Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cosmic Laundry Day... slip Sliding Away.

Dog Poet Transliterating.......

May your noses always be downwind and your rear ends upwind (I have no idea what that means).

We've tried to be consistent with certain features of this coming age that have been presenting themselves as the advance evidences of what to expect in coming times. The more we see of certain things, the more certain we can be that they will be prominent features. Here’s an example of a recurrent condition that keeps manifesting. Tie this in with many a similar report and with the presently obvious breakdowns occurring at every level in the system.

The spying debacle is yet one more example of the kind of forces the bad guys are up against (Yes, they are bad guys, misguided and deluded perhaps but they bode no well for any of the rest of us.). They’re all about secrecy, or are supposed to be. Now they’re one of the most visible operations going. As has been said here many times; conditions are reversing themselves and the power base is shifting. You can read this as being along the lines of, “there’s a new sheriff in town.” There’s going to be a new everything in town. There's going to be a new town. The old order is collapsing. It can’t hold its own weight up because? It’s because the power is shifting. As is typical in these situations, appearances are at their most deceiving. The bad guys seem to be significantly powerful, as is always the case at that cosmic juncture of ‘reach exceeding grasp’. They are in Paper Tiger Country (Paper Tigger country?)

The less effective and intrinsically strong that apparent evil may actually be, the larger the shadow cast by it and the more it appears to be effective and strong, when it isn't. Look back over recent times at the acts and behavior of your politicians. Have they done anything right? You have to look very, very hard to find anything that would answer that description. The amount of times they have done stupid things and even more importantly, the amount of times they've been caught with their pants down; their hands in the cookie jar, lying, you name it, are impressively large. Nothing seems to be going right for them and nothing should. They’re a bunch of Wrong Way Riegels.

In every location where lies are currency and where the currency is also a lie, one more huge expression of irony manifests and double manifests. This kind of thing is priceless and every time, one faction of evil suffers, another faction profits. The playoff results in a payoff, where both are incrementally diminished in the back and forth. It’s Laundry Day! It’s dual purpose Laundry Day, where the clothes get washed while you are still in them.

For those of you who may have missed yesterday’s Visible Origami, there are points I try to make (sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I am not).

I’m trying to convey how positive it all is while looking quite the contrary. This is not to say it can’t be seriously negative, should you choose that course. That course would be the same course being traveled by the most recently aforementioned. The Israelis have a saying, “Use force and if that doesn't work, use more force.” Another way to say this is, “If you’re wrong, keep pressing in the same direction and it will turn out right.” This isn't true. It has never been true and... on those occasions where it appears to be true, it is only for the purpose of demonstration.

How many times do I have to echo The Bard? “All the world’s a stage and we are merely players.” It’s typical of the cognitively dissonant to nod their heads and go, “Uh huh.” and then go right on play acting on the stage, without it ringing the big bell of realization. Let me attempt to illustrate what this means in practical terms; if “all the world’s a stage” and we are players upon it, then it is logical, it makes sense, to say that how we perform is the most important part of the equation. If we are here to perform and the quote directly states that ...then the outcome of our acts is one result or another. Of course, I suppose The Bard could be wrong. It’s your call.

The motivation of the deceivers among us, is to muddy the moral climate so as to make our values equivocal and ambiguous. This way, many of us have no firm conviction of what is right. They blur the lines, pushing for moral relativism. This way, people can personalize morality so that it meets the demands of self interest. This is the key motivation behind sexual ambiguity, making the family unit irrelevant, pushing patterns of behavior, which exemplify things like, “greed is good”, “nice guys finish last”, “do unto others before they do unto you”, and “if you don’t do it someone else will”. I could go on all day about this kind of thing but it should be self evident, especially if your self is evident. It’s not self evident if you've compromised your integrity because it is only integrity that ensures clarity of vision. Most people don’t realize just how important integrity is. I will tell you this much. There are a great many things you can let go of before you let go of integrity ...because once you let go of integrity, all kinds of other things go out the door with it, including a lot of valuable things you could let go of if it came down to them or integrity. See, that’s the thing, integrity has a lot of associates and they are inseparable. If integrity goes, they follow.

I don’t have much in the manner that people measure temporal accomplishment by but I do have some of the things that makes it possible to possess temporal accomplishment without having it possess you. Some amount of you also possess these things and that is why you come here, or, let us say, that is why you return here. It is also what sets certain people’s hair on fire. They run around like crazy looking for inconsistencies in my player acting on life’s stage. We've all got them. In some cases it is merely the appearance of them, for the purpose of demonstration (grin) but... that’s never a good excuse to use. It’s just a useful argument to have in the larder, if you catch my drift... Whoa! ♫slip sliding away, slip sliding away. You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away♫ Some number of you have been helpful in signing this petition. Please, I’m sincerely asking for as many of you as can to sign this thing. I probably won’t ask again or... I’ll get more creative about it. Thanks.

A lot of truths are getting set to music in these times.

As the shift in public awareness slips more and more; is more and more pushed, into moral relativism, very disturbing patterns are spreading across the country. The seeming indifference of law enforcement in disrespect of this is calculated. More and more, this indifference is making its way into a public indifference, based on the depersonalization aspect, manifesting out of overcrowding, juxtaposed with rampant materialism.

All kinds of bizarre news reports are making their way into the public consciousness and these events are just further evidence of humanities descent into the unspeakable, as the Beast of the Apocalypse rears its shaggy, horned head. We talk a lot about Mr. Apocalypse. We don’t talk about The Beast all that much but let’s point out our perspective on this. Just as we have mentioned numerous times... that a certain return and awakening is going to take place within the collective human heart, the same is true of this beast. It too is going to appear in segments of humanity, so disposed to its presence. If you don’t let it inside you, its influence becomes marginal. The same can be said of that other appearance and that would not be good news for those so not inclined.

Many factors are at work to amplify the purpose of demonstration. There is a season to every purpose etc. We are in such a season. Strangely enough, as it chills in certain locales, it is practically balmy in others, such as where I am. The weather here is decidedly unlike the weather there are other things as well. Hold on tight to that inner light.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Your introductory sentence sounds like an Irish curse today.

I can no longer make sense of life in this day. Then could I ever? Same with the human race. Seems like every functional society has been wiped off the face of the Earth by the dysfunctional societies. And from what I see, I think collective humanity is dumber than bedbugs.

Glad I'm mostly in observer status now, minus my obnoxious blog that seems to keep an average of 100 people a day entertained/informed/occasionally inspired to lose their lunch, depending on what I find. ;^)

zepheri said...

all the seed baring plants are here for our use
common sense without perversion

Anonymous said...

a brush through the pastures
sweep through the feilds
in dandelions woven
where the heart yeilds
a building of paradise
paved through the wonder
a call of an instance
the sweet warmth of summer
drumming the union
light through the dark
where the truth spoke
unity sparks
the universe reaches
blows deep within
the sun the earth the water
the skys and the wind


Monday, November 07, 2011 11:21:00 AM

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Today I have visions of an amazed Dorothy listening to shrieks of, “I’m melting!” from a stunned and vanquished witch as she sizzles away into nothingness and becomes merely a memory and that little catchy tune, “Ding-Dong the witch is dead” wafting along. Due to economic factors, I find myself living with an alcoholic brother and his two oblivious, college educated daughters (employed as a waitress and a retail clerk). All three sound asleep. I’m viewed as “whacked-out” for the most part. My brother went deep-sea fishing 8 weeks ago, in the Pacific no less. I watched them all chow down on crab and fish. Fuk Fukushima! It’s not on their radar cuz it’s not on TV. I was hoping, for their sakes, for a bit more gentle awakening, but now I’m resigned to having a front row seat to a bludgeoning. It would take too much time to explain here, but there are lots of factors that appear to me which will make things very painful (for them). Maybe that’s why I find myself where I am; to assist in the aftermath. Hmmm. Love to all, Serena

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. You mentioned the cops shooting dogs disproportionately in another post, maybe this sheds some light?

The powers (that wanna-be) think that by disrupting that field, it will buy them more time.....

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

No question that on this plane of existence, this planet wit its associated moon - artificial object that it is, hollow planet and hollow moon) all is feminine, and what is being transformed is the feminine, whether it is the mitochondrial DNA, or the Sofia of the gnostics.

Even if LaoTtsu invites one ' to be as woman towards Heaven', an alchemical instruction of the Kan and Li practice, and the Big Yang does the ecstasy thing in the Kalachakra energy center, or even the Heart, be it through inner alchemy or comestibles that lead to other dimensions as an elevator for the lazy....
after so many iterations of ' samo -samo', it gets rather boring.

The Hazardous Universe..... Ass up wind, don't know, but before 2 am, with an intense and un-bearble itch on the right cheek going into the the eye and the ear, i awoke to shift my body position to the other side, use my right fore-leg ( hand) to scratch my cheek, and in the shifting of the bed sheets the smell of the fermented food-stuffs, released as gas, of my companion in this surprisingly cold distrito fecal, wafted to my nostrils. This dog definitely wanted her ass to be up-wind.

Even though that was not the case, an unbearable sense of Sartre -like boredom, not nausea, took hold, and even with the best blue agave available to me now has not left the state of being. Lemuria, Atlantis, k-unda-lini, mushrooms, ayahuasca, san pedro......

Another show by Mr. A or Mrs.A ?, AHHHHH. The only thing that the Divine Unpredictable has managed of the slightest interest is the flowers, the bees -hence the honey, and the butterflies, Every once in a while the scent of a freshly opened flower bud wafts by and gratitude arise spontaneously for being down-wind, inner work and Pearls from bed companions in cold-climates and her undigested chilaquiles.

More hot chocolate, vanilla, chile and honey, yet Sartre -like conditions persist.

Be well, be Alert, Love

Anaughty Mouser said...

Mr. Les Visible, angel of light

White Lies: The Power and the Glory

What if I were to disobey
Give you back the power
Would I be punished like a child
And left on my own
Would you think me ungrateful
And send me away
If I couldn't make you happy

Cause empty handed leaving
As I was when I came
Tiptoeing through the rubble
And running through the flames (4x)

What if I were to disobey
Give you back the power
Would you be the one to turn your back
And cast the first stone
Would you think me a coward
Though I be the hero
And come home a hero

I gave you back your power
I gave you back your glory
Well really I hadn't noticed
Until I had the power to give it all back
Until I felt the glory
When the buildings collapsed (2x)

[Who gave God back his power and glory when the buildings collapsed? What buildings collasped? Ahh, 9/11 - bien sur mon frere]

Cause empty handed leaving
As I was when I came
Tiptoeing through the rubble
And running through the flames (4x)

I gave you back your power
I gave you back your glory
Well really I hadn't noticed
Until I had the power to give it all back
Until I felt the glory
When the buildings collapsed (2x)

I gave you back your power
I gave you back your glory (4x)


Yes I did. Jesus, God all the power and glory is and has always been YOURS.

mike m said...

" Most people don’t realize just how important integrity is. "

Was watching this show about some rat-faced tribal warriors who own a pawn shop in Detroit.

They were trying to find out who was smoking
weed in their warehouse and bribing their employees to snitch on their fellow workers.

No one gave in even when the Head Rat started offering bribes at $100and increasing all the way to $500.

So the Head Rat made a comment " I would tell anything for $500, I don't understand".

And I just thought to myself what a cheap price you put on your soul, if he even has one at this point.

Just an example of what is laid out there for all to see, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

And some coincidence that this happend about 10 minutes before I logged onto my friend here!


Visible said...

Go Eagles indeed. That's my favorite team after The Pats, then Kansas City and the Arizona Cardinals and who else do I like? I like the St. Louis Defense. I'm still passing fond of The Bears. Then there are teams I prefer over other teams, like I prefer San Diego. I certainly prefer GB over SF.

Hmmm, teams I hate, SF and Denver. Mostly because Manning never saw a product line he wouldn't endorse. He really ought to be a NASCAR driver so he can wear corporate names all over his jumpsuit. And I do not care for John Elway. His personality... maybe it's just me but the arrogance is palpable. That's the same reason I don't like SF because of Harbaugh and Kapernick. Both Harbaughs annoy me.

I like the guys who recognize it's a team sport and blame their own personal success on their teammates. I really like that kind of thing.

Credit Michael Vick with a lot for Philly success. His good attitude when Foles took over was the essence of 'for the good of the team'

No doubt this departure of mine will annoy some but I seldom talk about football here cause I know how many feel but I played sports all my life, still would if I could find anyone to play with. I love excellence and determination and that one pointed focus that wins championships, so I close my eyes to the commercialism and bullshit and just concentrate on the players.

The reason I like Bill Belichick so much is because he understands what makes a team great.He's got no love for personal ego and standing above your fellows. Teamwork, I love teamwork.

mike m said...

Vis, did you get a chance to watch the Cotton and Orange Bowl games last night? Two games playing at the same time that were AWESOME!

And Michael Vick has turned his ways and is someone that I am proud to call a Philedelphia Eagle!

And Poppa John Peyton, I concede he is a good QB but his brother Eli,Tom Brady,and Big Ben have all performed better on the Big Stage.

He is a step up from Tony Romo though....LOL!

I think Andy Reid was holding back, Chiefs starting out good against the Colts.


Visible said...

Didn't see those games/ Yeah! Wow! All the pundits took the Colts and I picked KC. I've also got Philly, SD and GB but those are my preferences still I think all of them have a decent chance. I didn't bet, I don't do that.

Jamal Charles goes out early in the first quarter and they are still nailing them. Smith is incredible. I've wished SF ill since they shafted him.

Oh well, I better stop talking about this stuff (grin).

Anonymous said...

That is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Most of the most important players for Kansas City were injured to a point I've never seen before in any game. I think they might have set a record for concussions. Truly incredible bad luck for those guys. So it goes and so I go to bed.

I'll watch the Philly game tomorrow. that means I won't be posting any comments until it's over, or checking my emails or any news sites for obvious reasons.

Given that I had a couple of plates of sardines and hot cornichons with mayo I am looking at fairly spectacular dreams this evening (grin). See you at Petri Dish tomorrow, probably.

Peaches said...

Can't help but be blown away by the ultimate irony with the disabled ships in summertime Antarctica (notice how they forget to mention it's summertime there also don't mention the global warming mission).

Completely off topic, had to mention, I was recently involved with a writer for a local newspaper and madly in love with, and the relationship was abbreviated. He wasn't that good of a writer at all but had a good job. I was so sad because it ended before I lost the chance to get him online and alternative. He only got his news from the paper he worked for wtf..?

Visible is a lesson in perspective re: talent and writing

We've all here read lots of writers, books and articles good and not so good.

Vis truly, you have a gift and we are blessed to be here. I check you every day.

Love you and posters so much


Eudoxia said...

The amount of unspeakable acts on a global scale is beyond unspeakable and the just keep happening like a tap that won't turn off. Particularly in regard to the caged gerbil shooters, I'm convinced these are not human, they weren't born therefore must have been grown in test tubes.

We've had a massive heat wave over here it hit 111 degrees in the shade yesterday while the rest of the planet freezes.

My son's surgery has been re-scheduled for next week, they had to wait for an in theater MRI only one in the country. An odd coincidence turned up. My sister in law told me that her next door neighbor's daughter's son had the exact same surgery and the tumor removed was the size of a golf ball and malignant but they got all of it. That surgery was done in Sydney a few weeks ago, that is where the MRI is coming from. The fact he is recovering well from removal of a larger tumor has been a blessing.

Walking Hawk how is your brother? Viz I signed the petition.

mike m said...

Always next year.....

Anonymous said...

I love sports. Competition, like art and music, is essential for a healthy human spirit. Professional sports is the closest thing to a meritocracy that people can create. Only those who show they can do the job will be out on the field. Even if your dad owns the team you won't get a place on the squad unless you can perform.

Last summer I got into a softball game for the first time in decades. I did get the sweet spot of the bat onto a good pitch which sent the ball sailing. Hitting that ball made me feel like a kid again.

Sports are great and competition is great! Go Lions!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking. He started chemo and radiation this past week. I haven't talked with him since so I don't know but I call and leave messages.He lives in portland or. and I in ohio.
I did get him on a list to be sent remote healing via reiki .
It came on fast and when diagnosed his tumor was size of fist at bottom of esophagus.Stage 4 by then.
I pray and hold out hope.Thank You.

walking hawk

I think i'll start sending him some healing poems from Neil also.Speaking of Neil, can you readers feel his presence (presents) here?

Anonymous said...

thank you wise men
for your words
in my minds eye
they fly like birds
up into the never ending sky
to ask the wind
to gather high
mother natures
work to be done
open hearts like inner suns
open woken
make them whole
with connection
of eternal soul
higher nature
living light
wise old river
of insight
rise inside
the hearts of men
waves of peace


Tuesday, December 15, 2009 12:07:00 AM

This one, can you all feel the healing power of his words?

walking hawk

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

How to Avoid being an Extra in Lifestyles of the Rich Man's Anus.

JerseyCynic said...

the daily flavors via ...


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Sitting in the Bakelite Chair waiting in the Bus Station Bardo.



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