Monday, February 10, 2014

Why don't we do it in The Luge with Shapeshifting Reptiles?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The Olympics make us think of many things... or they used to. Let's just say that these days they make us think of many thing different than the things they used to make us think of because this is the modern world of agenda driven public (incest) relations. I think this sums it up best. This shows us how our world could be. Yes... the Olympics indicate how graceful and cooperative it could all be, when world figures become world figure skaters. Of course, they've always been figure skaters because they all skate around figures at the command of international bankers.

Yes, the Olympics gives us a chance to strut our stuff and be unintentionally hilarious with our t-shirt brand identifications. The folks at Athlete Back Alley know how the game is played. You do it by publicly announcing that you're not doing it while you're doing it. "Doing it?" Okay, okay, I get it. ♫Why d d d d don't we do it in the Luge? Why d d d d don't we d d d do it in the Luuuuuuuge? Whaaaaaaa don't we do it in The Luuge. No one will be watching us (and what's the point of that?).♫

Yes, President Putin of Russia made a law that you can't educate small children into the wonders of same sex enjoyment and apparently it is forbidden to demonstrate technique to them as well and somehow... somehow... this has become an international human rights issue. It shows you how far down the dark highway, or, in this case, how far up and into the dark highway things have gotten (shoved) when a simple legal restraint, forbidding the indoctrination and shaping of very young minds (and very young behinds) through subliminal and not so subliminal propaganda techniques, is considered an anti-social and morally reprehensible act. We can thank the perspicacious, world wide, Zionist-Satanic media for this controlled perception. You actually get people arguing that it is offensive not to allow children, who only recently learned how to walk, to also learn how to play 'free my Willie'. All of the completely Zionist run alternative sexual organizations, have joined together to have 'the three R's' officially redefined as readin, riting and rimming.

Government agents in the service of international bankers are most kindly informing us that they are doing everything in their power to see that The Olympics meet their criteria for a successful run. Well, we know why a political whore would say something like that don't we? He probably got a phone call from Little Georgie Sorrows, who, with the rest of his kinsmen, are stirring the shit in The Ukraine, where the opposition is either Zionist controlled, or figure head fronted by actual Tribe members and... in the backrooms where they bite the heads off of chickens, after doing other unseemly things to them first, or bite the heads off of them while these acts are still taking place, for the pleasure of the chicken of course, the diplomatic wings of the powers of the western world, are following orders from the ones who own the respective departments.

I think I'll just head out on the water with Fred Neil and search for those dolphins in the sea, apparently I have a lot more in common with dolphins than I already thought I did. Yeah, I think those dolphins have the right idea cause I can't imagine anyone wants to look at the world the way it is right now, without some kind of perception additive. It's gruesome. It's loathsome. It's in your face with a hand on your ass. One of the reasons that so many contemporary performers are dumber than a gravel driveway, is because they are chosen in the first place for their susceptibility to mind control. Another reason the most clueless and talent deprived around are given the greatest amount of public face time, is because it is the objective of those controlling these dunderheads to project the appearance that this is the level of intelligence we should all seek to emulate. It should come as no surprise that Kanye West thinks he is a genius. The irony in this article is breathtaking and lest you think he's shy about letting you know just what a wunderkind he is, think again.

You have to look at all of these things the way the one responsible for your hearing about it looks at it and that would be Mr. Apocalypse. It's not just linguistically challenged rapping Nimrods who are getting that blown out of proportion to all recognition thing and who remain unaware of what they actually look like to the higher intellects around them, like those with an IQ of 95 and up. This is happening in all fields of enterprise where the least deserving are becoming the most rewarded. The fact that West hooked up with Kardashian is just one more example of Mr. Apocalypse's sense of humor.

I'm not suggesting that you do this but... should an independent researcher, out there somewhere, choose to smoke a few bowls of White Widow, or something comparable and turn on their TV and watch what is being screened on the main networks for only one evening, the reality of what is taking place and the intent of those producing these things should become clear beyond any possibility of doubt.

There can be no doubt of the intentions of the Satanic agents at work in all of these fields of entertainment; stupid is unequivocally the new smart. The requirements for being a big star now is a previously unheard of level of cluelessness, coupled with an inability to experience embarrassment, no matter what and ALL OF THIS, all of this, is to get you to go along with the program and make whatever adjustments are necessary to be as near exactly like that as you can get. The truth is that the stupider the public is, the easier it is to sell them anything, no matter what that might be. It is easier to convince a stupid person to fight in a banker war abroad than it is someone who still retains a degree of intelligence and a basic survival awareness. These are now in the minority. The truth is that it is infinitely easier to convince a stupid person of anything than it is someone with a few remaining brain cells. It's easier to get them to support ANY political candidate, no matter who it might be. It's easier to get them to believe anything, no matter what that might be. This is the point behind the powerful agenda to dumb down human consciousness to just barely above the level of a beast; down as low as possible and still able to function... barely.

Here is an amazing and incontrovertible fact. A small minority of psychopaths, Satanists and Zionists, along with elements of the rich and powerful, along with the flunkeys that serve them; people like Piers Morgan, Bill O'Reilly, Oprah Winfrey and others and all of whom might well also be members of every single group already mentioned, are collectively engaged in an operational conspiracy to impoverish, imprison and/or murder the majority of you with the exception of those they intend to keep around as servants, or for the purpose of amusement. The president of the United States is engaged in this and so is the Secretary of State and pretty much the majority of all political 'tools' in the western and eastern worlds. It is most telling that a theocracy like Iran can be one of the singular examples of sanity in the world of the moment. It shows just how far round the bend things have gone.

Satanism is one of the most powerful, by appearance, forces in the world today and this is most graphically demonstrated by the freeing of The West Memphis 3. Look at the names of the celebrities who were involved in this travesty of justice. Each of them are either practicing Satanists or tools of the same. Of course, this sort of thing has been going on for awhile. As for the West Memphis 3, there is way too much evidence that these three were the killers, with the only exception being that they had help with it. I took the trouble to investigate the facts of the case and if you care to spend a few weeks like I did, you can't fail to come to the same conclusions. How? How, you might ask yourself, did so many celebrities get lassoed into supporting this effort to free these killers? Despite what your feelings of appreciation for some of these entertainers might be, the best that can be said about them is that they are stupid, or else forcibly coerced. Right this moment there are people in cages, or actively being scouted for use in Satanic ceremonies. It's a regular Sunday brunch for these people and a hell of a blackmail jacket for unwitting attendees.

These and all manner of heinous conditions are being permitted by the cosmos for the purpose of demonstration. You may be horrified by that and unable to get your head around it but in times of Satanic preeminence, this is what you get, prior to the hammer coming down and it will. Be assured that a surprisingly vast spectrum of powerful and famous individuals are neck deep in these kinds of practices. All kinds of terrible activities are going on all over the place. It will not continue forever. When the light arrives, it will fragment the darkness and shatter the engines by which the darkness is generated and it will all be blown away in the cleansing winds, generated by the arrival of the spiritual sun, rising out of the collective hearts of whatever humanity remains capable of that honor.

We've allowed ourselves to be seduced by the appearance of power in the hands of shapeshifting dark entities and temporally based forces under the command of lower astral mindbenders, to the exclusion of an awareness of just how powerful the ineffable is by comparison. The ineffable set the planets and the stars in their courses and the totality of all that can be seen and imagined as being presently manifest by the power of the ineffable, is still, in its totality, less that the ineffable has in reserve. Contemplate that!

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hopefully the rest of the Darwin Award contenders get themselves killed off before they breed. The world is better without them. Look what they did to Midway:


Not to mention the rest of the world and her critters.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt the role of 'Satanic' forces in the forced brainwashing/dumbing down of the world's glazed eyed public.
After recent investigation I also discovered the 'Saturnic' influence and hallmark behind much if not all of the media,films and music being put out for general consumption.
The Seal of Saturn linked to above can be seen in film and T.V productions dating back many years. The seal is placed in the background during many scenes in films and shows, acting as some kind of sigil to keep the various players and viewers alike 'locked in' and mesmerized by the underlying message being subliminally put across.
I wonder, are the Satanic/Saturnic forces one and the same (-___-)



Visible said...

"the Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine" is now available in the Kindle Edition

Spiritual Survival will be available shortly and hopefully, whoever is managing "the Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World" will also have that up soon too.

A new song will be appearing shortly soon too and followed by another later today.

insiam said...

Everyone should look at the link posted by LTPTBs. No words could describe.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Speaking of George Soros, this ought to provide a wee bit of entertainment:

Soros gets whacked by ex

Though what did she expect? How many time has he been married? If anyone researches his past, why would anyone want anything to do with him?


Though it might be better to go for the latter. At least those terms are more realistic. What's the average shelf life of one of his. . .whatever he's into that day?

Anonymous said...

As Dave McGowan and other researchers have pointed out, mind control is a very real and very powerful tool for the dark side. And it explains exactly why so many celebrities come out and voice their support for demonic creatures like the West Memphis 3. A celebrity is a totally mind-controlled entity. So let's say those who think they are in control, want the support of a gaggle of celebrities for a certain cause. Those celebrities are triggered, like a robot, to voice the specific type of support desired by the programmer/handler. Since so many people worship celebrities, this technique also helps control the minds of those who worship the celebrities. If a person's favorite celeb says the West Memphis 3 are innocent, that person is very likely to mimic exactly what their favorite celebrity says about the issue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

Thanks for exposing the truth about the West Memphis Three child murderers - I had seen the documentary supporting them some time ago and, like so many others, bought the story of their innocence, hook, line & sinker. I'm such a sucker sometimes.

About Bush, Jr.'s supposed involvement in a mass murder: I researched this story when I first heard about it years ago, and the earliest reference I could find was this article from 2000.

The irony is so dry that even when you notice the source, it's easy to believe the story. But a thorough read shows the piece's clearly satirical nature, as evidenced by this excerpt: "Asked by a Boston Globe reporter to explain the bite marks on three of the victims that perfectly matched Bush's dental records, the candidate said: 'Look, you guys, I'm just not going to get in the gutter with you and play that game. If you're interested in slinging mud, that's fine, but you can count me out. The voters of America want to hear me talk about my plan for sustained, long-term economic growth, not about whose face I supposedly ate years before I became involved in politics.'"

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

I should have said Bush, Jr.'s supposed involvement in this particular case of mass murder.

SJ Palmer

Visible said...

Okay, yet one more rough take song for the new album and another to follow shortly too. Please forgive the obvious engineering errors. It helps me to do it like this when I got to master it for real.

Shining Light

Visible said...

Yes, I know about that Bush story being an Onion spoof and I put it into the article just to see if anyone would catch it. Thank you!!!

I do any number of things on purpose around here but they only occasionally get seen (grin).

You should see the original HBO documentary of the Memphis 3 murders that's not a bought out piece of shit.

Visible said...

Here it is

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I'll check it out.

SJ Palmer

Visible said...

I just downloaded it to watch again too.

Visible said...

Okay, two new songs. Both are in need of extensive further work but you can get an idea of what they will be like. The second one is the roughest because it is the most complex. There won't be so much of the harmonies except at appropriate points. It takes a while to get comfortable with the necessary pacing in singing them.

Shining Light

The Sirius Song

Visible said...

Amazing! I downloaded the West Memphis 3 documentary by HBO and found that the Satanists who got them released were doing a voiceover of the whole thing which made it near impossible to follow both vocal tracks at the same time. I'm now watching it on youtube. Man! These are some evil and sneaky sonsofbitches.

Here's the Youtube link that I am presently watching-

Ray B. said...

Vis: "This is the point behind the powerful agenda to dumb down human consciousness to just barely above the level of a beast; down as low as possible and still able to function... barely."

Your observation snapped me over to all my research on the Anunnaki. If anyone has done 'due diligence' on the topic, they will know that we (humans, or Lulus in Sumerian) were 'created' to be just smart enough to be functional slaves for the Anunnaki. Well, through subsequent cross-breeding with them, we got too smart. Now, we are somewhat of a threat. In my mind, that may account for all the efforts "to dumb down human consciousness to just barely above the level of a beast; down as low as possible and still able to function... barely." Scary. However, with knowledge of the intent and agenda, we are way ahead of where we were 'last time'.

I am reading through the Wes Penre site that was recommended to me a couple weeks ago. (Thanks!) I am mostly through the first level. Although I do not agree with all so far, the section on the Anunnaki has clarified much that hadn't gelled before. Very interesting stuff.

The following quote is from a current events page. This quote gives a good 'line-up' of the major Anunnaki players with Old Testament biggies. It seems quite logical to me (after having read all the papers of Wes so far), but it is likely to enrage any hard-core fundies out there (spoiler alert)...

"If we study the chain of events here, we can quite easily see who is who. Marduk being Satan, Nannar and his people from the Home Planet being our Savior(s) ('Second Coming' of Nibiru). Nammur, the Enlil, is the primary YHVH (Jehovah), although YHVH/YHWH is a composite of different Anunnaki, and Ea (Ankur/the Enki) is Lucifer, who gave Adam and Eve wisdom in the Garden of Eden (Edin)."

(Personally, I do not 'buy' that Nibiru is an elongated-orbit physical-planet of our solar system shortly to be in the inner part of its orbit around the Sun. The orbital mechanics just do not measure up, especially the gravitational effects of other planets on Nibiru's orbit. Nibiru's supposedly-clockwork 3600-year orbit would just not be possible. Gravitational perturbations from the gas-giant planets would alter Nibiru's orbit - sometimes radically - each swing through. And, if Nibiru was massive enough, it would in return 'skew' the orbits of the planets in measurable ways each time. No, the question of where the Anunnaki really come from is open, to me.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

All these histories, discoveries and apparently awesome realizations are simply side roads, distractions on the path way to the ultimate destination; our spiritual home.

HIDDEN SECRET-- Annunaki, Vedic Knowledge and the origins of man

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#16 Compared to the Annunaki, considering our limitations in this realm, isn't humankind already pretty big ignoramuses? And they treat people about as badly as how people treat animals. (From a detached perspective, I think I understand why. Considering how cultures with superior firepower wipe out other cultures, I rather wonder if the Annunaki are any worse than us; not that I have a high opinion of them? (Though are there any good ones? I can't say I ever met one.) After all, look what Rome did to everything they touched, and look at what Europe did to the rest of the world. EVERY last native in Tasmania killed by the Brits.

Also, animals are NOT stupid. Take it from one who speaks pretty good Catonese, and has befriended raccoons, which might as well be big cats. They got along OK, but cleaning the litter box after the 'coon is a comparative nightmare.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot. Sirius Song is another winner!

DaveR said...

Not a fan of Alex Jones, but…

here's a link to a paper on the gay issue in Russia.

In case I screw up the tag…:

Smyrna said...

You could say with phrenological certainty that Echols and Baldwin are Devil worshippers, Vis. The other one looks a numb-skull who somehow got tangled up in proceedings.

No real surprises in that list of celebs who supported their release.
Depp maybe, but then I read the other day that he is a distant relative of the Queen. Is Clive Barker still getting around?

Ray, have a look at the Book of Enoch. It was scripture in the earlier times but got left on the cutting room floor with most of the best stuff when the church of Rome got going. Fallen angels, Nephilim etc who came to earth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray B.,
The Anunnaki history is quite interesting but it's easy for me now to boil it down to the 'patriarchy' litmus test. The patriarchy from orions belt. Of course the duality and paradoxes tend to add up.

'Sophia' was the first to 'fall' and the serpent in the adam:atom / Eve story was really wise; you know about the tree and all.

The Gospel of Thomas is a great read.

All The best!

David Widner

PK said...

PK says:
@ Ray B. There is another explanation for the Annunaki- also called "Nephilim" and according to the Urantia Book, Nodites, in reference to the land of Nod, where Cain went and took himself a wife. Nod was the leader of the sixty rebel members of the Caligastia 100 who went into rebellion with Lucifer 200,000 years ago, The headquarters is said to have been Dalamatia and is now under the waters of the northern most part of the Persian Gulf, after having been hit by a tidal wave(origin of Atlantis Myth) . The Nodites were the descendants of the rebel members of the Prince’s staff, their name deriving from their first leader, Nod.

"The postrebellion era on Urantia witnessed many unusual happenings. A great civilization — the culture of Dalamatia — was going to pieces. “The Nephilim (Nodites) were on earth in those days, and when these sons of the gods went in to the daughters of men and they bore to them, their children were the ‘mighty men of old,’ the ‘men of renown.’” While hardly “sons of the gods,” the staff and their early descendants were so regarded by the evolutionary mortals of those distant days; even their stature came to be magnified by tradition. This, then, is the origin of the well-nigh universal folk tale of the gods who came down to earth and there with the daughters of men begot an ancient race of heroes. And all this legend became further confused with the race mixtures of the later appearing Adamites in the second garden" .
Nodites were long headed

Les if this gets to you, great, your post was creative genius to Ye's kindergarden nonsense. It may sound fundy, but I also just wish people would take the Urantia Book seriously, PK, maui

Ray B. said...

via Homer..

To flesh out your "Satan" link, here is the following, courtesy of Wes Penre: [bracketed material is mine for clarity]

"So King Anu [top dog of the Anunnaki] dedicated four major regions to three different groups:

Region 1: Enlil's lineage's domain: Enlil and his lineage, decreed the King, rule Mesopotamia through their designated kings...

Region 2: Enki's lineage's domain: King Anu orders Enki and his descendents [including Marduk] to rule Egypt and Africa...

Region 3: Inanna's domain: Inanna [Enlil's daughter] would rule the Indus Valley (to be settled around 2800 B.C.) as a grain-source for the other regions.

Region 4: Ninharsag's domain: The fourth region, Tilmun (Sinai), Anu declared, shall be ruled directly by Ninharsag and be reserved exclusively for Nibiruans and their immediate descendents."
Egypt: "Marduk, now in Egypt and calling himself Ra, didn't like that his brother, Ningishzidda (Thoth), resided in the area... Eventually, their father, Ea/Ptah, ordered Thoth to leave Egypt to Ra. Marduk Ra triumphed and reunited Egypt under his command. In reality, Ea had a bad conscience that didn't go away, for not being able to give his son the Kingdom of Nibiru to rule, but at least he could now give him Egypt."
Babylon: "Marduk and Nabu, his son, came over to stay with Ea in Eridu [southern Mesopotamia].

As we can see, the Enlil's Ram Clan was in charge of most of Mesopotamia...

The Igigi [Anunnaki mostly loyal to Marduk] had great estates in Lebanon and Sumer, where they ruled in abundance. The estates grew as they continued mating with humans, and the number of offspring increased.

Marduk taught these hybrids to make brick for Babylon, which was going to be his own spaceport. By having one of his own, he could challenged Utu with his Ram Clan spaceport in the Sinai."


Ray B. said...


And to round it up here...

"Some 4000+ years ago, the majority of the Anunnaki left Earth after had nuked the Sinai Spaceport and Sodom and Gomorrah. Marduk, however, who was Ea's eldest son, stayed on Earth with some of his loyal Lords.
However, [Marduk] never forgot or forgave his own relatives, whom he thought had betrayed him, and he declared war against the Enlilites (the RAM clan), and now Marduk wanted to be the Ruler of Earth. At least, that was better than being no king at all, he thought. So he fought a raging war against Inanna, the female Enlilite; a war which involved using humans as soldiers, dying in the thousands for the cause of two power-hungry Anunnaki.
Since then, Marduk has been in charge of this planet; or at least a majority of it. He is the force behind quite a substantial faction of what we call "The Global Elite", "The Illuminati", or the "Powers That Be". It needs to be pointed out, though, that he is not the only one in charge. There are other inter-dimensional and dimensional forces, steering parts of the Global Elite in other directions as well, so the situation is complex (we will go into this in more details soon).

Left on our planet since the gods abandoned it are both Enkiites (Serpent Clan) and Enlilites (RAM Clan), and some of them are still loyal to the Kingdom (the Nibiru Kingdom), while Marduk obviously is not. So, the war between the two Nibiruan bloodlines is still going on here on Earth, and as usual, we humans, are the soldiers.
The reader, who has followed me this far may wonder; if Marduk and his Anunnaki stayed here on Earth and Marduk is still, after thousands of years, King of Earth (in that sense could perhaps been seen as the Biblical Satan), left here to rule for another 3,600 years by "God" (Anu/Enlil) after been cast him down from "Heaven", why all those wars? Can't he just rule all the Nations with an iron fist and thus bring peace, although it's an oppressive peace?"

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., February 10, 2014 9:22:00 PM

"All these histories, discoveries and apparently awesome realizations are simply side roads, distractions on the path way to the ultimate destination; our spiritual home."

I both respectfully agree and disagree with you on this one. Yes, the ultimate destination should always be on our mind. However, being naive is what got us in this mess to start with. In my humble opinion, we need the background information in order to make informed choices of where we want to put our attention. To put it the way of an old proverb, "Luck favors the prepared..."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Skepticfrog said...

I believe - and every sign I see are - that both The Onion and Wikipedia are internet constructs to mislead misdirect, to deny, lie and to obfuscate.

Let's see how The Onion works:
A serious sounding, somewhat believable (variably) story, which is really a spoof, a satire, a supposedly funny red herring.

However, I have some indication to believe, that from time-to-time when some crime/story/event is rising, coming out from obscurity, and it's damaging (or even embarrassing) to some of the PTB, The onion runs a "spoof" mirroring the real story.

Once the story gets a bit wider audience and distribution on the net, BOTH the story and the disseminator(s) can be ridiculed and be made the butt of endless jokes that they "fell for" the Onion's satirical spoof. So they look dumb, stupid and ignorant; the story is thoroughly discredited - immediately and forever.
Ridicule is an extremely effective weapon to neutralize and clobber the TRUTH.

Wiki's purpose was to create a BELIEF (for the unwashed ignorants) that Wiki's info was "reliable" - like the Encyclopedia Britannica. It succeeded admirably - I'm sorry to say. It is (or was) editable by anyone(!) so anything could be put in and taken out. Today, every idiot on the planet wildly quotes the biggest repository of falsehood, critical omissions and disinformation: Wikipedia, thinking and believing(!) that it's the oracle of Gods and has nothing but the truth in its entirety.

Of course, it should be noted, that Wiki is an Israel based project/endeavor...

I should add as a personal experience with Wiki, that every time I added a particular bit of information (with footnote and reference!) in an obscure subject (the Etruscans in Italy) it was removed in 24 hours b/c it was - obviously:
1. Watched closely;
2. My info did not support their (racist) agenda.
Ironically, they always forgot to remove my reference in the footnotes on the bottom, which was scholarly book/study by a world-renown Etruscan scholar/historian/linguist professor, HEADING for many years the faculty of Etruscan Studies in one of the biggest and famous Universities in Western Europe. I tried it three times. It was removed three times. There were other previous incidences With Wiki-rubouts as well, but I no longer recall them in detail.

Visible said...

Wow, Skeptifrog, that's an interesting consideration. I remember when I first read it that I had no trouble believing it but... where is the real story that they were doing this to offset. I never saw that come up anywhere.

Smyrna said...

Skepticfrogs plausible theory reminds me of the Men in Black movie where Will Smith's character notices an article in one of those 'crazy and satirical' newspapers about an alien case they had been involved in.

galen said...

Something to chew on:

"Do something everyday that scares you."
-- Kurt Vonnegut

"The only unbearable thing is that nothing is unbearable."
-- Arthur Rimbaud

"There's a difference between learning one's lesson a hundred times and learning it a hundred and one."
-- Unknown

"Each civilization gets the books it deserves."
-- Carlos Castaneda

"Warriors must purposely seek change.
-- Don Juan Matus, via Carlos Castaneda

"Find exotic uses for what others ignore."
-- Unknown


Ray B. said...

Smyrna, February 10, 2014 10:45:00 PM

"Ray, have a look at the Book of Enoch. It was scripture in the earlier times but got left on the cutting room floor with most of the best stuff when the church of Rome got going. Fallen angels, Nephilim etc who came to earth."

Thanks, Smyrna! I have read summaries of it by other authors. I regard it as very important. I sometimes gauge (real) history by the amount of effort undertaken to suppress a given item. The pact under Constantine not only got Enoch removed from the recognized Biblical books, but it was 'witchhunted' out of existence in the Western world. It only resurfaced over a thousand years later in the hinterlands of Africa, etc. That was how 'sensitive' that book was...
David Widner, February 10, 2014 10:51:00 PM

"The Anunnaki history is quite interesting but it's easy for me now to boil it down to the 'patriarchy' litmus test."

Thanks! I saw that distinction in the Anunnaki 'his'-story, too. There is clear evidence of the female side being given the short-end of the stick, ruler-wise, while the gods were on Earth. Although, that was nowhere near as bad as after they left and the patriarchal religions got established. Under the Anunnaki, Inanna got her own 'kingdom', and females occupied other positions of power and repute, including religious. Being an alien race, it would be interesting to know how much of this distinction was Nature versus Nurture...
PK, February 10, 2014 11:14:00 PM

"...according to the Urantia Book, Nodites, in reference to the land of Nod, where Cain went and took himself a wife."

Thanks for the additional reference. It sounds like an overlap between the Urantia Book and the old Sumerian cuneiform history. Here are further details on this subject from the Wes Penre website:

"Ea and Ninki let Adapa and Titi [Sumerian names; Adam & Eve in the Old Testament] mate and they gave birth to twins, whom they named Ka-in and Abael, the first earthlings of this new breed, born from two hybrids.
After a while, however, Ningishzidda's elder brother, Marduk, took over the task to teach Abael, and the Enkiites now had full control over the breeding program on Earth, something Nammur did not like. He suggested that his eldest son, Ninurta, tutored Ka-in to get his own bloodline into the project, and so it was decided. Ka-in, under Ninurta's supervision, soon presented the first grain, while Abael, under Marduk, presented the first sheep.

However, the conflict between the Enlilites and the Enkiites, which continues up to this date, came to surface again, and it showed to have serious implications. Ea, due to Nammur's involvement in the project (which he disagreed with), seemed to favor Abael before Ka-in and blessed Abael for his achievements with the sheep, but said nothing about what Ka-in had achieved with the grain. Ea's neglect of Ka-in saddened and aggravated him, something that eventually led to Ka-in slaughtering his twin brother with a stone after a fist fight. Ka-in was sentenced to exile by the Nibiruan Council, but Ea managed to spare his life, saying he was needed for the genetic experiment... Ka-in and Awan, his sister, then departed from the rest and wandered alone through the wilderness for a long time, eastwards.

Eventually, Ninurta helped Ka-in and his offspring with building a city east of Edin, which became Nud. However, Ka-in was killed by a a falling stone, allegedly, while building the city."


Ray B. said...


Also, further on YHWH from the same paper:

"The story of YHWH is complex and consists of a composite of Anunnaki beings; thus the "schizophrenia" of the god. In the Bible he is hard to make sense of, because he changes personality traits back and forth in a very confusing manner. The reason for this is that he is not just one person, but at least two: Nammur and Ea. In the Bible, the two are mixed up and combined to one, while Nammur's "curse" on Ea for have educated the hybrids was what was brought on down the history line, making Ea the "bad guy" (Satan/Lucifer/the Serpent), who rebelled against "God". Serpent is not only a snake, it's also a symbol for wisdom or knowledge and has nothing to do with evil."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It would be naive not to be consumed with the ultimate destination, the spiritual world, every moment of our short tiny lives. Not just in mind, but speech and actions, body and soul.

I offered that link as an example of the very truth of how distracting the glamour of power and force and imagination as Maya, are.

Various bits of truth mixed with hodgepoges of this that and the other which even if they were all real and true still do not matter one whit in the goal of liberation from these god-awful material worlds of suffering samsara.

250,000 years is a drop in the bucket of human history.
250 million years is a drop in the bucket of relative time.

Demigods, aliens, elves, ghosts, call them what you want, all got it coming, exactly like us.

And then what? Another round of the same old same old. Ohhh, maybe this time around (until my head comes off, again) I'll be a big big demigod or King. Ain't I grand!
Or maybe I'll experience something not quite so 'grand.'

All pathetic attempts to mimic the Lord and with this the guarantee of suffering the consequences. Talk about masochistic affliction!

The idea is to be relieved of karma, of samsara, not encourage and embrace these.

Until we bend our knee and lower our heads with love in our heart, it's round and round and round we go and where we stop nobody knows..


"Accepting that before the birth of Manu the Gita was spoken by the Lord to His disciple the sun-god Vivasvan, a rough estimate is that the Gita was spoken at least 120,400,000 years ago; and in human society it has been extant for two million years."

BG 4.1

Joe Dead Horse said...

All of this will become moot as the Fukushima ELE continues its progression.

As the ELE collapses infrastructure that was keeping other reactors and SFPs from going into meltdown, it's bye-bye every single everyone across the planet with about a 1000 or so meltdowns going on simultaneously.

Who really inherits the Earth? Some radiation extremophile bacteria and molds. Everything else will be deader than a doornail. Even the cockroaches.

Ain't no one getting diddly squat except for getting very, very, very dead.

Kinda tough to do the World Conquest thingy if one is a corpse. A highly radioactive corpse.

There's always a fly in the ointment somewhere, eh?

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I'm familiar with Onion articles and am thoroughly acquainted with stupid-ass Wikipedia and its propaganda-spreading tendencies. The Bush Family's just that rotten. They don't need any embellishments, but hey, if Onion articles help obfuscate something truthful in a time of darkness through hyperbole, then maybe that is the point, often enough. It renders ridiculous the reality of said mocked reality, so the content talked about gets "better" decontextualized and trivialized. Sometimes it is just for laughs, but in reading between the lines and not much, I don't like "fanciful" tales about the Bush Family and yes, I understand the irony there, given my flights of fanciful tales about the gross fucks getting, ultimately, whored over. It's just that I'm not joking, but don't really know for sure if it isn't all in my head, but I'm somewhat primed to deal with the gangster fucks that run and are ruining the poor Earth if certain trial runs at RVing and remote influencing go live, and those who allowed that WEREN'T JOKING. Bush Sr.'s a real monster by any objective measure, and I strongly intuit that he's to be harshly handled and in front of the whole world, or so "my story" goes. It'd be a ponderous mystery to me if I weren't so serious and haven't already tried to get myself killed in some of my choice run ins with those of malicious intent, why my life's went the way it has. Oh yeah, it's still just a story, but if I get tested and the veil gets fucked with, hell on Earth-style, just one more time, as to my count, then maybe, just maybe everyone will see I'm not trying to BS myself or anybody else with these vagaries. This whole planet's a testing zone of some sort, though it's also an area of time/space that's undergoing major renovations, so such "squatters" the likes of the Bush crime family and their ill-ass ilk will get trounced and all at once, as per oft mentioned cosmological demonstrations of the actual truth, involving both on the ground assets and those from elsewhere getting real busy and all at once. Satanists and the like won't last long once karmic blowback time starts, having to reap what the evil, little shits have sown. They won't enjoy that too much, and will be "glad" to get indignant about their play toys, innocent kids, being taking out of their raunchy reach. The agents of the Cosmos are pretty serious types about getting rid of the literal hellians, and though they're of literal Heavenly character, they're rather militant in demonstrating to the evil types that NO MEANS NO about certain subject matter that the latter types like to engage in and don't have a bit of compunction before doing what they do to kids at the time, nor show any remorse after...obviously. That's why the agents "from above" are into some serious humiliation of said satanists, so there will be some dark comedy to deal with on the way to a more light-filled denouement at first. It'll take out much equivocation. Just my partially intuited, partially empirical/experiential take, but I never kid about what's been going on amongst gangsters and the kids, and that may be a raison d'etre why circumstances will get pretty heady for us all in the end...of this rotten part of the story of Earth. Just steel yourselves away about vagaries and the like just in case, while the majority spaces out and does play a certain part there in the run-up to something poignant for us all. Sorry for the emotion over much reason being employed in much of what I say, but I'm serious and am trying to help.

Skully said...

Hi Les

I know it is not a amusing subject you wrote about it is serious..I have had a really bad event in the last 60 days so I went to read this post and well this one little desciption sent me into a all out belly giggle that I have not had in a while I mean belly splitting :

dumber than a gravel driveway, it just hit me about what I been dealing with and it made my whole evening ...thanks for that friend Peace!

Anonymous said...

In my digging about this article I found claims from 2004 that Sherman Skolnik had uncovered this story in the late '90s and had reported that journalists were being threatened for asking Bush about it. This article also claimed that the Onion piece was a red herring.

Alas, I have neither the time nor the inclination to read through all of the Skolnik archive for confirmation of this claim.

SJ Palmer

insiam said...

It seems that even the odd mainstream bod is being forced to accept Mr Apocalypse.

The following direct quote from the article linked below could have come from the Vis himself. (with the exclusion of the words 'though' and 'hostile')

"It is as though some hostile deity had decided to bring out all the most depressing aspects of political life — short-sighted local authorities, self-interested quangos, embarrassingly petty politicians and obsessively metropolitan ministers — in conditions guaranteed to show them at their absolute worst."

Ray B. said...

Some readers might remember a posting I made a couple months ago on 'screen memory'. In it, I summarized:

"I believe that we are facing something similar in the Atlantis/Flood events. Something happened. Enough clues exist. It was traumatic enough that it marks a major division: Before and After. However, the way it is remembered does not make conventional sense. It feels like a 'screen memory' to me..."

Well, I just ran into a type of confirmation for this on another Wes Penre page:

"Speaking of knowing and of memory; it's known and acknowledged that Marduk rewrote history and erased our memories once upon a time and started a brand new Era, where humans had no knowledge of any previous 'gods'. Instead he implanted new, false memories of Earth's history. ...this all makes me wonder how many times in the past the Anunnaki have erased the memory of the human population. How many times in the Wars of the gods have they wished for their human slaves to remember a 'new' history, a new made-up past?"
Sorry about the huge amount of verbiage today. I just get excited when I run into new things and want to share. Hope it helps in our questing...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Skolnick, I mean.

SJ Palmer

Visible said...

I'm with you Homer. I've heard about those other things but they generate no interest; maybe it was this and maybe it was that but these things come and go and have nothing to do with me. I just want to do whatever it was that I was supposed to do and get on up the road. I'm aware of and attracted to much more interesting zones than here, though I'm willing to remain for as long as I'm asked to, IF I'm asked to ( by the right authorities). Heck, Vivasvan signed a 400 million year contract. I hope it doesn't come to something like that (grin).

I mean no judgement whatsoever on people who have interests in certain things be they for archaeological or metaphysical reasons because I have my own interests, so I am hardly in a position to opine about any of it.

The closest I come to any of this is an attraction for the Devic Realm and an affinity for upper etheric types.

Sometimes I think I should just go back to India and a different location but... I get unsettling vibes about the place.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence; the article of the day on the free dictionary just so happens to be this hit piece

"Satanic Ritual Abuse
In the 1980s, allegations of physical and sexual abuse linked to occult or satanic rituals caused a panic in the US. These claims of satanic ritual abuse typically came from children in daycare centers, but nearly all instances were later discredited when the coercive methods used to generate testimony came to light. These included asking children leading questions and "uncovering" unconscious mental traumas in therapy. What were some of the outlandish claims children were pressured to make?"

Nothing to see here goyim sheeple, but the latest ear-tag, er, smart-phone is on sale down the hall, quick, your ability to stay in the herd and non-sex-appeal simply depend on it.

Anonymous said...

LAy VeeZeeeb!

It`s not the "Kali Yuga", it`s the "Kali FUCK YOU-ga!"

And that`s the Truth, Ruth!

BCii said...

The "patriarchy" litmus test shows the Urantia book in a rather less attractive color... Also, the same book says the benevolent ETs came from the Pleiades and Sirius, while the negatives came from Orion. This is diametrically opposite to the conclusions of Wes Penre. Hmmmm...

(... then there was the bit about Jesus incarnating again after the Earth changes that were supposed to happen nine months after the 2012 solstice date. Hmm. Really?)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Invisibility Factor of Lady Nature; Frankie Avalon Lite and Coke Zero

david griffith said...

liked the songs - first one was easy to dance to as I got a glass of wine and looked for a dancing partner who wasn't there :).... you could play that at a Woodstock and people would dance and maybe sing along.

second one IS a bit complex to sing I'd imagine. Cool rhythm.

What a joy to translate songs into recorded form.

Still reading the comments but thought I'd write this before the wine kicks in.

Yippee for life and the Elite are a bit thick when all's said and done.

Woops - the wine kicks in..... I can't prove I'm not a robot.

Visible said...

Heh heh...

Here's a selection from the upcoming rap album-

My dick is bigger than your dick
my car is faster than your car
My ho's fatter than your ho
My shit's hipper than your shit
My beats deafer than your beat
My raps dumber than your rap
my ill's sicker than your ill
my eubonic make Bo peep catatonic
my brain douche is a real hi-colonic
gonna wipe the slate clean
I don't know what I mean
Whatever it was I forgot it.

My ass is bigger than your ass
My shits wider than your shit
My bitch is fresher than your bitch
Her pimps meaner than your pimp
MY ho's dumber than your ho
My beats missing a few beats
two pops short of a mean streak

No punk I ain't dyslexic
I'm apocalyptic
gonna waste the horizon
won't be no compromising
on whatever it was that it was

and this, what the Hell;

Let me see- moron in the white house
(smack) check
Boy bands at the concert
(smack) check
cotton candy girls in concert
(smack) check
fag hag writing kiddie books
(smack) check
celebrities as cabala experts
(smack) check
red strings for sale at Target
(smack) check
we gonna ward off the evil eye
by not looking in the mirror
The Berg boys are in real estate
the kabala's just the collection plate
to fuck the sucker at the garden gate
down the garden path of way too late
(smack) check (smack) check (smack) check

Let me see now-
designer surgery is here
(smack) check
they can check in the womb
to see if you're queer
(smack) check
you don't count the dead
not even your own
(smack) check
The cums in the mail
and the checks in your mouth
(smack) check
Keep it in keep it in
till it rots its way out
and here we go, a new disease
It's hard to cure it's sure to please
you like it there down on your knees?
All alone, you and the cheese.
(smack) check (smack) check (smack) check

nina said...

I am in love with Shining Light. Its the antithesis of this sorry world. Its healing for the spirit. Its hope and love all around. Its the prescription for peace and compassion. Well done. You touch the soul, gently.
If we still had record players, I'd be picking up the stylus and going back again and again.

Erik said...

Hi Vis,

Thanks for all your recent posts, they are of another 'level' ;)

Bit off topic, but for your end-mix of the songs, maybe check out Harrington Mixbase, apparently the almost analog sound and workflow are amazing for the $99 special offer ...

I will have my hands on that shortly and if you like it, will arrange for you as well.

No hyperlinks today cause i am still reeling from a heavy case of "rely on me" and am now enjoying a morning in the sun, can hardly see the screen ;)

OneLove to All


Visible said...

Thank you Nina, that's very kind given all the elementary mistakes that come with the basic unfamiliarity of something new...


Thank you too Erik; Actually I've got pretty good software. I just like the tunes to come out raw and with errors in pacing, missing dynamics and unnecessary dynamic. Then I can listen to it on the next and and an awareness of how it might be flows into my mind. Sometimes the whole thing is radically changed.

I will keep your generous offer in mind.

Jeff said...

Best ending I have ever read!Completely and absolutely beautiful! PERFECT ! Love it!

bigloner said...

I'm a luuuuuuuuuuger,
I'm a luuuuuuuuuuger,
And I'm not what I pretend to be.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Serenity Guarantee from the Guardian of the Mind.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Hey Judge Viz,

I see you are still on a roll. Wanted to let you know my gold making patent has received patent pending status. 2 years of work and then 4 months to write a two page patent.

The whole BOSON buzz is $200 billion dollars misspent on determining “how matter is created from energy?”

These scientists errantly assumed that the answer to this fundamental question was a High Energy Nuclear Reaction (HENR) hence the CERN and HADRON colliders, and overlooked is the fact that nature’s processes, demonstrated around us daily, that it can be a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). This is a case where technology eclipses the science.

In today’s world, anyone with a $100 bill in his shirt pocket is a self accredited authority on reality, when in fact they usually possess a rather tenuous relationship with reality.

Needless to say this is a game changing technology and now to find the right capital to build the pilot plant and scale the technology up.

Visible said...

Bet wishes on all that. I'm trying to make gold myself, out of myself.



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