vincent! I can't fathom anyone who doesn't get this.

Visible said...

Someone was asking for the Lord Ganapati piece, it's been renamed.

Anonymous said...

On Michael Rivero....a while ago back, we did send a few articles his way including timely articles on S300's, then came across a page on RT.COM and they listed Michael's website as one of their partners, we sent him a link to let him know on RT.COM/partners. They removed him since (not sure why), and from what we gathered from our sources, he was again "selective" on his articles. From then on, it got strange and several comments made from others - as to why the narrow selectivity on why or what was it about Russia (it seemed most to be engaged around this topic more than others).

Yes, he focuses on the head than the heart - the mind rather than the spirit.
Vis, these days - many veils are being removed and we'll know who is who and what is what. Michael Rivero is really serving his purpose (or someone else's), we get depressed when we read his articles as they gear more one-sided rather than a balanced view.
Vis - by far - you have one our support and others I'm sure but you already know this from your invisible friends as well. Keep on...
We have pointed your articles to several and you have a good audience here that care enough including our entire community.


Anonymous said...

Dave, totally agree with your reference on Rivero and Icke.


Visible said...

Wow Shel! Thank you. that means a great deal to me.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Les Visible,

Don't bash but to thyself be true.
I believe you are correct inyour take on Putin wanting to protect the young from sodomy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les!

Anonymous said...

Expect to see more of this as Mr. Apocalypse starts making house calls-

And he was teaching kids "sex abuse awareness"!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The End of the Bad Drummers who Hijacked Holy Drummerland.

Visible said...

Not a day goes by when this isn't happening all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that the old designation "confirmed bachelor" more dignified than "gay". Karen

Anonymous said...

My Dear Vis,

Regarding Michael Rivero, I am pleased you have finally woken up to the fact that he is a jew, and controlled opposition.

In so many, many ways, I applaud your efforts and at times, am humbled by your brilliance.

Perhaps it is the internet and its unlimited hordes of trolls which make anyone who stands up for the truth become pugnacious and bellicose to any view but their own as a reflex, perhaps it is the hard coded dna of the Isaacsons of Light and their stiff necked and backward sliding nature, or perhaps it is simply Kali Yuga, in any case, your gentle innocent nature and blue-eyed mercy notwithstanding, you really are an incorrigible child sometimes whenever I have tried to wake you up on any issue I have cared to take the time to lend you a hand to open your eyes.
Not a single issue I have tried to bring to your attention has got through your obstinate numskull, which is why I have stopped trying.

It is perhaps cause for hope, that slow though you may be at some issues, you have finally opened your eyes to this single viper that is the jew Michael Rivero. And he is a viper; 99% milk and 1% arsenic will still kill you eventually. His agenda, is but one: to gatekeep and misdirect truth seekers away from the fact, that it is not the New World Order, but the Jew World Order.

Time is running out. You are one of the more astute and dedicated sons of The Most High, and it has taken you how many years to awaken to but one forktongued devil? Is there yet enough time to wake up the remaining slumbering lions?

Our Father in heaven help us.



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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