Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Crises in the Windshield and Anthropomorphic Gods.

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(I got in the car this morning to go to the store. I went to the store and when coming out, I saw a large man with a certain look in his eye. It might have been nothing at all but as I was starting the car to go home, the thought came into my head, "There are a lot of bad people in the world". Immediately on the heels of that, one of my invisible friends said, "That's the opening line to your next book." I saw that, indeed, it was. So it goes)

That Brother Nathaniel guy pulls no punches but... being of Jewish extraction it could be he has cachet in that regard. He does point out some interesting things in his latest article on the Zio-Tribe, Gay Political Agenda; Football. It was interesting to know some kind of coming out dinner was held and who attended but the majority of the guest list was not posted.

He brings up an interesting thing about Sodom and Gomorrah, present time. Myself, rather than single out this one area, even though its impact is far heavier than that demographic might warrant and is also the train that is pulling a lot of other cars, I think the more telling reality is the pervasive decadence that has come over society in all of its urban sprawls and these days, its suburban sprawls and its rustic enclaves. Whether it's the Hillbilly Heroin laying waste through the shanty and trailer park quadrants, the worldwide upgrade in heroin use around the planet, the massive outpouring of one new designer drug after another, the influence of contemporary, so called musicians, on the young, the ubiquitous spread of pornography around the internet; a substantial, substantial portion of all internet traffic is connected to porno... the force of these things on mass human consciousness is severe.

The horrors of environmental abuse, like the tens of thousands of dead pelicans from the floating plastic island in the Pacific or all those dead albatrosses having to do with Midway, Fukushima, Fracking. Well, I can't list all of what's going on, I don't have time. The effect of plastic on marine life is devastating and everybody using this crap is responsible to some degree. Most especially the corporatists, their lackeys in government and the bankers behind both of them, share the majority of the karmic weight.

Sooner or later, some level of critical mass is going to be reached. The perverted sex taking place between the governments and companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont and others is ghastly and the impact on world food sources is tremendous. They do not seem inclined to change and only sold out whores are allowed to reach public office and when they do they are encouraged to hire only those who work to fulfill the economic goals of the worst predators on the planet. The great honeybee die off is going to have serious effect wherever it is in effect. It is to weep.

I look at how widespread it all is and how indifferent to it the mass of the population is and I have to shake my head. I tell myself there is only so much you can do as an individual, when it comes to promoting positive change and raising consciousness. I am in a personal quandary, which I fear that I share with many of the readers. Where does one go to wait out what must be coming, given all the signs? One day I'm all focused on going to Maui, the next day I'm thinking I'd better stay around here. I do have a nice place available but it is so much work. Sometimes I think I should have given more thought to my situation later in life, as pertains to pensions and the like. I don't own or have much of anything material. It is unlikely I can rewind the video back to earlier times and take other steps but... would any of that have made a difference? You have to function (if you can) with what you have and hope you've made the wiser choice.

I think about the billions in their various states. Half of the world lives in a state of emergency. Millions are picking through the garbage, while more than a third of edible good quality food is thrown out. I worked as a cook in restaurants and even owned a couple and it used to astonish me what people left on their plates. You see it all the time in movies. It's bad enough what most people eat to begin with. So a lot of the world starves, while those with too much, cast aside this precious resource without thought. They must have too much or they wouldn't waste it, would they?

I eat what I prepare. I don't leave food on my plate. I am 100% convinced that if you waste food you WILL GO HUNGRY. We live in a culture of excess and instant gratification. We live in a world of mass distraction. We live in a world of incipient and right around the corner violence. We live in a world where the pressures on people lead to an ignition of violence against both family and strangers. People have lost their faith and their connectedness to each other and in a culture of greed it is everyone for themselves.

I was wondering about the progressive uptick in police brutality, most especially in America. I know that Israel has sent Nazi instructors to many police departments and worked to indoctrinate them into their philosophy that; "everyone but you is a Palestinian." However... in the back of my mind I kept thinking, "that can't be the only reason". Then it occurred to me, of course! We've had fifteen years of gratuitous banker warfare against middle eastern countries. This has served to desensitize and traumatize these troglodytes who, once they return to The Homeland, begin to take out their anger and frustrations upon the public AND a great many of them go into law enforcement.

There is something that happens to you when you go to fight in a Banker War. These are not righteous wars. There is no way you come out of such conflicts with any sense of honor; parades and medals be damned. You come out of these conflicts with an intense sense of guilt, a near unbearable sense of guilt and regret which you cannot face. Generally you are not smart enough to figure out who is responsible, in this case, that would be Israel again. There is no end to the outrages they are engaged in. So, you take it out on the nearest life forms. Nothing is more indicative of one's need to punish others by proxy for their crimes than the callous murder of household pets. When you cannot face your own culpability in monstrous crimes; the murders of women and children, you are in dire need of a target and since this makes it all even worse, you're more fucked up than you were previously.

Of course, this all has to do with Karma and one of the biggest performers in the realm of Karma is reincarnation. Whole generations arrive on the scene, with certain propensities and the stage gets set for them to act out these drives for the purpose of demonstration. What you have is the serial dramas of generations upon generations, which in these times, usually leads to a whole lot of blind men gumming each other to death in their pursuit of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

The terrible spectacle of the moment is not fully visible to the majority of the players. If it were, they would all be in a state of uncontrollable panic. This is why so many people are in such a state of egregious need for distraction, any distraction because, even though they can't see what it really is, a part of them can feel it.

It is a simple process that unfolds when Materialism gets the upper hand in any culture. There's nothing complex about it. It follows easily predictable steps. There is a noticeable increase in neurosis and psychosis, obsessiveness and compulsiveness. Alienation sets in and the sense of it grows and grows. People become more and more selfish and more and more self absorbed. Video games and full time headphone and earbud wearing are examples of this. Crime goes on the increase and more and more laws are created to create more and more criminals until no one, no one can move or speak without breaking the law. The rich get richer with impunity and the poor get poorer without effective advocates; in the latter stages the middle class is done away with. Resources become ever more precious because those controlling them, control the flow and availability of them so... in order to maximize profits, resources tighten up. There's good news on the horizon about resources but once again, whose hands are they in? The majority of those trafficking in basic necessities raise the prices until many people have to worry about whether to pay the rent, heat their home, or buy food. Morals go out the window, justice leaves by the back door, after first being violently buggered by those profiting from its departure. The government takes over more and more of everything because they become mere functionaries for the corporations AND everything is for sale. Everything is for sale AND stupidity and grotesquery are celebrated and normalized like caramelized feces.

Speaking the truth becomes a crime. Living according to a higher code and a higher standard singles you out as an enemy of state. Shit hits the fan on a regular basis. Atmospheric tension goes through the roof so that there is almost no one who is not aware that something is wrong and something bad is coming, even if they have no idea what any of it is.

A lot of people don't believe in God and even worse, a lot of people believe in an anthropomorphic God, who is just a projection of a bigger them, with all the failings and prejudices they possess. I don't have these problems because I KNOW God exists. I have met God and I speak with his emissaries on a regular basis. I don't have the anthropomorphic God problem because I do not purport to know who and what God is. I know some few things about this entity. One of the things I know is that this God force permeates everything animate and inanimate everywhere in the universe, is in fact composing it, after a fashion. Besides this, the God force is also apart from everything and unto itself in inviolable space. It is also conscious in everything that is conscious, to the degree that it is conscious and also within and apart from the life form. There's more to it than that and it could, without doubt have been expressed better but that's how it is from this perspective and I don't think it goes contrary to physics at all. If they haven't discovered all of this yet, they will. They will.

When you believe in an anthropomorphic God, you are inclined to go to war on any available pretext. You are inclined to consider every other different anthropomorphic God worshiper to be wrong and headed to Hell, which, if you had the power to send them there, they would already be resident in. No one knows more than those who know less than nothing at all and no one is more strident about making their points either. Anyway, Onward Christian canon fodder, marching off to war, with the banker's reversed pentagram going on before.

I'd like to end on a positive note. I'm sure there has to be one. I'd say, regardless of how it may seem, you're a lot better off than most if you have managed to hang on to your humanity. You're a lot better off than most if you face each day seeking to be of service where you can. You're a lot better off than most if you've put some amount of time into self inquiry and seeking out a communication with the luminous realms. If there is going to be retribution for crimes committed here, then certainly, it stands to reason, there will be rewards for virtues expressed in action by those responsible for them. Every moment is precious because every moment is an opportunity for change, or a chance to up the intensity in pursuit of what is most worth having. Let us hope that is the case with all of us.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

I'm hodling on to the fine points in this post.

Peace and love

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I can say is that it's definitely time to wipe the slate. In fact, it's been time to wipe the slate since the BC era, but apparently the Physical Realm hasn't suffered enough yet. On the other hand, we're so stupid for having volunteered for this; we deserve it.

The good news is eventually, one day, every aspect and stream of consciousness of Source won't need this crap anymore and they can be off that damn wheel of reincarnation. Eventually. . .

Sort of, anyway. Considering the illusion of time is a loop, and all is eternal somewhere; including every moment in time.

Excuse me now. I'm giving myself a headache.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

In regard to God being anthropomorphic, there are several instances mentioned in scripture that indicate that he looks like a man, which are these: Genesis 18 (whole chapter), Genesis 32:24-29, Joshua 5:13-15, Judges 13 (whole chapter, best described in the NAS version), then of course the four gospels of the New Testament. Many Christians believe the man in the four Old Testament appearances was Jesus. I for one believe that.

As for Brother Nathaniel's credibility, for one thing, while he says he's a Christian, he makes a mockery of Christianity by his overwrought 'geezer in a dress wearing a nurses hat' appearance. The Apostle Paul recommended that Christians dress modestly and according to the time and place where they live. Not only does Brother Nathaniel ignore that advice, he does the opposite by making himself look like a freak. That in and of itself tells something about his inner spiritual condition. Furthermore, while he professes Christianity, he makes allowance for the subtle suggestion of Jewish supremacy (and is proud of it), which is part of 'the big lie,' seeing as how the so-called 'Jews' aren't from Hebrew stock but are from Turkish stock (Revelation 2:9, 3:9 shed some interesting light on who they really are).

And, like Brother Nathaniel, there are several more so-called 'Christian Patriots' posting articles on who have their own version of the truth and won't allow for any challenge to it to be posted in their comments section (if they even have a comments section, which, if they don't, suggests they have something to protect). If you try to post something that out-steps their experience, or surpasses their understanding, or exposes any flaw in their knowledge, they won't post it. They remind me of the religious pundits of Jesus' day, to whom he said: "... You have taken away the key of knowledge; you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in you hindered." Luke 11:52).

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I hadn't woken up. Sometimes I wish I would have taken the blue pill. The older I get, the more I believe that ignorance is bliss. The Ward Cleaver route looks really good to me right now. I have maybe 25 years left if I'm lucky. Might be time to find myself a good woman and play house. Warmth, closeness and kindness sound very good to me right now. Just divorce myself from all of this stuff I have learned over the years, and pretend I don't know any of it. Whistle past the graveyard. I mean, shit, I don't see a positive payoff for knowing the things I know. The more I learn, the more I see how ugly it all is. And after a while it sickens your spirit. So if I can find a little beauty in my final years, hey, that sure as hell beats what I am experiencing by finding out how many kids the Satanists killed last Halloween, or how many twisted experiments the military did on unwitting lab rats, or how many known pedos are working as politicians. I'm just kind of sick of the whole thing - there appears to be no purpose to learning what's going on in the world any longer. What's going on, is, the rich are getting richer and everybody else is suffering. What's going on, is, evil reigns supreme, as it always has. This life is just a bad dream, a way station of suffering, a level of hell. And in the end, every moment we have left is precisely what we make of it.

Eudoxia said...

@ Love To Push Those Buttons
your comment reminds me of somebody else's comment the other day where he/she quoted "Everyday do something that scares you"

Breathing immediately sprang to mind :-

Which in turn reminded me of GI Gurdjieff who seemed to nail it by referring to the realization of one's incarnation on Earth as "the terror of the situation".

Viz - we'll be an hour and 10 mins from Coolangatta Airport and you will know somebody there eventually which of course is dependant on inevitability -grin- Loved the movie by the way, gave me so much hope for the future :-

Anonymous said...

oh are you just funning with us? YOU wishing you'd focused more on a PENSION? HAHA. the pension that you would have put more faith in than....the ineffable? the pension that would be controlled by the dark forces? the pension that would twist your tail into a knot every time you thought about the bankers destroying? WOW. either you are caught up in a materialistic current....a shabby wave of energy...or you are once again writing for the purpose of demonstration. after all you have lived and written and experienced and at this point in your life...isn't it time to just let go and see where your invisible friends guide you? if it's all under control why twist yourself up regretting not having played the fixed game? isn't it time to laugh out loud and let it all just happen? anything else -- plans and worries and BUTS.....seem so 'inverted' compared to the knowledge that everything will happen exactly as it should.....when it should. really, a pension???? i think there is much more available to you than that.
liz in los angeles

Anonymous said...

Stop feeding the machine.



Timster said...

Great article, Les. Although I must correct Brother Nathanial on one point. Theodor Seuss Geisel, although a propaganda tool, was not jewish. He was a Lutheran.

Visible said...

liz; they say the inability to identify sarcasm is an intelligence measurement.

galen said...

Anon, re your:

"Sometimes I wish I hadn't woken up. Sometimes I wish I would have taken the blue pill."

I was thinking something just like that just yesterday. Oh to slip back into the "comfort" of being uninformed.

But really, ignorance is NOT bliss. IGNORANCE IS DANGEROUS!

When we weary of things it's time to restore, refresh. Come back new. I think this is the hardest lesson for activists of conscience. We forget to take care of ourselves, and anyone who's ever been in an airplane knows that if a crisis arises, you first put on your own oxygen mask. As I speak to you I speak to myself.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hug a Teddy Bear.

Anonymous said...

How come Liz is so cranky lately?

Visible said...

I said something she didn't like about California, so much so that she didn't even see the nice things I said. I'd retract the other things but... how can I? They are all observably true.

galen said...

Parts of "the game" can be helpful/pro-human. Nothing wrong with societies forming things like savings and pensions to care for its people, especially for the elderly. Yes, we've always had corruption, but not EVERYTHING was not always fully corrupted. My mom woulda been sunk without my dad's pension. Baby with bathwater syndrome. Yes, decentralize/nurture localism, but keep what worked. Why is everything always all or nothing?

galen said...

Ooops, double negative. Meant "Not EVERYTHING was always corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious article posted at Yahoo News today, regarding a Gallup "poll" that "proves" over 60% of Americans view Vladmir Putin unfavorably. Read the comments and you'll see about 80% would take him over Obama in a heartbeat. This is pretty encouraging. Lots of people in the comments section of the article wrote things like, "I now know for certain that all polls are bogus." The comments alone are well worth reading. You can check it out right here.

Visible said...

It has nothing to do with that. It doesn't even have anything to do with itself since it should be patently obvious that I walked the course I walked and have no regrets on that account. At least every other post I slip things in that are irrelevant or trolling intentionals; easy targets. It keeps me amused.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kinda quiet in here lately (*crickets*)...

Visible said...

Yeah... it's quiet... too quiet.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#5, I try to do something everyday that scares the bejeezuz out of. . .someone ELSE. And if everybody knew of my past, they might want to keep me at a distance.

You never know what I'm gonna do. My flat mate is one of the few who can deal with me. I have a love of politically/socially incorrect guerrilla theatre. I have probably set the record on 'Magic Christian' moments.

#4, I am also sick of everything, but to me knowledge is more precious than anything. If I had one wish, it would be omniscience, though in this realm that would probably explode my head like I just got SCANNERED. Then again, considering how I feel about this Hell Hole, I don't think that would be a bad thing. . .except maybe for those who have to do the clean up, but that wouldn't be my problem, so it's not like I could care any less.

Calipornia. Overtaxed, overcrowded, over regulated, with some of the stupidest politicians, though they are outdone in some areas. Some of the planners on where they put cities and towns do take the nadir of intelligence, though. Check the summer temps of Needles, and Furnace Creek, and ask yourself why they are there.

Then again, there's Phoenix, AZ. Not only is half the year over 110°F/43°C, but they get sandstorms every now and then. I hear it's also a great place to be if you like paying traffic tickets, but there is debate on it being a kidnapping capital. Google it, considering it's a pain in the butt to hotlink in comments.

bproman said...

Sure is a lot going on in the universe. May you continue to find the inspiration in writing your unique and creative articles. I look forward to each insight and thank you for your beacon of reason in a world gone crazy.

Eudoxia said...

Maybe Mercury retrograde has something to do with it. I've noticed when Mercury is retro people can get suck in issues that are seriously bothering them and end up more seriously bothered by them. Good time to finish things rather than start things.

Skepticfrog said...


Brother Nathaniel's garb is Eastern Orthodox. If he follows that line of Christianity, it's entirely appropriate.

Your criticism is suspect, it smacks of an agenda. Whatever he says, is welcome, useful and informative. If it's not all of what you would like to hear from him, that's YOUR problem, not his; deliveries extremely seldom coincide with expectations. (Grow up).

We all want a full loaf of bread, but half a loaf (or bigger) is much better than nothing, or just half of a slice.

Your screen name puzzles me: I can interpret it in two ways:
"I'm a goy, but not a dumb one" or:
"I'm not a dumb goy - but something else" (like a Tribe member).
Subtly delivered discrediting of Br. Nath. makes me suspect you're the latter; the name is a "clever" dig at the goyim, who can interpret it as the former, yet your kind can laugh at us of "not getting it" when you mean the latter.
Double entendre names are always suspect; they're are for fun and by extension, mockery.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 9:56

During the past 20 years nobody accused the Americans being insightful, intelligent, wise and well informed.

After a few years arriving in the US I became convinced, that communism would have worked with greater success in the US, than in the Soviet Union and the related Combloc countries.

I found less of: intellectual individualism, differences of opinion(s), political analytical ability; a more rigid social mindset than in Communist Eastern Europe.

Examples in this part of Europe: Zero, repeat, zero friction between Catholics, Protestants, E. Orthodox - for many centuries. Tacit acceptance and tolerance of marital infidelity as well as prostitution. Abortion was never made illegal. Tolerance of mind-altering substances during the first half of the 20th century. Unrestricted alcohol use and making, (beer/wine use from age 16, hard liqueur from age 18) ANY establishment, store to sell alcohol without special permit or license.
Utter lack of "community associations" with its attendant offensive and intrusive bylaws in residential areas - a crazy, collectivist concept. Lack of stupid collectivist (again) bylaws to cut the grass on one's (private!) property. Of course, no collectivist inspired property tax on real estate. Yes, if it's paid for, it IS YOURS, NOBODY can put you out on the street under any "legal" pretext. (Try not to pay the levy/tax on your paid-for house in the US and see what happens. You'll find out quick who really owns your "property").
Even non-payment of condo fees can result in eviction - for any length of time. They can only put a lien on it, payable at time of sale or title transfer (inheritnce). Fo example: in TX (US) they can (and did) auction off your house for non payment of condo fees or community association fees if overdue for a mere 60 days(!) - regardless if the property is free and clear, fully paid for.

Less intrusive, more helpful and polite(!) police even under the communist era than today in America. (Police are trained to shoot in self-defence at the legs(!) rather than the torso - unless(!) the perp has an actual firearm. Knives, bats, etc. do not qualify for a head or torso gunshot.) Vis mentioned a few times (positively) the police behavior in DE.
Of course, the freedom of speech is still alive, not only on the street but in print as well - sold on newstands. Yes, we can, and do talk about the JEWS - openly and unflatteringly - in the cafes, restaurants on trams, buses and we don't worry or give a shit if overheard by whomever.

I'm not even going to go into the school nuttines in the US.
Here, you pass an elementary/middle school around lunchtime, and you see and hear the boys playing in the yard cops and robbers, running around gun shaped twigs and such, yelling: bang, bang! Nobody is noticing, nobody is offended - including the supervising teachers. Certainly an eye-opener, to see and "appreciate" the depth of derangement of Americans...

I'm sure, I missed many more illustrative examples, but I hope it'll suffice to demonstrate.

American freedom and affinity to non-regimentation is a total myth. Even (young) Russians I knew living there noticed. (They left the US since on their own, willingly!). The average American would have been perfectly happy (for the most) in the communist/Soviet Judeobolshevist straightjacket.

Smyrna said...

I'm an hour and 15 minutes from Avalon airport. Two hours from Tullamarine.

Skepticfrog said...

Correction of a sentence in my posting, since as it's written it's misleading; a "not" is missing, and some other clarification.
Should have been:
"Even non-payment of condo fees can NOT result in eviction - for any length of time of non-payment. They can only put a lien on it, payable at time of sale or at title transfer (such as inheritance).

Visible said...

Smyma, you have got to be the most cryptic guy I've encountered here.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

One more thing; you and I know that most of the evil that is activated into our present world is coming through Zionism. They have erected the bastard state of counterfeit Israel to use as a launching pad through which to interfere with governments, economies, and religions, and to move toward world control. They attach to it a confederacy of corporations and lobbyists as an accouterment to the ploy, plus the media which they use to brainwash and control the world's peoples. The second most miscreant entity in our present world is Christian Zionism, because it strengthens the demonic power coming through Zionism.

I know quite a number of Christian Zionists and the one thing I see that they all have in common is a 'winning team ' attitude. They like to be associated with Israel because it gives them a vicarious feeling of power. I live in Alabama and I see the 'winning team' attitude on display in a very blatant way in the University of Alabama football fans, and I see it every day. They are actually a cult, they refer to themselves as 'we,' i.e. one big happy family that 'owns' the winning team. This kind of mindset is especially alluring to people who feel powerless in their lives because it mollifies the pain of the feeling of powerlessness. Here in Alabama that mindset is greatly exacerbated during years in which the bookies place an order for Auburn to win. The Alabama fans really dig in their heels in unison as they declare "We're #1," even though their team just lost. And that "We're #1" is the mindset that is the driving force behind Christian Zionism.

What is most unfortunate for the Christian Zionists is that they haven't the first clue that they are the worst traitors to the kingdom of God in all of the history of Christianity. Christian Zionism makes Catholicism look like a preschool-level religious diversion on that score. They, the "Lovers of Israel," above all peoples, will have the biggest shock of surprise when they find out the truth about the harm they have done to the world through their blind support of Zionism and the bastard state of counterfeit Israel. Second to them will be the Khazars (so-called "Jews")who enjoyed their fifteen minutes of fame by being 'the chosen people.' They have no idea how they've been being used as pawns to assist in paving the way for the demon-inspired Zionists to take over the world, nor do they want to know. Just like the Zionists and the Christian Zionists, all they care about is themselves.

Visible said...

I concur with the whole of that. It is what I also believe.

Anonymous said...

If "the Nazis" fought the Jew parasite, why is "Nazi" derogative?

Anonymous said...

Love to Push at 1:14

Nothing in the universe of traffic tickets and having your car towed away can compare to Philadelphia.

Let's just say that if every governmental agency at every level operated as efficiently, faithfully, impartially, thoroughly, forthrightly and with as great a sense of purpose and mission as the Philadelphia Parking Authority, all we'd have to complain about is the weather.


Anonymous said...

Les, you are too good a writer to toss a meaningless and dismissive word like Nazi about. Nazi is a derogative term for Nationalsozialistiche Deuche Arbeiterparter. Previously it was used in reference to the peasants, predominantly of Bavaria, a shortened version of Ignatius.....Karen

Visible said...

Uh oh, the language police showed up and seem to be one and the same. I'll tell you why since you ask... they hate to be called that.

First they came for the word Nazi and I didn't say anything. Then they came for the word 'and' still I said nothing. then they came for if, but, too and other words and I said nothing and then I was alone and my postings made no sense.

I have to tell you, I marvel, simply marvel at how imperial and omniscient people can be. There's nothing wrong with the word or it's usage and that's a matter of opinion and poor research that they fought who you say they fought

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

We could easily call then anthropomorphic human beings.

Has a sort of sci-fi ring to it..

Damn, I might be guilty, as well.

Coldda said...

If there is a God, not the scarab sundial type, and I believe there to be, how can evil win out? It makes no sense.

Knowing the game and the masters has set my mind free from ignorance. Much preferred by me to walking around with a stupid face on, all the time. I want to witness the decimation of the zioNazis and vaticMafia. Thats worth the aggravation. Plus the writing on our side of the fulcrum, while tiny in relative size,i s far far superior to 3-monkeys pablum on the other side.

Peace is worth the temporary angst and occasional contact with the beast's deaf, dumb, and blind.

This must be God's time to exact a toll or we were all sadly wrong.


Anonymous said...

Ironic that DumbGoyNot made a comment about the University of Alabama.

Earlier today I read an article at ESPN, which discussed how Alabama coach Nick Saban had lobbied the NCAA Rules Committee, along with his buddy, Bret Bielema, the head coach at Arkansas, to slow down the up-tempo, no-huddle offenses currently being utilized by several high-powered NCAA football teams.

Saban was allegedly concerned that up-tempo, no-huddle offenses were dangerous to the health of college football's defensive players. Allegedly, they don't have enough time to regroup prior to the ball being snapped, and this puts them in a dangerous position, healthwise, which leads to severe injuries.

All of the data available on the subject actually proves the opposite - many more injuries occur to defensive players in the standard, plain vanilla, two-runs-and-a-pass offensive sets, which are used by teams like, um, gosh-golly, who'da thunk it - like Alabama.

It is obvious that Saban is being a controlling, crybaby douchebag here, and since he got whipped by both Auburn and Oklahoma at the end of the 2013 season - two teams which, not so conicidentally enough, feature up-tempo, no-huddle offenses - his philosophy is, "If you can't beat 'em, use your network of good ole boys to screw 'em".

The rule change, which got its early momentum due to complaints made by Saban to his extremely good buddy, NCAA coordinator of officials, Rogers Redding, has already been passed by the NCAA Rules Committee (something that almost never happens; rules are revisited and/or changed about as often as it snows on Maui), and is now on its way to the final hurdle, which is essentially a rubber-stamping process, to implement the new rule.

In other words, the rule has already been changed, in order to give Saban what he wants, and next season, 29 seconds will have to expire from the 40-second play clock, so that substitutions can be allowed by the defense, before the offensive team can snap the ball.

This basically thwarts the exciting, high-powered offenses of teams like Auburn, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and most especially the Oregon Ducks. It also makes the game duller, ruins the attractiveness of the aforementioned programs in the eyes of top-flite recruits, screws the fans over, screws the teams over, and gives the Prince of Darkness (aka Nick Saban) exactly what he wants - a thoroughly skewed playing field, tilted in favor of his ugly, Satanically controlled football program.

But hey - don't worry about it - sports is on the level. (The Easter Bunny told me so.)

Roll Tide!!!!! (Gag.)

Anonymous said...

While watching: Paradise Lost - The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills I was amazed how mum reacted when interviewed by reporters, at 6:22,
Exactly same way as the father from one of Sandy hook victims...

And the part at 38:36!
Coincidence producer allowed star shadow on his forehead?
And again mum from first link is looking for spotlight.
She don't look so distressed all pampered, yet... at 40:13 she exit court because she is upset by pics!Even reporters ask pertinent questions!
My gut feeling is saying this is a very complicated web to unravel!
Could they all be specially targeted and so in some ways victims of FINDERS group type blackmail?
Finders must have offices in every big town!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Intuition, the Mind and the Inevitability of White Water.

Visible said...

The most damning evidence for mew is that not once did any of them insist on their innocence or cry out about being framed. That makes no sense and flies in the face of what one would expect.

Anonymous said...

Imperial and omniscient? You're the last one who should be calling the kettle black. But then you talk with God and have invisible friends, so who am I,a mere mortal, to contradict his Royal BSer.....Karen

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

The football thing goes a lot deeper than most people think. One of my best friends was the second fastest left-handed pitcher in his age group in the US when he was 14 years old. He was being sought after by major league talent scouts even at that young age. He excelled all the way through Jr. High School, High School, and College, and eventually went to the Minor League, which is the last step before the Major League. But he quit during his first year in the Minor League. I asked him why he quit and he said "Because it's so corrupt I couldn't with a good conscience be associated with it."

In my earlier post when I made the comment about the bookies placing an order for Auburn to win, I wasn't joking, at all. If the sports fans had any idea about the money that is involved in gambling on sports they'd be astounded. So astounded that they wouldn't believe it. Because they've made an idol of sports they'd mentally reject the truth about it. They'd mentally block it out. That's because the idol is an extension of self, thereby being a component of idolatry to self, and any affront to the idol is perceived as an affront to self. It's the same as how the Christian Zionists have made an idol of 'God's Chosen People' and 'Mother Israel, and why they're so fanatical and defensive about it. They hold up 'The Chosen' and their bastard little country and make idols of them, and use them vicariously as a talisman that they think gives them power (in a sad attempt to try to add meaning to their powerless lives). But it is really nothing more than idolatry to self.

Visible said...

As I've said many times, it doesn't take much to scratch the thin veneer of people's pretend affections. Fail to knuckle under to their absurd requests and you get the knifem which was precisely why I responded as I did, already knowing the outcome.

You might note I've been doing things like this lately. That's my reason.

Visible said...

Oh yeah... further clarification. It probably escaped your notice but there were two comments on the Nazi usage and one of them from a well known troll and I was, in fact, directing my response at that comment; not that that makes any difference I suppose.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, I like you and what you have to say, read it somewhere, don't remember where, but Re writers etc. "ask yourself would I like to sit down and have a beer or share a joint with this person" Yes. But that incident at dark dark dark moons where she posted a distant relatives name and work address and suggested going down there and doing a number on her with baseball bats (very jewish the baseball bats, the yids are still slavering over the Jew Bear)caused me to shine a critical light on you, and truth is, you look better in the dark....Karen

Visible said...

I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about. I especially can't find context for the last part of it.

Anonymous said...

I respect you for printing it. "This little light of mine" Les is shining...Karen

Visible said...

Everything is fine... just because I don't understand something doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.

I intentionally behave in different ways to see the effect of it because of sensations I get that I want to see the evidence of. It's unorthodox and I know it pisses people off but I'm not involved in a personality contest. I honestly don't care if people like me or not. All I care about is whether those, for who it applies, get anything good or useful out what I have to say.

On a positive note, there is a significant uptick in new readers, even with the loss of being no longer posted on whatreallyhappened. All of a sudden a rather large amount of new readers has arrived on the scene.

Anyway, it's probably profitable to consider the various possibilities of what I might be up to and whether I have other motivations that might be readily apparent.

Visible said...

Until you put an identifiable name to your posts they carry no effect whatsoever. Only a rank coward carries on in this manner. I'm way past it having any effect but... carry on, I miss most of it because it gets deleted but it does provide some humor in dry times. That envy and jealousy must really burn your ass up. I'm truly sorry for you. That's a difficult thing to bear.

Eudoxia said...

Interesting article below

Although most people here would already know this. A twisted fuck by any other name.......

Anonymous said...

@ Skepticfrog

While I appreciate many of the other things you said, this caught my attention

"Tacit acceptance and tolerance of marital infidelity as well as prostitution. Abortion was never made illegal."

If you view the above 3 vices and tolerance - read impotence - thereof as 'enlightened', please go fuck yourself, and kill yourself.

Best regards




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