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The Dance of the Scorpion and the Flight of the Eagle

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Well, it looks like forces are in the wind to bring visible back to Maui in April. Some tell me this may be less than prudent but I am confident to rely on my esoteric friends.)

People measure the level of civilization many ways. One of them is to look at how people treat animals; "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. ... a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". That is, of course a definite yardstick. I've eaten some amount of flesh in my life but... for the greater part of my life I have been a vegetarian and I have a rule I live by, if I am not willing to catch and kill it myself then I have no right to it. This means that fish is okay because I would fish but... even that is seldom seen anymore. I seriously don't want that Karma so... I am content to live without that side of things. I notice the difference in how I feel. Of course, there are many none too bright vegetarians around who don't understand how to keep their nutrition where it needs to be and... they are worse off than the meat eaters often enough, health-wise.

There are other ways to measure the level of civilization and one of them is how we treat each other. I don't think I have to elaborate on that. One of the ways I measure it is the level of intelligence displayed by health practitioners. Not only are they uniformly incompetent, they are downright dangerous. These days, medical schools graduate deranged and arrogant elitists, whose self importance is only exceeded by their lack of awareness, in terms of what their actual duties are. They are paid hacks in the employ of the pharmaceutical firms. I deeply pity them, given the lifetimes of suffering they face to counterbalance the suffering they have caused. Sure, there are some decent physicians out there. I know a few but.. they are few... and far between.

Hardly a week goes by when my mind is not drawn back to certain prophetic lines in Yeats poem, "The Second Coming". "Things fall apart", most definitely and "the center cannot hold". It's not enough that families and fraternal relationships are torn apart by the maelstrom of materialism. There are particular groups of psychopaths whose operational intent is to not only tear them apart but to mutate them beyond all recognition. My mind is still reeling from that link of the other day where it is stated "Nicole is a biological male who identified as a girl beginning at age 2". That's programmed perversity and here's something that is not often brought to light. There is a population of parents afoot who deliberately and with intent, perform the most heinous acts of behavioral modification on their children. When they are not sexually assaulting them, they are lying to them about their special abilities and specialness. They pass them off into the world completely defenseless, their heads filled with utter bullshit. And... there are plenty of good parents out there too, but... they've got real problems because their intent goes diametrically counter to the intent of the monsters in opposition to all that is good and decent.

My mind often returns to Lao Tzu getting on that water buffalo and riding out through The Great Wall of China. His feeling at the time was that civilization (there's that word again) was in serious decline and there was nothing further he could do. Here was a man, if man he was, who was arguably one of the wisest souls who ever lived and I am convinced he lives still. He is an immortal, after all. Typically of great souled ones, he lived in relative obscurity as a librarian. However, he had the power of the divine activated in him, so there is no question he was brimming with force. This is best illustrated in the report of his meeting with Confucius. The story goes that Confucius was curious about Lao Tzu and so he traveled to see him. When he arrived, the first thing Lao Tzu said to him is, "Why have you brought all of the other people with you?" It is to be assumed that Confucius turned around at this point to see WTF Lao Tzu was talking about. One should take away from this that Lao Tzu was suggesting that Confucius was not a unified personality. They met for awhile and then Confucius left. Later, when he was asked about his encounter, he said, "I went to see a man and found a dragon instead." Being as my own awakening was decidedly of Oriental cast, I can understand this.

In certain disciplines of the east, the dragon force is a very real thing. It's a particular expression of the serpent force. Though I have outlined this many times, I will do it again, especially since we were talking about the sex force and sexual continence yesterday, in the comments section at Origami. Everything, everything in this life is an expression of sexual force, adapted to a particular process or end. God is a serpent. What this means is that the power that is God expresses itself in radiant energy and in similar fashion to the movement of the snake. What God, in fact is, is incomprehensible, so this is as close as we can get symbolically speaking.

The snake in the garden crawled on its belly. or did it? Remember it was cursed after to crawl on its belly but... this is not important at the moment. In the human sphere there is the serpent and the snake. The snake expresses itself in the reproductive process. It generates the continuance of life and stimulates desire. Then there is the serpent. It lies coiled at the bottom of the chakra tree. It sleeps in The Kunda. When it is unawakened the 'natural' expression of this force is in the reproduction dance. When it is awakened it generates the continuance of awareness and individual life.

These days there is a lot of talk about Kundalini experiences. At Osho's gatherings you would see people jerking too and fro, dramatizing something that actually wasn't happening, just like those meditators who claim they are levitating since they bounce up and down on these special cushions. What this serves to do is to render them ridiculous, "Why, I can call the very demons of the deep", "Yes, but will they come when you call them?" Here is the crux of the matter.

The degrees of relative Kundalini awakening spans a vast range of territory. Gopi Krishna talks about some of the negative possibilities of a Kundalini awakening. Some like Arthur Avalon, document the intricacies of Kundalini but NOT as a recipient of its dramatic expressions. Shivers and trembles are not a kundalini experience. Go and look at the hands of Buddhas. Look at the hands of the Buddha directly below the one in the center, actually a little to the right this is what happens to a person's hands when the kundalini manages to get to an actually useful level. In these times, due to the appearance of psychedelics, during a trip, some number of people had partial awakenings but what happened was, due to their level of awareness, given the materialism of the times we are in, it went out through the 2nd chakra and turned them into sex freaks in need of sex and... it did this same thing to any number of 'masters', which explains all the sexual low jinks reported about them. I personally saw these things happening to various people. I watched sex communes materialize around some of these people. I actually lived in one for a few weeks, although I did not participate. I was really, really high at the time and had recently come from 2 years in prison, treated like residing in a strange monastery and with every discipline I could think of that was useful so employed.

Where I was lucky with my initial Kundalini experience was that I was full time aspiring to higher consciousness and so it swept me right there, for awhile anyway. Of course, since that time I have experienced major tribulations, lost my way, found my way; the usual for people in my position but... the good news is that once such a thing happens to you, you have absolutely no choice concerning your intentions and motivations for not only the rest of your life but forever and ever. There is one feature that I consider very important and that is one's degree of intensity in the pursuit. If it is high, things and changes go by fast. On the other end of the equation, you literally get dragged the whole way.

As has been stated, it takes 40 drops of blood to make one drop of semen. It takes 40 drops of semen to make one drop of Ojas. If you are generating this, the whole process becomes a simple matter of plumbing. Intensity is like heat, it will produce pressure and steam. Mental focus and what that focus is has a whole lot to do with all of it. It should be said that at a certain point one is given the option of going in one or the other direction. Some might not even notice, since they are focused completely on the one.

The purpose of the material world is to distract your attention from this singular endeavor, the only endeavor of any real importance in life. This is what materialism does, it magnetizes your attention and it can be difficult to pull away, too many people are not even so inclined. They've got what they want, until they want more or they have very little and wanting all these various things takes up most of their time, with the exception of copulation and the wanting of copulation but... that's wanting too. So it goes.

To summarize, one is going on their bellies on the ground, metaphorically speaking but it's actually literal, or one is walking toward or within the dimensions of Heaven, for it is a state of consciousness and available to anyone who will behave as a citizen of Heaven will behave; mentally, emotionally and physically.

In the realms invisible to 'mortal' sight there are planets of every description. There are Hell planets and Heaven planets, pleasure and punishment planets, planets and planes far beyond the reach of mortal consciousness, yet people would rather obsess over garbage here. This is the fruit of materialism, the debasement of human consciousness and the lack of any enduring awareness of what lies beyond.

Scorpio is the constellation that relates to sex. It relates to other things as well. It is represented by both the scorpion and the eagle. For most people, their relationship to sex, is not unlike that of a scorpion stinging itself to death through squandering the life force. The end result is suicide after all. However, if the energy and awareness is drawn upwards, at some point one's vision becomes like that of the eagle. That is the guaranteed result of sexual continence, as is continuous good health, except where Karma might apply.

All of this begs the question; what is wrong with the human race? Karma, Kali Yuga and materialism. Consider yourself fortunate indeed if you are one that aspires to higher states of consciousness and... even more fortunate if you are a lover of god; "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

Another mystery is that people can be told about these things; can be told how precious every day is in respect of a higher goal, can know that their time is limited and yet, go right on with whatever they were doing before. That surely is a mystery. It surely is.

One can visualize the specific lokas they wish to travel to ...and do the appropriate japa and depending on the degree of their certitude, be certain of going there. In the cases where constant remembrance of a name grants entry, as is the case with the Amitabha Buddha and The Western Pure Land and in the Christian tradition as well, that's all one has to do but... you'd better be pretty consistent because there is an entity whose job it is to distract you at the time of death.

Imagine, just imagine what happens to a person who perseveres into their later years with an unrelenting aspiration and intention. As the passions and indiscretions are subdued, a veritable wonderland of consciousness descends, along with regenerated innocence and one finds themselves walking in a world entirely different than the pedestrian environments most people spend their brief hours in. It could happen to you.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Absolutely wonderful instructions, suggestions and compassionate sentiment.

Thank you! Best wishes for your good health, Visible prabhu.




tvam yatudhana-pramatha-preta-matri
darendra vidravaya krishna-purito
bhima-svano ‘rer hridayani kampayan

O best of the conchshells, O Panchajanya in the hands of the Lord, you are always filled with the breath of Lord Krishna. Therefore you create a fearful sound vibration that causes trembling in the hearts of enemies like the Rakshasas, Pramatha ghosts, Pretas, Matas, Pishachas and brahmana ghosts with fearful eyes.

Anonymous said...

You happen to notice the coincidence in Rivero not posting your work and then immediately catching pneumonia and having to go to the hospital?


Anonymous said...

I hope you guy's don't ever get tired of this...

weaving sunbird
galloping star
cosmic rainbow
sun shined heart
mountain whistles
tree top breeze
union living
instance breathes
livened wonder
chasing storm
skyward lifting
substance form
warming motions
crafting light
calming sence
filling life


Monday, August 22, 2011 8:34:00 PM

Thanks Neil. Thanks Visible.
Beautiful post.

w h

nina said...

This could be the most beautiful, meaningful and moving essay ever. Could be because there are some in your archives that come very close. When all of them are put together there really isn't any ranking, just depth and revelation. There is no end to your inspiration, is there.

love, nina

Visible said...

Geez... thanks.

DaveR said...

So when do we build the 'Visible Reader?'

Gary said...

Of course, there are many none too bright vegetarians around who don't understand how to keep their nutrition where it needs to be and... they are worse off than the meat eaters often enough, health-wise. / like to comment on this / understand how to keep their nutrition where it needs to be thanks Gary

Visible said...

What is the Visible reader?

Visible said...

Gary, I don't get what's happening in your comment. Sorry.

Ray B. said...

Vis, this is another essay where you lifted up the Smoking Mirrors cover and slipped in an Origami. Thanks, it was wonderful! (And, I do remember you said you'd be mixing content...)

Vis: "People measure the level of civilization many ways."

Given how I've been earth-plane employed for the past few years, I have to say one measure is in how the civilization treats its poor and disadvantaged. I have had quite a look (bad and good), particularly since it was from the height of the Great Recession and on. Intellectually understanding karma is quite different from having load after load of suffering people coming through the doors, particularly for an empath...
Vis "These days, medical schools graduate deranged and arrogant elitists..."

This (aside from the times) is from the baddies gaining a foothold at the top, and selecting their choice of enforcers and students. From that point on, it is self-perpetuating. Much like other 'elite' professions...
Vis: "When [Confucius] arrived, the first thing Lao Tzu said to him is, 'Why have you brought all of the other people with you?'"

My take on this is more semi-literal; that Lao Tzu could 'see' into the other side and observe Confucius' helpers and protectors. I had an experience like that. I was attending a gathering where an exiled Tibetan master was speaking. I could 'see' another 'body' to the side of the speaker. After the lecture, I tried to speak to him but was 'intercepted' by an aide. I had to leave a note with the question, "Who was that to your left on the stage?" I never got a reply...
Vis: "In certain disciplines of the east, the dragon force is a very real thing."

Perhaps not quite what you're talking about, but I met a few dowsers in England/Scotland who were well-trained in following the 'dragon current' associated with certain ley lines. One very good book along these lines (pun) is "The Dance of the Dragon" by Paul Broadhurst & Hamish Miller. It is a curious combination of 'travel guide' and ancient wisdom. In it, they start tracing a main energy stream through Britain & Ireland, follow it through onto the continent, and trace it on-foot down into the Mediterranean area. (I would love to 'walk it' also, both to see what I would sense and to make any 'corrections' needed.) Recommended.


Ray B. said...


Vis: "At Osho's gatherings you would see people jerking too and fro..."

I've never been to an Osho gathering, but I can speak personally to one aspect of this. When one is carrying or channeling a lot of energy, there can be jerks or shivers or whatnot. It can be either the body's 'circuits' being overloaded for whatever is passing through, or some block to the energy being broken-down and the 'jolt' being the new circuit energizing. Whether this has anything directly or indirectly to do with Kundalini energy, I have no idea.
Vis: "...just like those meditators who claim they are levitating since they bounce up and down on these special cushions."

I have seen some of these, and they do not meet my engineering eye for levitation. I did 'get' that those I saw were attempting to practice some ancient truth where the empowering-whatever was long gone...
Vis: "Look at the hands of the Buddha directly below the one in the center..."

I want to thank you for that page-link. Immediately after the pictures came up, a strong chi/prana force started coming out of the monitor. Nice. I have bookmarked it, and plan to switch to that page whenever I am not actively doing something. Let it fill the house...

On the actual hand moving (Mudras, I believe), I have had that happen 'spontaneously' at times. Once was actually a little funny. I was attending another gathering where a different exiled Tibetan master was speaking (different decade, different city). My hands started doing an intricate 'dance' during his lecture, and I had to try to remain unobtrusive. After the lecture, I went up to the monk. I started to explain how my hands began moving (moving them as they had moved) and he 'bapped' me over the head with his teaching scroll. (And yes, I believe I know what that means...)
I could go on forever in this vein; I love this stuff. Better stop now. Thanks for giving me the chance to relive it!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Capture text, no lie: "umreki much"... I love it!

Visible said...

Okay, super bowl is coming up in half an hour. I want to see the Seahawks crush, literally obliterate Denver and I think they will. I think it will be much like the 84' bears in 85. I think Manning gets intercepted at least 3 times and Lynch rushes for near or over 200 yards. Mostly it is because I don't like Peyton Manning who is the most sold out and materialistic sports figure I have ever seen. His commercials are so embarrassing that I have to turn the sound down whenever they come up. No class. Just my opinion. He's a superior quarterback notwithstanding. the radio show should be up shortly.

galen said...

Here's two minutes of refreshment I would have booked for the half-time show:

dave1010 said...

Don't be a Peyton Manning hater Vis. Seahawks like the 85 Bears? We'll see.


Visible said...

I think I will be whatever I want. As long as I have verifiable reasons. There it is. Started out nice... um hummm

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les,
Your comments on animals reminded me of this,
"Do not breathe malice, vengence, and murder even towards animals, lest your own soul should be given up to death by the spiritual enemy breathing wickedness in you even toward dumb animals, and lest you should become accustomed to breathe malice and vengence against men also. Remember, that animals are called to life by God's mercy that they may enjoy their existence as much as they can during their short life. "The Lord is good to all."(Ps. cxlv.9) Do not beat them if they are unreasonable, or if they play tricks, or if any of your property is damaged by them. "Blessed is the man who is merciful to his beast."
-St. John of Kronstadt

Y'all the Saints, me the beggar.

Visible said...

By the way, I just realized that you might be a Denver fan so I apologize for being obstreperous. However, I don't hate anyone and I have no relationship with hip hop so 'hater' wouldn't apply. I was just doing like everyone does, I like this, I don't like that, its just opinion and doesn't actually mean anything. I still don't like Payton Manning (grin).

Anonymous said...

Well Vis,

Looks like Denver is indeed getting crushed. The games is practically over with now at 22-0 in the 2nd quarter.


The Visible Radio Blog Elf said...

Follow the link to

Visible's Radio Show


Visible said...

It's what I figured would happen. It could be much worse in the second half. God! This half time show is excruciatingly embarrassing. What's with those Chili Pepper guys. Didn't they used to make music. I didn't listen to them but I thought it was music they did. It's the lyrics I was listening to that said it all for me.

Visible said...

Like I said, it could be even worse.

Anonymous said...

credit where credits due Visible. You called the game near exactly that of the 85 Bears game. How do you do it man? This isn't the only thing I noticed.


Storm said...

Man that was a great read!

This is why I don't understand the divine or the ineffable whatever you want to call it.

Something has or must die if you want to live. Even if you just ate fruit and nuts from the tree and swept your path before you, you are bound to kill insects or bugs in your endeavour for survival eventually.

yes I know, Ying and yang, life and death, evil and good etc. To be of the light you must face or know the dark etc.

But I don't want to harm anything at all, intentionally or not to be here right now in this moment, to one day reach absoluteness.

The very moment you read this , extreme death and suffering has allowed you to be here right now. How is that o.k? Why is the bug more important than me? There is no higher or lower, just the illusion of so. (I think)

No, Satan is an asshole but just as lady nature (karma) is a bitch. Created all and is all by the ineffable.

yes I know, Ying and yang, life and death, evil and good etc. To be of the light you must face or know the dark etc.

No maybe life is just endless suffering for you the human or for me the bug.

As I have come to realise through reading your posts and various other synchronicities even the devil is working for the absolute in one way or another ( I hope) demonstration right? so then there is no perfection, I am dark just as much as I am light. No right or wrong just perception.

I swear this existence is nothing more than whistling to pass the ions of time , creation for the sake of loneliness. Illusion of separation for the sake of wanting something else to exist. Maybe if we knew we were all one , then we would have to wake up to the fact that one is a lonely number. Its more like waking up to we all are none.

Life is empty and meaningless and because it is empty and meaningless is also empty and meaningless. Told to me by me? or by a higher me? or by any other theory that exists, whatever you believe to be real is real. or is it?

I mean satan, evil whatever can do as much killing as it wants because if the absolute is all and nothing, then how can you kill nothing?

is there anybody out there?

yes you all say, I am as real as you are real. But the dragon says I am not real , but if your not real then I'm not real , exactly.

and everything I right here is not right nor is it wrong , just a great big paradox of life that isn't

so I continue to strive for no suffering in my non existence, but I can't see the solution except for eternal slumber with no dreams.

I feel sorry for god or whatever you want to call it, the source of all things here and not here :( it has to put up with this?

row row row your boat , gently down the stream , merrily merrily merrily .... life is but a dream !

Anonymous said...

My best friend, who died a few months ago, raised kundalini when she was 39. Shortly before she passed she decided to write an account and share it.

Wonderful and inspiring words, Vis. Thank you.

Ray B. said...

I just had a nice manifestation.

I had been wanting to hear about James Bamford's take on Edward Snowden, since he has written several books on the NSA (which I've read) and was subsequently black-listed by them. Lo-and-behold, there he was on a National Press Club lecture on "NSA and Snowden" (on CSPAN, which I don't ordinarily listen to). He actually praised Snowden as a courageous whistle-blower.

Also, in this 1/16/2014 taping, Bamford voluntarily came out with the statement that Israel gets the raw data from all the NSA metadata-collection efforts, and he didn't like that. (This was spoken during the Q&A part). So, he is at least aware of what we are concerned about here...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Another great capture phrase: "accidental orsoput". (Sound out the last 'word' by syllable...)

Anonymous said...

LV comin back to Maui! Far out brother! My name is Daryl Blake Jane and I live here in Haiku. I have been reading your stuff for a few years now. From Maui to Bangkok to Kentucky and back to Maui. Your writing is the geckos laughter brother. When you get here look me up. I specialize in H-crater journeys and jungle visions. I would be honored to meet you. Thank you for your boldness and truth. a hui hou! Maui no ka oi! daryl

Anonymous said...

What is a "Visible Reader"? Well I don't know and it's not my post but, my suggestion is a Visible Ebook of all your posts. One book, say divided into Mirrors, Petri and Origami with some sort of index?

Let me be the first to buy one, sure would beat sifting the archives.

Moving and interesting post Les (as usual). Many thank yous!

Visible said...

Actually The Visible Reader will be out this year only there will be one each with about 50-75 postings in each. I just have to compile them. So far only Nina has given me a recommendation of a post to go into the book. If there is a post from the past that you really like, let me know.


Storm you are interpreting what you read in a way other than it is intended and some of these things are bullshit. spiritual writers can be full of it too. For instance bugs and human are not equal.

On the other hand, yes, it sucks here and it is supposed to suck here because you are supposed to want to be somewhere else. Maybe want is a bad word because you can be in that somewhere else here, if you can separate yourself enough from everything else. In this state, bliss and joy are pretty much constant companions.

why are we here in the first place? desire brought us forth. When our desire is otherwise so too will our circumstances be. It's for the purpose of demonstration and it ends well if you do. You have absolutely got that coming if that is your direction.

Heck you can keep the Amitabha Buddha at the front of your mind and on your departure and as a result spend every incarnation you still have coming, in his Western Pure Land.

Stop focusing on all the negative going on around you and the despair it can generate; that sense of meaninglessness. Yes, most things are meaningless but not everything. Give yourself a break. It is a simple matter of cultivated attitude. You can even fake it until it becomes real.

storm said...

Thanks for the reply

I duno about that, I had a spider as a friend when I was a kid. He would live outside and visit me in my room all the time. I would put him outside many of times , but he would always show up.

The bugger would come crawling over for a hello, eventually he would just chill in my hand without running as I chatted away as kids do, but he was always free to go I never forced him.

I tell you when I looked into his eyes , I saw not a mindless insect staring back at me, but the absolute or something was watching me back. I was very upset when he died.

I think it depends on how open you are , kids always seem to have that gateway open to crazy possibilities or imagination that adults don't, but psycadelics tend to open them back up.

This lady once told how she would race with a dragonfly, whenever she came or went in her car down her driveway. With the window down, the dragonfly would fly right next to her, like dolphins next to a boat.

She was a speed user and god knows what else, but I believed her.

No bugs are equal to me as is any other creature/being. I always feel upset when I stand on a snail in the dark , that crunching sound is horrible.

But that's just me and what I believe. I guess giving them meaning is as real to me, as whatever you give meaning to, is as real as it is for you. .

So when I see the bird eat the spider, I get upset just as much as I see the cat eat the bird, or the human squash the cat. Death is equal to all

Not trying to argue or troll, just trying to find the truth :)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kundalini rising. Me thinks every deity in the Pantheon is horrified even by the concept of that happening to me. Yet The Veil does thin. Sometimes it shocks the shite oot 'o me both in a good and bad way, though not in a consistent manner. If it ever does become consistent, I suppose a small minority of individuals may have issues, but will that happen in what little time this Kalipornian has left (considering where I reside)?

Looks like Super Bowl After Effects were more interesting that Super Bowl itself. For me, anyway. I don't have a TV, and I personally can't stand watching sports. In my younger days, I liked to play and do some sports, but watching other people was never for me.

Hell' Kitchen Explosion

Read the thread if you care.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Stupor Bowl; dancing in the Hallucination Zone.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Bugs---I've got a great relationship with a herd of yellow jackets that live down below. We also try to take care of our spiders, and once when we lived in that horrid city of San Jose we got a roach infestation after they renovated the place next door. Originally I killed them, then one day I just watched them. They interacted with each other, and they freaked when they came across a dead comrade. I stopped killing them, baited them with a box of cookie crumbs which was generally full of roaches in a short period of time, and I threw that in the garbage outside wishing them the best.

I always figured everything was made by Source, everything was made of the same thing. . .atoms, and it's just some vibrate at different rates, but on a Cosmic scale everything in existence is equal. This includes Satanists, who just need another round in the Cosmic wash cycle, for what's duality without 'em? Not that this stops me from killing skeeters, bedbugs, and other parasites I can legally squash.

I leave the rest to the gods.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, February 03, 2014 2:55:00 PM

"Originally I killed them, then one day I just watched them. They interacted with each other, and they freaked when they came across a dead comrade. I stopped killing them, baited them..."

I enjoyed your post. Your 'attitude' towards Nature reminded me of Machaelle Small Wright, who did similar things on a farm in Virginia. (I visited it.) She wrote a book, "Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered" which was very good.


storm, February 03, 2014 12:58:00 PM

I have not met you or walked in your moccasins, so anything I say here may not apply. Take it as meaning well, and take only what resonates...

First off, I get a clear Jain past-life impression from you. They were/are way ahead of the West in certain things. They, too, have had to deal with 'my importance versus the importance of the rest of God' issues. I might recommend Machaelle Small Wright's book (above) to you as one way to sort that out. Otherwise, a past life regression or simple meditation on that might be useful.

"I swear this existence is nothing more than whistling to pass the ions of time, creation for the sake of loneliness. Illusion of separation for the sake of wanting something else to exist."

This is a core issue for me, too. To me, something just does not ring right about artificially-dividing just to artificially-remerge. Something is missing in the translation downwards. It may have to do with the never-ending quest to explain infinity in finite terms. I don't have an answer to that; probably no one 'down here' does. So, I endorse Vis on this one: "It is a simple matter of cultivated attitude. You can even fake it until it becomes real."

However, my psychology-side also picks up a great deal of held pain. This can lead to the above thoughts/attitude. There are many 'schools' to help discharge old stuff. Research and pick one that resonates. You would be surprised; after a while, the universe just looks brighter.

Hope this helps...

Truly Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible-

Wanna see how the trolls are going to spin this?

-the dolly llama

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Storm, you have a very kind intelligence. Maybe this will help.

Scroll down for more..

soul food

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Rather, it's bugs and humans consciousness which are not equal.
Same soul.
Priest: Would you say that souls are of different values?

Srila Prabhupada: No, all souls are of the same value.

Priest: That I find hard to accept, because, as I understand it, the soul of man is immortal but the soul of an animal is not. An animal’s “soul” is not really a soul at all but a principle of life, something Aristotle called a psyche. Therefore, man has higher value than the animals.

Srila Prabhupada: No, spiritually they are of equal value, although materially their bodies may be of different gradations. A human being and the body of a dog are just different machines, but the souls are of the same quality—part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, Krishna.

Devotee: "The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision...

Prabhupāda: Equal vision.

Jesuit: Equal vision.

Prabhupāda: Equal vision.

Jesuit: What does that mean, equal vision?

Prabhupāda: Equal vision means that I don't make any distinction between you and a dog.

Jesuit: You make no distinction...

Prabhupāda: No.

Jesuit: Would you think that their souls are of different value, the soul of the dog...?

Prabhupāda: No, soul is of the same value.

Jesuit: That I would find hard to accept.

Prabhupada: Huh?

storm said...

Glad to hear about other bug stories , yea as much as they can annoy you its best to just show them the door!

haha Ray I wouldn't wear those (unless you could make them from a plant fiber ) , try etikos ;)

Thanks for shining the lantern light to the Jains concepts, I did a quick wiki and a lot of their ideas do resonate with me well, very interesting!

I had been introduced to that a few years ago by one who was a Jain when I asked why he didn't eat onions.

I guess I didn't take him seriously at the time since he was the owner of a Subway franchise and the bread he was eating the onions in contained milk powder lol

I must of picked up on his hypocrisy so I laughed off the idea at the time that onions were not allowed, with out giving it a much deeper thought.

I guess that could be a lesson now in not to judge the messenger to the quality of the message.

Hence I love reading visible posts everyday :)

Not too mention your comments on here too are always a good read often leading to an insight!

So I will check out that book! Im not sure if it was you who wrote about the elves a few weeks back, I'm fairly certain it was? any books on those you could recommend?

I guess the pain you pick up on is the pain that comes along with that core issue. Of course you can fake happiness until it arrives , no doubt.

They say no pain no gain, so I guess I don't have to fake the coming pleasure (even if it does take another few ions) haha !

Who knows

storm said...

Thanks Homer and cheers for the link (Just for note, I already don't eat meat or dairy , just wouldn't make sense if a can't kill a mosquito :D )

Exactly and maybe karma works in with that too, in a way that you could be incarnated to become prey. Such as a rabbit to the fox if you abused sexual desires here in the now.

Although how could you know? I would still fix the rabbits broken leg regardless if it was a sexual predator in a past life :S

That's why I think karma is a hard concept to understand at times too. But no doubt what ever wrong done now is and will come back to at some point.

Its seeming to happen a lot faster in these times of kali or apocalypse though.

ray mate you truly are a lantern , those moccasins are something I have been looking for, need to get some custom made hemp one's!!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

But who can pull this off in degraded Kali yuga?
Only literal saints might be able to.

Still, we must start somewhere in making progress, in attempting to evolve rather than remain in a static mode or degrade even further.

Of course nonviolence is the first precept of spiritual life. How could it not be? Yet it is impossible to even breathe without killing. Does this mean then that it's ok to wallow in such a thing? To consciously choose such a thing. No!

Yes, eskimos, nomads and those who it is not practical or even possible to cultivate vegetarian diets need to survive. But we're not them, are we? We have all facility to cultivate and obtain the food necessary to boost us on our proper path of ahimsa.

Neither does this mean we are pseudo peace loving cowards. Violence has a purpose. To counter violence. This is also easily apparent and sensible, as many here know through experience.

Progress is the key. Intentions. Sincerity. Who among us is an actual deva? Not me, that's for sure, but neither will I ignore the truth, defy dharma and choose to wallow in filthy Kali yuga unrestricted materialism for the sake of selfish enjoyment and pleasure at the expense of others. Human or animal.

Everyone can progress. It's our duty(dharma) to do so. Anything less when there is opportunity is subhuman behavior. Demonic even.

Karma can and is effected all day every day, one way or the other. Like it or not.

With respect and hope for all..


good, bad, ugly

"Lord Krishna's Cuisine"

Anonymous said...

Food in the mode of goodness..

"Cooking means if you have no appetite, it will create appetite. That is cooking, not that simply some ghee and masala and cook it. No. It is a great art."


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Time and the River do not Stand Still.

Ray B. said...

storm, February 04, 2014 1:25:00 AM

Thank you for the kind reply! And, funny about the use of the word Moccasin. I never even thought about the vegetarian/carnivore angle.

I am a vegetarian; near vegan. However, I also try not to take it too seriously. If I am 'forced' (grin) to eat a delicious chocolate cake that had eggs in the mix, I affirm 'all is God' and just enjoy. Otherwise, I could turn into one of those sour-faced disciplinarians who are 'correct' but have lost the love of life. Not for me.

There is also 'danger' in the self-judgement one makes if one takes any path too seriously. That can turn around to bite one. So, I take all of this very seriously but not so seriously... (grin)

I am the (real) Elves person. These and other 'otherwhere' beings are part of my reality. Scroll up and down from that snippet to read about other types. See if anything resonates. It is a big world, once the blinders come off...

Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone else writing in this way about elves. As I said, lower on that same long page, (real) elves reflect back the state of their viewer. They exist naturally up on the soul level. So, whatever is embedded in the viewer is reflected back at them. Hence, anything from powerfully-positive to powerfully-negative 'appears' to the sight of the viewer. The elves are just 'sitting there' up on the soul plane. This is an important 'insight' (semi-pun) if you ever want to work with them...

(John Matthews has done a lot of work on old Celtic tales, which I have but have not read yet. There may be some info there.)

Again, thanks for the nice reply. Hang in there...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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