Sunday, February 16, 2014

The God Gig and the Spinning Whirligig of Maya.

Some readers from Switzerland want me to give a talk and play some of my songs on guitar at a hall in Zurich in a couple/few weeks and they were wondering how many might come from present readership. So... if you think you might come, please either comment here or email me. Thanks!

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There is a certain arrogance that is near breathtaking in certain sociopathic personalities who are shielded from the realities of life and who believe their temporary status is the result of exceptional efforts on their own part. I have to laugh out loud when I saw that this travesty in human form is married to that (choke gag) inspired literati, Danielle Steele. As you can see, she is held in high regard for her abilities or rather, lack of. This is more Mr. Apocalypse. There is a phrase that comes to my mind often these days, "God is not mocked". That covers more ground than one might think, given that we are the human form expression of divinity (when we choose to be). After all, except for acts of Nature, how else does God get anything done down here? It happens through human agency. When you offend the invisible by swaggering about in any of a variety of particular fashions, you're asking for trouble. This is the origin of "pride goeth before a fall". God doesn't like smug or self satisfied.

There is another phrase and this used to be on the lintels above entryways in Medieval times; Cave Dei Videt. It means, "Beware, God sees".

Yeah, I know, I mention God a lot and that is because, pretty much anywhere I look, I see God in action, directly, as in obvious acts of goodness and indirectly, as in acts of evil. This is the origin of that phrase, "all things work for good for those who love the lord." That's in The New Testament. A lot of things are in the New Testament. Yes, God authors both good and evil, sets the dimensions of darkness and light and made everything that was made, directly or indirectly because, 'God' is the source of all power and no one has any power that is not on loan and there is no life of any kind that is not maintained by the ceaseless meditations of God upon his/her creation. This is reality but a lot of people don't want to hear about it. There are two reasons that people don't want to hear about it. One of the reasons is human arrogance. They want a personal autonomy apart from the ineffable. They want to be The Boss because they do not understand the meaning of Free Will and that leads us to the second reason. People want things and they don't want anyone else intruding on their acquisition of them. This is known as self interest, or self will run riot and they are both direct products of materialism.

Why do I so consistently bring God into the conversation with such regularity? Everything is made out of God and serves the intentions of God. What about human ignorance? Is that made out of God? Good question, I'm glad you asked (grin). Here we enter the field of Free Will again. Where did all this ignorance come from? We embrace it and make it part of us, in order to legitimize attractions and appetites that intelligence wouldn't permit. Since a lot of what happens to us is the result of other times, outside the reach of present memory, very few of us know how we got to where we are.

I mention God so much, to the distress and dislike of many because other agencies also mention God a lot and they do this to justify all sorts of violent excesses and any reasonable and rational mind can see without too much difficulty that contemporary religion is a flaming crucible of depravity. One of the objectives of this is to turn the more intelligent away from any consideration of the ineffable. I have nothing to do with religion, which is merely the business end of the unknown, stripped of essence and integrity.

The pure truth is that God and the contemplation and pursuit of God is the most practical application of human industry that anyone can make. One comes up in this world and gives a consideration to all kinds of forms of employment. They all have their relative perks and payoffs but the God Gig, for which only the sincere need apply, dwarfs in scale any other performance to the degree that no measurement can be made between them because there are benefits in the God Gig for which no similar bennies exists in the temporal.

I'm using that word a lot in this posting (God) and I do this consciously and intentionally for similar reasons that I respond in unexpected ways to comments. For years I have made mention of my intention to respond in a certain fashion, on occasion (for the purpose of demonstration) but it seems to escape some people in the present. How you respond to something I say, which might, to you, seem off the wall, is the purpose of the context of my initial response. Be aware of this ahead of time and out maneuver me (grin). When you take the bait you prove me right in unfortunate ways. I have this process set up as a safeguard because of my awareness that there are people that slip into our community here with evil intent. I'll get into that in the captioned portion of this posting.

The word God has been over exposed. That is why I am over exposing it here and also because I couldn't get my postings linked in a certain location if they had the word, 'God' in them. So it is that I don't use the word God as often as The Ineffable, or the Divine, or 'my invisible friends'.

{The trollers who come around here and elsewhere have been scientifically demographed and interestingly, this fits with what has been my own perspective about them. They are uniform in their manner of presentation. For some of us it goes beyond trolling and is turned into long term planned, enemy action. I've been the beneficiary of this (grin). So it is that one has to study those who slip into a blog community and create a favorable persona that extends over a lengthy period of time and which then turns into an inexplicable turnabout. I might have simply chalked it up to insanity but if you look closely there are always 'tells' and so I noticed the tag team connection, which took place simultaneously with the event. This is another benefit of The God Gig, things get pointed out to you that you would not have seen otherwise.

There is a strong and loyal core of readership here. I won't go into the reasons for that except to say that a certain consistency exists here and that is because I do not rely on myself for what happens here. The outcome would be different then. Certain forces who have been ingenious in their attempts to paint me in a bad light and who were quite sophisticated in their efforts, are enraged that they have been largely unsuccessful. They were certain they could derail me into a lasting ignominy and there were several events over previous years geared toward that. Thankfully such things are no longer possible but... they are beside themselves with anger because their best efforts came to naught and following that and concluding this digression; I have no use for fair-weather friends and do not register the loss of what I never had. We have different values and those with different values will never understand the why and whatall of the other. Another benefit of The God Gig is that that lack of awareness is a one way street.

One final thing, concerning my invisible friends, who are also the major part of why things stay stable around here and which, the idea of which, makes some people cringe and really pisses some people off. I suppose some people think I'm putting on airs with this feature, or fabricating the whole thing in order to inflate my importance. The irrefutable facts are that quite some number of people have had experiences with my invisible friends while visiting me and have reported on it. Add to that those who have asked for their assistance, through me, and gotten it and, well... what more can be said? I never intended to even mention my friends but I was told to do so. I would have preferred to keep it private, knowing the sort of fodder something like this provides AND that brings us to another benefit of The God Gig, you get covered on things where a pretender would not, or would only be covered... up to the point of inevitable demonstration.}

There are massive efforts at work to discredit The God Thing, herding the fundie Christians into definitively moronic expressions of debased scripture is one. Forcing things like this upon the younger generation's mind screen is another. The media, which is owned by the same people, purposely ignores the major blowback that this movement has engendered. Massive efforts are underway from various directions to put serious energy into legitimizing this lifestyle as better, hipper and more acceptable than what 'used to be' acceptable. I'm surprised no reader felt inspired to bring this to my attention (grin). Actually I have known this for several years now but no matter. If you wonder why I have brought this subject up so often, it is because it is splashed prominently all over the Zionist media every single day. I comment on what's put before me.

There has been an upsurge in outrageous lies because of the pressure being placed on TPTW by The Ineffable. So we are now getting ridiculous reportage like this and that is being counterpointed by this also they are really getting desperate. They are getting desperate because of Mr. Apocalypse who is busy turning over rocks. You ain't seen nothing yet, oh no prezzzzzzious. Along with these things, serious unrest is being directed at the proper targets. They know what's coming and they think they can manage it but the odds, set by the cosmos, are against that. The tragedy is that so many people are going to be sucked down in the whirlpool these fiends have created for themselves. These people imagine themselves to be like Chinese Acrobats and that's okay with a certain amount of balls or spinning plates in the air, but due to their intrinsic nature, they have no discipline when it comes to reigning in their greed and ambition and this will always be their downfall, eventually they have too many balls in the air. It's a predictable and fitting end, given that each of those balls become explosive when they hit the ground.

One of the most powerful and effective weapons in the arsenal of the Zionist/Satanist/Atheist Cabal is their relentless re-education brainwashing of the public that paints belief in a divine power as superstitious nonsense and metaphysical arguments as irrational. They have to do this because their biggest project of all time, the creation of the godless society of Soviet Russia, which resulted in the deaths of tens of millions, is precisely what they are presently looking to create in the U.S. What those of us with less faith in the divine than they should possess do not seem to get is, as has already been said, the power to do anything comes from only one source and it is on loan. It is all borrowed and it can be taken away at any time. It's all allocated for the performance of the purpose of demonstration. If these times were not a massive test of faith, there would be no useful cosmic reason for any of it. After all, one of the main purposes of all this is to separate the righteous from the unrighteous and see that everyone gets where they are headed, whether they are aware of the implications or not. Though it may not be obvious to all, we all get informed in myriad ways to the degree that our awareness can register, dependent upon the Karma that regulates the degree of our awareness.

We are the ones who pull the wool over our own eyes in order to justify whatever it is we are after that we imagine might be forbidden to us, or that we might have to break the rules to acquire. This comes about by being unaware that, desire is the agent of God's will. There's much that is true, powerfully true, that is not generally visible. One has to seek after these things and it is that motivation that separates the victims of their own lassitude from the survivors of their own previous mistakes. Keep on keeping on.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ignorance. I'm under the impression we choose to be as ignorant as we are before we get here, along with all our other weaknesses. Like I got into habits and modes of behaviour from a very young age that are still with me today as I look 52 in the face, though I'm not sure I'll see that. (One can always hope.) I have also show remarkable degrees of intelligence in some areas, and I'm a complete noodlebrain in others. I need a structured learning environment if someone else wants to teach me something, and that's the last thing I want if I'm out to learn something on my own. I've realised some things that are so in your face that the majority couldn't see if they were held over a vat of hydrofluoric acid. Like, DON'T EVER GET A CREDIT CARD, STOOPID! Or 'buy' which in reality is 'lease' a house you don't own in the u.s., never bought a new car, and for the most part kept my life as simple as possible. Was never into stupid status symbols, buy my clothes at K-Mart, and though I've dreamed about sleeping in a curtained canopy bed, I've slept on the floor most of my adult life. For a while with no futon and that did cause my back a few problems, but oh well. At least now we have a futon, but just don't ask me to shrink wrap. At least I can still carry the 50 lb. pound bags of 2 flights of stairs.

We are what we are due to pre-life choices. Some of us choose to serve humanity, some are adversarial to that, and I am under the impression most of us are here to be simply a pain in the butt that's in the way that's neither good nor bad.

Hank said...

I don't think there is anything that still peaks my interest as much as the notion of 'God'. I like my friend Les here do not believe in 'religion'. I, through much research, have reached the understanding that every word in every religious text on this planet was written by as in mankind, not men as opposed to women.
Religion was not created by 'God'. Religion was created by man for the purposes of manipulation, and power.
I believe we are born with a genetic belief in a power greater than ourselves. That is, if we were on an island as a child, with no one to teach us about god or religion, there would reach a point where we would see our reflection in the still water and our genetic understanding would automatically lead us to ask, 'where did I come from'? We would, due to our connection to the creative force in the universe, seek our origin outside of ourselves. I believe we would naturally understand that WE are not the source of our life.
Religion was created to take advantage of this natural knowing. Some village shaman, or 'mog ur' somewhere in time saw people seeking outside themselves for answers to things they didn't understand, and found that by pretending to know what this creator is and wants, they gained power and influence. Shazam! religion was created
I found that once I was able to shed the burden of the bullshit of religion, I was able to see God, for lack of a better word and to use one that others can relate to, more clearly. We as humans are not nearly intelligent enough to perceive the nature of 'God', but that is not really relevant. As long as we understand that we are a part of that creative force and that it is, not only part of us but everything else, we can interact with it and utilize the connection it gives us to everyone and everything else in the universe.
The down side is that once you reach this level of understanding, you also understand what a wrong turn human kind has taken, and how far off the road to reaching our potential as a race we really are.
It's sad really, because there are individuals who show us, through their actions and state of being, how wonderful we could be as a race of beings.
In contrast, when humanity is looked at as a whole, we see a species who has not found an atrocity it is not willing to commit. On each other, on every other creature on the planet and on the planet itself.
Unfortunately we as a race are so far down the road of the wrong turn we took way back when, there is no non cataclysmic way back. Those who created the lie of religion and, almost everything else we have been taught about being human, are driving the bus, control all the exits and are the only ones who can use the microphone to speak to those on the bus.
The majority live in this matrix of lies and, for the most part, don't want to know the truth....come on apocalypse.
May peace find you all.

David V said...

I have no problem with your talking about God. Preach on, brother! It's good to have this out in the open. I also have no problem with quoting the Bible as a supporting source. I believe that, regardless of true origin, plagiarizing or borrowing or whatnot, and regardless of whatever massaging and manipulating has been doen to it over time, the Bible contains deep and powerful truths. It is almost as if God has ridden herd on the whole process so that, in spite of everything, the truth still gets through to those who seek it. And no, I'm not talking about memorizing the 'proof texts" which consist of unrelated fragments that your local minister or priest hornswoggles you into memorizing. I'm talking about simply reading for yourself what is there, and letting it sink in.

I've been on the verge of writing comments to several of your recent posts, but they keep coming so thick and fast that, while I'm gathering my thoughts for one post, here comes another one. One general observation I want to make, with regard to where to go and what to do while we hunker down and wait for the big blow, is to float the idea that we who have eyes to see and ears to hear are simply here to be witnesses. There is mention of two witnesses in the book of Revelation, also 144 thousand who are to go through the coming attractions without seeing death. This could be along the lines of the Elijah experience, or similar. !44K is not a lot, out of 7 billion, so we're talking about the salt of the earth, one grain here and one there. Remember that Elijah was outnumbered 800 to one by the priests of Baal, and was hounded out into the desert by a queen who was determined to silence him. There are other thoughts along this line, but the main one is that God always has human witnesses around, for everything He does.

Or something like that. I'll be interested in any responses to this.


Visible said...

Some readers from Switzerland want me to give a talk and play some of my songs on guitar in Zurich in a couple/few weeks and they were wondering how many might come from present readership. So... if you think you might come, please either comment here or email me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


His word is an holistic fabric that you weave. When it's woven, it contrasts the blobs of snot that the superfluous minds of the jews have added. They don't understand his speech. To prove it, they had possession of it for 100's of years and changed dates and other skin deep things, missing the whole boat.

You won't find anything in Revelation that's not in the books of the prophets. Early on, Revelation says Revelation is symbolic. So now, we have the dumdum pseudeo Christians running around believing those times aren't here because they don't have a bar code on their foreheads or right hands for flying robots to read and decide if they get stung or not. The tale of the scorpion is the the tale of the liar. It's sting paralyzes. The mark of God means you've been schooled and are not going to fall for their lies. The same for the famine of the last days, it's not a famine for food.

The prophets say the same things using different symbolism. Some elaborate more on certain points than others. What it can and cannot be is sluiced out in the superimpositions.

Is the Almighty's arm so short that he would be foiled by jews?

I don't think so. What they did is part of the lesson.

Could you fly a plane without gravity? The problem is integral in the solution. Laws liberate. WE wouldn't have a universe without them.

A good place to study is I've been doing the minor prophets and I'm stunned by every chapter. No blog compares. These days are all there.

Manuel Trabajo

Visible said...

M.T. any diversion from the parameters of this present comment will be seen as enemy action.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of God,
in my day to day dealings with people I sometimes get into discussions about God,Truth,911 etc... and some of these so called Christians say something like...
" whatever,I just know that we should go kill all the Arabs."

I get so pissed off I say,
"Is that what your God tells you to do? Go kill people? If so, I want nothing to do with Your Fucking God because My God teaches Peace and Love."
Theres more to it than that but you guys know what I mean.

Sorry for ranting...I feel better now.

Hank, you said..
"Religion was created to take advantage of this natural knowing. Some village shaman,"
I do agree most of your comment but...I'm sorry I took this personal but,
Don't blame us. A true shaman would never think about such a thing.

walking hawk

Visible, You Kick Ass Bro. Thanks.

robert said...

Dear Visible and all authentic seekers of the true Self, the Ineffable,

While psychopathy is having its pants pulled down by Mr. Apocalypse, there is still something mist, something foggy in the notion that it is “genetically determined”.

This falsehood propped by dogma provided by the religion of materialistic science, one again obscures the facts from the clear light of day. No different from karmic burdens, in which there are ALWAYS choices in how they may be carried, discharged or increased, genetic predisposition toward psychopathy is no more deterministic than being born in a body of a particular sex, color or even disease!

The spirit or the essence of the Life force in motion, can transcend any physical pattern, provided there is a unified will.

Awakening means no more use of the “I can’t help it!” card, no more self-pity, no more justification for the exploitation of others.

The analysis necessary to discard this meaningless miasma menacing our common sense, this absurd notion that we are bound by anything other than our willful passivity in the face of challenges, may be painful and may arouse the demonic triggers implanted in our minds.

But it must be done sometime, why not now?

To keep the bullshit detector, one of the tools available to Broad Daylight Consciousness, calibrated for accuracy, we must do our daily ablutions to wash our mental mirror clean if we want to see ourselves as we are.


All living beings are Yin or feminine receivers of the Spirit of Life, the conscious Love which motivates Creation.

In a healthy and happy human male or female the balance of Yang expression of this force with Yin concentration of this force must ever so slightly in favor of the Yang, making the wheel turn and allowing the expression, however miniature, of the sovereign joy of the Creator in motion.

Leaving aside the intensification of the polarities embodied in sexual intercourse and very definite esthetic imperatives, beings of both sexes, when feeling and thinking positively about Life, show this Yang edge, this generous radiance of the power of Love in the dynamic balancing act of Life.

OK, here we go down the rabbit hole folks! Please bear with me while I take a dive.

We have all observed the damping factor when a domineering mother, for Yin needs of her own, suck the life out of her children and her husband. Conversely in parallel, we have all seen domineering fathers, for Yin needs of his own, suck the life out of his children and wife.

Equally in the mire, when the contracting, self-centered Yin vortex gets out of balance in any form of body, beings and inanimate creations in the vicinity pay a price. The Yin goddess of destruction in action, not necessarily creating new space for creation!

Back to psychopathy and its genesis.

The stereotype of a psychopath is one of cold detachment, as if there is a hard-wired, physiological disconnection between the amygdala (emotion processing center) and the new-cortex in a psychopath and that it is a permanent, inevitable fact....

This factoid kills two birds:

One, that a cool head/dispassionate eye is an evil thing, conveniently making intelligence suspect and spiritual detachment a dangerous path to traverse.

Two, that this is more evidence of limits to sovereign will, that there are facts beyond control, that “they” really can’t help themselves so pity and compassion are the only righteous responses!

Convenient for the ruling psychopaths hiding in plain sight among us but damaging to our bullshit detectors!

[Part 1 of 3]

robert said...

[Part 2 of 3]

I propose a more dynamic model, which I find useful and which does not disempower even the poor psychopaths from redemption.

First, we may acknowledge that certain genomes have been bred in a certain direction which has accumulated genetic imbalances between the hemispheres of the neo-cortex, favoring left-hemisphere head-trip dominance over the holistic, creative, spatial feeling mind.

With this as a substrate, the fungus of fear grows readily, especially when accompanied by culturally consistent child reading habits of emotional blackmail, minimal unconditional physical affection and complete love/approval withdrawal at the first sign of non-conformity.

Immersed as we are in the cult-saturated world, we have been programmed to see all families as being this “dysfunctional” but factually, despite the morphic resonance from the festering cult polluting all family life, not everyone is raised to be a psychopath!

In action, the psychopathic pattern training proceeds in a logic based upon ordinary psychology, only traumatized:

Threaten exile from the “safety” of the tribe out into the world of the irrational animal humans surrounding the tribe, for the slightest transgression of sacred fears.

Train the mind that it has no value on its own except to conform. Conformity on the surface is rewarded, willful disobedience is punished with a ferocity born of the parents’ own traumatic upbringing.

When a child is facing life or death decisions from an early age, the limbic hyper reaction is to become two-faced but more importantly, to become INSTANTLY ENRAGED when there is a perception of imminent ego-death.

This rage born of fear, is used to condition the mind into a proactive simmer of self-loathing, a protective self-contempt, an ironic concept!

Internally, this becomes a triggered reflex in which any negative feeling which threatens to add to the accumulated charge of self-destructive fury, MUST be opposed and eradicated before it can unbalance the tightrope walker.

In a short time of constant reinforcement, this inner battle goes on automatically, without conscious notice, unless there is a perceived external threat, which instantly triggers rage which pretends to be passion, to which the self-possessed in control of themselves yield out of mercy and common sense.

It is a purely Yin strategy to be on a hair trigger to throwing a tantrum, if the ego’s demands are not met, when practiced by either gender.

Pop quiz: which group of fakers uses this faux self-righteous anger to quell any perceived opposition?

Instead of the cool detachment of genuine intelligence, we have here the principle of a “fire break” in action; the true fire of Spirit and responsibility to “All That Is” is quenched and overwhelmed by self-righteous anger, starving the true fire by the consumption of all life energy in the ongoing inner rage burning away all feelings, leaving only the mental, programmed agenda running in a quagmire of emotional compulsions.

[Part 2 of 3]

Anonymous said...

I let known my reservations about you. I am hereby keeping it under advisement until it tilts one way or the other. You're up to something, OK.

So, Peace
Manuel Trabajo

robert said...

[Part 3 of 3]

At a deeper level, a person incessantly running mental programs is extreme prey for demonic possession or remote control by astral entities or simply by those in positions of social power above them in the gang hierarchy.

It is no accident that the feminist movement, whatever motivations individual participants may have, has in practice provided cover for the worst excesses of Yin strategy and tactics, further allowing those practicing them to emerge in plain sight into the anti-masculine culture of the nanny state.

The confusion of mindless drones acting out thuggery on a grand scale, acting in servile subservience to military empire as being “manly”, with reason, fair play, chivalry and all other counterbalances to force in effect banished from public discourse, furthers the ingress of Yin-dominant philosophy.

Before the psychopathic cult hijacked the culture, even fairy tales explained the dangers of “ivory tower” thinkers safe from the possibility of physical reprisal or moral feedback. Entrenched abstract intellectual views and the accompanying tactics of unapologetic manipulation of others to achieve them always led to evil results.

This model of psychopathy, however hastily sketched, can explain how anyone can be trained to become one. The MK_Ultra research program merely extended tribal child-rearing practices into more extreme techniques.

Sending useful idiots to brutalize “foreigners” does most of the trauma work for the programmers, then they return to become members of the LEO gang, trained to defend the elite and their property from the consequences of their population rape.

A psychopath can be simply seen as a super cunt, a Yin demi-goddess in training, an insincere emulator of Shiva the destroyer, acting out of balance; acting out, all the time.

There is nothing cool about a psychopath! A seething cauldron, under strict mental control, just like paid killers must keep a lid on their pragmatic fear of discovery or counter-attack by their intended victim, but lift the lid and see the hot shit boiling underneath!

Break a psychopath’s running trance, bust their mental expectations, squeeze their perception of control into a dead-end corner and watch them cry with the emotion of the love-starved babyhood from whence they were formed.

We now exit the rabbit hole and resume normal perception, hemmed in on all sides by wallpaper furnished by the MEdiaMatrix.

Please remember that this trip was not at all about gender but the balancing or unbalancing of deeper forces within the psyches of both genders and indeed, within all manifest matter.

Now, for some good news:
[URL=""] Thailand: Protesters Bring Prayer Books to Gunfight ... And Win [/URL]

I trust that some may find this useful in clearing their perceptual mechanism.


Hank said...

David V., The bible, as with other religious texts, does have some very good philosophies for a book of stories, but it is just that. A book of stories. To me, using quotes from the bible to support the idea of religion is like using a word in the definition of that word.
As for the 144K, if like me, you believe that humans as we know them today, are a product of ET genetic engineering....and that they are the 'gods' depicted in the bible...then 144K would be an excellent and viable gene pool from which to produce another population.
On the notion that we are observers, I have felt more like an observer than a participant for some time now. I have often thought that the universe is itself a life form that is simply too big for us to perceive as such, and that there is the possibility that it is the creative force. Perhaps it has created us in an effort to see and understand itself. Perhaps we are it's still water and it looks to us for reflection. Then again, what do I know, I'm just a mechanic. Peace my friend. 24

David V said...


Yes, I agree with your observation about Revelation being tied into all the OT prophets. Especially Daniel. I've studied it as such for many years, and it gets deeper and deeper.

I'm not sitting around waiting for The Mark (or, if you grew up in my church, the Sunday law). It's already here. Now it's just a matter of enforcement. You can hardly buy a piece of fruit at the store without it having a bar code that contains three sixes on it. But it's much more than that. You can be instantaneously shut out of your bank account, your job, your ability to any time. Instantly. For any reason, or no reason at all. Talk about not being able to buy or sell!

Anyway, my upbringing and most of my adult life have been what most folks here call Fundie Protestant. In the past 5-10 years, I've come into serious doubt about a lot of it, but I try not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

To LTPTB: I've made it to 57 and am staring at 58, although I may not make it. I'm about to where I just don't care to live on this planet any longer than I have to. If I could just go to sleep and not wake up! But each day I wake up and realize that I'm still alive, and it's another day. If the Ineffable has a reason for me to keep on living here (not real obvious at this moment), then I'm hoping it will become plain.

Cue those musical notes..."Someday He'll make it plain to me".


Ray B. said...

Hank, February 16, 2014 5:08:00 PM

"Those who created the lie of religion and, almost everything else we have been taught about being human, are driving the bus, control all the exits, and are the only ones who can use the microphone to speak to those on the bus."

During my 're-education' period, I remember looking over at my relationship and saying, "Without higher intervention, we are really screwed." That knowledge led me into a series of consciousness-widening adventures, part of the purpose of which was to see if the 'rot' went all the way up. Fortunately, beyond 88th-level, the 'skies' were clear. 88th-level was where what I call the 'farmer' was located.

So, the next point was to attract the attention of those beyond that level and, in effect, give them some reason to intervene. This has occurred, to the best of my knowing. Subsequently, a 'coalition' was formed and has been successful ever since. Now, we have 'top cover' in a way that is unique to our era.

So, as I see it, the whole system - the bus and the controllers - has been interpenetrated by forces way beyond their ken, and we shall see what results...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

The only thing I am up to is what I have been up to ever since I started this and only a very ignorant and prejudiced individual makes assumptions based on zero personal contact with the person they making their foul assessments of.

Your incredible omniscience about what took place between Spadgett and I is another example of reaching conclusions based on no evidence besides accepting unverified opinion. What you might do as me is very different than what I do as me and people with your level of distrust are glaring examples of people who do not trust themselves and who project this self doubt out upon others.

What rankles you and your ilk is that you are unable to bring me down. You are unable to convince the majority of readers of anything concerning me. Basically you are impotent in bringing me harm.

I provided all kinds of witnesses to what happened in India, eye witnesses, people who were around me every day and all of them tell a story completely different than the bullshit Spadgett was providing. Everyone, including me was mystified by his departure, nothing happened to bring it about and nothing was said. Then he immediately went and wrote a blog post full of lies which I didn't even bother to attempt to refute. I'm above that.

Why is it that he contacted another person on the mainland US in a state of terrible panic saying that if anything happened to him (he was hundreds of kilometers away at the time), if his plane went down, no matter how accidental it was, I was responsible? That was all a put up job although my invisible friends might well have paid him a visit.

He removed his blog and he's never said another word and that speaks volumes. He knows what he did and he got the damage he was looking for and so did the other agent bankrolling him in the US. These days I know a lot more about what happened and why.

I hate wasting my time writing this. I know people like you are unreachable. Even when I am able to provide multiple witnesses for the truth and he can't provide a single one to back his story, people like you don't want to hear it. It doesn't serve your purpose of believing and spreading what isn't true.

The SOTT people tried spreading lies about me to no avail and they got the pariah status they were looking for. I'm still going strong and nothing you or anyone like you can do to affect that.

I've less than zero interest in your efforts to annoy me and you get absolutely no attention or reflection from me beyond the brief moments in which I occasionally respond, such as now. Spadgett is a liar and so says everyone who was there. You weren't there so you don't know shit. Go peddle your mischief elsewhere.

I could tell all kinds of tales about every event that took place and seriously expose and shame every player and there's nothing they could say about their chicanery with my finances in their hands, which they stole from me, or the lies they told which are so outrageous that it is impossible for them to be true. Why people tell lies that violate all possibility of reality I will never understand. Why not at least tell a lie that is halfway possible? Must be God's hand. I got better things to do than argue the past with people who have the temerity to hold forth on what they weren't even present for.

Even more people come around here now than at any previous time. I'll rest my case on that. Mind how you go around here.

Anonymous said...

Apologies Visible for going somewhat off topic - but there is little time and opportunity remaining - and a great deal of truth needs to be propagated (or i can just say "God made me do this")

From comments section of Lasha Darkmoon - some truth (also for those who can't come to grips with how "a tiny minority can do the things it does" globally):

Related to the ongoing secret war against Russia by the Jewish power elite, with world HQ in Washington DC, the move to Syrianize Ukraine and now quickly expanding
"Asthor says:
February 14, 2014 at 2:24 am
All Ukranian “opposition” members so loved by Victoria Nuland, Mayer Nudelman's granddaughter, are by one
Klitchko grandmother – Tamara Yefimovna Etinson is 100% jewess.
Yulia Timoshenko is granddaughter of Abram Kelmanovich Kapitelman.
Grandmother of Oleg Tyagnibok- leader of the “ultra-right Ukranian nationalist party” “Svoboda” did have very proud, but not at all ukranian-sound last name, – Frotman. Favorite pick of US state department Arseny Yatzenyuk is son of Maria Grogorievna Bakai and therefore descendant of very famous talmudist teacher – Rabbi Bakai. His wife is no less than “khasid princess” from Gur (Ger) jewish dynasty from Poland. Ukranian oligarch Petro Poroshenko was born as Walzman indeed. Lutzenko is citizen of Israel. Former mayor of Odessa and Kitchko’s handler – Edouard Iosifovich Gurvitz...Mayor of biggest Ukranian industrial city and once a capital of Soviet Ukraine-Kharkiv is Gennadiy Adolfovych Kernes...who was proudly born in very Jewish family of Adolf Lazarevych Kernes and Hanna Abramovna. "

and from a little more look into Darkmoon's blog comes this - "Washington" (codeword for current Jewish world HQ), in addition to weaponizing the gay-agenda movements globally, also is supporting neo-nazi groups (all are anti-Putin/Russia) in Ukraine. Read that again - Washington/Jewish world HQ of USA is supporting neo-nazi groups in its bid to take control of Ukraine - no news of this in media-?

link to the story for this info is
United by Hatred

Hank said...

Walking hawk, no personal slight was intended. I used 'shaman' as an indication of a primitive religious leader, as was my use of 'mog ur' from Clan of the cave bear. In closer examination I do understand that a shaman is far more spiritual than religious and I could have used a better term.

Ray, it's good to see you are still here. I don't know whether they have been interpenetrated or not, but there have been times when I thought the whole thing should have boiled over and didn't, so you may be correct. 2439

Visible said...

Some odious troll claiming to be a Christian just provided me with a series of invective laden curses and expletives, as you would expect from someone calling themselves a Christian but one thing mystifies me. He was screaming at me, frothing at the mouth about my showing no compassion for GurneyGob. Does anyone have any idea what he's talking about? I haven't seen GurneyGob around in awhile but we've pretty much always been on good terms. Anyway, this is just another of those flawed freaks who see their own selfishness and dishonesty in everyone else, probably because they possess so very much of both.

You can just feel the venom and invective pouring out of of them, mixed in with an awesome amount of fear and impotent rage. It's almost comical, especially when they let you know they are Christians. Well, I didn't read most of it. There's not much to interest me but I did note the portion about Gurneygob.

It continues to amaze me how often I get accused of not only something I didn't do nor even contemplate but often enough, don't even know about. There really are quite some damaged and vengeful souls out there. One hopes they find epiphany before what they carry consumes them.

Smyrna said...

Lucky they wear helmets in gridiron, because that son of Mr.Sam has an extremely punchable head. The old phreno-meter is maxing out with a high pitched squeal.

Visible said...

Yeah, well,
there are all kinds of interesting statements being made..

Anaughty Mouser said...

Read this and think about just how twisted and evil thes Kha<arians are in Palestine.

"And then I found the method. First, they would grab their “bomber” from the area slated for destruction so a settlement could go in there instead. They would smash the “bomber’s face beyond recognition. They would then take organs and body parts from the now dead “bomber”, crudely sew the bomber back together, take the parts to the location of the “bombing” (which, by the way, would only get Muslims and not Jews in Israel, EVERY SINGLE TIME.) They would put the body parts in a duffel bag full of explosives and set it off, and eventually, afte DNA analysis, it would days later be concluded that the bulldozings that already happened were justified. The completely smashed face would prevent body identification, and subsequently prevent any proof that the “bomber” was never at the scene.

I have spoken to MANY muslims about the “suicide bombings” and none have ever agreed that any type of “suicide attack” would be acceptable in Islam, because you are not supposed to intentionally kill yourself for any reason, even combat. In war you are supposed to do your best to survive.

And with the Israeli organ theft issue, the WAY TOO FAST bulldozings, where there is positively no way any bomber could be identified that fast to justify the destruction of an entire neighborhood, it is obvious that “suicide bombings” are all politically motivated, and come directly from the Knesset." - Jim Stone

Ray B. said...

robert, February 16, 2014 7:37:00 PM

“Threaten exile from the 'safety' of the tribe out into the world...”

“When a child is facing life or death decisions from an early age...”

For me, this brings up “Magical Child” by Joseph Chilton Pearce. He convincingly demonstrates that we open up in stages from womb-based to mother-based to family-based, and on. (Probably not exactly how his stages went, but it's been a long time since I read it.) Each step is triggered naturally from within, and at its own time - although there are species-wide 'averages'. Each stage has its own strengths and limits. Pearce, to his credit, includes how various psychic/spiritual 'gifts' are meant to unfold all along this process.

In reference to your above comments, pushing a child outside of its natural stage is very damaging. Pearce states that this usually 'stalls' a person at that stage of development for life, and produces an outlook on the world corresponding to which stage the 'stall' took place. (I would modify this stance with higher energies or innate soul-strength producing jump-starts, and perhaps Vis' psychedelics...)

I could see how knowledge of the above might be artificially-producing 'character' molded to a baddy's recipe. It is a shame that it has come to this; the 'process' was designed to effortlessly - and with great joy - unfold in a person to where they reach their highest potential.

(Fortunately, as I mentioned to Hank above, the 'rot' behind this will be changing from within...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Hank.
I Love you man.

w h

Robbie Rice said...

Les, I like you and read your posts nearly every day... You crack me up, and shake me up at times...I am a Jesus following guy, active in the church, and am always impressed with how right on you can be with your insights into the non material least according to my humble knowledge of the subject...
and yes a lot of my fellow bible thumpers can be quite a handful, so I dont mind the well deserved criticism of them and me...but Jesus said bear with each other in love as well as speak the truth in love...any way thought I would send some good vibes your way, so I hope you stay encouraged as you assured you will find, and be found...

bullpasture said...

Even within the world of organized religion, every now and then an enlightened individual manages to slough off the rigid trappings of dogma and utter words that that are the essence of valid spiritual orientation and motivation that prallel your comments made today that appear below:
"Yes, God authors both good and evil, sets the dimensions of darkness and light and made everything that was made, directly or indirectly because, 'God' is the source of all power and no one has any power that is not on loan and there is no life of any kind that is not maintained by the ceaseless meditations of God upon his/her creation............ [and] ..The pure truth is that God and the contemplation and pursuit of God is the most practical application of human industry that anyone can make."
Vis 2/16/14
The English convert who loved God so deeply and was recognized with a direct appointment straight to Cardinal was John Henry Newman. Here are some of his sayings that go straight to the bone of talking about God, the Ineffable, and the Divine........


"God has created you to do Him some definite service; He has committed some work to you which He has not committed to another. You have your mission -- you may never know it in this life but you shall be told it in the next.

You are a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created you for naught. You shall do good, you shall do His work. You shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in your own place while not intending it if you do but keep His commandments.

Therefore I will trust Him. Whatever I am, I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him; in perplexity, my perplexity may serve Him. If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain. He knows what He is about. He may take away my friends. He may throw me among strangers. He may make me feel desolate, make my spirits sink, hide my future from me -- still He knows what He is about."
Thank you Vis for your wonderful essay today.
Lincoln S.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could meet you in Switzerland, but I'm boycotting the airline industry until they stop their training exercises for martial law. (At store checkouts, I'm often asked, "Airmiles?" to which I say that I no longer fly and briefly explain my boycott. Maybe one time out of ten, that will elicit some discussion - otherwise I get the "Are you nuts?" look.

So, about one in ten. Today I read this article:

Wherein it claims that about 15% of the population seems immune to brainwashing. If true, that is very encouraging, and it does roughly tally with my "Airmiles" experience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Visible and guests: Generally don't post, but quite important info has come to my attention. Elements in the US government have just steeped over the line with most unwise actions. A high probability exists they may now have an interstellar war on their hands. Eyes to the sky and buy some popcorn.

3rd Elf from the left said...

Sunday's Radio Show just went up...


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Hey Judge Viz,

The G word the F word. Both are profanities used to excess. The problem with the F word does not need explaining but the problem with the G word does. I know those that use the G word mean well and why it is used but I do not like the consequence of its use. The three letter G word use is problematic for us all as it pretends to act as a shoehorn.

Such a big foot for such a small shoe. My wish would be all to become more intimate, and like you source connected, the world would be a better place.

The G word is too definitive as a descriptor to describe that which is infinite and basically anybody who has had any experience in that area, will readily say the experience is a mind fuck well beyond our little minds.

The G word usage put the user in a place of having a wrap on that which is unwrap able.

As a Cree Indios I prefer the term Creator.

Timothy Moore said...

Don't worry be happy


Visible said...


You will note that I quote the great avatar Jesus Christ more often than any other. One thing I am not in about of is that there are good Christians amidst the clamor.

And Sovereignty... that would be pretty much what I also said but in a different fashion (grin). Always nice to see you step away from your crushing schedule (grin) and honor us with a visit.

I intentionally over exposing the word for various reasons and one of them was to teach myself that I still use the word too often when I use it at all.

Unknown said...

One of my all time favourites. Thank You.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz,

In my line of work (making gold) I have the luxury of keeping my mouth shut about that which my lips cannot surround, in your line of work (making souls) it is much harder to avoid the term or the perils of its facsimile.

I appreciate that It's nature puts you in a linguist corner to "way show" to that which is indescribable and the need to describe the "way" in order to move them along.

In each our own ways, its still the work of Alchemy.

Blessings and prosperity,


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz,

Another point to add to the G word miss-usage is in its present usage, implies the masculine. That is also misleading as there is a hell of a lot more feminine in the real deal signal.

Mary Magdalene was the one that got Jesus’ teachings, and he said as much, those other dicks did not and hence, where this pile of shit is today.

Anybody wants to go further in this understanding, I suggest you walk down the cosmic lane of the Gnostics.


Anonymous said...

In response to David V:

I am a student of the Bible. I read some of it every day. I read the Bible the same way I read Plato's Dialogues or any other writings from antiquity. There is truth but is it the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I don't care if you worship 1 God or thousands of them; I don't care if you covet your neighbors wife; worship all the graven images you want; Honor your parents? Even if they are drunken bums who left you in the car, in a bar parking lot until closing? 10 commandments? What bullshit! In order to be a decent human being one need only follow 1 commandment: Don't violate other people.

Great wisdom in the Bible? Sure there is. But there is great wisdom in anything one might read if they look hard enough even if it is written by someone like Danielle Steele.

Although interesting and good fodder for meditation, I find the Bible murky, equivocal and passive aggressive. Religion, education and the media are about social engineering. Religion is about obtaining a division of labor and establishing a political hierarchy. All political hierarchies are inherently evil; they all conform to the model of a criminal enterprise known as a protection racket. However, civilization requires a political hierarchy, thus, it requires religion. Maybe civilization is evil? Observe, the price of civilization is greed, corruption, injustice and murder.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Pearce Indians stated, "The truth requires only a few words." The truth is we, as humans, either have love in our hearts for creation ourselves and our neighbors or we don't. It's that simple.

Another great essay, Viz.

Be well!


Visible said...

I'm going to have to disagree on one point. There is NO wisdom period in the works of Danielle Steele. On that point I can assure you.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I have never read Ms Steele. I thinks her stuff is about alluring women scheming to get what they want by using their feminine wiles and not really caring who their fashionable high heels step on.

Perhaps I should have said Dr. Suess??

Hope all is well in your world, Mr Visible!


Visible said...

Dr. Seuss would be literature by comparison.

Visible said...

You got cautionary tales for me, don't do it anonymously. Anonymous has very limited rights here. Anonymous could be anyone, with any motive and when it tends to the negative and comes from someone who has never met me and then wants to use a Biblical phrase I already use all the time.


You watch yourself and I'll watch myself. Look out for your own spiritual dangers. I've been at this for a lifetime without any problem from the higher ups AND plenty to show for it. The worst thing anyone can do in this manner is to presume to have an informed opinion of what they have had zero contact with or experience of. You do see that right?

Anonymous said...

As I've always said, it's not how miracles happen ... it's that they happen. Miracles can also be things that don't happen - like being taken hostage in a prison riot if I had received the visit permission I'd requested. So many wonderful examples ... I can't believe I still worry after all these years, but it hasn't been an easy ride - the miraculous help has been exactly that a number of known times, no matter what form it chose to take. So yes, it is also quite a miracle to find anyone out there with a similarly eclectic (but not) relationship with something that not many seem to have.

It's a strange pleasure to read you nail the "God" issue and people's haughty disdain of anything related - even most new agers, in my experience. People assume I must be religious, but if asked, I'll quote Rumi, "Lovers of God have no religion but God alone." And I have never believed in the God in the Cloud thing, so if pushed, because it's so long to type, I'd refer to "Whatever-It-Is." I think your terms are a good alternative, and I'm also into meta/quantum physics.

When I was in high school, I started a student walkout to protest teacher pay cuts, I think it was, encouraged, of course, by a teacher (yes, I was a different kind of sheeple in that context), but anyways ... there we were, all out in front of the high school, with local TV news cameras rolling. I watched the students all waving and smiling at the cameras, and as it panned down the line I rushed in and reminded them why we were out there and not in class. The cameras panned back and suddenly all the waving smiling students had become students with a serious mission!!! When I watched the news that night I realized how creepy politics is when most sheeple don't really care why they're doing what they're doing, or what the bigger picture is, as long as they personally benefit from it in some way at the time - even if it's by just feeling "right". I'd been doing public speaking competitions, UN club stuff, and similarly lost interest. The manipulation is off the charts now, but they must use the same method. One of the ringleaders in the student movement in Quebec got a party seat in the opposition soon after.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when my older sister, a born again Christian in high school and an enthusiastic "feminist" until she converted to Judaism to marry a Jewish man so that she didn't have to work for a boss (and to be able to get a get to get a divorce), told me with a superior, conspiratorial tone, that Jews don't believe in God - nudge nudge - there is no sin, hell etc. That they are the ones who claim to have been "Chosen" by God is the key example of their modus operandi.

I also wanted to comment on David V's wondering about feeling like a witness. I'm sure that you do, as it's the theme of your writing - and I have many times. I get the feeling that certain people feel that I can "see" them and it makes them uncomfortable. I had a professor in university who told me that I was too real, and that was why I made people uncomfortable, and I guess it's related.

I'll post this before I change my mind, and while I'm thinking of it, much appreciation to you for helping from losing it at times, and for helping me to feel less alone as I watch Mr. Apocalypse struts his stuff with increasing flamboyance. And I hope you got the pics of my mostly invisible friends.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Quarantine the Negative at a Far Remove.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les & All,
Thank you Les;for your recent posts have helped me stay sane in an otherwise(personally as well as globally)insane time.
My darling 16 son is experiencing his own apocalypse involving confusion, despair,and a desire to exit what he perceives as an irresolutely evil world. He is a precious Soul with great wisdom, insight and empathy who has yet to develop a faith and certainty in the Triumph of Good.
As I have walked through this with my son I have carried many of your words with me, Les...they, and you are immeasurably comforting.
This Mama is further awakening, too...the experience is painful, beautiful, and chaotic simultaneously.It is also perfect.I know the Source from which it all comes and its reason for existence.
I can't express my love for your work and the sharing of other Like Souls' comments sufficiently.
I include you in my prayers of gratitude daily.

Anonymous said...

Disciple: Srila Prabhupada, many of the so-called spiritual teachers today say, "You cannot chant the name Krishna or any other of God's names, because any sound is simply a material sound."
Srila Prabhupada: That's it. These rascals do not understand what this sound is. They do not see that even before the creation, there existed this sound, the Lord's holy name.
Madame Devi (newly arrived): Your Divine Grace, do you think that in the future all religions will come together and form one group?
Srila Prabhupada: There is no "all religions." There is only one religion. One who deviates -- he creates another religion. Religion means there is God and we should be obedient to God. This is religion.
Madame Devi: So it is not necessary to go by one's special path?
Srila Prabhupada: No. There is no "special path." There is only one path: that God is there, God is great, and we are all subordinate to God. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Carmen, prayers for you and your son. Seeing you both healed and whole.

ChewyBees said...

I watched tonight a brief interlude of the Movie, 'Ben Hur', which I am very fond of, including the book, which is very well written.

An epiphany came over me, which I am surprised I have been unable to see heretofore.

The tale is of the Christ, but of equal importance, it is of the melding of two mammon stealing factions: Rome and Judea. Now I see too that the New Testament has an equal message.

The name of that melded faction is called Jew. The result of that faction is called Christian, a slave faction to the original. Roman law and Judea Law are one in the same in the law of Jewry.

We live under a worldwide conquest of the co-fascist principles of a pair of conquering tribes millenia old. The only thing sought by these mammon hoarding conquerors is labor value. The simple fact is that the power scheme behind all of this is the economic enslavement of every man that is not welcomed into their club.

When one thinks of money or banks (mammon), think of Rome. When one thinks of religion or (god), think of Judea. Then think of a combination of the two and the power they have had over mankind over three millenia.

I am beside myself with the forced acceptance of idiocy by those that claim to be followers of one, or both. Deny the system developed by these gangsters, hoarders, extortionists and warmongers. We are the providers of every single bit of the labor value that provides them the ability to shackle and work us like the chattle that we act as and they want us to be.



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