Thursday, May 5, 2022

"We Became Crazy... Via the Unreasonable Perspective of Defining Ourselves According to Everything Else."

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The howling of the beasts is now a regular affair; the seething anger, the all-day hate sessions, the pandemic of insanity... ripples across the unsteady floorboards of a no longer stable world... a world in transition... the pupae trembles. Suddenly there is a tearing sound and the membrane is sheared. The first thing seen is talons... followed by teeth. Civilization is a thin patina over the face of savagery. All that breeding... all that evolution,,, the careful refinements of the upper class, precariously balanced atop the ravening mob. How? How did it get like this?

Materialism... materialism... materialism... materialism... materialism... materialism... materialism. It reads like a rolling, neon banner...Times Square, Broadway at 42nd street. Then... there is the West Coast version of Hollywood and Vine... that never was. Both of them are a Boulevard of Broken Dreams; the things I saw in passing... those snapshot images of life, also in transition... always in transition. Eternal change is the cornerstone of Eternity. In REALITY, there is what you see and what you do not see. Which of them is real? Because we do not see clearly, the eyes are the windows of deception, BUT... if your eye is single.

It is the same with the sexual nature, which is also the promise of immortality. It gives you the scorpion and the eagle. When you can channel the sex force into The Higher Nature, your spiritual eye is opened... hence the eagle (eagle eye). Conversely... you got the scorpion that stings itself to death. Nature is a metaphor... everywhere you look!!! Ah... right... that glass darkly thing. Yeah... I've been meaning to talk to you about that. I really intended to, BUT... I don't know.

Actually... I do and do not know, depending on what I am GIVEN TO KNOW when the time has come to know it. Then... there is that mountain range of bullshit that, at one time or another... it seems like I was familiar with some of it, BUT NOW... it is all a foreign landscape. I'll leave the cataloging... definitions... footnotes and such to others. Regenerated Innocence will do that to you, make you forget the formerly familiar, in order to pass on into a child-like wonderland, once The Gates of Heaven open. It's kind of like you need a password, and the password is written into the fabric of your being. You can't miss it. You might not see it in yourself, BUT... you can see it in others, and... well... there you are!!!

Trying to speak to The World unfiltered is like trying to save a drowning person. You have to finesse it. MOST OF THE TIME... it is better to be silent. It took me an entire lifetime to learn this, although... there is a chance I already knew it, BUT... I had to deal with that Purpose of Demonstration factor, so... once again, I don't know. It comes and goes. I am told we are already perfect, BUT... we... do... not... remember. We started out on a high note. Then... gradually... we became more and more materialized.

Perhaps you have wondered why I have hammered on about Materialism begetting Insanity. Well... once again... g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y... we materialized... into a world of DUALITY, a dance of opposites, as well as a world of The Seen, and The Unseen. This brought us into a state of endless conflict with ourselves, and by reflex... others. That our bodies were composed of warring elements did not help the matter. HOWEVER... when you catch on to the REALITY that it was all meant to be as it is... well... that is a horse of a different color... or, maybe not a horse at all. Our whole world became about what is outside of ourselves, and... so, we forgot who we are. We became crazy by the unreasonable perspective of defining ourselves according to everything else.

Yes! People are suffering terribly here. It all depends on the quality of their madness. Nearly everyone here is crazy. A very few of us are sane, and most of them keep it to themselves, or... you get that ugly duckling thing and get pecked to death. You're different! I don't like you! Too many of us are trying to hammer square pegs into round holes. Let me see if I can put it another way. Your sexual nature blinds you to REALITY; the heart wants what the heart wants, except that the heart has no idea of what it wants... in this incomprehensibly large supermarket of options and possibilities. You could wind up with Amber Heard in a smiley-face mask where every day is Halloween.

Look at what people do to themselves and to each other! There are bodies lying everywhere. Some of them are still moving, but... not all that well. They've lost their balance. They've lost their way. They can't see where they are going. Next thing you know, they are old... infirm... and wondering what happened. The Truth is... EVERYTHING IS YOU!!! You are the namer of things, who sorts and arranges it all to your liking and disliking. You said THIS was bad, and THAT was good. You told yourself often enough, and you came to believe it. You talked yourself into all of it, and now? You're trapped and waiting for death to release you. Death will not improve your situation. It will only continue it over to the next round.

Reincarnation is not affected by your disbelief in it. It continues right along. Saying The Sun rotated around The Earth, did not change The Sun's actual orbit... or The Earth's either. Telling yourself that The Unknown is filled with monsters and dangers of all kinds does not populate it with monsters and dangers; your fear does that. It puts a horror mask on what you do not understand. It makes angels look like demons. There are forces in life that you like, and forces that you do not like. You turned the one into angels and the other into demons. Just because they challenge and test you, does not make the demons.

EVERYTHING... everything is a projection of your mind that you have given identity and meaning to. If you Still The Reactive Mind, your whole world changes. Peace IS NOT an external state. It is an internal state that authors the external state. Every event in your life is brought about by your previous relationship with what you did not understand... BECAUSE... you think you know. That is another kind of passport that gets you entrance into a room where people argue with each other, non-stop... all day and night long. Sometimes they get intoxicated and attack each other. It's like a bad country-western bar with sawdust on the floor.

You don't have to eat... or drink... or inject yourself to become intoxicated. There are humors in The Mind (some of them are not funny), and there is weather that materializes on The Great Sea of Emotions. You can wind up blind... stinking drunk without having taken a drink. This is not the same thing as a man getting pregnant, which is an absurdity, though Science will surely find a jury-rigged solution for that. Science is a wounded beast, wandering cyclopean, and DRIVEN to destruction. It is the killer of The Golden Goose.

Surely you see how stark-raving-mad they have become? This is all fruit of The Gay Marriage Act. It has only taken 7 years for the culture to turn into a horror show. It is perhaps a blessing that they will kill each other and themselves in the pursuit of living their own truth. ♫ Don't you know we're riding on The Tranny-Land Express? We're taking you to Tranny-Land. All aboard the train ♫

Who is it that is promoting all this nonsense? Who is it that finances and heads up all of the organizations? Who is it that comprises the largest percentage of atheists in their particular demographic? Who are The Bankers? Who are The Bankers that finance all of The Banker Wars? What did Jesus the Christ say about them? Who owned the slave ships? Who are The Slumlords? Who founded and financed all the racial organizations? Who is behind the worldwide immigration fiasco? Everywhere you look. Every rock you turn over. There you can see The Usual Suspects.

Who owns the pornography industry? Who heads up the teacher's union, the DHS, or the CDC? Who is behind pushing the teaching of sexual perversities upon the young? Who is behind this programming? Surely the intention is as it appears to be... to kill off the mass of us, and to zombie-enslave the rest. Who manufactured the vaccines? I did not want it to be this way, BUT... everywhere I look, all of my studies have led to the same conclusions.

Who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks? Who fabricated a holocaust to cover for killing tens of millions of Russians? Who created and promotes Communism, for the purpose of iron-fisted control? Who owns the media and controls publishing, music, TV stations, and the movie studios? I could go on, and on, and on... and on. It doesn't matter though. It's just a phase that has been going on for a very long time. All that is about to end. God is coming in human form. He does this periodically because of the routine falling away from the teachings he brought us last time, and the time before that, and the time before that.

This SPECIFIC concern WILL be addressed in this visitation. There is no defense against it. There is no loophole or bolthole. There is no way out of The Summing Up, and that applies across the board, in every case. We are going to see and experience such things as beggar the imagination. ♫ Here comes The Sun King ♫

It doesn't matter at all to me if anyone believes this or not. It's just like reincarnation, the rotation of heavenly bodies, cosmic justice, and all the other things that we get wrong before The Truth dawns on The Mind. It doesn't matter at all whether you do not believe what later proves to be true, and what was true all of the time previous to the understanding of it. What is... is. This is what we MUST come to terms with. This is what we MUST understand, and... we surely will. ♫ It's been a long time coming. It's going to be a long time... gone ♫

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Please keep reminding me that God is coming in human form and its going to be soon.Meanwhile my prayers have been answered in one way. I have stopped caring about the ramble and their tantrums. They do not get to me anymore. This whole flap about abortion... I may have it wrong but the idea is to give the decision back to the states. And stopped federally funding it. You want an abortion? Pay for it and find a state that will do it if your state will not. BFD but everything with these idiots is a BFD.
The sickness among us is rising to the surface so fast it is hard to keep up with the insanity. I read about it ,I stayed informed but I am no longer held hostage to it. I know whose side I am on and I know where I am going after this and it is not the wardrobe dept on the other side of the moon. All I want now is the Peace and it is coming in slow increments. I hope I live long enough to see God coming in human form but if not here I will view it from someplace else. Keep writing and reiterating. He is coming.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And we volunteered to be here? How sick is that. And I'm on my gazillionth and LAST sojourn here. I'll find out the appeal of this HELL HOLE after I get to where I'm goin'. Right now, I think I musta been bored outta my mind in the past, though this time around I had something to prove to myself. I did succeed in that, but I'm still here. . .past my expiration date as far as I'm concerned; but hey! I can have me my fun watchin' it all crash and burn from the comfort of my nose cave.

'Tis hard waitin' fer next week.

M - said...

"There are forces in life that you like, and forces that you do not like. You turned the one into angels and the other into demons. Just because they challenge and test you, does not make the demons."

Very true. Someone once said that perception is everything. Someone also said quite recently: "You author your world."

Citizen Elle said...

Always a joy to witness you ask the most important questions (over & over & over... STILL).
It's "cray-cray" how many STILL have no clue what the answer is!


"You could wind up with Amber Heard in a smiley-face mask where every day is Halloween."
^made me howl out loud... and flashback to this 80s song:
For some reason, I see the band remade it two years ago... talk about evidence of the fruits of materialism in these times of darkness:

"Regenerated Innocence will do that to you, make you forget the formerly familiar,
in order to pass on into a child-like wonderland, once The Gates of Heaven open."
^brought tears to my eyes plus +++.

In gratitude, Viz, for another soul stirring offering and reminder to count our blessings.

robert said...

Visible only to those seeking the Invisible,

Your work demands us to join you in the frequency of love, so we respond, however out of tune.
Our hearts respond to your heart beating out a lively rhythm.

Your sexual nature blinds you to REALITY; the heart wants what the heart wants, except that the heart has no idea of what it wants... in this incomprehensibly large supermarket of options and possibilities.

Here's the thing again, the confusion about the heart and the mind and just which is errant to a fault.

Allegory Adam blames God for giving him Eve to help him get off on the path and out of the dream garden of soulful potentials.

We hear the adage to aim for the heart swallowing the mind, the sheer majesty of being unlimited in love overwhelming all mental blind alleys.

Then when our minds identify with being limited by a living body we did not make, only feel its growing pains, then our minds make lusty choices out of boredom.

Dividing the spirit in all creation from the created persistence of timely patterns.

We zero in on a pointed moment, crashing against the bounds of physical sensations trying to break free again, we think.

If we feel what we are truly feeling, we get the guiding feed back from our immortal templates but go our own way to willful ignorance.

We know the end of orgasm from the beginning but we are compelled by mental rigidity to dissolve our being into entropic ectoplasm.

Dissipation of desire follows the mindless mentality of frustrated fierceness-to-be-free.

Blaming our mental myopia on our heart's desire?
Shaming the eternal life of our feeling nature for our poorly progammed plans foiled by frequency of failure?
Leading our desire to know around by the nose, KNOWING better after the first wasted wonder that coming we go nowhere!

Is it our feelings that are fickle or the cone-headed conductor of the emotional chorus?
Is it our ideas that are flat and feckless or the never ending engine which extrudes existence into being?

Following the masquerade of mortal madness is the way we learn but why does it take us more than a few misfires to realize the son of a gun is shooting us out of our lives?

Nothing better to do while killing time in an existential imprisonment?
OK, but why lie about it to ourselves?

There is something irrepressible, inexorable, inevitable pumping our hearts out, up against the face of time.
Our minds left within their limited experience are puny forces only able to control life by choke collars on our spiritual nature.

To lose our minds in passion seems to be on the right path but then we are left knowing afterward that we fell for a feint and only make our hearts faint in exhaustion by our endless repetition of fool's games.

The mind blaming the heart is another upside down deception, courtesy of the ones who think they know by narcissistic knowing...

Where our hearts' fear is only where the deep knowing of where closed down awareness leads....

Following the whims of minds in subjectivity to sense finally breaks the heart's desire to beat on.

Then we are in dire need of more spirit than dry bones can handle without Grace.

Human prattle, acrobatics teasing the ground, wear out our welcome to the party of endless flow.

What the heart wants is to be free to follow the call of the Spirit.

That leads to a depth of service beyond the mind's conception.
Not a servile liberty to act on every mental impulse from our miasmatic fog.
Not to fall for every possible way to waste time beating its rhythm to death!

Free to embrace life completely, not just for a couple of coupling couplets
Free to expand with every pulse, pushing out the limits of human experience into the waiting darkness
Setting space and time free to feel the light-hearted harmony behind It All

So glad we have each other to delight our deliberations in the waiting room!

Visible said...

One of the characters is actually called, "Q?" heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of 'the gods' A gorgeous Western interpretation of the universally famous
Gāyatrī (Sāvitri) Mantra from Rig Veda.

Savitri Upanishad

Krishna says - “Amongst the Vedas, I am Samaveda"

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Was It Half Literary Bon Mot, and Half Circle to a Magically Rounded Square? That's The Thing of It.



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