Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In Times of Material Darkness, when Bankers Ruled the Land.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are various byproducts of Materialism. One of them is a massive uptick in mindsets grooved toward self interest. That comes about through programming and Karmic magnetics. One of them is the tandem of indifference and alienation that comes about when Materialism is the basic drive of the majority of the public. One of them is a collective, shared fear of differing degrees and this manifests in a need for absorption in any available medium for distraction that will counter awareness of this fear. A byproduct of that is a vulnerability to various sexual compulsions. People are losing their sense of identity and so they flee into that process, which most often serves as an avenue for one forgetting themselves. Ironic, isn't it?

Another one is Rule by Banker because currency is the blood of commerce and those who control the circulation system of The Body of the Beast, control the lives of those who live in the shadow of it. Another byproduct is a pandemic of neurosis and psychosis, as well as obsessions and compulsions; these are the unconscious tics of a society under extreme pressure, which is always certain to manifest when Nature and that which is natural is warped by a preponderance of the artificial. Another by product is Insanity and Insanity is moving like a whirlwind across the stormy seas of a troubled unconscious, which is shared by us all. The example just given is going on beneath the radar in many places around the globe.

There is a full court press being orchestrated by the cabal of Zionists, Satanists and Corporatists. Perhaps the reader considers things like this harmless. They are not. The intent is sinister. Rather an odd dance going on between Pee Wee Herman's watered down clone and PETA; haven't heard anything about those furs have we? This, along with sending a nearly all Gay Olympic Committee to Sochi is just a part of the War on Putin. So is this and no doubt, so is this. In the meantime, the same people behind these efforts are also behind the bloodshed in The Ukraine and the push for war against Iran. Tribe psychopath, Little Georgie Sorrows is the blood money banker for this sort of thing world wide.

They're full court pressing... because Mr Apocalypse is breathing down their necks and waking up the very people they want to have go on sleeping. Very bad things are making their way down the time continuum.

As the madness increases, the truly insane march on, oblivious of the effect of what they do. The horrifically oppressed don't even have time for lunch anymore. If they take lunch they might lose their job.

The worse things get for the average citizen, the more Tribe opportunists suck at every available neck. This is a new twist on the Kosher Salt Scam. Mr. Apocalypse is inside the minds of every living person and those who are crazy and getting more crazy. There's a Youtube video of American backed Syrian terrorists publicly strangling a Syrian girl. I won't link it here but you should have no trouble finding it if you need to see it. I didn't.

I can see the carnage and the flames. I can hear the cries of panic and terror coming down through Future View. I thought about where to go. Where should I go that I can function and still be of use and not wind up in an orange jumpsuit? I thought about South America and yet the news from some number of countries is ominous. These things have a way of crossing borders, especially when the economies go south, as they will for a minimum of several months before some semblance of order is restored. I thought about Maui and one day followed the next, as one negative after another entered my mind, as they were meant to do, which is why I focused on it. I paid little attention to what people had to say to me about that choice, because invariably people are sharing their fears with you and those are only germane to them. I thought about England but England sends up all kinds of flares. I thought about Australia and New Zealand, which have been on my mind for decades and where I've always thought I would prosper, as well as find wide spaces to get lost in for a time.

I thought and I thought and I looked around me and I realized that nowhere I knew of was as peaceful and stable as where I am, which is why I was placed here. Anywhere else equally as stable is not all that far from here. A place was offered to me and it is even more peaceful than where I am and not more than a day's drive away. It's been in front of me the whole time and I always had it percolating there beneath the surface but... you don't learn anything and you don't discover options, unless you reach out and look around. If none of those options ride in and sweep you away... there's a reason.

Where I will be there will be room for a few souls if things get desperate and there may well be larger options for more nearby. In times of global upheaval, no one is looking too closely at who's in the neighborhood, when there are much bigger concerns screaming for their official attention. By the time they get around to looking into considerations like that, it means that those other concerns have become seriously diminished. It's something to think about.

In times of Material darkness it is hard to see, unless you have one of those special lamps. I often think about Diogenes going about with his lantern. You will note on that page, there is a picture of the Rider Waite Trump, the Hermit. Interestingly I went to get a picture of Diogenes to make a parallel point between him and that card. Heh heh. I love it when that happens. So here is what I wanted to say. Whenever you come across a tale that has the quality of a fable to it, or anything similar, which may or may not be literally true, you can be sure that it exists and has been perpetuated through time for the purpose of impacting on the human subconscious, with the intent of leading toward revelation, where possible. Revelation comes from two places. It rises up into the surface mind from the subconscious or it descends down from superconsciousness.

When I think of Diogenes with his lantern, looking for a honest man, I think of him traveling forth, traveling around, with his inner light lit in search of those who might be activated into resonance with it. It is no different than the shaktipat that takes place between an awakened being and an aspirant who has proven worthy of the transmission. The inner light of an awakened soul is a powerful catalyst for change in any heart susceptible to it and people are more often than you think, touched by unseen travelers passing them by. Very highly evolved souls move among us but they are veiled. Should you be fortunate enough to encounter one, knowingly or unknowingly, your life will never be the same. Anyone who has studied alchemical and Hermetic texts has tumbled to the incredible amount of parallels that there are between them and the Hindu teachings and other mystical disciplines of the East. They are simply named differently, symbolized differently and manifest in ways that are suited to the culture they exist in.

So many of the tales we have of spiritual figures have different levels of meaniing and those levels apply to the level of awareness of the person reading about them. Biblical scripture has a different impact on one whose intuition engages in concert with the operation of their mind while reading. This is how illumination takes place AND, you can ask for that.

Revisionist and fabricated historical records carry an entirely different reportage of things than what is commonly understood. When you think of Shakers, you probably think of a religious sect that made furniture. They were people who experienced a variant of Kundalini awakening and that is what the shaking was about.

It looks bad at the moment, I know that but I am going to say yet again, all power comes from a single source and all things are under the control of a single consciousness. Don't even try to imagine how it accomplishes that. However, truly, no sparrow falls unnoticed. When you see that things are as bad as they are and when it has also been a specific time since the last age came into being and the last avatar walked on this plane, you can be past certain that in this very moment, the avatar is precipitating down the planes through all of the higher etheric, as well as the upper and lower astral planes and sweeping out all the invisible dens of corruption. What this accomplishes is that it leaves the manifest practitioners of corruption without their former protections. Following that, the avatar will begin to appear within the hearts of all humanity open to the presence. This will be a wonderful event. In concert with this, he will appear in the minds of the agents of evil and it will be an entirely different experience. Following that, a sweeping force of change will cross the landscape in all directions and the world will be a different place. The world will be a very different place.

So... even though it looks bad, these are merely echos of things already crumbling away into nothing, soon to be caught up and dispersed into vapor by irresistable cosmic winds. It is to be sure that we ain't seen nothing yet.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The banksters probably have the fear of The Flying Spaghetti Monster going through them right now:


And there is a use for them in the aft:


Probably not technically, but who knows what you find in restaurants in Nigeria now? Thought that was a mainstay in Liberia, and remote PNG, where there was another story on a not so remote PNG dude eating his newborn son, and are the Dayaks still having Madurese flambe?

Oh, of course you want a link for the PNG story, right?

Babyback Ribs, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, am I hot today, or am I hot today?

Visible said...

And since Tribe Hack "DR" Susan Shumsky, who is probably as much of a Dr. as Dr. Demento, keeps sending me her flyer of The Cruise to Enlightenment. I will keep sharing it with you. Here's what you get-

"Seminar-at-Sea with Renowned Speakers
Yoga Instruction with an Expert Teacher
Awesome Readers, Healers, and Vendors
Some of the most beautiful staterooms at sea
Delicious dining, including 24-hr room service
Incredible onboard entertainment
Fun-filled youth programs
Broadway stage shows
Ice-skating shows with pro athletes
The most beautiful tropical paradise destinations
Much, much more"

Read all about it!

Brought to you by Divine Travels It's simply divine dahlink.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling like a little child again during Advent when we had those christmas calenders with a chocolate item behind every one of the 24 small compartments. Except now you open your little window and a banker jumps out. Really gets you into the mood for a very special season. Can't wait what happens when the 24th banker (or was it twelfth monkey?) jumps.
Merry Christmas!!!


Visible said...

There's bogus and then there's Turbo Bogus

When you can't be a Fox News anchor,
there's always this

All aboard. Need a a spiritual teacher?

What would an enlightenment cruise be without a celebrity pet psychic?

How about a new age pole dancer? You have to check out her resume. Generally she is a 'media personality'. Remember that night you were in; that after hours club in NYC and you got really, really tanked and you went home with this chick? Then you woke up the next morning and you saw her and you knew you were going to Hell? She's baaaaaaaack! This is the phrenological equivalent of finding King Tut's tomb. My song, "In that Shape Again" covers this event (grin).

This lady, who probably was in grade school with Nancy Reagan has been at it a long time as you can see from scrolling down She teaches you how to 'reweave' the fabric of your reality, AND, she's got InnerGuru essential oils. How could you not want to immediately get some of this and add a tablepoonful to your next coffee enema?

You really have to read these testimonials She takes you to the tenth dimension and you can see angel wings in her aura. No doubt there are cute puppies and kittens there too.

Visible said...


Am I too cynical I don't know? When I do my speaking tour of Europe this summer, one of the main points I am going to go into is this New Age crapola.

You know what this reminds me of? I once saw this great cartoon which was of two bookstores next to each other. They each had a sign. One said, "Cheap entertainment and useless garbage (or something like that)" and the other one said, "Books of Wisdom with real value to you (or something like that)". There was a huge line outside the first store and no one even in the other store. And that says it to a T.

Here's what it really comes down to. People want the easy way, with all the glitter, mystery and romance that glory hole love affairs can bring. If it involves work and ruthless self analysis, they walk right on by. The kicker is that real wisdom, real Raja yoga and the others is easy too, once you commit.

It's the commitment angle that puts people off. They want their wisdom and truth flexible so that it doesn't compromise their appetites and desires. That's what it all boils down to. AND another thing (cue your most desired dreams). The reason that any serious seeker would shitcan their deepest dreams (and we all have them) is because not one of us knows what we truly want.

We don't even know the half of what's available. So anytime you let something go, the ineffable replaces it with what will actually satisfy and fulfill. Nature abhors a vacuum.

I'm getting that feeling that I should just go ahead and write an entire Origami here right now cause I can feel it pulsing in the ethers above my head but I really would like to get a song done today.

Sorry about this rant. This stuff bugs me because I know how deeply (even if they don't) people really want the real thing and I know how disappointed and despairing they become when they find out they're been sold a phony bill of goods. Ah well... so it goes.

Visible said...

Evil destroys itself. Well then, it stands to reason that a great many people of a certain drive and temperament will engage in suicidal acts of self termination as a logical outcome of their endeavors. Along with this a goodly number will be suicided.

Smyrna said...

Come on, Vis. Dare to Dream, man!

mike m said...

Hi Vis, my computer at home shit the bed and at work my internet privileges have been put on lockdown but when I have a chance I still visit just to make sure you aren't slacking and I must say you are on top of your game and all this work is coinciding with my outside observations.

Keep strong Dog Nation


Visible said...

This is in keeping with portions of today's posting.

Oh Brave New World...

It's like when a scientist discovers something that can improve the human condition and then the war department adapts it to a new way to kill. This is why, although one might have to live among humanity here for a time one shouldn't give too much thought to their usual pursuits, given where they lead.

Anonymous said...

"....because not one of us knows what we truly want. "

Viz, I hate to disagree with you because you are a strong debater and a master of words but I can't agree with your take on this.

Any critter in God's creation knows what it wants. People know what they want. Sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking we don't really want it (delusion: a product of our big brains. And the bigger the brain the bigger the delusions.) or we can convince ourselves we want something that we really don't. The cause and outcome of this condition is mental conflict. And a conflicted mind is a crippled mind.

Consider: When one is cold they want warmth; when one is sick they want a remedy; when one is hungry they want food.....etc.

When people have the time to consider mystical philosophy it means their well being is not immediately threatened. It is truly a luxury to be able to explore the mystical.

All I ever wanted was to play guitar, smoke pot and enjoy the company of attractive women. At this point in my life all I can say is "Mission Accomplished!", to quote one of our greatest Presidents. Now if I can only come up with the money to get another load of propane I will be in Nirvana if only for a little while.

Viz, you are one of a kind. I think there is greatness in you. You certainly got more than your fair share of writing talent.

Good Luck to you!

Love the comments, too!

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Anonymous said...

Well looks like I'm going to jump on the link bandwagon today! I think you'll be glad.

This story about a young reporter who finds out where a group of our old friends the truly evil bankers have an induction dinner for their "neophytes" completely dovetails with the 1st paragraph of today's Mirrors. Pictures included!

This story, which will completely blow you away, connects the dots of the dead bankers and gives a great explanation for the reasons why. At the end of this story, you will see pictorial evidence (I'll post the link) that the NYPD and Wall Street banks work side by side in Bloombergs new terrorism center at 55 Broad St. NYC.

Here's the link to the story (this is NOT a DHS website, btw, so don't worry):

And here's the link to the pictures of bankers and the NYPD watching people in NY on their monitors via the street surveillance cameras which was published in a foreign newspaper, certainly not a US paper:

Of course, you'll recognize commissioner Ray Kelly in a lot of these pictures, but the amazing shots are the ones with the banker scum viewing their monitors with gold plates in front of their booths identifying the bank that they work for (JP Morgan Chase, federal Reserve, etc.) as they gather intelligence on the unsuspecting.

This really did it for me. I knew it was bad, but when I read Doug Hagmann's story and then followed his links to those pictures I knew only God can save us from these absolute monsters. The power they currently have (borrow) over us is quite terrifying.

Apparently, the street surveillance cameras have super magnification and resolution, facial recognition and license plate readers. They're watching everyone in Manhatten, following them electronically, and have a dossier on every single person who comes there.


And this story dovetails perfectly with the 2nd paragraph in today's Mirrors. You were right, Vis, everything you said would be revealed is now happening.


flyingcossack said...

"american backed" doesnt hurt me
it hurts us
though it wont effect me or you
the people whose minds are not right, wont get the clue

Visible said...

Let me 'attempt' to clarify my original comment by repeating it, since somehow it wasn't simple enough. I believe I said that none of us know what we want because we know less than half of what is available. What this means is, if you measure your desires against an extremely limited knowledge of what there is to be had then you only know what you want in a very limited context.

Let's say there are these peanuts and they're okay for peanuts and they are what you want, no question. Then you are presented with peanuts never seen before but available none the less. The moment you taste these peanuts you forget all about the other peanuts you thought you wanted. You only wanted them because you didn't know what was available.

Furthermore, until a person knows who they are, it's not possible to know what you truly want because all of your desires are attractive and desirable only to the pretend character you are as a result of the time sensitive astrological configuration that composes you and which exists solely for the karmic necessities that need to be carried out on the way to self discovery.

I wasn't speaking in a relative sense. Plenty of people know what they want from that perspective but... as any Zen master would ask; "who is it that wants that?"

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#10, yeah, I know what I want. Omniscience, I wanna build planets in the Etheric Realm where we don't have to eat each other, including the animal and veggie kingdoms, ride my pet comet through the multiverses bareback, and become the best though most obnoxious DAOist in existence.

Anonymous said...

That Cruise to Enlightenment must really be in tune with the times. I see they offer "Broadway stage shows" and "Ice-skating shows with pro athletes". Meaning, there will be lots of gays onboard. Not that I have anything against gays, I don't, but it all dovetails with the current gayification of the world. As an aside, I have often thought that it isn't only bankers, intelligence agents and "truthers" who get whacked, under the cover of "suicide", from time to time. And what better place to off some unuspecting "awake" person, than on a cruise ship. All it takes is a couple of hit men onboard, and a list from the NSA, which tells them who the guys in the know allegedly are. Then - whoopsie - over the side they go. "Bob was lost at sea; we suspect he had too much to drink and fell overboard." Sounds far-fetched but the U.S. intelligence agencies often recruit people who sympathize with the plight of the oppressed, under the auspices of some bogus freedom-fighting operation, and when the recruits get to whatever country they are supposed to get to, for training, they are all ambushed and killed. This has happened in South America, and elsewhere. Just another day on this good old rock called Planet Earth, yippy-skippy. I sure hope the bankers and the mega-rich have enough to eat tonight. I worry about them so...

Anonymous said...

"Furthermore, until a person knows who they are, it's not possible to know what you truly want because all of your desires are attractive and desirable only to the pretend character you are..."

Another resonance of this...
"Everyone of us is shadowed by an illusory person; a false self.
This is the man that I want myself to be but who cannot exist, because God does not know anything about false and private self is the one who wants to exist outside of reality and outside of life.
And such a self cannot help but be an illusion.
We are not very good at recognizing illusions, least of all the ones we cherish about ourselves - the ones we are born with and which feeds the roots of sin...a life devoted to the cult of this shadow is what is called a life of sin."
- Thomas Merton

As far as knowing what we want, sure our physical bodies do - comfort, warmth, sex, food...
But as soon as we begin to realize we are spiritual beings we start to look around for more than entertainment.

Thanks, Les.
-the beggar

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

All that's missing is the Amazon Gummi Bears!

Thomas said...

I don't think you're too cynical on the New Age. It truly is mind-killing (I know, I've sort of been through the racket - not completely immersed, but from the sidelines, and somwhat practicing, when I was just starting to look into spirituality). It's just so much bullshit. I mean, a lot of what they say is what I (and many others here) are looking for, but the context of it just destroys the real message, not to mention that most, if not all, of the New Age "Teachers" are just self-absorbed egotists, who can parrot the real teachings, but don't actually live them (I can't blame them, I've been there too :P - and contrary to what one might think, it's not known to themselves that they're not for real, at least it wasn't to me). I now believe that getting anywhere desirable takes real work, and the Grace of something Higher, and, for me, probably a lot of patience too.

Thanks Vis! You're a real help on the way.

Be Well, Everyone. May you find that happy place inside ;)

Visible said...

Maybe you can find that happy place with Homer's Amazon Gummi Bears (grin). For those who might be a little mystified by this, just heard over here and read the reviews. they are guaranteed to cure depression.

Should anyone be thinking of that cruise to enlightenment, it would be an act of epic enlightenment to put out a big punch bowl with about 10 kilos of these in it. Ergo... some form of real enlightenment would definitely occur.

Diane said...

I don't have the communication streams Vis & many of you have, but I know enough to know how much I don't know and realize what Vis said is so, so true. How can we know what we want when we have no idea what's available...and beyond that too.

It's interesting to clear the mind and push it to what we have no idea of, and probably cannot even ascertain if we could.

It's also interesting to imagine all things and all time at once.


Anonymous said...

"Divine Revelation®" Haha! That term is now a registered trademark of Dr. Susan Shumsky, best-selling author. Use at own risk!

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

Re: testimonials - if a patient believes in the healer, the placebo response (improperly called an "effect" in common parlance) can heal just about anything, even a broken back.

"God heals and the doctor takes the fee." - Ben Franklin

SJ Palmer

Odin's Raven said...

Perhaps the honest man for whom Diogenes sought so diligently was within himself? What other would be worth meeting? Perhaps that is why the only thing the ruler of the known world could do for him was to cease to obstruct his link to the cosmic power of the sun.

Eudoxia said...

"Who is it that wants that"

The Doctrine of the Many 'I's, GI Gurdjieff; the foreign installation, Don Juan Matus....
The merciless providers of a never ending source of ceaseless chitter, Eudoxia (like seriously I'm being bombarded at present just not listening)

We don't even know the half of what's available. So anytime you let something go, the ineffable replaces it with what will actually satisfy and fulfill. Nature abhors a vacuum.

From Carlos Castaneda The Active Side of Infinity "the premise of sorcerers is that in order to bring something in, there must be a space to put it in. If you are filled to the brim with items of everyday life there's no space for anything new"

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

You always bring attention back to what really matters - thanks yet again.

The story of Diogenes presents such humor and truth at the same time. Like you, he mocked hypocrites and fools in power, yet treated great truth with the seriousness it deserves.

In an earlier comment I alluded to the saying "virtue is its own reward." This is lost on so many because they rely on a conventional definition of virtue, and thereby become bogged down in sophistry. But an examination of the roots of the word show that to be virtuous means "to be truly human."

Back to the dialogue you linked to recently: to live a truly human life means to recognize our function as temporal conduits of eternity - to let go of our earthly, self-centered desires and motivations and open ourselves to that which the eternal desires and motivates us toward ("The Eternal shepherds me, I lack for nothing"). This is why Saint Cuthbert constantly reminded others that God would provide (see the story of his long journey: a woman offered him food on a fast day and he refused, though there would be no opportunity to eat or drink on his journey the next day. She warned "but you and your horse will go hungry!" His response: "God will provide." And so it came to be).

Diogenes had no patience for Platonic rationalizations: “Plato had defined the human being as an animal, biped and featherless, and was applauded. Diogenes plucked a fowl and brought it into the lecture-room with the words, ‘Here is Plato’s human being.’ In consequence of which there was added to the definition, ‘having broad nails.’”

An animal lives locked in its one-eyed world (this is, of course, arguable), whereas we are endowed with the ability to experience, in addition to this world, the realm of eternity (we all do so in our dreams), and to follow the invisible and inaudible voice of the eternal; to reduce a human to the level of a beast is to perpetuate illusion and, as you point out, to give in to pure materialism and the tortuous world of appetites.

Thanks again for your continuing insight and your clear voice.

SJ Palmer

P.S. If I may again insert a shameless plug: check out my jury rights and powers website, so that when you get the jury summons, you will do the right thing, and serve:

Anonymous said...

And though it's not usually recounted this way, I believe Diogenes, when asked why he was carrying a lamp in broad daylight, responded "I'm looking for a human being."

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd mention a tale that was told to me by a friend who has been in the legal profession for a long time (three or so decades). This incident happened back when Mike Tyson (the boxer) was accused of raping Desiree Washington, a former Miss Black America pageant contestant. (As a quick aside, does that pageant sound a little racist to you? If not, how about we have a Miss White America pageant?) Anyway, this buddy of mine was in Indianapolis at the time of the trial. He used to go to a health club, and one of the jurors who served during Tyson's trial went there as well. They had become pretty good friends prior to the man serving on the jury. He told my friend that there was ample evidence that Tyson was innocent - from the fact that Washington had given him her panties on the afternoon of the incident, prior to hooking up with him, which she did quite willingly (multiple witnesses attested to this fact); she eventually showed up in a limo on the evening in question wearing basically a negligee and nothing else, and proceeded to go up to Tyson's room, once again, quite willingly, with multiple witnesses available to testify to this fact. But none of that mattered, the jurors were all told in no uncertain terms that their job was to find Tyson guilty as charged. If anybody said anything, about the instructions they were being given in his regard, it would all be denied by those in question, and there would be hell to pay for the jurors. The guy wouldn't spill anything beyond that, because these "instructors" had scared the piss out of him, but he swore that Tyson was innocent and everyone on the jury had been coerced into finding him guilty, which they eventually did. Don King and the mob were behind that whole thing. Thought that might be interesting to some of you. Ah, the wonderful scales of blind justice in the USA. Makes me wanna watch "To Kill a Mockingbird", get teary-eyed over the quiet strength of the idealistic Atticus Finch, and eat chocolates. And just reflect on what a truly great society we really do have here in America (heavy sarcasm there).

sasha said...

Hi, I just came across some of your writings and they made sense to me.
If you have Invisible Friends, what have they told you about the timeline? What to do?
For years I have had intense anxiety and paralyzing fear - for no reason.
Not really sure what to do. Society, individuals and the world itself seems so corrupted with sickness, evil, cancer imbedded in everything... Most people are blind and things are just getting worse.
In Canada we have Trudeau Jr that will likely get elected ala Bush Jr... And Trudeau Sr was into paedo and satanic rituals (from what my research has shown) so no doubt his son is the same, sending us further into darkness.

What is your guides's impression of Russia and Putin? Edgar Cayce seemed to think Russia was going to be important... (If he wasn't a fraud. Not really trusting these days.).


Visible said...


What might or might not happen outside of us doesn't mean a great deal because no matter what happens anywhere, you can only be in one place and the place you are in... it still less... far less important than your Karma in relation to it.

Everything hinges on your state of awareness. Absolutely terrible things are happening right this moment to many people but we know nothing about it.


I remember that Tyson thing and I remember studying the evidence and testimony and thinking, "He's being fitted up here." Of course when I mentioned this it engendered nothing but outrage at my chauvinism that I would take the part of someone being convicted in the press which basically forms all of their opinions and I told them so.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

It Came from Beneath the Valley of Seeing through a Glass Darkly.

Anonymous said...

Good response Mr. Visible...In a broad context I can't say as I really know anything.

What is a man but a bag of selfishness walking around on 2 legs? ( I heard that line on an episode of Bonanza.)

You have always been good since I have been coming here but lately you seemed to have stepped it up.

Be well!


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 1:16:

Judges routinely lie to jurors and intimidate them this way, which is why we have established our jury duty website - to inform the citizenry that the jury is, and always was intended to be the final judge of law and fact.

The barons didn't drag King John to Runnymede in chains and force him to sign the Magna Carta just so that juries could put a stamp of approval on every law passed by the state - but judges and prosecutors don't want you to know your own power, any more than the rest of government and the rich do.

Educate yourself, then pass the word to your friends and neighbors.

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Palmer: It's easy to be brave when one is not threatened by an aggressor. What would you do if someone threatened your children?

The law is bullshit and prosecutors and cops are but goons. (Certainly some cops are decent human beings trying their best to serve their neighbors.) Lawyers are naught but professional liars. All of it meant to maintain the status quo. Words on piece of paper mean nothing. What is in a man's heart means everything.

Powerful people are going to do what ever the hell they want to do and the law be damned! Go ahead. Try and stop them. Try and stop them with your stupid laws.




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Mr. Apocalypse is Coming

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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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