Friday, February 7, 2014

Neurosis in Search of Psychosis and a Purgatory of Perversity.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, you can look to the left or the right, straight ahead or behind you. You can look up or down and you can look out or in. Look out! is useful. Looking within has to do with the causal state, associations ...and varieties of analytical thinging? That would be 'thinking'. For some reason I wrote thinging. You know... that might apply as well. Anyway, this is brought up because of that 'all roads lead to Rome' concept but... some many roads lead to The Department of Despicable Dung.

This kind of thing is directly associated with this sort of thing, at least the opposition to it thereof. I bring it to your attention because of a NEW TERM in the sexual identity dance off and that is (drum roll!) "inter-sex people" It appears that this is simply another spin off into neurosis, in hope of psychosis. Why yet another term? Every new term adds a new fundraising angle. As you know, or should know by now, all this oil slick, rainbow movement is about, is scam and pretense. If for you, it appears to be some kind of cutting edge, human rights module, all you've done is to fasten your seatbelt prior to your car going off the bridge. That will be helpful in seeing that you are not separated from your means of conveyance when you hit the water down below. That's what we mean when we say, "appropo".

Tzipi Livni's, separated at birth Siamese sister wants you to know that 'blood will tell'. Then I said to myself , hmmm maybe she's not a member of The Evil Eye Brigade. I was so sure, I had decided not to even check, then I said, WTH and did. Are eyes a part of the study of Phrenology? They are in Mr. Visible's system so... let's look at the right eye of Victoria. Probably then you might ask yourself, what has Benghazi got to do with The Ukraine? The Tribe didn't engineer a holocaust in Benghazi like they did in the Ukraine, or, wait a minute, yeah, they did, only it was the whole country, not just a manufactured terror event.

Oh the times, the times, the times. Here's something Rene Guenon once said, “We have in fact entered upon the final phase of this Kali Yuga, the darkest period of this dark age: the state of dissolution from which there is to be no emerging except through a cataclysm, since it is no longer a mere revival which is required, but a complete renovation. One must not disguise the gravity of the situation: It should be viewed such as it is, not only without optimism but also without pessimism, since, as has already been remarked, the end of the old world will also be the beginning of the new one." Rene and I see eye to eye on a number of things and that means he also played to mixed reviews (grin) but... he was a solid guy. Yes, the source of these quotes is Stormfront but... as you can see, he's not overly liked there, being Muslim. Like myself, he left the world of the occult for religious mysticism. I kept what was useful, however, as I am sure, so did he.

What have alternate sexual politics, Tribe Satanics and The Kali Yuga got to do with each other? Plenty... and I hardly need to spell it out and... although much of what we see and hear about, falls under the heading of what passes for Normal, our departure from Normal has put us at such an incredible distance from it that we can hardly know what is what anymore. It happened by progressive degrees of falling away, so as to not be generally noticed. It's like what happens when you get lost on the road or in the woods. It might be awhile before you realize that you are lost. Some never do realize that they are lost, until they are informed of it because being lost was a calculated decision.

When you look for pictorial explanations for what we are, you get something like this. The result is not usually so successful but that is because of the persistent gap between the idealized and the actual, as it continually exists in these times.

Revolution is coming and it is presently coming in one of those places best known for revolution. That would be France. Yeah... it won't be long now. People are catching on to what's being perpetrated on them and... according to the script of Mr. Apocalypse, designated lightning rods are being lit up for the service of a greater awakening and one of those lightning rods would be Dieudonne.

The Tribe and their partners in crime, The Satanists, schemed and plotted and pushed all down the advancing decades of reverse engineered Kundalini to date, morphing the culture and social mores into a Purgatory of Perversity, conditioning minds through advertising, through entertainment and the arts, through political strong arming, backed up with blackmail and bribery. They seek no less than Hell on Earth. This is their intent and it can be mistaken for no other. As it is that they serve the master of the inferno, it stands to reason they would be engaged in bringing his vision forth. We've had a surfeit of movies glamorizing Evil... sexing it up so to speak. From death metal, to Marilyn Manson to Rap, they crafted the transformative codes of behavior, legitimizing the veritable worship of self interest and the celebration of all excesses of the flesh; one of the reasons there is ever so much more flesh on display... today.

So many of these things came to us through the guise of art forms and they were followed after by legions of critics and writers, who extolled the freedom and genius to be found in the works of Maplethorpe and other freaks from The Pit. Here we have a small dissertation accompanied by pictures, it omits most of those presently engaged in these things, like Jay-Z, Madonna and others. Who are the conscious manipulators and who are the tools? There are ways to identify these creature features but that's on a need to know basis. There are a lot of people espousing their particular viewpoint about these things, you're free to make your own decisions about what's what. There are so many resources of information. You have to feel your way through all the opinion. I never had any doubt about Snoop Dog.

There are some resources that seem a little suspect to me like this fellow Fosdyke but... I don't know do I? There's endless reams of info, research, speculation, what have you. You have to make up your own mind, while not looking overlong into the Abyss. Like I say, there are lists and lists and lists and... if I, in fact did not say that well, I'm saying that now-

Let me say something about entertainers (which will appear further on). There are those inspired and gifted by the ineffable and who somehow bring elements of it forth in what they do. Do away with your narrow perspective of what the ineffable approves and does not approve of, according to certain laws of conduct and moral codes that generally have to do with the orderly running of a society and are sometimes used by mean faced moralists, who place all the behaviors they consider enticements to other behaviors, in the same way that alcoholics will tell you that marijuana use leads to heroin. I don't know which ineffable you know but the one I know is a fun loving, occasionally bawdy dancer and elegant raconteur; a certifiable bon vivant, after all, he created it! Life is to celebrate, venerate and emulate and it all comes down to which activities you are celebrating, what you are venerating and who you are emulating. You're doing it one way or the other, unless you are a stick in the mud, a clinical depressive, or sundry types, including misanthropes and xenophobes.

If you are having a hard time being a lover of the divine, or are shied away because of the potential liabilities to various areas of temporal success, what it amounts to is that you are seriously lacking in faith, both in yourself and in the greater self within. At no time is the divine not in control and in charge of everything and this is something you have to get your head around when you try to make sense of what is going on around you.

The last time I was in LA, I took a monster dose of acid, not realizing how powerful it was. I can't say I wasn't warned because the fellow who gave it to me told me it was saturated in the dregs of the soaking pan and therefore much more highly concentrated. I went off like a Saturn rocket and it would take about a book length travelogue to cover all the events that went on in the near ten days this whole thing lasted, not the least of which was catching the head of my dick in my blue jeans zipper while I was still rushing, early on. That was an unforgettable experience. Anyway, I bring it up to mention something that happened in the early morning hours of the first night. I walked outside; I was living not far off Sunset (near the Cock and Bull) in Hollywood, maybe ten blocks from Vine and as I was walking in the smog congested atmosphere, I looked up, I don't know exactly what I was looking at, Griffith Park? It was somewhere in The Hills. I saw atop whatever I was looking at, an enormous and horned, red eyed demon and I could see him making movements that suggested to me the manipulation of all going on down below him. For some reason, things like this don't frighten me, probably because of my own alignment, so... I studied it. One of the results of this trip was my sensitivity to the smog. I became badly nauseated at a certain point and had a continuous desire to vomit. That stayed around at some degree of intensity for days.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a large number of people there are engaged in some form of Satanism, whether it is called that or Scientology; whatever it's called.

Now, about entertainers, along with the inspired and gifted, is a much larger portion who are derivative poseurs, mimics and those who desperately want to be what they are not and who study and steal and are constantly on the make. Many of these individuals, whether because of their horoscope or however it comes about, are obsessed with success in the business and will go to any length to achieve it, including selling their souls and making certain spiritual contracts. For them, this not something that generates even a moment's hesitation. It's like that story about the Hollywood agent. The Devil comes to him and says, "I will make you the most successful agent in town and all I want are the souls of your family and your own in exchange." The agent thinks about it for a moment and then replies, "Okay, Yeah, but what's the catch?"

I know many people consider the idea of a very great percentage of famous and powerful people being practicing Satanists as possibly a reach or an exaggeration. It is most definitely going on and it explains everything about how and why they do what they do; much of which is not public knowledge. It is what it is.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why you're moving from Europe. You have a great many supporters here and I know several people who very much want to meet you. I was planning on coming this summer but now it looks,like you are not going to be here and I can't fly to Hawaii.

I don't see why you can't just relocate to the UK or somewhere that your readers would have access to you. Your speaking engagement in London was terrific. Can't you do that kind of thing like lecturing and holding workshops? I would really prefer that you stayed in the area. Like you say, anything can happen. Maybe something will.


Visible said...

Well... Ben... it's complicated sort of. The place I have available to me here is far off and my language skills aren't fantastic. I also know only one person there and making a living is not nearly as promising as it would be on Maui. My band is there. It's very conducive to me Nature wise. I was happy there. I don't really have any friends where I am here and in the years I haven't made many. They are a very dour and taciturn lot here. It's also as if I am on a completely different ray than these people.

I'd like to stay around but I have no real options in the UK, which would solve the language thing but which is also growing into one heck of a police state; not that that would entirely deter me. I don't want to be in any situation where I'm not financially stable. London and England generally isn't much cheaper than Maui which is expensive but I have options there and Nature, Lady Nature is a BIG part of whether I'm happy to be anywhere.

I just made the decision in order to force the hand of the cosmos and see if it had something else in mind. I'm not there till I'm there. Until then, I'm still here. Gilad is visiting me in a few weeks, maybe he'll have some ideas.

Thanks for your thoughts. If something workable and free of pressure comes up I will definitely entertain the consideration.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii ? Back to Land of The Beast. I left the USA four years ago after 27 years. Would never return as it's destined for hell. Poor asleep silly Americans tho I love them dearly as individuals. It really doesn't matter where you are when the time comes. Up and out. Is all that counts.

Visible said...

I left almost 15 years ago. I don't know what's going to happen and I don't know where it's going to happen. What I do know is that it can get to you anywhere; so long as it has the permission to. I try to stick close to the one from whom all permissions come.

Anonymous said...

button front jeans

hollywood would go completely dark if not for the constant arrival of young hopeful (pure) talented (pure) people -- this counter-acts the downward pull. BUT as the world becomes a darker place and the 'young' ever more defiled with the dark side via hollywood and its master...the balance is becoming rapidly, exponentially darker and there is no longer enough light to keep the monsters from inhabiting complete hell which is not what they want -- they feed on the light. they adore the light as long as they get to manipulate it and feed. what then? what now?
bwwwwahahahahaha......a definite shift as hollywood wakes up to the world they cannot escape as it permeates every cell. no super de-tox retreat with stone massage and massive green juice intake will ever clean out those dank bitches.

liz in hollywood

L.L.O. said...

Hi Visible,

Your comment on faith got me thinking. I've been following your blogs for a few years now.
I actually discovered you before I moved to Maui for a year (which was part of a mysterious spiritual transformation I went through)and the synchronicities just kept on coming!
My point is that I see, hear, and feel the ring of truth in your words. They come up against my inner gate-keeper and invariably gain passage into my heart to become conscious lessons that I(try to) live.
But, I lack faith. In myself mostly which leads to a lack of faith in just about everything else.
How Visible? How can I find a way to open my heart to the loving presence of the Divine? I want to believe SO bad. I wish I had your level of certitude about it.
In the back of my mind however I can't help but think that it's all bullshit in a world of bullshit. I look around and see what's going down and it, well, brings me down.
I try to be a good and decent person and I am very grateful that I am not one of the troglodytes you so frequently mention.
Anyways, sorry for the rambling. I think I know the answer somewhere inside but just wanted to ask for some advice.
Thanks for what you do.


p.s. The island calls to me in my dreams and I fantasize about returning myself someday. There is some seriously ancient power that emanates from the very soil there...

Visible said...

"But, I lack faith. In myself mostly which leads to a lack of faith in just about everything else."

"In the back of my mind however I can't help but think that it's all bullshit in a world of bullshit. I look around and see what's going down and it, well, brings me down."

As is usually the case you have answered your own questions or at least isolated the problem(s).

As long as you entertain doubt about what could not possibly be anything but true, if you were in possession of all the facts, you will find yourself making little headway because doubt is a retardant, a drag, a brake and the thing is that the road is moving toward you so for as long as you are expending the effort to try to believe and try to move forward, you are treading water in a fashion or making some small progress against the current but...

As soon as the drag of the doubt prevails against your forward progress, the road coming toward you begins to carry you back the way you came.

The best thing is to accept without question, the concept of a benevolent consciousness permeating all of existence and to admit to yourself that you don't know how this is so or why it is so, you only know that it is so and you trust it to carry you and you release all doubt because doubt has to know something is this way or that way in order to doubt. Doubt is its own kind of belief in what it doesn't believe in

Since you don't know, neither does your doubt.

Is it really possible that there is no god? Hardly. Is it possible that the God the atheists don't believe in does not exist? Absolutely.

It's not whether a divine personage exists or not; shit! Even physics has proven that. The problem is our inability to come to terms with something we are unable to identify or define. Why should we have to do this?

This is what is meant about one becoming as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Yes... Hawaii is a special place. It is also full of airheads, slackers, scammers and cinderblock heads and some of the most nausea inducing new agers you will ever meet. I used to dream about it every night when I was coming and going from New York but not while I was there. That stopped when I came here. Now I'm thinking about it all the time again.

Anonymous said...

Fear is the prison. You can run, but you can't hide. And wherever you go, there you are. Or, to quote the ex-Lakers coach, Pat Riley, "There comes a time in every man's life when he has to plant his feet and kick some ass." Looks like about 7 billion of us will have to do that, and sooner rather than later. If you get to Hawaii, come on back to the Mainland, Visible. We sure could use your talents over here. I know you will find a big cast of supporters, and access to whatever you need in order to thrive and get ahead. Nothing like having all the big dogs in the pack, in the one locale where they are going to be needed the most. Anyway, keep your mind open...I know you will.

Smyrna said...

The amount of wrong looking people in and around the corridors of power!

That is some eye that Nuland woman has going on.

Now, say I took a cruise ship to the Sandwich Islands, would the TSA still give me a good groping, old chap?

Visible said...

It would depend on what was already in the sandwich but word has it if you can't get officially groped you can hire someone do do it for you; TSA is only USA (far as I know). Best thing is just to fly into L.A. dressed as a cub scout.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No, I am NOT nice, but if you HAVE to fly, wouldn't it be cool to be a shapeshifter?


In fact, I've posted links in former posts. How would the Twat Sucking Arseholes deal with THIS?! Or if you don't take a shower 6 weeks before boarding?

Anonymous said...

There are many ways to interpret things. Here is one person’s interpretation. Hope it helps.
Don’t post this if you do not approve.

taro farmer said...

Hey Les,
Great news that you may be coming to Hawaii! Been enjoying your writings for a while now, living here on the Big Island. Ran out of time with the banks and I have to sell my property, maybe see you at "little beach"

Anonymous said...

Is there a common denominator that causes eye discrepancy--not quite Strabismus, but close; almost like there are two people in one body, judging from the look in some people's eyes--in people who are mind-controlled or those in power who are just plain evil? Forgive me if this seems silly, but I have long wondered at this phenomenon.
There are so many people like Victoria Nuland, plus loads of young celebs who start out as fresh-faced newcomers and end up a couple of years later wasted & looking as if only one side of their brain works.
Is there a spiritual component of aligning oneself with evil that creates dissension in the brain, creating this look? It is so obvious and so prevalent in photos, and recently I have seen more than a few people in person with the same appearance.

Visible said...

Yes Carmen, I've noticed the same thing, which is why I linked to that picture. It might have something to do with all that (so called) Illuminati covering over of one eye as well. There's definitely a world wide thing happening with negative occult societies.


Peacemaker; The only thing I don't post and it doesn't happen often is when it is obvious that someone is seeking to sow dissension, cause strife or just prance around tossing off insults AND under the cover of anonymity. That's it. I don't post spam when it shows up either as it sometimes does. That's it. I didn't check what that link was but I can't imagine it's my place to determine the value of it.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all.
Just wanted to ask you whether you ever thought about Morroco? Also wanted to know your take on this group and these bloggers. ( and ( I was In Reunion till I found out that my application for staying in France was rejected. I am now trying to go Morocco to see whether its possible for me and my family to survive there. I really want to go back to India but it does not seem to be an option right now. Also this person lives in Hawaii, I read his blogs for all the new age info out there. ( blogs are level on your own. I really connect to the info as if I you words are in my head. It really balances me out. All though I am unable to maintain this state of consciousness of awareness of the world for long periods, there are lapses. Everything just merges into nothing for me. I had really wished that you would have been able to get a rag tag bunch to go after the Shangrila. It wasnt meant to be I guess. Sometimes I think I am done for. But at some point I get the same message from the divine. That I brought you this far. You wouldnt have made it without me. Rely on me and everything is under control. I cannot explain how very good it feels every time you mention these words with the feeling of .....I cant describe in words, but I know how you must feel. I was arrested twice in the states too. Once in Lancaster Pennsylvania and in Fairfax Virgina, where I was facing a felony and 2 misdemeanors. I did go to jail but it was only for short durations. I always thought I could identify with you and thats why I wanted to see you. Because you give me hope that there is a God Creator and yes it cannot be defined. But its presence can be felt every living breathing moment in life. And that feeling of feeling that divine power and love looking down upon me and everything else that lives is the most precious gift which a human being can desire. For I think we are unique for better or for worse. And we should be proud of our uniqueness and not fear being different and dont fit into the slots of the Matrix. I really want you to succeed Mr Visible cause your 100% special and in the right way. I tried buying your book, wanted to find out if where I can buy an e copy if I can. Lots things I want to do in life for example I want to make short spiritual movies. Especially for my Indian brothers and sisters who are enthralled by the newly found materialism of the western world. But alas I am not able to find my teacher and master. Lets see what happens and always in gratitude of the Lord of the Universes.

Ray B. said...

Carmen, February 08, 2014 2:07:00 AM

"...almost like there are two people in one body...& looking as if only one side of their brain works."

Good observations! I studied that for a long time, and have a little 'trick' to show it (that others originated). Take a magazine photo of someone's face, head-on. Place a small mirror along the facial left-right centerline. If you tilt it outwards enough to 'mirror' one side, you get a doubled-view of one person - the magazine half and its reflection. If you reverse the mirror and tilt it the other way, you get a doubled-view of 'another' person.

Sometimes the 'two people' are close, and sometimes they are strikingly different - especially in the amount of pain each 'half' carries. (This is for people without injuries, strokes, etc., of course.) After some practice, you can do this in your mind while observing someone. It can be quite enlightening...

My understanding is that these differences are an effect of non-communication between brain halves (primarily through the corpus callosum bundle of nerves). The right brain is more holistic, and the left brain is more analytical. They are meant to be used together, to process the inner and outer worlds.

If you look closely at 'divided' people, the left face (right-brain controlled) almost always carries the emotional pain and can sometimes look quite sad. Likewise, if you look closely, the right face (left-brain controlled) almost always looks more intellectual - and may seem quite cold and calculated.

Some people are almost identical left-right, and I credit this to good whole-brain communication.

Hope this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Smyrna said...

Maui Wowie is on my agenda Vis. Or 'bucket list' etc.

In response to Carmen, there is a rare condition where an egg that splits causing identical twins reforms and produces one baby with two sets of DNA. It is called a Chimera. Rense had an article about it just the other day. Some woman in the USA. It was also on an episode of CSI, of course.

The occurence of this is one in one hundred million or some such, so I'd wager Ms. Nuland is just a common demon.

That eye is something else though eh? Do they become possessed or do they start that way?

I reckon most are born. From what I have seen, most people that become possessed repulse it one way or another. Some take it on, and they only need some.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis
Speaking of I spy with my evil little eye, check out what's looking out at the world via this well known member of The Tribe:
Imagine talking to that over breakfast.

Visible said...

MujedihiDEEN; No... I had no considered Morocco. I certainly would if there were something to it. I would have to adopt my Sufi Muslim persona but that is easy enough. My concern there is whether the government is corrupt and the ease with with Mossad and CIA operate there. That is one of those places where I would have to know someone.

Email me, I get the strong feeling that some of what you speak of can be easily rerouted into a more positive and defensible mindset.

BCii said...

The stark contrast between the soul-destroying dreck pushed by establishment entertainment outlets, and the spiritually nourishing, uplifting work of so many lesser-known artists who maintain their integrity, is breathtaking. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum, there is no comparison. The Zio-pigs and ponerophiles had to subvert the music industry, that was a given. How else to gain such a direct line of access to the souls of the great mass of people, to implant the programs of deviancy and all the rest and thereby corrupt them from the inside? Only an inner awakening of the spiritual immune response can make people reject these false idols and their so-called "music."

There has been mention here recently of an "oasis effect" in operation at these blogs. I dreamed last night that I was in a mental institution of some kind, where the degree of "brokenness" of inmates and personnel alike was all over the map. The institution itself was a schizophrenic assemblage of illogic and inconsistency, with a life of its own, casting its umbrella over the humans inside. One day, the news reported the death of Dick Cheney. I had mixed feelings about that: distinct relief and satisfaction, but with an ambivalent streak of compassion for the soul-spark that had been so far gone as to be helplessly ensnared in evil. About the same time, I heard Les Visible was going to be in the neighborhood for a while. I thought, "Wow, I never expected to have the chance, but now I can actually meet him without any concrete efforts of my own, simply through the law of attraction." This dream character of Visible ultimately showed up right at the place where I was inside, and the oasis effect was immediately apparent. There was a small number of the inmates who gravitated into his sphere, which was like a "heaven zone" in the midst of the mundane, mediocre, spiritually starved overall environment. There was just this total atmosphere of peace and fellowship and safety, implicit acceptance of self and others, love and laughter and good times, infused with wisdom and healing emanating from the ineffable. That was a very pleasant dream.

Thank you to us all, and thanks be in the highest to the nameless presence that fills all that is with life and love.

This mortal vessel,

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A Cold and Fiery Darkness or a Shining Eternity Awaits.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Speaking of soul sparks, here's a little spiritual/metaphysical musing which will tease the brain a bit, if not cause an itch or even a downright attitude adjustment.

One of those marvelous realizations which needs no 'embellishment' nor expounding upon. A little contemplation doesn't hurt, however..

Dr. Frazer: So, matter is separate from the spirit soul?

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. The soul is the vital force, the moving force, that is in you, that is in me, that is in the ant, that is in the elephant, that is everywhere.

Dr. Frazer: Is it in our bodies after we are dead?

Srila Prabhupada: Death means you are gone from your body. But other spirit souls are there in your body in so many germs, parasites, and so on. There are innumerable individual spirit souls in your body.

The Soul of Psychology

Anonymous said...

You can be the top scholar at the world's greatest univerity and its not an honor anymore.Its just a job.The job being to dim people down and make them stupid and obedient to the rapists that abuse them.Be they TSA or barbarians from another latitude.I think the real problem is one of garbage in garbage out.
The world checksums as useless and all they've got is drugs,lies and compliance training.Don't let them brainwash your kids.Its a madhouse,a madhouse!

David Alan McBride said...

I concur with your mention of the right eye in the picture of Ms Nuland. Separate the face in half vertically. One eye per half. Use your hand. The half of the face with the right eye that Les mentioned looks scared shitless to me. Waaaay out of her depth scared. The other half with her left eye looks like a meat eating predator. I've always seen the inner demon through their left eyes. Perhaps the right eye shows the human and the left eye shows the inner driver? Pure conjecture on my part.

Thanks again Mr. Visible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis,Ray,& Smyrna for comments in response to my question.
Vis~ gives 'window to the soul' a whole new meaning, yes? It's hard to tell if that has anything to do with the One Eye deal;it sure seems plausible. I'm still thinking there's a disconnect somewhere between spirit and soul in such afflicted people. I know one such person very well and he is what my Nana called a Sidewalk Angel and a House Devil.Indeed,he was and is, although he is no longer with us in the mental. Body is here, mind not so much;in intervals and varying degrees of clarity,anyway.He got off easy-- for now.
Yes Ray! That is an amazing way to really see through a person's Urban Camouflage.Think it might be one of Mr. A's original ideas? Get a load of Dylan--whom I used to dearly love.I still love his old music-- Sorry I don't know how to hotlink.
I'll definitely look into Chimera on Rense--thank you Smyrna. I've never heard of that.
I appreciate these blogs and all of you enormously.

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

Vive la France! Dieudonne toujours (forever)!

"Le peine des hommes, c'est un sujet si grande qu'il semble que personne ne saurait y toucher." (It's a bitch.) (Camus I think.)

Yes, endlessly caught in their zippers. Not really though. Forgive them all. Rant, grrr….

Love and joy to all,


tobeover said...

Les Visible,

I awoke yesterday morning with that Elton John song playing in head, most likely from looking and pondering Victoria's photo from the previous day. I probably should have prefaced the short post but using the j word is what it is.

I have been visiting your blogs for a few years and I know my path is similar to many on these blogs, including yours. A few years ago I sent you an email which caused some confusion due to my name, Tim #####, the same as a friend of yours. I wasn't messing with you then or now. My fictional name of 'To Be Over' is from a Yes song title from "Relayer". The lyrics & melodious singing accompanied by Steve Howe's slide guitar solo is, well, interesting and enjoyable to me.

My intent regarding this oncoming freight train of events is to help as many as possible physically and spiritually survive it. God willing.

Visible said...

Well, we sure have one angry fundie coming around today. It never fails to amuse me that these people, when they occasionally show up, think that I am affected in any way by their ugly language and violent thoughts. All they do is to expose themselves for what they are. What are you going to do? Just move on and not concern oneself with barking dogs.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To be a Slender Reed, Bending in the Wind.

Anonymous said...

Hot damn, Visibile! The hits just keep coming! Love you.

Anonymous said...

When I was a young girl (12), I had read the bible

straight through. By 16 I had read it for the 3rd

time. I didn't read it out of pressure and
my parents were'nt really church goers. Here and

there every now and then we go to a baptist church.

I wanted to know about God. I was an avid reader

of many books in and above my age range. I

actually was very spirtitual from as young as I could


As I grew older, I discovered that there were

different versions of the christian bible with many

different slants. By the time I was 20, my belief in

god and a soulful life collapsed. One night, I

literally looked in my bathroom mirror and said "God,

I don't believe you are there but I hope you are.

By the time I was 30, I felt hollow/depleted. I

couldn't get out of a serious funk that came over

me. I am sure that this condition would normally be

treated by a therapist, but I am a private person and

generally keep family matters private.

When I wasn't working, I was thinking about my own

self in my head. Mind you, I was a wife and mother,

but had become what I recall now was derelict. My

thoughts went something like this: I was responsible

for every horrible thing that had ever happened,

even ancient historical acts. Different days,

different sins over several months.

I finally conceded to this self in my head (or

possibly soul) that I did indeed commit every terrible

thing I was accused of. I ended it with: "But this is

not me now".

That was it. I was finally ok. My faith in life was


My life is good. I have a great reverence for my

life, my loved ones, and for the grandest mystery

character of all, which I call God. My childlike faith

was restored. Faith is a personal matter. No

church necessary.

Visible said...

I'm glad that worked out for you (grin). As all of us can see, it takes some getting to to get to it.



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